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Secrets and Protection


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13 hours ago, christine king said:

The Morgan’s being in witness protection has been over for years don’t get why Angelo could use that?

I agree not sure why Angelo could  use that.

will Tori tell Christian the truth?
Update again soon :)


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Chapter 22

"So  are you going to tell me?" Tori looks at her boyfriend in fear she is scared he will end up. When Tori doesn't speak Christian decides too "Nothing you say will change the way I feel" Tori shakes her head "It will because this whole time I lied to you" Christian grabs Tori hand and holds it "What do you mean?" To say Christian was confused was an understatement "My name isn't Tori Morgan it Tessa Lee" Christian was shocked but hid it "What?" Tori takes a deep breath "My family and I were in witness protection for years and we had to change our names I was Tessa now I'm Tori" To say Tori was freaking out was an understatement "I get if you want to leave me and walk out" Christian shakes his head "I love you Tessa I fallen in love with you and that haven't changed" Tori smiled she wasn't expected Christian to say he loved her she was surprised to say the least. She didn't say anything back she just kissed him and he returned it" Christian pulls away "If that happened years ago why this guy wanting to use it against you now?" Tori looks at her boyfriend "I have no idea"

Justin knocked on Colby door and was relieved to see the cop open it and he walks in as Colby shuts the door behind Justin "Angelo trying to use Tori and my past against us" Colby was annoyed to say the least "Well he can't that case ended years ago" Justin looks at the cop "Well he is and he called Tori her real name in front of Christian so now she is at home telling him about her past" Colby is mad "She shouldn't had to do that. " Justin shakes her head "The cops told Angelo to leave us alone I get he have an issues with riverboys but your not one" Colby nods "I know but he thinks I am and that is an issue for some reason." Colby gets an idea "Come with me" Justin nods as Colby grabs the keys and they both leave the flat

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11 hours ago, christine king said:

I’m glad Tori told Christian but he didn’t need to know.

I agree with this.

Angelo just needs to get lost now.

Update again soon  :)



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Chapter 23

When Colby arrives at the station with Justin the pair are grateful to see Colby's old boss and old bay resident Sergeant Mike Emerson there. The pair smile at him as Emerson leads then to an office. Angelo sees this and watches on curious on what he could be doing back

As soon as Justin and Colby sitting down Emerson speaks again "Rosetta cause problems as usual" Justin looks at him "He told my sister he would expose our families part if she didn't admit Colby did this" Emerson wasn't surprised "He tries to threaten people and put wrong people in jail before but can i ask what is your past?" Justin looks at Colby who nods "We were in  witness protection" Emerson takes this in "He can't use it against you I will talk to him right now. With that Colby and Justin nod and leave

Emerson opens the door and sees Angelo "Rosetta here now" Angelo walks in knowing he will cope it "I'm just doing my job" Emerson crosses his arms "Threatens to expose someone past in witness protection and trying to put an innocent man away for murder is not doing your job" Angelo moves closer to his boss "He isn't innocent know it" Emerson looks at Angelo "He have a someone who was with him at the time and all evidence points that he didn't do this. If you don't stop what happened last time will happen again and this time you will lose your job" Angelo doesn't say another word to his boss he just walks out annoyed

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