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Secrets and Protection

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thanks for feedback. Had a busy week so updating tommorow

I totally agree.   love this story  Update again soon  

I agree with this. Poor Christian feeling jealous. Update again soon    

13 hours ago, christine king said:

Tori and Dean as friends? Surprising.

I agree with this.

Poor Christian feeling jealous.

Update again soon  :)


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Chapter 9

The rest of that night had gone well. The group had talked for hours forgetting what was happening with Ross which was good as it was the first time since this came public that they were able to do that.

The next day Tori woke up at 5am to hear her daughter crying she rubbed her eyes and walked to Grace room and picked her up discovering she had a fever. Tori held her trying to calm her down as she grabbed a cold towel for her daughter and headed for the lounge room. She knew she was getting no more sleep tonight. 

It was less then ten minutes later when Tori heard a voice "Is she ok?" Tori turns around and sees her brother "No she got a fever which means no sleep and I'm calling into work " Justin nods as he sits beside Tori "How was dinner?" Tori smiles "Good we could all forget about it for a while" Justin is glad after all that what they need to be able to do forget it from time to time even if it will be hard.

It was now 8am and Tori was still in the lounge room when she heard a knock at the door "Come in" The door opened and Tori saw Jasmine and Christian walked in. "You ready to go" Tori shakes her head at the blonde nurse "Grace is sick I'm not coming to work" Christian immediately walked over sitting besides Tori and pulling her close to him as she rested her head on his chest and held Grace. It was clear to Christian she was tired "I will stay and help I only have consults anyway" Tori shakes her head "You don't have too" Christian nods "I want too" Tori smiles not arguing as Christian takes Grace. The pair wave to Jasmine as she leaves

Tori then hears her phone ring and sees it Colby "Can you?" Christian nods as Tori walks outside "Colby what is it?" Colby says five words "Angelo thinks I did it" Tori couldn't believe this "What?" Tori was scared not only Grace was sick but now she could lose Colby "He have nothing Tori You won't lose me" Tori smiles "I better not cause I love you and need you" Colby smiles at this "Love you" With that the pair hang up and Tori heads back inside

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12 hours ago, christine king said:

Angelo might think he did it but can he prove it?

I feel sorry for Tori first Grace is sick and now Colby. Aww Colby and Tori are friendship goals.

I totally agree with this.

Poor Grace.

Update again soon :)


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Chapter 10

Tori walks back in and sees Christian with Grace standing their quietly watching the pair. She can tell Christian would be a great dad to Grace but another part of her knew she shouldn't think that as Robbo was Grace dad no one else.

Tori then goes in and sits beside Christian "How is she?" Christian smiles "Fever gone down. Are you all good?" Tori nods as she looks at Christian "Your good with her" Christian smiles "Thanks. It crazy but I wanted a family my whole life and I feel like i have that with Grace and you" This makes Tori smile as she feels the exact same "I know I feel the same" With that the pair cuddle as they both focus on Grace.

Meanwhile at Colby's place he was hanging out with Dean when the door knocked it was Angelo "What do you want?" Angelo had a smug face "I know you guys lied in your statements tell the truth now" Colby walks forward "You thought wrong we didn't lie our statements are true we told you all we know" Angelo looks at the pair "This is not over" With that Angelo walks out while Colby and Dean look at each other and start coming up with a plan.


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Great chapter 

Christian being there for Tori.

don’t do it Colby and Dean whatever it is 

Update again soon  :)




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Chapter 11

It was the next day when Tori and Justin arrived at Colby's to see Colby, Dean, Bella, Willow and Jasmine there "What going on?" Colby turns at Tori voice "We have a plan to make this over once and for all" This makes Justin curious "How exactly?" Dean speaks this time "To lead Angelo in the wrong direction. We all know lots of people had issues with Ross so tip him off make it look like someone else did it" Bella nods "Let's do it" Tori smiles. Everyone was in and they all hoped it wouldn't go wrong.

Shortly after they got everything sorted they heard a knock at the door. Tori opened it to see Angelo "It looks like someone else killed Nixon but that doesn't mean I don't know that you had something to do with his death Thorne" With that Angelo walks out as Bella hugs her brother.

It was later that day when Justin and Tori walked in the Morgan's talking unaware Christian was there "This better work cause if it doesn't we are all going down" Tori looks at her brother "We did the right thing" Christian remains silent as Tori spots him she walks over and kisses Christian who kisses back. She was thankful her boyfriend didn't ask any questions 

Justin left shortly after and Tori sat down on the couch beside Christian. She looked at him "You know I'm really lucky to have you" Christian smiles "I'm lucky to have you too. I'm glad we found each other" Tori smiles and kisses him "Me too" Tori was so happy she had Christian and hated that she was keeping massive secrets from him but she knew this was to protect him

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