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Secrets and Protection

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thanks for feedback. Had a busy week so updating tommorow

I totally agree.   love this story  Update again soon  

I agree with this. Poor Christian feeling jealous. Update again soon    

Sorry for not updating was spending time with family for Easter


Chapter 5

It is the next day when Christian and Tori are sitting in the diner when Tori spots Angelo walk in. Angelo walks over as Tori speaks "What do you want?" Angelo have a smug look on his face and even those Christian had no clue who he was he could see his girlfriend was getting upset and grabbed her hand and held it "I want to know what your connection to the victim is?" Tori couldn't believe this after all Ross he wasn't the victim "Ross Nixon isn't a victim he is a very bad person so i'm glad he is dead" With that Tori gets up and pulls Christian up with her as the pair walks out of the diner.

Christian didn't know who Ross was and they hadn't been dating long enough for him to question it but he knew Tori was upset so he pulled her into a hug and just held her. Tori took a breath as she felt safe in Christian's arms.

Angelo was sitting in the diner when he saw Bella walk in and approaches her. As Bella sees the man approach she knows immediately who he is "Bella Nixon I'm" Bella cuts him off "Your the guy investigating my dad death" Angelo nods "My brother told me" He realizes that Colby and Bella were as close as ever which surprised him. "I need a statement from you and your brother" Bella shakes her head "It have been less then a day I need time" Angelo have a smug look on his face "You, Mr Thorne and Dean Thompson have 24 hours. Make sure to tell then" Bella nods before walking out of the diner not even getting her food.

Bella races up to the flat and opens the door relieved to see Colby and Dean both there . She walks in and then closes the door "He given us 24 hours and then we need to make statements" Colby looks at Bella and Dean "We stick to the story and we will all be ok" The pair nod but they three of then knew each other was freaking out

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Chapter 6

It was later that night when Tori was sitting at home with Leah and Justin having just filled then in on her and Angelo chat. Leah was surprised and kept saying that Angelo was a good guy. This made Tori worry. She really hoped Leah won't crack. "Leah don't say a word to him " She nods "I won't" Justin looks at Tori "Did Christian ask any questions" Tori shakes her head "No thankfully after all he wouldn't want to be with me if he knew I was keeping this a secret" Leah shakes her head "He loves you Tori, I don't think he would care" Tori takes a breath "It a big secret he would" With that Tori walks away heading to her room.

The next morning soon  comes and Bella arrives at the station with Dean and Colby. "You must be Dean Thompson" The trio turn around "Yeah I am" Angelo nods "Follow me" Dean agrees and walks in the office with Angelo. Dean takes a seat as Angelo looks at him and starts the interview "What was it like growing up around Ross Nixon?" Dean thoughts back to the hard times "It was horrible. He was always threating Colby and me. He even hurt his own daughter and he even hurt me. He was scary and he made threats against everyone. He made my childhood hell." Angelo nods as he asks the next question "So you wanted Nixon dead because he was hurting the people you cared about?" Dean took a breath "I'm glad he dead for that reason but if you think I had anything to do with this I didn't nor did Bella and Colby" Angelo then goes over Dean and Colby story about the night Ross left. After that was done he looked at Dean "You can go now bring Bella Nixon in" Dean  nods immediately leaving.

Bella walks in standing up. She had already decided she was going to say what she wanted not what Angelo asked her "Don't start asking me anything as I'm about to say all I'm going too got it" Angelo was curious on what the teenager would say so nodded "Ross Nixon is not a victim. He hurt me for years not to mention my brother and my mum he killed her, Ross Nixon he had lots of enemies more then i could count. He threated many lives so anyone could of killed him. I wish you luck cause I don't think you have a chance finding who did this" With that Bella walks out and sits next to Dean.

Colby walks in wanting to get this over with "Tell me Colby did Ross made your life as a kid hell?" Colby nods " That is common knowledge, he hurt me, killed my mum and took my sister away from me so yes he made it hell and before you ask Yes I'm happy he dead but I didn't do it. He had so many people he hurt so many lives he ruined and families he separated including mine" With that Colby walks out not wanting to talk about Ross anymore as it made him feel sick

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Great chapters.

Stick to  the story and you'll be fine.

Angelo really needs to leave.

Update again soon :)


Edited by Kristen
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Chapter 7

Christian couldn't be more excited for today. He and Tori planned a whole day together and nothing could ruin that. Christian heard a knock at his hotel door and opened it to find his girlfriend who he immediately kissed "I missed you" Tori smiles at this "I missed you too so much" The pair kiss again before grabbing each other hands and heading out.

Shortly after they arrive at the beach they decided to walk along it, Tori smiles as she looks at Christian she was so happy that she found someone but she really hoped this secret came out and ruin then. They were walking when Tori sees Colby sitting down with his head down. "I need to check on my friend" Christian nods "Don't take to long" Tori kisses him "I won't" Christian stays still waiting for Tori as she starts walking towards her friend

Tori arrives to where Colby is kneels down and taps his shoulder. He immediately looks up and Tori realizes he have been crying. She immediately sits besides him and wraps her arms around him just holding him before looking at him "What happened?" Colby takes a breath "I made my statement. He asked about my childhood and it bought up all these bad memories and now i can't get then out of head" Tori knows how much trauma he went through and it worries her that this it all coming up again and worried how much pain it will cause him "Want to have dinner tonight?" Colby nods "I would like that but don't you have better plans " Tori shakes her head "I don't beside your my friend and you need me" Colby hugs Tori as she gets up "I will see you tonight" They smile at each other as Tori walks away.

Tori goes back to Christian and immediately kisses him she knows by what Colby through she is lucky to have Christian in her life "Lets go have some fun" Christian smiles "It always fun when I have my girlfriend beside me" Tori kisses him and wraps her arms around him " Well it always fun when I have my boyfriend around me" The pair kiss again Tori knows even with what Colby going through she is so happy right now after all she have found her soulmate in Christian she knows they only being together a little while but she knew he was the one for her

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Chapter 8

Christian had loved spending the whole day with Tori but was sad when she bailed on having dinner with him after all he just wanted to spend some more time with his girlfriend alone which seems to be very hard in a small town

Tori had gotten changed into something nice as she was meeting Colby, Jasmine, Bella and Dean for dinner at Salt. She walked out smiling at Leah who was minding Grace "You sure you don't mind" Leah nods "Tori I will be fine with Grace now go Colby needs you" Tori smiles kissing her daughter before heading out the door.

Tori arrived at Salt smiling as she sees Dean there she also spots her boyfriend sitting at the bar but is relieved he haven't seen her yet. Tori walks over to Dean and hugs him and he hugs back "How was it?" Dean looks at Tori "Tough really tough but it was harder for Bella and Colby" Tori nods "I saw Colby before he was a mess
" Dean nods "Yeah it a part he tried so hard to forget" Tori knows what that is like "I know the feeling" At this point Christian hears his girlfriend voice and turns around to see him talking to some guy. He decides to sit there and watch "Witness Protection" Tori nods at what Dean says "We all have  secrets Tori some of us more then others" Tori nods "I know I just hope they never come out" Dean smiles as he hugs Tori "Me too" Christian watches the pair finding himself feeling even more jealous.

Tori and Dean decided to sit outside until the others arrived so headed out there "I know your trying to be there for Colby but if you need someone I am here" Dean smiles he was grateful to have a friend like Tori "Thanks Tori, me, Colby all of us are really lucky to have you in our lives" Tori smiles "I'm lucky to have you guys too" With that the pair sit outside and just talk waiting for the others to arrive

Christian meanwhile was still inside watching the pair. He could tell the pair was close and he wondered how they were connected he even thought that they could be exes. He couldn't help but feel jealous of the guy who his girlfriend chose to have dinner with instead of him

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