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Secrets and Protection


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Story Title:  Secrets and Protection
Type of story: Short /Medium Fic
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Jasmine, Leah, Justin, Willow, Bella, Colby, Dean
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers: Idk
Any warnings: Sexual content, V/D.
Summary:  What if Tori knew what Colby did to Ross? Tori was doing what she needed to protect Colby including lie to Christian. Leah and Justin who also know the truth wonder if Tori doing the right thing. Will Tori be able to protect Colby and keep her last link to Grace in the way? Will Christian discover the truth?

Chapter 1

Tori and Christian were sitting on the couch relaxing in each other arms when Justin runs in. "Tori it Colby he needs us" Tori immediately sits up before standing up as she grabs her stuff. Christian looks confused he never heard of this guy but to be the fair he haven't been in  the bay long "Who is Colby?" Tori stops and kisses Christian briefly "Colby he is a friend of ours" Christian nods "Go I can look after Grace" Tori smiles "Thank you" Tori and Justin both run out the door heading to Colby's place.

When they arrive Tori knocks on the door and is greeted by Dean who lets the pair in. Justin and Tori look at the group worried faces and know something is wrong "They found Ross body" The one line Colby said made Tori feel sick "What happens now?" Dean takes a  breath "A detective from the city is coming to investigate this" Tori couldn't believe this was happening. Her life was perfect and now it wasn't. She immediately ran into Colby's arms and the pair hugged while Justin looked at everyone in the room. Bella she crying her eyes out Dean was holding her while Willow and Jasmine were both stressing out. Justin speaks this time "When is he coming?" Colby shakes his head "I have no idea but he isn't onto us so as long as we remain quiet we will all be fine" The group nod before hugging.

Leah walked into the Morgan's to see Christian sitting on the couch holding Grace, she was surprised to see him here. "Is Tori around?" Christian shakes his head "Justin said a mate needed then" Leah wonders who "Do you know who?" Christian nods "Colby someone" Leah smiles "Colby Thorne. He have been a friend of ours for a while and was Robbo's best mate" This makes Christian confused "Who is Robbo?" Leah knows she messed up but she needs to answer "He is Grace's father and Tori best friend but he died a year ago" Christian never asked about Grace's dad at least he knows why Tori doesn't bring it up "I'm sorry" Leah smiles "It is harder for Tori there isn't a single day when she doesn't cry or miss him" Christian nods "I promise you I won't leave her or make her need to cry more" Leah smiles "Your already in love with her. You only started seeing each other but your in love with her" Christian smiles "Yeah I am. I'm in love with Tori Morgan" 

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Chapter 2

Shortly after Tori and Justin arrive home both barely saying  a word "Everything ok?" Tori looks at her boyfriend "Totally fine I just need a second" With that Tori walks out the back.

Leah follows Tori out and gives her a look "Ross body was found" Leah gets pale "They have nothing You won't lose him" Tori cries "But what If i do. He is the one person connected to Robbo I have left I cannot lose him" Leah walks over hugging Tori but truth was Leah was scared as well this might not end well for anyone and she knew that.

Christian looks at Justin "Is Tori ok?" Justin nods "Tori just have moments believe me you will get used to it" Christian nods "I want to help" Justin looks at Christian "You can't not with this" This make Christian wonder what was going on, was Tori in trouble or hurt. To say Christian was worried was an understatement after all Christian loves Tori and is scared of losing her.

Meanwhile at Colby's house Colby and Bella are sitting down "We will get through this Bella" Bella nods "I don't want to lose you Colby. You are all I have" Colby kisses his sister forehead "You won't" With that Bella looks at Colby "Thank you for everything for not giving up on me" Colby pulls Bella into a hug "I will never give up on you I promise" The pair smile as they hug each other tightly.

Outside Dean and Jasmine are sitting beside each other "He will be fine we all will be " Jasmine nods "I know I just wish this never happened that they never found his body" Dean nods knowing that he does too "Me too Jasmine but we will all be fine as long as we stick together" Jasmine smiles "I know we will"

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Chapter 3

It was the next day when Christian arrived at work looking for Tori. He walked around until he arrived at her office he was about to knock when he sees Jasmine in there with her, he knew Jasmine was Justin nurse  but he didn't know her and Tori were close.

In the office Tori sitting down looking at Jasmine "This could change our lives and that scares me" Jasmine nods "Me too but as long as no one else finds out and no one says a word Colby will be fine which means we will be fine" Tori nods "I know it just sucks that we are dealing with this at all "I know" Jasmine walks over hugging Tori.

Meanwhile Leah and Justin are walking to the diner when Leah hears a voice behind her "Leah" Leah turns around surprised but immediately hugs the person "Angelo I had no clue you were coming" Justin watches the pair jealously "Neither did I until a few hours ago" Leah clicks "Ross Nixon" Angelo nods as he pulls away looking at Justin "Can I help you?" Leah looks at Angelo "Angelo this is Justin my partner and Justin this is Angelo he used to live here" The pair shake hands Justin now understanding Angelo connection to Leah.

At the pier apartment Colby is sitting outside with Dean who looks at his friend "I told Ziggy everything, I couldn't lie to her" Colby nods "I get that she is your girlfriend. She will keep quiet?" Dean nods "She gave me her word she just wants everyone to be safe" Colby nods "Yeah me too let's hope this is over soon" Dean agrees "That would be amazing then we can go back to normal" Colby smiles "That would be excellent"

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Chapter 4

It was later that afternoon when Tori was walking with Christian and spotted a guy approaching Colby "Give me a second" Christian nodded as he watched Tori walk next to the guy

"You cannot ask me about my dad" The doctor immediately worried and spoke up "Colby's right Ross Nixon nothing to you" Angelo had a smug face "It everything to me. You see my name is Angelo Rosetta, I'm here investigating his death" Colby grabs onto Tori hand "Bella and I are trying to get our heads around this so please just leave us alone" Angelo shakes his head "I get it hard but I need statements" Tori steps in "Not yet they lost their dad give then time" Angelo walked away annoyed as Tori looks at Colby "What do you need?" Colby clicks "To find Bella before he does" Tori nods "Want me to come?" Colby shakes his head "I need to do this alone" Tori smiles "Call me if you need me" Colby nods "Will do" With that Colby walks away

Tori walks back over to Christian and grabs his hand and holds it to which he does the same "Your friend ok?" Tori smiles "He will be. Are you ok?" Tori nods "I am after all I have you" Christian smiles "And I'm not going anywhere" Tori smiles as the pair kiss

Meanwhile Colby spots Bella at the beach with Nikau "Bella" Bella turns around seeing her brother worry and walks over "What is it?" Colby takes a breath "The detective he is here. He wants statements from us but I think I got to him to hold off" Bella can tell there something else "You don't think he will give up" Colby shakes his head "No I don't and I hope i'm wrong" Bella nods as she hugs her brother "Yeah me too"

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