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Chapter 30


The Beach


Colby and Chelsea are still talking


Colby: So you think we can save us?

Chelsea: I don’t know. I want too. I want us to be how we were... before. But I don’t even know if we can go back.

Colby: Maybe we just have to move forward together and forget the past.

Chelsea: Can you do that?

Colby: I’ve been doing it for the last year or so. So yeah I can. But can you?

Chelsea: Colby I’m sorry I don’t know if I can just forget about Ross as easy as you can.

Colby: Why? You know who he was. What he did. Why I killed him. I had enough reasons. Surley you understand that?

Chelsea: Of course I do. And back then it was so raw I needed to run and escape but now I’ve had time to process it. And deal with it.

Colby: You agreed not to say anything even though we broke up? That means you still care about me. Maybe even still love me?

Chelsea: Of course I do! That wasn’t the reason we broke up.

Colby: Surley we can save us? I love you. Your the one I want. Please?

Chelsea: What about Bella?

Colby: What do you mean? She would be stoked! We’re a family. The 3 of us. If you still want that?

Chelsea: I need more time. I’m sorry. I’m leaving in a couple of weeks. Once I finish wrapping up this case. So I guess I’ll give you an answer before then.

Colby: Ok I’ll wait for you.

Chelsea: I’ll talk you you soon I promise.


The Morgan House


Colby has come to see Tori and they hug


Colby: Hey.

Tori: Hi.

Colby: How are you?

Tori: Shouldn’t I be asking you that?

Colby: Your dealing with Robbo and Christian!

Tori: Your dealing with Chelsea!

Colby: Ok fair. Call a truce?

Tori: Fine. Deal.

Colby: I’m sorry we haven’t seen much of each other since we got back.

Tori: It’s ok. We are both dealing with our own stuff right now.

Tori: Robbo being back is great though.

Colby: Same. It’s like we just picked up our friendship from before you know?

Tori: Like he never left.

Colby: Ectually.

Tori: That’s the way he wanted it.

Colby: And that’s the way I needed it to be too. I didn’t realise until we got him back. But yeah.

Tori: Same. Me too. I’m never letting him go again.

Colby: Me neither.

Tori: I love you. And I will always be here for you. Don’t forgot that.

Colby: I love you too and same.

Tori: I hope Robbo accepts Christian.

Colby: And if he doesn’t?

Tori: I don’t know.

Colby: Well having me and Robbo is enough right?

Tori: Of course. Never doubt that!

Colby: But you want Christian too?

Tori: Finding someone to spend your life with would be nice too.

Colby: We are both going to get our happy ending. I know it.

Tori: I hope your right.

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