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The Secrets We Keep

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Chapter 11


Tori and Colby’s honeymoon


Tori: Robbo picked a good spot.

Colby: Yeah I like it.

Tori: I’m sorry you never got a real honeymoon with Chelsea.

Colby: Yeah well we never got that far. Another thing Ross took from me.

Tori: Well we are here now and together so that’s something.

Colby: Thank you.

Tori: I love you no mattter what.

Colby: I love you too, so much.

Tori: Should we go to the beach?

Colby: Well when it’s right on our doorstep how do you resist?

Tori: Kind of like the bay right?

Colby: Yeah it’s prefect. It’s reminds me of home.

Tori: Me too.


A warehouse


Robbo is locked in a room and is trying to find a way out but he can’t.


Guy: You won’t get far you know.

Robbo: Why you let me to go my friends wedding then?

Guy: Suspicious if you didn’t turn up.

Robbo: Right.

Guy: You know it would be a lot easier if you just gave me what I want.

Robbo: Over my dead body.

Guy: That can be arranged.

Robbo: You might think your winning this but I’ve got secrets.

Guy: Like your friends? Or your family? Nah I think they can’t help you.

Robbo: You want a bet?

Guy: Well sure if you win your free if I win your dead.

Robbo: If I’m dead getting what you want would be near impossible.

Guy: Why you think having you on side will work better?

Robbo: Yep.

Guy: Hmm I will consider it.

Robbo: Let me go and I’ll give you what you want.

Guy: And what if what I want has changed?

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Chapter 12


A Warehouse


Robbo: What do you mean?

Guy: Maybe using you for information on the FBI isn’t what I want anymore.

Robbo: Ok what do you want?

Guy: Maybe it’s easier just to kill you.

Robbo: Nah you would of did that already if that was your end game.

Guy: If everyone cares so much about you. Why haven’t they come looking?

Robbo: Oh they are looking.

Guy: Are they?

Robbo: You can bet on it.

Guy: I’ve changed my mind you are useful to me. Let’s go find those friends of yours.

Robbo: You want to break into an FBI building?

Guy: God no. Your going to plant a bomb in their!

Robbo: Why do you hate them so much?

Guy: I ended up in jail for my crimes and my brother died on the outside. Someone has to pay for that.

Robbo: Well they are going to stop you.

Guy: We will see.


Colby and Tori’s honeymoon


Colby and Tori are watching a movie


Colby: So you enjoying our trip away?

Tori: Of course it’s nice.

Colby: I’m glad we’re here together.

Tori: Me too.

Suddenly their is a knock at the door. Tori and Colby just look at each other wondering whether they should answer it...

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Chapter 13


Colby and Tori’s honeymoon


Colby and Tori decide to answer the door and is surprised to find a federal agent on the other side of it!


Tori: Hi

Matt: I’m Matt. I’m here to keep you safe. We got word from Robbo that him and his captor is coming to the FBI building to bomb the place. We’re going to stop him and get Robbo back but we need your help.

Colby: Of course whatever we can do.

Tori: We just want Robbo back safe and sound.

Matt: All Robbo wants is for both of you to be safe. So pack your stuff and come with us. We are wasting time.

Colby: On it.

Tori: Just give us 5 minutes.

Matt: I’ll meet you guys in the car park.


The FBI Building


Robbo: You do realise you won’t get far right?

Guy: You don’t know all my secrets.

Robbo: You don’t know theirs either.

Guy: Isn’t it yours too? Oh wait your not working for them anymore are you?

Robbo: That was my choice.

Guy: And let here I am dragging you back into it.

Robbo: You kidnapped me from a safe house while in witness protection. Your smart I will give you that.

Guy: Oh you have no idea how smart I really am.

Robbo: Then show me.

Guy: Don’t tempt me.

Robbo: I’m not, I’m gloading you.

Guy: Well that’s your first mistake.

Robbo: No your first mistake was taking me. Your second was trying to use me. Your third will get you caught just wait.

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Part 14


FBI building




Robbo: So you going to tell me your name?

Guy: Why do you care?

Robbo: Because you kidnapped me and I don’t even know you.

Guy: You make a point.

Robbo: So?

Guy: My name is John.

Robbo: Like John Doe? Original mate.

John: I didn’t name myself.

Robbo: Obviously. Can’t blame me for thinking it’s fake though.

John: Can’t help you their.

Robbo: You know you won’t win right. The whole entire FBI are looking for us and you end up finding them yourself. Doesn’t seem very smart.

John: Let’s go inside and finish this.

Robbo: Be my guest.


Inside the Building


John: Surprised they let us walk in here.

Robbo: Hmm.

John: So you not going to talk to me anymore?

Robbo: Why would I?

John: I don’t know. Distract me.

Robbo: Trust me you can distract us both easily.

John: Were are all your mates anyway?

Robbo: Around.

John: Well we are setting up the bomb in the celling. So let’s go.

Robbo: Oh you were serious about the bomb?

John: Yea why would I lie?

Robbo: Yes why would you?

John: I don’t get what your playing at. But I could just kill you now and end this.

Robbo: Nah you won’t. You need me.

John: Why?

Robbo: Because the bomb isn’t real and that’s not the reason we are really here. Your here to kill the FBI guy who put you in jail!

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Part 15


FBI building


John: You don’t know anything.

Robbo: Right so this bomb is real then? You going to blow the building up?

John: I didn’t say that.

Robbo: I’ve got you all figured out and you won’t win. Just give up and go quietly.

John: No you don’t have me figured out at all. Because this was never about revenge. It was about ending this for good.

Robbo: What?

John opens his jacket to reveal the bomb is on him! And he has the detonator on his phone!

John: One click and I blow me, you and everyone up in this building!

Robbo: You wouldn’t.

John: Wouldn’t I? Can you take the risk?

Another part of the FBI building

Matt and the others have eyes on Robbo but are surprised to see John with a bomb strapped to his chest!

Matt: I don’t understand. I thought they were going to plant the bomb and run. But now he has it on him and will bomb the whole place up including themselves.

Chris: We were wrong. It’s not a revenge mission. It’s a sucide mission and he’s not only going to kill himself but everyone else too!

Jacob: We have to stop him and get Robbo out but how?

Matt: Operation B?

Chris: What?

Jacob: You can’t be serious?

Matt: It’s the only way!

Chris: No we can’t do that. It’s too risky!

Matt: Have a better idea?

Jacob: Yes actually I do. It’ll distract John enough for both of you to get Robbo out and then we can destroy the bomb ourselves!

Matt: Well explain now we are running out of time!

Jacob: Ok well I propose this...

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Part 16


FBI building


Robbo: You know you can still stop this?

John: Why would I want too?

Robbo: You staying you have no one to live for? Or that you care about?

John: No one worth staying for.

Robbo: That’s kind of sad.

John: You can talk. You’ve been away from your family for months!

Robbo: Wasn’t my choice.

John: You could of gone back.

Robbo: No. it had to be this way. To protect them.

John: At least you have people that you need to protect. I have no one. Nothing worth saving.

Robbo: I’m sorry.

John: Your not sorry! You don’t care! You just want to get out of here alive!

Robbo: Even though that’s true. I do still feel sorry you have no one. I know what that feels like.

John: What the family man? The action hero? You?

Robbo: I lost my memory and their was a time when everyone thought I was bad. So yeah I haven’t always been the good guy.

John: Yeah but the point is somewhere deep inside you. You knew you were good. All I feel is hatred for myself and what I’ve become. So spare me.

Jacob finds them

 Jacob: Hey John I heard your looking for me.

John: You? You made me into this! You  put me in jail and my brother died! That’s on you!

Jacob: I was just doing my job.

John: Sure that’s what they all say.

Jacob: It’s the truth. Putting bad guys away is my job.

John: What so protecting the innocent isn’t?

Jacob: Your brother wasn’t innocent either!

John: He was! He was the best of both of us! He could of made something of himself!

Jacob: Your wrong! He spiralled after you went to jail. Got into a wrong crowd and messed up his life which ultimately got him killed! I’m sorry but that wasn’t on me!

John: Your lying! I knew my brother. He was better than that! Better then you, all of you!

Jacob: He wasn’t who you thought he was. He changed.

John: No your lying! I don’t believe you!

Jacob: John stop this. You can still walk away.

John: No I can’t! And now neither can you!

John goes to push the detonator on his phone...

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Chapter 17


FBI building


Jacob: Wait

John: No!

Jacob: Just kill me then. Let everyone else go.

John: Why?

Jacob: Because you said not to let innocent people die. Well then let the innocent ones live.

John: Your all as bad as each other.

Jacob: No were not!

John: You just want to do your job and then stuff everyone else.

Jacob: That’s not true. Our job has consequences.

John: Sure. But you haven’t lost the only person in the world that you cared about.

Jacob: Maybe not. But your just about to blow up a lot of people I care about.

John: Sure.

Jacob: I work with them everyone. They are family.

John: Then you will know what’s it like to get family taken away from you.

Jacob: Just let everyone else go. No one else needs to die. It’s just me and you.

John: If you insist. Get everyone to leave then. Otherwise I will push the bottom and we all die!

Robbo: I can’t just leave you alone with him.

Jacob: Hey our plan was to get you out. And we did. Now go.

Robbo: Ok I’ll go. I’m sure the others will meet me outside.

Jacob: Yeah they will. Good luck.

Robbo: We will get you out of this.

Jacob: I know. Now go.

Robbo leaves.


Outside the building


Robbo meets Matt

Matt: Thank god your out.

Robbo: I know me too but what about Jacob?

Matt: We’re doing everything we can.

Robbo: Ok I’m worried he won’t get out.

Matt: So am I...

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Chapter 18


FBI building


John: So 5 more minutes and then I blow this place up.

Jacob: No do the right thing.

John: Your talking to someone who doesn’t have a reason to do the right thing anymore.

Jacob: Their has to be something...

John: Their’s not, their is nothing for me here.

Jacob: Your just going to end your life? And take me with you?

John: Yep.

Jacob: And their is nothing I can say? Or do to change your mind?

John: Nope. I think that’s enough time to get everyone out of this building. I’m sorry but this ends right now.

Chris comes onto the scene and points a gun at John

Chris: Stop this or I shot you.

John: Oh go ahead I’ll push the bottom before you can make that shot and we will all be dead!

Chris: I’ll make the shot faster than you.

John: You going to bet on that?

Chris: Yes. Now Jacob!

Jacob tackles John to the ground and tries to revive the phone. They both wrestle for it. John drops the phone and it smashes against the ground. Chris goes to pick it up but John gets to it first and goes to push the button but suddenly a shot goes off and Jacob looks down to find that John has just been shoot in the head and he checks his pulse to find out that he’s dead! Chris quickly grabs the phone and dismantles the bomb. So it can’t go off anymore. It’s over. Jacob looks up in the corridor to find Matt standing their having taken the shot and ultimately saving them all.

Jacob: Thank you.

Matt: What? For being a good shot? Or saving your life?

Jacob: Both.

Matt: Thought you might of needed some help.

Chris: Thank you.

Matt: I’m glad I made it in time.

Jacob: So do I.

Chris: Me too.

Matt: Couldn’t just leave you guys alone.

Chris: Family stick together.

Jacob: Always. We should probably call this in and sort out this mess hey.

Matt: Good idea.

Chris: Let’s wrap this case up.


Outside the FBI building


Robbo is thanking Matt, Chris and Jacob.

Robbo: Thank you.

Jacob: No worries.

Chris: Sorry it took so long to find you.

Matt: We were working as fast as possible.

Robbo: I know I’m just glad I’m safe now. I can go home.

Matt: Speaking of that. Your friends are here.

Robbo: Where?

Tori and Colby walk up to him with Tori pulling him into a hug first. Colby soon after.

Tori: I’m so glad you are ok.

Colby: Me too.

Robbo: Thank you for coming to rescue me.

Tori: Always.

Colby: We will always come save you. No matter what.

Robbo: Me too. I won’t leave you guys again. Ever.

Tori: You better not. I’m not letting you out of my sight now.

Robbo: Good. Neither am I.

Tori and Robbo hug.

Colby: Hey didn’t you marry me not him?

Tori: Did I? Hmm don’t remember! Nah kidding. You know I love you too.

Colby: I love you too.

Robbo: Let’s go home.

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Chapter 19


Colby and Bella’s apartment


Robbo and Jasmine are hugging

Robbo: I’m so happy to be home.

Jasmine: I’m so happy your alive and back in my arms. I’m never letting you go again.

Robbo: Me neither.

Jasmine and Colby hug.

Jasmine: Good to have you back too.

Colby: Like I wouldn’t come back. I have too much to live for.

Jasmine: Yes I saw Chelsea. How you going to handle that?

Colby: I don’t know yet.

Jasmine: Well good luck.

Robbo and Jasmine go off to their room


The Morgan House


Colby arrives and instantly runs towards Tori and gives her a hug.

Tori: Everyone is safe now and we’re back home.

Colby: Thank you for playing along with this.

Tori: We had to for Robbo. It was worth it.

Colby: Do you want the ring back?

Tori: No you keep it. It’s yours.

Colby: Ok if your sure.

Tori: I am.

Colby: I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Colby: So how you going to explain your ring to Christian?

Tori: I’ll tell him it’s a present from the father of my kid. Christian doesn’t know about me and Robbo and I’m not sure I want to tell him.

Colby: It’s your decision. Hey can I be their when they meet?

Tori: No!

Colby: Damn would pay to see that!

Tori: I bet you would! No let’s not make it any more awkward then it’s going to be.

Colby: Fair enough. Good luck though.

Tori: I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Colby: Hopefully it will be.

Tori: So much faith.

Colby: Have you met Robbo?

Tori: Good point.

Colby: Well we will catch up soon yeah?

Tori: For sure. We’re family I’m not leaving you.

Colby: Always. Bye.

Tori: Bye.

Tori and Colby hug goodbye

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Chapter 20


The Morgan House


Justin and Leah arrive back and is super happy to see Tori. They both hug her.


Justin: I’m so glad your back and your all safe.

Leah: Me too. It’s sucked waiting here for news on you 3. Thank god you all made it back.

Tori: I’m so happy the 3 of us is back safe and sound.

Justin: So how is Robbo?

Tori: He’s good. Happy to be home.

Justin: I bet. And happy to be in your arms right?

Tori: Not just him. Seriously I am not letting him out of my sight again. Ever.

Justin: So show me the ring.

Tori takes off her necklace to show Justin the ring that’s connected to it.

Justin: Colby has good taste.

Tori: It’s not his.

Justin: Robbo’s?

Tori: Yeah.

Justin: Robbo gave you an engagement ring?

Tori: No it’s a promise ring.

Justin: Ah of course.

Tori: I’m going to tell Christian it’s a present from Grace’s father.

Justin: Your not going to tell him the truth about yours and Robbo’s relationship?

Tori: I don’t want too. I need time ok.

Justin: I get it.

Tori: Thank you.

Justin: Good luck.

Tori and Justin hug again just as Christian walks in. Christian is super happy to see Tori. Christian runs towards her and pulls her into a hug before kissing her.

Tori: It’s so good to see you. I have  missed you.

Christian: Me too. So much. I’m so glad your back and safe.

Tori: Me too.

Christian: I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Christian: So are you going to tell me what’s going on now?

Tori: Yeah it’s over. I can tell you everything. Take a seat.

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