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Name of Fic: The Secrets We Keep

Type of Fic: Long Fic

Genre: Romance/drama/general

Rating: T/A

Characters: Tori, Christian, Robbo, Jasmine, Irene, Leah, Justin, Christian, Colby, Chelsea

Rating: Violence

Spoilers: Yes

Summary: What happens if all isn’t as it seems? What happens if everyone knows a secret? What happens if it all explodes?


Chapter 1


Colby and Bella’s apartment


Colby is pacing inside, he is very worried about something... but he is also kind of happy it’s brought her back to him.. I mean the situation isn’t ideal but at least she’s here and willing to speak to him... considering how they left things he wouldn’t blame her for never coming near him again.. She was everything to him still is... he wishes he could go back to before... before he stuffed everything up... but maybe this is his second chance... maybe he can do things right this time... he hopes she will stay so that they can figure things out together like they used too... maybe he’s just asking for something that’s impossible...


The Beach


Chelsea is thinking about why she is back in the bay? And the real reason why? It’s complicated but she was kind of glad to see him... I mean she’s still mad at him... like she can’t just forgot the past all though some days she wishes she could... she would love to pick up where they left off you know before their was no coming back for them... but she now has a job to do... a job that everyone knows about but is still a secret... she barely even knows that guy really... but her friends and family in the bay do... and she needs to protect him to protect them all...


The Morgan House


Tori is freaking out and she doesn’t know what to do and how to keep this secret but she knows she must because the most important person in her life is in danger again and she can’t lose him again because it broke her the first time but now things are different... like she has this amazing guy and they are building a future together and she wants that... she wants everything but then their is her other guy... her whole world... she wishes things were different... that they could of been together... but it was too late by then... way too late... and Jasmine OMG she is a horrible best friend right now... her best friend must be hurting knowing her husband is still alive and could possibly be dying again right this second it’s too much... she wishes she could tell Christian but she can’t... it’s not even about trusting him she knows she can... it’s about need to know and he’s not in on it so he can’t know... plus it would put him in danger and she can’t do that to him... to them... not after him... not when Robbo could be dead all over again...

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Great chapters oh Robbo is alive. Colby and Tori pretend to get engaged and be married in another week haha  Update again soon  

Great chapter  Glad Leah and Justin are happy Tori is home. hmm will Tori tell Christian everything minus the relationship with Robbo? Update again soon      

Great chapter nice chat between Justin and Christian. I hope Christian figures it out soon Update again soon  

Part 2


2 weeks before 


Bella and Colby’s apartment


Colby arrives home to find a letter on his doorstep. He picks it up and locks the door behind him before going to sit on the couch to read it. He’s surprised it just has his name on it and nothing else. He hopes it isn’t bad news he doesn’t think he can take it.


”Dear Colby, It’s Chelsea, look I don’t have time to explain things but your friend Robbo well I was looking after him in witness protection but he’s gone missing and we don’t know who took him or why, we need your help and the rest of his friends and family in the bay, please keep the secret his life depends on it”


Colby assumes their would be more but that’s it. What is he supposed to do now? Who is he allowed to tell? Just Robbo’s closet friends and family? He needs more information and what about Lance? Does he know anything? But then what about Chelsea? Is she coming back? Will he see her? Talk to her? Would she even want too? This is too much for him...


1 Week Ago

The Morgan House


Colby and Tori are chatting


Tori: Robbo is alive?

Colby: Yeah well maybe?

Tori: I can’t. Witness protection but why wouldn’t he tell us?

Colby: You know why. If you guys didn’t know they wouldn’t come after you.

Tori: I get it. I’m just so happy and sad but also angry and mad and I have too many feelings.

Colby: Haha me too. And Chelsea being involved? I didn’t expect this.

Tori: Yeah how are you feeling about your ex?

Colby: Honestly I’m scared.

Tori: I’m scared too.

Colby: We will get though this together. Like family do.

Tori: You are my family. I love you.

Colby: I love you too.

Tori and Colby hug each other holding on for dear life.

Tori: What if I never see him again?

Colby: You will.

Tori: How can you be so sure?

Colby: Because Robbo would fight forever to come back to you and Grace and Jasmine. It’s who he is.

Tori: Thank you. I’m glad your here.

Colby: Where else would I be?

Tori: Robbo will come home right?

Colby: We will find him.

Tori: Whatever happens just know I will always be here for you.

Colby: Same to you always. I know I’m not him but I always thought of us as a forever kind of thing not like what you and Robbo have obviously but a forever friendship, you understand?

Tori: No I get it, and me too. Forever friendship? I like it.

Colby: Just promise me when we find him, never let him go again.

Tori: Oh trust me when he’s back in my arms I’m never letting him out of my sight, he’s my everything.

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Part 3


Bella and Colby’s Apartment


Colby, Chelsea, Jasmine, Tori, Justin and Leah are all chatting.


Chelsea: So can you all do this? Keep this secret?

Colby: We have too.

Jasmike: Of course we are getting my husband back!

Justin: Totally on board for what ever you need.

Leah: I’m not going anywhere.

Tori: We are all in this together. We have to find him.

Chelsea: Ok I will tell you everything then you all have to do as I say ok. We will find him if everyone does what they are suppose to do.

Colby: We got this. Right guys?

Tori: Totally.

Jasmine: 100%.

Justin: Yes.

Leah: Just tell us when.

Chelsea: Ok well first things first. Colby and Tori I need to talk to you both alone right now.

Tori: Ok.

Colby: What’s going on?

Jasmine: Why am I not involved? What’s going on?

Chelsea: You guys all promised need to know right?

Justin: Yes.

Leah: Of course.

Chelsea: Then follow what I’m saying it’s important.

Jasmine: Ok I trust you.

Justin: Same, good luck guys.

Leah: Just be careful.

Jasmine, Leah and Justin all leave

Colby: So what’s going on?

Tori: Why do we both need to know and not them?

Colby: What’s going on?

Chelsea: Their is something you and Colby need to do together.

Colby: Ok what?

Tori: What do we need to do?

Chelsea: Go to Robbo’s grave.

Colby: Um ok.

Tori: Why just us?

Chelsea: Robbo needs to tell you both something.

Tori: What I thought you said you didn’t know where he was?

Colby: Yeah what?

Chelsea: I don’t. But Robbo said if something went wrong to tell you both to go to his grave and the answer will be their.

Tori: Ok I guess we better go.

Colby: Don’t worry I will protect you.

Tori: I know you will.

Colby: Ok we will talk to you later. Bye Chelsea.

Chelsea runs up and hugs Colby.

Chelsea: Be careful.

Colby: Always. I want to come back to you. Please tell me we can talk when I get back?

Chelsea: Yeah we can. I...

Chelsea kisses him which shocks Colby but he kisses her back like his life depends on it and thinking about it, it just might.

Chelsea: I love you.

Colby: I love you too.

Chelsea: Go good luck.

Colby: See you soon.

Tori: Bye.

Chelsea watches them leave as soon as they go she breaks down in tears and collapses on the floor. She knows she might never see Colby again so she did the only thing she could, she gave him hope for a future that she knows will never be...

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Part 4


Robbo’s Grave


Tori and Colby arrive and approach Robbo grave and is confused to find no one around.


Tori: What is this about?

Colby: I don’t know.

Tori notices something. 2 letters on Robbo’s grave each addressed to them. They both pick up their own letter and move away from each other to read it in private. Tori opens up her letter first and it says.


“Hey Tori, I know your probably mad at me but I hope your happy too that I’m not dead. You and Colby can come find me but only you 2. You can’t tell anyone else where your going or why. Not even everyone else who knows I’m still alive. You need to protect everyone and yourselves. Please come find me. I love you to the moon and back and can’t wait to have you back in my arms”


Tori wonders why their is nothing else but she’s crying. Robbo is still alive and he needs her, he needs them. She’s going to find me. Whatever it takes.


Tori goes back over to Colby to talk to him about her letter when he grabs her and pulls her into a hug. Tori is safe in this moment with Colby holding her. Colby pulls away and looks at her before leaning in and kissing her! Tori is shocked but as soon as the shock wears off she starts to kiss him back as in this moment she wants it too.

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Part 5


Robbo’s grave


A few moments earlier


Colby gets his letter and opens it as Tori is opening hers. He starts to read it.


“Hey Colby, I’m sorry. I know your mad but I couldn’t tell any of you as it was for the best. But now I need you to come find me with Tori. But only you 2. You can’t tell anyone either. Even the people who know I’m still alive. I’m also sorry that you can’t go back to the bay after this. You need to leave and come find me now. We are running out of time”


Colby was surprised their was nothing else. Where are they supposed to do now. How are they meant to find him.


Colby realises their is a small note suck inside the envelope as well as his letter. He picks it up and reads it looking shocked at what it says and what object is also in the note. He opens up the note and reads it now understanding everything. He picks up  the object and puts it in his pocket. He knows he has to give it to Tori he just doesn’t know when or how. He walks back over to her.


After the kiss


Tori: What was that for?

Colby: Tori their is something I have to give you it’s from Robbo.

Tori: Ok what is it?

Colby pulls out a ring and shows it to Tori.

Tori: An engagement ring?

Colby: No a promise ring. He told me you are his soulmate and he wants you to have it. But their is more it’s going to act as an engagement ring.

Tori: What? Why?

Colby: Me and you need to pretend to be married like yesterday.

Tori: Wait what?

Colby: People are watching us. Act like I just proposed to you.

Tori: Omg Yes I accept.

Colby: I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Colby and Tori kiss and hug each other.

Tori: You have to tell me everything.

Colby: I will as soon as we are out of here and safe.

Tori: So when’s the wedding?

Colby: In a week. And Robbo will be their of course.

Tori: Of course. Can’t wait to see him.

Colby: Me neither. Should I be worried your more excited to see the best man than the husband?

Tori: Always! But no of course not I’m marrying you aren’t I?

Colby: Yep and aren’t I a lucky guy today.

Tori: Today? I think for life.

Colby: My mistake of course.

Tori: I love you.

Colby: I love you more.

Colby and Tori kiss

Colby: So let’s go celebrate.

Tori: Oh were are we going?

Colby: Back to Robbo’s home town of course.

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Great chapters

oh Robbo is alive.

Colby and Tori pretend to get engaged and be married in another week haha 

Update again soon :) 

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47 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great chapters

oh Robbo is alive.

Colby and Tori pretend to get engaged and be married in another week haha 

Update again soon :) 

Yep I wish he was in the show too. Yep it’s all part of the plan.

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Part 6


Ian and Wendy’s farm


Colby and Tori arrive and greet Ian and Wendy


Tori: Hi.

Colby: Hi.

Ian: Hi.

Wendy: Hi. So Ryan is so happy about you guys getting married.

Colby: Really?

Ian: Of course his 2 best friends. He couldn’t be happier.

Tori: Well we are happy to be here right now.

Colby: Yeah looking forward to seeing Robbo.

Tori: Yep can’t wait. We have missed him.

Colby: So much.

Ian: He’s missed you guys too.

Wendy: A lot.

Colby: So is everything set up?

Webdy: Yep it’s all set up and ready to go.

Ian: It all went according to plan.

Tori: Good, can’t wait.


The Morgan House


Justin and Leah are chatting


Justin: So how long do you think Tori and Colby will take?

Leah: Not sure. I just hope they are safe.

Justin: Colby will protect Tori. And Robbo will come home.

Leah: I hope so. We can’t lose any of them.

Justin: We won’t.

Justin and Leah hug each other until Christian walks in and interrupts them.

Christian: Ok I’ve waited a week and you guys are still keeping secrets from me. Where is Tori?

Justin gets a text message from Tori and smiles at the message.

Justin: Tori and Colby are engaged and getting married tomorrow!

Leah: Oh that’s great news. Looks like everything is going to plan.

Christian: What are you talking about?

Justin: Any chance you can pretend that Tori dumped you and your heartbroken?

Christian: What? Why?

Justin: Their are people watching us. We all in danger. Just do what we say and maybe we will all make it out of this thing alive.

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Great chapter 

Robbo’s parents are onboard with the plan 
oh poor Christian hopefully he will go along with the plan.

Update again soon  :)





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4 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

Robbo’s parents are onboard with the plan 
oh poor Christian hopefully he will go along with the plan.

Update again soon  :)

Yep Robbo’s parents are but will Christian?

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