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How would you end the show?

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I think Alf dying could work, I remember a "final episode" dream where that happened in 2010. It went through scenes of an empty Summer Bay House and finally we saw Alf, on a chair in the patio, having a nap and then going limp. 

I love the idea of a new foster family moving into the Summer Bay House... It could be on the market and Roo could be the seller.

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On 10/04/2021 at 17:14, Homeandawayfan. said:

Frank Morgan returns, and the last ever scene features him, seeing as the first ever scene featured him (flashback I know but still a scene).

Good idea. Maybe he is a mystery buyer of the caravan park after Alf passes away, and we see him moving in with his partner and their foster children as the credits roll.

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As Bobby Forever Missed says, a dream, but make the first 20 years real, but I would have the dream start from 2008 where Sally has a nightmare about what Summer Bay would be like after her exit, full of River Boys and other criminals and carnage and disasters galore, and Sally even dreamt of a 2013 return which trashed her.

Same for Neighbours having a dream starting with the Ramsay Retcon.

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