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How would you end the show?

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4 hours ago, Homeandawayfan. said:

A new foster family move into Summer Bay House after Alf's funeral.

Revelations that is was just a dream are so against the show and just destroys years of investment into a show. It is H&A not Dallas.

You should Google the “Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis” for the ultimate “it was all a dream” scenario..... 


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On 19/03/2021 at 07:38, Trudy Heine said:

Alf's death and funeral, many old friends return. Sally, Pippa, etc

This. My final scene has always been Sally walking along the beach at sunset after Alf’s funeral and seeing two figures fishing, Alf & Ailsa, smiling, turning and heading up the beach path towards the Surf Club. Now Martha’s back that might seem a bit weird though.

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27 minutes ago, Homeandawayfan. said:

Frank Morgan returns

I'm curious about a Frank Morgan return and an exploration of the breakdown of his and Roo's relationship post-leaving Summer Bay and if they would work as a couple now and take over the running of the caravan park, but would he still be working at Macklins and would that work in current storylines?

I wouldn't end the show there though.

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On 11/04/2021 at 07:14, Homeandawayfan. said:

Frank Morgan returns, and the last ever scene features him, seeing as the first ever scene featured him (flashback I know but still a scene).

Oh that's good! And a bonus that he still has the connection to Roo

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