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Right Kind of Wrong

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Title: Right Kind of Wrong

Type of Fic: Medium Fic

Rating: T/A

Genre: Romance/Drama/General

Characters: Tori, Colby, Bella, Ryder, Raffy, Coco, Ben, Maggie, Ziggy, Dean, Tane, Ari, Gemma, Nikau, Mackenzie, Chloe, Mia, Christian

Rating: Violence (V/D)

Spoilers: Yes

Summary: New friendships are formed. Old relationships are tested. Will any new couples form? And just who is on the right and wrong side of this?


Near Surf club


Bella is walking when she see’s Colby and Tori hugging. Ryder soon joins her


Ryder: hey

Bella: hi

Ryder: so are they?

Bella: yes

Ryder: Tori and Colby are dating?

Bella: what? No. I thought you meant something else

Ryder: what else would I mean?

Bella: nothing forgot it

Ryder: I said are they? What else could I mean

Bella: I was thinking of something else and wasn’t listening and assumed you meant something else. Sorry

Ryder: ok what were you thinking about?

Bella: us

Ryder: what about us?

Bella: how we didn’t end up dating?

Ryder: why would we?

Bella: because you dated all your other friends, Coco, Raffy

Ryder: doesn’t mean we have to end up together?

Bella: you know I had a crush on you when we met right?

Ryder: did you? Didn’t notice

Bella: of course you didn’t. Too in love with Raffy

Ryder: yeah I was. We were great together. Best relationship I ever had

Bella: why did you break up again?

Ryder: stupid reasons now

Bella: I thought so

Ryder: anyway your with nikau now, your happy

Bella: I am

Ryder: where is he anyway?

Bella: working

Ryder: of course

Bella: Nikau is my first kiss, first time, first love. I hope we’re together forever

Ryder: I’m glad your happy you deserve it

Bella: thank you

Ryder: so we’re good?

Bella: we’re good. I’m glad we’re friends we get each other

Ryder: yep we’re awesome

Bella: I’ll see you later going to go talk to my brother

Ryder: ok see you later

After Bella leaves, Ryder gets a phone call and is surprised by who is calling him...

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Chapter 2

The Farm House


Ziggy is video chatting with Ben and Maggie.


Ziggy: Hey.

Ben and Maggie: Hey.

Ziggy: So what’s up?

Ben: Why didn’t you tell us you and Dean broke up?

Ziggy: How did you find out?

Maggie: Summer bay gossip of course.

Ziggy: I guess I just didn’t want you questioning me about it.

Ben: But why?

Maggie: Yeah what happened?

Ziggy: it’s complicated!

Ben: uncomplicate it!

Ziggy: I guess we broke up because he put Colby first.

Ben: But they are best friends, brothers, family right?

Maggie: Yeah wouldn’t you put us first?

Ziggy: it’s not the same.

Ben: I heard your dating Tane now? Why?

Maggie: isn’t he just another bad boy that you want to turn good?

Ben: you got to admit you have a pattern with the guys you date.

Maggie: Yeah but we accepted Dean. He was good for you. Do you still love him?

Ziggy: of course I do!

Maggie: Then I don’t get it!

Ben: Me neither! Can’t you just sort things out with him?

Maggie: Yeah and why are you with Tane? Since when did that happen?

Ziggy: Um recently. Wait how did you know about that? Only a few people do.

Ben: Um Gemma might of told me.

Maggie: What? You guys been talking?

Ben: Yeah she’s back in NZ now and is happy to be back around her family but she’s missing the boys obviously.

Maggie: Obviously.

Ziggy: So one of them told her?

Ben: I assume so. I don’t know, she just knew about you two. Asked me how I felt about it.

Ziggy: Right!

Ben: Anyway back to Dean, why can’t you guys sort things out?

Ziggy: I can’t forgive him. It’s too much.

Maggie: Are you sure?

Ben: You kind of need to be sure.

Ziggy: I don’t need you or anyone else guilt tripping me about this, I feel guilty enough.

Ben: Ok fine, sorry.

Maggie: We just want you both to be happy.

Ziggy: Yeah I know. I just need to get my head straight ok. Talk to you later.

Maggie: Ok bye sweetheart.

Ben: Love you.

Ziggy: Love you too.


Colby and Bella’s apartment


Bella and Nikau are hanging out together


Bella: I’m glad your here.

Nikau: Where else would I be?

Bella: How’s your mum?

Nikau: Good.

Bella: Does she still want us to visit?

Nikau: Yeah but when your ready?

Bella: Ok cool.

Nikau: I love you.

Bella: I love you too.

Bella and Nikau kiss

Their is a knock at the door and Bella is surprised by who is here...

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Chapter 3


The Summer Bay House


Ryder is pacing and trying to figure out what he’s going to do when Alf comes in


Alf: What’s up?

Ryder: Nothing!

Alf: Sure thats beleivable!

Ryder: It might be!

Alf: In which world?

Ryder: Fine, I have a problem and I don’t know what to do about it?

Alf: Well how big is the problem?

Ryder: It depends?

Alf: On what?

Ryder: On me!

Alf: Right! Well I am here if you need me?

Ryder: Thanks! But I’ll figure it out.


The Parata House


Ari and Mackenzie are together


Ari: So we should talk yeah?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Ari: I know your worried about Chloe and Mia being here but it’s alright, we are strong enough to survive this.

Mackenzie: I hope so. I don’t want to lose you.

Ari: You won’t, I got you.

Ari and Mackenzie kiss


Caravan Park


Chloe and Mia are talking


Chloe: So you really going to stick around just because I am?

Mia: Your my daughter. I love you.

Chloe: Mum I’m an adult I don’t need you.

Mia: Yep you came to see your dad?

Chloe: Because you kept me away from him for 10 years! I’m just making up for lost time.

Mia: I just want you to be careful.

Chloe: Ari is no danger to me. He’s always protected us.

Mia: I know.

Chloe: Then stop acting like I’m going to break? Or he is? We both got this and we don’t need you!

Mia: Well I’m not leaving!

Chloe: Fine prepare to be disappointed.

Mia: Fine!

Chloe: Fine!

Chloe storms off...


The Morgan House


Tori, Justin, Leah are talking when their is a knock on their door. Tori is surprised but happy to see them...

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Part 4


The Summer Bay House


Ryder is thinking about his phone call and particularly who called him and why. Raffy is coming back to the bay and he doesn’t know how to feel about it.


Bella and Colby’s apartment


Bella is catching up with Coco. They are both excited and happy to see each other.


Bella: I can’t believe you are here.

Coco: I’m here to sort out my sister. I heard about the break-up.

Bella: Wait who told you?

Coco: My parents. Not like Ziggy told us. Dad found out through Gemma.

Bella: Ah makes sense. But yeah Ziggy should of been honest.

Coco: Yes she should of been. Hopefully I can help her though it.

Bella: Good luck.

Coco: So who is this?

Bella: My boyfriend Nikau.

Coco: Nice to meet you.

Nikau: You too. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Coco: Wish I could say the same.

Bella: I’m sorry ok. I’ve just been a bit busy.

Coco: So what’s been happening in the bay? Sounds like I have missed a lot!

Bella: A lot? Mate Summer bay is never quiet. Get ready for a full crash course since you been gone. We going to be here awhile.

Coco: I’m happy to be home. But go on...


The Morgan House


Tori, Justin and Leah are happy to have Raffy back home but are surprised she never mentioned she was coming to visit, what’s going on?


Raffy: So you happy I’m home?

Tori: Of course just confused, why didn’t you tell us you were coming?

Justin: Yeah what’s the big secrect?

Raffy: I am so happy you and Leah are still together by the way. And Tori you got a new guy too, can’t wait to meet him!

Leah: I feel like your stalling...

Raffy: Why would I do that?

Tori: No idea you tell us!

Justin: Yeah spill it!

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Part 5


The Morgan House


Justin, Tori and Leah are still trying to get answers from Raffy


Raffy: Can’t you just be happy that I’m back? Why do you need to know why?

Justin: Oh come on.

Tori: Why the secretly?

Leah: what’s the big deal?

Raffy: Oh fine. I called Ryder!

Tori: Why?

Justin: What’s going on?

Raffy: I missed you guys a lot and I’m happy living with Brody but I wanted to see if their was still a chance? You know?

Tori: For you and Ryder?

Raffy: Well yeah. He’s 19 now and I know he wants to travel but I thought maybe we could work something out.

Justin: You want to sort things out?

Raffy: If it’s possible yeah.

Tori: Ok. So what did he say when you called him?


The Farm House


Ziggy answers the door and is surprised but happy to see Coco. They hug.


Ziggy: What are you doing here?

Coco: Can’t a girl come to see her favourite sister!

Ziggy: I’m your only sister!

Coco: Yeah but same difference!

Ziggy: Ok so what’s up?

Coco: What you mean?

Ziggy: You came all this way for a reason so spill...

Coco: Maybe I missed you and wanted to see you.

Ziggy: Sure.

Coco: Ok fine I know about the break up and I am here to talk some sense into you!

Ziggy: I’m fine, I made my decision.

Coco: Clearly the wrong one. You need to think again.

Ziggy: You don’t know everything.

Coco: Well then tell me. Explain it to me!


Bella and Colby’s apartment


Ryder has come to see Bella


Bella: I know what is this about?

Ryder: You do?

Bella: Yeah Coco is back in town!

Ryder: What? Really?

Bella: Yeah I thought you already knew!

Ryder: Um no. I was going to say Raffy is back in town!

Bella: What? Really?

Ryder: Yeah both my ex’s and my two best friends are back in town and now I have a decision to make!

Bella: Wait what decision?

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Part 6


The Morgan House


Raffy: Well he... um he was surprised and shocked that I wanted to talk and you know to sort things out. He wasn’t expecting it.

Tori: Yeah I bet!

Justin: So after he got over the shock what did he say?

Raffy: He said he needed time to get his head together.

Tori: Right. So your here to spend time with him?

Raffy: And you guys of course! Can’t wait to catch up with everyone!

Justin: We are happy you are back.

Tori: Yeah so happy. So how long you staying?

Raffy: That depends.

Tori: On?

Raffy: Really?

Justin: Oh right Ryder the person we just talking about.

Raffy: Yeah.

Justin: Well good luck.

Tori: Yeah you deserve to be happy I hope it works out.

Raffy: Me too.


The Farm House


Coco: So you going to spill?

Ziggy: I will on one condition.

Coco: Ok what?

Ziggy: You can’t tell anyone else. Including mum and Dad.

Coco: Ok deal.

Ziggy: I mean it.

Coco: I promise.

Ziggy: Pinky promise?

Coco: yes

Ziggy and Coco pinky promise

Coco: Ok now spill.

Ziggy: Colby killed his step father Ross.

Coco: Bella’s dad?

Ziggy: Yeah.

Coco: Why?

Ziggy: I don’t know. It’s not my business.

Coco: But Ross was a bad guy right?

Ziggy: Yeah.

Coco: Anyway what does Dean have to do with this?

Ziggy: Dean was their when Colby shot him. He helped him bury the body and cover up the murder. He lied to me about it though our whole relationship. We broke up over it.

Coco: The fact Dean lied? Or he helped Colby?

Ziggy: Both I guess.

Coco: Right. And this is why you and Dean aren’t a couple anymore?

Ziggy: Yep pretty much.

Coco: I don’t get it.

Ziggy: What? I just told you.

Coco: No I get that! Just don’t get why your so mad at Dean? He didn’t kill anyone?

Ziggy: Yeah but he didn’t tell anyone either?

Coco: But Colby and Dean are family, brothers. Wait your saying if one of our family killed someone you would turn us in?

Ziggy: I’m not saying that.

Coco: Aren’t you?

Ziggy: It’s not the same.

Coco: Why not?

Ziggy: You don’t get it.

Coco: No I’m getting it just fine. Maybe your not the one who is?

Ziggy: I didn’t mean...

Coco: Mean what? What you said? What you meant? Now I’m confused?

Ziggy: I’m trying to explain why and your just on their side!

Coco: Sides? What sides? My opinion isn’t a side!

Ziggy: That’s not what I meant!

Coco: No I get it. I don’t agree with you so your mad at me for it. Totally understand.

Ziggy: Why does everyone think that what Colby did was ok?!

Coco: Maybe because it’s more complicated than that?! And I think you know that! Stop trying to prove your point! I got your point loud and clear!

Ziggy: Ok I’m sorry. I don’t want to fight.

Coco: Me neither!

Ziggy: Bella probably needs you more than me right now.

Coco: Wait Bella knows?

Ziggy: Pretty much since it happened.

Coco: See? Bella can’t lose her brother. He’s her only living family that she has left. How would she feel if Colby went to jail over this?

Ziggy: Devastated I assume.

Coco: Yes like you were when you lost Dean. Your not that different.

Ziggy: Maybe?

Coco: Anyway your right my friend needs me so that’s why I’m going. But we will finish this conversation later right?

Ziggy: Right, love you.

Coco: Love you too.

Coco and Ziggy hug. Coco leaves.


Bella and Colby’s Apartment


Ryder and Bella are still talking


Bella: So Raffy wants to get back with you?

Ryder: Yeah.

Bella: And you?

Ryder: I don’t know.

Bella: Yes you do.

Ryder: What you think we can just pick up where we left off?

Bella: Why not?

Ryder: Your right!

Bella: I know I am right. Now go talk to her.

Ryder: Thank you.

Bella: Just be happy. The both of you.

Bella and Ryder hug. Coco interrupts them at this moment.

Coco: Hey guys.

Bella: Hey

Bella runs up and hugs her.

Coco: I’ve missed you so much.

Bella: You saw me earlier.

Coco: Well yeah so.

Ryder: Hey, it’s so good to see you.

Ryder and Coco hug.

Coco: You too. I’ve missed you heaps.

Ryder: Anyway we will catch up later. Have to go see Raffy.

Coco: Wait Raffy’s back?

Ryder: Yep and for me, can you believe that?

Coco: Wait you guys are going to get back together?

Ryder: To be determined.

Bella: Ah no not to be determined more like it will be determined. It’s happening. Go get your girl back and the both of you come find us later ok.

Ryder: Ok deal. See you guys.

Bella: Bye

Coco: Bye

Bella: So what’s up?

Coco: Ziggy told me everything. The truth about your brother! Can we talk?

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Chapter 7

The Parata house


Ari, Chloe and Nikau are chatting


Ari: I know we have a lot to catch up on...

Chloe: Yeah but we have all the time in the world because I’m not leaving.

Ari: Good you have a home here as long as you like.

Chloe: Well good because I think I will like it here.

Nikau: I’m happy to have my best friend back.

Chloe: Me too. I have missed you all so much.

Nikau: Me too. Our family got torn apart more than once but we have come back stronger every time. And now that your back everything is pretty awesome.

Chloe: Why because you can’t be awesome without me around?

Nikau: I didn’t say that.. it’s just better with you here.

Chloe: I agree with that. So the bay?

Nikau: It’s nice here. Good people. Good house. Good life. I miss Mum though.

Chloe: Yeah I bet.

Nikau: You’ll have to come back to see her next time.

Chloe: Of course I will.

Nikau: So should we go hit up a bar or something? Go have some adult fun, hey.

Chloe: Sounds like the best plan.

Ari: Ok you kids have fun.

Chloe: Will do.

Nikau: See you.

Ari: Bye guys.


Summer Bay House


Ryder is waiting alone but is surprised at a knock on the door and is kind of disappointed it’s Nikau and some girl


Ryder: Hi

Nikau: Hey man. This is Chloe, my cousin.

Ryder: Hi, nice to meet you.

Chloe: Nice to meet you too.

Ryder: So what’s up?

Nikau: We’re going out to Refton lakes to go clubbing you want to come?

Ryder: Um I’m waiting for my girlfriend.

Nikau: Wait girlfriend since when?

Ryder: Well technically my ex who I want to get back with.

Nikau: Wait your ex is in town?

Ryder: Ah yeah. For me. So we can sort things out.

Nikau: So you guys can get back together?

Ryder: Yeah.

Nikau: So I’m guessing this is before Jade yeah?

Ryder: Yes.

Nikau: Ok cool. Good luck. We will get out of your hair.

Ryder: Thanks. We will catch up soon though yeah?

Nikau: Yeah for sure. All of us. I think that would be cool.

Ryder: Cool yeah. You can meet Raffy and Coco.

Nikau: Wait who are they?

Ryder: Raffy and Coco are both my best friends and my ex’s. Raffy is the one I want to get back with though and they are both in town right now.

Nikau: Oh I met Coco earlier she came to see Bella.

Ryder: Yeah they are best friends too.

Nikau: So your all close friends?

Ryder: Yep best friends.

Nikau: Right you will have to fill me in later.

Ryder: Sure.

Nikau: Ok see ya.

Ryder: Bye.

Chloe: Bye.

Nikau and Chloe leave just as Raffy arrives

Raffy: Hey

Ryder: Hi

Raffy: It’s good to see you.

Ryder: You too.

Raffy: I’ve missed you.

Ryder: Me too.

Raffy: So we should talk yeah

Ryder: Yeah let’s talk...

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Chapter 8


Bella and Colby’s apartment


Bella: So Ziggy told you everything?

Coco: Yeah pretty much.

Bella: And?

Coco: And what?

Bella: Aren’t you going to tell me what you think about it all? Who’s on the right or wrong side of this?

Coco: Do you want to know?

Bella: Why not? Everyone else who knows gave me their opinion it’s fair to give yours.

Coco: Ok on one condition?

Bella: What’s that?

Coco: You help me get my sister back with Dean.

Bella: You think she made a mistake too?

Coco: Yes! And I told her that! And she wasn’t happy!

Bella: Of course she wasn’t! Everyone keeps telling her to take it back! She must be sick of hearing it!

Coco: Well if she cares that much about it clearly she knows she is the wrong and is just fighting it for some stupid reason!

Bella: I know right that’s what I said!

Coco: My sister needs reminding of who Dean really is. She needs to see things from his side. That’s the issue here.

Bella: Ectually.

Coco: So your in?

Bella: of course I am.

Coco: Cool operation Diggy is confirmed.

Bella: Diggy?

Coco: Their couple skip name!

Bella: Ah.. I like it!


Summer Bay House


Ryder: So you think we can make things work this time?

Raffy: Yes I do. We’re better together than apart and I think you know that.

Ryder: I do. I’m sorry about the break up I was wrong.

Raffy: It’s ok.

Ryder: It’s not I made a mistake but hopefully we can fix things and put the past behind us yeah?

Raffy: I want that too.

Ryder: Good. You know Coco is back in town?

Raffy: Really? That’s amazing means we can catch up. I miss her.

Ryder: Yeah it will be good to catch up. All of us.

Raffy: Yes same.

Ryder: So you want us to be a couple again? But you live in Sydney?

Raffy: Yeah but I thought I could stay here for awhile. Fix things between us and then maybe we could talk about you coming to Sydney for awhile?

Ryder: Wait leave the bay?

Raffy: Well yeah. You want to travel right?

Ryder: Yeah.

Raffy: Well we could do that together. Here. Sydney. Anywhere. It doesn’t matter as long as we are together.

Ryder: What about our family?

Raffy: We are not running away or abandoning them. We’re living our lives. Doing what we want. Making a future. Isn’t that what you want?

Ryder: Of course I do! It’s just a lot to take in.

Raffy: We got all the time in the world. I’m not leaving till we sort things out and plan our future.

Ryder: Good. Because whatever happens we’re going to make this work. We’re going to plan our future together.

Raffy and Ryder kiss

Raffy: I love you.

Ryder: I love you too.

Alf arrives at the house and is surprised to see Raffy and Ryder together.

Alf: What’s up guys?

Ryder: We are back together!

Raffy: I’m staying for awhile.

Alf: Well that’s great news. I’m happy for you guys. Well we should organise a family dinner? To Celebrate.

Ryder: Sounds good.

Raffy: Yeah sounds amazing.

Alf: Cool. Good thing it’s good news I’m walking into, I don’t know if I could cope with any bad news...

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Chapter 9


Bella and Colby’s apartment


Coco: Are you sure Nikau will be cool with you ruining his uncle’s relationship?

Bella: Well Tane has never been the relationship guy I don’t get why this would be any different.

Coco: Maybe he’s changing for her?

Bella: Nah I don’t buy it.

Coco: Sure but I just don’t want to mess things up for you.

Bella: Nah it’ll be fine. But maybe we should talk to Tane? See how serious he is first?

Coco: Great idea. Let’s do that.

Bella: We can check the gym first.


The Morgan House


Tori and Christian are watching TV together on the couch when Raffy and Ryder turn up.


Tori: Hey guys

Raffy: Hey

Ryder: Hi

Tori: So?

Raffy: No first things first who is this?

Tori: Raffy this is Christian my boyfriend. Christian this is Raffy my sister.

Raffy: Hi, nice to meet you.

Christian: Nice to meet you too. Tori’s told me all about you.

Raffy: Yeah? Same. Won’t shut up about how in love she is blah blah blah. I mean it’s great. I’m in love too.

Christian: You guys are dating?

Raffy: Yep back together.

Ryder: And making a future together right.

Raffy: Definitely! I love you.

Ryder: I love you too!

Ryder and Raffy kiss

Tori: I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations.

Raffy: So you guys free tonight? Family dinner celebration at Alf’s.

Tori: Of course we will come.

Christian: Count me in.

Raffy: We have to tell Justin and Leah!

Tori: I’m sure they can come. I’ll call them now.

Raffy: Great.

Ryder: Awesome.


The Parata House


Nikau, Ari, Chloe are all watching TV.


Chloe: I’ve missed this.

Nikau: What? Watching crap TV.

Chloe: No being apart of your family.

Ari: You will always be my daughter nothing will change that.

Nikau: And you will always be my cousin and best friend.

Chloe: I love you guys.

Ari: Love you too.

Nikau: Me too. Always.

Chloe: So Tane actually has a girlfriend? I’m shocked!

Ari: So were we!

Nikau: Yeah who would of thought!

Chloe: He really likes her doesn’t he?

Ari: Yeah I think he does!

Nikau: He is usually the one out their breaking hearts but this time she might break his.


The Gym


Bella and Coco arrive at the gym but are surprised to see Tane and Ziggy kissing! 

Bella: Um wrong time!

Coco: You think!

Bella: Later.

Coco: Yes let’s leave them to it and pretend we never seen them.

Bella: Sounds like a plan to me.

Bella and Coco run back into the surf club only to run into Dean!

Bella: Hey.

Coco: Hi.

Dean is shocked

Dean: Your back?

Coco: Yep. It’s good to see you. I heard about the break up. I’m sorry.

Dean: It’s not your fault. Ziggy had her reasons.

Coco: They aren’t good enough! You guys should be together.

Dean: You don’t understand.

Coco: No I get it. I know everything!

Dean: What?

Coco: Don’t worry I won’t say anything I promise.

Dean: Thank you.

Coco: It’s stupid she dumped you over it. You deserve better.

Dean: That’s kind of you to say. I just want your sister back.

Coco: Don’t worry we got a plan. It’ll happen trust me. Bye.

Coco leaves

Dean: What did she mean?

Bella: Um you see.. Got to go. Bye

Bella leaves Dean even more confused!

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Part 10


Bella and Colby’s apartment


Mackenzie has come around to see her brother


Mackenzie: You ok?

Dean: Maybe? I don’t know.

Mackenzie: What’s up?

Dean: Coco, Ziggy’s sister is back in town.

Mackenzie: Oh and that’s a bad thing?

Dean: To be decided.

Mackenzie: Why?

Dean: Because she and Bella have a plan to get me and Ziggy back together.

Mackenzie: Oh really? Isn’t that a good thing? Don’t you want her back?

Dean: Of course I do! I’m just worried their plan will mess things up more I guess.

Mackenzie: Well it might. But it might go your way too. And isn’t that worth fighting for?

Dean: Yeah your right thank you.

Mackenzie: Anytime.

Dean: So what’s been going on with you and Ari?

Mackenzie: Did you know he has a step daughter and an ex? They are both in town.

Dean: No he never said anything. I didn’t even know he had brothers.

Mackenzie: Right ok.

Dean: You think them being here will mess things up for you and Ari?

Mackenzie: I hope not.

Dean: You and him are solid right?

Mackenzie: Yeah we are. We will be fine I’m sure.

Dean: Good because I don’t want to hate the guy considering I still owe him.

Mackenzie: You won’t need too. We will sort it out.

Dean: Good, be happy.

Mackenzie: You be happy too.


The Surf Club


Bella finds Colby


Bella: Hey

Colby: Hey kid what’s up?

Bella: I need your help.

Colby: With what?

Bella: With getting Dean and Ziggy back together.

Colby: Well considering I’m the reason they broke up I’m happy to help what do you need?

Bella: Well...


The Beach


Dean is just finishing up a surf when Ziggy arrives...


Dean: Hey

Ziggy: Hey, can we talk?

Dean: Sure. Let’s go back to yours.

Ziggy: Sure sounds good.

Ziggy and Dean walk off together just as Tane see’s them from the top of the headland.


The Morgan House


Colby is visiting Tori


Tori: Hey what are you doing here?

Colby: I need your help.

Tori: Whatever you need.

Colby: So we all have this plan to get Dean and Ziggy back together and I just need your help. So you in?

Tori: Yeah I’m in. After Brody, Ziggy deserves to be happy. And Dean proved that he deserves her. So what’s the plan?


The Parata House


Tane arrives back upset and Ari notices


Ari: Hey what’s up?

Tane: Ziggy.

Ari: Ziggy what?

Tane: She dumped me!

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