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Past and Future

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Great chapter  Tori being so open with Christian about Robbo. Lovely bit at the end of the chapter  Update again soon  

Loved Tori being so open.

Great chapters Haha at Tori yelling at Angelo. Nice girly chat between Jasmine and Tori Update again soon  

Chapter 20

Colby arrives at Tori's he hands her the paperwork before smiling at the doctor and speaking "You should know something" Tori can sense his worry " What is it?" Colby sits beside Tori "Jasmine thinks it good Christian likes you and i also think she knew before I told her" Tori is shocked she didn't even think they were that close. "Well I need to talk to her but not today" Colby nods as he pulls a rug over Tori to keep her warm.

Christian smiles at Jasmine later that day as the pair head for lunch "Can I ask you advice?" Christian knew that perhaps Jasmine could help him with proving to Tori he was a good guy. " Sure but let's somewhere else I need a break from this place" Christian agreed and the pair walked out of the hospital.

The pair arrived at the pier a little while after "So what do you need help with? Tori?" Christian nods and Jasmine speaks again "Look she struggles to trust and let people in so you just need to find a way to show her she can trust you and that your not going anywhere" Christian smiles "I told her I was staying " Jasmine looks at him "That a start but she needs more then that but i know you can do it" Christian smiles "Thanks Jasmine." Jasmine smiles "Anytime" With that the pair hug before heading to get food and back to work 

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Chapter 21

It is the next day and Tori is home alone having a relaxing day watching movies. Justin had taken Grace out which Tori was grateful as she finally got time to herself.

It was a little while later when Tori heard a knock on the door "Come in" Tori heard the door open and turned around to see both Jasmine and Christian there. She was surprised Jasmine would bring Christian with her. "You guys cannot be here I'm sorry" Jasmine shakes her head "Nice try Tori but the hospital is madness we need you back" Christian adds "Your the glue that holds it together" Tori looks at the pair "I said no and you guys to go" 

Jasmine looks at Christian before speaking "I will go but Christian staying" Tori shakes her head "Neither of you can stay I have an appointment" Jasmine knew that was an excuse and shook her head "Christian go I better sort this out" Christian relentuant agreed and left.

Jasmine sat beside Tori as Tori spoken "Colby was right you knew he liked me didn't you" Jasmine nods "He is a good guy Tori and Robbo would approve" Tori got fired up "You don't know that so don't you dare say he would and besides it my call if i like a guy or date then not yours" With that Tori walks to her room and slams the door behind her.

Jasmine walks outside upset and sees Christian who realizes something up "You ok what happened?" Jasmine looks at him "Tori and I had a fight" Christian felt bad and hoped this wasn't because of him "Because of me" Jasmine shakes her head "No not exactly because of Robbo" Christian remembered Justin mentioning him "He died in a car crush right" Jasmine nods "He did. He was my husband and Grace's father he meant the world to Tori" When Jasmine said this some stuff started to make more sense to Christian. Jasmine then speaks again "I told Tori I thought he would approve of you as his approval meant everything to her and she lost it" Christian felt bad "I'm so sorry" Jasmine shakes her head "Don't be"

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