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Chapter 31

Tori and Christian are working it is halfway through the shift and throughout the day the staff who knew Lance had been chatting with him nonstop barely giving him time to talk to Jasmine or Tori. 

Christian and Tori were working on a patient when Jasmine walks in "Tori lunch Lance says he shouting" Tori nods and looks at Christian "I need to go" Tori follows Jasmine out as the pair walk over to Lance. Christian then watches the trio walk out of the hospital before focusing back on his patient.

The trio are sitting having lunch when Lance speaks "I did a background check and clear" Tori nods and Jasmine looks confused "On who?" Lance looks at her "Christian" Jasmine now looks at the pair "I get because of our past we shouldn't trust people but i spent enough time with Christian to know he is a good guy" Lance shows a smile as the trio finish their lunch

The group walk back to the ED and Christian immediately walks over. Lance looks at him "Christian nice to meet you" Christian was shocked the guy knew his name "Lance right. Everyone here keep saying your their hero" Lance smiles "Robbo and Mason they were the heroes but it is nice to meet you" Christian nods "You too" As he speaks to Lance he only got eyes on one person Tori

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Chapter 32

Tori knew that the background was cleared and she was beginning to think he deserved a chance but another part of her wasn't sure particularly because of her past. She was scared she knew that was holding her back the fear of letting him in, caring about him then  losing him like she did with Robbo.

Tori walked back in the hospital immediately spotting Christian she gives him a smile which he returns before walking towards her "I'm trying to figure out what making you scared of giving me a chance why your past is holding you back but I can't" Tori nods "I don't expect you too but its bad" Tori goes quiet "That all your going to give me" Tori nods in reply of his question. "Then can we at least have dinner and chat" Tori nods as that seems fair enough.

Tori arrives home and sees Lance looking upset. She goes over and hugs him which he returns "I have been thinking about Robbo been back here" Tori nods understanding there isn't a day she haven't thought about him "I know i think about him everyday, I miss him and I know you do too" Lance nods "Yeah I do" Tori looks at him knowing something up "I need to see him now" Tori knew what he meant texting Colby and Jasmine who said they meet then there. Tori grabbed her keys and headed to the car with Lance following

As they drove Tori felt bad as she was bailing on a good guy but Lance was her family and he was more important


Thanks to all that reading this story I appreciate it. Would love if you all checked out my other torian story Can I go Through It Again?

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Chapter 33

After the visit to the graveyard even those Lance is a mess Tori heads to Salt knowing he will be fine in Jasmine and Colby care. 

She walks in relieved to see Christian still there "Christian" Christian hears his name been called and turns around when he sees Tori he smiles "I didn't think you were coming" Tori feels awful "I know and I'm sorry it just family stuff happened and i don't have your number so i couldn't text" Christian knew she had a point "We should fix that" Tori nods as they hand each other their phones and put their numbers in the other phone"

Tori smiled " I was late so I will shout" Christian looks at Tori "I don't mind paying" Tori shakes her head "It is the least I can do you saved my brother after all" The pair ordered then talked and ate.

It was after dinner when they decided a walk on the beach was in order "You know i could get used to us walking on the beach together at night" Tori smiles at Christian statement "Yeah I could too" The pair gazed into each other eyes as Tori walked forward and pulled Christian into a hug which he happily returned. He knew it was crazy but in this moment nothing made him happier then holding Tori in his arms and been with her

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Chapter 34

Before Tori and Christian could even pull away from each other Tori phone went off she read the message and looked worried which Christian could see "Is everything ok?" Tori pulls away and looks at Christian "I am really sorry i need to go" Tori immediately lets go running off with worry even those she feels bad while Christian wonders what is so important that she needed to

Tori arrives at the flat to see Jasmine, Colby, Lance, Justin and Leah there along with Bella and she can see the worry on their faces. "What is it?" Jasmine speaks as she cries "We have to testify against Jay for all the trauma he put us through" Tori was shocked and Lance immediately grabbed her before she fainted Bella adds "Anyone caught up in the siege and half of the hospital staff have to as well" Tori isn't holding on as she breaks down in Lance arms.

It is the next day when Christian walks into work seeing the staff in a panic and was confused on why "What is it?" One staff member speaks "Memories that all but it harder for Tori and Jasmine" Christian looked confused and wondered what the staff member meant by that.

Tori was sitting alone at the beach she had zero sleep the night before because she knew she had to face Jay again she just hoped he would go away for real this time not only for taking the most important people away from her but also ruining her life.

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Chapter 35

Christian is walking down the beach when he spots Tori alone and walks over "Tori hey" Tori hears his voice and wipes her eyes in hopes he won't notice how sad and upset she is then turns around "Hey" Christian can see something is wrong and that she have been crying "You been crying what up?" Tori looks at him "It's nothing I can't talk about it" This makes Christian worry "Well what can i do" Tori knows this is surprising for her "Hold me" Christian nods as he sits beside her and pulls her into his arms and just holds her. He wishes he could help her with whatever going on.

Meanwhile at the flat Justin and Jasmine are talking "She isn't coping" Justin shakes his head "I didn't want her to go alone but she said she needed too" Jasmine knows that but also knows for Tori that isn't good "I'm worried this will all become too much for her" Justin nods "Me too but all we can do is support her and be here for her" Jasmine smiles "What about you are you ok?" Justin shakes his head and Jasmine hugs him "I'm here for you always" Justin smiles "That goes both ways"

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Chapter 36

Tori and Christian stood up and started walking side by side on the beach "You know I'm here if you need me " Tori nods "I know i was just having a moment that all" Christian isn't convinced "Ok but seriously I'm here whenever" Tori smiles "That will be hard when you leave the bay" Christian shook his head "I told you i was moving here" Tori laughs "I didn't think you were serious" Christian smiles as he pulls Tori close "I was this place is amazing. Tori then hears her phone go off "I need to go" With that Tori leaves Christian once again

Tori walks towards the flat when she spots Colby waiting for her. She immediately walks over and hugs him "Are you ok? Robbo was your best mate" Colby hugs back "I will be and he was yours too so are you ok?" Tori smiles "I will be even better when Jay in jail and they lock away the key" Colby nods "I think we all will be " 

Christian was walking to the diner when he saw Tori in Colby arms and once again felt jealous and it made him so upset seeing that Tori bailed on him to spend time with another guy. Just as Christian felt like him and Tori were getting somewhere he was jealous all over again 

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Chapter 37

Tori walks in the diner to get her and Colby a drink when  she spots Christian and sneeks behind him putting her arms around his waist. Christian feels this and is surprised to see Tori however smiles "Hey " Christian then makes room so she can stand beside him  "Look earlier when I bailed" Christian cuts her off "You went to see Colby I saw you" Tori looks at him "Nothing happening between us " Christian doesn't buy it "How can i know that when you bail on me to see him" Tori decides to tell him "Because the reason i went to see Colby was cause we have to testify in court"

When Tori said this Christian was surprised but started putting pieces together "That what you were upset about at the beach" Tori nods "And why i had to bail on dinner that when they told me" Christian felt bad now for been jealous "I'm sorry" Tori shakes her head "Don't be this isn't your fault it Jay's for murdering my brother and the most important person in my life Robbo" Tori was shocked how honest she was been with Christian about a part of her past but what shocked her most was how comfortable she felt about telling him about it in the first place 

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Chapter 38

Tori didn't get any sleep that night not because of what was happening with Jay but because she couldn't get Christian out of her mind and she didn't understand why she just really hoped she wasn't falling for him.

Elsewhere at Christian place he had just woken up after having a dream about him, Tori and Grace as a family and wished more then ever that would become a reality as he really wanted all of it with Tori. 

Christian decided he needed a swim to start his day and headed down the beach. As he was walking towards the water he could see Tori coming out and walked over "Any good?" Tori smiles "Yeah it was" Christian then looked at her sensing she didn't get a good sleep "Bad sleep because of the Jay stuff" Tori shakes her head "No because Grace wouldn't stop crying" Tori knew she couldn't tell him that she didn't sleep because all she could think about was him. Christian and Tori looked at each other for a minute before Tori decided it was time to go "I need to go I will see you around" Christian smiles at this "Yeah you too" Christian walked towards the water as Tori looked back at him as she walked away. She couldn't believe this she couldn't be in his company without wanting to kiss him but she knew she couldn't cause as much as she likes him she is scared of letting him in and getting hurt and she knows he tried to show her he is all in but she also knows he could change his mind and she would end up hurt anyway

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Chapter 39

Tori woke up the next day and her head was clearer then ever she knew that the past was the past but she needed to think about the future now and she knew that perhaps Christian was in her future.

Christian was walking to the diner to find Tori as he wanted to say his piece when he spotted her on the pier so he walks over. "Tori I need to say something " Tori turns around and shows a smile and nod to let him know he can "I get your past haven't been easy with guys or in life but I'm not going to hurt you Tori. Since the first moment i saw you I knew that you were special and different and once I got to know you more and more I knew you were the one. I have never imagined my life with someone before or a future with someone not until I met you. Tori i want to be with you. I promise to never leave you and be there for you always and I promise that you won't lose me" Tori gets emotional and she knows in this moment actions will speak louder then words. Tori walks closer and wraps her arms around Christian before kissing him which he happily returns. Tori then pulls away and looks at him "I'm been thinking about it all night Christian what a future would be like with you and it looks pretty perfect to me. You said you in this that you want a future for us well that exactly what I want too" Christian smiles before kissing Tori again. He couldn't wait to spend his life with Tori.

The end 





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