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Chapter 21

It is the next day and Tori is home alone having a relaxing day watching movies. Justin had taken Grace out which Tori was grateful as she finally got time to herself.

It was a little while later when Tori heard a knock on the door "Come in" Tori heard the door open and turned around to see both Jasmine and Christian there. She was surprised Jasmine would bring Christian with her. "You guys cannot be here I'm sorry" Jasmine shakes her head "Nice try Tori but the hospital is madness we need you back" Christian adds "Your the glue that holds it together" Tori looks at the pair "I said no and you guys to go" 

Jasmine looks at Christian before speaking "I will go but Christian staying" Tori shakes her head "Neither of you can stay I have an appointment" Jasmine knew that was an excuse and shook her head "Christian go I better sort this out" Christian relentuant agreed and left.

Jasmine sat beside Tori as Tori spoken "Colby was right you knew he liked me didn't you" Jasmine nods "He is a good guy Tori and Robbo would approve" Tori got fired up "You don't know that so don't you dare say he would and besides it my call if i like a guy or date then not yours" With that Tori walks to her room and slams the door behind her.

Jasmine walks outside upset and sees Christian who realizes something up "You ok what happened?" Jasmine looks at him "Tori and I had a fight" Christian felt bad and hoped this wasn't because of him "Because of me" Jasmine shakes her head "No not exactly because of Robbo" Christian remembered Justin mentioning him "He died in a car crush right" Jasmine nods "He did. He was my husband and Grace's father he meant the world to Tori" When Jasmine said this some stuff started to make more sense to Christian. Jasmine then speaks again "I told Tori I thought he would approve of you as his approval meant everything to her and she lost it" Christian felt bad "I'm so sorry" Jasmine shakes her head "Don't be"

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Chapter 22

The next day Christian have the day off work and decided to spend the morning at the beach. He was walking down the beach when he spotted Tori doing yoga "Hi" Tori looked up and smiles before going back to her yoga. 

Christian walked closer to Tori "Look I know what Justin and Colby told you" Tori keeps doing her yoga "They are right and besides I don't date guys" Christian sits down beside where Tori doing yoga "I know that but not all guys are bad there are some good guys out there like Colby and Justin and from all accounts me" Tori nods "I know there a few good guys but I'm not dating anyone particularly with what happened in my past" Christian looks at Tori "I get your past is damaged but doesn't mean your future will be" Tori looks at him "I can't take the risk besides this is my call to make" With that Tori gets up and grabs her yoga mat before leaving.

Christian keeps sitting on the beach trying to work out why Tori past was so bad and damaged sure he knew she lost her brother and the father of her daughter in a bad way and that horrible but why would that hold her back from dating. He knew there was way more to her past and for her to let him in he knew he needed to find out exactly what that was

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Chapter 23

It is the afternoon when Christian arrives at work immediately spotting Jasmine and walking towards her "A word" Jasmine nods she knew this would have to do with Tori and wanted to help Christian in anyway she could.

The pair walked into Tori office and Jasmine shut the door then Christian speaks "How bad is Tori past? I spoke to her and she said her past was a factor a big reason she doesn't trust guys" Jasmine looks at him "Anyone she dated dumped her and left and as for her life it hardly a normal one she been through more then anyone would see fair which probably got a lot to do with why she holds back" Christian nods "I wouldn't hurt her I know it crazy but I can imagine a future with her" Jasmine smiles she knows Christian would be Tori's perfect guy "That isn't crazy. It was the same for me with Robbo and it took him forever to realize or even give me a chance" Christian didn't realize Jasmine had been through something silmar   "What convinced him in the end?" Jasmine knows it wasn't going to help Christian "Not what, Who. Tori did she and him had just began IVF and he wanted to focus on that but Tori told him to take a chance on me and he listened" Christian looks at Jasmine "That would been hard on you" Jasmine nods "If it wasn't for Tori I wouldn't married Robbo even if I came second to Tori most of the time" Christian can see Jasmine was hurt as she said that last bit and pulled her into a hug which she returned.  "I wish I knew what to say to you how you can get her to let you in but I don't I mean if Robbo was alive i would say get his approval and then get him to talk to Tori" Christian looked at Jasmine "She would given me a chance if he was here and he said so" Jasmine nodded this surprised Christian "She valued his approval and opinion that much" Jasmine looks at Christian "Yeah they both cared about each other thoughts and approval more then anything" Christian was beginning to realize how important Robbo was to Tori "I'm sorry you had to come second" Jasmine looks at Christian "I got used to it and besides at least I got a chance to be with him and I hope you get one to be with Tori" Christian nods "Yeah I hope I get a chance with her too" The pair smile at each other

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Chapter 24

It is a day later and Christian is doing even more thinking of a way to prove to Tori he won't hurt her and that he will be in the for long haul he just wished he knew how to do this but it not Jasmine or anyone else was giving him hints on how to do this.

It was later that day when Christian spots Tori and Colby in the diner he could see Tori looking happy and he wished that was with him.

Tori and Colby were hanging out when she saw Christian walk in she smiled at him and he did back she knew what Justin and Colby said but also knew she couldn't avoid him all together even if she didn't want to date with which she didn't because of her past. Perhaps if her past wasn't as messed up as it was she might have been opened to it but with everything that happened with relationships and customary she couldn't even risk opening up to love again no matter how nice Christian seemed to be.

Colby left shortly after leaving Tori alone and this gave Christian an opportunity "I know your trying to avoid me but how about a walk" Tori nods and stands up truth was she liked been in Christian company she felt happy and like she was able to forget everything else that was happening in this crazy world

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Chapter 25

Tori and Christian walked along the pier as Tori speaks "I get that you don't get why Justin and Colby protective or why I don't want to be in a relationship Christian but I do care about you " Christian smiles he didn't think Tori did and the fact she did meant allot "I care about you too" Christian puts his arm around Tori pulling her close and she smiles she feels safe with him.

Meanwhile at Jasmine apartment she and Colby were shocked by the return of Lance after all everyone thought he was dead but he explained how he heard the plan and they understood. Lance then looked and saw Tori on the pier "I will be back"

Lance races down the stairs and to the pier facing Tori even if she wasn't facing him "You have a boyfriend I don't know about" Tori turned around hearing the voice she never thought she would hear again. Tori lets go of Christian running and hugging him "I can't believe it I missed you and No i don't" Lance smiles as he hugs back "You too and it a story" The pair hug as Lance looks at Christian trying to figure out the deal  before speaking "Jasmine and Colby probably wondering where I am. You coming?" Tori looks at Christian before speaking "I'm sorry Doctor Green" Christian was upset but hid it "It fine catch up with your friend" Tori nods as Lance pulls her close and they walk away and once again Christian feels jealous. He thought him and Tori were getting closer and she was happy around him but she looked a millon times happier hearing this guy voice and around him. He wondered who he was and hoped that he didn't have anything to worry about

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Chapter 26

Christian raced to Tori's place and was greeted by Justin at the door who looked at the doctor with confusion "You ok Doc?" Christian looks at Justin he knows he out of line but needs to know "Tall, red head guy with Tori who was that" Justin was shocked he only one person that was like that but he was dead "You sure that was the description" Christian was now worried "Yeah I am why what is it?" Justin looks at him "Nothing just someone I didn't expect that all" Justin gives Christian a nod and Christian decides to leave.

As soon as Christian left Justin rang Tori and was shocked to discover it was true he didn't know how but it was.

It was some hours later when Tori left the apartment and walked into the diner. She spotted Doctor Green and walked over "I'm sorry for bailing how about dinner?" Christian nods as he knew it meant more time with her and hopefully uninterrupted "Sure" Tori smiled she knew she should be staying away from him after all she doesn't want a relationship but she felt drawn to him like they had a connection.

Meanwhile there was a knock at the Morgan's and Justin opens it to see Lance "I heard you were back" Lance smiles "I'm sticking around a while to help Jasmine and Tori, Robbo would want me to take care of then" Justin smiles at Lance "Yeah he would"

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Chapter 27

Tori and Christian had finished up their takeaway and now was taking a walk along the beach together "You know this is nice I like it" Tori can't help that smile "Me too but you know it doesn't change a thing" Christian hides his heartbroken and nodded before speaking "I get you have been hurt before but not every single guy is like that" Tori knows not every guy is but all four she dated were "I dated four guys they all hurt me I'm not taking anymore chances" Christian grabs Tori hand before pulling her close and kissing her "What was that for?" Christian responded "Something for you to think about" before walking away

Tori walked home her head in a spin she couldn't believe it she felt a spark but knew she wasn't taking a chance. When she got inside she smiled at Justin before spotting Lance and hugging him "What kept you?" Tori knows Lance wants an answer "Dinner with a friend" Lance is suss "The guy from earlier" Tori nods as Justin speaks "You had dinner with my surgeon" Tori nods "Yes but we are friends that is all. Tori knew this wasn't completely true on his end but the last thing she needed was Lance doing a background check on him like she knew he would. 

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Chapter 28

Tori woke up and walked out to the kitchen to see Lance there. She smiled she had missed him but it made her think about the past even more. She knows it crazy but in a weird way she misses it well some parts like having Robbo in her life "Good sleep" Tori nods "You" Lance smiles "How about a walk? Grace can come to" Tori liked that idea "Sure i shall get her"

After Tori got Grace the trio headed towards the beach talking and laughing smiling ear to ear.

Meanwhile on the beach Jasmine and Christian sitting on the sand chatting "Don't give up on Tori whoever your worried about don't be they have no chance" Christian smiled it meant allot that Jasmine supported him getting with Tori he just hoped he could win her over "I just hope she lets me be part of her life" Jasmine nods in agreement.

Tori and Lance are walking along the beach when Lance spots Jasmine "Hey Jas" Jasmine immediately gets up and runs over hugging him as Christian watched on wondering even more what his connection was to Tori and Jasmine.

Tori saw Christian and as Lance and Jasmine were talking she walked over "The kiss was nice but I can't happen I will just hurt you" Christian shakes his head "You could never hurt me Tori" Tori looks at him "Trust me I would and I care about you way too much to let me hurt you" With that Tori walks back to Jasmine and Lance leaving Christian alone to think

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Chapter 29

Tori and Lance left and Jasmine walked back over to Christian "I saw you and Tori talking Everything ok?" Jasmine looks at Christian as he begins to speak "I don't get it" Jasmine looked confused as Christian spoke "Tori said if we were in a relationship she would end up hurting me" Jasmine can see his pain "But it hurts you more not been with her" Christian nods as Jasmine speaks again "Our past never been easy or simple particularly Tori that hard for her it why she doesn't risk anything including relationships" Christian looked at Jasmine "Nothing would make me walk away from her" Jasmine smiles "You love her already" Christian nods as Jasmine speaks "Then fight for her" Christian nods "I plan on doing that"

Lance and Tori were walking with Grace "You know i am doing a check" Tori nods "Yeah but nothing will happen with him and I" Lance looks at Tori "It clear he likes you" Tori nods "Even so I don't let people in and you know why" Lance nods he understands exactly what she went through as he did too " I do and your doing the right thing" With that Lance hugs Tori who hugs back

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Chapter 30

It is the next day when Tori and Jasmine walk in the hospital with Lance. They barely got in the door when the staff that knew him spotted him and ran over hugging him making Christian even more curious on him.

Christian walked over and grabbed Tori hand leading her to the office and shutting the door "What is it?" Tori didn't get why he bought her here "I get that you don't want to hurt me but you won't it hurts me more knowing i don't have a chance with you. I get your past relationships sucked but I'm not then i will never leave you" With that Christian kisses her again before leaving the office

Tori stood still she felt something in the kiss and she knew that and she also knew it shouldn't be happening that she shouldn't be having these feeling and that she needed to stop Christian from liking her she needed to sort it out for once and for all

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