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Chapter 11

Shortly after Tori walks back to Christian "Is your friend ok?" Tori nods "He will be" Tori felt bad she knew she was using Christian to forget that Jay was out there but she couldn't anymore "I am so sorry but I need to do something" Tori walks away leaving an confused Christian.

Jasmine sees Christian as she walks in the diner and walks over "You good?" Christian smiles "I told Tori I'm moving to the bay" Jasmine nods "And we were having a great chat and time until" Jasmine looks at him "Until she went to check on her friend and pretty much bailed as soon as she got back" Jasmine knows she shouldn't say this but she needs Christian to know it not him "Look Tori got allot happening right now stuff from her past have been bought up so trust me it isn't you" Christian is relieved but wishes he could help her in someway. Jasmine speaks again "I'm sure she loved hanging out it would kept her from thinking about it" Jasmine smiles as she goes to order a coffee.

Meanwhile Tori walks up to Colby's flat and enters "Colby come on" Colby walks out "Where are we going?" Colby was confused "We both need to see Robbo so let's go do that" Colby nods grabbing his keys as both him and Tori leave the flat.

It is a hour later when they arrive at Robbo grave. Colby is the first to speak "Hey mate it me and Tori. We really wanted to see you and say that we miss you" Tori then cries as Colby pulls her close "We both love and miss you like crazy" Colby can see that Tori needed this as much as him " The pair hold each other close and stand at the gravesite crying for at least a hour

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 Chapter 12

When Tori and Colby arrived back to the bay the pair went there separate ways.

Tori arrived home to see both Justin and his surgeon there "Everything ok?" Justin nodded "I should be asking you that where have you been?" Tori knew he was worried "Colby and I went to see Robbo" Justin had a sad expression on his face so did Tori and this made Christian wonder who he was. Justin got up and hugged Tori before walking out.

Christian looked at Tori "So how have you been since you bailed?" Tori knew he was hurt but didn't get why after all he was Justin's surgeon and they kissed once but she felt nothing for him. "Yeah I just had to sort some things out" Christian nodded "Well how about a walk?" Tori smiles "Sure but only cause I want some fresh air" Christian knew he would take whatever he could and opened the door for Tori as she left then he followed.

Tori sits on the sand when they arrive at the beach with Christian sitting beside her "So what the crazy reason your staying?" Christian was surprised at her question but knew he couldn't tell her it was because he was falling for her and wanted a future with her "Well I just wanted a change and there seems to be allot of good people here" Tori smiles "Yeah there is" Christian looks at her "Your the best person here" Tori playfully pushes him as he laughs. Christian smiled because to him it felt like they shared a moment

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Chapter 13

The pair sat together on the beach as it began to get cold something that didn't happen often in Summer Bay. Tori regretted not bringing a jacket but wasn't going to say that. She then saw Christian takes his jacket off and put it on her "Thank you but won't you get cold" Christian shakes his head as the pair stand up and starts walking towards the Morgan's

They arrive back at the Morgan's to hear yelling and Tori knows it isn't good. Tori needs to get in there "I need to sort this" Christian nods "I had a good time" Tori smiles "Me too" With that Tori walks inside and Christian walks away.

Tori is surprised to see half of the bay there. She is worried as well because of Jay "I saw Jay" Tori heard the fear in Bella voice as she began to feel sick she couldn't believe he was here and she knew no one would feel safe at work tomorrow.


It was the next day when Christian arrived at work to see all the staff members looking on edge "Major Trauma or something" The nurse shook her head "No worst but we can't get into it" Christian decided to go check if Tori was in her office and as worried as everyone else.

Christian walked towards the office hearing Jasmine voice "Knowing he is here makes me miss then more and makes me scared" Christian wondered who she was scared off and then he heard Tori voice "Yeah me too" This made Christian worry. He decided to let the pair be as he knew they needed a moment but he knew he needed to talk to Tori later cause whatever happened or was happening was clearly affecting everyone he worked with. 

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Chapter 14

It was later that day when Christian spotted Tori standing in one of the hospital rooms and walked in. Tori looked behind her and breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted Doctor Green which he clearly noticed "Ok are you ok? Cause everyone on edge today" Tori looks at him "Some stuff happened but it nothing you need to worry about" Christian had a sense Tori wasn't coping and grabbed her hand as he led her out of the room and outside

Tori was confused but also relieved someone had taken her out of the hospital as today more then ever been here made her think of her last moments with Mason and Robbo. "We don't have to talk about whatever clearly going on but Tori you clearly need a break from been there" Tori nods knowing she could use one "I think i owe you a coffee after all you bought me a few since you been here" Christian shakes his head "You don't have too" Tori knows she needs too "Yeah I do let's go" 

Tori and Christian are walking and for the first time that day Tori could forget Jay and everything else and she knew that was because she was with someone who had no idea about it and who wasn't connected to it.

After a while they arrive back in the hospital "Thanks for the walk Doctor Green it was what I needed" Christian smiles "Anytime Tori"

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Chapter 15

It was later that night when Bella walked into Salt once again spotting Jay and she began to freak out she was scared he would see her and do something to her. She makes a quick exit and bolted down the stairs running into someone in the progress "I'm so sorry are you ok?" The man nods "Fine you look shaken those. " Bella shows a sincere smile "Believe me it not because of you um" Christian smiles "Christian" Bella clicks "Bella and I heard your name you operated on Justin" Christian nods "That right. Do you know him?" Bella nods "Everyone knows everyone around here" Christian smiles "Right" Bella looks around worried Jay will see her "It was nice meeting you I will see you around " Christian smiles "You too"

Bella runs to the Morgan's knowing that Tori and Justin will be there as well as Colby and they all needed to know about this.  Bella doesn't even knock she just opens the door. The trio turn around worried they can see the fear in her eyes. It Justin who breaks the silence "What is it?" Bella looks at the trio "I saw Jay at Salt" This makes both Colby and Tori get out of their seats and race out the door.

The pair bolt into Salt and Colby immediately runs and tackles Jay to the ground when Tori sees he got a knife and runs towards the pair. as she yells  " Colby he got a knife.  This gets Christian attention as he stops eating his meal and walks towards Tori as Tori looks at Jay "Stab him and I will make sure your life is over like I should of a long time ago like after you killed the two people who meant more to me then anyone in this world" Tori knew she was  a mess and then she felt a hand on her shoulder she turned around to see Christian. She shows him a slight smile as other cops arrive and arrest Jay. Tori then runs into Colby arms not letting go. She then looks at Colby "Tell me it over" Colby nods "It is over Tori" Colby holds onto Tori tightly as Christian stands there and watches he can see Tori is shaken and wish he could hold her but he also was wondering what Tori was referring to when she said It over. 

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Chapter 16

It was the next day when Christian spotted Tori on the beach with the guy from last night who he hadn't met and Bella who he ran into last night. He watched the trio hang out and felt a bit of jealously he wasn't sure if it was because Tori wouldn't let him in or if it was because they seem like such a family something he had always wanted and hoped he would have with Tori.

Christian decided he couldn't watch this any longer and walked towards Salt when he spotted Justin "Hey how you feeling?" Justin was on edge after last night "Yep good" Christian didn't buy it "Come on i will shout you a beer" Justin nods agreeing as he needed a drink. Christian was glad he said yes as it meant he had someone to hang out with and perhaps even learn more about Tori

Meanwhile on the beach Colby picks Tori up and runs towards the water and they both then playfully muck around in the water something they used to do allot "I missed this" Colby smiles as he hugs Tori and a wave pushes then down to the ground "Yeah me too Tori" The pair both knew they needed to do this more often.

Elsewhere at Salt Justin and Christian were sipping on beers "Can I ask you something?" Justin turned around "You saved my life so sure" Christian looks at him "Tori was at salt last night she told some guy she lost the two guys she loved most cause of him. I was wondering who they were" Justin was surprised at the question but decided to answer "Mason he was Tori and my younger brother the guy at Salt shot him" Christian can see Justin hurt "I'm sorry" Justin then continues "The other guy Robbo he was Grace's dad him and Tori were each other everything and that guy planned the car crush that killed him" Christian was shocked he had no idea Tori had been through so much. "Jasmine said Tori doesn't trust people particularly guys or let then in is this why" Justin nods "Yeah mate it is" Justin was confused why his surgeon cared about his sister so much but he figured cause he saw it he just wondered and took another sip of his beer while Christian thought of ways to prove to Tori he is a good guy who wouldn't hurt her

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Chapter 17

It was  now a day later and Christian had arrived at work surprised to see the staff weren't on edge this surprised him and then it clicked was Jay the reason if so how are they connected. However Christian didn't care about that right now as all he wanted to do was find and talk to Tori.

Meanwhile Tori was in her office with Colby "So with all that been happening with me i hadn't asked about Ross" Colby grabs her hand "He got nothing and the cops told him to stop looking into me." Tori stood up and hugged Colby she was happy to hear that and even happier she wouldn't lose him.

It was a while later when Tori and Colby walked out of the office chatting and laughing Christian feeling jealous once again. He wished she would let him in like she did Colby even those he understood why she didn't. Christian decided to walk over as he couldn't watch it anymore "Morning Doctor Morgan" Tori looks up and smiles "Doctor Green morning" Tori could see that Colby was figuring something out "Oh sorry Colby this is Doctor Green Justin's surgeon" Colby shakes Christian hand and he does the same.  Colby then hugs Tori and leaves.

Christian looks at Tori "You guys are close?" Tori nods "He helped me through some stuff" Tori wasn't about to start opening up to someone she doesn't trust. "My shift over so see you Doctor Green" Christian smiles "Bye"

Tori arrives home to see Justin sitting down waiting for her she doesn't even get a chance to say hi before he speaks "I spoken to Colby he thinks my surgeon likes you and I think he is right" Tori is shocked "Even if he does nothing will happen you know that he simply can't like me" Tori was serious he couldn't as Tori knew she was never going to date anyone again besides she doesn't know him nor does he her and she wasn't about to let him get to know her 

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Chapter 18

Tori knew that in case Justin and Colby were right she needed to stay away from Christian after all they were good at sensing these things far better then Tori was. That was when Tori called work and let then know she was taking time off as she figured if she did that she could avoid Christian

Jasmine walked in the diner and saw Christian sitting alone "You good?" Christian shakes his head as Jasmine sits beside him "I'm jealous of Tori and that cop they are so close" Jasmine knows who he talking about "Colby and Tori always been like that but you don't need to worry as they will never date" Christian is relieved "Do you reckon she will give me a chance?" Christian hoped Jasmine would say yes "If you fight for her enough and prove to her she can trust you then yes I do" Christian smiles "Thanks Jasmine that at least gives me hope" Jasmine hugs him "Of course anytime. I think you guys belong together"

The pair leave the diner and walk to work to see the staff stressing out. Christian the one that asks the question "What going on?" A nurse speaks up "Our boss have taken time off" Jasmine and Christian were both surprised at this and Christian looks at Jasmine "Did you have any idea about this?" Jasmine shakes her head "None at all" The pair were both worried and wondering what was going on with Tori.

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Chapter 19

Jasmine sees Colby walking into the hospital and walks over "You ok?" Colby nods "Getting stuff for Tori" Jasmine is confused "Why can't she herself?" Colby gives Jasmine a look and the pair walk in the office with Jasmine closing the door "Justin's surgeon likes her" Jasmine is still confused "So that a good thing?"  Colby shakes his head "No it isn't Tori doesn't even like him and she said it herself she only trusts certain people" Jasmine can't believe this "He is a good guy I trust him and i was the one who lost the love of my life" Colby knew that but he knew this was what Tori wanted "Tori doesn't want this so leave it" With that Colby grabs the papers and walks out.

Christian sees Jasmine walk out shortly after "A word?" Christian nods as he walks in "What up?" Jasmine takes a deep breath "Colby and Justin figured out you like Tori" Christian was surprised but didn't get it "So" Jasmine looks at him "They won't let you near her they will want to protect her at all costs" Christian is gutted "I'm not giving up besides this isn't there call" Jasmine knows that "The thing is Tori listening to then if they don't trust you then your screwed" Christian knew he needed to think of a way to see Tori and fast he was losing time to prove to her he was a good guy. He just wished he knew the perfect way to prove  to Tori and now Colby and Justin that he was a good guy

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Chapter 20

Colby arrives at Tori's he hands her the paperwork before smiling at the doctor and speaking "You should know something" Tori can sense his worry " What is it?" Colby sits beside Tori "Jasmine thinks it good Christian likes you and i also think she knew before I told her" Tori is shocked she didn't even think they were that close. "Well I need to talk to her but not today" Colby nods as he pulls a rug over Tori to keep her warm.

Christian smiles at Jasmine later that day as the pair head for lunch "Can I ask you advice?" Christian knew that perhaps Jasmine could help him with proving to Tori he was a good guy. " Sure but let's somewhere else I need a break from this place" Christian agreed and the pair walked out of the hospital.

The pair arrived at the pier a little while after "So what do you need help with? Tori?" Christian nods and Jasmine speaks again "Look she struggles to trust and let people in so you just need to find a way to show her she can trust you and that your not going anywhere" Christian smiles "I told her I was staying " Jasmine looks at him "That a start but she needs more then that but i know you can do it" Christian smiles "Thanks Jasmine." Jasmine smiles "Anytime" With that the pair hug before heading to get food and back to work 

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