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Dan F

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3 hours ago, H&Alover said:

and Mack having to throw her out, could she actually do that btw, she wasn't causing any trouble?

She can. Mackenzie owns the business which means she had the right to kick anyone out under any circumstances and doesn’t have to answer to anyone about it. Legally she can do what she likes.

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Tane was out of line.  He scared the hell out of Felicity.  Regardless of whether he thinks she is stalking him, she didn't deserve for him to be in her face and shouting at her like that.  To me it definitely seemed as though he was doing that for Mackenzie rather than himself.  Whilst I think Tane and Felicity should have an honest discussion (with possibly a third party present) about what has happened, I'm not even sure if they can be friends at this point as too much as gone on now.  This emphasises precisely why (to mention a point made in this thread a while back) he should have gone to the police.  One thing's for sure, regardless how this turns out, Tane's going to think twice before using a girl for sex again.  I was glad he told Chloe where to go.

It was nice of Roo to be compassionate towards Felicity like that when she was clearly shaken up and to invite her to sit down with her and Martha at the Diner later on.  I do quite like seeing Roo interact with other characters besides the usual suspects.  Felicity seemed a little surprised at the kindness Roo and Ryder showed her and when Alf checked up on her afterwards.  Presumably she's not used to people being nice to her.

Mackenzie in a bikini, two episodes in a row.  Just a shame we had to have Logan.  I'm actually hoping he does relocate but I'm assuming he won't.  So Tane didn't tell her about what happened with Felicity.  I find it hard to see these two as 'mates' as I feel there's still chemistry there.  They won't act on anything of course.

We'd gone almost a whole week without seeing Theo's permanent smug expression.  Does Chloe not realise he's trying to hit on her?

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I continue to think that Tane and Felicity are both handling this incredibly poorly: They're both so convinced that the other one is the bad guy, that by treating them as though they are when they aren't, they're making themselves look like the bad guy, both to each other and to bystanders. Mackenzie's convinced that Felicity is stalking both her and Tane, while Alf and Roo are left thinking Tane's bullying Felicity without cause. I guess Cash and Jasmine decided to use that hotel credit after all, so nice Felicity has some new friends instead of being left on her own.

So, after all Ziggy's angsting, Dean was perfectly fine with the truth about him moving in.But now he's living there permanently so ho-hum.I'm not sure whether I'm amused or annoyed by Logan clearly not wanting anything to do with Ziggy's relationship problems.Unlikely that he'll actually leave given he's only just been made a regular.

As irritating as Theo is, I'm actually finding Chloe more irritating.After her initial disdain towards him, she seems to have done a complete flip and is constantly hanging around him while snapping at Ryder all the time.Her "Leah told me to make him welcome" excuse doesn't really ring true.

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On 11/11/2021 at 00:56, Red Ranger 1 said:

Today, the continuity announcer rather condescendingly told us that if we were watching the show now then we were already behind because 5Star showed it yesterday. I should probably stop worrying about these things and just watch.

It's really doing my head in.  I can only think there's an attitude of "well, Love Island gets a ridiculously huge audience for a digital channel, they aren't arsed about it being only SD and they know how to seek it out."

Difference is of course ITV2 is rather better-encoded than 5 Star, which is a MPEGgy mush.  And ITV2 is near the top of the EPG, whereas 5 Star is hidden away in the 30-40 somethings.

And that's before we get onto the two 5 Star broadcasts either being up against either Neighbours or Hollyoaks!

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The camera angles in the gym recently have really confused me. I really thought I understood the layout and had always thought the desk was on the opposite side of the room to the door, but now it’s become really clear it’s on the same side as the door and the gym office seems to occupy the same space as the Surf Club office.

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Might be  a shock to you Slade but I agree Tane was totally out of order by the way he was with Felicity, he was right in her face coming across as very intimidating, he's a big guy compered to her size and wouldn't back off when she asked then told him to.  Good job Alf was here to step in.  Would Mack be that impressed if she knew all he said and the way he acted? I know she hasn't done herself any favours with her attitude towards him and just happening to turn up when Mack and Tane are together and giving them daggers, but she didn't deserve that.  Do have to say though it wasn't as if he pounced on  her when they first met, she was making all the running and she was doing her own fair share of using him for sex - equality and all that.  

Not much to go on if Tane went to the cops, delivery of flowers, which seemed to have stopped, all there is now is Felicity popping up whenever he and Mack are with each other, Mack thinking she may have been followed by Felicity, but she didn't see anyone. 

Wonder what Cash will make of it when someone gives him the update, I don't think Felicity will say anything, but Alf may.  Maybe Flick hasn't had many woman friends in the past so unsure of how to act.

It's so easy to imagine the worst scenario instead of just talking the person concerned, wouldn't make it so dramatic for us either and us shouting at the screen "Talk to X already". OK if Dean is going to be living at the farm permanently who's going to be paying the rent on the flat? 🤔

Maybe just me but was there something off with that call Logan got and his answer and the look he was giving Mack, pretty sure he said something like "it's not turned out like it should". Then it seemed like he was finishing it with her as his job means he's moving quite  a way down the coast.  

Nought wrong with Logan but then I'm female and you're not Slade.😉

Wow Ryder 21!!  His 18th was a real let down with no-one remembering, not even his mum.  At least Chloe is arranging something, but bad idea to involve him aka Theo, he's only doing it to get closer to Chloe. Theo was pretty cocky gloating  about the fact that as Justin hasn't opened the garage he doesn't have to work which suited him, which does go against Chloe's work ethic because whatever else you say about her, she does have one. 

As I see it,  you enter the actual gym turn left and the reception desk is right in front of you with the glass frontage to the office as part of the wall in between the entrance and back wall.  There's the invisible wall where the camera's are. Maybe TPTB haven't clocked John and Mia are sharing the same office at separate times.😁

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Alf's episode count this block:Four.

John back to being a figure of fun with his navy stories and ill-fitting suit, although he got a nice moment with Irene and another one with Logan.I liked the girls' talk scene between Bella and Mackenzie and would quite like to have seen the chat about living together without Dean: Bella gets to live with a gal pal after all! So Logan decides to stay (not surprisingly) and Mackenzie even managed to look quite pleased about it.It's hard to tell whether Bella's mistrust of Nikau is going somewhere or just stopping them being too cosy.

I'm trying not to think too badly of Chloe.She seems to have spent a lot of her own money on this party and she keeps talking about how Ryder deserves a good time.(Bella felt much the same of course!) But I can't help thinking that if giving Ryder a pleasant party was her main motivation, then she wouldn't be letting Theo anywhere near it. Why invite someone that Ryder hates in the first place, let alone give him the all-important job of getting him there?

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Yeh that's the John we know and love. His  remark to Ryder that he's now a man that's he's 21 and Ryder's reply he'd been a man for a while now.😁 We still don't know, or do we, who is the final couple on his table. 

If it's just going to be Mack and Bella in the flat, shouldn't Bella get herself a job to pay her way?

Bella was suspicious of those texts Nik kept getting and it could look that way but of course be totally innocent. His excuse that it was customers ringing was put into doubt when Ryder  said people usually came into the Surf Club or rang the land line.    I can understand her being tempted to look at his phone and Nik was being a tad naive if he thought Bella could forget that easily or so soon. Easy to say she'd forgiven him but forgetting takes longer.  Him getting his photo taken with those two girls was random and only because John insisted, it wasn't in secret but broad daylight. Credit to Bella she didn't make a big song and dance about it at the time.  She could have charged over and demanded to know what the hell was going on, embarrassing everyone. 

Mack certainly did her best to put Logan off, but as he said it was his decision so no come back on her if things go pear shaped down the line.  She was very open with him about her recent history which was a brave thing to do.  We still don't know a whole lot about him so should we be wary of him?  Maybe stating the obvious but there is a vacancy for Head of ED at ND. 😉   He'd have to apply through the usual channels of course but we do need a doctor who is always on duty to fix the locals when they hurt themselves/fall ill.  That reminds me, going back to Tori's up and going, I'm guessing it was all OK with the bosses at ND she more or less left them in the lurch with two weeks notice she was quitting? 

To be fair to Chloe and Theo she didn't know how Theo had planned to get Ryder to his party and he, of course, would have no idea that Ryder (and Chloe) had been kidnapped thus Ryder's panicking when he had the hood put on him and was stuffed in the boot of Theo's car.     I think, well I'd like to, the relationship between Chloe and Theo is just friendly at the moment, well on her side at least.   I'm undecided if Theo is helping because he wants to be mates with both of them or he just wants to impress Chloe.  Is all this bravado really him or a front because under that he's terribly insecure?  Chloe obviously does love Ryder she's going to all this trouble to  give him a good time, using, as you said Red, her own savings left over from paying off their debt.  Doesn't look like it ends well from the preview. 

Martha's painting is finished and NO Roo you can't have a sneaky preview, if Martha wants it to be seen first at the grand unveiling so be it, her painting, her decision. 

EARLY WARNING⚠️ - next Monday's (22nd) 13.15 episode is the last until the New Year!  3rd January - possibly? 🤔



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