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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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I noticed that the continuity announcer before the Channel 5 showing pointed people towards the 6pm 5Star repeat: I tend to tune those out, so don't know if it's been mentioned before. It's a bit odd to basically go "If you want to see this episode twice today, you can" but at least they're letting people know!

I don't think Felicity really meant for Jasmine to get that drunk: She didn't do much to stop her, but she did let Mackenzie know about Grace leaving.Jasmine woke up with a whole lot of regrets but got to spend time with Cash and Grace.And if she makes it to the wedding, she'll practically double the number of regulars in the congregation! Not only are there no old faces there, we don't even have many of the stalwarts around, just Leah and Marilyn! It feels like Justin and Tori should have had that chat a long time ago, but he came round in the end.

Meanwhile, Nikau's having difficulty working with John. Not quite sure how those girls knew Nikau: Did they follow his short-lived modelling career? Bella seemed surprisingly relaxed taking photos of Nikau in his new uniform, but watching him pose with other girls again seems to have been a bit much for her. She dealt with it pretty stoically by Bella standards though!

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Today, the continuity announcer rather condescendingly told us that if we were watching the show now then we were already behind because 5Star showed it yesterday. I should probably stop worrying about these things and just watch.

Not sure why Irene at least didn't appear at the wedding since she was in both episodes, but I guess someone has to run the Diner.But yeah, nice that Tori and Christian got a happy ending and given that most of the characters Tori had a connection with have already left or died, Justin, Jasmine and Leah were about all that needed to be there.(Ziggy was presumably keeping her head down in case Brody and Simone showed up.Logan...was working, maybe?)

And after all that fuss about making their first time special, Cash and Jasmine just go and do it.Well, it's one way of handling things!

Mia was even more annoying than usual, constantly biting Ari's head off. She really does just seem obsessed now.

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I record the 1.15pm one to watch later so the new showing time doesn't effect me so much.

I get the feeling TPTB at H&A (and I dare say Neighbours) must have a cast of extras that they use just for Weddings, Christenings  and Funerals to sit there and look happy or sad depending on the occasion. Irene could have gone, they have staff and Chloe is capable of looking after the place for a few hours.  I was surprised Christian didn't have a Best Man, Logan is an old friend so could have asked him. 🤔  Mind you Tori didn't have any bridesmaids or Matron of Honour.   I liked Tori's dress very simple but elegant.  Leah did her make up and hair then not Marilyn.  I thought that was a lovely touch with the silhouette figures on the cake of Tori, Christian and Grace. 

Grace was a little cutie.

Justin saying how it should have been their dad giving her away and that is why he couldn't do it was very poignant, but I think seeing her in her dress changed his mind. How very different all their lives would have been if dad hadn't been an accountant for The Syndicate and decided to give evidence against them. 

Sweet goodbyes, not dragged out but enough time for the right things to be said.  Leah dodging the bouquet was a bit obvious, but liked Tori saying it didn't matter if a guy or gal caught it, because as it turned out it was Cash. 

Felt sad for Justin when everyone had gone and he was cleaning up on his own.   

Oh that morning after the night before feeling, complete with flashbacks for us, no wonder Jasmine felt so embarrassed.   Well done Irene for not saying anything, just giving Jas the plink, plink fizz and a bag of frozen veg for her head.   Good job she had recovered enough to be able to look after Grace later. That was a lovely little scene and Grace being there stopped her feeling awkward when Cash dropped by.  He seemed to know who she was going by his comment "So this is Grace". 

It confused Mia & Ari when Cash whizzed by in his patrol car with sirens blaring and lights flashing with Mia asking "Was that Jasmine in that car?"  May have been misuse of a police vehicle but it got her to the Wedding on time. 😁  

First time doesn't have to planned and it did seem very natural, her stripping him of his uniform then just moving into the the bedroom.  Should have shut the door though. The signs were there when they said bye on the beach and he went back on duty. 😉

Mia was in a strop most of the time, but Roo was really pushing it, just wouldn't let it rest.😠 I'd have snapped. Mia did the grace to apologise.  I'm guessing Mia either didn't know Jasmine was going to the wedding or had forgotten about it.  Not a good look though her and Ari rowing in front of their clients. 

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I was also surprised at the lack of cast at the wedding. Irene, Roo, Alf and John were all noticeably absent. 

Lynne was on This Morning yesterday, great interview, she’s always a laugh. Every time she is on, they always do a montage of Irene clips which I love. It got me thinking that Sally and Alf had many montages on the show over the years, but they’ve never done anything for Irene which is a shame! Hopefully when she celebrates her 30th anniversary. 

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Wow, Jasmine is an adult.😲  Amazing some of the things you learn in this thread!

Tori's a character I've been pretty much up and down with throughout her time in the Bay.  There are times when I've found her quite annoying when she tends to be self-righteous.  But on the other hand when she's being comical with her highly amusing mannerisms, I've really appreciated her.  I'm glad she and Jasmine parted on good terms.  Christian I've thought has been OK for most of his time on the Bay.  Not been my favourite character but not too much to criticise about him.  I thought it was fitting Jasmine and Cash made love on the day Tori departed as it signifies a new beginning for her.  Felt a bit sorry for Justin when he was at home alone with Leah after Tori left.  I hope they don't invite Theo to stay.

I was laughing when Alf and Marilyn were praising Mia and Ari, telling them how far they had come and how they deserved the gym.  Yeah, aided by stolen money.  I agree that Mia was being a pain in the arse.  Ari didn't even want to use the money at first but he went to get it cashed illegally for her.  I'm actually not opposed to them adopting.  Regardless of how they've acquired the gym and what I think of them as a couple, I do think they would be loving parents.  Must admit though, I did quite like the scene when Dean thanked Mia for saving his life and gave her and Ari his condolences on losing the baby.

Felicity was cracking me up in today's episode, especially the way she was with Mackenzie.  I do actually feel sorry for her.  Probably not the stalker but the way she is coming across I can see why Tane and Mackenzie both think she's behind it as she's clearly still obsessed with him.  She seemed quite jealous when she saw them together in that episode and her warning Mackenzie partly felt that she was trying to put her off Tane.  I said before that to me it felt like she's a spare wheel when she, Cash and Jasmine were socialising with Mackenzie and Logan.  And whilst she is interacting with other characters it does feel as though she's not particularly shown in a positive light and it's almost always being a general nuisance or as a friend/relative negatively impacting the person.  When I saw her by herself today looking at Mackenzie and Tane, it very much feels like she's a lost puppy.

Once again really enjoying the scenes with Mackenzie and Tane.  I feel they have good chemistry and I like the interaction (unlike Mackenzie and Logan who just seem to want to jump into bed together).  I was a little disappointed that her wanting to spend time with Tane was based on trying to get him out the way so Ziggy could take Dean to the gym although I'm glad he was OK with it and their friendship is pretty natural to me (I wasn't convinced it would actually work).  Wasn't sure what to make of Mackenzie throwing Felicity out of Salt like that.  They seemed OK with each other before today and I did wonder if Mackenzie should have been more diplomatic about it.  On the other hand Felicity coming into Salt like that having another word with Mackenzie, sitting down and looking at Tane was suspect given what's happened previously, so presumably given that Tane told Mackenzie Felicity didn't get the message, she probably thought it was best just to put her foot down.  I'm glad Dean apologised to her for calling Ziggy without asking and that he and Mackenzie are good now.

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It feels as though Felicity and Tane are both giving each other the wrong impression here. I think Felicity was sincere in trying to warn Mackenzie off Tane, and it might have helped if Mackenzie had slowly and carefully explained that she's known Tane for over a year and used to date his brother so doesn't need Felicity helpfully telling her what he's like. Or it might not. Felicity was asking to be kicked out with that "It's a free country" comment: Not the sort of thing to say to the owner of where you're sitting!

Ari asked a few pertinent questions that Ziggy doesn't have good answers to. The other week when Bella was obsessively insisting that Dean and Ziggy living together was How Things Should Be, I was left wondering if they even are living together: Surely the point was just for him to stay there until he recovered and then move home? It seems even they don't know!

Justin has at least found an upside to him and Leah having the house all to themselves.I also hope Theo doesn't move in.Will they end up buying Tori (and whoever else) out and owning it together?

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Well Tori’s gone I’m not that bothered  How did they leave without packing anything it’s not that easy to move country surely it’s a shame for Jasmine with the whole Grace thing But I think Tori and Jasmine kind of just put up with each other because of Robbo and Grace they never really liked each other I don’t think  I do wonder what heck will they find Justin to do now with all his family gone 

Ari and Mia continue to be the only people really interesting me something will happen there 






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Agree there Red,  Felicity would have no way of knowing that Tane and Mack know each other, they were very nearly an item and Mack is well aware of Tane's rep.  But as she doesn't know their history to her it would look like he's hitting on Mack.  If Felicity had been calmer about it all and not come on like a jealous ex maybe Mack would have told Felicity how long she's known Tane and they are just friends and there would have been no need for the Felicity giving Tane and Mack the daggers look in Salt and Mack having to throw her out, could she actually do that btw, she wasn't causing any trouble? 

Most  characters  have their really annoying times, Roo, Leah, Irene, Tori and others, it just makes them human.  I thought different about Jasmine and Tori's relationship, apart from that huge wobble when Jasmine went over possessive over Grace they had a good friendship, needed to really Jasmine's husband was Graces dad even if by IVF.  That reminds me Marilyn said to Tori and Christian maybe they would become a family of four but and it's a big but wasn't the whole point of Tori going the IVF route down to her fertility problems which shortened the odds of her becoming a mum?🤔    PS to the wedding and Christian's lack of best man, maybe not a good idea if he'd asked Logan seeing how well he and Tori got on.😉

Without wanting to state the obvious Alf doesn't know the gym purchase was made with stolen money, be a different story if he did.  Dean was asking questions which Ari had to side step- "we had some money saved" - yeh right in a lock up. 

Was that really the first time Dean and Mia had seen each other since the accident?  That was a nice, though slightly awkward moment between Dean and Mia, him telling her she kept him together until help arrived. Him apologising, again, when it was just an accident. He can be sensitive, that is what makes him an interesting character. 

Dean cracked the real reason Ziggy had got Tane out of the way it was so they wouldn't have to see each other.   Maybe just me, but the psyhio treating Dean sounded just like Robbo.   Ziggy was definitely avoiding the question about what would happen when he got better and if he hadn't had his accident would he be there? 

Mia may not have thought this adoption idea through and I may be seeing problems with it when there won't be any, but Mia and Ari are now owners of, OK an established business, wouldn't this mean some kind of involvement more than when she was manager - revamp of the procedures, introducing new exercises etc.  Staff rotas, wages, ensuring everything is in working order and all that comes with being boss which means more hours, unless she's going to be a part time owner like Jasmine.  Then going ahead adopting a bay/toddler/child who's going to be looking after them will she are Ari are working, that will be something the Adoption Agency are going to ask. 

Lovely thought of Justin cooking Leah that meal😍.  Add me to that list of people not wanting Theo to move back in.  Even if he was in the annex/shed/whatever, he'd be in and out, scrounging food, wanting his washing done.

Just because we didn't see Tori doing any packing didn't mean she didn't do any.🙄   She would have taken what was most essential the rest would be sent on, Justin mentioned the packaging guys coming.  

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