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Dan F

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Alf's episode count this block:Three.

It's good to see Justin and Ziggy back on good terms, although I'm not sure why she warranted a dinner invite other than "because she's in the episode".And to twist the knife with Christian, I guess, although it seems Tori couldn't resist his animal magnetism for too long.And I'm glad too that Justin didn't seem bothered that Leah thought he might have killed Susie: I was frustrated that she did, but we've had enough of him going off on one lately.

Talking of which, hello again, Alf.There is still that awkward feeling that he might turn out to be right about Kieran, but at the moment he's just making a bad situation worse.Shame we didn't see anyone's reaction to him sending Roo packing:We don't see Marilyn find out, and Ryder wasn't in the episode (staying the night with Chloe again?). Good that Jasmine and Kieran also got to clear the air over him leaving her in the lurch.

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That was nice to see Ziggy and Justin at ease with each other again, I hope, when he can afford to, Justin gives her a dirty big pay rise for all this covering she has been doing for him, not just now with his recovery but when he had his op.  He is making a real effort to get clean as his therapy sessions seem to be going well.  Perhaps her dinner invite was a part 'thank you'?   Leah was very uneasy with Justin being in the house, no surprise considering what she had contemplated,  and it took Tori a while  to catch on something was off. 

 I'm glad Leah was honest with Justin when she saw him the next day and yes he seemed to take it OK, but it may have not sunk in yet that the woman he loves and who says she loves him could even think for one moment he could kill someone, even by accident. In her defence  Leah knew Justin had a temper and has seen him angry plenty of times, but this time it was directed at her and she was scared. 

It took long enough but Roo finally managed to get Kieran to Alf's, she does a nag a lot though, gawd woman give it a rest, enough to  drive you to drink - sorry, couldn't resist.😉   She was right though then and the following day, just leaving wouldn't solve anything, just make Alf believe he was right all along.  All that waiting didn't help Alf's mood, but to give Kieran his dues he did tell Alf he had bought a bottle of whisky but hadn't opened it, he didn't have to do that and Roo wouldn't have ratted him out.  Alf didn't send Roo packing she told him if he was ordering Kieran to leave  she was going with him, naturally  Alf being Alf didn't back down and Roo is a chip off the old block so off she went.  On the upside there are better curtains at this motel than there were at the hotel - something else that would turn you to drink, just to blot the sight of them out. 

Big offer of Irene to ask Kieran to stay at hers, after OK'ing it with Jasmine.  Actually, that reminds me of something Alf said about Kieran falling off the wagon, which of course he can't guarantee, is Alf suffering from selective memory loss, Irene has fallen off a couple of times in the past so doesn't matter how long you have been sober, it can still happen.    Irene laid down her usual house rules and as long as she doesn't play the "I've been where you are a lot longer, so I know best" card everything should be OK.  Wonder how Alf will take it, will he see as some kind of betrayal, not that Irene will be bothered. 

Rather a couple of awkward first scenes between Tori and Christian, she wants to take him back but Tori being Tori has to overthink everything and torture herself.  Was funny seeing Justin giving him advice.  In the end he did what I'd been 'saying' he should do, just go over there and snog her face off.😗   May not have been very pc, but it worked didn't it?😉


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1 hour ago, H&Alover said:

Rather a couple of awkward first scenes between Tori and Christian, she wants to take him back but Tori being Tori has to overthink everything and torture herself.  Was funny seeing Justin giving him advice.  In the end he did what I'd been 'saying' he should do, just go over there and snog her face off.😗   May not have been very pc, but it worked didn't it?😉

The amount of times I’ve shouted at the telly “kiss her you idiot!” 🤣 

Just wish they used the same song Australia used for the scene!! 

So pleased they’ve finally come back to each other! 

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Well, Alf's continuing to dig his heels in and this could end up being a very costly "I told you so".Marilyn tried to play peacemaker but was pretty much on a hiding to nothing.Alf has now managed to end up offside with both Roo and Irene.Jasmine had a few wobbles but was ultimately supportive.Still no reaction from Ryder though, even though he was in the episode!

Whilst I appreciate Ryder sticking up for Bella, I don't think there was really any need for him to have a go at Nikau like that.Mind you, there was no need for Nikau to punch him either:If he wanted to walk away, he could have just kept going, I doubt Ryder would have followed him for long.Chloe said he wasn't going to push her away but she may have changed her mind now.

Tori and Christian did manage to do just about everything except have that conversation!

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I kind of want to like Tori and Christian being back together, but the way things ended with Rachel will always cast a shadow over it.If it had simply been Christian realising that he'd given up his own life in order to help Rachel and shouldn't have become involved to the degree he did, I think that would be fine.But Rachel dying and the way everyone's been talking since makes it seem like we're supposed to think Christian was wrong to try and save her at all, which just seems absurd.

Similarly, I like Justin, I like Leah and Justin together, and I'm glad they're getting on well, but my response to Justin cheerily announcing the assault charges have been dropped was "Why?!" After all, he was guilty, and the fact his victim turned out to be a criminal doesn't change that.Maybe the idea is Stephen withdrew the complaint out of guilt, but if so, that should have been made clear, instead of acting like him being charged was an injustice.And now Leah's the one breaking the law, not only stealing back their money but taking a laptop into the bargain.

(Okay, I'm going to have to play plot hole bingo here.If that's the money from cashing Leah and Justin's cheque, where's the rest of the money? Okay, she paid the surf club sponsorship money straight into an account which might not have been traced.But what about the money she transferred from John's account into her own? Couldn't the bank trace it? If she drew it out straightaway, where is it? And are we ever going to hear what happened with the loan Leah and Justin took out with one of Susie's associates? Did he disappear into the ether or did they say they didn't need the loan now they'd lost their deposit? One plot hole that's been filled: Susie being killed as she was about to leave town explains why she still had ID in the name Susan McAllister on her.)

Elsewhere, Alf considers his impression of a bear with a sore head but at least a reasonable offer from Kieran gets him listening.

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Is Christian deliberately avoiding that talk or does he think it'd bring too many things up?   What would it solve, he knows now he got it wrong, but Tori had a hand in it too, by dismissing his new outlook on life believing he'd been given a second chance, and certain things were expected of him, Rachel understood as she had been brought back from the brink.  He can no more promise Tori it wouldn't happen again than she can promise she wouldn't get involved with a patient.  He was certainly puling out all the stops and wasn't fazed by Justin 'dumping' Grace on them.  Did laugh when Tori told Justine his 'boyfriend' was moving back, even it is in the cottage.😁

That was my thinking Red, that it was Stephen that had dropped the charges and the reason being what you said, he had brought suspicion on Justin so was in some extent to blame for him exploding.  Did Justin ever get a proper apology from Det. Peters, other than "OK you're free to go".  If he was of a mind to, he could bring a case of wrongful arrest, aggressive questioning, if there is such a thing, Cash would be a very reliable witness to that.  Or maybe he just wants to put it behind him.

How did Leah get hold of that bag, wouldn't have been in Stephen's car when they were driving into town? If not, did she return there, why would it have been left behind? Justin said something her tampering with a crime scene. John has asked what would happen to the money after the police had finished with it?  I'm supposing that Susie being Susie had the chance to transfer the money from Susan McAllister's account into another, unknown, account. 🤔 Again, maybe,  unknown man has been left high and dry too as Susie didn't get away to finish off the scam/sting.  

Actually I'm seeing Justin and Leah's relationship differently, I think she is scared of him, she wasn't exactly over the moon at him moving back home, even if was just to the cottage and she's been very jumpy around him.   I think part of it is her guilt at considering he may have killed Susie but I'm also wondering if it's  brought back memories of Douglas, the guy who kidnaped her?  Buddy, hi guy, was pleased to see Justin though. 🐶  She did jump out of her skin when he walked up behind her, but then that was because of her hidden stash and now Tori, Christian and Grace are going to be away for the weekend, leaving them alone. 

I realise Roo wants Kieran and Alf to make some kind of peace, hoping to pave the way for a reconciliation with Martha but she needs to back off from telling Kieran he HAS to stay, it's not helping him at all.  Jasmine can give him the same argument but without the dramatics and  not being family she is one step back from it all  so can view it more calmly. Twice now she's stopped him walking away.  I know some on here aren't sure about him but I believe him when he says he has, or at least wants to, change and has promised to try his best, that is all he can do, any recovering addict will know that is all you can do in fact Irene told Roo just that.  He has only just got off the grog after all, but even now I reckon Irene is tempted at times.

OK Alf has a beef with Kieran but tearing into Irene like that, just how long has he known her, he knows she's fallen off the wagon but got back on. Oh btw Alf Roo didn't force Kieran on Irene, she offered. Her words, I think, did give him pause for thought, he did agree to meet up with Kieran after all.  He did appear to be actually listening to Kieran who told him if Martha didn't want to know he'd go and not the first one he's told that. Alf  grudgingly took the letter, just hope he doesn't do something stupid with it, like throwing it away. 

Alf's been bleating on about no way is he going to allow Kieran anywhere near Martha, but apart from her recent mental health problems, isn't she a fully grown adult with a mind of her own who can make her own decisions?  

We've had Marilyn's views on the Alf/Kieran debate but no, nothing from Ryder - odd. Maybe TPTB think he has enough to cope with with Nik and Bella and earning enough dosh to repay the loan. Was that the first time Ryder had seen Nik since it happened, would explain his attitude towards him. I think even Chloe, who is in his corner found it hard going with talking to Nik,  who were these mates he was with, he's seems to have had a complete change of character, very ansty.  His lashing out at Ryder could be put down to his feeling guilty and he can hit Ryder, but Chloe stuck with Ryder and told Nik to do one, then he snapped at Jasmine who's done nothing apart from making a light remark about him taking his anger out on a punch bag instead of another human.  From the trailer Nik  even goes toe to toe with Tane, who was his hero and by the sounds of it's Ari who steps in. 


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Nikau apologising to Ryder and Ryder accepting it should have been the end of it, there was no need for Ari and Tane to get involved.Still at least they actually had a go at the right person: It was daft enough for Ziggy to be dirty on Tane in the first place, but now she's still being sour with him and it really is absurd.It's a bit perplexing that Sienna would go to so much trouble to hang on to Nikau, and tell Allegra there was no Japan trip without him, if he was that easy to replace.Then again, it wasn't actually said his replacement was going to Japan so maybe she's having to start again.

I can understand why John handing out his account details would invalidate insurance.But it seems like Cash painted a bit too bleak a picture. He tells Leah and Justin that their money would be held as evidence: Er, evidence of what exactly? Susie's dead, so there isn't going to be any trial there.Are they looking for accomplices?So, after all that fuss last episode, Leah goes and tells Justin about the money anyway.And does not get the response she was hoping for...

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