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Dan F

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3 hours ago, Little bean said:

He was alone but he had just spoken to Stephen who then walked away. John had his phone in his hand at the time so if it was Stephen who sent it he would have been able to watch John’s reaction.

Yeh, you're right and that is what kept happening.  John said out loud "It's Susie" and Stephen turned round.

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Yes, I'm aware friends have been known to fall out big time before now, just like I'm aware that Ryder accusing Mac wasn't the first time someone accused someone without any proof in a soap.  You're stating the obvious.

I did not like the way the detective gatecrashed Leah and Stephen's dinner at all.  Personally I would have told her I would rather not talk now and if she wanted to discuss the case, she should do it officially at the station so I was glad Cash called her out on it.

Seems as though at least one of the predictions in this thread about Stephen has come true.  This doesn't look good him hitting on Leah as it makes Justin's paranoia seem less like paranoia.

Out of the suspects I personally think John is the least likely to have killed Susie for the reason that I personally think he wanted to find her so he could redeem her with the possibility of having a relationship again.

I'm getting pretty fed up with Justin TBH.  Whilst the storyline itself is realistic, I'm finding him harder to watch than Mackenzie was.  Despite being scared of him, Ziggy still seems to have an almost blind loyalty.  I'm not sure it's really worth it for her at this stage but she's a very good friend regardless.  There's an argument Tori should be pulling her weight but from what she said she wants a bit of time away from him.

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I think it would have been good if they made Justin be the one to have run Rachel over but they kind of wimped out at having his drug addiction having any twisted damage Especially Christian nursing Rachel to health only to have his fiancé’s brother kill her I thought would be a good but some kind of wicked twist 

I liked the stuff with Jasmine too 

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That seemed like an unnecessarily cruel fate for Rachel. She seemed to have a lonely life anyway, she was in a serious accident and spent weeks in hospital, and then just when it seemed like she was going to get her life back, she dies brutally in an unrelated accident like something out of Final Destination. I guess the idea was to shake Christian out of his belief he was destined to save her, but it’s hard to see what difference it would have made if she’d just left town, and it’s hard to shake the feeling it was done to punish her and Christian for upsetting Tori, not helped by the fact she apparently died because she was concentrating on seeing if Christian had replied to her text rather than looking where she was going.

The possibility of it being Justin that killed her was wrapped up pretty quickly. I guess the idea was to shake him out of his own belief. Hopefully, with him admitting he’s addicted, he’s turned some sort of corner, although the promo indicates it’s not going to be plain sailing by any means.

With all that going on, Jasmine coming out of her coma felt like a footnote, even with the worrying suggestion that she’s lost the ability to form new memories. Still, at least that held my attention: As seems to happen at least once a week, Ari and Mia were in the episode and didn’t really seem to do anything of note at all.

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18 hours ago, Little bean said:

I totally agree Slade. I’m at the point of fast forwarding Justin’s scenes…..

Problem with doing that is you could be missing vital elements to the thread and not get why something is happening down the line.  

Would have been a very blatant ploy by TPTB to make it be Justin who had run Rachel down, that's not so say it hadn't occurred to me.   Justin has said it before about 'something being a wake up call' BUT this time he did mean it and he said those words "I'm an addict". It has to be him - or any other addict - to say it and that is the first step, small one, but a step nonetheless.  He's not  being that realistic  by wanting to do cold turkey at home, is he moving back in and Grace is moving out because that will not be a healthy environment for her  to be around.  Who did we hear shouting 'calm, down, calm down', sounded male, so Christian/Dean? 

I thought I'd spotted a quite glaring continuity error!  I had to re-wind several times to make sure I wasn't seeing - or not seeing - things.  Tori announced Rachel's tod as 3.08 BUT  the time on Christian's phone that the text message from Rachel was sent was 3.20?  But realised it was the time on his mobile when he looked at the text Rachel sent. 

Whoever was driving sounded like he - as it happened - was going at a fair old lick when he hit Rachel, she was in the middle of the road so maybe half and half, her on phone not looking, him speeding.  It was very sad it ended like that for Rachel, she seemed a lovely person and as she said in 'another life' her and Tori could have been good friends.  Tori put aside any resentment she may had had to treat her as true professional.  Ironically Rachel dying seems  to have brought Christian and Tori back together going by the way they were together and later conversations. 

On one hand good news Jasmine has come round and no major damage, she knows who is who and where she is, but not so good, but not unusual, she couldn't remember the explosion.  Tori and Christian - sorry not really the right time to click about this - we could call them T&C - weren't too bothered as it could be PTA so want to do  more tests.  As always when it happens to a doctor/nurse they can understand all the lingo being bantered around, but also know the bad things it could mean and that they, their colleagues, are not telling them everything.  Irene had to ask those questions - how long will it last, will her memory come back. 

Freeview seem to have lost the plot re H&A because according to the  little synopsis for next Monday 'Ryder is under impressed by the news that Chloe's mum is pregnant' - he knows already and 'Rachel is ready to be re-released  from hospital but is uncertain' - small problem of her being dead isn't there? 🤔 

Ryder's absence was explained by the fact he is in the city getting the insurance sorted. I liked the scene where Ari was singing the lullaby to bump, little bit of light relief was needed. 


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The Christian/Tori scenes were a lot better in yesterday's episode.  I agree with Red Ranger about Rachel.  I thought it was a cruel irony and hated that the writers did that.  Whilst she was only on the show for a short amount of time, I thought she was a breath of fresh air and really liked her.  So whilst I accepted she was a guest character and was going to leave, part of me wanted to see her again at some point.  I don't really understand the original purpose of the whole storyline now given how things ended up.  Even looking at the preview I would imagine that Christian and Tori would be almost back to how they were before Lewis came along.  I do think Tori should be given credit for being very sympathetic towards Christian.  That couldn't have been easy for her considering what has happened.

I would imagine like most people here there was the initial thought that Justin was responsible for the hit and run that killed Rachel but that really would have put him past the point of no return.  Everything he's done up to this point can be redeemed.  There's also the fact that given this storyline with Susie and that he still has a part to play coupled with the predictions about Stephen, it would be difficult to make it work if he killed someone else.

The Ari and Mia show continues with the lullaby...

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That wasn't the brightest idea Justin could have had and it's hard to shake the feeling that it could end up being for nothing: He's been through withdrawals before only to end up right back searching around for pills.Okay, it is at least coming from him this time, so he's committed to getting clean rather than people trying to force him to, so that's promising.A bit too much for Leah: Where's she going to be spending the night, at Irene's again? (Hopefully they left the door unlocked if so: They're all at the hospital.) I wasn't too keen on Christian suggesting it would have been better if Rachel had died in the initial accident and he'd married Tori instead, although at least he did seem to still be grieving her later on.

This way Jasmine keeps forgetting what she was told seconds before seems more than simple after-effects of a bang on the head.If I was Irene and co, I'd be keen to stress the memory loss rather than just telling her she's been in an explosion, it might stop her getting frantic quite so much.

Despite Ryder predicting last week that Chloe would never want to set foot in a food truck again, she seemed pretty keen to start up again here, but looks like the insurance (or lack thereof) has put a stop to it.Although she wasn't as annoying as last week, I wasn't keen on Mia dismissing Ryder with a glare when him being there was probably good for Chloe.

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Christian should stop being so down on himself, he did save Rachel's life, though because she died so needlessly, he feels it was a waste and it was for nothing.  Something did make him stop at that airfield and she would have died or been permanently disabled if he hadn't been there. She got a second chance at life  it was just incredible bad luck, wrong place, wrong time.  Not everything is written in stone. Tori did seem more understanding than she had been previously and didn't make any dismissive comments and he was there for her later.  Losing any patient is hard for a doctor, especially when it becomes kind of personal and you have invested so much of yourself in helping them, so Tori could understand that.

Must have stung for both him and Tori when Jasmine forgot they'd told her Rachel had died and she asked after  her again not even five minutes later after they told her, she'd also forgot she had had scans.   Sorry no easy answer to Irene's question  as to how long Jasmine will be like this - to use that old cliche - everyone is different. Though looking at the preview it seems to be getting worse and more than just memory loss. Going back, it didn't look like she had any serious injuries, she was dashing about helping people and seemed fine.  Though of course that has happened before with people seeming OK then collapsing. 

Tori - and Leah -  are going to need Christian, not that I'm suggesting they are weak and feeble females, but Justin is a strong bloke and his lashing out may just need a male around to keep him under control.  Grace ended up staying with  Marilyn,  (naughty Red, suggesting people leave their doors unlocked😉) and could be for a while, so I'm guessing maybe Leah could go to the caravan park.🤔  We didn't hear Justin admit to Tori he was an addict but as it would only have been repeating what he'd told Leah no need.  Leah, Tori and Christian all need to work so are they going to do it in shifts to watch over Justin, will be easier as there  are three of them and two are doctors.  It is a hard route for him to go down - and refusing any kind of pain relief, though he did consent to taking the anti nausea tablets.  Again, there is no way of saying how long it will take for him to get through it.  May have seemed an odd time for Christian to say he'd like to stay forever when Tori said said she was glad he was there, but was a tender moment.  Hope they haven't forgot about Buddy.

It could be  a while then before Justin is fit enough to be re-interviewed and I don't think Leah has been yet, not properly, unless I missed it, they are on Amy's POI list. 

Good news and bad news then from Ryder, no insurance on the van, an oversight, but they did have public liability - I don't suppose they would have been able to open if they hadn't - so some small relief there.  Then there  is the not so small matter of paying back the $10,000 that was invested in the business which Ryder has said he is going to pay back as it was his fault about the insurance, but I did notice he hasn't told Chloe he will be back working at Salt. 

What did Mia think Chloe and Ryder had been up to, she's certainly not fit enough to have more than a hug or  a kiss or six. 

Ari is going to feel like a spare wheel seeing as he's been laid off until the dispute gets sorted. 

Oh and as was revealed in the preview Martha and Alf are due back in a couple of days, time to get your finger out Roo and tell them who is back in town.  May be a good idea for Kieran to find somewhere else to stay. 


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We're obviously meant to be rooting for Tori and Christian to get back together, and I don't really object to it, but I'm not keen on the whole "Rachel who?" attitude.Christian might have gone over the top but he shouldn't be chastised so much for helping her.I'd have been happier if Tori had encouraged him to go to the funeral rather than smiling at him choosing to spend his time with her instead.And I'd have thought she'd have been more worried about her brother detoxing than arranging a date, although it seems Justin's over the physical effects and sloping off to his motel (or wherever he's living) on his own rather than Leah being left to look after him solo.No word on where Leah slept, unless she just spent the night sitting on the beach.

So, we get an explanation for Jasmine's behaviour.There's a diagnosis and a treatment but it seems like this is something that should continue to affect her going forward, so hopefully it'll be followed up on.Ryder and Mackenzie seemed to make a good team again and the question of Chloe working there was raised but not answered.If the staff are giving Mackenzie dirty looks, it's probably because of her habit of not paying them, rather than because they think she's a terrorist.Roo spends an episode preening herself on sorting things out, then remembers she let Kieran move in against Alf and Martha's wishes...

You pretty much needed to watch the promo to know what was going on in that last scene!

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