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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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Ah I quite fancied Susie lol 

Something tells me Justin didn’t beast Steveo up as badly as it’s made out his getting set up here and if it doesn’t work with him Johns messages to Susie might put John in the frame I think I have solved this crime already I just don’t know why 

So Mac is back and she’s not changed 

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I did say a  while back I'd read something.😉

The discovery of Susie's body opens up a lot of possibilities, the police/coast guard will have to backtrack the fishermen's route to discover where they cast their net which picked up Susie's body, not a forgone conclusion it was anywhere near the bay itself, could have drifted from further up the coast so a timeframe is needed. Not very discreet of the cops announcing it was a WA licence then the name within earshot of John who did look very stunned. I was taken aback that it was in the name of bay folk knew her as, didn't the cops find her car at the airport or am I misremembering?   If you are in Susie's line of - um - work you know people who can get you dodgy ID, driving licences etc.

There certainly is a good few people whose names would be in the frame for wanting to finish her off.  John, Justin - had to smile at his reaction - drugged induced or not - Leah, Stephen, Irene, anyone who donated to the Fund Raiser.  I was going to add Tori and Christian but they escaped her trap.  Was it John's reaction that decided Cash to take him to the station, anyways just because the drivers licence said it Susie McAllister doesn't have to follow it was her, depending on what state she was in she'd still need to be ID's officially. 

Given Cash is a newbie he's not going to be leaning towards or against anyone as he doesn't know any of them yet. 

We did hear in the trailer that Susie had  died a while ago so John wasn't sending/receiving texts from her. Had Stephen and her been a team, 'she' did use Mr. President on her messages to him which had been her nickname for John, and then fell out with each other?  If Stephen hadn't said goodbye to Leah and left before the fisherman yelled out you could suspect him right away, not that he is out of the running yet.   Number one question, once the pm has established a near enough time of death is where were you on 5th May  for example.  Unless it was a special date or I was doing something special, damned if I could remember!  Was there more to Stephen's relationship than he claimed and was he jealous of John?

We only saw Stephen's facial injuries and he was kept in hospital overnight as he was knocked out so pretty badly beaten up.

Ari did keep Dean calm and just because he isn't with Mac but finished  with her doesn't mean he can't still care about what happens to her.  He didn't lead Mac on for weeks or months, he asked for time to sort his feelings out and Mac did know about Mia and who she was and had been to Ari.   I feel if had just been a matter  of him finishing with her, as happens in relationships, she would have got over him in time, but then she found she was pregnant and decided not to tell him as she didn't want him to feel obligated to her.  But then she lost the baby and it changed everything for her.   She certainly caused a stir when she pitched up and was probably stunned when she got the reception she did, even allowing Ryder to hug her. Still not that apologetic though when Dean tackled her about her sudden disappearance without a word or even a short phone call to put his mind at rest if no-one else's.  She seems to have got herself back on track and maybe it is a good idea to move out without feeling under surveillance all the time.  She won't be happy Ryder has stepped in to help, though it was only a day ago, she'll think he took over as soon as she left.

Chloe did deserve what she got from Ryder but she did have the grace to realise she'd gone too far and apologised, but let's face it Mac and Chloe are never going to get on.  

Until Justin actually admits (a) he is an addict or (b) he has a problem all his promises to Leah are just  words,  he was still twitchy, wanting to leave so he could have his next 'fix' even though it wasn't time.  His time in the cells haven't 'brought him to his senses'. It'll have to be seen if Stephen sticks around or comes back to make a statement.

Don't forget Red Penn Graham was killed by Will Smith who was an off and on regular. 

Good luck with keeping your baby news secret Ari and Mia, Ari will be walking around with a soppy grin on his face and Mia will be throwing up  a lot. Both Tane and Chloe will catch on pretty quick having seen it before. 

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So, Cash is already learning that his new posting might not be the sleepy, crime-free backwater he thought it was. If Stephen or someone else did intend for the text messages to make the police assume Susie was alive later than she was, it doesn't seem to have worked.So, maybe Stephen intended to act as if he thought the texts were genuine, so Leah and John would both confirm he didn't know Susie was dead? I took it that the fishing boat was anchored in the bay and found the body on the seabed, rather than them picking it up somewhere else. Cash says Susie's body was found "days" after Justin's arrest for assault, when in fact he was only released that morning.

I must admit I did feel a pang of sympathy for Justin when Leah asked him if he was going to ask her for his dose.It felt a bit petty and designed to punish him, even if he didn't cover himself in glory anywhere else.

Not a surprise that Mackenzie wasn't too pleased to see Ryder back in Salt. She did cross a line though by calling the police on Dean, although she's clearly torn between her natural instinct to lash out and wanting to get her life back in order. It's always nice to see Ryder and Bella together: They don't get to spend that much time alone these days, now they've both got significant others.

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I liked their reaction when Dean and Ryder realised Mackenzie was OK.  I do think Dean blaming Ari for Mackenzie was quite harsh so I was glad he apologised afterwards.  And I know I said I was OK with Mac going after Ari/Mia/Chloe but I have to admit I didn't particularly enjoy the way she was acting towards Ari.  I do think that if she is to get out of the hole she is in, her bitterness has to end although given Mia's pregnant, I'm not sure when that will be.  I was glad Ryder called Chloe out again but I do agree with Chloe re the way Mac has acted towards Ryder and even despite everything Ryder still was prepared to help her, Mac was unpleasant to him.  Bella annoyed when she went to Mac about using Salt.  I don't have an issue with that and I think from a business perspective it's sound but I don't think Mac owes Bella anything.  It's just Bella during that attempt at emotional blackmail to make everything about her again.  I did have a wry smile at Bella, Ryder and Dean's surprise at Mac agreeing though.  Dean was getting on my nerves the way he kept hanging around Salt.  Not sure I personally would have called the cops on him though.

Whilst I appreciate John calling out Justin, it still felt he was going quite easy on him relatively speaking.  He's been far worse to Dean for just being a River Boy regardless of how wrong Dean has acted at times in the past.  And the fact that he told Marilyn in the Diner Justin was remorseful when the conversation Justin had with Leah just before that was anything but was disappointing.  I was glad Tane warned Justin re his treatment towards Ziggy.  It was about time someone said something.  It was also good to see Roo not stand for Justin's nonsense as well.  It's honestly reached the point where I wouldn't mind if Leah finishes with him.  Even though I've been pretty disgusted with Justin, can't really say I blame him re his attitude towards Susie dying though.  Leah had better be careful taking the new senior constable up on his offer to talk.  Justin might catch wind of it and put the guy in hospital.

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Irene is back! Cash recognised her name, I'm guessing from any reading he's been doing on the case, so she'll be invited to the station for questioning. I'd forgotten there's another possible suspect - Alf - although he wasn't a victim he did have  a few set tos with her and in public.  

Justin was unfair to have a go at Cash about him not doing much, he's only just arrived!  I did like Justin's unashamedly bluntness about Susie being dead even if it was likely due to his withdrawal symptoms influencing him. 

Well Justin and Leah if you will have a full on blazing row with the door wide open it shouldn't have come as a shock that the new local cop asks questions about the state of your relationship.  Not that long ago domestics were ignored as it was none of the cops business, Cash doesn't know Justin and he had just been in the cells overnight for attacking someone, so was showing due concern.  Justin was playing Leah, making her feel bad

How long ago did John get his first text message from Susie, three/four weeks?  He does have the messages still on his phone so that may narrow it down. I realise the pathologist may not be able to give a definitive date of death but there must be some timeline? Justin was let out the following  day the same time Stephen was released from hospital, the morning Susie was found so Cash got that wrong. Stephen too is back so he'll be another visitor to Yabbie Creek cop shop. 

I thought Mac was very ungrateful towards Ryder, downright rude in fact.  Would she rather have come back to having the place devoid of staff and no customers? It was Dean's idea and as he said you don't say no to Dean.  I don't personally think she hooked up with anyone the night before but would it kill her just to tell Dean where she had been? It'd stop him nagging her which is what she wants.  

I did chuckle at the three "WHAT"s from Bella, Dean and Ryder.😀  She does need the business, though I hope it isn't some sort of ploy to get her hooks back into Emmett.  Who, talking about hooks, is going to be the first lady - or gent even -  to take an interest in Cash and start flirting with him?🤔  Mac was all business yesterday with him though it was overkill calling him in to remove Dean. He's going to wondering just what kind of place he's been assigned to. 

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You know, I keep reading about how well Home and Away is rating in Australia, and I did wonder why, but look at the stories, we’ve had a community rallying for the Surf Club story, some comedy with the food truck rivalry, families trying to be there for each other, the long term cast taking centre stage more often. I wonder if the show is realising they don’t need to deviate too far from heartland Home and Away to be successful?

I’d almost forgotten about Tommy, I was expecting Cash to bring up Irene being a suspect in Lou DeBono’s death.


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Ironically, I think the only thing Justin and Stephen agree on is their "Ding dong, the witch is dead" attitude towards Susie's body turning up. Stephen backtracked pretty quickly when he realised John was taking it seriously though. Cash seems to be finding a whole list of suspects, some of whom should probably get themselves lawyers before they're questioned again. Wonder if headquarters will send Angelo back to investigate this one. It's hard to work out where Justin's head is at. I'm not even sure he knew what he was saying with his "I'm sorry, even though you were asking for it" apology to Stephen. I think he does want people to forgive him but he's not quite sure what they need to forgive him for. Unless he's breaking bail conditions by going near Stephen, I'm not quite sure what he could be reported to the police for. ("He apologised for assaulting me, but in a really annoying way.") How much time passed between the last two scenes? Stephen walks away from the Diner, then next scene he walks pack into the Diner, talking about his run-in with Justin as if it only just happened. Did he just circle the building?

Whilst Mackenzie calling the police was a bit extreme, I can see why she felt backed into a corner. I wasn't entirely on board with Ziggy having a go, and Mackenzie had a point about Ziggy fighting Dean's battles for him, but Ziggy did make some valid points, and it seemed to result in Mackenzie and Dean having an honest chat, so not all bad news.

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Justin's apology started off OK, he offered to pay for Stephen's coffee and started to say he was sorry but then went completely off track and insinuating he was making a play for Leah when she was vulnerable when if it had been any other male hugging Leah he wouldn't have thought twice. Stephen made the right decision to walk and now Irene is twigging how bad it is for Leah with Justin.  But yeah, their feelings towards Susie is all they have in common, though of course we don't know involved Stephen may or may not have been with her. Wasn't Stephen going after John originally when he was collared by Justin who was insisting in a VERY LOUD voice he was a good guy and he couldn't understand what he was doing wrong.  Hard to avoid someone in a small town as has been mentioned several times. He did track John down at the Surf Club then Cash arrived with the pm report which Stephen had heard Murray mention back at the cop shop, blunt force trauma which for those of us who watch cops shows, real and fictional, know translates as hit over the head with a heavy object and drowning, which has to mean she was alive when she went in the water.  If she'd been dead no water would have been in her lungs.  John was really hanging  on to those last straws but now he's had to let go. Marilyn didn't really have mush dealings with 'Susie' 

Has 'the person known as Susie McAllister' really been so close all this time?

Cash did seem particularly interested in Irene's involvement with Susie though she didn't help by being so vocal about her feelings towards her. What does Tommy have to do with it, Irene may have attacked him but she didn't kill him, Teresa did.  Also that attack was spur of the moment not a thought out plan. Why was Irene so surprised when Cash mentioned a homicide detective would be assigned, there's been a murder ipso facto they'd be sending a detective, they did when Ross' body was found. 

Will Alf be asked about his clashes with 'Susie' when he gets home?

Leah is really getting scared of Justin, she flinched when he approached her  and he didn't seem he was going to do anything scary.  From the look on his face when he was in the bedroom he looked like, to me anyway, he was beginning to grasp the effect his behaviour was having on her and others. Irene was supportive of her, after all she knows what being an addict is like especially when you as the addict haven't got to the stage of admitting you have  a problem.  Leah wants to be there for Justin as she loves him but it's really taking its toll on her.

Ziggy was very cool towards him keeping it very business like.

Ziggy really let Mac have it with both barrels, Mac had a point that Dean and her aren't a couple anymore but Dean is still her friend and she cares about him and doesn't like see him so upset. She did get through to her though as Mac later apologised to Dean and explained calmly why she needs to be on her own for now, staying at a local hotel apparently, and she'll be staying there so he can stop worrying as she is getting there. 

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