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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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37 minutes ago, c120701 said:

I don’t mind that COVID doesn’t exist in Summer Bay, I just didn’t understand how they managed to have that many people on set/location.

Shhhh we're not supposed to ask, and I wouldn't be surprised if they got their crew/actors/extras to sign disclaimers saying 7 is not to blame if they all catch it from each other.

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Yeah, unless there was a lot of stock footage at play, we had a huge crowd in these episodes. And frankly, my main thought is "Good for them": That's what we should be aiming for, not hiding away at home scared to meet people and being shamed or coerced into wearing masks. Of course, it might also be a sign that Australia's government have done a much better job of containing the infection than their UK counterparts... I definitely don't see what "snowflakes" (a horrible term even if I do use it myself sometimes) have to do with it. No-one expects "serious" drama to include Covid in the storyline just because of when it was made, it's only "continuing" drama that's expected to reflect the hopefully short-term situation and by now it seems like everyone's getting bored of having characters in masks all the time and increasingly applying "dramatic license" to have scenes look at least vaguely normal.

But before we get into a political debate...well, it was still good to see a decent community event even leaving aside how scarce they are in the real world (but maybe starting to come back, since we're having crowds of thousands at football matches again?). Marilyn's brief power trip was kind of amusing and while I'm not sure why Irene was deployed to charm someone that had no grounds to sue them any more, I did appreciate her standing up for John. I thought it was a shame that John didn't hear it, but his later speech showed he'd got his mojo back and it was nice to see him being a bit humble and thanking Alf, Roo and Dean. Despite the sarcastic "And he's back", it's good of him to open up his house for a party even if he isn't providing the food.

Dean gazing longingly at Ziggy while Amber's right next to him really isn't a good look and isn't going to make her insecurities, which she's now passed on to Tane, any better.

Judging by the promo, it seems I was premature in querying the lack of a certain revelation, but I'll discuss that when we get there.

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I just don't like Ziggy I find her very annoying Less so when she was with Dean The only reason really why they aren't together is the writers wanted Amber around Ziggy does seem like a spare part now that her family have gone 

Justin is meant to be acting all strange because of his pain killers but to be honest he always acts like his drunk most of the time  lol

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11 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

That's what we should be aiming for, not hiding away at home scared to meet people and being shamed or coerced into wearing masks.

What's your take on the UK's large scale vaccination program?

Good to get some interaction with Amber and Tane.  Just a shame it was primarily motivated by Amber trying to determine how good his relationship with Ziggy is rather than genuinely wanting to catch up as friends.  Glad there was acknowledgment of them sleeping together though.  Didn't think that episode bodes well for Amber TBH.  Initially I thought it was just Dean that was still into Ziggy.  And I thought he was probably still in love with her but I think it was pretty much confirmed yesterday when he was staring at her when she was with Tane on the beach.  Unfortunately, Amber didn't seem that surprised because she's probably suspected the whole time they've been together.  I did feel Ziggy had moved on up until Wednesday's episode then I saw the way she was being overly complimentary of Dean at the Surf Club and later on when she was talking to Mackenzie saying how happy she was for him.  It was almost like she was going out of her way to praise him in order to emphasise the fact she was no longer into him but now I'm wondering if she has feelings for him as well.  If she does, I suspect she's probably managed to suppress them because she was angry with him and was able to distance herself because of the stuff with Colby.  Now Colby's in jail, she's calmed down and has started to spend more time with Dean, perhaps those feelings have resurfaced.

Really didn't like the way Justin was with Leah in that episode.  Especially considering he was being pushy about her pursuit of Susie.

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Have all the cast and crew been Co-vid tested each time they come on set?   The only cast member who is in the vulnerable group is Ralph Meagher, unless there are some of the younger ones who have an underlying health condition, but others could have family members who could be at risk.   I'm not  a fan of the word snowflake either, but couldn't think of an alternative.   Btw I've not being shamed or coerced into wearing a mask, I've done it to protect myself and others.  

Well done Mac for implanting the idea into Amber's mind that she could be second best after Ziggy.😠   It's got her overthinking things, she's already insecure about them and where they are going, and so what Dean was giving Ziggy 'longing looks' they were together a good while and share an interest which Amber doesn't. Now Amber has infected Tane with the same doubts about how good his relationship  is with Ziggy, though they haven't got to the "I love you" stage.   I was surprised Tane wasn't into surfing and I'd forgotten about Tane and Amber's one night stand.  This has, of course, as we saw, got Tane asking Ziggy the 'why did she break up with Dean?' question. She was vague about it before so is going to have to think of a plausible and convincing enough reason to stop him digging further. 

Mac believes she was second best for Ari when Mia once arrived back in his life, but he never expected to see her again and although he hadn't talked about her in detail to Mac, that is a relationship no-no after all, he may have at a later date if she or Chloe  hadn't  shown up. He and Mac could have been very happy together , it would have been a testing time for him when she had her miscarriage as it would have revived old memories, but we'll never know or will Mac for that matter.  There must have been a guy of two in Mac's life she thought was the one.  Mia's  arrival stirred up a lot of old feelings for him, they didn't 'finish' their relationship in a conventional way and he came to the conclusion he did still love her and she still loved him.   He did the decent thing by being honest with Mac and didn't leave her dangling in false hope any longer than needed to be.  

Great Surf Comp btw so well done to all for putting it together so quickly and what a relief the surf was up enough for it to be held.  It made me wonder what do they do if it at all goes flat surf wise?🤔  Congrats to Ziggy and Dean and Jai gets to go to MovieWorld - right name I think. 

Gus was on the slimy side and from what was said he only donates, never bothers to turn up as rule.  Irene did find him hard going, but she got one back for John when he was having the dig about how  stupid John had been being duped by 'Susie' and reminded him it hadn't taken long for Real Estate Barbie to bat her eyelashes at him to get him writing out a big fat cheque.👍👏  Nice one Irene, that shut him up. 

It was lovely seeing John being appreciative  of everyone helping correct what he still sees as his mistake and he now knows how loyal his friends are -including his 'rival' Alf.  You have to admit it's true   John of old to invite everyone round to his and feed them the left over snags. Would they be bringing their own drinks?😁

Marilyn did admit she had become a bit power crazy with her whistle.

I'm sorry I'm on Justin's side Leah was being pushy the same as she was with John earlier, and her being obsessed with finding 'Susie', he was feeling stupid and bad enough for overdosing already without her nagging. At least in the end he did agree to go to the hospital once she used a more reasonable approach. 

Know exactly what you are referring to Red,🙊  but exactly how were 'they' were supposed to know  the truth when they aren't a professional? 



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11 hours ago, Slade said:

What's your take on the UK's large scale vaccination program?

Oh gosh, we really are treading on dangerous ground here! Well, assuming it works (which I'm not convinced masks do, and certainly not as well as some people seem to think), and if the government keep their promises and do away with all the restrictions and legislation once enough people are vaccinated, then I guess I consider it a good thing.

And to poke that bear a bit more...

9 hours ago, H&Alover said:

I've not being shamed or coerced into wearing a mask, I've done it to protect myself and others.  

Yeah...that's kind of what I mean, the sort of passive aggressive implication that if you don't wear a mask, or only wear one when you absolutely have to (raise hand), then that means you don't care about other people.

And back to safer ground again!

So...yeah. The show suddenly decides to fling the fact that Lewis killed a bunch of patients out there as an after-thought, when he isn't even around and therefore the moment's largely devoid of drama and we don't get to see Lewis have to face up to what he's done.And honestly, the hospital should be bankrupt by the negligence suits, not only employing someone who was mentally unstable but completely missing the pattern in post-mortems with a criminally casual air of "Well, we've no idea why patients' hearts keep stopping suddenly without warning, but it's not because of the surgery because that's all right." Instead of all that, we get Tori blaming Jasmine of all people. I mean, I get her not being sympathetic towards Lewis after what he did to Christian, but it seems blasting an innocent bystander because the person responsible isn't around is a Morgan family trait.I loved the way Jasmine handled it, staying calm and reasonable and yet not being shy to point out that Tori was taken in by Lewis as well.At least Christian's more reasonable and hopefully Tori will listen to him.

I'm not quite sure why Bella was getting het-up about Ziggy needing to shut down Tane here.After all, everyone knows what Colby did now, and I guess they wouldn't be too shocked to know that Dean and Bella knew.I don't think even Angelo was fooled, but he was happy to let them go to catch the bigger fish.I mean, it doesn't look good that Dean helped hide the body I guess, but Tane was so close to the truth it's a wonder he didn't figure out the rest.(And of course Bella told Nikau, so isn't really a position to demand a gagging order.)

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OK Red, you believe what you want to and I'll believe what I want to.  Still doesn't answer the question of  were the cast/crew Co-vid tested each time they were on set?

There were mutterings weren't there about 'deaths' as in the plural but nothing said out loud.  The only death to be investigated that we knew about was the last one. 

There was no reason at the time to think the deaths were suspicious, people do die in hospital and there isn't always a reason.  It's when there is a sudden peak and I guess it may depend on what  that particular hospital counts as a peak, investigations are made - all total speculation there.  Lewis would have made sure to cover his tracks - whatever he injected them with and what he nearly injected Ari with may not have shown up on any tox tests.  There would have to be a sudden pattern which patients were dying - in this case Christian's. 

It was said Lewis confessed to three murders, therefore making him, in the eyes of the law a serial killer, but was nearly four - Ari.  Does tend to make you wonder did no-one else see him prowling around, probably late at night, 'checking up' on patients who'd just been operated on by Christian? Where's their CCTV?  

I don't think any hospital gives their potential employees  psych tests before they start to weed out the unstable ones.  

In the absence of Lewis of course Tori lashed out at Jasmine, it's what anyone would do.  Her, illogical reasoning,  is he was her boyfriend so she should have known he was dangerous and could be capable of anything.  But to Jasmine and to us in the main he just came across as just being obsessed with Christian and getting him to confess to killing Anna. He said several tines he wanted to 'protect' patients from Christian. Jas  was right to have a go back, Tori had warned Lewis about his attitude and she didn't pick anything up, though she, like Jas and Christian aren't psychiarists.   She also pointed out she alerted Tori that Lewis was missing leading  Tori to discover Christian couldn't be found either and prompting them to look for them. Christian did indeed to be more understanding of Lewis and why he did what he did.  Hopefully Lewis will get the help he should have got when it first happened, though he couldn't have been forced to get counselling if it was offered.

As far as those of not in the know were concerned Dean and Bella only found what Colby did at his trial, Dean's name wasn't mentioned so to them he is innocent of anything.  Ziggy got around it by saying it was something illegal which seemed to pacify Tane, after all he is no stranger to illegal acts.  Far too many people knew the 'secret' already so need to get anyone else involved. Of course it does raise the question, which has to be at the back of his mind, would Ziggy and Dean still be together, rather similar to Ari and Mia, his being banged up broke them up, rather than a natural break up. 

I was right - it wasn't the end of Nik getting calls from the modelling agency- though these constant calls could be classed as harassment.  




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1 hour ago, H&Alover said:

 Still doesn't answer the question of  were the cast/crew Co-vid tested each time they were on set?

Cast/ crew were not Covid tested. It was stated in few articles that everybody had their body temperature checked on arrival, but tests were not done. 


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On 29/05/2021 at 00:51, Red Ranger 1 said:

Oh gosh, we really are treading on dangerous ground here! Well, assuming it works (which I'm not convinced masks do, and certainly not as well as some people seem to think), and if the government keep their promises and do away with all the restrictions and legislation once enough people are vaccinated, then I guess I consider it a good thing.

OK, cheers.  Your opinions on masks and social distancing are similar to a friend of mine (Although he thinks Covid is no worse than flu, the pandemic is all about the various governments trying to control people and is very anti-vax).

Initially I felt sorry for Jasmine but that went after she started saying Lewis is good man and needs professional help.  A good man wouldn't have killed those patients.  It's not even a case of deluded person committing euthanasia thinking they are helping them.  He did it purely to destroy Christian.  And Jasmine seemed more focussed on making excuses for him than the patients that actually died.  I think because of what happened to her, she's letting that cloud her judgment.  I was glad she called Tori out for her role in all of this i.e. allowing Lewis to work in the same place as Christian.

I found Tori really annoying.  Firstly, still not acknowledging that she was at least partly at fault but also the general way she came across in that episode.  It's difficult because I felt what she said about Christian and Jasmine was essentially truthful but the self-righteous delivery just grated.

I found it quite surprising Christian seemed more sympathetic towards Lewis and Jasmine than Tori was.  He was very Christian about it.

Can't remember the last time I remember seeing a scene with Tori and Ziggy.  I did find it quite amusing when Bella confronted Ziggy on the beach re Tane asking about her breakup with Dean.  That episode was a lot better in terms of Ziggy/Tane.  Amber clearly got into Tane's head during the Surf Comp and I'm still wondering if there is part of Ziggy that wants Dean but she was quite reassuring so I hope I'm wrong.

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