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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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I didn't realise it was the start of a new season until I saw this thread.

It was funny seeing John talking about the difficulties with online dating just before meeting Susan but I've always believed in the old fashioned way when it comes to dating.  First thing that occurred to me when Susan went up to John in the restaurant was what could she possibly see in him?  In saying that I have enjoyed their scenes, and found Irene's role supporting John quite amusing, although it was slightly cringe-worthy watching John's self sabotage during the whole thing.  He's actually very lucky Susan's pretty into him already as I'm sure someone else would have not wanted a second date.

I really didn't like Roo pressurising and guilt-tripping Jasmine into giving a Kieran a job.  Even putting Kieran's past aside, there's no benefit offering a position to someone with no experience as opposed to applicants who have worked in fitness industry.  I wonder when Jasmine was reconnecting with Lewis whether she told him about the stalking and her crazy phase - I'm assuming he wants to do more than just reconnect given that he's switched jobs.

Finding Tori pretty draining.  I actually think her getting annoyed with Justin was very understandable but it's reached the point where she just seems to be arguing with people all the time that even if she has a point, I find it hard to sympathise with her.  Although, despite Justin trying to make a decision for her, she obviously doesn't have an issue with Christian moving in given how she accepted his marriage proposal.

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22 hours ago, H&Alover said:

John was rather sweet, looking and acting so flummoxed on  his date with Susie,😳 it has been a while for him and I don't think  he has had much experience in the dating game, both Gina and Marilyn he knew before they become couples, Susie is a completely  new person.  He did break one of the First Date Rules when he mentioned Marilyn - called her ex wife again - why?  She did forgive him so let's hope he'll be more relaxed next time. 🤞    None of her business really but i wonder what Maz will think of it, of course she wouldn't want to see John hurt or made a fool of same as if she meet someone new John would be concerned.  

Take note Justin NO MORE heavy lifting and follow the rules when you do.  Not really funny, but the fact a pulled muscle was more painful for Justin than the tumour was interesting.  Not wanting to be rude but how much does Leah weigh?😉 Should Justin be lifting her up and carrying her off the bed the way he does?😄  


There comes a point where people "play through the pain" or "get a second wind"

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On 28/02/2021 at 15:04, H&Alover said:

I know I keep banging on about this but does Christian know the full story behind Grace's birth? 

As in, does he know Tori was in protective custody at a safe house at the time and then had a stroke and nearly died?

Leah needs to get over herself. To be frank, the whole thing about Leah and marriage has become exaggerated over time, she hasn't actually been married that many times or had that many disasters, but she is making the same mistake she made with Zac, treating Justin badly over some insult that exists only in her head.Justin would probably marry her if it was what she wanted, but he's accepted that she's happy to go on living together and is committed to her.That doesn't mean he wants Tori to rush into marriage and have it all go wrong in a short space of time, especially when he's already seen Brody do that.Leah can't giddily gush over Tori and Christian getting engaged and then rant about how marriage is meaningless when it suits her. That said, Justin kind of needs to get over himself as well: He's gone from "Christian's cool, you should move in with him" to "You barely know Christian, how can you get engaged to him?" Pick a side, man! And maybe accept that if Tori makes a mistake, that's up to her.

Meanwhile, we find that Lewis has his own reason for mistrusting Christian.It's only his point of view of course, although on first impressions it seems like he does have a reason to at least want it looked into it. Christian probably couldn't have anticipated a further bleed, but he also shouldn't have left the hospital without there being adequate cover.Of course, there may well have been a neurosurgeon present and it may well have been the case that there was nothing that could be done: Lewis kind of glossed over that part.

Alf well and truly rained on John's parade!

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12 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

As in, does he know Tori was in protective custody at a safe house at the time and then had a stroke and nearly died?


Not only that, but the whole, Robbo and I had one go at IVF and I lost the baby, so he decided he didn't want to try again, but I went behind his back anyway.  Oh btw Robbo  had been an undercover cop who  lost his memory for a while and got caught up in some bad things, then his old enemies came after him so I had to go into hiding. Not for the first time in my life for that matter.

I guess it's one thing Justin suggesting Christian moving in and and him proposing to Tori out of the blue, but Tori didn't have to say yes.  Did she get caught up in the moment without thinking it through?  But it's not just a matter of Tori being affected if it goes wrong, there's Grace to be considered. Anyway it's not like they're getting married next week, I hope, there is a  lot about each other they don't know yet and him being at the Morgan's will show up any odd habits he may have. He can find out Tori's too.😄

Leah may have had only three marriages but she was widowed twice which would be traumatic, plus a few relationships that didn't end well. Leah and Zac did have the advantage of  knowing  each other pretty well before they married. Does Justin want to get married so he can prove his commitment?  There are other ways  that can be done. 

My guess about Lewis' reason joining NDH was off then, a different ulterior motive entirely.  To think if he hadn't had to accompany Colby to the hospital, knowing Jasmine already worked there,  he wouldn't have seen Christian.    I had put two and two together before it was revealed it involved Christian and Anna.  TPTB did close ranks, according to him, when he made the original complaint about Christian.   As long as Christian had made sure all was as safe as could be with her before he left the hospital that is as much as any doctor could be expected to do. An assumption of Lewis Christian was off celebrating, but maybe Christian wasn't always the efficient surgeon we know now.   As you say Red  a secondary bleed couldn't be anticipated but the fact there was no-one else there who could have done something seems a bit unlikely. 🤔   Could there be a bit of survivor guilt with Lewis?  What does Lewis have in mind, did I see him taking notes about the head injury patient and we saw him looking in on him before Jas ushered him out. I think she is possibly going to be torn between the two in the near future.  I think, from what we saw, Christian does remember Lewis.     Jasmine did take the news of Tori and Christian pretty well, glad Tori had the chance to tell her herself. 

John, being John, was bigging himself up, but I think Susie could see through all that bluster and still likes him anyway.😄    Yes, I'm being pedantic but John is still calling Maz his ex wife, but she isn't she is still his wife.  Be interesting when she and Susie do meet.😉



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Christian makes me think of what would happen if Jason Donovan and Crocodile Dundee had a kid who wanted to be a doc :)

Iso/Solitary/The Hole is probably the best place for Colby away from Bacon-Hungry inmates. Mostly took  Dean's "You gotta do whatever to survive"

Maybe a Commitment Ceremony on Stewarts point is the way to go, where the Poulos clan and all surviving Morgans turn up for it. Officiated by Celebrant Claire of course, but in no way official... 



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On 22/02/2021 at 20:17, Red Ranger 1 said:

When you open a season with a recap that includes stuff from the season opener two years ago, you know a storyline's been going on a long time.I'm afraid I was back to finding Jasmine annoying, with her continued belief that Colby's somehow a special case.She was also apparently fine with her colleagues being menaced by street thugs just so Dean and Bella could stand by Colby's bed looking upset for a couple of minutes.Christian's reaction was nice:He didn't debate the morals, just pointed out that they could make things worse for themselves by breaking the rules.And after all that drama, Colby's basically fine by the end of the episode, although that might not be a good thing for him if there's another welcome waiting for him when he goes back. Bella looking into protection wings is the most sensible thing anyone's done in a while.I wasn't too impressed with her guilt-tripping Dean: I realise Colby's sentence is a lot longer, but Colby wasn't in jail with Dean because Dean kept quiet about his involvement, so this just makes them even.Officer Martinez appears to have gone from having a full and rather bushy beard to designer stubble overnight.


On 24/02/2021 at 09:37, H&Alover said:

 Wow that was a blast from the past seeing  Heath confronting Leon and Paul!!  Maybe the RB's have extended their territory to include Reefton Lakes?   Dean may not be an active member anymore but his RB antenna was certainly working well enough to know something was amiss with Tane and Ari.  We always knew leaving the door to the flat open while having  private discussions/fights would have consequences and so it proved last night when Bella overheard Dean, Ari and Tane making their plans.  Now Bella has filled in Mac and they both give them an earful!

I'm glad Dean told Bella why he couldn't face visiting Colby inside, Ari understood he had a particularly hard time inside, but he was very harsh with her about hard it was going to be for Colby, glad Ari had a word with him, he does seem to have a way of calming him down.   Dean has always told Bella the way it really is but I'm glad he apologised later.  The only problem with the segregation wing is he'd be there for the whole of his sentence. 


I didnt like that Dean ended up having to apologize to Bella. He was trying to tell her what to expect but she kept ignoring him and trying to push all these heavy handed moves. Ari once again browbeating him into relenting just boosted my annoyance at how everyone might be pushing Dean into submitting to her entitlement issues.

I dont know why everyone was so surprised by Dean calling in the River Boys. From what Ive read about them, the River Boys are more about the sense of family/brotherhood than about commiting crimes. I figured this is why every character from that group (that I know of) has been able to call the guys for help when they need it. Dean got introduced into the show when Ash called out. Willow called out to them to help with the stolen van, and I didnt even think she had the tattoo.

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I'm almost tempted to suggest that Lewis might have done something to that patient himself to make Christian look bad.I don't think he's quite as obsessive as that but he did seem to be only hearing what he wanted to when eavesdropping on Christian and Tori.Presumably there'll be a post-mortem that might given them some answers.So, Leah and Justin sorted things after a quick chat and after Leah actually listened to Justin instead of putting words in his mouth.Hopefully that sticks.

John trying to brag to a clearly uninterested Dean about his date with Susie was quite amusing.I know she's worried but Bella was unnecessarily bratty getting Dean's attention.Whilst I liked that John went and spoke to Dean, I'm not keen on the way he got pressured into going to the prison when he didn't want to: Give Bella a lift sure, but there was no need for him to actually go in.Ah well, turns out he was spared that one!

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Most of the stuff going on now is boring I can't stand Tori and Christian together for them getting married is beyond silly hopefully that is tieing into the Lewis story and won't happen or won't stick 

But I'm interested  if Lewis is somehow right about Christian doesn't look good for Justin if that is the case 


On 01/03/2021 at 11:54, Little bean said:

Which sort of nicely sums up quite a lot of his time on the show really! 

Yeah  Tim I don't think put much passion into the character 

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