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Where Aussie Soap Stars Are Now

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Melissa played Angel from 1993 to 1996, one of the soap's resident waifs and strays. Angel got married, found her adopted son, became a widow and moved to England with a new love. Melissa moved to LA and, after years in the wilderness, has hit the big time with a lead role in The Amityville Horror remake. She's in the upcoming Derailed with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston, too.

"LA's hard but once you conquer it the rewards are incredible," Melissa says. Of Amityville, she adds: "If I was super, super famous ?I would be a bit concerned about a horror film remake. "But I just thought I have nothing to lose by doing this movie. If it doesn't do so well, I don't care, I took a risk."


But probably Home And Away?s most successful actor Julian McMahon crossed the pond to star in Charmed. After a relationship with Shannon Dougherty he moved on to top the bill in Sky One?s Nip/Tuck. Sky Showbiz hears that his next big project will be The Fantastic Four ? a comic book adaptation in which he will play Dr Doom.


After playing one of Pippa's adopted children in the Aussie soap opera, Isla Fisher made her way over to Britain to link up with Darren Day. But she came to her senses and is planning to wed Ali G actor, Sacha Baron Cohen.


We have no explanation for his hair, but we can tell you that Guy Pearce's ship came in. After a stint as Mike in Neighbours, he went on to star as a drag queen in a Hollywood movie and gave an acclaimed performance for his roles in LA Confidential and The Count Of Monte Cristo.


We remember this actress as first appearing in Home & Away. But did you know that years before that she actually made an appearance on Emmerdale - the days it was still known as Emmerdale Farm. And guess what? It's all turned full circle and she's back in the British soap, pulling pints in the Woolpack.


A good pal of Nicole Kidman couldn't far wrong and Naomi's Hollywood career is beginning to soar. She has Mulholland Drive under her belt as well as Le Divorce and 21 Grams.


Heath is working his way up in Tinseltown and with looks like that, he's guaranteed to go far. The lad has already proven he can carry a film by starring in A Knight's Tale.


Sticking with the soaps, Alan Dale left OZ and headed straight for the US. He has since been seen in ER, The X-Files, The OC and 24.


Natalie Imbruglia went from Neighbours surf babe to deep and interesting with her angst-ridden music. She can often be seen at magazines' ?sexiest women of the year? parties and rumour has it, she?ll soon be heading to the US to try her luck there.


Holly Valance, who played Felicity in Neighbours, made an all-out assault on the British media before slinking back down under. We are expecting to hear from her again soon.


After a glittering singing career Jason Donovan lost his cool. But he soon reinvented himself as a star of West End musicals. He started as Joseph and he?s now fiercely promoting his latest gig, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But Kylie and Jason weren?t the only ones to come to the UK looking for streets paved with gold...


Kylie's little sister has had a remarkable career of her own. After leaving Home & Away she tried out dance music before hitting the West End.


Yip, Russell Crowe was in Neighbours. Don't remember him? That's because he featured very fleetingly. He's cleaned up his act since then and has featured in some small budget films that no-one has ever heard of.... ahem.


And our favourite Erinsborough funnyman Mark Little, made the natural move to stand up comedian. After a stint presenting The Big Breakfast on Channel 4, he put together his own stand up show.Well he is back in neighbour's for 6 months?


He's gone from clean cut kiddie to quite the handsome young man, if you don't mind us saying so. Jesse has done plenty of Panto and has recently starred in teen movie Uptown Girls.


This is brilliant. He may not have actually left Neighbours, but veteran Ian Smith, who plays Harold Bishop, is chancing his arm something very new for him. Instead of tooting on his trombone ? or whatever it is that he plays in the telly show ? he?s going to release a hip hop record. Laughingly, he says his pals are already calling him Puff Grandaddy. Look out though, Ian is aiming for a Christmas Number One!Did he ever do this?


when Madge passed away in Neighbours, Anne is now currently on-screen in Dossa and Joe, will appear in the UK TV show Cosmetic Surgery Live. She?s hoping to get some work done on her ?turkey neck and lower face?, and botox in her forehead. ?I don?t want to play old crones forever,? she says.


Stephan Dennis crooned his way through a pop moment in a bad black and white pop video and a leather jacket. He has joined Neighbour's again as the sly Paul Robbinson - Don?t It Make You Feel Good?

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