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What if Colleen would have been in the bay now

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I wish we could have had Colleen in the bay still. She really was lightening up the episodes,  always happy, sometimes confused and always gossiping and asuming this and that about everyone.

Characteters like her, Lance and Martin I really wish would return. You never knew what they ended up doing or sayingūüôā

Can you imagine Colleen Having scenes with the River Boys these days? Nah!

But I did love her and "constable Risotto" aka Angelo..

Maybe one day. 

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Please no! I couldn't stand Colleen. She was way too over the top and annoying and stayed way too long. She was great for continuity though - like she was there for over a decade and had a mostly supporting role - but she's had her day. 


Her granddaughter would be 20 now though, so she'd probably have made an appearance by now if Colleen was still around. 


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Colleen would be better to have on the show during the 90s when it was more lighthearted.

I know Colleen could be over the top at times but I definitely think she could be good at being serious when Lyn was given something decent to stick her teeth into .

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What'd she'd probably say

"John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers? Now I've heard everything! Then again she always did like older blokes..."

"Those Piranha boys are nothing but a menace!"

"Doctor Morgan/Constable Thorne/etc come quickly!"

"Sorry, Martha. I was just checking; you *weren't* a ghost!"

"Young Bella, you're too aggro, remind me a lot of my Lancey's Debbie!"

"And just WHAT are *you* smirking at, Ryder Jackson?"


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3 hours ago, CaptainTed84 said:

I think they would both get along really well lol

I can just see her at Salt after upsetting someone.

"Sherry please, Young Ryder. Leave the bottle. I've put me foot in it again".

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I think Colleen had plenty of storyline’s even though she was mainly used as a busybody or for comical scenes. 

Her storylines.

1999-Colleen vs Diana. 

2000 -Seeing her ex husband again and being responsible for diner being burnt down. 

2001-Gambling addiction. 

2003- Breast cancer and author of Max book.

2004-Romance which ending leaving her with  broken  heart. 

2008-Finding out she is Stewart.


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