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Reunited, Family and Secrets


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Story Title: Reunited, Family and Secrets
Type of story: S/M Fic 
Main Characters: Tori,  Robbo, Christian, Justin, Leah, Colby, Jasmine
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers:  No.
Any warnings: Sexual content. 
Summary: What if Robbo had faked his death and Tori and Jasmine knew the whole time. Well now Robbo is back and Tori couldn't be happier however she decides to hide it from Christian. 


Chapter 1

Tori had taken the day off after getting word for Robbo earlier that day that it was really over and that he was coming back to the bay. Tori was so happy that she was getting her friend back and Grace was getting her father back she was also relieved that Christian was working cause she didn't want to tell him and she needed Robbo right now.

It was a hour later when Tori heard a knock on the door and opened it to see Robbo. She quickly threw her arms around him hugging him tightly as he did the same "I missed you" Robbo smiles "I missed you too" The pair walk inside to hear Grace crying.

They go to Grace's room and Robbo picks her up and she calms down Tori smiles at this. She always wanted to see Robbo as a dad and now she got to and nothing made her happier. She smiles watching the pair as Robbo pulls her close. To Tori nothing had ever felt this right. She was happy that her family was complete. She had Robbo back and that was all she needed.

Robbo and Tori then sat on the couch as Robbo explained that he got Jasmine to fill everyone in that knew him so it wasn't a surprise and Tori smiled at this glad people wouldn't give then weird looks if they were to go out. "What been happening with you? Tori knew now wasn't the time to mention Christian "Not much. Focusing on Grace like I promised you, working and taking care of Justin when he was sick" Robbo smiles "I wish i was here" Tori can tell he feels guilty "You are now and to me that is all that matters" Robbo smiles at this "I Love you Tori and I love our daughter" Tori smiles as she hugs him "I love you too and I'm so glad to have you back. Never leave me again" Robbo laughs at this  "Don't worry I won't be Tori. You, Grace and Jasmine I could never leave you again it sucked" Tori got what Robbo meant after all she had to leave people she loved before.


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Chapter 2

Justin had got a text from Tori to let him know that she was having a great time with Robbo and he couldn't help that smile after all he knew how much his sister  loved Robbo and that she missed him like crazy. He just hoped Christian wouldn't get the wrong idea after all Justin liked the guy.

In the diner Irene sees Jasmine walk in and smiles before deciding to ask "Have you seen him?" Jasmine smiles and nods "Briefly he wanted to see his daughter and Tori so headed over there" Irene nods but worries about Jasmine "How does that make you feel?" Jasmine knows it hurts but she does get it "I mean it hurts but I get Robbo wanted to spend time with his daughter and Tori after all they hadn't spent time as a family yet" Irene nods understanding as Jasmine continued "At least I won't be the only outsider Christian will be as well if Tori ever tells him the truth" Irene surprised she hadn't already "I thought she would of" Jasmine shakes her head "It is a big thing and besides she haven't told Robbo about him yet. I think she wants family time right now and he wants the same" Irene nods and goes and gets Jasmine order.

Back at the house Tori and Robbo were playing with Grace and the pair had the biggest smiles on their faces. They were both so happy . "It nice to be here as a family finally" Tori smiles as he speaks "Yeah it is. It is what we always wanted and now we can do it for the rest of our lives" This makes Robbo smile after all Tori was right he would be able to spend the rest of his life with the people he loves the most. Robbo had missed this more then anything spending time with Tori and forget whatever else was happening. 

It is now a few minutes later when Tori reaches her phone and quickly texts Christian saying tonight is cancelled and to not come over as she then focuses on Robbo again. "Everything ok?" Tori smiles "Yep"

Christian walks in the diner and sees Jasmine and smiles before walking over. As he is about to talk to Jasmine his phone goes off and he sees it Tori and reads the message. He is gutted as he had an awful day and wanted to spend tonight with his girlfriend but now she have bailed on him. Jasmine could see that Christian was upset "You alright?" Christian looks at her "I had an awful day at work and was looking forward to seeing Tori and she just cancelled" Jasmine could see his hurt and hugged him. She felt awful for Christian and it made her feel even worst knowing the reason and knowing that it will happen again and again after all that is how Robbo had been with her he bailed on her for Tori and Tori will do the exact same thing to Christian for Robbo

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Chapter 3

The next morning Tori wakes up with Robbo beside her after all they fell asleep on the couch last night. She smiles as Robbo hold her in his arms and she feels so safe for the first time since he faked his death she was happy.

Robbo wakes up shortly after and smiles at Tori "Morning" Tori smiles as she looks at him "You too" The pair then decide to get change and get takeaway from the diner for breakfast after all Robbo wanted to see Colby and Alf anyway.

The pair were soon changed and put Grace in the pram before heading out. 

They walk towards the diner and smile as they spot Alf. Alf smiles as he walks towards "Well your a sight for sore eyes. We have missed you like Tori did most but all of us have" Robbo smiles "I missed you guys too" Colby walks out with Jasmine and as soon as he spots his mate runs over and manhugs him. Jasmine looks at then "Where are you guys heading?" Robbo smiles "The diner I missed Irene coffee" Jasmine knows Christian is there "You guys catch up I will go get it and Irene will come out with me" Both Robbo and Tori were confused but agreed.

Jasmine walks in the diner and Christian surprised to see her there again after all she just left "Forget something Jaz" Jasmine smiles "Nah" Irene looks at her "Two coffees" Irene nods knowing who it is for "You good?" Jasmine nods "Yeah I knew it would be like this and besides it won't change." Irene nods as she makes the coffees while Jasmine starts to walk out but Christian calls her back "Do you have a sec?" Jasmine nods walking over

Jasmine looks at Christian "What's up?" Christian smiles as he thinks about his plan "I want to surprise Tori by taking her on a date today and I need your help" Jasmine knew Tori would not leave Robbo side "I shall help you plan but you should do it next week" Christian is surprised "Why?" Jasmine knows she needs to lie "Trust me next week Tori can fully focus on you" With that Jasmine walks out leaving a very confused Christian he was wondering what Jasmine meant by that like what else did Tori have to focus on other then Grace.

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Chapter 4

Christian didn't understand what Jasmine meant and he wished he did cause he misses his girlfriend and then gets told by her best friend to not take her on a date and for him it hurts.

Meanwhile Colby, Tori, Grace, Robbo and Jasmine who just returned with coffees are now walking upstairs to Robbo's place. They all walk in as Tori and Robbo immediately sit down and the others join then. Colby fills Robbo in on all that have been happening in his life and how he got cleared of murder and what Willow did to him. Robbo was shocked and knew he wouldn't forgive Willow for this.

Tori then heard her phone ring and quickly looked at the number before walking outside to take it "Hey Christian now not a good time" Tori knew now was the worst time possible after all she was spending time with her family the people she loved most hell she loved more then Christian. Christian was hurt by Tori saying this "You bailed last night I was thinking we could go out for dinner tonight" Tori knew he needed the dinner but right now she had more important stuff "I wish I could but right now I can't I'm sorry" Christian was surprised and knew Jasmine was right "Perhaps she was right?" Tori was confused "Who?" Christian spoke "Jasmine she said she would be too busy to focus on me this week" Tori can hear the hurt in his voice "I'm sorry I will make it up to you" With that Tori hangs up.

Tori walks back inside and Robbo knows something is wrong straight away. He gets up and hugs Tori "What do you need?" Tori looks up "Hold me, don't let me go, don't leave me" Robbo nods as he holds Tori. Jasmine and Colby give Robbo a nod so he knows they are going.

Jasmine and Colby walk in the diner to see Christian "You were right?" Jasmine is confused "About?" Christian looks at her "Tori she said she got more important stuff then me" Jasmine can see his hurt and wraps her arms around him "I'm sorry" Colby can see he is upset but gets why Tori is this way "Don't take it to heart" Christian listens to the cop "It hard not to when the person you love most in the world says you aren't important to her anymore" Jasmine hugs Christian tighter "I'm so sorry" Jasmine knew what this feels like after all she had been through it but she wasn't going to tell Christian that

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Chapter 5

Tori and Robbo sat down and Tori knew she couldn't lie to him he needed to know about Christian. "Robbo I need to tell you something" Robbo nods "Ok" As Tori is about to speak the doors open to a mad Jasmine "I get that you want to spend time with Robbo but i also get what it feels like to be on the outer so Tori you need to go and fix this" Tori was shocked at Jasmine rage and so was Robbo. Jasmine then leaves as Tori feels worst. "What was that about?" Robbo was worried Jasmine never yelled and he knew that "That was because i bailed on my boyfriend to spend time with you" Robbo was surprised then it clicked "That what you were going to tell me " Tori nods "He knows nothing about us or you. I want to keep it that way but i also want" Robbo cuts her off "My approval" Tori nods "If you don't approve then him and I are over and besides your the most important person in my life" Robbo smiles as he hugs Tori "It will take time I know it will and it hard for us to let people in but all I want is for you to be happy." Tori hugs Robbo as the pair decide to head to the diner to see Irene.

They both walk in the diner and Robbo is spotted by Irene and Leah who walk over and both hug him "It is good to see you" Leah smiles as Robbo said this "You too. It is great to see Tori so happy" Robbo smiles as he pulls Tori close before ordering coffees and head to a table. The pair are sitting "So what this guy like?" Tori smiles "He doesn't give up on what he wants for one it took me a while because of" Robbo nods knowing what Tori is talking about "He is loyal and caring. He looked out for Grace and I and also Jasmine" Robbo smiles at that "But he isn't you. No one can replace you" Robbo laughs "Well no one can replace you either"

Meanwhile Christian was heading to the diner when he spots Jasmine sitting on the pier and walks over sitting beside her "You ok?" Jasmine shakes her head "I yelled at your girlfriend for not spending time with you and now" Christian pulls her close "Your a good friend Jasmine" Jasmine smiles at least Christian understood she knew she would cope it from Robbo and Tori later "What did you say to her?" Christian was curious and Jasmine knew she needed to choose her words carefully "I said that she needs to go and fix things, make sure your ok" Christian smiles grateful to have Jasmine in his corner and pulls her into a hug which she returns

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Chapter 6
Tori and Robbo walked out of the diner shortly after and Tori looked over to see Jasmine on the pier "We need to go now" Robbo nods as they race up the stairs and to the desk. Tori points at the guy who sitting beside Jasmine "He is the guy" Robbo nods at least he knows what the guy somewhat looks like now.

It is twenty minutes later when Jasmine arrives in the flat to see Robbo sitting on the couch as Tori walks towards the door "What did you say to Christian?" Jasmine was shocked that Tori mentioned his name infront of Robbo and looks at the pair "I know everything Jasmine" Jasmine is relieved but she also thinks Christian should too "Christian should as well" Tori and Robbo shake their heads and speak "Not a Chance" Jasmine doesn't get why he can't after all the rest of the bay already do. "I am going to talk to him those so tell me what did you say?" Jasmine knew Tori wanted an answer "Just that I yelled at you for not spending time with him" Tori nods as she hugs Robbo "I will be back in five" Then just like that Tori leaves

Tori walks down the stairs and heads towards where Christian is sitting. Christian turns around hearing footsteps and when he sees who it is he gets up and runs towards Tori picking her up and kissing her "I missed you" Tori smiles "Yeah you too. I can't stay long but I needed to see if you were ok" Christian can see she is worried "Honestly no. I had an awful day at work yesterday then you bailed last night and tonight" Tori can see his hurt and kisses him "I promise you, i will make it up to you" Christian pulls Tori in for a hug. If he didn't get to spend time with her for long the time he wanted to spend the time he had with her holding her in his arms.

Robbo walks out the desk watching the whole thing unfold. Robbo can see that Tori is happy however he doesn't trust the guy at least not yet. After what happened with Scott and Willow he knew he couldn't trust people. Jasmine walks out and puts her arms around him "He is a good guy" Robbo looks at her "It is my job to protect Tori and I don't trust him" Jasmine gets that "I didn't for a while but I realized he is a good guy" Robbo gets Jasmine side "Still doesn't mean I trust him"

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Chapter 7

Shortly after Tori bails on Christian as she wants to get back up to Robbo. She walks up the stairs of the apartment and spots her friend waiting for her and immediately hugs him tightly not letting yes she felt safe in Christian's arms but she felt safer in Robbo.

The pair walked in the flat to see Jasmine holding Grace. The pair smiled at then both before sitting on the couch. Jasmine knowing this was a serious chat decided on taking Grace downstairs to the diner.

Tori could see worry in Robbo's eyes "What is it?" Robbo wasn't sure it was his place to say "I'm not sure we can trust him and I am worried that i lose you. I know it is crazy but I am" Tori never meant for Robbo to feel this way. She moved closer and hugged him "You will never lose me I promise and besides I wouldn't cope if i lost you again as for Christian I get it I do that why I will keep it to only a few times a week and focus more on our family" Robbo nodded as he held Tori in his arms not wanting to let go. He shouldn't admit this but the happiest he was is when he is with Grace and Tori they are his family after all.

Jasmine walks in the diner holding Grace who is crying. Christian immediately spots her and walks over taking Grace out of her arms and holding her until she calms down. Jasmine smiles watching the pair and knows Christian have got the same love for Grace as Robbo, Tori and her do. "Your good with her Christian". This makes the doctor smile even more "Yeah well Grace is like a daughter to me" Jasmine smiles at this she knows how much Christian cares for Tori and Grace but before Jasmine gets to say that Christian cuts her off "Can I tell you something?" Jasmine nods curious "I can imagine my whole life with Tori and her, Grace and I as a family. I never imagined that with anyone before but I have with Tori" Jasmine sees Christian smile grow wider every time he mentions Tori which makes her feel even more guilty "You guys will have that I know it in fact you already do. Tori loves you so much Christian" This causes the doctor to smile as the pair sit down at a table.

Back at the flat Robbo and Tori are looking at their daughter "Move in here with Colby, Jasmine and I or I could move in with you guys we should have more time as a family" Tori smiles at Robbo's suggestion "That sounds perfect. You and Jas can move into the cottage we just need to run it by her" Tori nods as she grabs her phone and texts the blonde.

Christian and Jasmine are chatting and are about to order Coffee when Jasmine's phone goes off. She picks it up and reads Tori message before looking at Christian "I'm sorry but i need to go. I should be back in ten minutes if your willing to wait" Christian smiles "Of course" Jasmine picks Grace up and heads upstairs to find out what Tori and Robbo want to talk about and she would be lying if she wasn't slightly nervous 

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Chapter 8

Jasmine opens the door handing Grace to Tori before sitting down and looking at her husband "What is going on babe?" Robbo grabs Jasmine hand "How do you feel about moving into the cottage?" Jasmine knows what they are meaning and smiles "That would be amazing that way Grace would have all of us" Tori smiles "Exactly so your in?" Jasmine nods "I will pack as soon as I finished catching up with Christian" This gets Tori attention "How is he? Is he ok?" Jasmine smiles she is happy Tori asked after all Christian loves her "He is missing you but fine" With that Jasmine leaves.

Jasmine walks back in the diner and smiles at Christian who gets up and hugs her "Everything ok?" Jasmine nods smiling knowing Christian needs to here this from Tori all of it. The pair grab a coffee before walking towards the pier and then sitting down. Christian can see that something is bothering Jasmine "You ok?" Jasmine shakes her head "I'm sick of coming second to someone else" Christian gets exactly what she means after all he feels this with Tori but doesn't know who he is coming second to "I get that. I feel that way with Tori right now and it hurts cause I love her so much and I feel forgotten" Jasmine nods as she hugs Christian she gets it as she feels the same with Robbo.

Jasmine walks upstairs to see Tori and Robbo packing she looks at Tori "Christian needs you" This causes Tori to turn around as she is worried "Why what happened?" Robbo can see Tori worried and grabs her hand "He feels forgotten by you he told me" Tori can see the hurt in Jasmine eyes after all she knew Jasmine was protective of him "Ok I will go talk to him remind him that he isn't" Jasmine nods as Tori leaves.

Tori runs down the stairs seeing Christian on the pier she runs towards him "Christian" The doctor turns around smiling at his girlfriend he can't help but feel happier. Tori walks forward and kisses him as he lifts her off the ground and kisses back "I love you Christian. You are not forgotten by me. Your everything to me. I could never forget you and I love you" Tori meant every word of that and was going to say something else but was cut of by Christian kissing her "I love you too and your everything to me as well" Tori smiles as she kisses him back

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Chapter 9

Shortly after while Christian holding her Tori gets a text from Robbo and she knows she needs to go "I'm sorry" With that Tori runs out leaving an confused Christian like what could be so important that she would bail on him.

Tori runs up the stairs and sees a worried looking Robbo and Jasmine and she knows something happened. Before they can even speak Tori on the ground in tears she doesn't want have to lose Robbo again. Robbo kneels down beside Tori grabbing her and helping her up before pulling into his arms and Tori not letting go "I'm fine but Justin isn't Leah called he is in hospital" Tori cries into Robbo arms as he holds her while Jasmine gets the car. Jasmine knows that Tori won't cope if anything happens to Justin and that she needs Robbo more then ever,

Within 30 seconds of Tori leaving Christian had gotten a call informing him about Justin and he immediately rushed to the hospital trying to call Tori on the way but had zero lucky.

When he arrived he walked in to see a worried Justin and Leah "What happening?" Christian can see the fear in his friend eyes "I'm not sure but we will find out. I tried to call Tori but didn't get through" Leah knows he doesn't know "I called her she is on her way" With that Christian leaves the room to get scans organized.

Robbo, Jasmine and Tori race up the fire stairs to avoid Christian and the group run in Justin's room relieved to see that he isn't there. Tori runs over and hugs her brother before standing aside and letting Justin and Robbo shake hands "It is good to see you. I'm sorry i didn't earlier" Justin gets it "You wanted to spend time with Tori, Jasmine and your daughter I get it" Robbo smiles at Justin before standing back and holding Tori in his arms as Jasmine walks over hugging him tightly.

The group hear footsteps and Robbo quickly goes into the bathroom to avoid been seen by Christian which Tori is grateful for but at the same time she needs him. Christian smiles at Tori "Justin I have booked scans for twenty minutes. I will be back then" Justin nods as Christian grabs Tori hand and leads her out of the room.

As soon as the pair are further away Christian hugs his girlfriend "I know your scared but I'm here and i will do everything I can" Tori nods staying in his arms she needed to hear that "I should get back to him" Christian nods as Tori leaves.

Tori walks back in the room seeing Robbo and running into his arms. He hugs her tightly and doesn't let go "That was close" Tori hears his worry and nods "I know but don't go" Robbo shakes his head "I'm not Tori don't worry I'm not leaving when you need me" This makes Tori smile "Thank you for this and well everything" Robbo kisses her forehead "Always Tori"

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Chapter 10

Jasmine walks out of the room and towards Christian she needed some time away from Tori and Robbo and besides she was worried about him. Christian immediately spotted Jasmine and knew something was up "Coffee" Jasmine nods as Christian walks besides her and the pair head towards the lift.

As they get in the lift Christian decides to ask the questions "What happened?" Jasmine knows she shouldn't be telling Christian this "Someone from Tori's past is back and mine too. I want to spend time with him but he is more focused on your girlfriend" Christian is surprised with what Jasmine said and straight away he felt jealous. He couldn't help it "That why you said about her focus not going to be on me" Jasmine nods to this she feels bad for Christian she thinks he should know the truth after all he is Tori's boyfriend and he is involved in all of this now too however she knows it isn't her place to say. "I will talk to Tori get dinner planned so whoever it is you can spend time together" Jasmine smiles she is so grateful for Christian "Thank you" Christian smiles "Always besides i would like to have some time with my girlfriend" Jasmine smiles she gets that wanting time with her husband "I get it and now you will have it"

Meanwhile Tori and Robbo are sitting outside the hospital grounds as they left not long after Jasmine as Tori wanted to get out of there "You ok?" Tori shakes her head "I'm scared of losing him like i did Mason and almost you" Robbo feel guilty he knew he shouldn't left Tori and immediately pulls her close and hugs "I know you are but you will always have me. I will never leave you again" Tori hugs back not letting go "Good cause I would not cope" Robbo smiles nodding as he knows he wouldn't even "I love you Tori Morgan" Tori smiles kissing his forehead "I love you too" 

Christian and Jasmine had just finished coffee and Jasmine decided to walk the grounds alone. She saw an upset Tori hugging into Robbo and she felt awful for feeling what she did. She knew Christian wanted to be there for Tori with things like this and he couldn't be because of all this lying and cause Tori cares about Robbo more just like Robbo cares about Tori more then her which did hurt. Jasmine wished now more then ever that she could tell Christian the truth. She knew that he deserved to know and every moment she was lying to her friend she hated it more.

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