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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Thanks for reading :)


I edited some of the last chapter, so you might want to re-read before you read this new chapter..

Chapter 532


Mason Bistro- Brisbane


Martin looked at his watch, Sarah was 15 minutes late. He racked his brains trying to remember if he had the time wrong, or the wrong location. He drank some of his coffee and looked out of the window and sighed.

“Sorry I’m late” Martin turned to see Sarah taking off her jacket and sitting opposite him

“No worries, I just got here” Martin said and smiled as he looked at Sarah. She looked even better than he remembered

“What can I get you “The waitress said as she came over to the table

“Oh just a coffee please” Sarah said as she smiled at the waitress who nodded and walked away

“So, how’s the leg?” Sara said as she pushed her hair behind her ears

“Getting better every day” Martin said as he lifted his plastered leg up. Sarah smiled then she looked up as the waitress put her coffee on the table

“Thanks” Sarah said and smiled as Martin looked at her


Background music- Romance theme *


“You sure you don’t want anything else? Let me see I think I can afford for us to share a sandwich” Martin said as he reached into his pocket and took out two pennies as Sarah laughed. Martin always made her laugh. That is what she liked about him

“No, the coffee is fine thanks” Sarah said and poured some milk into her coffee.

“So what else do you do on your day off?” Martin said as he watched Sarah sip her coffee. Even though he didn’t know her well, there was something that he liked. Martin sighed silently as he remembered Megan. He really thought he was in love with Megan, he even thought he was going to marry her but she never felt the same as him

“Well me and my flat mate, we clean our flat then we go and shop for food then maybe go and watch a movie if she doesn’t have plans with her boyfriend. When she does I stay home and watch TV with my cat cuddles” Sarah said and smiled

“Cuddles…I wouldn’t mind meeting Cuddles one day..animals love me” Martin said and smiled. Sarah smiled.

“What about you?” Sarah said

“Right about now wishing I was lying on a beach somewhere” Martin said and sighed

“Well the Sunbird beach is only 40 minutes from here” Sarah said

“Yeah, but it probably isn’t as good as the beach we have at home in Summer Bay” Martin said and smiled

“I bet its better” Sarah said and giggled

“Ok, since you want to bet…we have to check out both places. I’ll go to Sunbird, then you have to come to Summer Bay…is that a deal?” Martin said and he put his hand out and Sarah started giggling

“Come on, you’re the one who made the bet” Martin said as he looked at Sarah who was giggling. She didn’t know Martin well, yet here she was, potentially going away with him. Sarah nodded

“Ok” Sarah said then she shook Martins hand as she giggled. Martin noticed how soft her hands were and how beautiful her eyes were when she smiled

“I dunno about you, but I think I’m going to have some of that apple pie over there…excuse me, two slices of apple pie please” Martin said and the waitress nodded. Sarah was about to protest then she decided against it. She was enjoying Martins company. Shortly after the waitress returned with two slices of apple pie. “I should think of what I am going to get when I win the bet” Martin said as he ate some of his apple pie

“I wouldn’t get too over confident if I was you” Martin said

“Oh yeah?” Sarah said

“Yeah” Martin said and Sarah giggled

“the food is great, the people are friendly..hey, you will see a familiar face. Lt Lucini will still probably be there” Martin said and Sarah froze as she stared at Martin

“Something wrong with your apple pie? tastes good to me…I should’ve asked for custard as well..excuse me can I have some custard please…do you want some custard?” Martin said as he looked at Sarah who looked like a possum caught in headlights

“I’m leaving” Sarah said and she got up and put her jacket on as Martin looked at her confused

“Why? You just got here” Martin said

“I don’t want to see you again” Sarah said and she picked up her bag and walked towards the entrance

“Wait..what did I say?” martin said as he struggled to get up but was too late, Sarah had already walked out of the Bistro. Martin sighed and he sat down. He knew what he said. Mentioning Lt Lucini. He knew it was a stupid thing to do, but he thought Sarah would’ve opened up and said why she had a problem with him. Martin looked at the waitress as she put the custard on the table. He wasn’t even hungry anymore. He was annoyed and probably just ruined a potential relationship. He had to find out what Lt Lucini did to Sarah that made her frightened of him, but he didn’t know how he was going to do it…


Background music ends



Beach- Summer Bay


“Bobby look we caught a fish” Sam said excited

“Thats great Sam!” Bobby said and smiled as Greg  took the fish off the line and put it in a bucket

“So that’s three fishes, I think we did good didn’t we mate” Greg said

“Yeah” Sam said excited

“Alright, lets wash our hands and have some lunch” Greg said as Bobby put the sandwiches on the table

“What are you doing?” Greg said

“Putting the sandwiches out” Bobby said

“No you don’t. I told you that you don’t have to do anything. Just sit down and relax” Greg said

“Ok ok” Bobby said and she put her hands up and sat down. She turned around and looked at the at how far they were from the beach and signed. Even though it was peaceful she couldn’t help thinking about what Steve said.




Frank- This is a bit sudden, you wanting to leave

Steve- I’ve been thinking about it for a while

Sally- Steve are you going to come back

Steve- Maybe one day Sal

Sally- but why do yo have to go?

Steve- I just do Sal

Bobby- If its going to make you happy, then I say go for it

Steve- Thanks Bobby


Flashback ends


“Bobby” Bobby looked up to see Greg giving her a plate

“Sorry, I was miles away. This looks great, thanks” Bobby said and smiled. She wasn’t really hungry. She knew why Steve was going, he felt responsible for Thomas dying.

“Is there something wrong?” Greg said

“No, nothing” Bobby said

“I thought it might have something to do with what Steve told you” Greg said

“No, its just been a long week” Bobby said

“Well hopefully us spending time together as a family will cheer you up” Greg said as he sat next to Bobby and kissed her cheek

“Yeah, it will” Bobby said and smiled..



Shaunna blew her whistle as the kids came running back onto the sand from the water

“Well done. Now we’re going to take a break for lunch, then we are going to do some basic first aid” Shaunna said and the kids in front of her nodded and rushed over to where their lunches and towels were

“Hello Shaunna” Shaunna turned around to see Celia walking towards her

“Hello Mrs Ross” Shaunna said

“I just wanted to come along and see how everything was going” Celia said

“Yeah, good” Shaunna said

“I must admit, I was surprised when Haydn said he wanted me to make him a packed lunch because he was going to junior lifeguaurds” Celia said and Shaunna smiled to herself

“He mustve heard from his school mates how fun it was going to be” Shaunna said

“Yes, that is probably what it was…oh before I forget, I brought you some lunch as well” Celia said

“Oh you didn’t need to” Shaunna said but secretly she was happy because Mrs Ross made the best sandwiches

“Oh yes I did. I didn’t want you to go without” Celia said and she smiled. She really like Shaunna.

“Thank you” Shaunna said and smiled

“You’re welcome..I’ll see you later” Celia said and she walked away as Shaunna smiled.



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Steve quietly opened the backdoor, closed it behind him and walked around to the back porch and sat down and sighed. He did it…told his family he was going. Now that it was out in the open he didn’t know how he felt because now it was a reality..he was really going. Steve rolled his eyes as he watched Ben park the car. He didn’t know what Carly saw in him, he was a scum bag, and she had turned into a scumbag since marrying him

“I’ll give you a dollar to clean my car” Ben said as he walked up to the house

“Get lost” Steve said

“You’ve been asking for a really good hiding” Ben said and Steve got up

“Yeah from who?” Steve said

“From me you little drop kick” Ben said as he and Steve bumped chests

“Go on then..I’m not afraid of you” Steve said

“Yeah” Ben said as he got annoyed then he started to laugh. Steve reminded him of new army  recruits that thought they were brave

“Go on, take a shot I’m not afraid of you scumbag” Steve said

“Hey , whats going on here?” Steve and Ben both looked behind them to see Frank holding Sophie. Sophie wanted to ride her bike for a little bit before she had some cake. Steve looked at Frank then he opened the back door and walked into the house

“Nothing, just playing around” Ben said and smiled



“Trust Steve to pick his timing” Carly said biting a into a sausage roll as she stood in the kitchen.

“Carly” Pippa said and looked at her

“Well he could’ve waited until after the party..but he just wanted the attention on him” Carly said

“He did say if he didn’t say it now, he probably wouldn’t have the courage to say it later on” Pippa said as she dried the mixing bowl

“Hope I didn’t miss all the food” Carly sighed as she heard Ben come into the house

“Hello Ben. No we have some left over..have you finished work for the day?” Pippa said as she walked out of the kitchen

“No, I asked someone to cover so I can take a lunch break. Happy birthday Sally, I hope you liked your present” Ben said as Sally sat at the table eating cake

“Yes thanks” Sally said with cake in her mouth

“Happy birthday Frank” Ben said as Frank and Sophie came into the house.

“Thanks” Frank said

“You’re birthday present is you letting me beat you at a game of cards” Ben said and Frank laughed

“Maybe another time” Frank said and he walked into the kitchen

“Did you have a good time riding your bike?” Pippa said and Sophie nodded

“shes getting really good, I think I need to take the training wheels off soon” Frank said

“Well let me slice you some cake” Pippa said and smiled as she walked out of the kitchen and Frank followed. Sophie sighed as Frank sat opposite her. Sophie was such a baby Sally thought to herself. She always made Frank pick her up. She wasn’t a baby like Sophie, and she didn’t like Sally anymore…


Nowra beach resort- Nowra Australia


“Oh love this is wonderful” Ailsa said as she opened the curtains in the hotel room. The view was spectacular.

“Only the best for you love” Alf said he opened a bottle of champagne. Ailsa turned around when she heard the cork pop. Alf poured some of the champagne into a glass and gave it to Ailsa then he poured some for himself.


Background music- Alf and Ailsa’s theme ***


“Sometimes all this feels like a dream. I remember the first time I saw you. I never thought I could love again..not after losing Martha, but I was wrong. I know I can be difficult at times, and I’ve got so many faults..I am so grateful that you still love me. Eveything I put you through with Debra..and finding out I have other kids..I never expected you to come back to me. It tore me apart to know that I could’ve lost you forever. I love you more than anything Ails..and I always will” Alf said and he opened his bag out and took out a a box and gave it to Ailsa

“Oh love…the resort was enough” Ailsa said and she opened the box and gasped. It was a beautiful necklace

“Please let me put it on for you” Alf said and Ailsa gave him the necklace and Alf put it on her

“It looks beautiful on you..just like I  knew it would” Alf said and Ailsa smiled

“I love you Ails” Alf said and Ailsa smiled

“I love you too” Ailsa said

“You better…you’re stuck with me” Alf said and Ailsa laughed as he hugged her…


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer bay


Steve looked up as he heard a knock on the already open bedroom door


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Do you mind if I come in.. I brought you some cake” Pippa said

“ok” Steve said as Pippa came into the room. She put the cake on the edge of the bed

“Thanks” Steve said and sat up as Pippa sat next to him

“How are you?” Pippa said

“Well I did it” Steve said

“Yes you did..so now its official” Pippa said smiling even though she was hurt

“Do you hate me Pippa?” Steve said

“of course not darling..I know why you have to go. If this is going to make you happy then I am happy for you” Pippa said and smiled

“Thanks” Steve said and Pippa hugged him as her smile disappeared…



Sophie carefully put the dried plate on the table. She was helping her auntie Carly with the dishes.

“You’ve been a good helper, thank you Sophie” Carly said and smiled at her

“Oh I think your dad is finished, do you want to go and get his plate so we can wash it” Carly said and Sophie nodded

“HE’S NOT HER DAD” Sally said and she pushed Sophie onto the floor. She fell hard and began to cry. Frank stood up and rushed over to pick his crying daughter up


“But” Sally was interrupted

“I SAID NOW” Frank said as hugged Sophie and kissed her eye.

“Its ok sweetheart, you’re going to be just fine” Frank said as Sally ran up the stairs crying

“Does anything hurt?” Frank said as Sophie pointed to her bottom

“Ohhh you’re going to have a sore bum, but you are going to be just fine ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded as she laid her head on her dad’s shoulder.


“Sal, whats the matter?” Pippa said as Sally rushed past her on the stairs and ran into her room.


“Is she alright?” Carly said as she sat next to Frank and gave him a napkin

“Shes going to be fine” Frank said as he wiped Sophies cheeks

“What happened?” Pippa said

“Sal just told Sophie that Frank isn’t her dad and pushed her onto the floor” Carly said

“I just sent her to room” Frank said

“Oh dear…is Sophie hurt?” Pippa said

“Just a bit of a sore bum, but she’s going to be just fine” Frank said

“I better go up and see why Sally did that” Pippa said

“I can tell you why…she’s a spoilt brat” Carly said and Pippa gave her a disappointing look and she walked away…


Background music- Sally’s theme  **


Pippa exhaled as she got to the top of the stairs and lightly knocked on Sallys bedroom door

“Can I come in?” Pippa said as Sally sat on the bed and wiped the tears from her cheek. Pippa sat on the bed next to Sally

“What you said to Sophie wasn’t very nice..she was crying..and she hurt her bum” Pippa said

“Bottom” Sally said and Pippa rolled her eyes

“Its true..Frank is not her dad” Sally said

“Sweetheart, you remember when Sophies other dad was really mean to her?” Pippa said and Sally nodded

“Well he went away so Mrs Malloy said that Frank and Bobby should take care of Sophie and be her new mummy and her daddy because Sophie didn’t have anybody to look after her. She didn’t have a mummy or a daddy to take her to school, or be kind to her,” Pippa said

“So why is Frank with her all the time, he doesn’t even read me a story anymore” Sally said

“Oh sweetheart, you have me, and Steve, and Carly to read you a story. Sophie didn’t have anybody read her a story, and now that she has a new mummy and daddy, they want to do everything to make her happy. That’s why Frank wants to go to her house and read to her, so she can be happy” Pippa said as Sally began to process what Pippa was saying. She remembered when she was in the foster home, nobody read her a story, until she came to live with Tom and Pippa and Tom would read her a story. Sally felt embarrassed by what she did.

“I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to push Sophie” Sally said and she burst into tears

“Its alright sweetheart, I know you didnt” Pippa said and she hugged Sally and smiled..


Background music ends



Army Hospital- Brisbane


“Back already” Martin turned around to see one of the hospital porters behind him.

“G’day..I just came for a visit” Martin said

“Oh yeah?” The porter said

“Yeah..is Sarah working today?” Martin said

“Sarah..we have three Sarah’s here” The porter said

“Sarah Thompson” Martin said

“No I haven’t seen her today, probably her day off” The porter said and Martin sighed

“Why, you interested in her?” The porter said

“Oh she’s just a mate” Martin said

“Probably better off that way if you know what I mean” The porter said

“Why does she have a boyfriend?” Martin said

“Na, I haven’t seen her with anybody, not after the last bloke. ” The porter said

“Know him do ya” Martin said

“Know him? Hes the biggest scumbag walking the earth..he’s one of your lot” The porter said as he swept the floor

“Go easy…we’re not all bad” Martin said then the porter stopped and looked at him

“You are if your name is Lieutenant Ben Lucini” The porter said and continued to sweep as Martin stood in shock…


* I’ll be using this romance theme

** Going forward ill use this theme for all the young kids..Sam, Sophie..Sally and call it Kids emotional theme) 


*** Alf and Ailsa's theme 


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Great chapter 

Poor Sophie I remember in the show I was not born then but I’ve seen it in old clips, when Bobby accidentally knocked Sally on her bottom.

Oh Sarah was dating Ben oh dear.

Update again soon :)


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Thanks for reading. Been a busy, but I will have a chapter by the end of the week!


Spoilers for the future..

- A character will move out of the beach house (Simpson residence)

- Three characters will be leaving Summer Bay in the near future

- Two big secrets will come out 

- A character will end up in jail (Somewhat connected to one of the secrets that will come out)


Any guesses?


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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the delay, been really busy. 

I hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 533



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Sandra looked at her watch then out of the window. She was expecting Maurice to meet her after work like he normally did. Usually he was there before the shop shut, but today he wasn’t.

“You can turn the sign to close now Sandra” Celia said as she came out of the back

“Ok” Sandra said as she walked to the front door. Sandra turned the sign, and looked out of the window. She still didn’t see Maurice’s car.

“Can you just put these boxes in the back then we can go” Celia said

“Ok” Sandra said and she walked to the counter and picked the boxes up and took them to the stockroom. When she walked back to the shop floor, Mrs Ross was putting her jacket on.

“Thank you for your hard work today” Celia said

“You’re welcome” Sandra said

“I assume Alfred will take care of your wages when he gets home” Celia said

“He paid me already” Sandra said as they walked to the front door

“Alright then..well see you tomorrow” Celia said as she locked the door

“Ok, bye” Sandra said as she watched Mrs Ross walk away. Sandra looked at her watch again then looked around and sighed and began to walk home.



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Frank opened the bathroom door and walked the short distance to his room.

“Happy Birthday” Frank turned around to see Finlay standing behind the door. She closed the door and let the towel that was draped around her fall to the floor

“What are you doing?” Frank said

“I want to give you your birthday present” Finlay said as she walked towards Frank

“I’ve told you already that this is not a good idea, What if Steve comes in?” Frank said

“I saw him go out” Finlay said as she kissed Franks neck and attempted to pull at the towel wrapped around his waist. Frank pulled back

“Look this is not a good idea.. you better leave” Frank said and Finlay sighed

“I want you so much..and I know you want me” Finlay said as she rubbed her naked body on Frank, and he moved back. Finlay sighed as she looked at Frank then she walked over to the towel on the floor and picked it up and wrapped it around her then she opened the door, made sure no one was around and she walked out and closed the door. She rushed into the spare bedroom and closed the door behind her and smiled to herself. She knew that Frank wanted her, he didn’t deny it. She knew that  it was only a matter of time before they would be together…she knew it, and she couldn’t wait.



Smart Residence- Summer Bay


Colleen took the last roller out of her hair and began to style it. She wasn’t the best at doing her hair and makeup, so it was nice when Nola Dibble did a rinse and put curlers in for her.

“What you all done up for?” Lance said as he walked out of his room

“Am I not allowed to get my hair done?” Colleen said and put on some lipstick

“I dunno, depends why you are doing it. I hope its not for Mr Fisher again” Lance said

“Never you mind, and no, Donald and I are just friends” Colleen said

“Oh..I’m going to work..see you later” Lance said then he walked out of the mobile home and closed the door. Colleen put a little bit more lipstick and smiled at herself in the hand held mirror.

“No, tonight its not Donald..I’ve moved on to someone else” Colleen said and smiled at herself



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank buttoned the cuff of his shirt as he walked down the stairs.  His birthday hadn’t been bad, it was probably one of the best that he had in a long time. He got to spend the entire day with his daughter, and now he was going to go to dinner with Beth.

“You look nice” Pippa said as she looked up from mending Steve’s button

“Thanks” Frank said and Sophie looked round. She was sitting on the couch watching a repeat of Playschool. She like the presenter with the black hair, he looked just like her dad. 

“Sweetheart get you things, I have to take you home” Frank said and Sophie nodded.

“So where are you and Beth going tonight?” Pippa said as Frank sat at the dining table.

“Just to dinner” Frank said

“Why don’t you invite her over for dinner next week or something?” Pippa said

“No..I don’t want to confuse things with Sophie” Frank said

“It can just be us” Pippa said

“She’s going back to the city next week, her contract here is over” Frank said

“Oh that’s a shame, I guess that means we are going to be seeing less of you” Pippa said

“What do you mean?” Frank said

“You will be spending time in the city…with Beth” Pippa said

I don’t know…long distance relationships don’t work” Frank said as Sophie stood next to him. Frank put his arm around her and kissed her forehead

“You ready?” Frank said and Sophie nodded. Pippa smiled. Frank was such a caring father, and he loved Sophie very much. Pippa looked to her left when she heard some footsteps. It was Sally.



Background music- Home and Away kids’ theme


“Sophie I’m sorry for pushing you on the floor, I didn’t mean to make you cry ” Sally said and she handed Sophie a homemade card. Sophie opened it and looked at the card. She liked the card

“I’m sorry Frank” Sally said as a tear ran down her cheek

“I’m sorry for yelling at you” Frank said and he smiled and gave Sally a hug

“We better get going” Frank said and he got up and put Sophie’s rucksack on his back as Sally and Sophie looked at each other

“Can we be friends?” Sally said and Sophie nodded. Pippa and Frank smiled

“Alright we better go…I’ll see you later” Frank said and Sophie held his hand

“Have a nice evening” Pippa said and smiled

“Thanks” Franks said and he and Sophie left the house.

“I’m very proud of you sweetheart” Pippa said to Sally

“How about a little bit of birthday cake before bed?” Pippa said and Sally smiled

“Ok” Sally said and smiled


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Duncan laughed as Emma made funny faces. She spent the whole day with him, and she had a really good time. He appeared to like the animals at the shelter, and he definitely liked the ice-cream that he, Emma and Lucinda ate as they sat at the beach

“So what do you think?” Sandra said

“About what?” Emma said as she continued to make faces at Duncan who was laughing

“Me and Maurice” Sandra said

“I dunno, just talk to him about whatever” Emma said

“How can I talk to him when I don’t even see him?” Sandra said and she leaned back on the chair and crossed her arms

“I dunno, call him or something” Emma said

“Maybe he is being distant because we haven’t..you know had sex” Sandra said

“Maybe he just has other things to do, like helping his parents or seeing his mates or something” Emma said

“No, I think he doesn’t think I am mature enough” Sandra said

“Having sex doesn’t make you mature” Emma said

“I know, but that’s what you’re supposed to do with your boyfriend” Sandra said

“Yeah when the time is right” Emma said and silently sighed

“I’ve decided, the time is right for me and Maurice” Sandra said and smiled to herself. She was going to see Maurice at work on Monday and tell him she was ready

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Emma said

“1000% sure” Sandra said and smiled

“Well, just be careful ..you know..you don’t want to get pregnant or anything” Emma said

“I am definitely not that stupid” Sandra said and she laughed and got up from the chairas Emma sighed…



Ross Residence- Summer Bay


Celia watched as Haydn stuffed his face with his dinner. This was the first time that he had actually sat at the table and ate

“Thanks for inviting me to dinner Mrs Ross this pie is excellent” Shaunna said

“You are quite welcome. The pie is an old family recipe. My grandmother used to make it for us when we were younger” Celia said and smiled. She really enjoyed Shaunna’s company. It reminded her of having Ruth around.

“Oh I nearly forgot the dessert” Celia said and she got up and opened the fridge and took out the

fruit flan and put it on the counter. I think I would gain so many kilos eating your food if I didn’t work out all day” Shaunna said as she looked at the flan

“Haydn do you want some desert?” Celia said

“Yes please, but I just need to go to the bathroom first” Haydn said then he got up and went to the bathroom

“So did he behave himself today?” Celia said

“Yes, he was great” Celia said

“He has completely changed; I am not sure what got into him” Celia said as she cut the flan while Shaunna smiled to herself…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and bobby’s theme


Frank kissed Sophies head and tucked her teddy bear next to her and carefully pulled the blanket up to her chest as it was a bit chilly. Frank looked at Sophie and smiled then he slowly walked out of the room and pulled the door to a close. He could hear Greg reading to Sam as he walked down the stairs.

“Happy birthday Frank” Marilyn said as he came down the stairs

“Thanks” Frank said as Bobby walked out of the kitchen

“Sophie went out like a light. I didn’t even get to the end of the book. She didn’t have a nap this afternoon, so she must’ve been really tired..Is it alright if Sophie comes to the caravan park tomorrow? I want to take Sophie and Sally out on their bikes” Frank said

“Ok” Bobby said as she looked at Frank. He looked really good. She could faintly smell his aftershave, and he was wearing a shirt that she didn’t recognize.

“Anyway, I better go” Frank said a

“Alright” Bobby said

“See you later” Frank said

“Yeah, bye” Bobby said and Frank left the house

“Marilyn are you sure you don’t mind babysitting tonight? I mean I can ask Greg” Bobby said

“Oh no, I’m just going to put a face mask on, watch a movie and eat some popcorn” Marilyn said as Greg came down the stairs

“Sam is out for the count, I didn’t even get to the end of the story” Greg said

“Frank said the same about Sophie, I think they are both worn out” Bobby said as she walked into the kitchen

“Shame you have to work tonight..I was hoping we could spend the evening as a family” Greg said as he put his arms around Bobby

“I know” Bobby said

“I had a really good time today..just me you and Sam…hopefully next time we can take Sophie with us” Greg said and Bobby smiled.

“Yeah that will be nice” Bobby said. Even though she would never take Sophie away from Frank, she was happy that Greg loved Sophie too

“I cant wait until we have our own children too” Greg said and he kissed Bobby then she laid her head on his chest. She had Greg and Sam in her life, they were her future, and she was not going to do anything to jeopardize their future together…


Background music ends


Nowra beach resort- Nowra Australia


Background music- Alf and Ailsa’s theme 


Ailsa rested her head on Alf’s chest as they danced to the music being played by the live band.

It was nice being here with Alf and away from Summer Bay. As Ailsa thought about the nice day they were having, guilt kicked in. She remembered how upset she was ,almost on the verge of divorcing Alf when he had the affair with Debra, and here she was doing the exact same thing with Grant..well not really. She didn't love Grant, and she wasn't about to run off with him. What they had was physical. Ailsa thought to herself and sighed

“Whats the matter love?” Alf said

“No, nothing” Ailsa said

“Are you sure?” Alf said

“Everything is fine love” Ailsa said and she gently kissed Alf on the lips and rested her head on his chest. This is where she wanted to be..with Alf, and she promised herself that as far as she was concerned, anything she had with Grant was over…..


Thompson Residence- Brisbane

Sarah watched as the phone rang. She picked a tissue from the box in front of her as her cat curled by her feet. She wiped the tear that ran down her cheek as the answering machine started


“Hi, leave a message…beep”

“Sarah, it’s Martin… I have been racking my brains trying to figure out what I did or said at the diner that upset you…whatever I did.. I’m sorry… you are the last person that I would want to hurt..i really want to see you again..apologize in person...please give me another chance…beep”


Sarah sighed as the answering message ended. What she heard sounded very familiar..maybe they were all like that..they must be if they said the same thing. Sarah sighed and picked up the envelope on the table in front of her and took out the photos as more tears ran down her cheek..


Bayside diner after dark- Summer Bay


Colleen smiled as Grant kept looking in her direction. She couldn’t believe that a man half her age would be interested in her. She tried to ignore the compliments he gave her and the looks and winks, but now she was certain that he really wanted her. She swayed along to the song he was singing and smiled. She had never heard of the song but it must’ve have been popular because everyone at the diner was enjoying it. Colleen pushed a curl behind her ear and clapped as Grant finished playing the guitar then he walked towards the booth. Colleen used her tongue to wipe any lipstick she had on her teeth and sat up straight. Tonight was definitely going to be her lucky night “You were great Grant” Colleen said and smiled seductively at Grant.

“Thanks Mrs S” Grant said and he walked over to the booth behind Colleen and began talking to some tourists from England. Colleen was shocked as she looked behind her. All the time he was looking in her direction, he was looking at the tourists behind her. So getting her hair and make up done was all for nothing. She felt like such a fool. She knew exactly how she must've looked like to Grant.

“What can I get you Mrs Smart? Lucinda said

“Mutton dressed up as lamb” Colleen said

“Excuses me?” Lucinda said confused

“Oh never mind” Colleen said and she turned and looked at Grant talking to the tourists and she sighed and walked out of the diner.


Background music ends


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Background music- Endless love


My love, There's only you in my life

The only thing that's right


Bobby looked at the clipboard in her hand as she walked out of the banquet room. There was a big event happening tonight which meant the resort was going to be very busy. Bobby rushed in the kitchen and liaised with the chef to make sure that everything was going ok. She remembered that she had to get the menu for tomorrow and walked out of the kitchen. She was just about to walk towards her office when she froze and watched as a waiter led Frank and Beth to a table in the dining room.


My first love
You're every breath that I take


Bobby watched as Frank touched Beth’s lower back as they walked to the table. Beth looked beautiful Bobby though to herself. She was wearing a silver halter slip dress and her loosely curled hair fell on her naked back.


You're every step I make


Bobby watched as Frank touched Beth’s lower back as they walked to the table. Beth smiled at the waiter as he gave her then Frank a menu. Bobby didn’t know how long she watched them for then Beth looked up and Bobby moved behind a pillar. She didn’t know if she saw her, but she rushed away from the entrance of the dining room and to her office. She opened the door. The room was dark. She closed the door behind her, leaned on the door, closed her eyes and sighed..

And I
I want to share All my love with you
No one else will do And your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes, you will always be My endless love


Harris Residence- Summer Bay


Knock at the door


Fiona quietly pulled her sons door to a close and looked at her watch as she walked to the front door. She wasn’t expecting any visitors. She got a pleasant surprise when she opened the door

“Hi, I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight” Fiona said as Greg walked into the house

“Yeah, but Bobby had to work tonight, so I thought I would come and say hello” Greg said as he put his arms around Fiona

“Hello” Fiona said and smiled then she leaned forward and they began to kiss.


Two hearts
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“I hope you don’t mind that we came here” Beth said with a smile

“No, not at all” Frank said and smiled as the waiter put their drinks on the table

“I think a toast is in order” Beth said

“Ok, what are we toasting to?” Frank said

“To you…the birthday boy..and to the future” Beth said and Frank silently sighed as he watched Beth raise her glass of wine

“to the future” Frank said reluctantly

“I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a night full of surprises..and here is the first one” Beth said as she gave Frank a gift bag. Frank took out the card from the bag. He opened the envelope. The card had one single heart in the middle with the words happy birthday written on the top. Frank opened the card and read it




We’ve only just began. I love you




Frank sighed silently as he read the card then he looked up at Beth who was smiling

“I hope you like it” Beth said and smiled as Frank took the box out of the gift bag

“I’m sure I will” Frank said as he carefully unwrapped the present. His eyes opened wide when he opened the box. It was a very expensive watch. He had seen Brett Macklin wear something similar

“So do you like it?” Beth said excited as Frank looked up at her

“Its lovely, thanks” Frank said and he got up and kissed Beth on her cheek.



I'll hold you close in my arms
I can't resist your charms



“Can you wear it now?” Beth said

“I’m already wearing a watch” Frank said

“You have to wear your birthday presents on your birthday” Beth said as she took the watch out of the box. Frank sighed as he took off his watch. He remembered when Tom and Pippa gave it to him for his 18th birthday. He watched as Beth put the new watch on his wrist. Frank carefully put his old watch in the box and back into the gift bag

“It looks really good on you” Beth said and smiled and winked


And love Oh, love
I'll be a fool For you
I'm sure. You know I don't mind
Oh, you know I don't mind


Bobby tried her hardest not to look into the dining room as she worked, but it was very hard. She could see that Frank and Beth were having a really good time. It was his birthday, he was allowed to have a good time. What he did with his life was none of her business. She had Greg and Sam in her life now, they were her future, and she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize their future..


Cause you, you mean the world to me
Oh I know, I know, I've found in you
My endless love


Harris residence- Kiama


Greg thrusted a few times then he collapsed on the bed next to Fiona. She laid on his chest as he put his arm around her. She could hear his heart beating and she smiled as she ran her finger along his chest. She knew this was wrong, being with someone who had a girlfriend, but it didn’t matter…tonight he belonged to her..


And love
Oh, love
I'll be a fool
For you
I'm sure
You know I don't mind
Oh, you know I don't mind

Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“The food here is really really good” Beth said before she put some of the forever dessert into her mouth “I can eat this dessert all day” Beth said as Frank watched her eating the dessert that Bobby made for him

“Yeah, its great to see how far this place has come along” Frank said

“What do you mean?” Beth said

“Oh just that I used to work for the company that helped build this resort” Frank said as he looked around the room remembering when the resort project first started, and getting lost in his thoughts as he reminisced about the past


“Here” Frank looked up to see Beth handing him an envelope

“What is this?” Frank said

“Surprise number two” Beth said as Frank curiously took the envelope

“I was going to wait until later to give it to you, but I cant wait” Beth said. Frank carefully opened the letter and read it. It was a job offer in Melbourne working as an accountant. The pay was fantastic way more than he made at the Macklin corporation, and the position started next week

“So…what do you think?” Beth said excited

“I don’t know what to say” Frank said

“I know I should have told you but, a few weeks ago I got a call from a friend of my dad who told me about an assistant headmistress position in Melbourne. I didn’t even think I would get it, but luckily I did. I just also happen to tell this friend of my dad about the amazing boyfriend I have, and he told me that he had a position for an accountant at his firm, and based on my glowing reference he decided to give you the job. I already have a place lined up for us, and your job comes with a car” Beth said

“This is all really sudden..” Frank said. He was right, it was sudden. He really didn’t expect this job offer. Based on the details he was reading, the job was a dream job. He started feeling some familiar feelings..the feelings he felt when he found out that he got the job at the Macklin corporation in the city. He remembered how that opportunity was a fresh start for him, how he had so many hopes and dreams for the future..

Beth watched as Frank read the letter in his hands

"So what do you say?" Beth said 

"I I don’t know what to say" Frank said 

“Say you will go to Melbourne with me” Beth said and smiled as Frank looked at her…


And, yes, You'll be the only one
Cause no one can deny, This love I have inside
And I'll give it all to you, My love, My love, my love
My endless love



Background music ends

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