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Homecoming Part 6

Summer's Bay

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Chapter 529



Surf Club- Summer Bay


“So when are you going to let me show you around town” Ben said as he leaned on the counter as Shaunna checked the first aid kit. He thought she was very attractive

“Is your wife coming along as well?” Shaunna said as she looked at Ben, and she smiled as she noticed how uncomfortable Ben became

“I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing” Ben said as he raised his eyebrows as Shaunna shook her head

“In your dreams” Shaunna said as Ben laughed and began stocking the fridge with the cokes that were in the crate that was on the counter.

“Must be great marrying into a big family like the Fletchers” Shaunna said

“Not really because my family is also big” Ben said

“Yeah but your wife has five siblings, it must be great to know you have extra brothers and sisters” Shaunna said

“Yeah right…it’s not like they are really related anyway” Ben said and smirked

“Carly mustve been really happy to have Mr Fletcher walk her down the aisle” Shaunna said

“He didn’t” Ben said

“Oh..why?” Shaunna said curiously

“He died before I got here..some accident. Something to do with that grot bags Bobby” Ben said

“ Oh yes, I heard something about that…so do you know when Mrs Fletcher gets back? I think I heard her dad is not well” Shaunna said

“Why all these questions about the Fletchers?” Ben said and he turned and looked at Shaunna

“No reason, just trying to get to know everyone” Shaunna said and smiled. As she walked out of the surf club her smile disappeared as she recalled what Ben said about the accident..


Summer Bay 

Background music- Carly’s theme


As Carly walked towards the diner she sighed. She remembered times when she was happy to go to the diner when her and Matt worked together..when Bobby first gave her the managers role. All that seemed like years ago


“Hi Carly” Carly turned around to see Marilyn walking fast to catch up to her. Carly turned around and tried to walk faster, but Marilyn caught up to her

“Carly” Marilyn said and Carly stopped walking and turned to face Marilyn.

“What do you want?” Carly said annoyed

“I just wanted to see how you are” Marilyn said

“Fine” Carly said as Marilyn looked at her

“Are you sure?” Marilyn said

“Look, just leave me alone ok” Carly said

“But Carly” Marilyn said

“I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE” Carly said and she walked away. Marilyn sighed. Everytime she saw Carly it reminded her of what she went though with Ben

“What was that about?” Marilyn jumped and she turned around to see Adam behind her.

“Nothing” Marilyn said

“How are you?” Adam said as they walked towards the diner

“Fine…you?” Marilyn said

“Yeah good” Adam said and they walked a short distance in silence

“I’ve been meaning to come over” Adam said

“Why?” Marilyn said

“I dunno..just to see you..I miss seeing you” Adam said without realizing he said it

“Adam, you have a girlfriend” Marilyn said trying to not sound sad

“Yeah, but we can be friends” Adam said and Marilyn stopped walking and looked at Adam

“I have to get back” Marilyn said as Adam looked at his watch

“I thought you was going over to the diner to get lunch?” Adam said

“’m not really hungry anymore..bye” Marilyn said and she folded her arms and walked away. She was hungry, but if she was honest with herself she missed Adam too. Seeing him and Shannon still hurt her considering she didn’t understand what she did wrong to cause him to break it off with her, just like she didn’t know why Ben hurt her. She had the worst luck with men. Even Lance didn’t want her anymore. Marilyn sighed as a tear ran down her cheek as she walked away.


Background music ends


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

Greg sanded down the side of the engine. He was alone. Maurice has gone to get some supplies, Frank had gone to the bank, and Michael was meeting with the engine rep. Greg smirked. He knew what Michael was really going to do with the engine rep. Greg smiled to himself as he worked. He had a great evening with Fiona where they finished the evening by being intimate.

“Hi” Greg looked up to see Bobby standing in front of him


Background music – Greg and Bobby’s theme


“G’day” Greg said as his smile disappeared

“I hope you don't mind me coming here. I thought we could have lunch together” Bobby said as she pointed to a picnic basket she was holding. Greg looked at the picnic basket then he looked at Bobby as she put the basket down.

“I know you are probably still upset with me, but nothing happened between me and Frank” Bobby said

“Yeah, he told me yesterday” Greg said which surprised Bobby. Greg put the sander down and wiped his hands

“Look, I know things between us have been rocky, and I know its because Frank is around, but I told him to stay away. I probably should've put my foot down a long time ago, and I'm sorry. He agreed to only come to the house to read a story to Sophie. Not for dinner or anything else. He couldn’t even bother to do that, so I’m going to tell Mrs Malloy to stop his foster parent application” Bobby said and Greg looked at her surprised

“What did he say about that?” Greg said

“He doesn’t know, and anyway, he doesn’t have any choice because I’m the main guardian” Bobby said as Greg looked at her

“I want you to be Sophies foster father..thats if you still want to” Bobby said as Greg looked at her

“I want us to be the family that we talked about..maybe have our own children as well” Bobby said as Greg looked at her and smiled

“Yeah, I would love to be Sophies foster father…just tell me when and where I sign” Greg said and smiled then he pulled Bobby close to him and they began to kiss then Bobby rested her head on Gregs chest and exhaled. She was happy that things were going to go back to how they were. Greg kissed the top of Bobby’s head. He had to admit that he missed her and Sam, and with Frank out of the way, they could go back to how they were...


Fiona closed the car door and smiled. She wanted to surprise Greg with some lunch.  She wasn’t expecting to see him last night, but having dinner with him and Scott made it feel like they were a family. As Fiona got closer to the boatshed she felt her heart jump. She saw Greg and Bobby hugging. She stopped walking and sighed. Even though Greg never made a commitment to her, she thought that Greg and Bobby were over, and she had a chance to be happy with him.  Fiona turned around and began to walk back to her car disappointed by what she just saw. She looked at the bag in her hands with lunch and threw it into the bin then she got into her car and drove away…


Background music ends



Bookshop- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Thanks” Frank said and he walked out of the bookshop. He just bought tickets to take Sophie to see the live Playschool show next week when she was on school holidays. Frank smiled. He remembered enjoying watching play school with his dad, and knew that one day he would take his kids to watch the playschool live show. Even though things were not great with Bobby, having his daughter in his life was the best thing about being back home…


Bayside diner- Summer Bay


“Ok can you please ask Mrs Malloy to call me…my name is Bobby Simpson..yeah..thanks” Bobby said then she put the phone down

“Here are the receipts from the wholesalers” Grant said as he walked into the office

“Thanks” Bobby said as Grant put them on the table. Bobby looked up at him and smiled

“You’re in a good mood” Grant said

“Greg and I sorted everything out” Bobby said

“That’s great” Grant said and smiled

“I know, I told him that Frank is not going to be around anymore, so we can get on with our lives” Bobby said and smiled as she picke dup the recipets from the table

“What do you mean Frank isn’t going to be around anymore?” Grant said confused

“I’m decided to take his name off the application as Sophies foster father” Bobby said and Grant looked at her surprised

“How did he take it?” Grant said

“I haven’t told him, and he doesn’t really have a say. He hasn’t been to see her for two days. He doesn’t care. That’s what he does, when he cant get his own way he walks away” Bobby said as Grant looked at her

“Can you do that though..I mean take his name of the application?” Grant said

“I am the main guardian, so it’s my choice” Bobby said as Grant looked at her

“What about Sophie?” Grant said

“What about her? I’m doing this for her own good, because I’m saving her the heartache now. Besides…she’s going to have a new Dad anyway”  Bobby said

“What do you mean?” Grant said

“ Greg has agreed to apply to be her foster parent. It makes sense in the longrun because we already have Sam together. This way we will be one big happy family with no interruptions” Bobby said and smiled as Grant wondered if she was making the right decision…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 530



Krombie coffee shop- Dapto Australia


“Thanks” Frank said as he picked up his coffee from the counter. He followed Beth out of the coffee shop and they sat down on a bench outside. The weather was warm. Frank had not been here before, but he met Beth after work, and followed behind her car.

“The pastries are really nice here, it’s a shame they ran out already” Beth said as she drank some of her coffee. She had been waiting all day to see Frank, and had butterflies in her stomach when she was around him. Frank yawned. He was really tired, but there was no way that he was going to miss another night of seeing his daughter. He couldn’t wait to tell her that he was taking her to playschool live. He also needed to see her because Beth said Sophie had been quiet at school the last two days.


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“How was work today” Beth said as she drank her coffee

“Same as always” Frank said as he drank his coffee then he sighed He had started to hate going to work. Seeing Greg’s smug face annoyed him. Beth looked at him, and could tell that he was not telling her everything, but she didn’t want to push it.


“How about we do something to take your mind off work? The cinema is showing that new Robin Williams movie. How about I get us some tickets for tonight, and you can stay over again” Beth said as she kissed Franks neck and smiled

“What you really want is for me to help you pack” Frank said and Beth laughed

“Well the thought had crossed my mind” Beth said and smiled

“I can’t. I have to read Sophie a story before she goes to bed” Frank said

“I’m sure she won’t mind if you miss one night” Beth said and kissed Franks neck

“I will” Frank said and Beth stopped kissing his neck and looked at him. She was disappointed. She hadn’t seen him much, and was hoping they could spend more time together. Beth smiled

“This is one of the reasons why I love you..you’re a great father. I understand. I can wait until Saturday night” Beth said and smiled. She drank some of her coffee and rested her head on Frank’s shoulder. She couldn’t wait until Saturday because they only had a few more days until she was leaving, and she was going to give Frank the best birthday present...



Bayside diner- Summer Bay


Grant wiped the counter and as he turned to wipe the side he saw Sam and Sophie sitting in the corner. After school, Bobby brought them to the diner so she could finish up putting the files into the new computer

“Hi Sophie, Hi Sam” Sam looked around

“Hi Mr Grant” Sam said with his mouth full of doughnut

“How was school today?” Grant said

“Ok” Sam said. Grant looked at Sophie. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t eat her doughnut or drink her milk either. She looked up at Grant then she looked towards the entrance of the diner. Grant sighed as he looked at Sophie. He could tell that she was upset about something. Maybe she missed her dad he thought to himself as he watched her looking at the entrance to the diner. Grant sighed then he went back into the kitchen

“Oops” Colleen said as she almost bumped into Grant then she gently touched his forearm and smiled then she walked out of the kitchen with the customer order

“Bobby do you have a moment?” Grant said as he knocked on the half open office door

“Yeah what is it?” Bobby said as she cross checked what she typed

“Honestly I don’t know how we were able to survive without this computer” Bobby said then she looked at Grant

“What?” Bobby said and Grant sat opposite her

“You know that I am always on your side” Grant said and Bobby looked at him confused

“Yeah” Bobby said then Grant inhaled and exhaled

“What you’re planning to do..take Franks name off the foster application..I don’t think it’s a good idea..I know its not my business but” Grant was interrupted

“You’re right..it is none of your business” Bobby said as grant looked at her surprised

“Think about how this is going to affect Sophie” Grant said

“ That is what I am thinking about. You don’t know Frank like I do. Dad was right, he was only using Sophie to get back with me. Now that he sees that I’m not going to drop everything and go running back to him, he’s just dumped her just like he dumps everyone else when hes bored” Bobby said annoyed. Grant stared at Bobby. He was a bit surprised by her response which confirmed what he had known all along.

“I know I don’t know Frank, but” Grant was interrupted

“No, you don’t, so I would appreciate it if you kept your opinions to yourself” Bobby said and Grant sighed then he got up and walked out of the office and closed the door. Bobby opened the desk draw and took out her address book. She picked up the phone and began to dial

“Hi..this is Bobby Simpson can I speak to Mrs Malloy..oh shes not there..can you ask her to phone me…she has the number….ok thanks” Bobby said and she put the phone down. The sonner she can take Franks name off the better. Now that her and Greg were back together, she was not gong to do anything to jeopardize their future.


Background music ends



Summer Bay


“Yeah, school is going great mum” Shane said and sighed. He felt guilty that he had to lie to his mum, but he had no choice. There was no way that he was going back home

“Yeah..Nick is working nights all week. I think he said they are short staffed..alright I’ll tell him to phone..yeah. Mum I have to go, the pips are going..No, I’m not at home…I just left the library…alright..I love you too..bye” Shane said then he put the phone down and breathed a sigh of relief. He leaned on the phonebox door and stared at the phone. He put his hand in his pocket and looked at the change in his hand. It wasn’t even enough to buy a cup of tea. Shane sighed as his stomach rumbled. He was hungry and if he was honest with himself hiding out here wasn’t fun anymore, but he had no other choice. He sighed then he put his hood on his head and opened the phonebox door. He had to figure out how he was going to get some more money because he definitely wasn’t going back home.


Harris residence- Kiama

Knock on the door


Fiona wiped her hands as she heard her son rushing towards the door.

“Mum it’s Greg” Scott said and Fiona sighed as she walked out of the kitchen

“G’day” Greg said and smiled as he walked towards Fiona. As he leaned in to kiss her he noticed that she wasn’t her usual self.

“Is there something wrong?” Greg said and Fiona sighed

“I saw you and Bobby together today..I came to the boatshed..I thought you might want to have some lunch” Fiona said

“I didn’t know she was coming over” Greg said

“It looked like you didn’t mind her being there” Fiona said as she folded her arms and looked at Greg

“I still don’t know where things stand with me and Bobby” Greg said

“But I like you, and I still want to see you” Greg said and he put his arms around Fiona who sighed. She knew this was wrong. Fiona nodded then she leaned forward and kissed Greg…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Finlay opened the drawers and took out Franks t-shirt. She put the t-shirt up to her face and began to breath in. It smelled just like Frank. She rested it on her chest and closed her eyes as she remembered Frank kissing her.

“What are you doing in here?” Finlay jumped to see Steve standing behind her

“I I I was just putting away some laundry that mixed in with mine” Finlay said and put the t-shirt back into the draw, smiled , and walked out of the room. She rushed into her room and closed the door. Finlay breathed a sigh of relief and smiled to herself..


“Frank can you read me a story?” Sally said as she watched Frank put on his jacket

“I cant Sal…you know I have to read Sophie a story” Frank said and Sally looked at him disappointed

“I promise I’ll read one to you soon ok” Frank said as he knelt in front of Sally and gently tapped her nose with his finger

“Ok” Sally said disappointed.


Phone ringing


Frank got up and walked towards the phone

“Hello caravan park” Frank said

“Pippa hi” Frank said and smiled. Sally walked over to the couch and sat down as Frank spoke to Pippa on the phone. She didn’t like Sophie anymore, and she wished she would go away, and leave Frank alone….



Stewart residence- Summer Bay


“What do you think?” Sandra said as she attempted to pass the plate to Emma

“Emma” Sandra said and she nudged Emma

“What?” Emma said

“What do you think?” Sandra?

“About what?” Emma said

“Me and Maurice. Lately he hasn’t been the same. Maybe he thinks I’m too young…what do you think?”Sandra said

“I don’t know..maybe you are just overreacting” Emma said as she wiped the plate and put the plate in the cupboard. For some reason she was really tired today

“I don’t know. Maybe we are ready to take the next step” Sandra said as she washed another plate

“What do you mean?” Emma said

“You know..the next step” Sandra said

“You mean have sex?” Emma said

“Shhh” Sandra said and she looked behind her to see if anyone was coming

“Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Emma said

“I want to prove to Maurice that I’m not a little kid” Sandra said

“But you should only do that with someone you love” Emma said and she sighed

“I do love Maurice” Sandra said

“how do you know? You haven’t been together for long” Emma said as Sandra passed her the plate

“I know, but it just feels right between us” Sandra said and Emma sighed. She knew what Sandra meant. It felt so right with David

“Yeah..I know what you mean” Emma said

“ So you think I should do it?” Sandra said and Emma looked at her

“Only if you think you are ready. don’t let him force you into anything” Emma said

“I wont” Sandra said and smiled then she looked down at the pot she was washing and began to plan her special night with Maurice….


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby wiped down the kitchen counter as Greg put the plates in the cupboard.

“This is nice isn’t it” Greg said

“What is?” Greg said

“Just us having dinner as a family” Greg said and smiled

“Yeah, it has been nice” Bobby said as Greg leaned forward and kissed her

“I was thinking maybe we can go out on the boat on Saturday..you know you me Sophie and Sam” Greg said

“Yeah sounds like a good idea. I told Pippa I would make the cake for Frank and Sal, so Ill just drop the cake off and then I’ll be all yours” Bobby said and smiled and Greg leaned forward and kissed her as Grant came into the house

“G’day” Greg said as Grant came into the house. He purposefully stayed away after speaking to Bobby after work.

“G’day” Grant said as he tried to avoid looking at Bobby

“Sorry no left overs” Greg said

“ That’s alright, I had dinner at the resort with Marilyn, shes working late tonight” Grant said as he walked into the bathroom to wash his hands. Sophie and Sam were watching a repeat of Playschool. Sophie hugged her teddybear and watched the TV. The playschool man looked like her dad


Knock on the door


Sophie immediately looked at the door as Greg walked over to the door and opened it

“G’day” Frank said as Bobby walked out of the kitchen. He has some nerve Bobby thought to herself

“G’day” Greg said and he walked away.

“Hi Uncle Frank” Sam said

“Hello mate” Frank said as he walked into the house

“Hi Sweetheart” Frank said and Sophie immediately got up and rushed over to her dad. Frank picked her up and could hear Sophie breathe a sigh of relief. Frank hugged his daughter and kissed her ear

“are you ok?” Frank said and he could see Sophies eyes light up and she nodded then she kissed his cheek and put her head on his shoulder and hugged his neck. Frank smiled, he missed his daughter so much.

“You watching playschool” Frank said and he could feel Sophie nodding

“Ok lets watch a little bit before you go to bed” Frank said then he sat on the couch and they watched it together. Bobby watched Sophie and Frank. He could tell that Sophie had really missed her dad. As she turned around to go back to the kitchen she locked eyes with Grant who had also been watching Frank and Sophie. Bobby looked away and walked into the kitchen…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Shaunna took the towel off her head and put it on the bed. She tied her dressing gown tighter and sat on the bed. She picked up the photo album on the chair in front of her and opened it. She smiled as she looked through the photos. They were all photos of her at different stages in her life. She got to the end of the photo album and a newspaper clipping fell out onto her lap. Shaunna picked up the black and white clipping and looked at it. It was a photo of Pippa Fletcher and John Farhnam then she opened the last page of the photo album, and smiled as she put the newspaper clipping in. It was interesting that she put the photo on the last page because it symbolized to her the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. Shaunna smiled and laid back on the bed and rested the album on her chest and closed her eyes….



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme



Frank smiled as he kissed Sophie on the forehead, tucked her teddy bear in the bed with her, and pulled the blanket up. He stopped and stared at her few minutes. He could tell that she had missed him because she refused to get into the bed. He had to read the story to her while she sat on his lap. Frank exhaled, he loved his daughter so much, and was never going to miss seeing her again. Frank got up and put the book on the book shelf. He turned one more time to look at his daughter then he pulled the door to the edge. Frank yawned. He was really tired, but he knew that tonight was not going to be any different in terms of him not being able to sleep much. Frank walked down the stairs. He heard Bobby in the kitchen and he walked towards her

“If its alright, I got some tickets to take Sophie to the Playschool live show next week when shes on school holidays” Frank said and Bobby looked up at him

“Are you sure you’re going to turn up?” Bobby said as she cleaned an already cleaned kitchen table

“Excuse me?” Frank said confused

“You don’t bother to come and see Sophie for two days, then you just walk in here like nothing is wrong” Bobby said annoyed

“What are you talking about?” Frank said

“I’m talking about you just pushing Sophie aside like she doesn’t even matter” Bobby said

“But she does matter” Frank said confused by Bobby’s accusations.

“I should have known that once Beth got her claws into you, Sophie would be second choice. Dad always said you would get bored of playing dad, he was right” Bobby said annoyed. Grant stopped playing the guitar and crept over to the door and listened

“Got her claws into me? What are you talking about?” Frank said

“I’m talking about you not bothering to see Sophie for the last two days” Bobby said and folded her arms

“I know I should’ve called but it it was really late” Frank was interrupted

“oh so now you realized you should’ve dragged yourself away from Beth to phone your daughter?” Bobby said sarcastically

“JUST SHUT UP! YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT” Frank shouted at Bobby and she looked at him surprised.  “Yesterday the showers flooded at the caravan park, it took ages for me and Steve to stop the flooding. By the time we got back into the house it was too late, and I knew Sophie would be in bed. The night before I was so tired, and I just meant to have a nap and I overslept” Frank said as Bobby realized that she had over reacted and had made a fool of herself. Frank looked at Bobby. He knew her well enough to know that she was probably feeling stupid right now..

“I didn’t know about the caravan park” Bobby said

“Well maybe you should check your facts before you make stupid accusations” Frank said and he walked out of the house and slammed the door. Bobby jumped as the door slammed. She felt like such a fool. Bobby sat down at the dining table and tried to process what just happened, and what she had planned to say to Mrs Malloy. Bobby exhaled as she heard Grants bedroom door open. He avoided looking at her and walked into the kitchen. Grant grabbed a glass and poured himself some Milk and was about to walk back to his room

“Grant” Grant turned around and looked at Bobby

“I’m really sorry about earlier. I really shouldn’t have taken it out on you” Bobby said

“There is nothing to be sorry for..I shouldn’t have poked my nose in, you are right, it is none of my business” Grant said as he sat opposite Bobby

“You were trying to make me realize that what I was doing was making a mistake. Seeing Sophie with Frank tonight…she loves him so much. My daughters heart was breaking because she didn’t see her dad. It makes me feel like I was being a bad mother” Bobby said as tear came to her eyes

“Hey, you’re not a bad mother..you just didn’t know what happened” Grant said and Bobby looked at him “Sorry I wasn’t eavesdropping, I heard Frank when he was shouting” Grant said

“I deserved it, for being angry at him for no reason” Bobby said

“So what are you going to do? I mean about the foster parent application and Greg?” Grant said

“I just cant stop Frank from being Sophies dad..I just cant” Bobby said as she wiped a tear from her cheek  “ I just have to tell Greg that it is too late in the application process to make any changes” Bobby said

“You think he will go for it?” Grant said

“I hope so..because there is no I can keep Sophie from Frank…she loves him too much” Bobby said and Grant looked at her

“As much as you love him?” Grant said and Bobby looked at him, and she felt her heart skip

“I have to get ready for bed, I got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow” Bobby said as she got up from the chair

“Bobby?” Grant said

“I have Greg and Sam in my life, everything is going great, and nothing is going to jeopardize our future…night” Bobby said and she walked up the stairs as a tear ran down her cheek


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 531



Three days later


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


“You look nice this morning” Greg said as he and Fiona kissed in his room

“You are a bad influence Mr Gregory Marshall I’m supposed to be working” Fiona said as Greg kissed her neck

“All workers are entitled to a break” Greg said as Fiona giggled

“Really? What did you have in mind for my break?” Fiona said as Greg began to unbutton her blouse

“Take a guess” Greg said as he helped Fiona take her blouse off then they both froze as they heard the front door open

“It must be Nick” Greg said and he looked at his watch “he’s home early” Greg said and he rushed out of the room

“G’day” Nick said as he took his hat off and put it on the kitchen table.

“G'day...They let you knock off early?” Greg said

“Yeah something like that” Nick said and he opened the fridge and took out orange juice. He then opened the cupboard and took out a glass and poured some of the orange into it.

“Greg I finished in your room” Fiona said as she came around the corner

“Great, thanks” Greg said and smiled

“I’ll just get on with the rest of the house” Fiona said

“I better get some sleep..see you later” Nick said and yawned then he walked away

When Greg heard the door closed he pulled Fiona towards him

“Greg what are you doing..Nick might hear” Fiona said in a whisper

“Well you just have to be quiet then” Greg said and they began to kiss


Phone ringing


“Hello” Greg said after he walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver

“Bobby, Hi” Greg said and Fiona sighed as he looked at her

“No I was up already” Greg said and Fiona walked into the bathroom. She picked up a dirty towel from the floor and put it into the laundry basket and sighed. She put the toilet seat down and sat on it staring at the broom in her hand as she listened to Greg talking to Bobby. She knew that what she was doing was wrong, and she didn’t have the right to be upset, but it was too late because she had already fallen in love with Greg…


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay


Donald bit into his toast as he read the newspaper

“Good Morning Uncle Donald” Donald looked up to see Lucinda walking in the kitchen

“Good morning” Donald said as he chewed his toast

“I thought you were away this weekend?” Lucinda said as Lucinda took a banana from the fruit bowl

“Yes, I will be leaving in a few hours” Donald said as he drank his tea

“What do you have planned this weekend?” Donald said then he looked down at his paper while Lucinda sat opposite him


“I’m going to the animal shelter with Emma” Lucinda said and Donald lookd up at her

“I must say you do spend an awful lot of time with Emma Jackson” Donald said

“I know, but she volunteers at the animal shelter too, and its something that David liked to do” Lucinda said as tears filled her eyes. She still missed her brother


Background music- Fisher family theme


“My intention wasn’t to make you upset” Donald said feeling guilty

“Its not your fault, I just still miss him.. I just wish we had more time together” Lucinda said as she picked up a napkin from the table and wiped her eye.

“I felt that way after Alan died. So many wasted years of not knowing my son..disappointing him when he needed me the most..but anyway, maybe one day he will know that I am sorry” Donald said as he struggled to stop the tears forming in his eyes

“I’m sure he knows” Lucinda said as she gently smiled at her Uncle

“Are you not having any breakfast?” Donald said

“no, I better get going. I’ll grab something from the diner” Lucinda said and she got up

“Alright then..have a good day” Donald said

“Thanks..have a good trip” Lucinda said

“Thank you” Donald said the he watched as Lucinda walked out of the kitchen then out of the house. Donald put his paper down and picked up his cup and plate and put them in the sink. He wiped his hands on a napkin and walked out of the kitchen. He had a few hours before he was set to go to the city to see Rebecca’s recital with Barbra. Donald walked into the living room and over to the mantle piece. He looked at the photos of Alan, Rebecca and Bobby.


He then went over to the bookshelf and picked out Alans book. He rested the book on his chest and sighed. He remembered the first time he read the book, and how it made him feel like such a failure. A tear ran down Donald’s cheek as he remembered the day he went to the hospital and saw Alan unconscious, and the years he wasted hating his son...


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Thanks Pippa” Frank said and he kissed Pippa’s cheek and she smiled.

“You must’ve read my mind because the pair of socks you sent me got damaged in the wash” Frank said as he folded the socks and put them on top of the card on the table then he picked up the cup of coffee and drank it.

“You’re welcome” Pippa said and smiled

“I wasn’t sure that you would be back” Frank said

“Well Dad is better, and when I told him that it was you and Sal’s birthday, he gave me marching orders to come straight home” Pippa said and rolled her eyes as Frank smiled

“I’m glad you’re home” Frank said

“Is there something wrong?” Pippa said as she looked at Frank concerned


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Pippa!” Sally said as she came running into the living/dining area

“Hello tuppance, happy birthday” Pippa said as Sally hugged her

“When did you come back?” Sally said

“Oh, a couple of hours ago. I didn’t want to wake anybody up” Pippa said and smiled

“Can I open my presents now?” Sally said

“What presents?” Frank said

“Don’t tease” Sally said disappointed

"Happy birthday sweetheart" Frank said and kissed the side of Sally's head

"Happy birthday Frank" Sally said and smiled

“go and get ready, and you can open your presents after you had your breakfast” Pippa said

“Ok..you said I can have special pancakes today” Sally said as she ran towards the stairs as Pippa smiled

“What about you, do you want anything special for breakfast?” Pippa said

“No, anything is fine..speaking of opening presents..did you open your exam results” Frank said

“Yes I did” Pippa said

“Well?” Frank said

“I passed” Pippa said and Frank smiled

“Oh Pippa congratulations” Frank said as he hugged Pippa and kissed her cheek

“So you wasn’t going to say anything until I dragged it out of you” frank said pretending to be annoyed

“I just cant believe it. I never expected to go back to nursing…not after having a family..or even passing my exams” Pippa said

“Well you have, and I am so proud of you..we are all proud of you. I know Tom would be so proud of you too” Frank said as Pippa looked at him

“I am so glad that you’re home” Pippa said and Frank smiled and winked at her


Background music ends


“Pippa, I didn’t know you were coming back today” Bobby said as she walked into the house holding a big box. She put the box on the table.

“Hello sweetheart” Pippa said as she hugged Bobby. Bobby and frank locked eyes, and she felt embarrassed seeing Frank after she had a ho at him. Even though he had been to her house, she tried to avoid him. 

“Well, Dad is much better, so he said I had to be here for Frank Sal’s birthday” Pippa said

“Well I made the cake” Bobby said as she put the cake on the table. Pippa opened the box

“Oh Bobby this is amazing, thank you” Pippa said as she looked at the cake. One half had happy birthday to Sally with a bike, and the other side had happy birthday to Frank with a guitar. Pippa looked up to see that Frank was drinking his coffee and looking ahead while Bobby looked uncomfortable.

“Are we going to see you later for the birthday lunch?” Pippa said

“Oh I would love to come, but Greg has planned for us to spend some time on his boat as a family” Bobby said

“I want my daughter here” Frank said and Pippa looked at him. She could tell that there was a problem


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“I’ll just go up and see if Christopher is awake. He slept all through the drive back home” Pippa said and she smiled then she walked towards the stairs. Bobby sat down and looked at Frank.

“About the other night..I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions” Bobby said and Frank looked at her

“I know you love Sophie, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her” Bobby said and Frank sighed

“Yeah, I’m sorry for yelling at you. can you please bring Sophie over to spend the day here?” Frank said

“Ok” Bobby said

“Is it alright if I take her to see Playschool live next Wednesday?” Frank said

“Yeah. I should’ve told you, but I got Sophie and Sam into the creche at the resort next week because we are both working..if that is alright” Bobby said

“Yeah” Frank said

“ I’ll just let the creche know she wont be there on Wednesday” Bobby said

“Thanks” Frank said and he looked at Bobby

“I better get back…the kids are having breakfast. I told Grant I wouldn’t be long..Ill see you later” Bobby said and she stood up

“ok” Frank said and Bobby walked out of the house then she stopped and turned around

"Frank" Bobby said and Frank looked up at her

"Happy birthday" Bobby said and smiled

"Thanks" Frank said and smiled as Bobby walked out of the house..


Background music ends




Surf Club- Summer Bay


Shaunna looked at her watch then at the kids waiting around for junior lifeguards to begin. She was just about to start when she noticed someone running towards where her and the others stood. As the person got closer she smiled and realized who it was.

“Next time get here on time Haydn” Shaunna said

“ok, sorry” Haydn said and Shaunna smiled to herself..



General Hospital- Summer Bay

“Thanks for seeing me last minute doc” Alf said

“No problem, have a seat let me just look at your test results” Dr Routledge said as he opened Alfs file

“I thought you were moving to the new medical office?” Alf said

“Yes , but there was a problem after the building inspection, so it will be another couple of weeks” Dr Routledge said as Alf looked at him

“Tell me doc…is it bad? I can handle it” Alf said concerned then Dr Routledge looked up at him

“No, not bad at all. Your hormone levels are fine” Dr Routledge said

“So why cant I…you know” Alf said

“It could be for a number of reasons, but the most important is that it is nothing internal. Are you sure you haven’t been under any stress lately?” Dr Routledge said

“No, not at all..nothing out of the ordinary” Alf said

“Ok. I’m going to give you a prescription..something mild. Take one of these about an hour before intimacy. Ill prescribe you a months supply. Come back after they are finished and we can talk further” Dr Routledge said as he wrote on the prescription pad

“Will it work doc? Alf said concerned

“No reason why it shouldn’t. ” Dr Routledge said as he looked at Alf and gave him the prescription. Alf looked at it and sighed

“Is there something wrong?” Dr Routledge said

“I just never expected to be taking these so early..its embarrasing” Alf said in a whisper

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I’ve prescribed these to patients who are younger than you” Dr Routledge said

“Blimey” Alf said surprised

 .”Our body is just like a machine, sometimes it needs a little help to get going” Dr Routledge said

“In my case, I need a lot of help” Alf said and Dr Routledge smiled

“Take the rest of the day off, and go and relax..doctors orders” Dr Routledge said

“Its actually me and the wife’s anniversary, so I am taking her away for the weekend” Alf said

“That should do the trick” Dr Routledge said and smiled


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Do you want to take teddy as well” Bobby said as she picked out a dress for Sophie to wear, and some extra clothes in case she got her dress dirty Sophie nodded. She was going to stay at her dads house today because it was his birthday


Knock on the door


Put yt shirt and jeans in the bag,  Ill be right back” Bobby said as she rushed out of the room and down the stairs


“Dad, what are you doing here?” Bobby said as she opened the door.

“Hello Grandpa Donald” Sam said as he watched cartoons

“Hello Sam” Donald said as he closed the door behind him

“I hope I am not disturbing you” Donald said

“No, I was just upstairs picking out some clothes for Sophie” Bobby said

“Oh is she off on an adventure?” Donald said

“She probably thinks so, she’s spending the day at the caravan park because its Frank and Sal's birthday today” Bobby said

“Is that allowed..I mean considering Frank really isn’t Sophies foster parent yet” Donald said as Bobby looked at him

“Dad if that is what you came here for, I don’t have time…excuse me” Bobby said as she walked away

“Bobby wait” Donald said and Bobby stopped walking and turned around

“For what? Frank is Sophies dad, and there is nothing you can say that will change that” Bobby said

“I know…that is not why I came here” Donald said

“So why did you come here?” Bobby said and folded her arms


Background music- Fisher family theme


“I just..I was thinking about Alan this morning..and all the years I wasted being angry at him when he needed me to be his dad” Donald said as Bobby watched him

“I know that I can be stuck in my own ways, and it cost me my relationship with my son” Donald said and Bobby signed

“Alan knew how you felt about him at the end..afterall you did get him that sponsorship” Bobby said

“Yes, but it was too late” Donald said and sighed

“What I am trying to say is that I don’t want that to happen between me and you” Donald said

“It wont if you leave me alone to live my life” Bobby said

“I know its your life..but I just get scared for you when it comes to Frank..I know how he hurt you..I heard you crying at night, and as a father I felt helpless” Donald was interrupted

“Well that was then..I’ve moved on..I have Greg and Sam in my life, and we are happy” Bobby said

“I heard my name” Greg said as he came in through the back

“Dad” Sam said and Greg kissed Bobby on her cheek then he walked over to the couch and playfully wrestled with Sam

“I was just telling Dad that we are going on a family outing today” Bobby said

“Yes we are, and I don’t want you making any food, Ive got that all covered” Greg said

“Oh, look at the time, I better get Sophie packed, shes staying at the caravan park tonight” Bobby said and she rushed up the stairs

“Oh right…why don’t you come along with us Mr Fisher” Greg said

“Thank you, but I have some other plans today” Donald said

“You sure I cant tempt you? We are going for a boatride” Greg said

“That is quite tempting, but I am sure you had plans to spend it as a family” Donald said as Bobby and Sophie came down the stairs

“Hello Sophie are you ok?” Donald said and Sophie nodded as Bobby put her bag on the chair

“You and Sam watch some cartoons before we leave ok” Bobby said and Sophie sat on the chair with her teddy bear


“Anyway, I better go..have a good day” Donald said then he walked out of the house

“Is your dad alright?” Greg said

“Yeah why not” Bobby said

“I cant wait to spend the dad with you..with our family” Greg said as he put his arms around Bobby

“Are you sure you don’t want me to bring anything?” Bobby said

“No..everything has been taken care of” Greg said and he looked at his watch

“We better get a move on, I’m starving” Greg said

“Ok, we have to drop Sophie off at the caravan park first” Bobby said

“I thought you said you wanted me to be her foster father” Greg said

“Oh I forgot to tell you, Mrs Malloy said Franks application was too far along to do anything about it” Bobby said   

“But you said it was only a temporary application” Greg said

“Well…yeah” Bobby said

“Well maybe we can try again in a few months” Greg said and Bobby felt her heart drop

“Yeah..Ill find out…but lets leave it for now..Ok” Bobby said as she hugged Greg

“ok..but one day we will have our own kids..remember like we said” Greg said

“Yeah” Bobby said as she put her head on Gregs chest and looked at Sophie hugging her teddy bear…


Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“You’re lucky..being whisked away for the weekend..do you know where you are going?” Colleen said with envy in her voice

“I don’t know, Alf said it’s a surprise” Ailsa said

“Well you look the part”  Colleen said as she looked at Ailsa’s new hairstyle

“I thought I’d try something new since it is our anniversary” Ailsa said as she stood in the bathroom and looked at her hair

“The most I got for my anniversary was a half eaten box of chocolates from that womanizing rat” Colleen said as Ailsa came out the bathroom

“Take it from me, never fall in love” Colleen said to Shannon as she gave her the order. Shannon looked at her confused as she walked out of the kitchen

“Oh come on Colleen, you will find the right man when its time” Ailsa said

“When? That’s what I want to know” Colleen said annoyed

“I don’t know…put yourself out there..you never know mr right might be right under your nose, and you just haven’t realized it…see you on Monday” Ailsa said and she walked out of the kitchen as Colleen stood and wondered who Mr right was who was right under her nose..then a light bulb went off and she smiled to herself then she rushed over to the phone.

“Hello..operator…can I please have the number for the sands resort hair salon” Colleen said and smiled…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Pippa put the candles on the cake “This cake is so nice, I feel bad that we have to cut it and eat it” Pippa said to Carly as she walked out of the kitchen and put the cake on the table

 “Yeah, Bobby did a good job” Carly said as she put napkins on the table

“Do you need me to do anything Mrs Fletcher?” Finlay said as Lance followed behind her

“Ummm..you can bring the sandwiches to the table please” Pippa said

“Looks like we got here just in time” Bobby said as she came into the house with Sophie. Sally sighed. She didn’t like Sophie anymore, and she didn’t want her at her birthday party.

“Hi sweetheart” Frank said and Sophie walked over to him. He picked her up and she hugged him then she gave him a gift bag

“Is this for me?” Frank said and Sophie nodded

“She picked out the presents herself.” Bobby said 

“Thank you” Frank said and he kissed Sophies cheek as Finlay put the sandwiches on the table

“Here Sal, we didn’t forget you” Bobby said as she give a present to Sally

“Thank you” Sally said and smiled

“Come on Steve let us sing happy birthday” Pippa said to Steve who was sitting on the couch reading a book. He sighed as he walked over to the table as Pippa lit the candles as Sophie sat on Franks lap as he opened his presents.

“Oh this is nice sweetheart, thank you” Frank said and he hugged Sophie. He then looked at Bobby then at the presents he got, a mug that said number 1 dad, and a keyring that had a photo of him and Sophie on it.


“Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Frank and Sally

Happy Birthday to you” They all sang as Frank looked at Sally and winked


“Looks like we got here in time” Greg said as he and Sam came through the door

“Sorry, I was just about to come out” Bobby said as Frank and Greg looked at each other


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Ok both of you, don’t forget to make a wish before you blow out the candles” Pippa said

“I know what I want” Sally said

“What about you Frank?” Pippa said and Frank and Bobby locked eyes as Greg looked at Frank. Frank looked at Pippa and smiled

“Ok after three, blow the candles out..one…two…three” Pippa said and Sally and Frank blew the candles, but leaving one on Franks side of the cake

“Sweetheart do you want to blow that one out for daddy?” Frank said and Sophie nodded then she leaned forward and blew the candle out as Bobby felt her heart fill with joy. Even though she realized yesterday, seeing Sophie with Frank today, she knew there was no way she could she could stop him from being her dad. Sophie hugged her dad and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Anyway, we better get going” Greg said

“Oh, are you sure you wont stay for some cake?” Pippa said

“No thank you Mrs Fletcher..I don't want to spoil my lunch” Greg said 

“have a good time with your dad, sweetheart, I’ll see you tomorrow” Bobby said and she walked over to Sophie and kissed her forehead. Sophie nodded as Bobby and Frank locked eyes. Finlay got annoyed as she watched Frank and Bobby looking at each other.

“Have a good time on the boat” Pippa said

“Yeah we will” Greg said and he put his arm around Bobby and they walked out of the house.

“Before you go..I have something to say to my family” Steve said and Bobby turned around. Pippa looked at Steve and sighed

“Ill just wait in the car” Greg said and he walked out of the house

“Yeah we’ll come back for cake later on” Lance said and he and Finlay walked out of the house


“What is this about?” Frank said as he looked at Steve

“I know that if I didn’t say it now, I’d be too chicken to say it later” Steve said

“Say what?” Bobby said

“My Aunt Donna..my mums sister is coming from England at the end of the month, and I’m going back to England to live with her” Steve said and exhaled as an awkwardness filled the house..


Background music ends

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