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Home And Away- Hopes for 2021?

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What do you want to see?

I'll start off that I hope this year is a big one for Willow.   She's a very underrated character IMO and I think that Sarah Roberts is one of the best Actresses in the show, she doesn't get enough credit.

I hope that the Producers/Writers mix up the different character interactions.

I want to see more fun, light hearted storylines as escapism from what we're all having to cope with IRL in RE to COVID-19.

Less Crime storylines.

I hope that the storylines are spread out and that all the cast get their chance to shine.


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I'm not sure why my post earlier on was removed.  Whilst the delivery was in jest, the basic premise was an honest one.  I would like to see more younger, attractive girls on the show.  I don't see any issue with this.  As per the other thread I posted in, I don't see anything wrong with prioritising physical appearance in a fictional program.  Whether people want to accept this or not, having attractive characters is part of Home and Away.  And having a beach with girls in bikini's is part of that and has been for many years.  The same way having crime stories is part of Home and Away or troubled teenagers, having affairs or having people diagnosed with cancer.  You make not like this, but it is my right as a viewer (and a member of this forum) to express this.  As I said in the other thread - whether anyone wants to admit this or not, appearance is very important to some people.  To deny this is to deny reality.

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I don't see what the objection to crime is.  We've had some good stories in relation to that lately.

One thing I've noticed is that H&A hasn't done gay male relationships like Neighbours has.  We had Ty's "coming out" story and Willow's lesbian fling but the show has never explored male homosexuality in a significant way.  Maybe that's an area where the show could do something different.

But, on the whole, I'm happy with the show as is (that's why I watch it every day and maybe catch the last 10 minutes of Neighbours sometimes while I'm waiting for it!) and I'll just wait to see what they come up with.

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