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Does anyone feel characters are sometimes liked by fans purely on looks?.

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I not saying this individually about anyone and not just saying this about H&A as most soaps and other tv shows and even in real life this seem be the case sometimes. 

In fairness most characters in any tv show or movie  are played by good looking people. 

For example with H&A. 

I mean characters such as bad boys and bad girls seem to be liked once they stop being so bad simply because they are good looking.

 I think what makes them become likeable characters is that they are easy on the eye and if bad boy and bad girl characters were played by not so good looking actors  I think it would be harder for fans to begin to like them once they stop being so bad. 

Even with characters who were never bad boys  like Mason, he seemed to be liked and was always a rather bland character and I think what made him like by people was people thought he was good looking. 

I don’t mean this on criticism on anyone but just curious to see people views on matter. 

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  • John changed the title to Does anyone feel characters are sometimes liked by fans purely on looks?.

I think this is mostly truthful although I would be tempted to replace the term 'purely' with 'initially'.  I believe the reality is appearance is very important to some people whether they want to admit it or not.  If you go for a job interview, the first thing the interviewer notices is how smart the person is dressed.  If someone tries to stop you on the street whether that be because they want to sign up for something or they are doing some sort of survey, the first thing you will notice what they look like.  And if someone tries to hit on another person, the first thing they will notice is their appearance.  I would even go as far as saying this is human nature and a lot of people just can't help it.  But I think that given the chance, some people will get past the looks and then judge the individual.

With regards to Home and Away, anybody that has been here for a while will realise that people (myself included) have placed value on characters based on what they look like to the point that there are given leeway but I think in a lot of cases it then goes beyond looks and there's something else which draws them to the character which they like in addition to the appearance.  A lot of this is done instinctively and I don't think this is likely to change.  I think it's fine to judge a character purely based on their looks for a fictional program but in real life whilst people may be still drawn to more attractive people they shouldn't judge people solely due to the fact they aren't deemed as being aesthetically pleasing.

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Yeah I feel that is the case, I’ve been more about the kind of character they are to what they look like. 

my all time favourite character is Flynn (Joel’s Flynn) because of the kind of character he was. 

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