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She Has To Pull Through

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1 minute ago, torian said:

Love Alf chat with Flynn

Brad shouldnt be there

Glad Alf, Ric and Cassie were there

loved Sally and Flynn moment at the end

Cant wait to read more

Absolutely right, Brad shouldn't be there! Don't worry I have plans with the Brad thing. There's all a reason to do so.

I have a few ideas to what i wanna do with the storyline. :D

I am very happy to hear you're enjoying it.

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Love this idea. What a great start.

same here omg like i miss then more then words. They deserved better

Caught up on last few chapters Loved Flynn and Sal forever i hate Brad

Again, thanks for all the support.

Chapter Three: Your Arms, They Keep Me Safe.

It had been a few days since Sally had woken from her surgery, recovering slowly. Flynn had brought Pippa in to see her, he had gone off for his routinely scan to make sure he was still in remission. Things like this made him feel lucky to have caught his cancer early and managed to be able to remove it, because if he wasn't here, who would be sitting here supporting Sally now? Brad? It was completely obvious to Flynn that Brad was more than just a concerned friend, but he knew very well it was only one-sided.

Flynn didn't ever bring up the fact he knew, Brad brought her in here, he couldn't ever be more thankful for him getting her here it certainly saved Sally's life. He watched how Sally slept peacefully his hand in hers, running his fingers along her arm as he sat there. There was nothing more Flynn could do, as he got up to go leave he looked to her one last time and moved some stray hairs out of her face and kissed her forehead before leaving to continue on with his day at work. His breaks, all his breaks were sitting in with Sally. Nine times out of ten he would stay the night here with her, being naughty when she'd convince him to get up on the bed and cuddle. Only then did he ever see Sally ever truly relax.

He came in after his shift, absolutely done for it with the hospital but he refused to go home, because she was here. Sally saw how drained he looked and how he should really be going home for a sleep, but she also saw how he needed to be in her company also. "What's going on?" She breathed.

"Just a really long night, and just busy in general." He whispered, softly. He moved and sat down, but Sally moved in the bed to the side, and looked at him sternly. "Can you come lay with me?"

Flynn looked out the door, he knew it was against protocol to even let guests lay with their spouses; for a doctor to do it too... But Flynn moved around the bed so fast, and he climbed on the bed and laid and Sally instantly hugged him to her. "I love you..." 

"I had my checkup today..." started Flynn, and then Sally's eyes widened in fear, he was acting strange. He didn't get a chance to say that he was cleared, before Sally interjected in fear.

"No Flynn, no, no.." she whispered. 

"Sweetheart, I'm not going anywhere it's okay. I'm still clear." He assured her. "I was just a little worried as I had some aches and pains... but turns out that is called life." 

Sally leaned and kissed him. Her heart calmed. "Do you know where Rocco went?" She asked suddenly.

Flynn was waiting for her to ask after Rocco; the boy had been aloof. Flynn was all about helping kids, but he wasn't so sure helping Rocco was a good idea. He comes from a highly gang involved life. Flynn would honestly prefer him not to be around. 

"No, he hasn't come by to see you at all, Sal." murmured Flynn deciding to be honest with her..

"You were right, Flynn, if he still follows orders from his brother then there isn't much point to changing him." Mumbled Sally, "After all, he did stab me." 

Flynn leaned up and looked at her, "He did this?"

Flynn felt the anger begin to grow, he let that boy stay in their home, he helped that boy regardless if he wanted to. Now, now what? Sally had her life hanging in the balance for a number of times due to him stabbing her?

Flynn knew one thing, in the morning, he would be going to find Rocco.

Sorry it's so short, I don't have much time at the minute, but I'm committed to this story. A bit of a darker side of Flynn coming up. 

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Great chapter 

Nice little moments between Sally and Flynn.

good Flynn is still all clear 

Glad Sally told Flynn Rocco stabbed her.

Update again soon :)



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6 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

It's nice that Flynn's not insecure about Brad. Sally remembering it was Rocco a lot earlier than she did in the show...

Oooh it was too... alternative way? I didn’t think of that. But I got plans. 

thanks for the support guys. 

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15 minutes ago, InfantryAlex said:

Oooh it was too... alternative way? I didn’t think of that. But I got plans. 

It's your story: It can happen any way you want!

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On 21/01/2021 at 19:24, torian said:

Sally and Flynn moments so cute

Glad Flynn still clear

Will Cassie and Ric be in at somepoint?

Haha! Yes! Omg, I knew I was forgetting a few people to mention. 

I am currently about to write the next chapter and they're in it. :D

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I'm a ditz, I forget people to mention.... though I've currently been hunting down a lot of the old episodes of H&A with Sally and Flynn to watch... Not a lot out there but found a good chunk. 

Anyway, thank you for the support. 

Chapter Four: What Are You Still Doing In My Home?

Flynn was laying with Sally trying to process the fact that Rocco stabbed Sally, "Are you one hundred percent certain?" asked Flynn, wanting to make sure it actually was true before he goes and deals with the kid. After all, he and Sally gave him a home a place to stay, even if Flynn did not agree that it would be the best thing. Sally gripped at his shirt as she laid with him. 

"I'm positive, sweetheart." she whispered tiredly, looking up at him. Flynn sighed, and he kissed her forehead. 

"You should sleep, I'm going to go home and spend some time with Pippa." he spoke, "I think she's had too much time with Colleen." 

Sally smiled, "I think that sounds like a wonderful idea, say hi to the kids for me. And give Pip loads of cuddles." 

Flynn smiled and got up kissing her deeply before leaving the room. He took off for his convey, to head off home. Ric and Cassie were sitting watching a movie with Rocco when Flynn came in, "Hey Flynn, how's Sal?" asked Cassie all smiles.

"She's doing alright, she could be a lot better." spoke Flynn through gritted teeth seeing Rocco still in their house. 

Cassie grinned and watched Flynn grip his head, "You okay?"

"I'm okay, wondering why the hell he's still in this house?" snapped Flynn, Rocco looked at him confused.

"What you mean?" asked Rocco, trying to play innocent.

"Sally gave you a home, a roof over your head. She was giving you her all! We all did!" Flynn snapped. "I honestly wish I tried harder to tell her not to trust you, after all, look where she ended up, fighting for her life because you stabbed her." shook Flynn, Ric's eyes widened before he grabbed Rocco punching him. 

Flynn moved and stopped Ric, before grabbing the kid himself, by the scruff of his collar. "What on earth did she ever do to deserve this?" 

Rocco frowned, trying to get out of the hold. "My brother would have killed me, I didn't wanna die." 

Flynn glared, "Get out of my house before I make you regret it." Flynn wasn't that guy, "You are just trash like the rest of your family. Never darken Sal's door again." 

Soon after that commotion went, Flynn couldn't rest, having gone and got Pippa from Colleen and then put her down for the night, Flynn took to drinking beer. He felt extremely guilty for Rocco coming into their lives, ruining a good thing going and Sally ending up in hospital. It was only six months ago that he almost had died, and all he wanted was for things to get back on track.  

It was the next morning, Flynn had been up since the crack of dawn with an energetic Pippa. "You are wild," he murmured to his daughter. She certainly was running on something fierce today. Either that or Flynn was exhausted and found her to be overly energetic because of that. "Wanna see mommy today?" he asked her brushing his hand through her curls. 

Meanwhile, Brad had been wondering how Sally was doing and headed on into the hospital to see her, "Hey you.." He murmured. 

Sally looked over expecting Flynn but to see Brad, she smiled, "Oh hey, I've been wondering when you'd come to see me. I wanted to say thank you for bringing me here. It saved my life, I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't of got to me then." 

Brad took a seat, "No need to thank me, I'm just thankful you're still here." 

"Me too, I don't know what Flynn or baby Pippa and the kids would do if they lost me," she whispered, thinking back to when she almost lost him. She frowned, she hated thinking of the time he was sick, but she counted her lucky stars he was still by her side today. There wasn't anyone else for her.

"You don't have to think like that because you're still here," assured Brad, internally frowning at how she mentions her husband and children. He really fancied her. 

"I heard they have a warrant out for Rocco," mumbled Sally, "I hope they catch him. Oh, when I told Flynn I was expecting him to tell me he told me so." 

"Why?" asked Brad, wondering if he could get info to maybe nudge the couple apart.

"He didn't want Rocco staying, he didn't trust him, and I pleaded with him to give it a chance so he did, for me, and now..." mumbled Sally, "I know what he's like, he'll be feeling responsible but it's only a matter of time before he reminds me it was my own choice that got me here." 

Flynn was at the door, "I wouldn't." He frowned, feeling hurt that she thought like that. "Yes I feel guilty that this happened, but I would never blame you for this." 

Brad frowned that his moment with Sally had been interrupted by the man in discussion. Brad got up from the chair as Flynn moved to the other side gently putting Pippa down on the bed who immediately went to playing with her toys and looking around. Flynn eyed Brad, and then looked to Sally who was looking at him and she reached up and touched his chest.

Flynn leaned down and he kissed her, not even letting what she had been discussing with Brad get to him. Flynn looked at her, "None of this is your fault sweetheart, it's his own. He took advantage of the lovely woman that you are, but you're still here, and you're gonna be fine..." 

"And you're not gonna go anywhere?" whispered Sally.

"Not anytime soon, baby."

Brad wants to break them up, he wants Sally for Himself.

I feel like this story is a mess and all I hope for is that I improve. 

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