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Chapter 11


The safe house


Justin comes in and finds Tori and Christian together on the couch

Justin: hey

Tori: hi

Christian: what’s wrong you look worried?

Justin: I think their is someone on the street

Tori: what?

Christian: wait someone is out their?

Justin: well a car is out their. Maybe? I don’t know

Tori: where is Lance? Or Colby? We need to tell them

Justin: um not sure I will find them

Justin goes outside and he finds both Colby and Lance talking outside

Justin: hey

Colby: hi

Lance: what’s wrong?

Justin: their is a car outside I think it’s them

Colby: ok we will go check it out

Lance: go back inside we got this

Colby and Lance go out the front to take a look at this car. they soon spot a car out the front they approach but find the car empty...

Colby: um you think?

Lance: yeah it’s not good

Colby: ok we got to tell the others

Lance: yeah I know

Colby: we have to hurry

Lance: yes let’s go tell them. No time to waste

Colby and Lance enter the house

Tori: so was Justin right?

Colby: yeah

Lance: we got to go now

Tori: ok

Justin: let’s pack

Colby: I’ll tell Jasmine

Lance: ok be quick we don’t know how much time we have

Justin: ok let’s go

Justin enters his room and tells Leah what’s going on

Leah: ok we’re packing now

Justin: way ahead of you

Colby enters Jasmine’s room and tells her what’s going on

Jasmine: it’s suddenly real. Why were really here. Guess I can’t pretend we’re on holiday anymore

Colby: I’m sorry

Jasmine: it’s not your fault. I chose to come. I knew what I was getting myself into

Colby: we all agreed to be here but it doesn’t mean it’s not hard or not fair or not anything really. It’s just reality and we have to face it

Jasmine: as long as we face it together I will be fine

Colby: I will protect you. I promised Robbo

Jasmins: I know you will. This will work out. We will go home eventually we just have to ride this out

Colby: yeah ectually. Everything will go back to moral eventually

Jasmine: yeah it will for sure. hey at least we have this love triangle to keep us entertained

Colby: you know it’s not really like that

Jasmine: like what? I know Lance likes Tori!

Colby: he told you that?

Jasmine: he didn’t have too. I know you can see it too

Colby: well yeah of course I can but it’s not as simple as all that. Plus your baisis anyway you don’t like Christian!

Jasmine: that’s not true! I do like him just Lance was Robbo’s best mate and he would never replace him as Grace’s dad. I can’t say the same for Christian

Colby: come on that’s not fair and you know it! Christian is a good guy

Jasmins: I know! That’s what’s makes it so hard. I want Tori to be happy and have someone that is their for her but Grace? He’s not her father

Colby: he never tried to be! No one can replace Robbo! And it’s not even about that anyway what’s wrong with Grace having a step dad?

Jasmine: nothing! But why does it have to be him? Why not Lance?

Colby: isn’t that Tori’s choice? Your not her so please just let Tori sort out her own love live because it’s really none of your business anyway.

Jasmine: harsh

Colby: but fair! Come on Jasmine! Just let Tori be happy she deserves it

Jasmins: fine I won’t say another word about it

Colby: good now let’s pack we are running out of time

Jasmine: I know I’m being selfish but I don’t know I’m just worried things will change

Colby: if you don’t trust Christian fine but trust Tori at least. She won’t let you fall. And you have me. Don’t forget about everyone who loves and cares about you.

Jasmine: I know I love you too

Colby: we really got to go. Lance won’t wait forever

Jasmine: ok let’s hurry

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Chapter 12


New safe house


Justin finds Lance outside


Justin: hey

Lance: hey

Justin: so it’s been a week since we got here do you think they will find us again?

Lance: I don’t know. Probably? We have to be careful

Justin: I know

Lance: so tell me about Leah and you? Can’t say I saw that coming

Justin: yeah I know it was werid hey. Like to go from friends for years to friends with benefits to dating. It was a lot

Lance: I bet. So no marriage?

Justin: we don’t need it

Lance: if your sure?

Justin: yeah I am. We love each other. We don’t need a piece of paper saying we will end up together forever. I just know we will

Lance: I hope it works out. You two make a good couple

Justin: thank you. And yeah me too. I have faith that we can make it work

Lance: good then that’s all you need

Justin: yeah

Lance: so tell me about Christian?

Justin: he’s like my new best mate who’s engaged to be married to my sister. I couldn’t be happier for her

Lance: hmm what about me?

Justin: oh come on you know you will always mean something to the both of us. You and me got closer first and Tori too. We owe you a lot.

Lance: thanks. I just want to know I’m still important to you and Tori

Justin: hey you know she cares about you so much.

Lance: I know

Justin: you were Robbo’s best mate. We’re all connected though him and nothing or nobody will ever change that

Lance: do you ever have regrets?

Justin: of course so many. My parents. My siblings. My relationships. Sometimes things get messy and you can’t fix **** but I do have faith If things are meant to be they will be

Lance: I have that same faith too

Justin: so about Tori?

Lance: don’t

Justin: I’m just saying Christian is a good guy and he loves her. But your special to her too and I know she cares about you and you her. So if you want to go for it you have my blessing ok, seeing you two together would make me happy too

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31 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

liked the chat between Justin and Lance

Justin telling Lance to make a move on Tori.

Update again soon :)

Thanks. Justin was just being fair.

Chapter 13


New safe house


Colby finds Tori


Colby: hey

Tori: hey

Colby: so you heard about Jasmine?

Tori: of course I did. She also told me

Colby: well good so she should!

Tori: thank you for defending my right to chose

Colby: Tori no matter who you pick or what you chose it is always going to be your decision

Tori: I know maybe I just needed reminding of that

Colby: anytime you need that then I am here. And whatever else you need

Tori: I’m so lucky I have you in my corner

Colby: and I’m lucky I have you

Tori: you know when Christian said their was 3 people in this relationship he was talking about Jasmine. But my relationship has never been about her. I always thought I would be talking to Robbo about this

Colby: you should of been!

Tori: I know. I wish he was here. He always knew best. I trusted him with our daughter. But my heart as well. He was my best friend

Colby: he was one of mine too

Tori: yeah but you have your family too, Bella, Dean and Willow

Colby: you have yours too. Justin is here. And Brody and Raffy are safe

Tori: I know I’m so greatful for what I do have. Maybe I’m still living in the past

Colby: don’t do that

Tori: do what?

Colby: dismiss your hurt

Tori: why do you always know what to say to make me feel better?

Colby: it’s a gift

Tori: thank you

Colby: I will always be here for you no matter what. And so will everyone who loves and cares about you. Just make yourself happy and the rest will fall into place

Tori: Christian makes me happy

Colby: I know

Tori: but Lance does too and our connection can’t be ignored especially because of Robbo

Colby: hey maybe you should just ditch them both and date me instead

Tori: haha I had thought about it though

Colby: what really?

Tori: of course. I think me and you could of been good together

Colby: I think that too

Tori: but whatever choices we did or didn’t make in the past is irreverent because I have a choice to make right now and I’m scared

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Chapter 14


New safe house


Tori and Lance are talking outside


Tori: I heard you talked to Christian what did you say to him?

Lance: what did he say I said?

Tori: that you loved me

Lance: I do. You know that

Tori: yeah that’s not what he wanted to know though was it?

Lance: what do you mean?

Tori: he didn’t want to know whether you loved me. He wanted to know whether your in love with me

Lance: yeah I knew what he meant

Tori: and yet you didn’t give him an answer?

Lance: maybe I thought you deserved an answer before he did

Tori: well thank you for giving me that option. I appreciate it

Lance: your the one with everything to lose here I’m just putting the ball in your court where it belongs

Tori: you always took care of me. Robbo too. He would of wanted us together

Lance: I can safety say he was ok about it

Tori: why you talked to him about me?

Lance: of course. He was my best mate.

Tori: did he give you his blessing or something?

Lance: he told me to buy a ring actually

Tori: wait your kidding right?

Lance: no. I still have it

Tori: can I see it?

Lance: it’s in my room I’ll go get it

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Chapter 15


New safe house


Lance is in his room and finds the ring but quickly hides it when he hears someone at the door

Lance: come in

Justin: hey what’s up

Lance: just got to show Tori something

Justin: must be important if you brought it with you

Lance: yes it is

Justin: so can I see it?

Lance: no. Later

Justin: oh come on please

Lance: Tori needs to see it first

Justin: ok but promise to show me later

Lance: sure of course

Justin: and don’t keep my sister wanting. She won’t wait forever

Lance: I know but this is your fault you stalled me

Justin: ok just tell my sister it’s my fault that I stole your time. Then it’ll be sweet

Lance: yep that was the plan

Justin: one more thing?

Lance: yeah

Justin: good luck

Lance: thanks. I’ll talk to you later

Lance leaves and Justin goes to his room and finds Leah

Justin: hey

Leah: hey

Justin: so the weirdest thing just happened

Leah: what?

Justin: I just saw Lance with something which he said was for Tori

Leah: must be important if he brought it with us

Justin: yeah that’s what I thought too

Leah: I don’t know what it could be?

Justin: me neither

Leah: so I heard you gave Lance your blessing?

Justin: who said that?

Leah: Colby

Justin: who told him?

Leah: Lance maybe? Idk

Justin: hmm maybe

Leah: well unless someone else overheard you guys?

Justin: I guess anything is possible

Leah: so bed?

Justin: it’s still early

Leah: really do I have to spell it out for you?

Justin: oh you don’t mean sleeping

Leah: and I thought men were supposed to always have sex on their brain

Justin: usually we do but right now we have more important things to think about like saying alive

Leah: yeah your right but since we’re here alone in a bedroom we should take advantage of it

Justin: well if you insist

Justin and Leah kiss



Lance finds Tori

Lance: you waited for me?

Tori: of course I did. I’m not going anywhere

Lance: good. So you still want to see it

Tori: yes please

Lance pulls out the ring. It’s silver with diamonds on the front

Tori: it’s beautiful

Lance: so are you

Tori: did Robbo get to see it?

Lance: I got it the day he died. He never saw it

Tori: I wish he could of!

Lance: me too

Tori: but the fact he told you to buy me one and he approved of us. It means everything to me

Lance: me too

Tori: can I try it on?

Lance: of course

Tori takes off Christian’s ring and then puts Lance’s ring on her finger

Tori: I love it. It looks like it was made for me. I couldn’t of picked out a better ring myself

Lance: glad you like my taste in rings

Tori: for the first time getting one. It’s prefect. Thank you for buying me a ring it means everything

Lance: I thought I would be giving it to you under better circumstances. Not while we are in witness protection and your engaged to another guy

Tori: I wish things were different. I wish you would of come back sooner. I wish I could accept your love

Lance: but you can’t?

Tori: I want too. I want us to be together. But I love Christian and he came here for me. And we’re engaged and I want to marry him I do.

Lance: it’s ok I get it. It’s your choice. I wish I had told you sooner. I wish I was the guy you were getting married too

Tori: I wish you were too. I can’t just bail on Christian now. I need to see whether I can make things work with him. Christian will never have Robbo’s approval but I was really hoping he would have yours

Lance: Tori you don’t need mine. And I don’t have to like the guy. All I need to know is if you are happy and loved and you are and that’s good enough for me

Tori: I don’t want to give up on us but we left it to late. I’m really sorry

Lance: I’m sorry too. But I’m not sorry I tried to change your mind and I’m glad you gave me the chance to try

Tori: how could I not? How could I not consider everything with you? When I wanted it too! So badly!

Lance: I’m sorry I’m too late

Tori: it’s not your fault. Timing sucks

Lance: yeah it really does

Tori gives Lance the ring back

Tori: I hope you find someone worthy of you. Because you deserve the world

Lance: so do you

Tori: can I ask a favour?

Lance: anything

Tori: I know Justin wants to walk me down the aisle but I would like it if you could too but I get it if you don’t want too

Lance: no I’ll do it

Tori: thank you. I wanted Robbo too but your the next best thing thing and I want you to do it

Lance: i’d be honoured

Tori: your going to find someone just as good I know it

Lance: I don’t think I’ll find anyone half as good as you but I’ll try

Tori: I love you always

Lance: me too

Colby comes outside

Colby: guys sorry to interrupt but that car is back!

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Chapter 16


Colby and Lance pace the street looking for the car but it’s already gone


Colby: do you think their is a mole or something?

Lance: maybe Idk

Colby: I think we need to set a trap see if it’s anyone in the organisation

Lance: ok I’ll make some calls and set something up. But right now we need to leave this place as soon as possible

Colby: I’ll go tell the others

Lance: thanks

Colby: we’re in this together

Lance: I know

Colby re-enters the house and finds the others and quickly tells what’s gone down and that they need back to leave like now. Everyone goes off to do that

Justin and Leah are packing in their room

Justin: is this just my life again. Running away. Moving from place to place it’s not fair

Leah: I know. But hopefully it’ll be over soon and we can get back to the Bay and our lives their

Justin: yeah hopefully that happens soon

Leah: I have faith it will. Now come on let’s hurry

Colby finds Jasmine in their room

Colby: you nearly done?

Jasmine: just about. How are you going?

Colby: all set

Jasmine: I knew what I signed up for but it just sucks

Colby: I know. Everything will be ok soon. Me and Lance have a plan and if it works out then we might be able to go home soon

Jasmine: well then I hope it does because I can’t wait

Colby: me neither

Tori and Christian are packing

Christian: hey just stop for a second take a breath

Tori: I can’t. We can’t waste time. We need to leave ASAP

Christian: I know. It’s going to be fine. We’re all going to be ok

Tori: I know. I love you

Christian: I love you too. And we will get though this. I have faith

Tori: so do I

Christian: ok so let’s go see how the others are going

Everyone meets up in the living area

Colby: everyone ready?

Lance: this is our chance to get out. If this doesn’t work we might be in trouble

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Chapter 17


Third safe house


Colby and Lance are talking inside

Lance: you really think is will work?

Colby: it has too

Lance: ok let’s do this

Justin and Leah’s room

Justin: so?

Leah: waiting is the worst

Justin: I just hope this works

Leah: me too

Justin and Leah hug

Jasmine is in her room when Tori enters

Tori: hey

Jasmine: hey

Tori: so we might finally be getting out of here

Jasmine: yeah I hope so

Tori: me too

Jasmine: so you made your choice

Tori: I did

Jasmine: no regrets?

Tori: no, I did what was best for me

Jasmine: I support your decision

Tori: thank you. You know you will always be in my and Grace’s life. Christian won’t change that

Jasmine: I know. I just need reminding of that

Tori: anytime you do I’m here ok

Jasmine: ok thank you


Colby and Lance pace the street looking for someone or something, out of nowhere a guy comes and tackles Colby to the ground, Lance quickly gets him off of him and handcuffs him

Colby: that was too easy

Lance: I know. I feel like their is something else coming. Just one guy? Not likely

Colby: ok let’s call for back up

Lance: on it

Suddenly their is a scream from inside the house

Lance and Colby run towards it....

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Chapter 18


Third safe house


Jasmine’s room

Jasmine and Tori are still talking when they hear something

Tori: Um what was that?

Jasmine: I don’t know

Tori: should we check?

Jasmine: is it safe?

Tori: one way to find out

Tori heads toward the door...

Lance and Colby approach the house worried about what or who they will find

Lance: you ready?

Colby: yes let’s do it

Colby and Lance enter the house and start searching for someone

Tori enters the living area and see’s all is quiet. She wonders what noise she heard if no one is here. Suddenly the back door opens and she yells out in fright

Colby and Lance check every room of the house but their is no one their. They swear they heard someone though. Suddenly a door is opened from the back and they are faced to faced with an intruder

Tori starts screaming and Jasmine runs into to find them face to face with some guy

Tori: who the hell are you?

Miles: a friend who’s here to help

Jasmine: who sent you?

Miles: Lance

Tori: are they ok? Please tell they are ok

Miles: we’ve had an intruder at the safe house. They are dealing with it and back up is being sent. I’m sure they are fine

Colby and Lance are facing off with this intruder

Lance: who are you?

Colby: what do you want?

Chris: I wanted something but they aren’t here

Lance: you won’t find them. Your done. Just give up the others

Chris: others? I don’t know what you mean

Colby: their is no way your working on your own

Chris: who says I’m not?

Lance: yeah like we’re supposed to believe that

Chris: it’s the truth though

Colby: so why are you here?

Chris: to get answers

Lance: what answers?

Chris: I want to know why my parents are dead and I reckon you know the answer to that don’t you Lance

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Chapter 19


Third safe house


Lance: I really don’t get it

Chris: maybe my parents weren’t the best people but you could of just arrested them. No one had to die that day!

Lance: I’m a cop if I shot someone or multiple people it was justified

Chris: yeah sure that what they all say. Sometimes it’s not

Lance: sure I’ve known cooked cops in the system but that’s not me I swear

Chris: you still killed my parents and now your going to pay

Chris pulls out a gun and points it at Lance

Colby: don’t pull that trigger

Chris: who the hell are you?

Colby: a friend

Chris: walk away from this. It’s not about you. I don’t care who you are or what your connection is. Just let me do this

Colby: no! You want to prove that your parents deserve to die your going to right way about it, the way your parents clearly did, if they are dead because of this guy then they wanted to kill me, it was self defence!

Chris: you don’t know that!

Colby: do you?

Chris: well...

Colby: you weren’t their! You can’t know for sure! Your parents are dead but you can be better than them! You can end this and turn yourself in

Chris: I can’t! I have to end this! I’m sorry

Chris keeps his hand on the trigger waiting to fire...


Three months earlier


Lance was at work when his boss comes in

Morgan: hey

Lance: hi

Morgan: we need to talk?

Lance: that’s never a good sign

Morgan: you might want to sit down

Lance: ok now your freaking me out

Morgan: um I don’t know how to tell you this but

Lance: but what?

Morgan: their is a guy after you

Lance: what do you mean?

Morgan: he blames you for the death of his parents. He’s going to come after you and your family

Lance: what?!

Morgan: I’m sorry you need to go into witness protection

Lance: this has to be a joke

Morgan: it’s not I swear it’s real

Lance: omg I can’t believe this is actually happening

Morgan: yeah and their is more

Lance: what now?

Morgan: he wants revenge on you. So Tori, the baby and Jasmine are all in danger

Lance: I can’t bring them into this! I won’t!

Morgan: you don’t have a choice!

Lance: how do I do this?

Morgan: I have an idea that might work. You just have to get everyone else on board with it

Lance: ok tell me what I have to do


2 months and 3 weeks earlier


Lance arrives at Colby and Jasmine’s apartment and is glad that Colby answered the door


Colby: hey what are you doing here?

Lance: we need to talk

Colby: ok come on in what is this about?

Lance: long story short I need to go into witness protection and I need your help to convince Tori and Jasmine to come with us

Colby: us? You want me to come with you too?

Lance: of course. I trust you. But more importantly they need you their as well

Colby: I’m in. How we going to tell them?

Lance: I have a plan

2 months and 2 weeks earlier


Tori and Lance are back at the Morgan’s


Tori: Lance please your scaring me

Lance: Tori I just need you to trust me

Tori: of course I do. Just tell me what’s going on

Lance: I need to go into witness protecting for a bit

Tori: what?

Lance: long story short their is a guy after me. But you and Jasmine are in danger that’s why I need you guys with me

Tori: of course I’ll come. What about Justin? Leah? Christian? I can’t leave them though

Lance: which is why I’ve come up with a plan. To make everyone come with us we need to make it seem like you and Justin are the targets

Tori: oh you want to pretend like we have to go back into witness protection because of our parents?

Lance: yep that’s the plan. Are you ok with this?

Tori: 100%, I’ll do whatever I can to protect you. You would do the same for me

Lance: of course. I will protect you with my life

Tori: I love you

Lance: I love you too

Back in the present


Lance is trying to convince Chris not to shoot him but it’s too late and a shot goes off...

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Thank you for everyone who read this story and I hope you like the end


Chapter 20


The hospital


Tori is pacing the corridor but soon finds the courage to go in


Chris: oh so your the girlfriend?

Tori: does it even matter?

Chris: I guess not. I’m going away for a long time you will never see me again

Tori: good bird that’s not what I’m here to say

Chris: what do you want to say?

Tori: that your parents got into a situation that they couldn’t control and to get out of it they tried to shoot someone that was my family and then to prove that you are ectually like them you went and did the same thing. You could of killed him. You deserve to rot in jail. Enjoy the rest of your life

Chris: just one last thing?

Tori: what?

Chris: how do you know your right?

Tori: because my parents will involved in drugs and ended up dead because of it. And Lance would never make that call unless he had a choice

Chris: I think your right and I’m sorry

Tori: why do you think I’m right?

Chris: because he didn’t try to shoot me

Tori: I guess you got your answer

Chris: I did. Thank you and I’m sorry

Tori: don’t come near us again

Tori leaves the room

Later at the hospital

Tori is in Lance’s hospital room and he smiles at her when he wakes up

Lance: hey

Tori: hey

Lance: I’m glad your ok

Tori: you get shoot and your worried about me?

Lance: I always worry about you

Tori takes Lance’s hand

Tori: I’m just glad your here

Lance: it would of took a lot to keep me away from you. I’m not going anywhere ever

Tori: good because I wouldn’t let you anyway!

Lance: I love you

Tori: I love you more

Christian walks in at this moment and it’s awkward

Christian: hey

Lance: hi

Tori: hey

Christian: so when you getting out of here?

Lance: this afternoon

Christian: that’s good

Lance: yeah

Tori: anyway I need to go find Justin, see you both later

Lance: see you

Christian: bye

Tori leaves

Christian: well this is awkward

Lance: you don’t have to stay

Christian: yeah but Tori might just kill me if I don’t so yeah

Lance: yeah I believe that!

Christian: so Tori tells me your walking her down the aisle?

Lance: yeah if that’s ok

Christian: it’s her decision

Lance: cool

Christian: I will look after her you know

Lance: if you don’t I may just have to kill you

Christian: your not joking are you?

Lance: no

Christian: I love Tori and she loves me. I will take care of her I promise

Lance: that’s all I can ask

Tori comes back into the room

Tori: Justin needs you

Christian: what now?

Tori: yes

Christian: ok I’m going. love you

Tori: love you too. They kiss

Lance: what was that about?

Tori: I just wanted to get Christian out of here

Lance: why?

Tori: so we could spend some time together

Lance: sounds like a good idea to me


Back in the bay


Tori, Christian, Lance, Colby, Jasmine, Justin and Leah are back home


Tori: it’s good to be back

Christian: yes I know I haven’t lived here long but I feel like summer bay is my home now

Tori: because I’m here?

Christian: yes

Tori and Christian kiss

Justin: well I’m happy were back. Finally I can surf again

Leah: yes and I’m looking forward to going back to work and catching up on all the dinner ladies gossip

Justin: yeah it’s good to be home

Lance: I have an announcement guys

Tori: what is it?

Lance: I thought I would move to the bay for a bit if you guys want me too

Tori: are you kidding? It would be a dream come true

Colby: does that mean you will be giving up working for the feds?

Lance: maybe I’ll just have to annoy you at your work instead

Colby: mate I would love that! Your welcome anytime

Lance: I’ll hold you too that

Jasmine: so this it? This is our family? Forever doesn’t seem enough but I’ll take it


The End xxx





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