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Lack of teens


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Was watching some episodes from 2011 starting with the Braxtons first episode and noticed how much teens were in the show then compared to now, in that year there was Indi, Nicole/Sasha, April, Ruby, Romeo, Dexter, Xavier and Casey, and now there is only Ryder, Bella and Niaku, the show needs some new teens to freshen the show up,For most of Ryders stint he hasn't had a proper male friend until Nikau and Bella aswell apart from Raffy needs a female friend her own age but it seems there is more interest on the late 20's early 30s characters.

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Ryder's male friends always seemed weird or never going anywhere. He moved into Summer Bay House weeks before VJ left (could have been a potential friend about his age). Hunter was probably the next closest age but I don't recall any scenes of them together. He had a brief friendship with Ty during his stint. Him and Dean also seemed like they were being set up as good mates - too different characters but had a similar upbringing abandoned by their father and their mother really struggled. That never went anywhere. We had Ryder's school mates last year (Josh and Blake I think) but they've faded back into the background. They did appear in one episode this year playing pool with Ryder's two other friends - Bella and Nikau and Ruder wasn't even there lol I do like Ryder and hope he sticks around a bit longer (been here 3 years now but still has potential).

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Yeah I'm really missing the lack of teens to be honest. I get wanting to move away from the school related stuff, but don't like how its been cut out completely (although I guess with Maggie gone, there wasn't anyone to take over as principal). Even the young adults when the teens aged out of school and went to uni was fun (like when Olivia, Hunter, Mason etc were on the show)

I think with Covid, they probably won't bring the school back until the end of next year or 2022. 

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