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On 16/10/2020 at 23:43, Liz Ireland said:


Willow used to wear some very cool outfits but now all she wears is the red gym gear. Even when going for dinner... 



She didn't work at the gym to begin with, whereas she is the manager now and the gym is a business that doesn't contain as much staff as Salt so I imagine that is why. She is also a qualified trainer too and it's professional to be in that clothing when at work.

Casey was a bit like that, if you watched that far back

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I think its just because most of her scenes are of her going to or coming home from work.

It would be nice if they could wear their own sports gear at the gym though - just so they at least get to mix it up a bit. (Like how Jasmine has several different patterned gym outfits)

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