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Most Popular Character 2020 - Voting Thread

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Place your votes here for our latest Most Popular Character poll.

For more information, see the main announcement.

Please be sure to read these few pointers before casting your votes:

  • Strictly one vote per member. We have three voting threads – one in the Bayside Diner forum, one in General Discussion and one in Australian Discussion. You can post your vote in whichever thread suits you, but you may only post ONCE.
  • If you post less than 7 characters, your vote will not be counted. If you post more than 7 characters, we will only count the first 7.
  • Any characters who have debuted in Episode 7414 or onwards (airing in Aus on 22nd September 2020) are not eligible, due to the fact that these episodes have not aired in the UK as of the start of the voting.
  • Please give a character's surname, as if you simply write down ‘Ben’ then we won’t know if you mean Ben Lucini, Ben Astoni or Ben Murray.
  • Please only vote for who you genuinely believe are the best characters from the show’s history – not just the ones you think are the best looking!

Voting is open now and will run until Friday 13th November 2020.

Please only post votes in this thread. One post per member. Any queries/discussion should be posted in the announcement thread.

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1) Ziggy Astoni

2) Ben Astoni

3) Gypsy Nash

4) Joel Nash

5) Sally Fletcher 

6) Alf Stewart

7) Pippa Ross

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1. Selina - she was loyal to her friends and spoke her mind.  I love her relationship with Steven.

2. Steven - life knocked him down at times but he managed to come back.  Kind and caring.  I love his relationship with Selina.

3. Sally - underdog at times but was a lovely warm person.

4. Tori - it's nice to see a doctor who isn't just superwoman. She might get all fluttery over men though I can understand that after not being able to commit whilst her family was in witness protection.

5. Alex Neilson - I really wish she had been a regular. She was kind and fitted in so well in her short stint.  I loved her relationship with Willow.

6. Leah - she is warm and funny and loyal to her family.  I have loved her relationships with Vinnie and Justin.

7. Willow - I wish I'd voted for her last time. She is loyal to her friends and family and not afraid to speak her mind. I loved her relationship with Alex.

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No particular order


1 Curtis Reed

2 Denny Miller

3 Leah Patterson 

4 Donald Fisher

5  Miles Copeland

6 Sally Fletcher

7  Pippa Ross

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1. Sally Fletcher

2. Alf Stewart

3. Pippa Ross

4. Donald Fisher

5. Ailsa Stewart

6. Irene Roberts

7. Marilyn Chambers

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1. Donald Fisher

2. Edward Dunglass

3. Stacey Macklin

4. Morag Bellingham

5. Marilyn Chambers

6. Ailsa Stewart

7. Joel Nash

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1. Celia Stewart

2. Sally Fletcher

3. Irene Roberts

4. Chris Harrington

5. Stacey Macklin

6. Marilyn Chambers

7. Jazz Curtis

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