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That's actually the same one you asked about a few months back 😄 If you go back a page you'll find it there (Another Light by Jude) - I'm guessing you saw it at the time as you clicked the thankyou ic

No one caused it. Started from fire in the oven, and the police report stated it was an electrical fire. Maddy Jevic portrays Jai's mother, Amber.

Darn it. It is just because my partner wants me to play the whole song and I have the episode saved on Tivo. Still, you have yet to fail me, even when I'm the obvious idiot. We love the show but the s

I've looked over the episode summaries on the main site and they appear to have met in 3674.Irene was arriving at school when she saw Barry telling Kirsty off for kissing Kane goodbye outside school and sarcastically commented that she was really looking forward to meeting her new boss.Then Irene's phone went off in assembly while Barry was giving a lecture about how everyone was to have their mobiles switched off in school, which obviously impressed him.Then Irene was talking to Sally in a classroom when Barry came in to ask Irene if she'd done the work he asked.They tried to explain to him that Irene was having family difficulties(I think Hayley was in hospital at the time)but he made it clear he expected school work to take priority and if she wasn't happy with that she should find a new job.Which obviously didn't make her very happy either.

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Thanks for your reply, Red Ranger. :D I've been finding other stuff to do all day when for once I've actually had the time to write :rolleyes: because I feel I really want to introduce the Barry/Irene first meeting so that I can get into the flow of the chapter.

So Irene was a school secretary? And theydisliked like each other on first sight? That's great, I can work round that tho I'll be writing my own version. Many thanks for the info! :D

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I can't say they were my favourite family. They were just very...blah. Dani was probably the best of a bad lot.

Not that you'd know they exsisted now. Kirsty hasn't even mentioned them once.

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Eli, I was only playing with him, hence the emoticon at the end of my sentence. No need to bite my head off. Next time I will make sure that I make it clear that it was a joke. Sorry :)

Is there going to be a break sometime in the year so the UK are not so close the the Australian airings? You guys are mighty close! :D But hey, if I was over there, I would probably want to be as close as possible! :D

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How many weeks ahead do they film? So if we're just starting week 13 in Aus, what week are they currently filming? And if we're just starting week 13 in Aus, what is it in the UK? How many weeks behind? When I travelled to the UK a decade ago they were months and months behind - it's gotta be better than that these days!

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