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"I'd rather listen to 'my heart will go on', on repeat than go on a date with you."


Jack relented as long as she jumped off a cliff but as she prepared to jump he stopped her and kissed her


After flirting at Noah's christening, they shared a kiss, reuniting


Their relationship grew stronger and they celebrated Martha's birthday at a party at jack's house




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2007 :blush:

Paul & Jodi topless. Does anyone know whether these scenes were filmed for real or readjusted?

not that it's such a big deal but i'm just curious,soum.. does anyone know?




No matter how much they've denied it . :wink: . there've been sparks between those two.

unless their acting skills are as good as Nicole Kidmans :wink: off to Hollywood than :lol:but wait, Paul already left > wants to become like Nicole Kidman !!! Cacharel Cacharel :ph34r:

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