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Speaking of Pippa... what happened to her daughter? Ian turned up one day and said that Pippa wasn't with him cos she was having trouble carrying the baby.

Another episode where Sam comes back for Alf's 60th I think... He was asked how Pippa and the baby were and he mentioned about it being a girl but not her name.

Pippa now comes back without Ian and I don't think there's been any mention of him or her daughter. This is what annoys me about H&A there is no continuity!!

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Pippa has returned for Sallys non wedding to Brad. There was no mention of any baby then.

She wouldn't have been a baby then she'd be school age.... but that's what I mean, eithere they've forgotten all about Pippa having a baby or they've messed with the script to suit the storyline -but she did have 1!

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Does anyone know what ep numbers these are: [it's taken from the main BTTB site]

Aden first appeared in 2005 when he applied for the role of Rex, the male lead in Colleen's play and flirted with Cassie who had just split from Ric. It seemed Cassie was as interested in him and Aden approached Ric to ask if he and Cassie were over because he wanted to ask her out. Despite being clearly jealous Ric told Aden he and Cassie were over and encouraged him to go for it. Aden asked Cassie out, she accepted and they had a great date but his over-eagerness to talk about Cassie wound Ric up during footy training in the gym. Aden was later invited to dinner at the Caravan Park house but it didn't go well when he and Ric goaded each other all the way through.

The next day at footy training Ric tackled Aden badly causing him to hit his head. He was taken to hospital unconscious and his brother sought revenge, beating Ric badly but Aden lied that his brother had been with him, giving him an alibi. When Sean later took Flynn hostage, threatening him, Cassie confronted Aden who admitted he had lied. Cassie dumped him and Aden was not seen again for a while.

Any info would be great!

Thankies in advance to anyone who can help :)

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