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Oh, I know who Charlie is. But this was a different woman. I was thinking maybe it was a different actress playing Lara.

Thanks for answering. :)

I think it is a new cop, apparently Lara (Fitz) has taken over from McGraw, Jack did say Lara wasn't in the station when Ross wanted to find the 'body'.

I have a question for all of us long term H&A watchers. Does anybody else remeber a couple who turned up pretending to be Sally's parents? This was just after she inherited the money left to her by them in their will, it turned out they were con artists.

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He was (is) Lee's boyfriend. When Lee claimed Joe back from Rachel and Kim and stopped them adopting him, she had a new boyfriend to help support her - Dean.

Lee, Dean and Joe left together - or as it now turns out didn't leave but moved to the caravan park!

He isn't Joe's father - that was a teacher (I can't remember the name) at school.

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Hate to be the contradictory know-it-all but actually Dane was Lee's boyfriend when she turned up heavily pregnant and pretty much went into labour in Lucas' front room.He was the one that encouraged her to abandon Joe(and he was also meant to be on the run from the police for receiving stolen goods).When she came back to reclaim Joe, her and Dane had split up and she was meant to be living with a family called the Kennedys(in Ramsay Street, presumably).There appears to be a year's gap in between Lee and Joe leaving the Bay and moving back into the caravan park, during which time she presumably reunited with an apparently reformed Dane.

And if memory serves me correctly Joe's father was called Steve Braeburn.

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