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I see, thanks.

Another thing, is the person that played Simon (the guy at the party) the same as the person who played Woody, the school nerd, a few years ago?

Well i don't know but i think he looks familiar he (Simon) was in a surfing programe I can never remember the name of it. Corey was in it too the cop that poisoned Irene.

He looks shorter than 'Woody' Could always check and fine out. I'll look it up.

Woody was in the programme years ago, back in 2001/2002 I think. As Simon's character was supposed to be about 17 and the actor that played Woody would now be in his 20's I doubt it could be the same actor.

It is possible as a lot of the actors are a few years older than their characters. Sharni Vinson is 20 and Jessica Tovey is 23 or other way round. Bobby Morley is about 20 and Mark Furze is 21. Talking of Bobby Morley (Drew) he was in a 2005 episode of neighbours he had a walk on part buying a hotdog fron Dylan's dad. :lol:

And American teen dramas are even worse: 90210, Smallville, The OC.

If you mean being older than their characters then One Tree Hill is another they are all a lot older thats why they had to skip college years in the new season the cast were pleased to be playing their characters nearer their real ages.

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How old is Jack supposed to be on the show?

When he was in a coma last year, someone said he was 25.

That was a quick reply! Thanks alot. :D

No problem. :)

I'd like to say thanks as well. I didn't know he was 25, but now I do.

Haha that makes me laugh cos Tony once said he was 40! So he was 15 when he was married and had Jack? :lol:

If I remember correctly, Tony said he was ''in his forties''...He didn't actually say he was 40. However, I'd think he's nearer to 40 than he is to 50. I'm guessing 43, 44...

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^Nah he definitely said he was 40 to Beth a while back, obviously he'll be 42/43 by now but still, I think they slipped up there.

You're right Daisyap he told Beth he was 40 when he lost his job at the school. He said something like I'm 40 what else can I do or who would take him on but he definately said he was 40 because I thought it was a bit odd that he could have a son as old as Jack and assumed Jack was no more than 23 making Tony 17 when he became a dad.

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