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That's actually the same one you asked about a few months back 😄 If you go back a page you'll find it there (Another Light by Jude) - I'm guessing you saw it at the time as you clicked the thankyou ic

No one caused it. Started from fire in the oven, and the police report stated it was an electrical fire. Maddy Jevic portrays Jai's mother, Amber.

Darn it. It is just because my partner wants me to play the whole song and I have the episode saved on Tivo. Still, you have yet to fail me, even when I'm the obvious idiot. We love the show but the s

Did Jude go to Noah's funeral? I seem to remember he wasn't there.

no he didn't, although i don't know wot possible reason he could have had for not attending. hi daisyap i have seen u on five forum i've got a diferent name though

What we saw in that episode was a memorial service where the ashes were scattered.

I always assumed that the funeral had happened earlier and Jude had attended that. After all this service was two weeks after Noah had died.

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He was set up by Rocco and his brother, made it look like he stole money

Rocco and his brother? :huh: I thought it was Josh West... :unsure:

I was thinking about Josh too. Supposedly, Alf used the Surf Club's money to finance his campaign during the elections but it was one of Josh's friends who had tricked him.

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