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4 hours ago, project90 said:

I was not  really watching when the stoyline came up but Irene was sexually abused by her uncle right? So Mick is inbred? Was it her choice to put him up for adoption or were her hands tied on the matter? How old was she? Is that the reason for her alcoholism? Surely that and the reasons behind it got explored before that. 

An uncle could have been by marriage (with her Aunt being the blood relative) so that Mick could be genetically ok. There are also uncles who are family friends rather than parent's brothers.


Nope she was deemed too young so the child was put up for adoption rather than being her choice. She was about 14 or 15 - not sure if I don't remember or they didn't specify. Yes it was linked to her alcoholism - was treated as a bit of a repressed memory which is why it hadn't come up previously - for example during Chloe's rape - coming out when Olivia disclosed her abuse.

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Yes, I'm not sure if it was clear whether her uncle was a blood relative or not.(Either way, the chances of one instance of incest causing genetic problems is fairly small.)They seemed to toy with the idea of it being a repressed memory but instantly contradicted it by giving Irene momentos that we'd somehow never seen before, so it was still never really explained why it hadn't come up previously.

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On 11/13/2017 at 12:52, project90 said:

Are Adam Willits (Steven) and Emily Symons (Maryliyn) only 2 regulars to leave and return for another regular stint. Also if Emily case is this her 3rd regular return?

I guess. Everyone else just had lengthy guest stints!

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