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There wasn't one - bad continuity again.

There was a small tremor in 2008 however but we didn't see it on screen - it was that that caused the fault from the 1996 earthquake to open up underneath the diner, and also the thing that unearthed the time capsule.

Pretty sure they at least referred to the tremor on screen, but even if it wasn't I know that was the cause anyway.

Edit: Yes they did refer to it onscreen

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Thanks Dan. Yes I remember the tremor in 2008, why couldn't they have just referenced that?!

I've been trying to think of better reasons for the structural damage at the school. What about damage to the foundations during the mudslide in 2000? Or damage caused by the fire in 2003 or 2006? Or what about the Cyclone in 2006 that actually happened?!

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I would have thought my phrasing would have given away the fact I've never seen it! :lol:

As far as I've heard, everyone in the Bay is celebrating Christmas, and it all ends relatively happily.

It must have been a nice break from the normal 'who will make it out alive', but I think the main reason was to give Dan Bennet a blank sheet with no loose ends when he took over as Script Producer the following episode (2005 Premiere).

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