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We never even found out who spread the word that she had been in that position. I read it was Casey originally, but he said he didn't and Xavier said he didn't. It was implied it was Romeo BUT my friend reckons that as Charlie told Brax, Heath must have found out. Heath was jealous cos he tried to chat up Ruby but she preferred his little brother, so he spread it around due to jealousy.

There's never a simple answer in my H&A theories :lol:

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I don't really see Heath as being bright enough to mock up a video of Ruby.The clear indication was it was someone from school, since only the kids seemed to get sent it.(Would Heath know their numbers?)The spoilers/previews claimed Casey would reveal what happened between Romeo and Ruby which blatantly didn't happen, he didn't even know about for sure they'd slept together until Ruby blurted it out in the Diner although he had his suspicions.

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For how long after someone in the cast has left is it possible to write letters for them, and get a repley.?

Will the letters be sent to them even though they have left, or what will happen to them?

Sometimes when I read that someone will leave/quit they have done that months earlier which means I have sent letter a few times without knowing they might not recieve them, becasue they have already left.

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