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To stop the forum becoming cluttered with lots of miscellaneous questions that don't need long replies or discussion, this thread has been created for these types of questions.

Example: "What was the name of Hayley's father?'

'In what episode number did Shane and Angel get married?'

'Who sings the song that was played when Flynn died?'

So quick questions, and (probably) quick answers in here.

As this is the General Discussion forum, questions and answers should not relate to anything that hasn't yet been seen in the UK.

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That's actually the same one you asked about a few months back 😄 If you go back a page you'll find it there (Another Light by Jude) - I'm guessing you saw it at the time as you clicked the thankyou ic

No one caused it. Started from fire in the oven, and the police report stated it was an electrical fire. Maddy Jevic portrays Jai's mother, Amber.

Darn it. It is just because my partner wants me to play the whole song and I have the episode saved on Tivo. Still, you have yet to fail me, even when I'm the obvious idiot. We love the show but the s

There's nothing wrong with pinning topcs, it#s my opinion however that you need to also look at the topics already pinned whilst doing this and ask "Do these still need to be pinned". For example, Coming Soon isn't being used and the "Line of the Week isn't too popular" either.

Anyway, that's off topic a bit, but here's something that always annoys me.

Whenever I hear REM's "Stand" I keep on thinking that I've heard it on Home and Away. Was there a song that sounds like that used on H&A?

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Can somebody clear up the Jude/Shauna/Charlotte relationships please?

I know that:

- Charlotte died

- Shauna left the Bay when she said she had feelings for Flynn

- Jude and Shauna got engaged

- Charlotte got pregnant

- Shauna returned at some point

but I'm confused about the order they all happened in!

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