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When did Irene become less comical ?.


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When do you think Irene became less comical and a more serious type character  ?. 

I personally think around late 1999 or early 2000. 

I know it was a slow development  but her character personality in late 1999 and early 2000 is more like she is now. 


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I agree with that.

She was the sole comic relief in 1993 and 1994. When Marilyn returned some of the comedy went back to her (although personally I didn't think they got Maz's character quite right to start with in 1995 and she didn't really hit her stride until 1996). Irene continued to have a mix of comedy moments combined with character growth between 1996-1999. By 2000 I think she'd had all her growth and the comedy aspect was pretty much gone, she was ready to settle down and the intention of the producers was for her and Ken to become a solid family unit on the show. Sadly the actor who played Ken didn't want to stay on, so rather than continue this aim with Irene by bringing in a new character for her to settle down with, she instead floated, and has floated ever since.

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I remember someone suggesting Alf and Irene being a potential couple - I feel that's a missed opportunity as Ailsa and Ken died in a few months of each other. Of course for it to happy now would feel veeeeery weird and random. That boat as long since sailed. However, it could have potentially be the longest serving couple on the show. Both kind of just floated around for years -especially Irene. I like Alf with Martha though but just wish it wasn't his first wife...still feels weird. 

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