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Homecoming Part 4 (by Summer's Bay) - comments


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On 06/04/2020 at 04:02, Red Ranger 1 said:

Frank and Roo continue to drift apart...Why has Carly fired Grant, did Ben tell her to? I guess it's good that Marilyn's giving Adam another chance...

No, Carly is getting him back because she believes Grant is trying to ruin her relationship with Ben...


Thank you all for reading. Been a bit busy, but hope to have a chapter up this week :)


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Great chapter 

Narelle you silly girl believing Jeff
Glad Marilyn and Adam worked things out

Alf uh-oh that was close with Ailsa.
Update again soon  :)



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Great chapter 

Bob being drunk Nick trying to help.

Karen trying to get  her way with her dad 

Alf you’re walking on thin ice cheating on your wife.

Ben is a Grade A-hole.

Update again soon :)


Edited by Kristen
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While reading I saw this playing out on screen right down to the last detail. Something tells me Bruce and Rob would have aced the Nick/Bob scenes while Julian would be adept at playing the other side of Ben.  Adam going for run a long the beach is in with the character, whenever he wasn't sceheming or clowning, he was training.

Karen's dialogue is believable. 

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