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Chapter 473




Four Seasons Hotel- The City


Background music- Stewart family theme


“Thank you” Morag said to the waiter who brought her room service lunch to her room. She walked over to her bag and took out her purse as he set up the table on the balcony.

“Thank you madam” The waiter said as Morag gave him a few dollars. She smiled and as he walked out of the hotel room. Morag looked at her watch. She had an hour before she needed to check out, and an hour before her plane left for Perth. Morag put some dressing on her salad and put some on her folk and put it into her mouth. As she chewed she picked up the newspaper and when she opened it she suddenly stopped chewing and stared at the photo looking right back at her.  It was a photo of Bobby holding her NSW award. Morag put her glasses on and read the articl which explained that Bobby was the only woman to win business woman of the year and caterer of the year twice in a row. The article also explained that Bobby not only got recently finished her accelerated bachelors degree but she also had her own catering company. Morag couldn’t take anymore…she stopped reading.



Morag- I had a wonderful life with Richard..he was everything I dreamed of…Pudge Stewart dating  a gorgeous successful man…I felt lucky when he told me he wanted to marry me. After I stupidly slept with Donald, in my heart, I really thought I was pregnant with Richards baby but I told Richard I was pregnant, he knew straight away that I had been unfaithful because he was infertile… he never told me that and from that day, he never touched me again. I loved him so much and he refused to touch me because I had been unfaithful....oh yeah we looked like the perfect couple in public but behind closed doors we were strangers....I loved that man, he was my life and in a split second, my life was over so you see that is why I can never forgive Bobby for what she did and tonight, I wanted to remind her of that, remind her of how much she was a mistake and how she ruined my life and for that she will pay..I ill get even with her and make her life a misery

Ailsa - Tonight, Bobby lost her baby, she doesn’t even know it yet because shes currently having surgery to remove a tumor from her brain so I think you are pretty much even…you both lost someone you love. …I hope all this vendetta was worth it

Flashback ended

Morag stared at the photo until tears ran down her cheeks. She didn’t stop them…she couldn’t stop them..she didn’t want to stop them..


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay


Michael closed the door and took off his jacket as he walked into the bedroom. A few moments later Celia walked into the room as well

“I wasn’t expecting you to stay out all night” Celia said

“I told you, I hadn’t seen my mate for ages, we lost track of time. I ended up sleeping on the couch in his hotel room” Michael said

“Oh..you should’ve brought him back with you, we could’ve all had dinner together..It would be nice to meet some of your friends” Celia said

“He had to get to the airport” Michael said

“Dad you’re back, can we go and play football” Haydn said as he walked into the bedroom

“Of course mate, let me just change and have a shower” Michael said

“Alright” Haydn said and he walked out of the room

“I was hoping we could spend some time together…since we didn’t see the new year in” Celia said

“Maybe later” Michael said and he walked out of the room and Celia sighed…


Background music ends


Army hospital- Brisbane


Martin tried to turn over and the pain made him open his eyes. He looked around and realized he was in the hospital on the barracks then suddenly it all came back to him…takig his keys out of his pocket to open the front door then the men approached him and attacked him. Martin didn’t now who found him or how he got to the hospital

“Hi, you’re awake” Martin said as one of the nurses came over to his bed

“Yeah” Martin said as he tried to reach for the jug of water on the table next to his bed

“Ouch” Martin said

“Let me get that for you” The nurse said and she rushed over to the bed and poured Martin some water and gently held it up to his mouth for him to drink it. Martin sipped some of the water and moved his head back

“Thanks” Martin said

“You’re welcome” The nurse said

“So…what happened to you?” The nurse said and Martin looked at her

“Oh..sorry…I didn’t mean to be nosey” The nurse said

“No, its alright, it looks worse than it is” Martin said and he smiled

“Well I have to go and see some other patients….Ill be back later on” The nurse said

“Righto” Martin said

“Oh by the way, I’m Sarah…well Nurse Thompson” Sarah said

“Martin..staff cadet Dibble” Martin said

“Ok..see you later” Sarah said and smiled and waled away. She turned back to look at Martin. She had seen him around and thought he was cute. She was disappointed that when she turned around he was not looking in her direction. Sarah sighed and walked away. Martin looked out of the window. There wasn’t much to see from his bed other that the clouds in the sky. Martin sighed as he tried to figure out why he was attacked. He had stayed out of trouble since he arrived, and wondered why he was targeted. Martin sighed again then looked up at the ceiling as he wondered about what he would be doing now if he was in Summer bay…



Police Station- Summer Bay


“So are you going to tell me what happened?” Nick said as Revhead sat opposite him

“I already told you, I didn’t do it” Revhead said

“That’s not good enough, I’m afraid” Nick said

“I just got the job at the boatshed, I’m trying to turn my life around, why would I jeopardize all that to break into the diner” Revhead said

“I don’t know, maybe you were upset with Bobby for telling you to leave?” Nick said

“I was, but I didn’t go back and break in” Revhead said

“Look mate” Nick was interrupted

“I’m not your mate” Revhead said and Nick sighed

“Ok..are you sure there was nobody at all who saw you?” Nick said

“No” Revhead said. He wanted to say Sandra, but he didn’t want to get her into any trouble

“Well, I have no choice but to keep you here” Nick said and Revhead sighed then Nick walked out of the cell and locked the gate and walked away.



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly wiped her hands when she heard the doorbell ring, and she opened the door to the flat and walked down the stairs

“Sandra hi” Carly said when she opened the main door

“Hi Carly…can I talk to you…please..if its alright?” Sandra said

“Yes come in” Carly said and she started walking up the stairs. Sandra closed the door and followed her up the stairs.

“Do you want a drink or something?” Carly said as Sandra closed the door to the flat

“No thank you” Sandra said

“Sit down….what do you want to talk about?” Carly said and both her and Sandra sat on the couch

“If I tell you something…do you promise not to tell anybody?” Sandra said and Carly looked at her concerned.

“Are you in some kind of trouble?” Carly said and Sandra shook her head no

“Whats wrong?” Carly said and Sandra looked at her and sighed…

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 474


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“I just fixed the wiring in Finlays van” Frank said as he put the toolbox in the laundry room and began to wash his hands

“Thank you, she will be pleased” Pippa said as she walked over to the phone

“I thought we’d have dinner tonight before Alex goes,..do you have any plans?” Pippa said

“No” Frank said as he wiped his hands and rolled his eyes

“Great, I just spoke to Bobby, shes coming, I just need to phone Carly” Pippa said as she picked up the phone again

“Bobby’s coming?” Frank said

“Yes, She said Greg will be taking Sam out to watch a movie. I just need to see if Carly can come” Pippa said and she began to dial. Frank thought to himself that with Bobby being on her own, he can find out why she ran away from him, when he knows she loves him…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Marilyn came down the stairs to see Bobby standing in the kitchen and holding the phone receiver. She walked into the kitchen passed Bobby then she stopped and turned to look at Bobby

“Bobby” Marilyn said and a few moments later Bobby realized the phone was in her hand and she put it down and looked at Marilyn

“Hmm?” Bobby said

“Are you alright?” Marilyn said

“Yeah” Bobby said

“I Thought you were going out with Adam?” Bobby said

“He had to go and finish up a few things at the school for tomorrow…so I am going to have a night in and pamper myself…what about you?” Marilyn said

“I’m going over to the caravan park..its a family thing” Bobby said and she sighed and folded her arms

“You are so lucky to have all your family living close by” Marilyn said as she made herself a cup of tea

“I should’ve gone with Greg, Sam and Grant” Bobby said disappointed

“Why, is there something wrong?” Marilyn said and Bobby sighed

“Its just that with Frank there and..” Bobby stopped talking

“I thought you said that you and Frank had spoken, and everything was alright between the two of you” Marilyn said

“Yeah..but” Bobby said

“Being that he was your first love…its ok to sometimes think about the past when you see him..I think that is naturally what we do when we see our ex boyfriends..I know I do ” Marilyn said then she stopped talking when she realized she was talking about Ben

“I suppose” Bobby said

“But thinking about exes doesn’t mean you want them” Marilyn said then she looked at Bobby who didn’t respond

“Oh Bobby….you still..have feelings for Frank?” Marilyn said and Bobby sighed

“Oh Marilyn..It wouldve been so much easier if he stayed away” Bobby said

“So what are you going to do?” Marilyn said

“Well for a start, I wont be going to the caravan park later on. As long as we stay away from each other, things will be alright. I cant afford to jeopardize what I have with Greg and Sam…I just cant” Bobby said then she walked away…


Background music ends


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

Sandra looked at Carly after she finished explaining everything

“What do you think I should do?” Sandra said

“Well I’m not Revheads biggest fan…not after what he did to Sal” Carly said

“He said he was really sorry about everything that happened, and he wants to turn his life around” Sandra said as Carly looked at her

“Do you think he did broke into the diner?” Carly said and Sandra shook her head no

“Well, you already made a decision, you should tell the police” Carly said and Sandra sighed

“What if I get him into trouble?” Sandra said

“How can you get him into trouble..you’re giving him an alibi” Carly said

“Ok..can you come with me please…to the police station” Sandra said and Carly smiled

“Ok…but there is something else” Carly said as Sandra looked at her

“You really should tell Mr and Mrs Stewart about Revhead…he is a little bit older than you. When I was younger, I really liked a guy who was four years older than me, and my parents were not really happy about it” Carly said as she remembered when she was dating Gary Samuels

“Ok..I will” Sandra said

“Let me get my jacket, I wont be a minute” Carly said and she got up from the couch

“Carly” Sandra said and Carly turned around

“Thank you for being like a sister to me” Sandra said

“You’re welcome..I think I better bring an umbrella too, looks like its going to rain soon” Carly said and smiled..


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“I’ll get it” Emma said as she got up from the couch and walked over to the phone

“Hello” Emma said

“Hey beautiful” David said and Emma smiled

“I’ve missed you” Emma said

“Yeah me too..I need to go into the city to meet a friend from Uni….Ill probably be back really late..so I cant see you tonight....get to school early” David said and Emma smiled

“I will..where should I meet you?” Emma said

“In my office at 8” David said

“Alright..Ill be there” Emma said

“See you later” David said

“Bye” Emma said then she put the phone down and smiled

“Who was that?” Ailsa said

“Steve, looking for Sandra” Emma said and she walked back over to the couch and picked up her magazine and smiled. She had never been in love before, but the way she felt when she was around David, she knew that she loved him, and that this year with him was gong to be the best..


Police Station- Summer Bay

Sandra held Carly’s hand as they waited in the reception of the police station. A few minutes later, Nick came to the reception

“G’day…what can I do for you?” Nick said and Sandra looked at Carly

“Sandra has something she wants to tell you” Carly said

“Alright…what is it about?” Nick said

“Its ok Sandra…tell him” Carly said and Sandra looked at Nick

“Its about Maurice Gibson..I don’t think he broke into the diner…because last night he was with me” Sandra said and Nick looked at her surprised..


Station- Yabbie Creek

As Shauna got off the train she quickly ran with her bags to get some shelter from the rain. She was due to start her new job tomorrow as a lifeguard then she looked up at the rain and started laughing. Even though she had a job, she remembered that she didn’t have a place to live. She recalled seeing an ad in the paper for a room to rent, but everytime she tried the number, there was nobody home. She had the address in her bag and thought she would just try her luck, turn up and hope the room was still available. Shauna saw a taxi and flagged it down. The driver got as close to bus stand and rolled down his window

“Where are you going?” The driver said

“Summer Bay” Shauna said and the driver indicated for her to get in. She quickly opened the door and put her bags in, got in the taxi and closed the door. As the driver pulled away, she smiled to herself…not because it was the start of a new job, but the first step to the real reason why she was going to Summer Bay.


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank rolled his eyes as he walked into the living room to see Reverend Jones reading to Sally, as Christopher sat on the floor in front of him and played with his toys.


“Looks like its just us for dinner” Pippa said

“What do you mean?” Frank said

“ Well, there was no answer at Carly’s, and Bobby just called and said she cant make it” Pippa said and Frank sighed

“Why not?” Frank said

“She said she had to help Marilyn with something” Pippa said as she walked into the kitchen

“I bet she does” Frank said annoyed

“Is there something wrong? Pippa said confused

“No,” Frank said then he walked  towards the stairs as Pippa watched him walk away…


Police Station- Summer Bay


Revhead rested his hands on the back of his head and stared at the ceiling. This was not the first time he had been in a jail cell, and if things continued the way they were, it probably wasn’t going to be the last time. Revhead sat up when he heard the cell door open and Nick walk in

“You didn’t tell me the truth earlier’ Nick said

“Yes I did” Revhead said

“Is that right?” Nick said

“Yeah” Revhead said and he laid back down

“So when I asked you if anybody saw you at the resort last night, why didn’t you tell me you were with Sandra Barlow?” Nick said and Revhead looked at him then he got up

“How did you know about that?” Revhead said

“Because she just came here and told me…why didn’t you tell me?” Nick said

“I didn’t want to get her into any of my trouble” Revhead said

“But at least she vouched for you…that you were telling the truth about being at the resort” Nick said

“Yeah, but she wasn’t with me all night…so nothing has changed has it?” Revhead said and he laid back down

“Look, I’m trying to help you out here” Nick said

“No, you’re not” Revhead said

“right…whatever” Nick said as he walked out of the cell an locked the door. Revhead sighed as he looked at the ceiling then he smiled as he thought about what Nick told him. He never expected Sandra to stick up for him..but he was glad that she did…


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

Carly opened the door and she took off her wet jacket as Ben sat on the couch and watched TV.

“Where have you been?” Nick said

“I went out with Sandra…we haven’t seen each other for a while and she wanted to talk” Carly said as she hung up her wet jacket as Ben looked at her

“Come here” Ben said and Carly sighed and she walked over to the couch and sat next to Ben

He put his arm around her and pulled her close to him

“This is nice..just you and me…away from your family…just like it should be” Ben said as he sipped his beer

“We should start thinking about a family of our own” Ben said and Carly sighed and stopped listening to him as he spoke then she put her hand on her stomach as her mind drifted away...


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“STEVE, FRANK DINNER IS READY” Frank looked at the half open door then he watched as Steve put his book down and walk out of the room. Frank couldn’t put his finger on it, but things were different with Steve. He remembered how much Steve didn’t want him to leave to go back to New York, and now that he was home, he hardly said two words to him. Frank thought about Pippa telling him about Bobby’s excuse. He knew that Bobby was lying. She just didn’t want to be around him. Frank sighed as he thought that maybe it was time to accept that Bobby had moved on…but he couldn’t because he knew in his heart that she loved him.he just knew it, but he didn’t know how he was going to make Bobby admit it to herself..


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby smiled as Sam told her all about the movie they went to watch. She looked at his face full of excitement, and she looked at Greg who was smiling and promised herself that she wouldn't do anything  to ever hurt Greg or Sam and their future together. Bobby smiled as she walked into the kitchen a short while Greg walked in and put his arms around her


“Is everything alright? You’ve been a bit quiet” Greg said 

“Fine, I’m just a bit tired after being at the diner all day” Bobby said

 “Good, I thought you were getting fed up of me” Greg said

“I’m not” Bobby said and smiled

‘Good because I love you” Greg said

“Me too” Bobby said and smiled then they hugged as Bobby’s smile disappeared…



Summer Bay

David stopped at the traffic light as the rain and hailstones hit the roof of his car. He turned the windscreen wipers up to the next level as they attempted to wipe the rain. He smiled as he thought about how he would see Emma tomorrow before school. He knew that she was young, but he felt that they could have a future…maybe move away when she turned eighteen. David smiled as the light turned green and he drove for a while. “Finally’ David said when the radio finally came back on. He had pretty much driven the entire way from the city with no music. David drove and turned the dial on the radio. For some reason the dial was stuck. David looked at the dial and turned it harder which changed the station. When David looked back up he noticed that he ran a red light, and another car was about to cross him then he swerved to avoid the car..but his car crashed into some roadwork signs and rolled down a hil..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 475





General Hospital- Summer Bay


Background music- Fisher family theme


Lucinda gasp and burst into tears and buried her head in Donald shoulder as he inhaled and exhaled and closed his eyes. When he heard the door knocking in the early hours he never expected that he would be in a hospital identifying his nephews body. It brought back all the memories of his losing his son. Donald opened his eyes and looked at the mortuary nurse then at Nick and nodded his head. The mortuary nurse gently put the white sheet over his body as Lucinda cried…


High School- Summer Bay


Emma looked at her watch, it was almost 8:30 and school assembly would be starting soon. She had been waiting for David for half an hour, and was surprised that he was late, because normally he was always on time. Emma took out the book she was suppose to finish reading for class and sat on the floor outside his office and waited


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby smiled as she packed Sam’s little lunch box. It was his first day of kindergarten, and he was very excited. Greg was coming over in a few minutes and they were both going to take him. Bobby smiled as Sam expressed how happy he was…as Bobby made a vow to herself that she would never to do anything to hurt Greg or Sam or their future….


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Greg was annoyed with himself, he woke up late and rushed to quickly take a shower. He was going over to Bobbys and they were taking Sam to school because he was starting kindergarten today. Greg smiled as the hot shower water washed away the soap on his body.


Fiona knocked a few more times and realized that nobody was home. She took the key out of her pocket that Greg gave her and let herself into the house. She put her cleaning things down and closed the door behind her. Greg explained where the broom and mops were and she walked towards the kitchen which she could see from the front door.


Greg turned the shower off and realized he had left his towel in his room. He got out of the shower and opened the bathroom door and was met with a shock to see Fiona standing in the living room as he stood outside the bathroom door naked and dripping wet…


High School- Summer Bay

Steve took out the books he needed and put them on the shelf in his locker. He then put his bag in his locker and closed the door. He checked the mailbox before he came to school, hope that there would be a letter from his aunt but there wasn’t. He wasn’t sure how long he could continue to stay at the caravan park…living with Frank was making the guilt eat him up inside

“Hi” Steve turned around to see Sandra opening her locker which was next to his. Steve looked at her as he remembered her kissing Revhead and he closed his locker and walked away…


General hospital- Summer Bay


Pippa parked her car in the space and got out. The engine was sounding much better since Frank fixed it. Pippa smiled to herself. One of the benefits of having him home was he was very handy around the house and with cars..a car that she was going to use to drive up to see Alex this weekend...

“Happy new year” Pippa turned around to see Dr Routledge

“Happy new year” Pippa said and closed the car door

“So no car trouble today” Dr Routledge said Pippa smiled

“No, my son is home, and he is excellent car mechanic” Pippa said as they both began to walk to the entrance of the hospital

“So how was your Christmas?” Pippa said

“Spent it with family” Dr Routledge said

“What about your daughter? I thought you were going to bring her to Summer Bay?” Pippa said

“That was the plan until she met her friends in the city…teenagers” Dr Routledge said and Pippa laughed as they walked into the hospital


Morgan Residence- New York

Roo opened her eyes before the alarm went off. She hadn’t slept much. The guilt of what happened on new years eve still consumed her. She had to face Nancy today, and she didnt know what she was going to say. Sorry was not going to be enough…she knew it. Roo sighed as she thought back to how the people in Summer Bay treated her after they assumed her and Frank were having an affair. She wasn't…but this time she was having an affair with Donovan..and she knew things were going to be much worse…


High School- Summer Bay


“Settle down everyone” Donald said as he walked up to the podium. Emma quickly rushed to her seat next to Sandra as her and Donald made eye contact. A few moments later, the assembly hall was quiet.

“Although this is a new year, it is unfortunate that we have to start with some bad news” Donald said as his voice changed. He stopped talking and looked at the students in front of him then he took a deep breath

“Mr Croft…was killed in an accident in the early hours of this morning” Donald said and Emma froze. She thought she was hearing things. She thought she heard wrong when Mr Fisher said David was killed in an accident. She stared at Mr Fisher and could see his mouth move, but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. Her head was spinning she thought she was going to faint. She could see her arms and her legs but she couldn’t feel her body.

“Emma..we have to go to class” Emma turned to look at Sandra and nodded then she got up from her seat and followed Sandra then stopped when she got to the classroom door

“I just need to go to the bathroom” Emma said then she walked to the bathroom. Every step she took felt like slow motion as she replayed in her head what Mr Fisher had just said about David. Emma opened the bathroom doot. It was empty, then she walked into a stall and put the lid down and locked the door and she sat down on the toilet




Emma Hello

David Hey beautiful

Emma I’ve missed you

David- Yeah me too..I need to go into the city to meet a friend from Uni….Ill probably be back really late..so I cant see you tonight....get to school early

Emma I will..where should I meet you?

David In my office at 8

Emma Alright..Ill be there

David See you later

Emma Bye


Flashback ended


Emma played that last conversation she had with David in her mind as she relised that was going to be the last time she was ever going to speak to him….the man she loved…she was never going to creep out of her window and climb into his window and spend the night with him. She was never going to see him at the animal shelter…she was never going to see him at school…she was never going to see him again Emma thought to herself then she burst into tears and cried for the man she was never going to see again…

Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Poor Donald.. First Alan and now David.. I cant imagine how he must be feeling.” Ailsa said

“Yeah, but you know how Don is, keeps everything bottle up. He’s actually gone to work” Alf said

“Well grief affects people differently” Ailsa said

“Yeah…anyway I better go, got the new lifeguard starting today” Alf said

“Alright love” Ailsa said and Alf walked out of the diner


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Bobby walked out of the office to see Grant washing the dishes

“Sorry about your cousin” Grant said

“Thanks…but to be honest..I didn’t know him very well” Bobby said as she took some juice out of the fridge as Ailsa and Grant looked at each other

“Did the police say what happened?” Grant said

“I guess he mustve been driving in the rain and lost control of his car or something” Bobby said

“Lucinda must be heart broken..ill go round and see her later” Ailsa said as Bobby looked at her watch and sighed

“Whats wrong? Grant said

“Carly is supposed to be helping be with a catering job. She was supposed to be here by now” Bobby said and she walked over to the phone and began to dial.


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


The noise of the phone ringing woke Carly up. Immediately she had a headache..but she knew it was a hangover. She looked at the clock on the wall and sighed. It was probably Bobby. She was supposed to be helping her with a catering job. Carly dragged herself out of the bed and walked to the phone

“Hello” Carly said as she picked up the phone

“Carly, you were supposed to be here by now. Why did you commit to being here if you know you couldn't?” Bobby said

“Yeah..sorry..I’m not feeling too well” Carly said

“Whats the matter?” Bobby said

“Myy side and my head was really hurting..I was just about to call you” Carly said

“Do you need to go to the doctor or something? Bobby said

“No, I’m going to take some pain pills and lie down for a while” Carly said

“Alright…sorry I got annoyed with you” Bobby said

“Its alright…sorry I cant help you today” Carly said

“Its alright…ill call you later” Bobby said

“Thanks” Carly said and she put the phone down and sat back on the couch and sighed…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Bobby put the phone down and sighed

“Whats wrong with Carly?” Grant said

“She said shes not feeling too well..I feel bad for getting on her case for being late” Bobby said

“I can help you if you want..I think we are overstaffed here today” Grant said

“Sure…that would be great, thanks” Bobby said and smiled as Ailsa and Grant briefly glanced at each other


Bobby turned around when she heard someone clearing there throat and immediately her smile disappeared when she saw her father…well the man she thought was her father standing at the counter smiling at her

“What do you want?” Bobby said as she walked to the counter

“My oh my…what happened here?” Al said faking surprise as he looked around the diner

“We were burgled…but that has nothing to do with you…what do you want?” Bobby said

“I will start with a cup of tea, and two slices of toast” Al said as Bobby looked at him

“On the house..Ill be over there” Al said as he pointed to a table and chair as Bobby looked at him annoyed.

“Do you want me to serve him?” Ailsa said a she walked up behind Bobby

“Thanks…everytime I see him, he makes me sick” Bobby said as Grant came out of the kitchen

“I’m ready to go boss” Grant said

“Ok, lets start loading up the food into my van” Bobby said

“I wonder where the little girl is that he is usually with..his daughter” Ailsa said as Bobby walked into the kitchen

“I don’t know…and I don’t care” Bobby said


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Sophie opened her eyes and realized that shew as alone in the van. She took the blanket off her head and got up from under the table. She slowly walked over to the window and opened the curtain. She could see someone working outside. When he turned around, she recognized him. He had black hair and the other day he was with Sally. It was probably her dad Sophie thought to herself as she imagined all the good things that Sally did with her dad like go to the park and have icecream. A tear ran down Sophie's cheek as she thought about how nice it would be to have a dad like Sally's dad who loved her and did nice things with her…maybe one day she will have a dad like that..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 475




Edison Agency- New York

Roo walked to her desk trying  not to make eye contact with the reception staff. When she sat down her heart beat fast as she knew that she was not prepared to meet her fate. She looked over at Nancy’s desk. It looked the exact same as Nancy had left it on Friday…including the photo of Donavan on the desk. Roo sighed feeling even more guilty as she thought about Summer Bay, and how everyone there made her feel when they thought she had an affair with Frank. Leaving Summer Bay was the only way she was able to escape the guilt even though she didn’t do anything. Roo sighed and wondered if that was what she had to do again……


Surf Club- Summer Bay


Shauna sighed as Alf looked at her

“Sorry love, I know I should’ve called” Alf said

“That’s alright” Shauna said disappointed as Alf told her that the surf club was not going to be open for another week

“Since its my fault, I will pay you for this week…how does that sound?” Alf said and smiled and Shauna smiled back

“Sounds good. Well it will give me a chance to get to know Summer Bay” Shauna said

“Where are you staying?” Alf said

“Over at the motel…but its too expensive…I need to find somewhere cheaper. I did see one ad in the paper for a room to rent, but when I went there last night, there was nobody home” Shauna said

“Do you have the ad, let me have a look” Alf said as Shauna took the news paper out of her bag and gave it to Alf

“Oh that’s Nick. He’s one of our local policemen” Alf said and he looked at his watch

“Let me give him a call at the police station, he might be there” Alf said as he walked over to the phone and began dialing.

“G’day Nick, its Alf..listen I have a young lady here who saw the ad for a room to rent..yeah….shes here, at the surf club, and she’s interested…alright..I’ll let her know…thanks” Alf said and he put the phone down and walked back over to Shauna

“Well today must be your lucky day…he said the room is still available, and he will be over in 20 minutes to show you the place” Alf said

“That’s great…thank you Mr Stewart” Shauna said and smiled

“You’re welcome love..I better get going, Ill see you later” Alf said and smiled then he walked out of the surf club. Shauna watched him go then she sat down on a bar stool and looked around and smiled to herself because her plan was all falling into place…



Police Station- Summer Bay


Nick put the phone down. He completely forgot that he still had the ad in the paper. He only intended to rent one room out. He wasn’t sure how his uncle would feel about renting Craigs room, but he was sure that his uncle wouldn’t mind. Nick picked up the phone and dialled

“Hi..is Julie there please…shes gone on break…can you tell her that Nick phoned again…alright..thanks” Nick said and sighed as he put the receiver down. He knew that Julie wasn’t speaking to him right, but he felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. The evidence pointed to Maurice breaking into the diner, but Sandra’s statement helped even thought Maurice lied and said no one was around. Maurice had gone to court in the morning, and Nick wasn’t sure if he would get bail, but somehow he had to let Julie know that none of this was his fault..regardless of what she thought…


Bayside diner- Summer Bay


Shannon walked out of the kitchen to see Adam standing at the counter. She smiled at him

“G’day” Adam said and smiled

“Oh sorry I’m late” Marilyn said as she walked up to the counter and kissed Adam on the cheek as Shannons smile disappeared

“You’re not late, I just got here” Adam said

“Why don’t you grab a table, and Ill order lunch” Adam said

“Just a tuna salad for me thanks” Marilyn said and she walked off and sat at a table in the corner

“You haven’t told her have you?” Shannon said and Adam sighed

“I wanted to tell her but she was really upset about some other stuff” Adam said in a lowered voice

“So what about me? I thought I was moving in today, my suitcase is in my car” Shannon said

“Look, Im sorry…just give me a few days, Ill tell her..I promise” Adam said

“Ok” Adam said and Shannon sighed

“Ok” Shannon said and forced a smile then she looked over at Marilyn who waved at her and she forced a wave back and sighed.


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Emma opened the door and let herself into the house. She couldn’t stay at school, not after hearing about David. She walked into her room, and put her bag down and sat on her bed as so many thoughts flashed in her mind then she laid on her bed and closed her eyes and cried..


High School- Summer Bay


Steve looked at the sandwich in his hand, he wasn’t hungry. He looked around at all the students also having lunch and sighed. Things were so different now…with Frank home, but it didn’t matter…soon he was going…and he wouldn’t be coming back


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“G’day” Greg and Michael both looked up to see Revhead standing in front of them

“You got some nerve..showing your face after what you did” Greg said

“I didn’t do it” Revhead said

“They should lock you up and throw away the key” Greg said and Revhead sighed

“Mr Ross, I never broke into the diner…you have to believe me. All that stuff is in the past” Revhead said as Michael looked at him. If he was honest with himself, he never believed that Maurice burgled the diner. He had been working really hard

“Mr Ross, this job is really important to me” Revhead said

“I don’t even know why you’re not still locked up” Greg said

“Alright, that’s enough” Michael said as he looked at Greg

“The judge gave me bail. I have to go back in two weeks…until then I’m only allowed to go to work and home” Revhead said as Michael looked at him

“Ok, come back tomorrow at your normal time” Michael said and Revhead sighed

“Thank you..Mr Ross, thank you very much” Revhead said then he walked away as Greg looked at Michael shocked

“What?” Michael said

“How can you let him work here after what he did?” Greg said

“I believe the kid is innocent” Michael said

“But” Greg was interrupted

“But nothing, get back to work” Michael said and Greg sighed and shook his head


“Maurice” Revhead turned around to see Sandra rushing towards him

“Hi, what are you doing here?” Revhead said and smiled

“I went to the police station and they said you went to court this morning” Sandra said

“Yeah, I went to court in Waldorf Creek and the judge gave me bail” Revhead said

“So what happens now?” Sandra said

“Fortunately I still have a job, and the judge said I can only go to and from work” Revhead said as they walked along the beach

“Well at least that’s better than nothing” Sandra said

“That police officer told me what you did for me..you know telling them we were together” Revhead said

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to, but I thought about it, and I wanted to help you” Sandra said as Revhead stopped walking

“Thank you..thats the kindest thing someone has ever done for me…well someone not my family” Revhead said and Sandra smiled

“You’re welcome” Sandra said and Revhead leaned foreward and they kissed. As Alf drove,  looked at the clock on his dashboard, he had to drop some napkins and kitchen towels to the diner before he got back to the shop. He looked at the beach, it was starting to get full with tourists, and he couldn’t wait for the surf club to open. ASlf was just about to turn the corner when he noticed two people kissing..one in a school uniform and he shook his head then when they pulled apart he got a shock when he noticed that it was Sandra, and the bloke who burgled the diner…


High School- Summer Bay

Donald sighed as he walked into David’s office and closed the door behind him. Everything was just like David had left it. Donald put the empty box on the desk that he brought to put David’s belongings in and sat down on the chair. He looked at he photos on the desk and picked them up one by one. They were photos of David with his Lucinda, his parents and one when he was younger with all the cousins. Donald stared at the photo, there was Roo, Rebecca, Alan and David in the photo. He remembered when Lucinda and David would come to Summer Bay for the weekend and they would always enjoy themselves at the beach. Now David was gone. Donald sighed and closed his eyes as a tear ran down his cheek…



Edison Agency- New York


Roo looked around as the office filled up. She was checking to see if any of the other execs where whispering and pointing at her

“Ruth” Roo jumped when she heard her name

“Yes Helen?” Roo said

“Can you come into my office for a minute please” Helen said

“Ye..yes of course” Roo said and got up from her desk and followed Helen into her office. Helen closed the door as Roo’s heart started beating fast

“Sit down” Helen said and Roo sat down then she forced a smile and looked at Helen

“I am very pleased with the progress you have made since you have been here” Helen said

“Thank you” Roo said waiting for Helen to tell her that she was losing her job

“I would like to promote you to senior PR exec” Helen said and Roo looked at her surprised

“Why do you look surprised?” Helen said

“Because..Its not what I was expecting” Roo said

“Well you deserve it…it will also mean extra responsibilities and more travel” Helen said

“Yes, absolutely, that is no problem” Roo said

“Good..congratulations” Helen said

“Thank..thank you” Roo said and she got up from the chair and walked to the door

“Umm..Helen” Roo said and Helen loked up at her

“Is Nancy not coming into work today?” Roo said

“No, shes taking a few personal days off” Helen said without looking up from the file she was reading

“Thanks” Roo said and she opened the door and walked out of the office. Roo returned to her desk, and even though she was excited, she still didn’t know where she stood with Nancy

“Ruth, these were just delievered for you” Roo looked up to see on eof the assistants walking toward her with some flowers

“Thanks” Roo said and she got up and took them from the assistant who walked away. Roo put the flowers on the desk and unpinned the envelope that was attached to the flowers. She opened the envelope and took the small card out


Friday night

Marriott hotel

Room 606




Roo smiled to herself as she read the card then her guilt set in and she sat on the chair and sighed and wondered what she had gotten herself into…


Background music ends



Bayside diner- Summer Bay


“Alf are you sure?” Ailsa said

“Of course I’m sure they were at the beach kissing as if he didn’t just burgle this place” Alf said annoyed

“I thought Sandra was dating Steve Mattheson” Ailsa said confused

“She’s obviously graduated to the criminal bloke” Alf said and Ailsa sighed

“I’m very surprised..I didn’t even know that they knew each other” Ailsa said

“Well they obviously do. We have to nip this in the bud Ails…I cant have another Frank and Roo situation…if you know what I mean” Alf said

“Yes, leave it to me…Ill talk to her tonight” Alf said

“Righto..I better go” Alf said as he rushed out of the diner as Ailsa leaned on the door frame and sighed


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

“So how many people live here?” Shauna said as she stood in the room. It was empty except for a bed a desk and a wardrobe

“Just me and Greg..I hope that’s alright for you” Nick said

“No not at all, your’re doing me the favour by renting me a room that you didn’t intend”  Shauna said

“Yeah, sorry about that. I thought I removed the ad” Nick said

“No worries, I love the room, ill take it” Shauna said

“Well..I better speak to Greg first..I don’t think it would be a problem…let me ring him at work..I wont be a minute” Nick said and he walked out of the room. Shauna walked around the room. She walked over to the window and looked out into the garden then she opened the wardrobe and looked inside. She closed the wardrobe door and walked over to the bed and sat down. She could hear Nick on the phone but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. A few minutes later he returned to the room

“How did it go” Shauna said and she stood up

“Good, Greg is alright with it, so you are welcome to have the room” Nick said

“That is fantastic..thank you. My things are at the motel, is it alright if I move in today?” Shauna said

“No problem. Nick said as he took off a spare key from his key ring

“I think I’m really going to like Summer Bay” Shauna said and smiled as Nick gave her the key

“Yeah, it’s a great little town..Ill give you a lift to the motel if you want” Nick said

“Thanks” Shauna said as they walked out of the house…

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Happy New Year!


Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 476


Summer Bay


Shannon got into her car and looked at the suitcase on the back seat. She told her parents that she was going to stay with a friend in Summer Bay, and now she had to go back and tell them a lie about why she was back. She looked up when she heard a tapping on her car window to see Adam standing there. Shannon sighed then she rowed the window down

“Hi” Adam said

“Hi” Shannon said then Adam looked at the suitcase on the back seat of the car

“Are you coming to my place tonight?” Adam said

“What about your girlfriend?” Shannon said

“I told her I’m working late tonight” Adam said

“That’s not telling her you want to break up with her” Shannon said

“I told you I will” Adam said

“When?” Shannon said

“Soon, I don’t know..she's just been upset about some things lately” Adam said and Shannon sighed and folded her arms

“Ill tell her…I promise…just come to my place…I want to see you” Adam said as Shannon looked at him then she started the engine of her car

“You can see me, when you have broken up with her” Shannon said then she pressed on the gas and drove away as Adam sighed…



Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek


Revhead stared at Julie as the family ate dinner. Julie looked up at him

“So what do you have to go to court?” Julie said

“Two weeks” Revhead said

“The solicitor said with the statement by that Sandra girl, there is no way that Maurice could’ve done in the diner” Alec Gibson said

“I bet your boyfriend doesn’t think that” Revhead said

“What is that supposed to mean? Julie said

“It means why are you even going out with a copper?” Revhead said

“Because I want to, what does Nick have to do with any of this?” Julie said

“You know what he has to do with this” Revhead said

“He was just doing his job” Julie said

“Sure he was” Revhead said then he got up from the table and walked into his room and shut the door. He dropped onto his bed and sighed. He was frustrated because he knew that his family didn’t believe him, even though they pretended to. When he came out of prison, he meant it when he said he wanted to leave all the bad stud behind. Revhead sighed as he stared at the ceiling then he smiled to himself as he remembered Sandra and how sweet she was..and how he couldn’t wait to see her again…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Alf stared at Sandra as she ate her dessert then he looked at Ailsa

“I’m just going to go out to the garage and clean it up” Alf said

“Now? Isn’t it a bit late?” Ailsa said

“No, I’ve been wanting to get that place cleared up” Alf said as he picked up his bowl and put it in the sink then he looked at Ailsa and walked out of the kitchen as Ailsa looked at Sandra

“I hope Emma is feeling better” Ailsa said

“Yeah, she was really quiet at school before she left” Sandra said

“Terrible what happened to David, I’m going to go over there later and see how her and Donald are getting on” Ailsa said

“Love, can I talk to you about something?” Ailsa said

“Ok” Sandra said and she smiled

“Alf…saw you kissing that Revhead bloke today” Ailsa said and Sandra’s smile disappeared then she looked down

“Do you want to tell me what is going on?” Ailsa said and Sandra sighed..


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay


“Thank you for the coming by Pippa, very kind of you to come and see how we are” Pippa said as Donald escorted her to the door

“You’re welcome…I’m really sorry about David” Pippa said

“Yes, it is unfortunate” Donald said

“I suppose its too soon, but have you started the funeral arrangements?” Pippa said

“Well, his body will be taken back to Brisbane and buried there. We have a family lot assigned” Donald said

“Ok..well, if you need anything, you know where I am” Pippa said

“Please give my regards to Lucinda” Pippa said

“Thank you, shes resting now, when she wakes Ill let her know” Donald said

“Ok, bye” Pippa said and she smiled then she walked out of the house and Donald closed the door and sighed.


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music Frank and Bobby’s theme


“And then we did drawings and then we played” Sam said as Bobby listened attentively as he talked about his first day at kindergarten

“So you had a really good time?” Bobby said and Sam nodded his head as Bobby put a glass of milk and plate of some biscuits in front of him

“He’s been talking non stop since I picked him up” Greg said

“I wasn’t sure how he would be the first day but, I’m glad he’s alright..I’m going to miss not seeing him at the creche” Bobby said and smiled

“I wish he was still there” Greg said

“Why?” Bobby said confused

“Then I wouldn’t haver to see Frank when I go and pick him up” Greg said annoyed

“What do you mean?” Bobby said

“I just saw him at the school picking up Sally” Greg said

“Did he say anything to you?” Bobby said

“No, its just the way he looks, like one of those American con men” Greg said and Bobby silently sighed

“As long as he doesn’t try to con his way back into your heart” Greg said and he put his arms around Bobby

“No chance of that” Bobby said and smiled

“Good because I love you” Greg said

“I love you too” Bobby said and Greg kissed her and she rested her head on her chest and sighed



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Is it alright if I go and do my homework?” Steve said. He hadn’t eaten much of his food, he couldn’t. Anytime he was around Frank the guilt was eating him up inside

“You haven’t eaten much” Pippa said

“I’m not very hungry, I had a big lunch” Steve said

“Ok” Pippa said  and Steve got up from the table and walked towards the stairs as Frank watched his walk away

“I think you have some homework to do as well young lady” Pippa said as she turned to look at Sally who was sitting next to Frank

“Ok” Sally said and Frank kissed the top off her head and she rushed towards the stairs. Frank sighed and played with the food on his plate

“Did you have a big lunch as well?” Pippa said then Frank looked up at her

“Hmm?” Frank said

“Your food, you’ve hardly touched it” Pippa said pointing to Franks plate and Frank didn’t respond

“Is there something wrong?” Pippa said

“No, nothing” Frank said and Pippa said

“Come one…out with it” Pippa said and Frank sighed

“I don’t think I made the right decision to come home” Frank said

“Of course you did..this is your home” Pippa said confused

“For Bobby’s sake I should’ve just stayed away” Frank said

“Frank, what are you saying?” Pippa said and Frank sighed

“I can bury how I feel about her when I’m thousands of miles away, but being so close to her..I’m really struggling with all of this Pippa” Frank said and sighed

“Oh Frank” Pippa said and sighed. She felt guilty, because she should’ve known that things would be hard for Frank.

“What hurts the most is that I know its not just me, I know Bobby still loves me” Frank said

“Maybe you want to believe that, but sweetheart,so much has happened since the two of you were together, and  Bobby has Greg and Sam in her life now” Pippa said

“I love her Pippa” Frank said

“Sweetheart, you just broke up with Roo…you’re on the rebound..this is just like history repeating itself again” Pippa said

“It’s not Pippa..I know how I feel. For a long time, I was unhappy in New York..I came back home because this is where I’ve been the happiest in my life..I want to feel that again” Frank said

“Frank..you couldn’t have expected time to stand still waiting for you to come back” Pippa said and Frank didn’t respond

“We all had to move on sweetheart” Pippa said

“Bobby hasn’t moved on..I just know it” Frank said

“I know you want to be with Bobby…but we cant always have what we really want” Pippa said


So what do I do? If I stay its going to hurt seeing her with Greg, and if I go I don’t get to see my family” Frank said and Pippa sighed

“If I could make that decision for you, I would, but I cant” Pippa said

 “I wish you could, then maybe none of this would hurt so much” Frank said as Pippa gently rubbed his arm



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“He’s a lot older than you sweetheart” Ailsa said

“I know..but we are just friends” Sandra said

“But what if he wants more than that…you appear to really like him” Ailsa said and Sandra looked at her. Ailsa was right, she really did like him.

“You  know, Alf is not too happy about this…mainly because his daughter Roo dated two blokes older than her and she ended up getting pregnant..and decided to give the baby up for adoption” Ailsa said as Sandra looked at her

“Look, I know you are a good girl and I trust you..I just want you to remember that you have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t make decisions that will jeopardize that” Ailsa said and Sandra nodded. She felt bad because she promised Carly that she was going to tell Mr and Mrs Stewart, but they got there first.

“Ok” Sandra said

“I’m going to pop over to Mr Fishers place later, ..do you mind looking after Duncan?” Ailsa said

“Ok” Sandra said

“Thanks” Ailsa said then she got up from the table and began washing the dishes in the sink as Sandra ate her pie and thought about meeting Maurice tomorrow at lunch time…


Background music ends



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby washed the dishes as Greg dried them and put them away

“Bobby do you know when you’re going to open the diner after dark? Marilyn said as she walked into the kitchen

“Well, we are expecting a delivery next week for the booth seats, so hopefully next Saturday night. Carly wants to do a big grand opening” Bobby said

“That sounds like fun..If I can be your date” Greg said and kissed Bobby on the cheek

“I forgot to tell you, I wont be able to take Sam to school in the morning, Michael needs me to go to Yabbie Creek to pick up some parts” Greg said

“That’s fine, I can take him before I head out to my catering job” Bobby said then Greg yawned

“Sounds like you have to have an early night” Bobby said

“Yeah, I’m tried..but its alright, Ill stay and look after Sam while you go to the diner and get the food ready for your catering job tomorrow in the morning” Greg said

“Its alright..I can look after Sam” Marilyn said

“Are you sure?” Greg said

“Yes of course…it will be good practice for when Adam and I are ready to start a family” Marilyn said and Bobby looked at her

“Are you” Bobby was interrupted

“No, not at all..but who knows in the future” Marilyn said and smiled



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Nick took his hat off as he walked into the house. Shauna was in the kitchen and whatever she was cooking smelled really nice

“G’day” Nick said

“Hi..I’m making some pasta..I have enough for two if you’re interested” Shauna said

“That would be great, its been a long day” Nick said as he put his hat on the table and took a beer out of the fridge

“You and Greg do a great job at keeping the place clean, I’m impressed” Shauna said and Nick laughed

“No, we cant take the credit for that, we have a cleaner who will be coming a couple of times a week..She started today, that’s why the place looks so clean” Nick said and Shauna laughed

“ So how are you finding Summer Bay?” Nick said as he opened his beer and drank some

“Its actually better than I thought it would be” Shuana said and Nick nodded

“Mr Stewart said he is going to pay me for this week since he forgot to tell me that there would be a delay in the opening” Shauna said

“That’s good of him” Nick said

“Yeah..so I think I’m going to spend this week relaxing on the beach until work starts” Shauna said and smiled

“Lucky for you” Nick said and he walked out of the kitchen

“By the way..do you know of any midwives around here?” Shauna said

“Midwives? Are you pregnant?” Nick said and Shauna laughed

“No no..its just that my aunt has a friend she knew years ago when they were studying to be midwives together…she said she might be living in this area and wanted to get back in touch with her” Shauna said

“Sorry, I have no clue. I must admit, even though Ive lived here a few months, I don’t know everyone very well” Nick said

“Oh well, never mind…dinner is nearly ready” Shauna said

“Thanks, Ill just get changed” Nick said and he walked away. Shauna turned the fire off and picked up her notebook and pen and circled midwife and sighed…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Doing homework?” Pippa looked up when she heard Frank walk into the living room

“Just going over some notes from today..can I say something” Pippa said

“Yeah, sure” Frank said and he sat down at the dining table

“I apologize if I offended you in any way earlier” Pippa said

“Nothing to apologize for” Frank said

“I should’ve realized that being home was going to be hard on you…your marriage had broken up, and so many things have changed” Pippa said

“No, you’re right..I’m just being selfish…I’m an adult and I need to learn to deal with stuff like this..” Frank said and Pippa smiled

“It will get easier…I promise…and when the time is right, you will also find someone” Pippa said and Frank sighed

“I’m just going to go for a drive…. I wont be too late” Frank said and smiled then he kissed Pippa on her cheek and walked out of the house…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Bobby opened the door to the diner and turned the light on. She closed the door and turned on the jukebox. Fortunately that wasn’t damaged too much. She took some change out of her pocket and put it in the machine then she walked to the kitchen and turned the kitchen light on, then went out and turned the light in the diner off. She didn’t want to give the impression that the diner was open. She still couldn’t believe that the diner was burgled and she was even more annoyed when Greg told her that Revhead was walking around on bail. Bobby sighed then she turned the oven on to start getting the oven hot to bake the breakfast quiches she was making for the breakfast she was catering tomorrow…


Summer Bay


Frank sat in the car by the beach and ate the chips in the bag on his lap. The sun had set and it was almost dark, but light enough to still see people walking on the beach. Frank drank the coke in the cup holder and sighed. He thought about the conversation that he had with Pippa… she was right..he did expect to come back, and pick up where he left off with Bobby, but so many things had changed. The one thing he missed the most about Bobby was their friendship….he had so much that he wanted to say to her..but he couldn’t. After what happened at the resort…he wasn’t sure if she would even want friendship. Frank sighed and shook his head…everything was such a mess, and he didn’t really know what to do.


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay


“Ill get it” Lucinda said and she got up from the couch and opened the door

“Emma, hello” Lucinda said

“Hi..Ms Croft” Emma said

“We’re not in school now, you can call me Lucinda” Lucinda said

“Are you looking for Mr Fisher?” Lucinda said

“Yes..well..no” Emma said

“I just wanted to say sorry..about Dav..I mean Mr Croft” Emma said trying hard not to burst into tears

“Thanks” Lucinda said and she looked at Emma

“He introduced me to the animal shelter” Emma said

“Yes, he told me. He loved going there..I wish I went but animals are not my thing” Lucinda said and she smiled as Emma looked at her

 “Do you want to come in for a tea or something?” Lucinda said

“No, I better get back home” Emma said

“Alright…well thanks for coming” Lucinda said

“Ms Cro..Lucinda…when is the funeral?” Emma said

“On Friday, we are taking his body back to Brisbane” Lucinda said

“Oh right..thanks…bye” Emma said then she walked away as Lucinda looked at her then she closed the door. Emma heard the door close and she turned back then she couldn’t help herself and she burst into tears as she ran away…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Marilyn ties her dressing gown tighter when she got up from the couch to answer the door. Sam had just gone to sleep , and she was watching a movie


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Frank, hi” Marilyn said when she opened the door

“G’day Marilyn” Frank said as Frank walked into the house

“Welcome back to Summer Bay” Marilyn said and Frank smiled

“Thanks” Frank said  

“I know its late, but is Bobby around?" Frank said

“shes not, shes at the diner getting food ready for tomorrow” Marilyn said

“Right Ill just catch up with her then…goodnight” Frank said and he turned around

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Marilyn said before she could think. Frank turned around and looked at her

“Excuse me?” Frank said

“Frank look, Bobby is really happy with Greg” Marilyn said

“What does that have to do with me?” Frank said

“Shes got a new life now,..shes been able to pick up the pieces after you walked out on her” Marilyn said

“That was a long time ago..and its none of your business” Frank said

“I know its not, but shes my friend…and regardless of how she feels about you I wouldn’t want her to risk everything she has now to go through all that again…” Marilyn said and Frank looked at her

“So deep down she still wants to be with me?” Frank said

“That’s not what I’m saying” Marilyn was interrupted

“Goodnight Marilyn” Frank said and he rushed out of the house and Marilyn sighed…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma wiped her eyes then she put her key in the lock and opened the door and closed it behind her

“I didn’t hear you go out love” Alf said as he looked at Emma

“I just wanted to get some fresh air” Emma said

“Are you feeling better?” Alf said

“Yeah, a bit” Emma said

“Your dinner is in the oven if you want it” Alf said

“I’m not hungry..ill just get a drink and go to bed” Emma said and she walked into the kitchen to see Sandra doing some homework

“Are you alright?” Sandra said

“Yeah..I’m just going to get some juice and go to bed” Emma said and poured herself some juice and walked out of the kitchen and into her room just before more tears fell down her cheek.



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Bobby jumped as she heard the diner door open. She thought she locked it when she came inside. She looked in the direction of the door to see Frank walking towards her

“What are you doing here?” Bobby said and she removed the last tray of  mini quiches from the oven and put them next to the others on the table

“I wanted to talk to you” Frank said as he walked into the kitchen

“I thought we agreed to stay away from each other” Bobby said

“Why should I when I know that’s not what you want” Frank said as Bobby stared at him

“We need to talk about what happened at the resort” Frank said

“Nothing happened earlier” Bobby said as she covered the quiches to cool down

“Bobby don’t play games” Frank said

“Alright...it was a mistake…what happened .. was a mistake” Bobby said as she picked up a towel and began cleaning the already clean cooker

“It wasn’t and you know it wasn’t” Frank said and he slowly began to walk towards her

“Frank, I am happy with Greg, we have a great life” Bobby said as she kept cleaning the cooker and Frank moved closer to her. She felt like she couldn’t breathe, when she turned around Frank was standing right behind her. Bobby felt her heart beating faster. She knew this was wrong…being here alone with Frank…she wanted to run out of the diner but she couldn’t. Bobby looked at Frank then began to walk backwards slowly away from him

“You cant tell me that you didn’t feel anything when we kissed” Frank said as he followed Bobby

“No, I didn’t” Bobby said and she shook her head no. She was walking backwards and looked behind her as Frank followed her

“I know you Bobby…better than anyone else” Frank said as Bobby stopped walking when her back hit the sink

“No…I’ve changed..I love Greg” Bobby said a she looked at Frank and she could feel him staring right into her soul

“But not as much as you love me” Frank said and Bobby sighed..he was right…he did know her better than anyone else… Frank leaned forward and kissed Bobby then he picked her up and sat her on the edge of the sink and they kissed passionately…as if nothing had ever happened. Kissing Frank felt so good to Bobby…it felt so right..just like it did on new years eve at the resort.

Bobby exhaled as Frank kissed her neck then reality set in  as he began to unbutton her shirt 

“Frank” Bobby said and she stopped Frank

“What” Frank said confused

“What are we doing?” Bobby said

“I don’t understand’ Frank said

“Frank, I cant do this. I have Greg and Sam to think about….I cant do anything to hurt them” Bobby was interrupted

“you say them, and not him?” Frank said annoyed

“So? I love both of them..I cant do this to Sam.....he needs me”  Bobby said 

“Sam has his father…besides, you know how the foster system works, kids eventually go back to their parents anyway” Frank said as he tried to to kiss her neck.  Bobby pushed him away and looked at him surprised that he would even say that

“Frank…you gave up on us and walked out on me..you cant just snap your fingers and and go back in time” Bobby said and she got down from the sink and walked away from Frank

“Look,  knowing that you love me is why I came back’ Frank said as he followed behind her

“That doesn’t mean I have to drop everything I’m doing and come running back to you” Bobby said

“I love you Bobby…why don't you want to understand that? "Frank said and Bobby sighed

“Because I've moved on, and Greg and I have made a commitment to each other” Bobby said

“You’re not engaged are you?” Frank said

“No” Bobby said as she looked at Frank

“You don’t love him the way you love me..I know it” Frank said and Bobby sighed and folded her arms

“Look, I made a mistake when I married Roo until I had the guts to be honest with myself and realize that it is you I love…I’m not going to give up on you again” Frank said and touched Bobby’s cheek

“Don’t Frank” Bobby said and she moved away

“Don’t what?” Frank said

“Don’t touch me” Bobby said

“Why not, I love you” Frank said and he bent down and kissed Bobby as she stared into his eyes

“Listen, go away with me tomorrow night, lets just get away, and talk everything through” Frank said as Bobby stared at him

“I know you love me …look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me” Frank said and he stared at Bobby. She felt him looking right into her heart

“You really have tickets on yourself” Bobby said and she shook her head

“Go on…tell me you don’t love me” Frank said  as his heart beated fast while he waited for Bobby to respond

“If you ever told me you didn’t love me..I wouldn’t believe it” Frank said and Bobby sighed and turned away from Frank as she felt the wall that she put up to hide her feelings for him come tumbling down

“What do I say to Greg?” Bobby said

“Tell him when we get back” Frank said and Bobby  turned around and looked at him then she smiled and nodded

“Ok” Bobby said and she felt her heart jump for joy

“I love you Roberta…forever” Frank said

“I love you Frank….forever” Bobby said and Frank sighed..this is what he wanted to hear for so long. He smiled and leaned forward and they began to kiss again…


Ailsa looked up as she drove by and and noticed that the diner light was on. She looked at her watch then parked her car and got out. She put her key in the lock but it wouldn’t open, which meant the door was locked from the inside. She walked over to the window and that is when she saw got a shock…Bobby and Frank kissing…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 477



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


“Where are you going?” Carly jumped as Ben came out of the bedroom


Background music- Carly’s theme


“To the diner” Carly said

“Why?” Ben said

“I’m helping Bobby with a catering job” Carly said as she put her jacket on

“I thought you were sick, why do you want to help that loser” Ben said

“I’m feeling better today” Carly said as Ben stared at her

“I’ll see you later” Carly said and she began to walk to the door

“You forgot something” Ben said and Carly froze then she turned around and walked over to Ben and kissed him on the lips

“Bye” Carly said and forced a smile the she rushed out of the house and down the stairs. When she closed the main door she exhaled as she rushed to the diner…




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Will you be gone for the week?” Pippa said

“No, just for the night…I just want to see how Narelle is getting on “ Frank said as he tickled Christopher

“Will you pick me up from school?” Sally said

“I can do that” Frank said and he kissed the top of Sally’s head and smiled

“You seem in a good mood today..you know after yesterday” Pippa said

“Yes…I am” Frank said and smiled

“We better get going, Im going to drop these trays over at the diner before I go to the hospital” Pippa said and she got up and walked towards the stairs

“How long have you got left on your course?:” Frank said and he drank some coffee

“Four weeks” Pippa said and she crossed her fingers


“Steve left already” Finlay said as she came out of the kitchen

“Oh? I didn’t hear him leave” Pippa said as she walked into the kitchen and picked up the baking trays

“He said he wanted to go to the library” Finlay said

“Oh, alright then” Pippa said and she walked over to Christopher

“Bye sweetheart…be a good boy” Pippa said and she kissed Christopher

“Bye mama” Christopher said then he put some toast into his mouth

“I’ll have a look at the piping in the showers today” Frank said

“Thanks sweetheart..having you home is the best Christmas gift” Pippa said and she looked at Frank and he smiled.

“Come on Sal” Pippa said and Sally got up from the chair and picked up her school bag then she walked over to Frank and kissed his cheek

“See you later” Frank said and smiled then he picked Christopher up from his chair and they walked out of the house


Sophie took the blanket off her head and noticed that her dad was fast asleep and snoring loud. She quietly got up from under the table and slowly walked over to the window and opened a corner of the curtain. She watched as Sally and her mum got into the car and her dad was standing by the side holding the baby. Sophie sighed. One day she was going to have a dad like Sallys who would wave at her…she would also have a mum who would take her to school…and she would be happy. Sophie sighed then she heard her dad cough and quickly closed the window and went under the table and covered herself with the blanket and cried.


Frank walked back into the house when Pippa drove away put Christopher on the floor and put the last piece of his toast in his mouth and picked up his plate and cup

“I can take that to the kitchen…I have to wash Christopher’s cups anyway” Finlay said and she

“Thanks” Frank said and smiled. Finlay watched as Frank walked over to the phone and she walked into the kitchen and sighed as she remembered what happened between them on new years day…


Background music ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Those ones into the van please Lance” Bobby said as she walked towards the ringing phone

“Hello Bayside diner” Bobby said as she picked up the phone on the kitchen wall

“Hi, I’ve been thinking about you” Frank said and Bobby blushed

“Me too” Bobby said

“Are you packed?” Frank said and Bobby smiled to herself

“Yes” Bobby said

“Good..well I just wanted to say good morning and I cant wait to see you tonight” Frank said

“Me too. Carly just got here, we have to get going to the catering job” Bobby said

“I wish we were leaving now” Frank said

“I know…but only a few more hours” Bobby said

“Ok, ill let you go, …I love you” Frank said

“I love you too” Bobby said with a lowered voice then she put the phone down. She smiled to herself as the butterflies ran a marathon in her stomach as she anticipated being in Franks arms again…




High School- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Emma stared at Mr Fisher  as he wrote on the blackboard. She could see his mouth moving but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. She didn’t want to be at school, she wanted to be with David…like they planned, but now he was gone. Inside she was so hurt, but she couldn’t tell anyone. It reminded her of what was going on with her step dad..where she could tell anyone. Her heart was broken and things were never going to be the same again…


Steve tried to follow what Mr Fisher was saying but he kept losing track. This morning he checked the mail before school, and again there was no letter from his aunt. Maybe his aunt decided that she didn’t want him to live there anymore. Steve sighed. He was going to wait until a while, and if no response..he was going to ask Ms Malloy to find him a new home because he could stay at the caravan park anymore more..



Sandra compared what she wrote to what Mr Fisher had on the blackboard then she listened attentively as he went to do explain the concept he was talking about..while thinking about meeting Maurice at the beach for lunch…




Edison Agency- New York


“Goodmorning” Roo said in response to the receptionist and she walked towards her desk she remembered the nice flowers that Donavan sent and how they looked in the vase in the living room. Roo made a note to call the estate agent again about the apartment she saw on his list. As she walked to her desk, Roo felt her guilt set in as she looked at Nancy’s empty. The desk was just like it was yesterday…just like Nancy had left it on Friday. Roo sighed as she put her bag on the desk and sat down wondering what she was going to do…




Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


Greg hammered the side of the boat to get the engine out as he stared at Revhead

“Are you going to stare at him all day, or do some work?” Michael said and Greg looked at him

“Sorry…its just that I can’t believe you have him working here…not after what he did” Greg said

“Look, he is a good mechanic, and as far as I am concerned, he’s innocent until proven guilty, and if you don’t like it…you know what you can do” Michael said annoyed then he walked away as Greg sighed and looked at Revhead who looked up to see Greg staring at him then he put his head down and continued working and sighed. He didn’t want any more trouble, and he didn’t want to lose his job


“Hi” Maurice turned around to see Sandra behind him

“Hi” Revhead and smiled and he looked at his watch

“Mr Ross, is it alright if I go for my lunch now?” Revhead said

“Yeah” Michael said as he walked out of the shed

“Thanks” Revhead as he walked away with Sandra


“How was school this morning?” Revhead said

“Good” Sandra said then they stopped walking when they found a spot on the beach and sat down

“I hope you like turkey sandwiches” Sandra said as she took her backpack off and took out two cans of coke and some sandwiches

“My favourite” Revhead said and smiled..


Background music ends




Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Carly didnt come back with you?” Ailsa said as Bobby walked into the kitchen

“No, I dropped her off at the caravan park” Bobby said

“I put the reports on the desk” Ailsa said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Thanks, I’ll have a look at them tomorrow” Bobby said as Ailsa looked at her. She didn’t know if she should mention what she saw last night..her and Frank kissing


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Hi” Greg said and Bobby walked out to the counter

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled then Greg leaned forward and kissed her

“I was thinking, since you have been working so hard lately, and with this place being burgled, I wanted to taking you out..take your mind off everything. I’ve got reservations for that new French place tonight…and you don’t have to worry about Sam, I spoke to Grant, he is going to look after him” Greg said and smiled

“Oh, thanks but I can’t tonight, I was actually hoping that you can look after Sam tonight” Bobby said

“Why? Greg said

“I have to go to the city” Bobby said

“Why do you have to go to the city?” Greg said

“I have to do some interviews for the NSW council” Bobby said

“I thought your media obligations didn’t start until next week” Greg said confused

“They do, but they want me to come in and do some prep for the interviews and talk about my schedule” Bobby said

“Cant you do that over the phone?” Greg said

“I tried to get out of it, but they want me in the office..sorry” Bobby said

“Oh right…I guess we can go to dinner another night…and I am sure I can find some things to keep Sam and me busy” Greg said and he smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said and she looked at the time, I need to get going to the resort…can you pick Sam up from the house around 6 please?” Bobby said as Ailsa stood in the doorway listening

“Yeah sure” Greg said and smiled at Bobby  then he kissed her and she rushed out of the diner

Greg looked at Ailsa “I am really lucky to have Bobby.  She’s the best thing that ever happened to me…well besides Sam of course. " Greg said as Ailsa forced a smile as she felt guilty about what she saw last night

"The custody should be sorted out soon, and when that is out of the way, we are going to be a real family...a permanent family..once I finish saving up for an engagement ring" Greg said and smiled as Ailsa looked at him

"Now let me see what I’ll have for lunch” Greg said and he picked up the menu “ill have a coffee and a tuna melted sandwich pleases” Greg said with a smile and Ailsa forced a smile…

Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Do you think the boss will mind that you stole some of the profits” Frank said as he, Carly, Chris and Finlay sat at the table having mini quiches and salad for lunch

“It was either bring them here or throw them away” Carly said as she looked at Christopher stuffing his face with the mini quiche

“Considering Chris loves them, I think I made the right choice” Carly said as she pointed at Christopher and they all laughed.

“I’m really glad you’re home..have you thought about getting a job?” Carly said

“No, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet” Frank said and suddenly she felt some fear in her heart

“But you are going to stay here right?” Carly said as she looked at Frank,

“Yes, I am here to stay” Frank said and Carly put her head on his arm and exhaled

“Good…sometimes I wish we can go back to how things were” Carly said and sighed

“Don’t worry, now that I’m home everything will go back to how it was” Frank said and smiled to himself as he thought about how he will be with Bobby in a few hours, and like he said, everything will be going back to how it was..


Background music ends

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Thanks fore reading :)

Chapter 478




Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Hi” Julie looked up to see Nick at the desk

“Hi” Julie said

“I’ve been leaving messages” Nick said

“I’ve been really busy. The resort is busy this time of year with tourists” Julie said

“I thought you were avoiding me” Nick said

“Why would I be doing that?” Julie said

“I dunno, maybe because of the stuff going on with your brother?” Nick said and Julie looked at him

“I have to get back to work” Julie said

“We need to talk about this” Nick said

“Hello sir how can I help you” Julie said to a man who walked up to the counter and Nick sighed and walked away



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Fiona carefully stepped down from the ladder and grabbed the small buckets and put it on the floor. She folded the ladder and took it out to the stockroom when she heard the bell above the door indicating that a customer had come in. She walked out of the stockroom and immediately there was awkwardness in the air as she saw Greg standing by the counter

“G’day” Greg said

“Hi” Fiona said and smiled awkwardly as Greg walked around the corner and grabbed some engine oile from the bottom shelf and came back to the counter. This was the first time they had seen each other since Fiona saw him naked at the house

“Just this thanks” Greg said. Fiona picked up the oil and looked for the price, then she put the amount into the till “11.75 please” Fiona said and Greg took some money out of his pocket and he gave it to her

“Thanks” Greg said and Fiona pressed the button that opened the till and she put the money in and took out the change and gave it to Greg

“Thanks” Greg said

“Do you want a bag?” Fiona said

“No, its alright” Greg said and he turned around to walk away

“About the other day…sorry..I thought nobody was home. I did knock, and when I didn’t hear anyone, I let myself in” Fiona said

“Not your fault, I shouldn’t have been walking around the house in me birthday suit” Greg said and they both laughed awkwardly then stared at each other

“I better go..thanks” Greg said and he picked up the engine oil and walked out of the shop as Fiona watched him walk away…


Summer Bay


Grant ran out of the water and he unzipped his wetsuit. He got to where his towel was on the sand, and picked it up and began to dry himself when he noticed a tall woman running on the beach. He had not seen her before. He watched as she stopped running and shook her arms and legs and moved her body around. She ran her hands through her short hair and began walking.

“G’day” Grant said as she walked past him and stopped

“Hi” Shauna said

“Welcome to Summer Bay” Grant said

“How did you know I was new in town?” Shauna said

“Well this is a small town, everybody knows everybody” Grant said Shauna smiled

“Shauna…Shauna Bradley” Shauna said

“Grant Mitchell” Grant said and he wiped his hands and they shook hands

“Nice to meet you” Shauna said

“By any chance are you the new lifeguard?” Grant said and Shauna looked at him surprised

“Like I said…small town” Grant said and Shauna laughed

“I start next week” Shauna said

“Well you’re going to like it here” Grant said

“From what I've seen so far, I think I will” Shauna said

“So since you know about me, tell me about you Grant Mitchell” Shauna said

“I’m a history teacher by trade…but I’ve taken some time off from my vocation, and I currently work at the bayside diner” Grant said and he pointed to the diner

“Cool, I haven’t been there yet, I need to check it out” Shauna said

“After 6pm we turn into a bistro, and at the weekends we have live music” Grant said

“Sounds great..Ill definitely check it out” Shauna said

“I hope you do” Grant said

“Anyway, I've taken up too much time away from your run” Grant said

“Oh, that’s fine..its nice getting to know people here” Shauna said

“That’s one thing you will find here, the residents of summer bay, really enjoy getting to know the new folks in town” Grant said and Shauna laughed

“See you later” Grant said and he began to walk away

“By the way..Grant” Sahuna said and Grant turned around

“do you know of any midwives around here?” Shauna said

“Midwives?” Grant said

“Yes..wellits just that my aunt has a friend she knew years ago when they were studying to be midwives together…she said she might be living in this area and wanted to get back in touch with her” Shauna said

“I don’t know of any midwives…but I know Mrs Fletcher is a nurse, and she's lived here longer than me. I can take you to her place if you want” Grant said

“No no..its alright, its not an emergency” Shauna said

“Oh, right…well she is the owner of the caravan park” Grant said

“Caravan Park..where is that?” Shauna said

 “Its on McClymonts Road…which is straight up that hill over there…you cant miss it” Grant said

“Thanks” Shauna said

“Sorry, what is her name again?” Shauna said

“Mrs Pippa Fletcher” Grant said

“Thanks” Shauna said and smiled “Ill see you later” Shauna said and he walked off as Grant smiled to himself as he watched her walk away…


High School- Summer Bay

Steve sighed as he opened his locker. Usually he should be excited about the end of the school day, but its usually the time he dreaded as he had to go home

“I think you picked up my book from the table” Steve turned around to see Sandra standing behind him. Steve looked at the books he just put on the shelf of his locker and noticed that he had accidently picked up Sandra’s book when they were working in a group together. Steve gave her the book and turned around and continued putting his stuff inside his school bag.

“You have some nerve being angry at me when I have not done anything wrong” Sandra said and Steve slammed his locker shut and turned around and looked at her

“How am I supposed to feel when I catch my girlfriend kissing the bloke who kidnapped my sister” Steve said then he stared at Sandra and walked away. Sandra was shocked. She didn’t know that Steve had seen her and Maurice kissing. At first she felt guilty then the guilt disappeared when she remember that Steve was going to dump her anyway for Rebecca. Sandra inhaled and exhaled then she took her bag out of her locker and smiled to herself because she was going to meet Maurice at the beach…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby came down the stairs with her overnight bag and smiled to herself. In just a few hours she was going to see Frank, and be in his arms again. Bobby put the overnight bag on the dining table


Knock on the door


Bobby looked at her watch, it was a bit early for Greg to be coming. She walked to the front door and opened it


“Ailsa..come in..is there something wrong?” Bobby said as she opened the door then went back to her overnight bag on the dining table and zipped it shut


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“No…I just wanted to bring over some letters you left, they look like they are from the NSW council, I thought you might need them for your interview preparation” Ailsa said and she handed Bobby the envelopes

“Right, thanks” Bobby said and she unzipped a corner of the bag, and put the envelopes inside.


“Pippa came in shortly after you left this morning, she brought the baking trays” Ailsa said

“Oh right” Bobby said as she tried to remember if she had packed everything

“She mentioned that Frank was going to the city tonight” Ailsa said and Bobby didn’t respond

“Interesting that you are both going to the city tonight” Ailsa said

“Yeah, I guess” Bobby said as she opened the bag and took one of the envelopes out and began to open it as Ailsa sat on the couch

“I saw…you and Frank last night in the diner” Ailsa said and Bobby looked up at her and sighed

“Bobby, what are you doing? Why do you want to get hurt all over again” Ailsa said and Bobby walked over to the couch and sat next to Ailsa

“Ailsa….. I thought all the feelings I had, had gone had gone away, but they are back again..it just feels like Frank and I are meant to be together” Bobby said

“but so much has happened since the two of you were together” Ailsa said

“I know but I cant change how I feel” Bobby said

“Bobby..look how long it took for you to get back on your feet after the two of you split up..what if it happens again?” Ailsa said

“It wont..things are different now…we are older and we know what we want. We love each other, and we want to be together” Bobby said as Ailsa sighed

“Oh Bobby” Ailsa said and sighed as Bobby looked at her

“If I could change the way I feel about Frank, I would..but I cant” Bobby said and Ailsa sighed

“I want to say something. Greg loves you..he really loves you. He was just in the diner talking about how you are the best thing that ever happened to him, and he couldn’t wait for you, him and Sam to be a permanent family” Ailsa said and guilt start creeping into Bobby’s mind

 “ Being with Greg is the happiest I have seen you in a long time…you have the family you have always wanted. Greg is really in this for the long term…he’s not being selfish just trying to get out of this what he wants” Ailsa said

“And you think Frank is?” Bobby said

“He just split up with Roo for crying out loud…he’s probably lonely, and if he gets you back,  he wins the jackpot and gets to slide back into your life like nothing never happened” Ailsa said

“That’s not very fair” Bobby said as some reality began to sink in

“I would say its pretty close to the truth” Ailsa said


“Bobby, my head is hurting” Sam said as he stood at the top of the stairs

“Oh no, go and lie down for a little while, Ill bring you up some medicine ok” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and he walked back to his room as Ailsa and Bobby looked at each other

“There is Sam to think about as well” Ailsa said. Now more reality was sinking in for Bobby.

 “I know you can’t help how you feel, but you have to remember that  Frank walked out on you, and married someone else. I would be pretty damn sure that history isn’t going to repeat itself before you turn Sam’s whole world upside down” Ailsa said as she looked at Bobby and Bobby sighed


Caravan Park

“Stay in the house ok” Frank said as Sally hugged him

“Do you have to go?” Sally said

“Yes…its only for one night…Ill be back tomorrow” Frank said as he kissed Sally on the cheek as Steve walked down the stairs into the living room

“I better go, ill see you tomorrow” Frank said and gave Sally one more hug

“Ill see you later “ Frank said to Steve and picked up his bag and walked out of the house. He was meeting Bobby by the Marina, she was going to pick him up and they were going to go to Shaolhaven. Frank smiled, he couldn’t wait to see her


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


Bobby stared at Sam as he laid in the bed with his eyes closed He wasn’t feeling well, so she gave him an early dinner, and some medicine and he was in bed. She smiled to herself as she remembered how happy she was when Sam came into her life. Prior to that she was still grieving for her son Tom and thinking she was going to be lonely. When she realized that he was asleep she quietly walked out of the room and walked down the stairs and sat on the couch and stared at the overnight bag that was on the dining table.




Bobby- At least we can finally be honest with each other..maybe if we were honest, we could have lasted a little longer

Frank- Nah, I would've found a way to tell you....considering the way I felt about Roo

Bobby- The way you felt about Roo?

Frank- You should’ve known that it was never really over between us


Flashback ends


Bobby sighed as she thought about what Ailsa said. Ailsa was right…Greg and Sam where the family she always wanted and she promised herself that she was not going to do anything to jeopardize a future with them.

 knock on the door

Bobby got up when she heard the front door knock and  opened the front door

“Hi” Greg said and he kissed her and they walked into the house

“Here I am on time, with one minute to spare..I thought I would come early and grab some kisses before you left” Greg said

“I’m not going to the city” Bobby said

“Why not?” Greg said confused

“I cancelled because Sam isn’t feeling too well” Bobby said

“You didn’t have to do that, I could’ve looked after him, I know how much all this is important to you” Greg said

“Yeah I know, I postponed it until next week or something” Bobby said and she sat down on the couch and looked at the packed overnight bag on the dining room table

“Well…their loss is my gain…I'm glad you stayed…” Greg said as he sat on the couch next to Bobby  “I love spending every minute with you “ Greg said as Bobby turned around smiled.

“I love you” Greg said then he put his arm around Bobby and kissed the side of her head

“Yeah…me too” Bobby said and she exhaled and closed her eyes



Marina- Summer Bay


Frank looked at his watch, it was 7:15pm. He and Bobby had arranged to meet at 6:30pm and she was 45 minutes late. He looked around to see if he could see her but there were no headlights. Frank looked at his watch again as he tried to remember all the conversations that he had with Bobby. She told him she loved him…they were going to be together…they couldn’t wait to be together. They were going to their special place in Shaolhaven where they were happy..it was all planned.

A few minutes went by and Frank saw headlights of a car and he began to smile to himself but that smile disappeared when he noticed that the car was turning into a different direction. Frank finally had to accept that Bobby wasn’t coming…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Ailsa stared at the cup of tea in her hand. Thinking about her conversation with Bobby earlier. She remembered how hurt Bobby was when Frank left her, and the guilt she felt when she had to go to Frank and Roo’s wedding because she was her step daughter. Ailsa didn’t have anything against Frank, she thought he was a nice young man, but she cared more for Bobby after watching her try to pick up the pieces of her life. Even though Ailsa wanted to see Frank happy, she knew that he was a big fish in a small pond in Summer Bay, and the fact that he walked away once meant that he could do it again

“You alright love?” Alf said as she walked into the house and over to Ailsa and kissed her head.

“Yes, fine..just been a long day” Ailsa said

“I know what you mean” Alf said

“Your dinner is in the oven” Ailsa said

“Great, I’m starving”  Alf said and walked out of the living room as Ailsa leaned back on the couch and sighed..




Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Pippa looked at the door as she heard someone opening it, then Frank entered the house

“Hi, I thought you were coming back tomorrow” Pippa said

“I changed my mind” Frank said and he walked into the pantry

“Frank can you read me a story?” Sally said excited

“Not now” Frank said as he walked out of the pantry

“Is there something wrong?” Pippa said confused

“Im staying in a van tonight” Frank said and he slammed the door shut as Pippa looked at at the closed door with a confused look on her face


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 479



Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“You sound like you’re upset that Steve knows about us” Revhead said as he and Sandra walked on the beach hand in hand

“No, I’m not upset, its just that ..I don’t want you to get into any trouble” Sandra said and she let go of his hand and sat on a rock

“Well if there is any trouble, it wont be started by me. I told you that I’ve left all that behind ” Revhead said and he sat next to Sandra who was feeling a bit guilty about Maurice kidnapping Sally

“Look, I really like you Sandra, you stood up for me, and I cant think of anyone who has ever done that. I don’t want to go back to a life of crime..I’m happy with the life I have now, the job I have ..and being with you” Revhead said and Sandra looked at him

“Do you mean that?” Sandra said

“Yes I do” Revhead said and Sandra smiled then they both leaned forward and began to kiss..


Highschool- Summer Bay


Emma looked around then she slowly opened the door to Davids office, stepped inside and closed it behind her. She got a shock when she turned around. The office was empty…all his things were going. Emma walked towards the desk. The jar of sweets he he had on the desk was gone. The photos of him and the children he taught in Thailand was gone…everything was gone..just like David. Emma sat on the chair and looked around. She couldnt believe it. She looked at the shelf and noticed one pink sweet. She picked it up and placed it in her pam. She remembered that her and David both choose that one from the jar of sweets he kept on his desk. Emma looked at the sweet and closed her fingers around it and put it up tp her chest  then she began to cry…



Simpson residence

“He says he’s feeling better, but I’m going to keep him today, just incase” Bobby said to Grant as she walked into the bathroom, and began to comb her hair. She noticed that her hair was getting really long now, and she was due to get it cut.


Knock on the door


“I’ll get that, I need to get going anyway” Marilyn said as she grabbed her bags and walked towards the door


“Hi Frank, how are you this morning” Marilyn said as she opened the front door

“Is Bobby here?” Frank said. Bobby sighed as she stood in the bathroom and heard Frank’s voice.

“Um.…” Marilyn said and Bobby walked out of the downstairs bathroom to see Frank standing in the living room with an angry look on his face

“I’m just going to work..bye” Marilyn said and walked out of the house

“Hi” Bobby said Frank didn’t response

“Is that all you can say?” Frank said

“Its not a good time now” Bobby said

“YES NOW IS A GOOD TIME” Frank said and Grant came out of his room

“Ill come over to the caravan park later” Bobby said


“Take it easy mate” Grant said

“Get out” Frank said as he looked at Grant

“Don’t speak to him like that, this is his home” Bobby said

“Its alright…I need to get to the diner before I get fired” Grant said and smiled and he left the house

“I waited for you last night” Frank said

“I know.. I I am sorry I made a mistake” bobby said

“You made a mistake? A MISTAKE? So what was all that last night when you were all over me telling me you still loved me” Frank said

“I wasn’t thinking things through” Bobby said

“Well that’s just great, you wasn’t thinking it through, so you thought you would lead me on and not even have the guts to show up and tell me the truth” Frank said

“Well I’m saying it now” Bobby said

“Saying what? That you are happy with some bloke you don’t even love and a kid who isn’t yours” Frank said. The last part of what Frank said really hurt Bobby

“Well..Its better than being with someone who can just take off and leave me anytime he wants” Bobby said

“I came back didnt I? You don’t love this bloke Bobby…You love me” Frank said

“Don’t tell me how I feel” Bobby

“I know you better than he does..we have a history that you don’t have with Greg..” Frank said

“I’m in love with him” Bobby said

“No, you’re not, stop kidding yourself” Frank said

“Look, we are over. I made a mistake yesterday and when I thought about it, I decided that I want to be with Greg and Sam…I love them and they love me” Bobby said as she looked at Frank who felt his heart break

“You don’t love Greg, not the way you love me” Frank said

“I love Greg...and I don’t think there is anything left to say” Bobby said and she folded her arms and looked at Frank who stared at her

“I cant believe I wasted all my time believing you when you said I shouldn’t forget you love you…believing you when you said you would love me forever…wasting my money to buy a ticket to come here..I should’ve just stayed in the states, anything would’ve been better then being here around you” Frank said

“Just get out of my house” Bobby said

“Don’t worry..I’m going. Greg is welcome to you…as far as I’m concerned you mean nothing to me..and I don’t ever want to see you, him or that foster kid near the caravan park. As far as I’m concerned you don’t exist,  and you have nothing to do with my family” Frank said then he walked out of the house and slammed the door as Bobby closed her eyes and sighed


Background music ends…


General Hospital- Summer Bay


“Pippa” Pippa turned around to see Dr Routledge behind her

“Hello” Pippa said and smiled

“I was wondering if you have a minute…in my office” Dr Routledge

“Is there something wrong?” Pippa said

“No, nothing at all, please indulge me” Dr Routledge said and he pointed to his office door

“Well, I only have ten minutes before my next class” Pippa said

“It wont take long, I promise” Dr Routledge said

“Ok” Pippa said and she followed him into the office

“Have a seat please” Dr Routledge said and Pippa sat down and he sat opposite her

“I wanted to speak to you about two things, first of all, I wanted to talk to you about the speclist program we have here, which is about another six months after this current program, but its only part time. Is that something you would be interested in?” Dr Routledge

“I don’t know…its not something I’ve thought about..besides, I don’t think I can afford it” Pippa said

“Well, you are one of the top students..probably the top student in this program, and with that comes the privilege of having a grant that will cover the tuition” Dr Routledge and Pippa looked at him shocked

“That sounds wonderful, but I would need to speak to my family about it…see what they say” Pippa said

“Ok, however this hospital needs good nurses, and branching into a specific area..well it would definately made you sought after” Dr Routledge said

“Thank you..when do I have to decide?” Pippa said

“Well the specialist program will start after Easter, so I would need to know I n the next few weeks so we can get your grant processed” Dr Routledge

“Thank you very much, I really appreciate this consideration’ Pippa said

“No, thank you..you have been a great example of why this program is good for this hospital which leads me to the second thing I want to talk to you about” Dr Routledge said

“Ok” Pippa said curiously

“I will be taking over Dr Rogers surgery, and I want you to come and work for me as my nurse” Dr Routledge and Pippa looked at him shocked

“I don’t know what to say..I am sure there are others more qualified” Pippa said

“Yes probably, but you live in Summer Bay, you know all the locals…besides It would be my priviliege to be working with my number one student” Dr Routledge

“I don’t know what to say..thank you…but I would need to speak to my family” Pippa sais

“Sure, take your time. Its going to be a few weeks yet because the surgery is moving into the new building next to the resort which means we will be seeing local patients and the vistors, so I will be paying you a very god wage to cover that” Dr Routledge and Pippa looked at her watch

“Ok, Ive take up your time” Dr Routledge and Pippa stood up

“Its fine, I just don’t want to be late to class” Pippa said

“So you will think about what we discussed and let me know?” Dr Routledge

“Yes” Pippa said and nodded

“Thank you for the opportunity” Pippa said and smiled then she walked out of the office as Dr Routledge watched her go…


Diner- Summer Bay

“Just a cheese sandwich and a coke please ” Greg said  to Shannon as he sat at the counter

“Og Greg, do you know what time Bobby is getting back from the city today? she needs to sign some papers for the insurance” Ailsa said

“She didn’t go, shes at home” Greg said and Ailsa looked at him surprised

“Oh she didn’t?” Ailsa said


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“No, Sam is running a bit of a temperature so she stayed to take care of him” Greg said

“Oh right,,that was nice of her” Ailsa said

“..thats why I love her so much…she stopped everything just to take care of Sam. I couldn’t want a better mother for my son” Greg said and smiled and Ailsa smiled, happy that Bobby made the right decision


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“All finished” Sam said as Bobby walked over to table and noticed he had eaten all the soup in the bowl

“Good boy..now let me give you some medicine” Bobby said and she poured some liquid onto the spoon and Sam swallowed it. He made a face and Bobby smiled

“I don’t like it” Sam said

“I know sweetheart, but it will make you better ok” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and Bobby looked at him

“Can you read me a story?” Sam said

“Ok, go upstairs and choose one” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and Bobby smiled as she watched him run up the stairs


Frank- Greg is welcome to you…as far as I’m concerned you mean nothing to me..and I don’t ever want to see you, him or that foster kid near the caravan park. As far as I’m concerned you don’t exist,  and you have nothing to do with my family

Flashback ends


Bobby sighed as she recalled the mean things Frank said to her but it was alright because she loved Greg, she loved Sam, and she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize their future together…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank looked at the beer bottle on the side table. He opened another with his teeth and drank it as Finlay walked into the living room

“Christopher is having his nap..I was about to make some lunch, can I make you something?” Finlay said

“No” Frank said and he drank some beer as he remembered the conversation he had with Bobby. He hated her now, and was angry at himself that he spent so much time in New York thinking about her. Maybe if he didn’t, he and Roo could’ve made it work. Frank felt his stomach rumbling, he knew it was a wrong idea to drink on an empty stomach. He got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen to make him self some toast.

“He opened the fridge and noticed there was no bread left. He walked into the pantry when he noticed Finlay reaching up to grab a jar of pickles from a shelf and she couldn’t reach it

“Here, let me help you” Frank said and he reached up and grabbed the jar as he pressed himself on Finlays back

“Thanks” Finlay said the she turned around and looked up at Frank then he bent down and they started kissing passionately and with urgency. Frank lifted Finlay’s t-shirt over her head and threw it on the floor, and Finlay kissed him with urgency as he unbuttoned his jeans. Finlay felt butterflies in her stomach, she couldn’t believe this was happening…with a guy she really liked. Frank picked Finlay up as they kissed. She wrapped her legs around his waist as they walked into the spare room which was also the play room. He laid her down on the bed as Finlay pulled down her underpants


Knock on the door


Frank took a condom out of the wallet in his pocket and tore of the top as Finlay unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his chest.




Frank looked down at Finlay who was kissing his chest…as reality began to set in..

“This isn’t a good idea” Frank said

“Whoever it is will go away if we ignore them” Finlay said




“No…just put your clothes on..I’ll get the door” Frank said as he got up from the bed and put his clothes on. Finlay sighed then realized she left her top in the kitchen and quickly ran upstairs to see if she could find a t-shirt in Franks room





Frank  adjusted himself as he walked towards the front door 

"Can I help you? Frank said when he opened the door

"Yes, I'm Detective Hunt  this is Sergeant Packard  I am looking for the owner of this place" Detective Ford

“My family own this place, what can I do for you?" Frank said as he looked at the two men at the door

"We are looking for a gentleman who we believe is a guest here" Detective Ford said 

"Yeah, who is it?" Frank said 

"Albert Simpson" Detective Ford said


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 480



High School- Summer Bay


Donald sighed as he read the letter. He completely forgot that he had volunteered…well was forced to host an exchange student who would be coming to their school. He didn’t see the point of this programme, but the education department thought it was a good idea to encourage international relations. Donald looked up as he heard the door knock

“Come in” Donald said and the door opened

“Lucinda, I thought you were taking some days off” Donald said

“I changed my mind. Sitting at home, all I do is think of David. Its best if I just get on with my work” Lucinda said

“Well as long as you will be alright” Donald said and Lucinda nodded

“By the way, I forgot to tell you, we will be having a visitor..an exchange student will be staying with us for a few months” Donald said and Lucinda smiled

“I remember I did an exchange programme, I went to France” Lucinda said

“Yes, I remember you mum telling me” Donald said

“David went to Spain” Lucinda said and sighed

“Well, I’m sure you have great memories” Donald said

“Ill just get on with my work” Lucinda said and she smiled and walked out of the office as Donald sighed


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank walked out of the kitchen holding the guest log book

“Yeah, he’s been here for a couple of weeks now. He actually owes for last week” Frank said as he looked at the guest log book

“How does he pay?” Detective Hunt said

“Cash” Frank said

“What van is he in?” Detective Hunt said

“Number three. Its literally just behind you…what is this about?” Frank said and he pointed to the van

“We just need to speak to Mr Simpson to see if he can help us with our inquires. Thank you for your help” Detective Hunt said and he nodded and he and the sergeant walked away. Frank closed the door and walked back to the pantry with the guest log book, when he came out Finlay was standing in the living room wearing his t-shirt

“I hope you don’t mind me wearing your t-shirt. I left mine in the kitchen” Finlay said and she walked into the kitchen and picked her t-shirt off the floor

“No, its alright” Frank said then Finlay stood in front of him and put her arms around him. Frank moved her arms and she looked at him

“It’s not a good idea” Frank said

“Why not?” Finlay said and she kissed Frank’s neck and he moved back

“I’m not in the right head space to be with anyone right now” Frank said

“but” Finlay was interrupted

“I’m sorry” Frank said then he looked at Finlay and walked towards the stairs as Finlay looked annoyed..


Detective Hunt knocked on the van door a few more times

“Looks like he’s not home” Detective Hunt said

“We’ll come back later” Detective Hunt said and both men walked over to their car, got in and drove away. When Al noticed that the men driven away he sat up in his seat. He could tell that the two men were police, but he couldn’t figure out why they were knocking on his van. He knew it was nothing to do with the diner burglary, because he knew they already had a suspect for that. Al started the engine and drove away thinking that he had to get what he is owed from Bobby. and hurry up and leave Summer Bay…


Next day



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly brushed her hair as she stood in the bathroom then she heard footsteps and Ben appeared in the mirror


Background music- Carly’s theme


“The rent is due, make sure you give Mr Stewart a cheque” Ben said and Carly didn’t respond

“Where are you going?” Ben said

“To the caravan park” Carly said

“To go and see Frank” Ben said mimicking Carly’s voice and she didn’t respond

“If I didn’t know better I would think you were married to him and not me” Ben said and walked up behind Carly and kissed her neck. Carly closed her eyes. She knew what Ben meant. Any time he touched her, she felt like she was being violated, so she gave excuses. Before you go..show me that you’re married to me and not him” Ben said and he turned Carly around

“I’m not feeling too well” Carly said

“But you’re well enough to go and see him” Ben said as Carly walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom to get her bag. Ben walked into the room behind her. Carly could feel her heart beating fast..she didn’t want to do this.

“Well?” Ben said

“Maybe later” Carly said and she tried to leave the room, but Ben was blocking the door. Carly looked up at him then she started walking backwards until she fell on the Ben and Ben jumped on top of her. Carly tried to move but he was too strong. She just closed her eyes and thought of a time when she was happy…


Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Oh Bobby congratulations” Ailsa said as she hugged Bobby in the office

“Thanks…all that hard work finally paid off” Bobby said and smiled as Ails looked at the letter

“I am so proud of you…I can’t believe that just a few years ago you were a snotty little kid who ate chocolate all day…now look at you, you have a degree, business woman of the year, a foster son, and a bloke who loves you” Ailsa said and Bobby forced a smiled

“Yeah..what a difference a few years make” Bobby said and she sat down at the desk

“I’m glad you made the right decision..I mean not going to meet Frank” Ailsa said

“Yeah, I was just being stupid…thanks for making me see sense” Bobby said

“You’re welcome…so when is the graduation?” Ailsa said

“Next week..I hope you can come” Bobby said

“Try stopping me” Ailsa said

“Anyway, I better get going to the resort..Ill see you later” Bobby said and smiled as she walked out of the diner. As Bobby walked to her car she looked at the letter and smiled. If someone told her a few years ago that she would be where she is in life, she never would’ve believed it.


“Hello Bobby” Bobby looked up to see Al Simpson

“What do you want?” Bobby said

“I believe we had this conversation already” Al said

“And I believe I already told you, I am not giving you anything” Bobby said

“Listen to me you selfish little runt” Al said and he grabbed Bobby’s arm

“Let go of me” Bobby said as she tried to wriggle out of Al’s grip

“You owe me for all the years I had to put up with you..and you better pay up if you know whats good for you” Al said

“Yeah?” Bobby said

“Yeah” Al said

“Well give it your best shot, because I’m not afraid of you, and you’re not getting a penny from me” Bobby said and she wriggle out of Al’s grip, got into her car and drove away as Al smirked

“We’ll see about that” Al said then he got into his car and drove away..



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank read the newspaper and drank his coffee as he sat at the dining table

“G’day Frank” Frank looked up to see Lance come into the house

“G’day” Frank said and Lance sat down

“Not working today?” Frank said

“No, not until the diner after dark opens. Bobby has been a mate giving me shifts in the day time” Lance said as Finlay walked into the living room with Christopher who ran over to Frank

“Hello mate” Frank said and he picked Christopher up. He was happy that Christopher was remembering him now

“Do you want to go to the movies later?” Lance said to Frank

“Nah, ill give it a miss thanks” Frank said and Lance sighed

“Finlay do you want to go?” Lance said

“Ok” Finlay said and smiled then she looked at Frank who was playing with Christopher. She didn’t really fancy Lance, but maybe going out with him would make Frank jealous

“Hey” Carly said and she walked into the house. Frank looked up at her as she sat down next to him

“Whats the matter?” Frank said as he looked at Carly who held onto his arm and rested her head on his shoulder

“I’m just glad you’re home” Carly said and she closed her eyes and sighed…


Frank looked up when he saw the door knock

“Hello, I just want to pay up for last week, and this week” Al Simpson said as he stood by the door

“Ill get the book” Carly said and she got up from the chair

“The police came round here looking for you” Frank said and he got up and waked over to the door

“Really? I might’ve been speeding or something” Al said

“Now what do I owe you?” Al said to Carly as she came out of the kitchen with the log book

“We don’t want any trouble around here” Frank said

“Trouble? Whose causing trouble?” Al said surprised

“$120” Carly said

“Here you go” Al said and he gave Carly the money

“Thanks, Ill just give you a receipt” Carly said as she wrote in the receipt book

“How is your daughter?” Carly said

“Shes fine…at school” Al said

“Does she go to the kindy here in Summer Bay?” Carly said as she wrote the receipt

“No…umm…she goes to a school in Waldorf Creek..her aunts live over that way..they help out taking care of her when I’m working.” Al said as Carly gave him the receipt

“Thanks” Al said then he smiled at Frank then he looked at Lance

“Say hello to your mum for me” Al said and Lance just looked at him. Al laughed and walked out of the house and laughed

“That bloke has always been a scumbag” Lance said

“Yeah, there’s definitely something going on with him” Frank said


As Al walked to the van his smile disappeared. The sooner he got what he wanted from Bobby, the sooner he could get out of Summer Bay, get rid of the stinking brat and get on with his life…



Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone



Sandra felt butterflies as her and Maurice kissed behind the rocks at the beach. It felt like nothing she had experience before…not even with Steve.. then Sandra glanced at her watch

“Oh no” Sandra said and she pulled away

“What?” Maurice said

“I got to go, I’m going to be late back to school” Sandra said

“Do you want me to give you a lift?” Maurice said

“No..I’ll just see you later” Sandra said and she ran as fast as she could.  Revhead smiled to himself as he watched her run away. He hadn’t known her for long but he really liked her. He knew that she was young, but talking to her, she always appeared to be much older. He never believed in love…but maybe Sandra was changing his minds…


Library- Summer Bay

“Thanks” Shauna said to the librarian and she walked over to the corner of the library with the newspaper. She sat down at a small desk that had one chair and looked at the photo on the front page, it was of the singer John Farnham and two other people. Shauna picked up the paper to read the caption under the photo and read it out in a lowered voice

“John Farnham pictured here with Walter Bertrum and Pippa Fletcher” Shauna said and she looked at the photo of Pippa smiling and she gently ran her finger down Pippa’s cheek then she inhaled and exhaled and smiled to herself…



Summer Bay


“How was school today mate?” Greg said as he put Sam’s seatbelt on then he closed the door and got in the passenger side

“Ok” Sam said

“Anything fun happen?” Greg said as he began to drive

“No” Sam said

“Since you’re feeling better, how about we go and have an ice cream?” Greg said

“Yeah” Sam said and Greg laughed

“Can we get one for Bobby?” Sam said

“I don’t think she wants one mate, she’s at work” Greg said and he playfully ticked Sam who laughed

“Yes she does, it will make her be happy” Sam said

“Why mate?” Greg said

“Because Bobby was sad because she was fighting with Uncle Frank” Sam said and Greg turned and looked at him

“Are you tell stories mate?” Greg said surprised

“No” Sam said and Greg sighed…


Background music ends

Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Oh sweetheart, I am so proud of you” Pippa said as she read Bobby’s letter about passing her exams and getting her degree

“Thanks, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.. the graduation is next week” Bobby said as she sat at the dining table with Pippa and Carly

“What day?” Carly said

“Next Saturday in the morning, at the uni..I was thinking we can have a little party after at my place” Bobby was interrupted

“Get out” Pippa looked to her left to see Frank walking towards the dining table

“What did I tell you the other day?” Frank said as he looked at Bobby

“Frank, Bobby was just” Pippa was interrupted

“I don’t care..GET OUT..NOW” Frank said which startled Bobby as Frank opened the door and stared at Bobby.

“It’s alright Pippa..I’ll go” Bobby said and she picked up her keys from the table. She walked to the door and looked up at Frank

“Don’t ever step foot in this house again” Frank said and Bobby silently sighed as she slowly walked out of the house. She wasn’t out fully when Frank slammed the door which pushed her forward and she sighed and walked to her car..


“Frank, why did you do that?” Pippa said

“ Bobby is not allowed in this house” Frank said as he opened the fridge and took out a beer

“But she’s family…whatever is going on” Pippa was interrupted

“Pippa, don’t force me to make you choose between us. Bobby is not allowed in this house and that’s final” Frank said and he walked away. Pippa looked at Carly and sighed…


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“This is nice….just the two of us..watching the sunset” Marilyn said and she smiled and snuggled under Adam’s arm and he sighed

“Marilyn..I want to talk to you about something” Adam said and Marilyn looked at him

“Sounds serious” Marilyn said

“Well, it sort of is..I want to talk about us” Adam said

“Ok, but I just want you to know that..after I broke it off with my ex…I never expected to meet someone like you…you make me really happy…and I love you” Marilyn said and Adam sighed silently while he felt guilty

“That’s what I wanted to say…that I love you too” Adam said and Marilyn smiled and leaned forward and kissed Adam and rested her head on his chest while he felt annoyed that he chickened out of breaking things up with her, but he knew he had to do it soon…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Ice cream and pizza, oh my goodness” Bobby said pretending to be annoyed and Sam laughed

“Go upstairs and get ready for bed mate, ill be up shortly to read you a story” Greg said

“Ok” Sam said and he rushed up the stairs

“Thanks for looking after him” Bobby said and she smiled

“Yeah, no worries..he is my son as well” Greg said

“Do you want some tea?” Bobby said

“No, I think I’ve had too much to drink for one day” Greg said as Bobby poured hot water into a cup

“Congratulations again about your degree” Greg said

“Thanks, it just feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders” Bobby said as she put milk in her tea

“Yeah, I can imagine” Greg said as he looked at Bobby stirring the cup then she looked at  up to see Greg looking at her

“Is there something wrong?” Bobby said

“Sam said something earlier” Greg said

“Like what?” Bobby said

“When I picked him up from kindy, I said I would take him to get an ice cream…and he said he wanted to get one for you” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Because he wanted to cheer you up” Greg said

“Why?” Bobby said and laughed then she drank some of her tea

“Because he heard you and Frank having a fight” Greg said and Bobby swallowed the tea in her mouth and put the cup down

“What were you fighting about?” Greg said

“We weren’t fighting, he was passing and wanted to know if I kept an old tape he couldn’t find” Bobby said hoping that what she said was enough to convince Greg

“Is that all?” Greg said

“Yeah, what else would there be?” Bobby said

“I dunno, maybe he wants to get back with you” Greg said

“He knows that I’m happy with you” Bobby said

“Yeah, but you too have a history” Greg was interrupted 

“An old history that’s in the past” Bobby said

“Are you sure?” Greg said as he put his arms around Bobby

“Yes..I’m sure” Bobby said

“Maybe we can stay in the city after the graduation next week…get a nice hotel” Greg said

“Yeah, that will be nice” Bobby said

“I love you” Greg said

“I love you too” Bobby said and smiled, then they kissed and she rested her head on his chest and her smile disappeared….


Background music ends…

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 481



Army Barracks- Brisbane


Martin drank the tea on the bed tray in front of him. His arm was broken and so where his ribs. He gently put the cup on the tray and laid back on the pillow. Over the last few days he had tried to understand why he was attacked but it didn’t make sense

“Hi” Martin turned to his left to see Nurse Sarah standing next to him

“G’day” Martin said

“How are you feeling today?” Sarah said

“Ok…wish I could leave though” Martin said

“I think doctor wants your ribs to heal a bit more before he releases you” Sarah said

“Yeah, I suppose” Martin said

“Well, I’m on night shift if there is anything I can get you” Sarah said

“No, I’m alright” Martin said as Sarah looked at him

“Alright then, I’ll check on you  later” Sarah said and smiled. As she walked away she turned around and looked at Martin but he looked away and she sighed and walked away…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Alex I really don’t know what to do” Pippa said as she sat by the desk with the lamp on. The house was quiet

“its something they both need to sort out in their own time” Reverend Jones said

“I know, but Frank was really mean to Bobby and I felt helpless” Pippa said

“I assume if you had attempted to intervene it wouldve been seen as you taking sides” Reverend Jones said

“That’s what Frank said…he told me not to force him to make me choose between them” Pippa said and sighed

“Everything will be alright” Reverend Jones said

“I hope so, because I hate the way this feels..my children fighting” Pippa said and she wiped a tear from her eye

“I know..all we can do is pray for them and hope that this situation resolves itself” Reverend Jones said

“I agree…I cant wait to see you…I definitely need a break from all this” Pippa said

“I know, I cant wait to see you too..I have a fun weekend planned…I hope the kids will enjoy” Reverend Jones said

“I’m sure they will” Pippa said and smiled


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

Carly could hear Ben snoring in the bedroom as she stood in the kitchen. She put the whiskey bottle up to her lips and swallowed some of the liquid. She remembered a time  where lying next to Ben was what she craved. Now she hated it, anytime he touched her she wanted to be sick. Carly put the bottle up to her mouth and drank more…this was the only way she knew how to cope…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby stared at Sam while he slept. He looked so innocent, so peaceful. She wanted to be angry at him for telling Greg about her and Frank but she couldn’t because she loved him so much. Bobby closed the bedroom door and walked towards her room and closed the door. Bobby sighed and sat down on the bed. She took the band out of her hair  and ran her hands through her hair. Frank had said some really mean things to her over the last two days…things which really hurt, but Ailsa was right…her Sam and Greg were a family…she loved Greg and she loved Sam and she wasn’t going to do anything to hurt either of them…



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Greg tossed and turned. Even though Bobby gave him an explanation, which he believed…he was not convinced that Frank wasn’t trying to get her back. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do…or if he needed to do anything…but what he did know is that he loved Bobby and he wasn’t giving up without a fight…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank stared at the ceiling…this is not how things were supposed to be. On the way to Australia he had mapped out everything out in his mind. By now, he and Bobby would be together..picking up where they left like nothing never happened. He knew that she still loved him, he could feel it when they kissed. Frank sighed. He was fighting a losing battle…one he didn’t know how long he could keep going. His heart broke to throw Bobby out, but maybe this was his way of handling the fact that she didn’t want to go away with him. Frank sighed and turned onto his side and closed his eyes and tried to remember a time when he was happy…


Background music ends


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


“G’day Greg” Alf said as Greg walked towards him. He put the box he was holding in his hand on the floor behind the counter. He watched as Greg disappeared around the corner and shortly after he came back around the corner

“Just the WD40 thanks…we go through this like water” Greg said as he forced a smile

“ that’s five dollars” Alf said as he looked at Greg take money out of his pocket

“Is everything alright?” Alf said as Greg gave him the money

“Yeah” Greg said as he forced a smile

“You have a face as long as a wet weekend” Alf said and Greg sighed

“Is it that obvious?” Greg said and Alf nodded

“It’s just this thing with Frank” Greg said

“Frank? What has he done?” Alf said

“I don’t know…Sam said he overheard Bobby and Frank getting into a fight” Greg said

“That mongrel” Alf said

“Bobby said they were not fighting” Greg said

“I bet…he’s just trying to stuff up her life like he did my Ruthy..you should knock his block off” Alf said

“You think I should say something to him…you know to stay away?” Greg said

“Of course you should..A bloke needs to protect  his family…and in this case let Frank know to stay away” Alf said as Greg thought about it...

“I agree…thanks..I’ll see you later” Greg said and smiled as he walked out of the shop. Alf smiled to himself and whistled…he couldn’t wait until Frank got a taste of his own medicine and left Summer Bay for good…


Beach- Summer Bay


“Throw the ball to me” Finlay said and Christopher threw the ball as far as he could and Finlay ran forward and picked it up

“Good boy” Finlay said and smiled then she moved back and through the ball and watched as Christopher rushed forward to catch the ball which was going near the water, and she noticed a tall woman pick up the ball and Finlay ran forward

“You should be careful”  Shauna said as Finlay got closer

“I was watching him” Finlay said

“But it was a good job I was around” Shauna said as she looked at Finlay

Finlay picked up Christopher and began to walk away

“Hey “ Shauna said and Finlay turned around

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to have a go…I’m Shauna, the new lifeguard, I start on Monday..I guess I was just preparing for my new job” Shauna said and smiled

“That’s ok…I’m Finlay…and this is Christopher” Finlay said

“Is he your son?” Shauna said

“No, I’m his nanny…his mum is in nursing school..well she used to be a nurse and she has to get recertified” Finlay said

“I don’t know if I could look after a kid all day” Shauna said

“Its really not that bad, Christopher is a good kid and Mrs Fletcher is really nice” Finlay said and Shauna stopped walking

“You mean Mrs Fletcher who owns the caravan park?” Shauna said curiously

“Yeah” Finlay said as she put Christopher down and he began to run on the beach

“So that’s her son?” Shauna said

“Yeah, she has other kids as well” Finlay said

“Really? How many?” Shauna said

“ let me see, she has Carly, Bobby, Sally, Steve and Frank” Finlay said

“What about her husband, Mr Fletcher?” Shauna said

“He died a few years ago” Finlay said as Christopher came running towards her holding the ball

Shauna bent down and picked Christopher up

“Hello Christopher, nice to meet you” Shauna said and smiled to herself…



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