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Chapter 464

Surf club- Summer Bay

 “Doing a great job there Ben” Alf said as he inspected the shelving that Ben had put up

“Thanks” Ben said

“Sorry that you had to lose all that money to that mongrel” Alf said and Ben got annoyed just thinking about it

“Oh well, you win some, you lose some” Ben said and forcing a smile

“Well I wish he would lose and just clear off…I’ll see you later” Alf said and he walked towards the door

“Righto” Ben said and laughed as Alf walked out. He walked over to the window and watched as Alf got into the car and drove away then he walked into his office and pulled his wallet out of his pocket. He took out a card with a number and picked up the phone receiver and began to dial


“Yeah…its me…I cant complain…can you do me a favour?….I need you and the boys to take care of someone…great..his name is Dibble..Martin Dibble…I know…the name sounds just as stupid as he looks…right..thanks” Ben said and he put the phone down



Ben- One more round

Martin- Are you sure you want that? Frankie boy is an absolute demon

Flashback ends


 Ben started getting annoyed as he remembered Martin laughing at him for losing to Frank then he started smiling to himself wishing he could see Martins reaction when he saw what he had in store…


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

Donald heard the door opened and he walked out of the kitchen

“David, I wasn’t expecting you back until Sunday at the latest

“Oh, I wanted to get ready fro school, and I’m meeting an old friend in the city for New Years” David said

“What about Lucinda?” Donald said

“She’ll be back on Sunday night” David said

“Oh right…well, I made some dinner..I believe I have enough for two” Donald said

“No, its alright..I’m not hungry now, just a bit tired from all the driving..Ill just have a shower” David said

“Alright then..Oh just to let you know, we have some guests arriving..umm Barbara and Rebecca will be arriving on Friday” Donald said

“Wow..its been a long time..how long are they staying for?” David said

“Just to attend the awards ceremony and bring in the new year” Donald said

“Hopefully I get to see them before I head out” David said

“Yes, I hope so too” Donald said and he went to the kitchen while David put his bag in the room. He took off his clothes and put his dressing gown on, and  picked up his town and walked to the bathroom. He turned the shower on and let it run for a while then he took his dressing gown off and got into the shower and closed the door and let the water run down his body. He rna his hand in his hair and sighed as he thought about how awkward it was at the animal shelter with Emma. He didn’t mean to make her more embarrassed. She is one of the reasons why he came back early so he could speak to her and make things comfortable before school began…but he seemed to have made it worse…but she looked prettier than he remembered..and he felt wrong for feeling that since she was one of his students. David picked up the bar of soap and rubbed it in his hands then he began to rub his soap hands all over his body until he got to a private place. He couldn’t help but stay there longer than he should as the image of Emma crept into his mind. The mixture of the hot water running over his body, thoughts of Emma and touching a private place took him to a place of bliss…one he hadn’t been to in a while then when he came back to reality, the guilt of what happened ran through his body and he sighed…


Summer Bay


“Hey” Sandra turned around to see the guy she was talking to on the beach call her from his car

“Hi” Sandra said as she walked over to him and he got out of the car

“Sandra right?” Revhead said

“Yeah, you remembered” Sandra said and smiled

“I never forget a beautiful face” Revhead said and Sandra blushed

“Guess what?” Revhead said

“I don’t know…what?” Sandra said

“I got the job at the boatshed” Revhead said and smiled

“Congratulations” Sandra said and smiled

“I owe it to you though” Revhead said

“Why? I didn’t do anything” Sandra said

“Well you were definitely good luck…because after speaking to you, the owner asked me to prove myself and he gave me the job” Revhead said

“No, that was all your doing” Sandra said

“Well probably a little, but you were my lucky charm…can I buy you a drink to say thank you? Revhead said

“Thanks, but I have to get home” Sandra said

“Oh ok…well how about I give you a lift?” Revhead said

“That’s ok, its not far” Sandra said

“Alright then..well if you change your mind…you know where I’ll be working” Revhead said and he got into the car and winked at Sandra

“Thanks…bye” Sandra said and smiled. Revhead started the engine and winked at Sandra then he drove away as she stood and watched his car disappear into the distance…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Hey” Shannon turned around as she walked to her car. It was Adam

“Can I talk to you?” Adam said

“Sure” Shannon said and she folded her arms

“I like you…and I know I should’ve been upfront and told you about Marilyn…but we are in a weird place right now..I thought that we were breaking up…well that’s what it felt like” Adam said

“You don’t owe me an explanation” Shannon said

“Yeah…I do” Adam said

“Look, its fine…I really want to get home, so ill see you later” Shannon said as she was about to  get into her car

“No, wait… Adam said and he gently grabbed her arm and Shannon looked at him then he kissed the side of her face as she sighed…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank put the new light bulb in and turned the light on

“Thank you” Finlay said and smiled.

“Don’t thank me just yet, I’ve only fixed it temporarily, ill have to come back in the day light and fix the wiring outside” Frank said as he put the tools back in the toolbox

“In America were you an electrician or something because you’re really good at fixing things” Finlay said and Frank smiled

“No, I was an accounts manager for a international project management and development company” Frank said

“Sounds really exciting” Finlay said

“But it was really boring” Frank said and Finlay smiled

“So how did you learn all this?” Finlay said

“Tom, my foster father, he pretty much taught me all I know” Frank said

“Sorry that he died” Finlay said

“Me too” Frank said and was lost in thought for a few minutes as he thought about Tom then he came back to reality

“Anyway, like I said I’ll come and look at the wiring outside in the morning” Frank said as he opened the van door

“Thanks” Finlay said and Frank stepped outside the van

“Hey, thanks for coming today…helping Sally pick out a dress…I’m useless at that kind of thing” Frank said and  Finlay laughed

“You’re welcome..thanks for inviting me..ill see you later” Finlay said

“You not coming in for dinner?” Frank said as he looked at Finlay

“Yeah, I just need to change…ii’ll be there in a minute” Finlay said and Frank nodded then she closed the door and rested on it and smiled to herself…



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Emma lay on her bed and looked at the ceiling

“You not coming to have dinner love?” Ailsa said as she passed the room

“Yeah, in a minute” Emma said and Ailsa smiled and walked away. Emma exhaled as she thought about seeing David early. Looking back at what happened, she realized that shew as rude when he was trying to be nice to her. School was starting next week, and she knew it was going to be uncomfortable, but she had to see him, clear the air even though it was going to embarrass her but at least when they got to school it wouldn’t be awkward…



Cameron Residence- Summer Bay


Shannon and Adam kissed then she pulled away

“What’s wrong?” Adam said looking at Shannon

“This doesn’t feel right…you have someone” Shannon said

“We are on the verge of breaking up” Adam said

“Didn’t sound like it on the message” Shannon said

“We haven’t been getting on well lately…maybe she wants to work things out, but I want to move on” Adam said and Shannon sighed

“Ill tell her as soon as she gets back” Adam said and he stroked Shannon’s cheek

“Maybe we should wait until its over with you two” Shannon said

“I can’t wait” Adam said and he kissed Shannon’s neck then made his way to her cheek and she put her arms around his neck as they kissed passionately….



Fisher Residence- Summer Bay


“Ill get that” David said as he finished washing the plate he had his sandwich on and walked towards the front door

“Hi David” Emma said as David opened the door

“Hi” David said which a shock and surprised look on his face

“Sorry to come over so late..I wanted to talk to you” Emma said

“No, its fine…hold on” David said

“UNCLE DONALD I’M JUST GOING OUT, ILL BE BACK SOON” David said and he waited to hear a response from his uncle then he grabbed his keys from the side table and closed the front door

“Come on, lets go for a drive, at least we can have some privacy” David said

“Alright” Emma said and she got into his car and they drove. They were quiet for a few minutes. Emma didn’t know Summer Bay well so she had no idea where they were going


Emotional background music


“When I was younger, we used to come up here a lot and have picnics, hike and hand out” David said

“What is this place called?” Emma said

“Stewarts point” David said

“As in Alf Stewart?”Emma said

“Yeah, it was named after his father or grandfather, I cant remember” David said

“So I have someone famous in my family” Emma said

“Something like that” David said and smiled then he slowed the car down and stopped

“The views up here are breathtaking” David said as Emma took off her seat belt

“Yeah, its really nice” Emma said then there was an uncomfortable silence

“So, what did you want to talk about?” David said and he turned and looked at Emma

“I wanted to apologize..for you know kissing you…I was dumb and I should’ve known better” Emma said

“I’m glad you came over because I wanted the opportunity to clear the air so that things wouldn’t be awkward at school next week” David said

“Thanks” Emma said

“For what?” David said

“For not making this awkward..I’m already embarrassed enough as it is” Emma said and she pushed her hair behind her ear. David looked at her, and the moonlight hit her face she was so beautiful

“You’re welcome” Emma said then exhaled

“So what are your plans for new year’s?” Emma said

“I’m meeting some friends in the city” David said

“What about you?” David said

“We’re going to the NSW awards..Mr Stewart is nominated” Emma said then there was an awkward pause. David looked at the view and he could see Emma looking at him

“I better get you back home” David said as he looked at Emma

“Thanks” Emma said and smiled. David was about to start the engine  then he looked at Emma and she appeared to be struggling with her seat belt

“Sorry, it gets stuck sometimes..let me help you” David said and he leaned over

Emma felt butterflies as she felt him close to her. As David leaned over he gently brushed against her body and he felt a bolt of energy run through his body the he looked at her, she was looking at him then before either of them knew what happened they were kissing passionately



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Do you think Emma is alright? She was really quiet at Dinner..infact they both were” Ailsa said to Alf

“They're teenagers, they’re always sulking about something...reminds me of my Ruthy” Alf said

“I suppose…well it has been a rough year for Emma …maybe we should all go on a family holiday or something” Ailsa said

“Yeah, sounds like a good idea…get away from Summer bay for a few days” Alf said

“Thank you” Ailsa said

“For what?” Alf said looking at her confused

“You know…for still allowing Emma to live here after everything between you two” Ailsa said

“Anything for you love” Alf said and Ailsa smiled


Stewarts Point- Summer Bay


The solo car at Stewarts point continuously jolted with movements of desire. Emma wrapped her arms around David’s neck as he filled a place he had never been before. She exhaled vocally as they made love on the back passenger seat. As Emma moved around David realized what he was doing…and who he was doing it with but it didn’t matter…he enjoyed what he was feeling right now, and that is what matter as he leaned forward and continued to kiss Emma passionately…



Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 465


Two days later


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby put her cup of tea on the table next to the small box and envelope. She sat down and opened the box. Inside it were the letter and will from her grandma, the little jewelry box and the deeds and documents to the house and business her grandma left her. Bobby sipped her tea and she remembered how this time last year she spent new years in Shoalhaven and it was the first time she cried after Thomas died. Bobby took out the jewelry box and looked at the jewelry in the box.

She looked at the engagement and wedding rings she wore when she was married to Frank. It felt like yesterday when she took them off. That hurt more than Frank telling her he didn’t love her anymore. Bobby inhaled then exhaled and closed the jewelry box and put it back in the box because that was all in the past. Bobby sipped her tea then picked up the envelope and opened it. She smiled. It was an invitation card from Greg. After the awards, he had got them a room at the resort, and they were going to spend the night.


“Morning” Bobby looked up to see Grant walk out of his room

“Morning” Bobby said

“You’re up early” Grant said

“Lots to do today” Bobby said

“Are you excited about the awards?” Grant said

“Not really, I don’t see what all the fuss is about, I won’t be winning again this year. If I had a choice I wouldn’t even be going” Bobby said and Grant smiled

“Do you think Frank will go?” Grant said

“I don’t know, you have to ask him” Bobby said and sipped her tea

“Are you alright with him being back?” Grant said

“Yeah why not? Summer Bay is his home too…anyway I better get ready and get Sam up..Ill see you later”  Bobby said and smiled then she picked up the box and her cup and walked up the stairs as Grant looked at her and sighed…




Beach- Summer Bay


Frank walked along the beach. The warm sand felt good against his feet. Since he got back he had not been sleeping properly, just like it was in New York. Frank sighed then he sat on the sand. He thought about Narelle’s offer of moving to the city..staying at her place until he got on his feet. He thought about it but he just didn’t want that life anymore, the hustle and bustle of the city. He wanted to be here..in Summer Bay…with the people he loved


“G’day” Frank looked around to see Grant putting his wet suite on

“G’day” Frank said reluctantly

“I love coming to the beach at this time, getting a good swim in to start the day” Grant said and Frank ignored him

“You coming to the awards ceremony tonight? …this is my first time…not usually my thing, but I have to support Bobby” Grant said and Frank looked at him

“I’m sure she would love to see you there” Grant said and Frank got up from the sand and looked at him

“I don’t recall asking you for your opinion” Frank said and looked at Grant then he walked away…


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Shannon quietly walked around the bed and put her shoes on as Adam opened her eyes

“Hey…where are you going?” Adam said and Shannon smiled and crawled on to the bed

“Sorry to wake you up..I want to get home and get changed before I go to work” Shannon said and she kissed him

“Next time bring a change of clothes here” Adam said and kissed Shannon’s ear as she smiled then she sighed

“Don’t worry, I'm going to break it off with Marilyn when she gets back..I promise” Adam said and Shannon smiled

“Ok..Ill see you later” Shannon said and smiled then she picked up her bag and walked off the boat then sighed as her smile disappeared…


Background music ends


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly opened her wardrobe, as usual she left it late to find something to wear to the awards. She didn’t have anything nice, and it was too late to go and buy something. She took out a grey dress she had and put it back. She then took out the dress that Matt brought her for the school formal and looked at it. She smiled as she remembered the good time they had when they drove to Stewarts point and just looked at the stars and kissed. Carly’s smile disappeared as she heard Ben open the bathroom door. As he walked into the bedroom she put the dress back in the wardrobe then she took out the dress she wore for the Mikado party. She hadn’t worn it in a while but it was nice and clean. Carly hung the dress on the wardrobe door

“Is that what you’re wearing tonight?” Ben said

“Yes” Carly said

“Its very nice…we are going to look great tonight” Ben said and he kissed Carly’s cheek then he walked out of the room as Carly sighed…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“You do feel a little warm” Ailsa said as she put her hand on Emma’s forehead

“Maybe you should see the dr” Ailsa said

“No, its probably one of those 24 hour things…if I just rest and get some sleep ill be alright” Emma said

“That is a shame, we can’t see the new year in as a family…maybe I should stay with you” Ailsa said

“No, you go..ill be fine. We are having dinner tomorrow as a family I’m sure I’ll be fine by then” Emma said

“Alright…anyway Sandra and I will be at the diner if you need anything” Ailsa said as she got up from the bed

“Ok..ill just lay in bed for a while” Emma said

“Alright, well there is food in the fridge if you want some lunch” Ailsa said

“Thanks” Emma said and forced a smile

“See you later” Sandra said

“Ok” Emma said and they both left the room. Emma listened as Ailsa put Duncan in the car seat then they both got into the car and drove off. When Emma heard the car drive off she quickly got out of bed and rushed to the window to make sure they were gone. She then walked out of the room and walked over to the phone. She picked it up and started dialing

“Hi..its me..yeah, I told my aunt I’m not feeling well..so I have to keep it up until they get back and go to the awards…yeah, I cant wait to see you too…bye” Emma said then she put the phone down and smiled.


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

David put the phone down and smiled to himself. The way he felt about Emma is different than the way he had felt about any girl before. He knew that what they were doing was dangerous..but he really liked her. Since the night at  Stewarts point, Emma had been sneaking out to see him. 

"Who was that on the phone?" Donald said as he came into the living room

"Just my friend, making sure that I am still meeting him in the city..anyway i better get to the animal shelter" David said

"Oh ok, don't forget that Barbara and Rebecca will be arriving today" Donald said

"Ill be back in a couple of hours...I cant wait to see them, its been a long time...i'll see you later" David said and he walked out of the house as Donald smiled to himself...


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Frank opened the door and walked into the house

“Hi Uncle Frank” Sam said as he played

“What’s he doing here?” Frank said

“The creche at the Resort is closed, so Bobby asked me to look after him today while she gets ready for tonight” Finlay said

“Where is Pippa?” Frank said

“Shes gone with Sally to pick up her dress from the dry cleaners" Finlay said

“Its really exciting, it’s the first time ive been to an awards show…I think Bobby is going to win everything..she is a really good cook” Finlay said and he walked into the kitchen

“Who cares” Frank said and Finlay looked shocked

“Uncle Frank can you fix my car” Sam said and Frank looked at him for a few moments then he walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs annoyed…



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Adam looked at Shannon while Marilyn spoke. He wasn’t really listening to what she was saying. Shannon looked over at him briefly then she went back to the counter and Adam sighed

“Adam” Marilyn said then she gently touched Adam’s arm

“Hmm?” Adam said

“I was just saying that I told my cousin all about you, she is hoping to meet you soon” Marilyn said

“Yeah, maybe” Adam said

“Are you coming to the awards tonight?” Marilyn said

“Nah, I don’t think so…you can go if you want” Adam said

“Well I really want to go because its at the resort, maybe we can see in the new year after or something” Marilyn said

“Yeah, maybe” Adam said and Marilyn signed. She had no one but herself to blame…well Ben was the one she really should’ve been blaming because now her relationship with Adam was on the rocks

“Ok…well I need to get back to the house and unpack..Ill call you later” Marilyn said and Adam looked at her

“Ok” Adam said and Marilyn leaned over and kissed his cheek and smiled as Shannon watched. Marilyn smiled then she walked out of the diner. Adam walked over to the counter as Shannon was walking over to a customer

“I need to see you later” Adam said in a low voice

“I don’t think that’s a good idea..not until you tell her” Shannon said

“I will..I promise, just come to place when you finish work “ Adam said

“Ok” Shannon said and Adam nodded then he walked out of the diner. Shannon knew that seeing Adam wasn’t a good idea because he had a girlfriend, but she really liked him


“Hello Is Roberta here please?” Reverend Jones said and Shannon turned around

“Roberta?” Shannon said looking confused

“Oh Bobby? Yes, ill just get her” Shannon said embarrassed then she walked into the kitchen a few moments later Bobby came out


“Reverend Jones, what are you doing here?” Bobby said as she went around the counter and gave him a hug

“I thought I would drop by here and say hello before I went to the caravan park” Reverend Jones said

“Well I’m glad you did, come through to the office. Can I get you anything?” Bobby said as Reverend Jones followed her through the kitchen and to the office

“No no, I’m fine thank you” Reverend Jones

“Please have a seat” Bobby said and Reverend Jones sat down and Bobby sat opposite him

“So how are you feeling?” Reverend Jones


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“This week has been so busy. You came at the right time because I have to head back to the resort to make sure everything is ready, pick up Sam from the caravan park then I have to go to the house because Carly is coming over to do my hair and get Sam ready” Bobby said

“I’m glad I caught you then” Reverend Jones said and smiled

“So..how are you really doing?” Reverend Jones said and Bobby looked at him then sighed

“Reverend Jones  things would've been much easier if he didn’t come back” Bobby said

“I know the last eighteen months have been very hard for you” Reverend Jones

“Yes..everytime I look at Frank, he looks just like Thomas, I have to try so hard to not burst into tears” Bobby said as tears started forming in her eye

“I’m sorry” Reverend Jones and Bobby sighed and wiped the tear that escaped from her eye

“Anyway, I have Greg and Sam now..For their sake, I have to keep all that in the past” Bobby said and she smiled as Reverend Jones smiled trying to believe what she was saying



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


Michael rolled his eyes as he listened to Greg go on and on about Bobby and the awards show

“Do you mind if I knock off early, you know I have to get ready…make sure I look my best” Greg said

“Yeah, well I’ll be closing up early anyway”  Michael said

“I forgot you have to get ready too” Greg said

“I’m not going to the awards” Michael said

“Oh, never mind, I’ll tell you all about it on Monday” Greg said and Michael rolled his eyes

“Did I tell you that I got me and Bobby a room at the resort after?” Greg said

“Yes for the hundredth time” Michael said

“It’s the honeymoon suite, they’re going to make it really nice with roses and champagne” Greg said excited

“What if Bobby doesn’t win? I don’t think she would be in the mood to be drinking champagne” Michael said

“Well it doesn’t matter if she loses, she’s already got me and Sam, that is a big enough prize” Greg said and smiled as Michael rolled his eyes


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Hi” Sandra turned around to see Revhead standing behind her

“Hi” Sandra said and smiled

“I didn’t know you work here” Revhead said

“Only part time” Sandra said as she swept the floor

“A job is still a job” Revhead said

“How is your job going?” Sandra said

“Good…however I’ve been sent out to get the teas” Revhead said as they both walked to the counter

“Hi, what can I get you?” Shannon said

“Three tea’s please..now let me try to remember one with two sugars” Revhead was interrupted

“Get out” Revhead sighed as he noticed Bobby walking out of the kitchen

“Are you deaf? I said get out” Bobby said and Sandra looked at her shocked. Revhead sighed then he turned around

“If you know whats good for you, I better not ever see you in here again” Bobby said and Revhead looked at her and Sandra then sighed and walked out of the diner as Bobby walked into the kitchen. Sandra put the broom down and rushed out of the diner

“Maurice…Maurice wait” Sandra said and she eventually caught up to Revhead who stopped walking and sighed

“What was that about? Sandra said

“Sorry you had to see that” Revhead said

“Why is Bobby angry at you?” Sandra said

“Look, I’m a bad guy..it would be best if you just stay away from me” Revhead said and he walked away leaving Sandra confused by what he said…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

 Pippa and Reverend Jones held hands as he drank his tea

“I’m so glad you’re here” Pippa said

“Me too..I’ve missed you..me too…how has everything been?” Reverend Jones said and Pippa sighed

“The same…Steve still wants to go, and Frank is walking around like a bear with a sore head…I feel so sorry for him. I know he wasn’t expecting things to be different” Pippa said

“Yes it mustve been quite a shock for him” Reverend Jones

“..seeing my son unhappy… my heart breaks for him” Pippa said as tears formed in her eyes

“I know...and I’ll be here to help mend it back together” Reverend Jones said as Pippa wiped her eye and smiled


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

“You just missed David, he's gone to the animal shelter, but he will be back in a few hours” Donald said as Barbara and Rebecca came into the house

“Can I get you some tea or something?  Donald said

“Not for me…I’m going to see Bobby at the diner” Rebecca said and she put her bag down

“Don’t be too long” Barbara said

“Okay okay” Rebecca said then she walked out of the house and closed the door

“Brings back a lot of memories when I walk into this house” Barbara said as she walked around

“I apologize if they are not all good” Donald said feeling ashamed

"Well the past is in the past" Barbara said

“Hopefully you can give me a chance to make some new memories” Donald said as Barbara walked up to him and they began to kiss..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Frank sighed. He knew that it was wrong of him to snap at Finlay, it wasn’t her fault, but he got annoyed at seeing Sam..reminding him that with Sam around so was Greg and that’s why he and Bobby couldn’t get back together again. He sighed again...it wasn't Sam's fault either


“Hello Frank” Reverend Jones said as he walked onto the veranda. Frank rolled his eyes and played with the piece of branch from the tree he picked up from the floor earlier

“Do you mind if I have a seat” Reverend Jones

“No” Frank said

“So how are you adjusting to being back?” Reverend Jones

“Fine” Frank said

“I noticed that Christopher has remembered you” Reverend Jones and Frank smiled to himself

“Yeah.” Frank said

“See, I told you all he needed was to be around you for a little while to realize he loved you” Reverend Jones said and Frank looked at him

“We are going in my car tonight to the resort if that is alright with you” Reverend Jones

“Yeah..sure..do whatever , I’m not going” Frank said

“Oh, are you not coming?” Reverend Jones said

“No” Frank said

“I went last year, there was an awful lot of people, it will be a great place to make some new friends” Reverend Jones was interrupted

“Look, just because you’re going out with Pippa it doesn’t give you the right to give me fatherly advice I didn’t ask for” Frank said and he got up and stormed back into the house as Reverend Jones sighed.


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 466


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“You just missed her, she’s going to the resort” Ailsa said

“Oh never mind, I will just see her tonight at the awards ceremony” Rebecca said

“Can I get you anything?” Ailsa said

“No, that’s fine…I’ll see you later” Rebecca said

“Alright love…tell your mum I’ll see her this evening” Ailsa said and she went back into the kitchen

“Ok” Rebecca said and smiled

“Oh sorry” Sandra said and she turned around to see Rebecca

“Hi” Rebecca said

“Hi” Sandra said and forced a smiled

“Have you seen Steve around?” Rebecca said

“No, not today” Sandra said

“Oh…right…I’ll just go and see if he’s at the caravan park

“Are you going to the awards tonight?” Rebecca said

“Yeah” Sandra said

“Cool…I’ll see you there” Rebecca said and smiled then she walked out of the diner and Sandra sighed. It all made sense now, why Steve was being distant...he knew Rebecca was coming, but he didn’t have the guts to break it up with her. Sandra sighed…


Morgan Residence- New York

Roo sighed as she sat on the couch as she looked at the boxes with her belongings on the floor. She was disappointed because the apartment she wanted was given to someone else. Which meant she had to stay here a little while longer while she looked for another place. Roo inhaled and exhaled again then she got up from the couch and opened the closet door and took out the dress she was going to wear to Helen’s new years eve party. As Roo looked at the dress she thought about all the highs and lows of this year and how right now, she was the happiest she had been since Frank left. In the last week she had been to more parties than she could count and met some amazing and good looking men. Roo closed the closet door and hung the dress on the outside and smiled. Tomorrow was the beginning of the best year of her life…she could feel it and could not wait…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“I’m sorry…I wasn’t trying to interfere, I just wanted to get to know him like I know the others” Revered Jones said and sighed

“I appreciate you trying anyway” Pippa said and the door knocked. She walked over and opened the door

“Hello Rebecca” Pippa said

“Hi Mrs Fletcher is Steve home?” Rebecca said

“Yes, he’s just cleaning out van number seven…oh Alex you haven’t met Rebecca” Pippa said

“No, I don’t believe I have” Revered Jones said and smiled

“This is Rebecca, Donald’s daughter, and Bobby’s half sister” Pippa said

“Nice to meet you Rebecca” Revered Jones and smiled

“Hi” Rebecca said and smiled

“Ill just go and find Steve” Rebecca said

“ Van number seven is straight down and last on the right” Pippa said

“Thanks” Rebeca said

“Are you here for the awards ceremony?” Pippa said

“Yeah, I hope Bobby wins everything” Rebecca said and Pippa smiled as she walked out of the house. As Rebecca followed Pippa’s direction she felt a bit nervous, she hadn’t really spoken to Steve much which was due to the long distance. Rebecca got to caravan seven which had an open door and she walked in


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“Hi” Steve turned around to see Rebecca and get a shock

“Hi..what are you doing here?” Steve said looking at Rebecca, she was still so beautiful wearing jeans and a top and her hair was in a ponytail as she closed the door

“Mum and I came for the awards…and I came to see you” Rebecca said and smiled and Steve put the broom down and sat down. Rebecca sat next to him

“We haven’t spoken for a long time….when Craig died I wrote to you, but you never wrote back..I figured you had another boyfriend” Steve said

“No, its just that I was getting behind with school because I was travelling a lot for recitals” Rebecca said

“I still really like you” Rebecca said and Steve looked at her. He knew he shouldn’t still be attracted to her then they both leaned forward and began to kiss then Steve pushed her away

“I cant do this” Steve said

“Why not?” Rebecca said confused and Steve sighed

“I have a girlfriend…Sandra” Steve said and Rebecca sighed

“I thought she was just your friend?” Rebecca said

“She was then we fell for each other…it sort of just happened when you didn’t reply to me, I just assumed it was over between us” Steve said

“Is that what you want?” Rebecca said as Steve sighed…


Summer Bay

“Maurice” Revhead turned around to see Sandra rushing up behind him

“I just went to the boatshed and Mr Ross said that you had finished work” Sandra said

“Yeah, we closed up early because its new years eve” Revhead said

“Are you alright…I mean after what happened earlier?” Sandra said

“Yeah, I kinda expected it to happen, but I didn’t know Bobby owned the diner” Revhead said

“So why did she have that reaction when she saw you?” Sandra said

“It’s a long story” Revhead said

“I have time” Sandra said and smiled and Revhead looked at her and smiled…

Sandra looked at Maurice as he explained everything that happened…all the trouble he used to get into, how he met Steve and Dodge and the kidnapping  of Sally and how he went to prison and now he just wanted to get on the straight path and make something of his life

“So do you think I am a bad person?” Revhead said

“You want to change your life right?” Sandra said

“Yeah…this job at the boatshed is a fresh start you know..I want to leave all that other stuff behind me” Revhead said as he looked at Sandra

“Thanks for listening to me” Revhead said

“That’s ok” Sandra said

“So can we still be friends?” Revhead said

“Yes of course” Sandra said

“Thanks…anyway, I better get home..hapy new year” Revhead said then he gently raised Sandra’s hand and kissed it a she looked at him

“Happy new year” Sandra said and smiled then she watched Revhead get into his car and drive away…


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Now are you sure you’re going to be alright?” Ailsa said as she put her jacket on

“Yeah, I’m going to be fine…I’m feeling a little better” Emma said

“Well the number of the resort is by the phone if you need to call us ok” Ailsa said as she walked out of the room. Emma got out of the bed and slowly walked into the living room

“Why are we spending money on a babysitter if Emma can look after her?” Alf said

“Come on Alf, Emma isn’t feeling too well. Its not fair for her to be looking after Duncan” Ailsa said

“You look really nice love” Ailsa said to Sandra who wore a short sleeve cream dress

“Thanks” Ailsa said

“Right, I think we better get going” Ailsa said

“Good luck Uncle Alf” Emma said

“Thank you love…you are the only one who wished me luck” Alf said pretending to be annoyed

“Oh come on…you might win this year..if you’re lucky” Ailsa said and winked at Emma then they walked out of the house. Emma watched as they got into the car and she waved them as she watched them drive out of the driveway, onto the main road and disappear. Emma smiled to herself and closed the door then she rushed into the bedroom to get ready for the evening


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay


“Wow…look at you too” David said as he buttoned his shirt. Barbra smiled as she looked at David. The last time she saw him, he was a snotty nosed teenager, and now he was a man…a very handsome one too

“Are you sure you cant change your plans and come with us tonight?” Donald said

“I wish…my friend is in town from Thailand, we used to teach English together. He is going back next week, and this is the only chance I will have to see him before he goes” David said

“Well alright then…we better get a move on…well have a good evening…and happy new year” Donald said

“Happy new year” Barbra said and smiled

“Happy new year” David said and he looked at Barbra then she followed behind Donald and Rebecca and walked out of the house

Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Oh Bobby, you look wonderful” Marilyn said and smiled

“Thanks for doing my hair and make up” Bobby said and she stood up and walked over to the mirror. Marilyn had done a good job of curling her hair. It had grown long, so the curls sat on her bare shoulders. She wore a black strapless long evening dress. One of the dresses that Brett Macklin gave her. Bobby sighed as she looked in the mirror. She remembered it was the last awards show where she had the argument with Morag which eventually escalated into her losing her baby, so tonight was really butter sweet

“I’m not sure if Adam is coming tonight, I need to call him again” Marilyn said then she looked to see Bobby staring at the floor as she stood by the mirror

“Bobby..is everything alright?” Marilyn said

“Hmm?” Bobby said and she looked up

“Is everything alright?”Marilyn said as she walked over to Bobby

“Yeah…fine” Bobby said

“I noticed you’ve been really quiet this evening…is it something I’ve said” Marilyn said

“No, its not you” Bobby said

“Ok..i’m just going to phone Adam again..oh hello Greg, she’s all ready” Marilyn said and smiled then she walked out of the room as Greg walked over to Bobby

“Wow…you look…Amazing” Greg said and he kissed Bobby’s cheek

“Thanks…so do you” Bobby said

“…tonight is going to be a really special night..I can feel it” Greg said and he put his arms around Bobby and she forced a smile

“I cant wait to wake up next to you in the morning” Greg said as he kissed Bobby’s ear and cheek

“Come on we better get a move on, or we’re going to be late” Bobby said and smiled then they walked out of the room…

Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Shannon pushed Adam away as the phone continued to ring

“What?” Adam said

“Its probably your girlfriend again” Shannon said

“Yeah? So?” Adam said and Shannon sighed

“You said you were going to tell her” Shannon said

“And I will..I cant just tell her over the phone” Adam said

“Then maybe we should stay away from each other until you do that” Shannon said they she turned around to walk away. Adam grabbed her hand

“Is that what you want” Adam said as he whispered in her eye then Shannon sighed and turned around and looked at Adam and they began to kiss passionately


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Marilyn sighed then she put the phone down as Grant came out of his room

“No answer?” Grant said

“No” Marilyn said and sighed

“How did you leave things with him this afternoon?” Grant said

“I mentioned that I would go to the resort and maybe see him after to bring in the new year” Marilyn said

“Maybe he’s gone out to get some food or something” Grant said

“Yeah, you’re probably right” Marilyn said

“You look great by the way” Grant said

“Thanks….you too” Marilyn said

“Do you want a lift? Grant said

“No, I better take my car so that I can go to see Adam” Marilyn said

“Alright then, we better get going” Grant said then they walked out of the house and locked the door


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Finlay” Finlay stopped walking and she walking into the bedroom to see Frank lying on the bed

“Look, I’m sorry about snapping at you earlier” Frank said

“Its alright” Finlay said and smiled as Frank looked at her. She looked really pretty he thought to himself, she was wearing a blue dress and her long hair was flowing down her back

“You look nice” Frank said and Finlay blushed

“Thank you..happy new year” Finlay said

“Happy new year” Frank said and she walked out of the room and Frank returned to looking at the ceiling



“Lance are you sure you are ok to babysit?” Pippa said

“Yeah, got nothing else to do” Lance said

“Well if you need anything, the number of the resort is by the phone, or Frank is upstairs” Pippa said as she picked up her bag

“I’m just going to go up and tell him we are leaving” Pippa said and she walked out of the living room


Frank stared at the ceiling

“Can I come in?” Pippa said

“Yeah, sure” Frank said

“We are gong now..Lance is downstairs looking after Christopher” Pippa said

“Why, I can do that” Frank said

“I know, but I wasn’t sure if you were going to go to the city to see Narelle” Pippa said and Frank looked at her

“I left you some dinner incase you get hungry later” Pippa said

“Thanks….you look beautiful” Frank said

“Thanks…happy new year” Pippa said and smiled

“Happy new year” Frank said and smiled and Pippa walked out of the room and closed the door..



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma positioned the pillows then she covered them with the blanket. She rushed to the window when she heard a car driving into the drive way. She opened the curtains slightly and saw that it was David. She turned the lamp off in the bedroom and walked out of the room closing the door behind her.  She rushed to the front door and looked it behind her and walked quickly to the car. She opened the door and sat in and leaned forward and kissed David then she closed the door and he drove away…



Graham’s residence- New York

“Thank you” Roo said as she was served a glass of champagne. Helen had a really nice house, one that she could have one day. Roo smiled at a few people. She knew that a lot of the people here were clients. There were some super models and TV personalities. As Roo looked at the women, she felt underdressed. She was wearing a  strapless black knee length cocktail dress. She wished she had wore the original dress she picked out but at the last minute she changed her mind. Roo stood in the corner and sipped her champagne when suddenly she froze Donavan and Nancy walked into the house. Roo inhaled and exhaled and sighed. Nancy told her that they were going skiing, so she couldn’t understand why they were there. She could see them walking towards her. She wanted to move but it wouldve been so obvious

“Ruth, you look amazing” Nancy said and they hugged as Donavan stared at her

“So do you, I thought you were going skiing?” Ruth said

“Last minute change of plans. Donavan had to come here for business, so we just decided to stay here” Nancy said

“Oh right, shame” Roo said as her heart beat fast. She could feel Donavan looking at her and she wanted toe ground to open up and swallow her up

“Yes I know, but we can go another time right darling..maybe when we get back from our honeymoon” Nancy said as she looked at Donavan who smiled at her

“Can you please excuse us…we need to go and say our hellos” Nancy said

“Sure” Roo said and smiled as Nancy walked away. Donavan turned around and looked at Roo and winked at her as she blushed and he turned around and walked away….


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay


Car horn outside


Celia sighed “Are you sure you can’t come?.it is new years eve..a time to be with family” Celia said  “I can’t this is an old mate who is only in town for a few days” Michael said

“So why couldn’t you invite him to the awards?” Celia said

“Because its not his sort of thing, besides who wants to have an evening with your brother and his boring jokes” Michael said and laughed as Celia sighed

“I’m not sure if it’s a good idea leaving Haydn by himself” Celia said

“Well you stay home and look after him then” Michael said annoyed and Celia sighed

“Alright alight…if you insist..I have to go, Alfred is outside” Celia said as she hobbled to the front door then she turned around and looked at Michael who was brushing his hair in the mirror

“Happy new year” Celia said and Michael looked at her through the mirror

“Happy new year” Michael said then Celia walked out of the house and Michael looked at himself and the mirror and smiled…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Al smiled to himself as he thought about what he was going to do tonight. Sophie sat in the corner as she watched her dad get ready. He looked up at her when he senses she was looking at him

“What you looking at? You stink” Al said and Sophie sighed

“I’m going out now, you know what;s going to happen if you let anyone into this van…do you understand?” al said through clenched teeth and Sophie nodded then he walked out of the van and she sighed….


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Frank sighed as he came down the stairs to see Lance entertaining Christopher who was laughing

“G’day” Lance said as Frank walked into the kitchen

“You can go if you want, I can look after Chris” Frank said as he opened the oven to see a covered plate of food

“No, you’re right..I promised Mrs F, ill look after me mate Chris” Lance said

Frank took out the food and pulled the foil off. It was still warm. He grabbed a fork and walked over to the table and sat down. A few moments later, Lance and Christopher came over to the table and sat down


“So you not going to this awards tonight” Lance said

“No” Frank said annoyed

“Oh..I looked after Chris last year as well” Lance said as Frank ate the dinner. It was pasta and chicken in sauce. He was really enjoying it which Lance could tell

“Yeah, when Bobby makes that for the diner, its always sold out” Lance said and Frank inhaled and exhaled as he looked at Lance and chewed

“Yeah Bobby has done really good …the diner, the resort and her own business..she even gave me a job ey” Lance said and started laughing as Frank looked at him


“Bobby is a real mate..you know. Some people round here think I’m stupid..that I don’t know anything..but I do..and Bobby gave me a chance…like a real mate would” Lance said as Frank continued to eat the pasta. He remembered when Roo would try and cook pasta and sauce, it never tasted as good as this. Frank could hear Lance talking but he wasn’t paying any attention to what he was saying. He just quietly enjoyed his food then after a while he washed the plate and walked upstairs

Frank walked into his room and closed the door and looked around the room. He remembered when they first moved into the house…when Roo would sneak in …when he told Tom he was moving out...when he and Bobby decided to be a couple..he remembered when he snuck into the house to wish her happy birthday and merry christmas. He remembered when they would kiss and touch on the couch in the living room when she had to be home at midnight…he remembered how proud he was of her when she won student of the year. Frank sighed as he realized that all those were memories and everyone had moved on apart from him. 

Even though he snapped at Reverend Jones..maybe he was right..maybe Frank needed to meet new people..or at least do something to get his mind off Bobby...something he wasn't sure if he could do if he stayed in and stared at the ceiling.  Frank got up  and walked over to the wardrobe to see what he could find something to wear to the awards.  As Frank opened the wardrobe he noticed a suite cover on a hanger with a note attached


In case you change your mind




Frank smiled as he thought of how Pippa always knew what to say to make him smile. Frank inhaled and exhaled as he picked his toiletries bag from the side table  and walked to the bathroom hoping that maybe the new year would bring him some happiness....


Background music ends…

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 467



Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Adam rolled onto his back and Shannon laid on his chest and looked at him

“So how are we bringing in the new year?” Shannon said

“Dunno, what do you want to do?” Adam said

“My friend is having a party tonight in Waldorf Creek..thats if you want to go” Shannon said

“Sure, why not” Adam said and leaned forward and kissed Shannon’s nose. He couldn’t believe that he fell so fast and hard for her

“We need to leave soon so I can go home and get ready” Shannon said

“I told you, you should leave some clothes here” Adam said as he kissed Shannon’s neck

“I need to find a place to live in Summer Bay, will make it easier to get to work” Shannon said

“Move in here….with me” Adam said as he kissed her neck and she giggled

“Are you serious?” Shannon said

“Yeah” Adam said

“ I would be a great help….but I can only do that after you tell Marilyn” Shannon said as she sat up

“Don’t worry…I’ll take care of it..now come here” Adam said and he pulled Shannon back and they started kissing passionately



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Julie shifted herself until she was comfortable in her chair

“Do you need me to help you or anything?” Revhead said

“No thanks…Nick is meeting me inside” Julie said

“Julie…I’m sorry…its just that he’s a copper and you know how I feel about them” Revhead said

“You don’t even know Nick”  Julie said and Revhead sighed

“Do you want me to stick around and take you home?” Revhead said

“No thanks” Julie said as Nick walked out of the resort

“Hi..you look nice” Nick said

“So do you” Nick said and he bent and kissed Julie on the lips as Revhead looked at him

“This is my brother Maurice” Julie said as Revhead looked at Nick

“G’day” Revhead said reluctantly

“G’day”” Nick said and looked at him

“Well we better get inside..I don’t want to miss anything” Julie said and she looked at Nick as he pushed her towards the entrance of the resort and Revhead sighed



Ailsa let the phone ring a few more times then she put the phone down

“Everything alright love?” Alf said

“Duncan is fine. I called the house and Emma didn’t pick up” Ailsa said

“She probably couldn’t hear the phone from her room. You know what teenagers are like” Alf said

“Love she wasn’t feeling good, maybe I should go home and check on her” Ailsa said

“No…shes a big girl, she has the number of the resort if there is a problem. Now come on.its been a while since we had a night out.lets go and have a good time” Alf said and Ailsa smiled


The City

“So where are we going?” Emma said as David stopped at a traffic light

“I thought we would go and grab something to eat, hang out for a bit then make it back to Summer Bay for midnight” David said

“What did you tell your uncle about tonight?” Emma said

“I told him I was meeting a friend I knew from Thailand” David said

“Oh..sorry..you should’ve told me..we could have changed plans” Emma said and David smiled

“No its alright, I actually saw him the night before I got to Summer Bay, hes gone back to Thailand now” David said and Emma playfully hit Davids arm

“I almost felt guilty”  Emma said and rolled her eyes and David laughed as the light changed and he drove away



Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Oh excuse me” Celia said as she opened the bathroom door to see Pippa coming out

“Good evening Pippa, you look very nice” Celia said

“Thanks..you do too” Pippa said then she moved out of the way and walked out of the bathroom. Celia was just about to shut the door then she noticed Pippa talking to someone and she turned then her stomach dropped

“All set?  Reverend Jones said

“Yes” Pippa said

“You look breathtaking tonight…I am the luckiest man here” Reverend Jones said and Pippa smiled

“I feel pretty lucky too” Pippa said and Reverend Jones kissed her cheek and they walked away

arm in arm as Celia felt jealous and slowly closed the bathroom door


Graham Residence- New York


Roo made small talk with one of the assistants from the office but she could tell that Donavan was watching her from across the room. She was trying to keep to her promise and was annoyed that she blushed earlier. “I’m just going to get a drink…do you want one?” the assistant said

“No thanks” Roo said and the assistant walked away. Roo didn’t want to drink too much especially not here with so many clients and influential people around. She had to be a professional…she was a professional and her goal was to get to the top of Edison Agency..maybe run her own office one day and the only way she was going to do that was to stay focused on her work…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Hi” Steve said as he saw Sandra coming out of the bathroom. She ignored him and continued walking

“You look nice” Steve said and Sandra stopped talking and looked at him

“Why didn’t you just tell me about Rebecca?” Sandra said

“Tell you what?” Steve said

“About Rebecca” Sandra said

“What about her?” Steve said confused

“That she was coming” Sandra said

“ I didn’t know she was coming today..I haven’t spoken to her” Steve said

“So why are you not speaking to me?” Sandra said

“I told you…there is just a lot going on right no…family stuff” Steve said

“We used to be able to tell each other everything” Sandra said and looked at Steve

"If it's over at least have the guts to tell me" Sandra said then she walked away towards the banquet hall as Steve sighed



“Looks really nice here doesn’t it” Greg said as he put his arm around the seat. The banquet hall was filled with large round tables. Carly, Finlay Steve, Ben, Sally, Pippa Bobby, Greg and Sam sat at the same table with Sam sitting in between Bobby and Greg.

“Careful you don’t get juice on your shirt sweetheart” Bobby said as she tucked a napkin into Sam's shirt collar as Greg leaned over

“I cant wait until tonight…I went to check out the room…it looks really nice” Greg said in a whisper and Bobby smiled


“Is Frank really not coming?” Carly said

“No” Pippa said and Carly sighed

“Never mind, I’m here” Ben said and he put his arm around Carly and she silently sighed…



Revhead opened the bottle of beer with his teeth and spat the top out of the window. He had intended to only drop his sister off but if he was honest, he had nowhere else to go. He knew that if he stayed in the Yabbie Creek, he would get himself into trouble, so he just sat in his car outside the resort and drank his beer.

He thought about the times when he would hand out at the panel shop with his friends and get into all sorts of trouble. Most of the time he did that to rebel against his parents who got to the point that they stopped caring about what he did. It wasn’t until he got into trouble and did a year in prison that everything changed.

As Revhead sipped his beer he thought about Sandra and smiled to himself. She was really sweet, and easy to talk to. He also thought about Mr Ross giving him a chance. Revhead sipped his beer and though to himself that maybe being on the right path was the right thing after all…


Four seasons hotel- The City

Michael parked his van in the car park and locked it. He walked towards the entrance of the hotel and when the double doors opened, he walked to the reception

“Good evening sir, how can I help you?” the receptionist said

“Room 304 please” Michael said

“certainly..room 304 is on the third floor. Take the elevator to the third floor and when you come out turn left and it will be the second door on the right” the receptionist said

“Thank you” Michael said and he followed the directions. When the lift door opened  he turned left and walked until he stood in front of the door and knocked a few moments later the door opened and Michael smiled

“Sorry I’m late, I hit a bit of traffic” Michael said as he walked into the room

“No, you’re right on time, dinner will be here shortly” Morag said and closed the door..


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Soft Background music

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the 26th annual New South Wales business awards” the MC said to begin the awards ceremony. As the awards were given out Bobby clapped with everyone else for the excited recipients. Bobby sighed. The whole day had been an emotional roller-coaster. She looked around the room to see so many people that she knew..some she didn’t. If she was honest, she wished she wasn’t here and tried to get out of it, but considering she won last year, she had to be here. She remembered this time last year she was pregnant and Geoff wanted to marry her..now a year later so much had changed…


Frank parked the car in the parking space and locked it and walked towards the resort. As he walked he remembered when the resort was just in the early development stages and how much he was involved with the Macklin cooperation, and now he wasn’t. As Frank got closer to the entrance he wondered if it was a good idea coming, he sighed then he opened the door. Inside, the reception had signs towards the banquet hall.  As Frank got closer he could hear the Mc and some laughter. He could see a small door open at the back and he snuck in. he looked around the hall which was packed. He couldn’t see Pippa so he walked out of the hall quietly and went to the bar to go and get a drink…


“Crikey, I can’t believe Johnny won that again” Alf said to Ailsa as he clapped

‘Oh Alfred, you say that every year, John Dowdson has always done well” Celia said as she clapped and more awards were presented…then Celia looked around to see Reverend Jones with his arm around Pippa then he kissed her cheek and she sighed….

As Marilyn clapped she sighed. Where she was sitting, she could see Ben and Carly. She could see Ben with his arm around Carly

“You alright?” Grant whispered

“Yes, fine” Marilyn said

“You still thinking about Adam?” Grant said

“No, I’m sure he’s alright..we will see the new year in together” Marilyn said and smiled


Waldorf Creek

“G’day” Adam said as he shook hands with a friend of Shannon at the new years eve party they were at. A few moments later the friend walked away leaving Adam and Shannon and she put her arms around his neck

“Are you glad you came?” Shannon said

“Of course, I’m having a great time” Adam said

“Can’t wait to see in the new year with you” Shannon said and she smiled and they kissed…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme

Frank thanked the waiter at the bar for his drink and sighed wondering if tonight was a mistake. He knew there was nothing that would take his mind off Bobby so he was just going to have the drink and leave

“And last but not least, the two categories that also have the most controversy, Caterer of the year and Business person of the year” The MC said as Alf rolled his eyes

“I better win this year” Alf said in a whisper to Ailsa

“Oh come on Alf you already won best retailer” Ailsa said.

“Yeah but business man of the year is the elite award” Alf said and Ailsa rolled her eyes

 Rebecca looked around the room and she made eye contact with Steve and she smiled. Sandra watched as they were sitting at the same table and sighed. She felt like such a fool after what nearly happened between her and Steve at Christmas. She sighed as she remembered that Steve didnt even reply when she told him to have the guts to say they were over..which to her meant they were....


“The nominees for Caterer of the year as follows;

James Roaden- Flammin’ Fish and Chips

Jin Yeung- Happy Garden Chinese Cuisine

Yabbie Creek RSL Dining

Canbrrea Creek Diner Philapolous Greek eatery, and last year’s winner Roberta Simpson, Bayside Diner and The Sands Resort dining” The Mc said as all the catering staff snuck into the back of the banquet hall and began to clap. Greg clapped really hard. He was so proud of Bobby and he couldn’t wait for a future with her. Even though he didn’t have a ring….tonight he had decided that he was going to propose.

Bobby smiled as everyone clapped and Reverend Jones put his arm around her and she gently rested her head on his shoulder. She wasn’t anticipating to win again….she knew that it was a fluke.

‘And the 1991 Caterer of the year is………………… Roberta Simpson, Bayside Diner and The Sands Resort dining” The MC said and the room erupted, the catering staff were cheering really loud..Bobby was sitting down shocked. She couldn’t believe that she won again

“You won..Bobby you have to go up there” Pippa said as Bobby looked at her shocked

“Did I win?” Bobby said

“Yes you won..I am so proud of you” Greg said and kissed Bobby who stood up shocked as Ailsa smiled and cheered, while Ben rolled his eyes. Bobby slowly walked to the podium, when she got there, the MC helped her up the stairs and gave her the award and moved back for her to go to the microphone

“Um..thank you..I really wasn’t expecting to win again this year..thank you” Bobby said as fast as she could then she quickly walked back to the table as her Greg stood up and hugged her. Bobby was still in shock, she couldn’t believe it when she sat down. She could hear the people around her talking but she couldn’t hear what they were saying…she felt so emotional and was trying not to cry…not because she won, but she was missing her son so much…and she was missing Frank..


Frank was near the bottom of the bottle of beer as he wondered around the resort remembering all the site plans and trips here from the Macklin office. Frank sipped his beer and continued to walk around


“And now, the one everyone is waiting for New South Wales Business Person  of the year…I won’t keep you waiting. The nominees are Alfred Stewart John Dowdson Gordon Macklin, Tim Haughson, and last years winner Roberta Simpson” The MC said as everyone clapped. Bobby looked around and made eye contact with Grant who winked at her and she smiled

“Come on just say my name and be done with it” Alf said as Ailsa rolled her eyes and shook her head 

“And the 1991 Business Person of the year is………………… Roberta Simpson” The MC said and smiled as  Alf looked annoyed and clapped reluctantly

“She won again…she won!” Ailsa said as she stood up and clapped loudly for Bobby

“I won…did he just say my name…I won again?” Bobby said shocked then Greg hugged Bobby while she was still in shock

“Yes you won” Reverend Jones said with a smile then Bobby grabbed onto him and hugged him hard as Pippa felt so much joy in her heart for Bobby. Carly clapped while Ben rolled his eyes. He didn’t even know why he was here anyway, it was boring, and he thought Bobby was a dropkick anyway

.As Bobby made her way to the podium, people stood up and clapped. She was making history, she was the first woman to win Business person of the year second time in a row

“Congrats Roberta’ The MC said as he helped Bobby walked up the stairs. He handed Bobby her award then stepped back for her to go to the microphone as the clapping and cheering died down

Bobby couldn’t believe that she won again. The beginning of the year wasn’t the best but things were much better now, she had finished her degree, she had Greg and Sam in her life...she had so much to look forward to...even though tonight, she still felt a bit sad..

“Thank you” Bobby said then people in the crowd began to slowly stop clapping and sat down


“Winning last year was a dream come true that I didn’t expect to win again so I didn’t prepare any speech but I just want to thank my family and my business partner Ailsa and everyone who has supported my businesses…Tom, this one is for you” Bobby said then she looked up and raised the award to her son and smiled then everyone started clapping.


Just as Bobby was about to get off the stage, she looked ahead of her, one of the side doors to the banquet room was open and to her surprise Frank was standing there. Something she didn’t expect…he raised his beer bottle to her and Bobby smiled as her heart felt some comfort seeing him, and disappointment as she watched him walk away…


Background music ends

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Chapter 468 :)



Samuels residence- Summer Bay

Jeff snorted a bit of cocaine from the back of his hand then he began to button up his shirt. He was headed to the city. It was new years eve, so he knew that he was going to make a lot of money at the club. He picked up the phone again and tried Narelle’s number. He waited a few times then he realized that there was no answer. He felt guilty that he didn’t stay with her when she overdosed but he couldn’t risk getting himself into any trouble. Jeff signed as the answering machine started and he waited until the beep

“Narelle….its me…if you’re there…please pick up…I need to speak to you…” Jeff said then he waited then he put the receiver down. He looked at his watch, he had to hurry and finish getting dressed because he needed to get to the city.


Smart Residence- The City

Narelle sighed as she walked into the living room with a cup of tea and some biscuits as she listened to the answering machine message. She sat down and sighed. Normally on new years eve she would be at a party. She told Bobby she was going to be with her cousin, but she lied. She just wanted to be alone. Narelle exhaled as she sipped her tea and flash backs of the year flooded her mind as she remembered how this time last year she met Jeff…then fast forward almost a year later she overdosed. Narelle sipped her tea again and looked at the business card on the couch next to her and wondered if she had just done the right thing…



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Bobby smiled as the different camera flashes went off in her face. She didn’t know how many photos she took but none of that mattered. As she could think of was seeing Frank standing by the door as she stepped off the podium. After a few more photos with family, the camera men walked away


“I’m really proud of you Bobby” Greg said

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled

“I can’t wait for later” Greg whispered in Bobby’s ear then he kissed her cheek as they walked back to the table..



Revhead sighed as he sat on the wall next to the entrance of resort and drank his beer. Earlier he looked through the window and could see everyone enjoying themselves then he went for a drive and came back. Revhead drank some of his beer and shook his head then sighed and looked at the entrance of the resort and noticed a familiar figure walk out of the resort

“Sandra?” Sandra looked to her right and walked forward and noticed it was Maurice

“Hi” Sandra said

“What are you doing out here? I thought you would be having a good time inside” Maurice said as he drank his beer

“I just wanted some air..thats all” Sandra said and sighed then she sat next to Maurice

“what are you doing out here?” Sandra said

“I brought my sister here…and thought I’d hang around for a while” Maurice said

“Who is your sister?” Sandra said

“Julie Gibson” Revhead said

“She’s in the wheelchair right?” Sandra said

“Yeah” Revhead said

“Shes nice, Ive met her before at the diner” Sandra said and sighed

“So, are you going to tell me why you’re really out here?” Revhead said as Sandra sighed and looked at him..



Carly put some sausage rolls on her plate at the buffet

“Hi Carly” Carly turned around to see Marilyn standing next to her. Carly ignored her and continued to put some food on her plate

“How are you?” Marilyn said as she followed Carly

“You don’t need to follow me” Carly said

“I just want to know how you are” Marilyn said and Carly turned around and looked at her

“Fine..I’m fine now just leave me alone” Carly said and turned back to the buffet table

“There you are” Ben said as he walked up to Carly and Marilyn and kissed Carly on the cheek

“I missed you” Ben said and he put his arm around Carly

“I just came to get some food” Carly said as Marilyn looked at Ben

“You’re not wearing the necklace I gave you” Ben said and Carly reached up and touched her neck

“Silly me..I mustve left it at home” Carly said and forced a smile

“I know..Its a good job I saw it…now let me put it on you” Ben said and smiled. Carly and Marilyn stared at each other as Ben put the necklace on Carly..the same one he gave Marilyn for Christmas last year. When he finished, he kissed her neck

“Much better” Ben said

“Thanks” Carly said and forced a smile then her and Ben walked away as Marilyn sighed as she watched them go


Frank felt a tap on his shoulder when he turned around Pippa was standing behind him

“I see you found the tuxedo I rented for you” Pippa said and smiled

“Thanks” Frank said

“What are you doing out here, why don’t you come into the banquet room” Pippa said

“I don't think i'll be welcome in there” Frank said

“Come on, don’t be silly” Pippa said

“Alright” Pippa said and Frank put his arm around her and they walked towards the banquet hall


Background music- Sands DJ


I've been meaning to tell you


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Julie and Nick drank the champagne as they looked at each other

“I hope you don’t mind us leaving early” Nick said

“No, I would rather be here with you seeing the new year in” Julie said and smiled then she leaned on Nicks shoulder and he smiled

I've got this feelin' that won't subside

Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Oh sorry” Ailsa looked up to see that her and Grant were both reaching for the spoon for the pasta

“No, it was my fault..ladies first” Grant said and smiled

“Thanks” Ailsa said and smiled

“You look wonderful tonight” Grant said as Ailsa put some pasta onto her plate and found herself blushing as she had a flashback of them making love

“Thank you….you look great too” Ailsa said as her and Grant looked at each other for a few seconds

“Well, enjoy” Ailsa said and rushed away. She had to, she promised herself that what they had was over…no matter how much she still wanted more..


I look at you and I fantasize


Samuels Residence- Summer Bay


Jeff looked at himself in the mirror by the door and picked up his keys. He opened the front door and got a surprise

“Jeff Samuels?” one police officer said

“Yes?” Jeff said

“We have a warrant to search these premises..please step aside” The police officer said as he handed Jeff a piece of paper

“What for? What are you looking for?” Jeff said as he began to panic

“Illegal drugs and steroids” the police officer said and Jeff sighed

You're mine tonight

Graham Residence- New York


Roo sat at the round table with two clients and one of the other PR execs from her office and ate her food. She could feel from the corner of her eye that Donavan was watching her from the next table but she promised herself that what they had was over, and she was going to focus her career…


Now I've got you in my sights

With these hungry eyes


Carly sat next to Ben and picked at her food as he had his arm around her. Then she looked up to see Pippa and Frank walk into the banquet hall and she exhaled and smiled and got up and rushed over to them as Ben looked at annoyed


One look at you and I can't disguise
I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I


Bobby put her head on Gregs shoulder and closed her eyes. She was feeling overwhelmed tonight as so many thoughts were going through her head. As they danced, she could hear Greg talking about how excited he was to be spending tonight with her then she opened her eyes to see Frank and Carly talking then Sally rushed over and Frank bent down and kissed her cheek. She was jealous as she watched Carly grab onto Frank’s arm. She couldn’t look away then eventually her and Frank locked eyes…


“I want to hold you so hear me out
I want to show you what love's all about
Darlin' tonight




As they stared at each other, it felt to Bobby as though they were the only ones in the room. She could hear Greg talking but what he was saying didn’t matter..all that mattered is that her and Frank were looking at each other..staring into each others eyes


Now I've got you in my sights

With these hungry eyes



As Frank stared at Bobby, he could feel how much he loved her, he knew that she loved him, he could feel it. Frank slowly blinked both eyes at Bobby and felt his heart beating as he waited. A few moments later she did it back to him…he knew she still loved him…he just knew it


One look at you and I can't disguise
I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I


Marilyn sat at the table quiet as she thought about Carly then she thought about Adam not being here

“Hey, are you alright?” Grant said as he gently nudged Marilyn

“Fine” Marilyn said and forced a smile

“Do you want to dance?” Grant said

“Ok” Marilyn said and smiled then she followed Grant to the middle of the banquet hall as they danced next to Alf and Ailsa


I've got hungry eyes
Now I've got you in my sights
With those hungry eyes
Now did I take you by surprise



“I’m so glad you’re here” Pippa said as she danced with Reverend Jones

“Me too..I’m even more delighted that I don’t have to hide how I feel about you anymore” Reverend Jones said and gently kissed Pippa on the cheek as she smiled. Celia drank some of her wine and looked around the room at all the couples dancing when she stopped and stared at Pippa and Reverend Jones and for many reasons she felt jealous..Jealous that Reverend Jones never wanted to pursue a relationship with her, and jealous that she was here alone…


I need you to see

This love was meant to be


“This is nice” Barbara said as her and Donald dance

“Yes, yes it has been very nice you and Rebecca being here…and us here” Donald said

“Its been a long time since you took me dancing” Barbara said

“Hopefully you’ll let me take you again” Donald said and Barbara smiled



“Hey” Steve looked up to see Rebecca sitting next to him

“Hey” Steve said

“Do you want to dance or something?” Rebecca said

“No, not really “ Steve said and Rebecca sighed and sat back in the chair and folded her arms as Steve looked around the room for Sandra


“Alf, you’re smiling” Ailsa said as she looked at Alf as they dance

“Well no point being disappointed that I lost…again. I have the best prize dancing with me” Alf said and he kissed Ailsa and they smiled then she looked over his shoulder and stared at Grant and Marilyn dancing…


Waldorf Creek

Adam and Shannon stood in the corner and kissed as the rest of the people at the party danced

“Are you glad you came?” Shannon said

“I wouldn’t have missed this for anything” Adam said and Shannon smiled

“Next year is going to be really good..I can feel it” Shannon said and Adam smiled then they continued to kiss..



I've got hungry eyes
One look at you and I can't disguise


The City


Emma smiled as she looked out of the window as her and David drove back to Summer Bay. They had a great dinner at a diner and walked around for a while holding hands, and now they were going back to Stewarts point to see the new year in. As Emma looked out of the window,, she thought about how bad this year had been, and how in an hour it was going to be a new year and everything that was once bad, had been replaced with everything that was good. She had a nice home…a family..friends…and David. Emma turned and looked at David and he smiled then kissed her hand as he drove and smiled. David never expected to fall this quickly for Emma. He knew what he was doing was wrong but what he was feeling was too good to walk away…


I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I
I've got hungry eyes


Four seasons hotel- The City


Michael wiped his mouth as he chewed the last bite of steak from his plate. Morag smiled as she watched him

“I think a toast is in order” Michael said

“To what?” Morag said

“To the rest of the night…and old friends reacquainting” Michael said as he raised his glass

“To the rest of the night…and old friends reacquainting Morag said and they clinked glasses as Morag smiled….


I've got hungry eyes
One look at you and I can't disguise


Samuels Residence- Summer Bay


Jeff sighed as the police officer put him in handcuffs. In the back of his mind, he knew this would happen at some point. When the police raided Narelle’s place, he knew it was just a matter of time...

I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I
I've got hungry eyes


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Revhead listened as Sandra told her about her boyfriend who wanted to break up with her but didn’t have the guts to


“Some guys are jerks” Revhead said

“Yeah, I realized that now..I feel so stupid you know…for thinking that he really wanted to be with me” Sandra said

“Don’t beat yourself up about it, he didn’t deserve you anyway” Revhead said and he noticed Sandra shudder as he realized it was getting chilly. He took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders

“Thanks’ Sandra said and smiled


Now I've got you in my sights
With those hungry eyes
Now did I take you by surprise
With my hungry eyes


“Are you alright?” Frank said as he and Carly sat on a couch outside the banquet hall

“Yeah, just tired” Carly said and she put her head on his shoulder while Sally leaned on the other should and was asleep

“There you are” Ben said as he walked outside

“I thought you were missing” Ben said and forced a smiled and Carly forced a smile back

“Come on lets have a dance” Ben said and Carly exhaled. Sure” Carly said and she forced a smile and got up from the couch and followed Ben back into the banquet hall. As they danced Carly could feel Maeilyn watching them as she danced with Grant. She looked up and locked eyes with Marilyn then she closed her eyes and pretended that she was dancing with someone else….someone who she once loved..


Now I've got you in my sights


Frank carefully laid Sallys head on the couch and got up from the couch and walked over and stood at the entranced of the banquet hall and looked at Bobby and Greg jealous and wishing it was him..

With my hungry eyes

One look at you and I can't disguise


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


The glass shattered and the pieces fell on the floor as the doorknob turned and the door opened and closed. The diner was dark then shortly after, a small white torch light illuminated a path to the kitchen and office, and Al Simpson smiled as he followed the direction of the light...


I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 469



I jumped ahead in time with one of the song choices for this chapter..enjoy


Graham Residence- New York

“You look great tonight” Roo closed her eyes. She knew who it was without having to turn around. She inhaled and exhaled then turned around

“Thanks” Roo said and smiled. They were now all in another part of the house where the DJ was playing music and some people were dancing

“There you are” Nancy said a short time after

“I was just about to get us some drinks” Donavan said

“Come on lets dance..by the way Ruth…I have a date for you” Nancy said and winked as Roo forced a smile and watched then walk away to the dance floor




Four seasons hotel- The City


Morag opened the back door and walked onto the balcony in the hotel room. It was a warm night with a little chill. She drank her champagne and looked out into the city. She remembered as a little girl how taken she was with the city when her family came to visit. All through high school she made sure she studied hard so that she could leave Summer Bay and be in the city. Morag looked at the bright lights that reminded her of the first weeks living in the city as a student, and how much she loved being there. Morag was lost in thought when she heard Michael walk out onto the balcony

“Sorry about that” Michael said

“Not at all…how is your son?” Morag said

“You know kids that age, he’s playing video games” Michael said and Morag smiled

“I was a bit surprised when you called” Michael said

“Why?” Morag said

“Well…you know…after not seeing each other for so long” Michael said

“I knew I was going to be in the city, so why not give a call to an old friend” Morag said as Michael moved closer to her

“An old friend…is that what I am?” Michael said and he kissed Morag’s neck and she smiled

“So how is Summer Bay?” Morag said

“The same as it was when you were last there” Michael said and kissed Morag’s neck again

"I can imagine" Morag said

“Tonight is that NSW awards” Michael said

“I’m surprised you didn’t want to go” Morag said

“That sort of thing is not my cup of tea…besides…I get to spend the evening with a beautiful woman” Michael said and he kissed Morag's cheek and smiled. =

“Yes I remember how boring it was last year with Bobby winning” Morag said

“That’s all I keep on hearing about” Michael said

“What do you mean?” Morag said

“ her boyfriend..he works for me” Michael said

“Really? Doing what?” Morag said curiously

“He’s one of my mechanics…they have a kid” Michael said and he sipped his champagne

“Bobby had a baby?” Morag said with some excitement in her voice

“No, it’s a foster kid..she was fostering the boy, and Greg is the kids biological father and he turned up looking for him and they got together” Michael said and he nibbled on Morag’s ear

“Anyway...I’m sure you didn’t invite me to talk about your daughter that you hate..did you?” Michael said and Morag smiled

“No, your right” Morag said and smiled as her and Michael kissed..


Sands resort- Summer Bay


“Sorry where are my manners, do you want some?” Revhead said as he gave Sandra a bottle of beer as they decided to sit in his car that was parked across from the resort

“No thanks, I don’t drink” Sandra said

“Oh…sorry” Revhead said

“Its alright” Sandra said and smiled. Talking to Maurice was easy she thought to herself and she was starting to really like him


“Congratulations boss” Grant said as he hugged Bobby and sat down next to her

“Thanks” Bobby said and Greg put his arm around her and smiled

“Looks like Sam is out for the count..” Grant said then Bobby turned around

“Sorry Finlay” Bobby said then Greg turned around and picked up Sam who  was sleeping on Finlay

“Its alright…I don’t mind” Finlay said and smiled as Greg picked him up

“I’ll just go and get some food” Finlay said and she got up from the table and smiled. Bobby sat in between Greg and Grant as they talked. She wasn’t listening to what they were saying, she was looking for Frank..


“Hello Frank..I think I must be the only person in Summer Bay who hasn’t seen you” Celia said as Frank stood by the bar area of the banquet room

“Celia” Frank said

“You know I was very disappointed when I heard that you and Ruth were separated” Celia said and Frank ignored her

“Well coming back to Summer Bay must be a bit of a shock for you” Celia said

“Why is that Celia?” Frank said

“You know, with everything that has happened with Bobby” Celia said

“What ever you are trying to say Celia, mind your own business” Frank said

“Well, I was just simply saying” Celia was interrupted

“I don’t care what you are simply saying” Frank said

“Hi Frank” Finlay said

“Hi” Frank said

“So you changed your mind about coming?” Finlay said

“Yeah” Frank said

“Oh so you wasn’t going to come?” Celia said and Frank looked at her

“Do you want to get some food?” Frank said to Finlay

“Ok” Finlay said and her and Frank walked away leaving Celia annoyed that she didn’t find out why Frank wasn’t going to come


Background music- Carly's theme

Carly flushed the toilet and came out of the stall and sighed when she saw Marilyn standing by the sinks

“Are you following me now?” Carly said

“No, I came to use the bathroom myself” Marilyn said as she washed her hands

Carly sighed then she turned the tap on and began to wash her hands as Marilyn stared at her necklace in the mirror

“I cant believe he got us the same necklace” Marilyn said and Carly turned the tap off and walked over to hand dryer and turned it on. Marilyn walked over to the dryer and put her hands under the same one and Carly rolled her eyes. After a few moments the dryer turned itself off and Carly began to walk to the door

“Carly wait” Marilyn said and Carly stopped walking and turned around

“What?” Carly said

“Carly, you deserve so much better than Ben…he will continue to hurt you…you have to leave him” Marilyn said and Carly looked at her for a few moments

“I can’t” Carly heard herself say without realizing it

“Yes you can, I did…and you can do the same…tell the police….tell somebody” Marilyn

“I cant” Carly said again

“I will help you…please Carly let me help you…you can” Marilyn was interrupted

“I’M SCARED ALRIGHT! I’M SCARED…ARE YOU HAPPY NOW” Carly said as she wiped a tear from her cheek  and opened the bathroom door to see Ben standing there

“I was wondering where you got to…come on, lets go and dance…its almost midnight” Ben said and he put his arm around Carly and a few moments later Marilyn emerged from the bathroom and sighed as she watched them walk away…



Bayside diner- Summer Bay

 Al looked around at the papers he scattered on the floor there was nothing valuable in the office. He looked at the safe and after using some tools, he was able to get the lock open. He looked inside. There were only some papers and $500. He was expecting more because he knew that Bobby was worth a lot more than that. He put the money into his pocket and and walked into  the kitchen. He took two black bin bags from the pantry and took out as much for from the pantry and the fridge that would fit in the bags. He put the bags down when he finished and walked into the diner and looked around. The street light was on now so some extra light was shining into the diner and he sat down at the booth




Al- The kid is growing, we need more money

Martha- This is all the money I was told to give you

Al- Well you better ask for more

Martha- Come on Al, you know I can’t do that

Al- Well you better do something


Flashback ends





Al- So what am I supposed to do with that little brat?

Edna Turnball- She’s your daughter you have to look after her

Al- Take her with you

Edna Turnball- We can't

Al- What about Doris share of this shop, you owe me

Edna Turnball- I’ll send you your share

Al- You better


Flashback ends

“I’m going to get what is owed to me…you can count on that” Al said and smirked to himself then he began to smash up the diner and laughed to himself…


 Background music ends


Sands resort- Summer Bay

“This is nice” Pippa said as her and Reverend Jones danced

“Yes, I feel like I’ve waited a lifetime to be with you” Reverend Jones

“Alex” Pippa said and she looked at him

“Yes” Reverend Jones

“Thank you for waiting for me” Pippa said

“I would’ve waited forever” Reverend Jones said and Pippa smiled then she laid her head on his shoulder and smiled


Tom hasnt been gone that long and Pippa has moved on" Alf said as he watched Pippa and Reverend Jones dance

"What do you expect Alf, she cant be alone forever" Ailsa said

"Yeah, but still" Alf said 

"Alf Stewart you are becoming really judgmental in your old age...now I see where Celia gets it from" Ailsa said 

"Come on love..I'm not that bad" Alf said 

"Yes you are" Ailsa said and she turned her back to him and drank her wine


“Is that all you’re going to have?” Finlay said as she looked at the one sandwich on Franks plate

“Yeah, I’m not really hungry” Frank said which was right…he wasn’t hungry, the butterflies in his stomach wouldn’t let him be hungry. Finlay was saying something, but he wasn’t listening to her, because what she was saying didn’t matter…


Bobby looked around for Frank and she noticed him standing next to Finlay

“Only a little while until we have some alone time” Greg said in Bobby’s ear and she turned to him and smiled as Marilyn came and sat at the table

“Are you alright Marilyn?” Bobby said

“Yes..fine” Marilyn said and smiled

“Sorry that Adam didn’t make it” Grant said

“I know, but we are going to see the new year in on the boat. Marilyn said and she lokoed at her watch…I better get going” Marilyn said and she got up

“Congratulations again Bobby..happy new year Greg..Grant” Marilyn said and smiled and began to walk away

“Happy new year” Greg said

“Thanks..Happy new year” Bobby said

“Looks like Marilyn and Adam wont be the only love birds seeing in the new year” Greg said

“What do you mean?” Bobby said

“Looks like we will have a new couple in Summer Bay soon” Greg said and he nodded forward. Bobby turned around and she felt her stomach drop as she realized that Greg was talking about Frank and Finlay

“She’s a bit young for him, but she’s still a great girl…I say good luck to them, right Bobby?” Greg said and he pulled Bobby closer to him

“Yeah” Bobby said and forced a smile as Grant looked at her



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

“Julie giggled as Nick kissed her neck

“This really has been a special night” Julie said as she wrapped the bed sheet around her chest

“Yes, it has” Nick said as he poured himself some more champagne

“You know…At the beginning of the year, I had no idea that I would be ending the year with you..a job that I like and a great life” Julie said as Nick poured her a glass of champagne

“Yeah me too..at one point, I thought about leaving Summer Bay” Nick said and Julie leaned forward and kissed him

“I’m glad you stayed” Julie said and smiled as Nick leaned forward and kissed her again



Stewarts point- Summer Bay

David slowed the car down and stopped. He put the break on and turned the engine off

“See we got back with 30 minutes to spare” David said and smiled

“I’ve had a really got time tonight” Emma said

“Yeah me too” David said as he took his seat belt off

“Come on” David said and he got out of the car and sat on the bonnet. Emma watched him as he turned around and looked at her

“Come on” David said and Emma got out of the car and David helped her get on top of the bonnet and she sat next to him and he put his arm around her. David kissed the side of her face and smiled..next year was going to be a great year….



Sands resort- Summer Bay


Rebecca walked out of the banquet hall and found Steve outside sitting on a couch with Sally asleep next to him

“Hey” Rebecca said

“Hey” Steve said

“Why are you out here?” Rebecca said and Steve shrugged his shoulders

“Are you sure you don’t want to dance or something? Rebecca said

“No” Steve said

“Why do I get the feeling that I did something wrong?” Rebecca said

“I thought we talked about this already?” Steve said

“I know, so why are you ignoring me?” Rebecca said

“I’m not ignoring you, I just have a few things on my mind” Steve said and sighed

“Ok, whatever” Rebecca said just as her mother out of the banquet hall

“There you are” Barbara said

“Can we go now?” Rebecca said

“No, we are going to stay here and spend the new year together” Barbara said and Rebecca sighed and walked away



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Lance” Pippa said as she gently shook Lance who was asleep on the couch

“Oh, G’day Mrs F, I wasn’t asleep” Lance said as he rubbed his eye and stood up as Reverend Jones carried Sally upstairs

“Christopher is fast asleep” Lance said

“Thanks…Is it alright, if I settle up with you in the morning?”  Pippa said as Sam slept in her arms

“You don’t have to give me any money, Chris is my mate, I like looking after him” Lance said

“Please…I insist” Pippa said

“oh alright then” Lance said

“Happy new year” Pippa said

“Happy new year Mrs F…Oh did Bobby win?” Lance said and Pippa smiled

“Yes, she did “ Pippa said

“yeah! I bet she was happy to see Frank ey?...anyway goodnight” Lance said as Pippa looked at him

“Goodnight” Pippa said and she followed behind Lance and closed the door as Reverend Jones came down the stairs

“Well I tried to wake Sally up but she was not budging” Reverend Jones said

“I think she had had a really good time with all that dancing..you encouraged her” Pippa said and Reverend Jones laughed

“Well..how could I say no” Reverend Jones said and smiled and he walked closer to Pippa

“I’m glad that we get to se in the new year together” Reverend Jones said and kissed Pippa

“Me too” Pippa said and she looked at her watch

“We still have 15 minutes. Its nice outside, lets sit on the veranda…Ill get some champagne” Pippa said

“Ill take Sam upstairs and meet you out there” Reverend Jones said and smiled


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Marilyn knocked a few times. She looked into the window and noticed that Adam was not home and sighed. He did say that they were going to see the new year in. Marilyn looked at her watch. Maybe he was out to get some champagne or something. Marilyn smiled to herself and took her shoes off and sat on the bench outside the boat to wait for him, so they could see the new year in.



Sands resort- Summer Bay


“Oh, I’m sorry” Ailsa turned around and she accidently spilled red wine on Grants shirt

“Ails look what you went and done” Alf said

“Grant I’m really sorry” Ailsa said

“Ill live” Grant said and sighed as Alf looked at his shirt

“You better get some water on that before it stains” Alf said

“Yes, please let me help you, that’s the least I can do” Ailsa said

“You better let her help you mate, or you’ll never hear the end of it” Alf said and Grant smiled

“Alright” Grant said as he and Ailsa walked out of the banquet hall


Alf looked over at Donald and Barbara dancing and drank some beer then he looked at Celia

“Who wouldve thought that those two would be dancing…this year has brought a lot of surprises” Alf said as he thought about this year…how he almost went to prison, how he had a heart attack, an affair, found out he had two other children and his daughters marriage broke up. Alf sipped his beer and thought about how in 15 minutes it was going to be a new year and he was happy that he was back with his family where he belonged.

Celia looked at Donald and Barbara and felt jealous because she was alone…things were not great with her marriage…she felt a bit distant from Micahael, and as much as she tried, she could never build a relationship with Haydn. He was unbelievably rude to her, but this year she was going to try..she was gong to make her home happy and remind Michael why he fell in love with her..



Four seasons hotel- The City


Michael and Morag both vocally panted as Michael thrusted until they both felt an overwhelming sense of bliss overcome them and Michael collapsed on Morag’s chest then onto his back and breathed fast “You are amazing” Michael said as he tried to catch his breath as Morag looked at the ceiling and quietly sighed….



Sands resort- Summer Bay

Background music- Dj


I heard from a friend today
And she said you were in town
Suddenly the memories came back to me

In my mind


“I’m just going to go upstairs and check on the room again…make sure the champagne is nice and cold, I wont be long” Greg said and he kissed Bobby on the cheek and got up from the table


How can I be strong I've asked myself
Time and time I've said
That I'll never fall in love with you again


Graham Residence- New York

Roo smiled as the man in front of her made small talk. He was someone that Nancy knew and wanted to set up with Roo, but she wasn’t interested, she had made up her mind that she was going to focus on her career and not on a relationship.

“Please excuse me” the man said after one of the wait staff whispered something in his ear as he walked away. A few moments later Donavan was standing behind Roo

“Meet me upstairs in the guest room…first on the right” Donavan said and Roo felt a tingling all over her body. She was just about to turn around to say something then she noticed that Donavan had disappeared..


A wounded heart you gave
My soul you took away
Good intentions you had many
I know you did



Bobby looked around the room she couldn’t see Frank, but she saw Finlay sitting at a table and talking to Steve. She waited until Greg walked out of the banquet hall then she got up from the table and went to the other exit. As she slipped out of the room, her heart began to beat fast. She knew what she was doing was wrong but she couldn’t help herself. She looked around trying to find him, but she couldn’t see where he went.


I come from a place that hurts
And God knows how I've cried
And I never want to return
never fall again



She was excited, anxious and guilty for looking for him then she turned around and noticed that he was coming out of the bathroom and wiping his hands with a tissue. Bobby felt like she was going to faint..all the butterflies in her stomach then Frank looked up and they locked eyes. For that moment it felt like it was just the two of them. It felt like slow motion as Frank walked closer to her. Bobby looked to her left, it was the house keepers room.


Making love to you
Oh it felt so good and
Oh so right

How can I be strong I've asked myself
Time and time I've said
That I'll never fall in love with you again



She knew it was wrong but she looked at Frank and when nobody was looking she opened the door and stepped in and waited. She stood in the dark room as her heart beat fast and a few moments later Frank stepped in and closed the door behind him. The street light shon through the window allowing them to see each other and before they could say anything, they started kissing passionately.




So here we are alone again'
Didn't think it'd come to this
And to know it all began
With just a little kiss



Greg looked around the room. It was the honeymoon suite and it was worth every penny that he paid. He touched the champagne, it was chilled in the ice bucket, and there were rose petals on the bed. Greg opened the door that led onto the balcony that had a view of Summer Bay and he smiled to himself. Never in a million years would he have thought that  he would have found his son and the girl of his dreams in one place. He walked back into the room and closed the door. He looked around the hotel room one more time and smiled to himself then he walked out of the hotel room to go and find the love of his life…



I've come too close to happiness
To have it swept away
Don't think I can take the pain
No never fall again



I bet you didn’t expect to be standing here with no shirt on close to midnight” Ailsa said and Grant laughed as they stood in the bathroom for guests with wheelchairs as Ailsa tried to wash out the red wine from Grant’s shirt

“You really didn’t need to bother, I was just going to take it to the dry cleaners” Grant said

“I’m sure you were, but I don’t mind” Ailsa said and she looked up at Grant and smiled.. Ailsa continue to wash the red wine mark and got out as much as she could then she went over to the dryer and turned it on. From the corner of her eye she looked at Grant standing in the bathroom with no shirt on and she felt embarrassed because she was beginning to feel turned on then she tried to think of something else



Kinda late in the game and my heart is in
Your hands
Don't you stand there and then
Tell me you love
Me then leave again
Cause I'm falling in love with
You again



“Well I think I got most of the stain out, and its all dry so at least you have a shirt to wear” Ailsa said as she handed Grant the shirt

“Thanks” Grant said as he ot the shirt on and began to button it up. He noticed that Ailsa had done a good job, and the stain was not noticeable.

“You’re welcome” Ailsa said and she was about to turn away when she noticed Grant had the buttons wrong

“Oh dear, looks like you buttoned up yourself wrong” Ailsa said and Grant laughed then she began to unbutton the buttons of the shirt to do them properly.

“Oh you have a scar” Ailsa said as she lightly pressed her finger on a scar on Grants chest

“ From a surfing accident years ago” Grant said and Ailsa wasn’t listening, she was just looking at his chest and how it was making her feel then she ran her finger down his chest then she looked up at Grant and before either of them could say anything they began to kiss passionately then Grant unbuttoned his trousers and bent Ailsa over the sink and with one swift move entered a place that he had been before…


Hold me
Hold me
Don't ever let me go




“I have to tell you something” Sandra said

“What?” Revhead said

“You probably wont want to talk to me afterwards” Sandra said

“I think you’re great, there is nothing that you can say that will make me not want to talk to you” Revhead said

“My boyfriend…well my ex boyfriend…is Steve Mattheson” Sandra said and she looked at Revhead who opened his eyes wide

“The one who…I kidnapped his sister?” Revhead said and Sandra nodded and Revhead signed then he looked away. A few moments later he loked at Sandra

“So that means you’re still in high school?” Revhead said and Sandra nodded

“Sorry….I should have told you about Steve that day you told me what happened at the beach” Sandra said and sighed. Revhead was a bit disappointed because he thought Sandra was older


Sandra noticed that Maurice wasn’t saying anything

“I better get going” Sandra said and she was just about to get out of the car when Revhead gently grabbed her arm. Sandra turned around and looked at him then he leaned forward and they began to kiss…


Say it just one time
Say you love me
God knows I do
Love you



Background music ends



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Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas :)


Chapter 470


Graham Residence- New York


With every step that Roo took up the stairs she wondered if she was making the right decision. She followed Donavan’s instructions and slowly opened the first door on the right. The room was nicely decorated just like the rest of Helens house. Roo sighed and she sat on the bed. She was only going to tell Donavan that she didn’t want to see him anymore, and that she was going to focus on her career. Roo sighed. She knew that she was lying to herself..she wanted to see Donavan but she liked Nancy and didn’t want to go through this all over again. Roo looked up when Donavan walked through the door and smiled. Roo stood up

“I just wanted to come here and say that…I mean what I said last time..I don’t think it’s a good idea…us…Nancy is a friend…she’s really helped me since I came..I don’t want to hurt her” Roo said as she felt her heart beating fast

“Is that right?” Donavan said and Roo nodded

“Well why did you come up here to tell me that, I wouldve known if I came up here and the room was empty” Donavan said as he walked closer to Roo

She could smell his aftershave as he got closer to her. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her up

“I just wanted to tell you…face to face” Roo said as she tried to avoid looking at Donavan. She was trying hard to block how she felt about him, but she couldn’t

“I guess there is nothing else to say is there?” Donavan said as he stared at Roo.

“No…I better go” Roo said

“Happy new year” Donavan said as he moved out of the way. Roo tried to walk but her legs felt like jelly. She felt like if she took one step, she wouldve fallen on the floor. The way she was feeling now, she had never felt before…not with Frank, not with Brett and before she knew what she was doing she grabbed Donavan’s face and began to kiss him passionately



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


“Whats the matter?” Julie said as Nick walked back into the room

“It was work on the phone, I need to go in, there has been a break in and they need extra bodies” Nick said and Julie sighed

“Sorry..I know that wasn’t part of the plan” Nick said

“Its alright…as long as you don’t have to go right now..its only a few minutes until midnight”  Julie said

“I think they can wait for a few minutes” Nick said as he put his arms around Julie and they began to kiss


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Greg looked around the banquet hall

“Alf, have you seen Bobby?” Greg said as he walked over to the table

“No, you’re not the only one whose lost their woman, Ails has gone missing too” Alf said and Greg smiled and nodded then he turned around and walked back to the table they were seated at



Bobby exhaled as she hugged Frank really tight and closed her eyes. Being here with him felt so good..and it felt so right

Frank exhaled and smiled to himself as he felt Bobby hugging him tighter. This is what he wanted since he stepped off the plane.

“Its going to be soo good this time, me and you…we can do everything that we planned remember…have our baby.. our own house” Frank said as he kissed the side of Bobby’s face. Bobby opened her eyes as she listened to what Frank just said and reality started to set in.


“I cant do this” Bobby said and she moved away from Frank

“What's wrong?” Frank said

“I shouldn’t be here”” Bobby said

“Why not?” Frank said

“I have to go..” Bobby said as she began to walk to the door

“Bobby wait, we need to talk about this” Frank said

“There’s nothing to talk about Frank, this was a mistake” Bobby said

“It wasn’t a mistake” Frank said

“Yes it was, look, I love Greg..” Bobby said

“You’re not being honest Bob” Frank said

“I am..I know who I love” Bobby said

“No you’re not…and you’ve got to be honest otherwise you’ll end up unhappy like me and Roo” Frank said and Bobby felt herself getting annoyed at the mention of Roo’s name

“Just leave me alone ok..you’re right, I think its best that we stay away from each other” Bobby said and she rushed to the door she was just about to open the door when Frank grabbed her arm

“What do you want? a life me, or a life with some bloke you only think you love?” Frank said and Bobby sighed then she opened the door and walked out as Frank stood in the dark room and sighed..




“Alright folks, here we go, ten!” The Dj said


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“The weather is really nice tonight” Pippa said as she sipped her champagne and stared at the bright moon. Reverend Jones smiled to himself as he moved Pippa closer to him

“Not as nice as you looked tonight” Reverend Jones said and Pippa turned around and looked at him then he bent down and kissed her nose and she smiled

“I’m really happy that you came into my life..I cant wait until you move here” Pippa said

“Me too” Reverend Jones said and smiled then he and Pippa kissed and she laid her head on his chest and he kissed her head and smiled


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Nine” the Dj said


Steve walked out of the banquet hall. Even though school was starting on Monday, he wouldn’t be there for long since he wrote and told his aunt that he wanted to move to England. Steve sighed as he walked to the exit of the resort. He opened the door and stood outside. He knew that Sandra was upset with him, but he couldn’t tell her what was going on. That would mean having to tell her about the baby and he couldn’t do that. Steve looked around, it was quiet outside and he was just about to turn back and go inside when he noticed a couple kissing in a car. It should’ve been him and Sandra Steve thought to himself then he got a shock when the couple separated and he saw that couple in the car were Sandra and Revhead


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Eight” the Dj said


Four seasons hotel- The City


Morag slowly got up from the bed leaving Michael fast asleep. She reached for her dressing gown and put it on and tied the waist. She walked over to the couch that had her bag on and sat down. She opened her bag and took out the brown envelope. Morag exhaled then reached inside and took out the small white knitted baby hat and put it on her chest as a tear ran down her cheek



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Seven” the Dj said



Marina- Summer Bay


Marilyn looked at her watch it was almost midnight. She had been there for half an hour and Adam had not returned. They were supposed to be seeing in the new year together. Marilyn wiped the tear from her cheek and put her shoes on and began walking back to her car…



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Six” the Dj said


“Alf stood up and began looking around the banquet hall

“Don have you seen Ails?” Alf said

“No I haven’t” Donald said

“She went to help Grant get the stain off his shirt and disappeared” Alf said

“Maybe she’s left you for a younger man” Barbra said and Alf looked at her annoyed as she smiled



Grant rested his head on Ailsa back as she moved up and down on his lap. Ailsa couldn’t contain herself as another wave of bliss washed over her body. She knew this was wrong but she couldn’t stop…she didn’t want to stop…



“five” the Dj said


Police Station- The City


“Do you need to keep the handcuffs on?” Jeff said as the detective sat opposite him. The detective motioned for the police officer standing by the door to take the handcuffs off. Jeff wriggled his wrists around and sat back in the seat.

“So Mr Samuels…since you don’t want to give up the name of the people who supplied you, you’re looking at a very lengthy prison sentence for all that cocaine and steroids we found in your flat” the detective said and suddenly Jeff started to panic…reality was beginning to sink in

“I said I’m not a dealer, I was just looking after the bag for a friend” Jeff said

“Really? What is his or her name?” the detective said and Jeff sighed

“Look, its late, I should be at home with the mrs….instead I’m here..just give me a name, and I’ll see if I can get you a deal then we can all go home” the detective said as Jeff looked at him


“Look, I haven’t got all night, if you don’t want to talk, that’s on you..have a nice life in prison” the detective said,  got up and started walking towards the door as Jeffs heart started racing

“Wait” Jeff said and the detective stopped and turned around

“What if I give you the name of someone else..about another case” Jeff said and the detective began to walk back to the table then he sat down

“Go on..I’m listening” the detective said and Jeff inhaled and exhaled and began talking…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“four” the Dj said



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Al grabbed the two black bin bags from his truck and carried them to the van. They were filled with enough food to last for a little while. Al put the bags on the floor and opened the van door he picked up the bags and put the bags inside the van and closed the door. The loud bang woke Sophie up and she sat up

“Get away from there, you stink” Al said then Sophie moved from the chair and sat under the table. She watched as her dad took food out of the bags, and her stomach rumbled. She hadn’t eaten for a few days and was very hungry.

“Hmm” Al said as he bit into a cold pie and chewed. When he looked up he noticed Sophie staring at him and he threw the pie at her. It hit the floor but Sophie quickly picked it up

“You better eat all that, because you’re not having anything else. I cant wait to get rid of you…you make me sick” Al said and Sophie covered her head with the blanket. One day Bobby was going to make her a nice pie Sophie thought to herself, and tears ran down her cheeks as she ate the parts of the pie that didn’t touch the floor



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Three” the Dj said


Carly felt numb as Ben sat next to her and put his arm around her. With his other hand he filled both the glasses in front of them. She looked around the banquet room but couldn’t see Frank. When he was around that was the only time she felt safe

“ I hope you’re not looking around for Frank” Ben said

“No” Carly said

“Good because sooner or later hes probably going to leave then we can get back to normal” Ben said and he picked up his champagne glass and drank the champagne as Carly silently sighed



“There you are” Donald said as Ailsa walked towards the table

“Strewth love, I thought I had to get a search party to look for you” Alf said

“Sorry about that “ Ailsa said as she sat down

“Are you alright Ailsa, your face looks red” Barbra said

“Yes fine, I bumped into one of the waiters and got some tea on me and had to clean myself up..those dryers in the bathrooms are very hot” Ailsa said a she poured herself some champagne

“Thank goodness that’s all it is,I told Don and Barb that the last time I saw you, you were going with Grant to get red wine off his shirt and  Barb here, made a joke that you had run off with him” Alf said


“Why on earth would I do that” Ailsa said and laughed then immediately drank her champagne as Alf out his arm around her and smiled




“Two” the Dj said



Graham Residence- New York


Roo didn’t recognize herself as her and Donavan had sex on the bed in the guestroom. This was not what she had intended when she went to see him. She only wanted to tell him that Nancy was her friend and this was not a good idea but with every thrust she felt that Donavan had completely taken over her body, and she had no control. Roo passionately kissed Donavan back then he rested his head in her neck as he vocally exhaled


Nancy looked at her watch it was a few minutes to midnight

“Have you seen Donavan?” Nancy said to her co-worker who shook her head no

“Maybe he went to the restroom, excuse me” Nance said and smiled and she made her way towards the stairs. With each step she took she felt butterflies, in a few months she was going to be Donavan’s wife, something she had wanted for a long time. They were going to live in his bachelor pad in Los Angeles but eventually get a nice house for when they start having kids. Nancy smiled to herself as she thought about the great life she was going to have. She knocked on the bathroom door and a few more doors but couldn’t find Donavan. Nacy sighed, maybe he had made his way back downstairs..or was outside she thought to herself and she headed back towards the stairs . As she walked she felt like something was in her shoe. She knew that Nancy had a guest room on the left, she was going to take her shoe off and relax her feet before she went back downstairs.


“You better hurry, its almost midnight” One of Nancy’s co-workers said as she rushed past her and down the stairs

“Be there in a minute” Nancy said and smiled then she opened the bedroom door and her smile turned to shock as she made eye contact with Roo and she just froze. Donavan turned around and looked at Nancy who stood by the door in shock then she closed the door and ran down the stairs and out of the house before anyone could notice


Roo couldn’t believe that Nancy caught her and Donavan, something she was hoping to avoid but he didn’t seem to care and continued thrusting


“We have to stop..I need to go and talk to Nancy…you need to go and talk to Nancy” Roo said and Donavan looked at her then he bent down and kissed her


“Nancy just caught us” Roo said

“I saw her” Donavan said and he kissed Roo’s neck and as much as she wanted to go and speak to Nancy, Donavan once overtook her body and she was helpless then she put her arms around his neck as a wave of bliss filled her body...



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“One..HAPPY NEW YEAR” the Dj said as everyone in the room started shouting happy new year and kissing loved ones. Celia watched as everyone had someone to celebrate with..but she was all alone


“There you are, where did you go?” Greg said as he gently touched Bobby's arm

“I just went to get a stain out of my dress” Bobby said and smiled as they walked over to the table and sat down

“Well happy new year” Greg said and he kissed Bobby

“Happy New year” Bobby said and smiled

“This year is going to be so good…and later on, in the honeymoon suite is going to be even better” Greg said and he put his arm around Bobby and kissed the side of her face and she smiled 

"I cant wait any longer...come on, lets get out of here" Greg said and Bobby nodded and smiled as they got up and she picked up her two awards from the table. 

"Here, let me carry those" Greg said as they walked out of the banquet hall and towards the elevator

"You're really going to like the room" Greg said on the short walk to the elevator. When they got to the elevator Greg pressed the button and the door opened

"See, it was waiting for us" Greg said and Bobby smiled. He pressed the number of the floor as Bobby exhaled and just as the door was closing she looked up to see Frank looking at her and she exhaled as the door closed...


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Today is the three year anniversary of when I started writing this fan fiction. Where has the time gone?? 

Thank you to everyone who reads my words and comments, and also to those who read, but do not comment. 

I have so much in store, so thank you for coming on this journey with me :)


Chapter 471



Morgan Residence- New York


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Roo opened the front door to her apartment door and closed it behind her. She kicked her shoes off and threw her coat and bag on the floor and walked over to her couch and sat down. Roo sighed as the image of Nancy’s shocked face replayed in her mind. She was annoyed at herself because she promised that she was ending things with Donavan, and she really meant it. Now everything was a mess, and it was her fault. It felt like it did a few years ago at Summer Bay, and now it was happening all over again. Roo sat back on the couch and stared at the floor as she wondered how she was going to face Nancy at work on Monday….



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Despite me not winning the big award, it was actually a good night…the resort sure know how to put on a spread” Alf said as he, Ailsa and Sandra walked into the house.

“Ill just go and put Duncan down” Ailsa said and she walked to Duncan’s room

“What about you love, did you have a good time?” Alf said

“Yeah, thanks…I’m going to bed” Sandra said and smiled

“Alright love, see you in the morning” Alf said as he sat on the couch

Sandra slowly opened her bedroom door

“Emma must be sleeping” Sandra said in a lowered voice as she turned on the lamp next to her bed

“Good night love” Ailsa said

“Night” Sandra said and she shut the bedroom door. She walked over to her bed and sat down and smiled to herself as she thought about how her and Maurice kissed at midnight. He was not like anyone else she had met before…he was older and really mature

“Emma” Sandra said as she got up and started to change. She hung her dress up and put her night dress on

“Emma” Sandra said once more then got into bed and turned the light off and closed her eyes and smiled



Sands Resort- Summer Bay



Bobby stood on the balcony of the hotel suite and looked out onto Summer Bay as she thought about what happened earlier with Frank. Being with him felt so right, but she knew it was wrong

“Its just us two..alone” Greg said as he walked out onto the balcony and  he put his arms around her. Normally Bobby liked feeling Greg hold her, but tonight, t felt different. 

“Come inside I got some champagne for us” Greg said and Bobby smiled and followed him into the room and closed the balcony door. She sat on the bed and looked around the room. This was the second time she had been in the room, the first time, it was with Brett.

“Here you go” Greg said as he gave Bobby a glass of champagne then sat on the bed next to her

“To the most beautiful woman in the world…I feel like I’ve been looking for you my whole life…and here you are…with my son…I love you very much Bobby Simpson…so here’s to a wonderful night” Greg said

“I love you too” Bobby said and they clinked glasses and they both sipped their champagne then Greg took Bobby's glass from her and put both of the glasses on the table. Bobby knew what was coming next..she knew that when he booked the hotel they were going to sleep together. Greg kissed Bobby's neck as he took off his tuxedo jacket. Bobby closed her eyes and put her arms around his neck. Her head was telling her that this is the right thing to do..she was with a man who loved her…but her heart was telling her that maybe her heart wanted someone else...



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank sighed as stared at the blank TV screen and drank his beer. His emotions were all over the place, and he didn’t know how he was feeling. He kept replying in his mind how Bobby hugged him tight. He knew that she loved him, he could feel it but the way she ran away, he wondered if he was fooling himself. Maybe it was time that he admitted that Bobby really didn’t love him anymore..something he had to learn to accept..


“Oh sorry, I didn’t know that you were still awake” Finlay said as she came down the stairs

“That’s fine” Frank said as he opened another bottle of beer and drank some

“I just came down to get some water” Finlay said as she walked into the kitchen. Frank sighed then he leaned forward and turned the TV on. He picked up the remote and changed the channels until he stopped at a movie he didn’t recognize


“I’ll sort out the lights in your van in the morning” Frank said as he drank his beer

“Thanks. It was nice of Mrs Fletcher to let me stay in the house tonight” Finlay said as she walked closer to the couch with the glass of water in her hand


“It was a really good night tonight” Finlay said as she sat on the arm of the couch

“It was alright” Frank said as he drank the beer until it was finished then he opened another bottle as Finlay watched him. He picked up the remote and changed the channels again


“Oh I remember this movie” Finlay said as she looked at the TV

“You can watch it if you want” Frank said as he put the remote control on the side table. He didn’t care what was on the TV


Finlay moved from the arm of the couch and sat next to Frank and they both stared at the TV…



Steve laid in his bed and stared at the ceiling. He was happy that Frank wasn’t in the room because his guilt was contained,  but also sad that he caught Sandra kissing another guy. Steve sighed and turned over to his side, the sooner he could leave here the better…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Greg kissed Bobby as they laid on the bed in their underwear

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time” Greg whispered into Bobby’s ear. Her head was telling her that this was the right thing to do..she was with a guy who loved her, and there was nothing she would do to hurt him or Sam, because she loved them. Greg  began to unwrap the condom packet in his hand. Bobby closed her eyes as she tried to erase from her mind what happened earlier with Frank. Her and Greg were in love and they were a happy family. Bobby opend her eyes and smiled as Greg looked at her and winked


Knock on the door


“Who is that?” Bobby said

“Probably the wrong room…just ignore it” Greg said and leaned forward and kissed Bobby


Knock on the door


“Maybe there is something wrong..an emergency with Sam” Bobby said and she pulled the bed sheet to cover herself


“Thers nothing wrong with Sam, come on we are here to enjoy ourselves…just ignore it” Greg said





“Greg you better get it, there might be an emergency” Bobby said and Greg sighed. He got up from the bed and walked into bathroom and grabbed a bath robe and put it on as he walked to the door and opened it


“Oh mate, I hope this is important” Greg said as he saw Nick standing at the door in his uniform

“Sorry Greg, it is..can I see Bobby please” Nick said. Bobby quickly ran into the bathroom  when she heard her name and put on a bath robe and rushed to the door

“Is there something wrong?” Bobby said as she tied her dressing gown


“Sorry to interrupt you Bobby, but there has been a break in at the diner” Nick said

"Oh no" Bobby said disappointed

“Is that all? Cant you call Ailsa ?” Greg said annoyed

“I did, and she's on her way down there too ” Nick said

“I better go too, is it really bad?” Bobby said

“Yeah, I need to ask you some questions as well for the investigation” Nick said

“Right, let me just get dressed” Bobby said

“Ill wait and give you a lift down there” Nick said

“No, its alright…Ill take her there” Greg said annoyed

“Alright, Ill meet you down there” Nick said and Greg forced a smile and shut the door

Greg watched as Bobby opened her overnight bag and took out some clothes

“Great timing” Greg said and sat on the bed annoyed

“Sorry…ill speak to reception, and make sure you get a refund for the room” Bobby said

“Its not that, I just wanted tonight to be special” Greg said and he stood up and walked over to Bobby

“It was special..thank you anyway” Bobby said

“Hopefully we can get some time to ourselves soon” Greg said and he hugged Bobby

“Yeah” Bobby said and Greg hugged her and kissed the top of her head and she closed her eyes and sighed because she felt guilty for being relieved that the night had ended….



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank leaned his head back as he looked at the TV. He had not been paying much attention to the movie but Finlay appeared to be enjoying it. He wasn’t drunk but, he could feel the beer kicking in. He watched as the couple on the TV hugged each other and began to kiss…he felt jealous because he was lonely, and wished that he had someone. Frank sighed and turned his head away from the movie. He didn’t want to see a couple in love, it reminded him of what he wanted. Frank sighed and was about to close his eyes when Finlay laid her head on the couch as she watched the movie




Martin- looks like someone has a touch of the hots


Flashback ends


Frank looked at her…at the way she gently used her fingers to move her hair away from her face to behind her ear before she smiled at the TV screen. There must’ve been something funny that happened in the movie to make her smile. Frank didn’t know, he wasn’t watching. He stared as she sat up briefly and gently drank the water from the glass in her hand and licked her lips. He watched as she gently put the cup on the side table and laid her head back on the couch..


“Hey” Frank said and Finlay turned and looked at him as her heart started beating fast

“Come here” Frank said and Finlay leaned forward and they began to kiss..


Background music ends


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 472


Army barracks- Brisbane

Martin walked and smiled to himself as he remembered the new bar maid who gave him her number. He wasn’t really interested in her, but he took it anyway. Normally on new years he would be drunk with Lance, but this one was different. He only had a few beers with his army colleagues, and saw the new year in. Martin continued to walk the short distance to the entrance of the building where he and many of the newer recruits lived. Martin took his keys out of his pocket

“You Dibble?” Martin heard and he looked around to see three men come out of the dark wearing balaclavas

“Yeah?” Martin said looking at them and he began to smile. He had heard at the pub that the senior officers played pranks on the new recruits around this time, and he figure out it was his turn.

“Ok, I its my turn..what do I have to do?” Martin said and he put his keys back in his pocket and smiled

“Learn how to mind your own business” one of the men said and before Martin could respond he was punched in the face which caused him to fall back against the door and he slid down then all the men started kicking him as he laid on the floor. As Martin went into and out of consciousness, he could hear them laughing as they continued to kicked him

“Wait” one of the men said then he unzipped his pants and urinated all over Martin as the other men laughed

“I feel much better now” the man said as he zipped up his trousers and they laughed and walked away…



Bayside diner- Summer Bay


Bobby gasped as she walked into the diner with Greg to see Ailsa and the police talking. There was broken glass everywhere, the chairs and tables were broken, and the booth seated had been torn. Bobby sighed as she walked into the kitchen. The fridge was practically empty and the plates and cups were all broken. Bobby looed around and carefully walked into the office trying to avoid the broken plates. The office was a mess. Bobby looked down to see the photo of Sam she had on her desk on the floor

“Bobby don’t touch anything in here,  we still have to check for finger prints in here” Bobby heard as she was just about to bend down and pick the photo up

Bobby looked up to see Nick walk into the office

“Really sorry about all this” Nick said and Bobby sighed as she looked around

“She walked over to the safe, and looked inside. The $500 they kept overnight for the diner to have change in the morning was gone

“I cant believe this happened” Ailsa said as she walked into the office with Greg

“Do you have any idea on who could’ve done this?” Nick said

“Not at all, I mean a few years ago there were a string of burglaries, but we knew who was behind this" Ailsa said

“I think this is more than a burglary. Someone just after the money wouldn’t have made this much of a mess..this looks personal ” Ailsa said as Bobby walked over to look at he photo of Sam on the floor in the broken frame

“This is going to take a while to get this place back together” Greg said

“Well fortunately the insurance will take care of most of the costs to do that..I mean who would do something like this?” Ailsa said and Bobby looked at  her

“I know” Bobby said  and Nick turned around and looked at her confused

“Who?” Nick said

“Revhead” Bobby said

“Revhead? “ Ailsa said confused

“He’s a guy from the yabbie creek… the one who kidnapped Sal last year” Bobby said to Ailsa as Nick wrote down what Bobby was saying

“Do you know what his proper name is?” Nick said

“You should know, his sister your girlfriend,” Bobby said and Nick looked up at her surprised

“Are you sure?” Nick said

“Yes, he had the nerve to come in here the other day, and I threw him out. He must’ve been angry about that and came back and did all this” Bobby said and Nick sighed

“I guess I will speak to him and ask him what he knows about this” Nick said as Bobby looked at him then she walked out of the office and into the diner. She started picking up the chairs that were not broken and turned the tables up

“What are you doing?” Greg said

“Trying to sort this mess out” Bobby said as she picked up the broken glass on the floor

“You don’t have to do that now…you’re probably still in shock” Greg said

“I want to…sometimes its just best to get on with life, regardless of how you feel” Bobby said as she continued to pick up broken glass from the floor…


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Celia opened her eyes and turned to her side. Michael was still not home. It was almost two in the morning. Maybe he was stuck in traffic trying to get home Celia thought to herself and she closed her eyes and thought about the day when Michael asked her to marry him…


Four Seasons Hotel- The City


Michael traced his fingers along Morag’s shoulder as he laid behind her in the bed

“You really are some kind of woman Morag Bellingham” Michael said and he kissed Morag's shoulder as she gently giggled

“So how long has Greg…you said been working for you?” Morag said as she turned around to face Michael

“Only a couple of months” Greg said as he kissed Morag’s cheek

“And how old is his son?” Morag said with curiosity

“I dunno four or five maybe? Why are you asking me all these questions?” Michael said

“Just curious that’s all” Morag said and smiled

“Now let me be curious in you” Michael said as he got on top of Morag and swiftly entered a place he knew well. Morag wrapped her arms around his neck as a tear escaped from her eye and ran down the side of her face..



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma slowly opened the bedroom window. She stopped halfway when she thought she saw Sandra was waking up. After a few moments she noticed that she wasn’t and she opened the window a bit more, just enough to fit through then she closed it. She took her shoes and jacket off and instead of changing just go straight into bed and smiled to herself as she thought about the time she spent with David, and how this year was going to be extra special…


Background music ends




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank opened his eyes and immediately he had a headache. He opened his eyes again and the bright sunlight shon into the room and he closed his eyes again and exhaled. He forcefully got up and sat on the edge of the bed and tried to remember how many beers he drank last night. He put his hand on his head and sighed then he reached for a T-shirt and put it on. He looked over to Steve’s bed and noticed that he wasn’t there. Frank sighed then he got up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He looked at himself in the mirror he was still half asleep. He put some cold water on his face which woke him up a bit. Then he dried his face and headed downstairs


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Hi Uncle Frank” Sam said as he looked up from the TV

“Morning?” Finlay said as she came out of the kitchen and smiled

“What is he still doing here? Frank said

“Bobby asked me to look after him for a while” Finlay said and Frank looked at Sam and walked into the kitchen

“Can I get you a coffee?” Finlay said

“No its alright” Frank said as he took milk out of the fridge

“Where is everyone?” Frank said

“Mrs Fletcher, Reverend Jones, Sally, and Chris have gone to church, and Steve went to the diner they need lots of hands after what happened” Finlay said

“What happened?” Frank said as he drank the coffee

“I guess you haven’t heard” Finlay said disappointed that Frank was being a bit distant

“Heard what?” Frank said

“Last night diner was burgled and the place is in a mess so everyone has gone to help tidy it up” Finlay said

“I’m taking Sam over there when he finishes his breakfast…you know..to help out..you can come with us if you want” Finlay said as Frank began to walk towards the stairs as Finlay

“No thanks” Frank said then he stopped walking and sighed and turned around

“Look..about last night” Frank said and Finlay felt butterflies in her stomach

“I was in a weird space …what I’m trying to say is that…you are really nice, but I don’t want to give you the wrong impression” Frank was interrupted

“No, its alright, I totally understand…its cool” Finlay said forcing a smile

“Thanks…I’ll just take a shower and fix the lights in your van” Frank said and he smiled then he walked up the stairs. Finlay’s smile disappeared and she sat on the arm of the chair and sighed…


Bayside diner- Summer Bay

Bobby sat on the chair in the office she was exhausted. Since she arrived at the diner, she had spent all the time tidying up. Although Ailsa and Greg were trying to convince her to go home, she just couldn’t. She continued to tidy up long after Ailsa left and while Greg nodded off in the chair


“The board is up on the door” Steve said as he walked into the office

“Thanks for coming to help” Bobby said

“I wrote a list of all the things we need in the pantry” Carly said

“Thanks” Bobby said

“When do you think you can open?” Steve said

“Hopefully we can open the diner tomorrow, but the diner after dark has to stay closed until we can sort out the booth seating” Bobby said

“That’s a shame, I wanted to come back to work” Carly said

“Are you sure, are feeling better now?” Bobby said and Carly nodded

“Yeah” Carly said and smiled.

“Well, you can cover some of the day shifts, I’ve got some obligations for NSW council in the next couple of weeks, and if you want some extra money, I have a few catering jobs I need help with” Bobby said

“Thanks” Carly said

“Do you need me to do anything else here?” Carly said

“No, I think we have done as much as we can. Tomorrow Ailsa and I are going to the wholesaler to get as much food as we can” Bobby said

“You need to look into getting an alarm system fitted too” Steve said

“Yeah, never thought we would ever need that in Summer Bay” Bobby said

“Yeah, but times have changed” Steve said and Bobby sighed..


Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek

“Thank you for a great night” Julie said

“Sorry I had to leave” Nick said

“But you came back” Julie said and smiled

“Listen Julie…I need to come in to your house” Nick said

“Sure, but I thought you had to get back to work” Julie said confused

“This is work” Nick said and sighed

“I don’t understand” Julie said

“That break in last night…it was at the diner” Nick said as he looked at Julie

“Ok..I still don’t understand” Julie said

“The owner of the diner gave me a name of a possible suspect for the break in” Nick said as Julie looked at him then she sighed

“Bobby told you it was my brother” Julie said and Nick nodded his head

“I thought we were over all of that now” Julie said

“Apparently there was some kind of confrontation in the diner between them..and Bobby believes that might be the motive” Nick said

“My brother has been staying out of trouble…he didn’t do anything” Julie said

“I still have to ask him questions…its my job” Nick said

“Do whatever you want…can you get my chair for me please” Julie said and she opened the car door and turned herself away from Nick who sighed


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 472



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma walked into the dining room as Alf, Ailsa, Sandra and Duncan ate breakfast

“Hello love, how are you feeling today?” Ailsa said as Emma walked over to the cupboard and took out some cereal and a bowl

“Better, thanks” Emma said and smiled

“I think it’s a good idea, getting security. I should look into that too. I never thought I’d see the day that we needed security cameras in Summer Bay” Alf said and drank his tea and shook his head

“Why, did something happen?” Emma said as she poured some milk from the fridge into her bowl

“Yes, the diner was burgled last night” Ailsa said

“Oh no, was anything taken?” Emma said as she sat down at the table

“Money from the safe, food and the place was destroyed. All of those things can be replaced, its just disappointing that it had to happen” Ailsa said

“Hopefully whoever it was is caught soon” Alf said

“Hopefully, Bobby has an idea of who she thinks it might be” Ailsa said

“Who? Alf said

“Some bloke from the Yabbie Creek..I think she said his name is Revhead…his sister is Julie…you know the one in the wheelchair” Ailsa said and Sandra froze

“The one who works over at the boatshed?” Alf said

“Yes, that’s the one” Ailsa said

“How could Michael give him a job after he kidnapped young Sally” Alf said

“I don’t know but Bobby is certain it was him. Apparently they hd some kind of confrontation at the diner and Bobby kicked him out, so that probably made him angry to do what he did” Ailsa said and she sighed

“Do you mind if I be excused” Sandra said

“Yes of course…is there something wrong?” Ailsa said

“No, I just wanted to make sure I did all my homework since we are starting school tomorrow” Sandra said

“Alright love” Sandra said then she took her bowl to the sink, washed it and walked out of the dining room and rushed to her bedroom and closed the door and sat on the bed. She knew that Maurice didn’t burgle the diner…well she hoped he didn’t burgle the diner because they were together last night, but they were not together all night. Sandra sighed. She wasn’t sure if she should tell the police what she knew if it would clear Maurice, but then again…she wasn’t 100% sure that he didnt do it..



Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek


Revhead sighed “Look I told you already, I didn’t do it”  Revhead said

“Ok, so tell me what happened at the diner” Nick said

“Mr Ross asked me to go and get the teas, so I went to the diner. The girl with the red hair asked me for my order, and I gave it to her. Then Bobby marched out of the kitchen and tells me to get out, and I did” Revhead said

“What did you say before you left?” Nick said

“Nothing..I just left” Revhead said

“What about last night where were you?” Nick said

“I dropped Julie off at the resort then I drove around for a little while then I came back and parked at the car park” Revhead said

“What did you do?” Nick said

“Nothing, I just listened to music, and drank some beers” Revhead said

“Why did you stay there?” Nick said

“Look, sine I got out of prison, I want to do things right. I knew that if I came back to Yabbie Creek, I would see some of my old mates and get into trouble, so I stayed away” Revhead said

“Did anybody see you outside the resort?” Nick said and Revhead looked at him

“No” Revhead said as Nick looked at him

“I’m really sorry, but I have no choice but to arrest you for the burgulary of diner” Nick said

“Youre joking aren’t cha? I just told you I didn’t do it” Revhead said as Nick took his handcuffs out of his pocket

“Nick, he just told you he didn’t do this” Julie said

“Stay out of it Julie…I told you he wasn’t to be trusted” Revhead said

“Its alright son, Ill get you a lawyer” Alec Gibson said as Revhead and Nick walked out of the house. Nick opened the back of his car and Revhead got into the car. Nick locked the doors and turned around and walked back to Julie who was outside

“I had no choice” Nick said

“He didn’t do anything” Julie said

“We don’t have any other suspects” Nick said

“So you only want to believe what Bobby says? What about me?” Julie said

“ Its nothing to do with that” Nick said and Julie folded her arms

“Look, I better get back..Ill call you later” Nick said and he bent down to kiss Julie and she moved her face. Nick looked at her and sighed then he walked back to his car, got in and drove away…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Marilyn walked down the stairs as the door knocked again. She sighed as she got to the bottom of the stairs then opened the door

“G’day” Adam said as Marilyn looked at him

“Hello” Marilyn said

“Can I come in?” Adam said

“Ok” Marilyn said and she walked into the living room and sat on the chair. Adam sat next to her

“Sorry about last night…..not coming to the resort. I must’ve been really tired from working at the school the last few days getting it ready for tomorrow.  The minute my head hit the pillow I was out” Adam said

“I came to your place last night, I thought we were going to see the new year in together” Marilyn said and Adam started panicking

“I must’ve been really tired, because I didn’t hear you knocking at the door” Adam said hoping that Marilyn believed him

“Anyway…I want to talk to you about something” Adam said

“Me too..can I go first?” Marilyn said

“Sure” Adam said


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“I know that the last few weeks, I’ve been really distant. I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry and its nothing to do with you. Just some things in my past came up again, and I had a hard time dealing with it” Marilyn said

“Do you want to talk about it?” Adam said

“No not really, I feel a bit embarrassed” Marilyn said

“You know you don’t have to be embarrassed in front of me” Adam said and Marilyn smiled

“Thanks” Marilyn said

“Is there anything I can do to help you?” Adam said

“Just tell me you forgive me, and we can go back to how we were before” Marilyn said and Adam looked at her and sighed and smiled

“Yeah, sure” Adam said and smiled then Marilyn leaned forward and they kissed

“You said you wanted to talk about something” Marilyn said

“No..its nothing, forget it” Adam said and smiled then he and Marilyn hugged and his smile disappeared


Wilson Residence- Waldorf creek

Shannon yawned as she looked at the folded clothes on her bed. She looked at the suitcase on the floor and smiled to herself. She was going to leave the case in her car, and when she finished work, she was going straight to her new home with Adam…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank lay on his bed and stared at the little box in his hand. On the plane, he had everything planned out. He was going to come home and Bobby would be happy to see him..they would pick up where they left off like nothing had changed. By now she would be wearing the gift he gave her and they would be living happily. Frank sighed as he thought about her running away from him last night..telling him that they should stay away from each other…he knew she didn’t mean it….he knew she loved him..he just knew it...


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“This is nice...just the three of us having lunch” Greg said as Bobby Greg and Sam sat at one of the tables that was not broken and Bobby smiled


“The place is looking good” Greg said as he looked around

“Yeah” Bobby said as she looked at Sam as he ate his sandwich. Bobby looked at Greg as he ate  

“You know these toasted sandwiches are really really good” Greg said

“Thanks” Bobby said

“Lance said there is a secret ingredient” Greg said and Bobby exhaled silently





Frank- This is really good Bob

Bobby- Do you know why its good?

Frank- Why?

Bobby- Because there is a secret ingredient

Frank- What?

Bobby – I love you


Flashback ends



“Bobby?” Greg said





Frank- Bobby wait, we need to talk about this

Bobby- There’s nothing to talk about Frank, this was a mistake

Frank- It wasn’t a mistake

Bobby- Yes it was, look, I love Greg

Frank- You’re not being honest Bob

Bobby- I am..I know who I love

Frank- No you’re not…and you’ve got to be honest otherwise you’ll end up unhappy like me and Roo

Bobby- Just leave me alone ok..you’re right, I think its best that we stay away from each other

Frank- What do you want? a life me, or a life with some bloke you only think you love?


Flashback ends


“Hello, earth to Bobby” Greg said

“Hmm, sorry. I was miles away, I must be tired” Bobby said

“I said what is the secret ingredient in these sandwiches that make them taste so good?”

“No secret ingredient” Bobby said

“It must be your gentle touch” Greg said and winked and Bobby smiled then she inhaled and exhaled silently…


Background music ends

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