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Chapter 454


Barnet Residence- Summer Bay

“Thanks again for bringing Sam over Mr Fisher” Greg said

“That is alright, I thought this would give us an opportunity to get to know each other” Donald said as he and Greg walked to his car as Sam played with his football in the front garden

“Yeah, I’m glad we did” Greg said and smiled

“Alright then, have a good day” Donald said and was just about to get into his car

“Mr Fisher…If you don’t mind..I want to ask you something” Greg said then Donald got into his car

“Yes, what is it?” Donald said

“It’s probably nothing…but  Bobby’s ex husband Frank turned up for Christmas" Greg said

“Yes I am aware of that” Donald said

“Well…I’m not sure if its something I should be worried about” Greg said

“I spoke to Bobby, and she assured me that her and Frank are in the past thank goodness” Donald said

“So you don’t like him huh?” Greg said

“Its not a matter of not liking him, the man is an irresponsible, and had no regard for Bobby when he selfishly married her at 18 when she had her whole life ahead of her. Not to mention tossing her aside for pastures new and another woman” Donald said

“Yesterday at dinner, he said he wanted to things to go back to how they were” Greg said as Donald looked at Greg with an angry look on his face

“That wont be happening..i’ll be making sure of that..good day” Donald said then he drove away as Greg sighed..


St Peters Church- Summer Bay

Frank sat on Tom’s grave, and watched as a few people piled into the church for Sunday service. He picked up the little cross and read the inscription then he put it down thinking it was a nice gesture from Tom’s parents.  Frank remembered when he was younger, Tom always had a way of making things alright. He listened to him and also helped him find a solution that was right. Right now he wished that Tom was around….to help him figure out how he was feeling…


Reverend Jones held Christopher as Pippa sat next to him, and Sally sat next to Pippa

“It feels really nice coming to church…as a family” Pippa said in a whisper to Reverend Jones and he smiled. He secretly patted her hand and she looked at him and smiled


“Reverend Jones…Pippa..Merry Christmas” Celia said as she walked into the church

“Merry Christmas Celia” Reverend Jones and Pippa forced a smile. Celia stood around awkwardlyly for a few moments then she smiled and walked over to her seat behind Reverend Jones and Pippa and sat down.




Celia- I’ve made a fool of myself

Reverend Jones – No you haven’t…You are still grieving over your fiancé

Celia- I know, but maybe its time to move on

Reverend Jones- Celia, I am very fond of you…but I cant give you what you want

Celia- We wont know unless we try

Reverend Jones- Celia I don’t want to give that impression to you

Celia- Then don’t….we don’t know what could happen in the future


Flashback ends


Celia sighed as she remembered the friendship they had when he first moved to Summer Bay. She didn’t mean to fall in love with Reverend Jones but he was everything her heart needed at the time. Celia picked up her hymn book as the rest of the congregation began to sing, and watched as Reverend Jones and Pippa shared a hymn book and even though it made her feel guilty, she wished that he was sharing the hymn book with her…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Can you believe that he thought we could pick up where we left off” Bobby said as she calculated the receipts

“I hope you told him where to go ” Ailsa said

“Too right I did…..I told him that I am happy with Greg and Sam and whatever we had is in the past” Bobby said as Ailsa looked at her

“Are you sure?” Ailsa said and Bobby sighed

“You’re starting to sound like dad” Bobby said

“I’m worried…because I know the hold Frank has over you” Ailsa said

“Why do you and dad keep saying that. …yes I’m sure. Frank and me are over..finished. We’ve talked about it, and we’re just friends…anyway, I need to get to the resort. I’ll be back to close up” Bobby said and she walked out of the diner as Ailsa watched her and sighed…



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

“Where are you going?” Ben said as he walked out of the bedroom into the living room

“To the caravan park” Carly said

“Why?” Ben said

“Because my family life there” Carly said

“At one point, you couldn’t wait to get away from there, now you are in a hurry to get back” Ben said

“With Frank being home, it just feels like old times” Ben said and he picked up a flower vase and smashed it on the floor which made Carly jump

“Shut up already. You sound like a broken record. Frank this..Frank that..oh Frank Frank Frank” Ben said mimicking Carly’s voice

“I am your family now, clear up the broken pieces on the floor and make me some breakfast” Ben said annoyed then he walked to the bathroom and shut the door as Carly sighed.


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“I’m going to the beach with Finlay …do you want to come?” Emma said

“No, I’ll just hang around here” Sandra said

“Are you feeling better?” Emma said

“Yeah…a little bit” Sandra said

“Why don’t you come…you might feel better” Emma said

“No, its alright…I’ll just see you later” Sandra said and Emma looked at her

“Alright then…if you change your mind” Emma said and smiled the walked out of the room while Sandra lay on the bed still upset about what happened yesterday with Steve


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Frank…Hi” Frank turned around to see Finlay coming out of her van

“G’day” Frank said as he walked to towards the house

“Did you sleep ok?” Finlay said

“Not really” Frank said

“Probably jetlag or something” Finlay said

“Yeah, maybe” Frank said

“I’m going to the beach if you want to come” Finlay said

“No thanks, I’ll see you later” Frank said and he walked away as Finlay smiled to herself…


Frank walked into the house. The long walk in the morning made him hungry. He walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge and took out some bread to make some toast. A  few moments later Steve walked downstairs

“Hey, I’m making breakfast, do you want some?” Frank said

“No, I ate already” Steve said

“Do you want to do something today..maybe go to the city or something…I need to go and see Narelle” Frank said

“No..I got a lot of homework to do” Steve said

“You got school holidays” Frank said and laughed

“Yeah, but I don’t want to leave it too late” Steve said and Frank looked at him. Then Steve walked over to the bulletin board and unpinned a note and walked back into the kitchen

“What's that?” Frank said

“One of the guests is having trouble with the sink in the van” Steve said

“I’ll go and look at it..might as well make myself useful around here” Frank said as he put the bread in the toaster

“Oh..right then…I’ll go and do my homework” Steve said and he rushed away as Frank tried to figure out what was wrong…


Barnet Residence- Summer Bay


Julie kissed Nick

“This was a nice breakfast in bed…thank you” Julie said

“You’re welcome” Nick said as he kissed Julie’s neck

“I should be getting back home… and change my clothes ” Julie said as Nick continued to kiss her neck

“My t-shirt looks good on you” Nick said as he kissed under Julie’s chin and she giggled

“Thanks, but I’m sure my parents are freaking out..” Julie said

“They know you’re in Summer Bay…Let them freak out for a little longer” Nick said then kissed Julie and prepared himself to go to a place he recently discovered….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Al looked outside the window to see someone knocking the door

“Hey” Al said and kicked Sophie who was sitting under the table

“Get up and go and sit in the corner and hide yourself” Al said which Sophie did quickly then Al opened the door

“Yes” Al said

“You reported a problem with your sink?” Frank said

“Yes I did..come in” Al said

“As Frank walked into the van, he noticed that the van was tidy but didn’t smell good.

“What’s the problem?” Frank said

“It might be blocked, I’m not sure” Al said

“Alright let me take a look” Frank said, and he opened the van curtain and the window. The weather was cool so a nice breeze came into the van. He tried the sink and it didn’t work then he opened the tool box, took out some tools and a torch then opened the cupboard that gave access to under the sink. He kneeled down and looked under the sink


“I think I know you” Al said as he looked at Frank fixing the sink

“I havn’t lived here for a couple of years” Frank said as he took a piece from the pipe and looked at it

“No…you look very familiar” Al said as he stared a Frank who took a piece from the tool box and fixed it to the pipe then he got up and turned the tap on


“Fixed” Frank said and smiled then he closed the cupboard doors while Al tried to place his face..

“Now I remember where I’d seen you before..you came to see me when I was in prison…that’s right..you and my daughter Bobby were getting married..I’m Al Simpson” Al said and he smiled at Frank who ignored hi,


Sophie listened quietly under the blanket. She wanted to see who her dad was talking to but she she didn’t want to be seen


“We did get married…didn’t work out” Frank said as he put the tools back into the tool box

“What’s your name again?” Al said

“Frank” Frank said

“That rings a bell…..oh yes I remember now… you also got married to Roo Stewart?” Al said and Frank was getting annoyed

“Any more trouble with the sink, just let us know” Frank said then he opened the door of the van

“If you don’t mind me saying….you ended up with the right cousin” Al said and smiled then Frank turned around and walked away..


When Al came back inside the house he closed the window and the curtain

“Move” Al said and Sophie quickly moved. She quickly rushed over to the window and opened the curtain to see if she could see the man her dad was talking to and before she knew it, she felt a shoe hit her head

“Get away from the window you stink” Al said and Sophie sat under the table and signed…


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Frank put the tool kit away next to the washing machine and washed his hands when he heard a knock on the door. Frank wiped his hands and he walked to the front door


“Hello Frank” Donald said


“Donald” Frank said


“I heard you were back…can I come in?” Donald said

“ok” Frank said and Donald let himself in the house and they both stood looking at each other for a few minutes

“You obviously came here to say something, why don’t you get it off your chest” Frank said

“Alright but you probably won’t like it…Bobby has been through a lot of heartache since you left, and she’s finally found some happiness” Donald said

“And you don’t want me to screw things up for her” Frank said

“That’s exactly what I am saying” Donald said

“This town never changes…everyone thinking they can tell people how to run their lives” Frank said

“Excuse me?” Donald said

“What goes on between me and Bobby has absolutely nothing to do with you” Frank said

“Yes it does when she’s crying herself to sleep every night because of the pain you caused her” Donald said

“That was in the past” Frank said

“Frank, If you still have any feelings for her then you wouldn’t hurt her again” Donald said

“Don’t you think Bobby and I are old enough to make our own decisions?” Frank said

“Yes I do, so do the adult thing and decide to leave her alone” Donald said

“You can’t tell me what to do” Frank said






“IT IS WHEN I WAS THE ONE PICKING UP THE PIECES YOU LEFT BEHIND” Donald said as Pippa, Reverend Jones, Sally and Christopher walked into the house

“Frank, Donald, what is this about?” Pippa said concerned and confused as she rushed over to Frank and Donald


“Sorry Pippa” Donald said then he walked out of the house as Frank sighed…


Background music ends

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Chapter 455




Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Oh hello love…any joy getting in touch with Roo?” Ailsa said as Alf walked into the kitchen

“Yeah, I just spoke to her” Alf said as he sat down on a chair in the kitchen

“And what did she say?” Ailsa said

“Basically the same as what Frank said…they want different things in life whatever that's  supposed to mean. “ Alf said

“Well it makes sense love, they are young…there wasn’t any guarantee that it was going to work out between them” Ailsa said

“I know but she was so happy with him and he looked me in the eye and said that Ruthy is who he wanted to be with” Alf said

“I don’t think he know what he wants, last night he told Bobby he wanted to get back with her” Ailsa

“That mongrel. Doesn’t he had anything better to do in life?" Alf said

"Come on Alf he's young" Ailsa said

He told me Ruthy is who he wanted to be with” Alf said

“It’s better for them to be apart than to be in a unhappy marriage” Ailsa said

“I know but he left her all alone..maybe I should go over and see her” Alf said

“I don’t think that is a good idea, Roo is a big girl, she made the decision to stay in America and from what I recall when we went, she was really having a good time. She can take care of herself Alf..give her a chance to prove that” Ailsa said and Alf sighed…yeah you’re right..she pretty much said the same thing” Alf said

“Then we both cant be wrong” Ailsa said and smiled….



Beach -Summer Bay

“This place is so perfect” Finlay said as she closed her eyes and smiled as she felt the sun graze her skin

“Yeah, its alright” Emma said

“Its way better than living in the city..and the guys are much spunkier here” Finlay said

“I guess” Emma said

“There must be some hot guys at your school” Finlay said and Emma sighed a she thought about how much of a fool she made of herself with David

“No…there isn’t” Emma said and sighed

“Too bad…I think Frank is hot” Finlay said

“Mrs Fletchers son?” Emma said

“Yeah, the very same one” Finlay said

“But he’s way older than you” Emma said

“I’m nineteen…and and adult..besides…I like older guys” Finlay said and smiled to herself as Emma sighed as she thought about David…



“Hey Marty, there’s that Sheila Finlay over there..” Lance said and he began to walk fast

“Lance Lance Lance…leave her alone..besides she got the hots for Frank anyway” Martin said

“Oh..alright, what should we do now, lets go down the Yabbie Creek” Lance said excited

“Nah..I just want to walk on the beach then go and get a milkshake or something” Martin said

“You’ve really changed Marty” Lance said disappointed

“How?” Martin said

“You don’t want to do anything like we used to do” Lance said

“I guess I have changed…the army does that to you” Martin said

“I want the old Marty” Lance said disappointed

“Where does Carly live?” Martin said

“In the flat above Mr Stewarts shop” Lance said

“Alright, lets go and pay her a visit” Martin said as Lance followed behind disappointed



Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Bobby wiped her brow as she carried the tray of lasagna to her car for, Sam and Greg to have as dinner. Bobby put the tray inside her car and was just about to sit in when she saw someone who looked familiar. She closed the car door and walked away. As she got closer, she could see the woman packing her crystal ball away


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“We meet again” Bobby said and the woman turned around and looked at Bobby

“I don’t know if you remember me, but you said I should let go of past hurt to find new love” Bobby said

“Look I don’t want any trouble, I’m just tell you what the cards say..and no refunds” the fortune teller said

“No,  I just wanted to tell you that what you said happened…I recently met my boyfriend and everything is going really good” Bobby said

“Well good then…do you want another reading? As a return customer I’ll give you a 5% discount” the fortune teller said and Bobby laughed  

“I think I already know what’s going to happen in my future” Bobby said and began to walk away thinking of Sam and Greg and the great future they will have…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve sighed. He looked down at his homework, it was all finished even though he still had one week left of school holidays. He put his pen down and opened the drawer and took out the letter he wrote to his aunt. The letter where he said that he was happy in Summer Bay, and he wanted to stay here and be with his family. Steven sighed then ripped the letter in half then he picked up his pen and opened his note pad and began to write a new letter….

Frank sat on the chair on the veranda and stared at the daisies growing on the ground in the garden

“Frank” Pippa said as she went outside and sat next to him

“Are you alright?” Pippa said

“Yeah fine” Frank said

“That screaming match with Donald..I didn’t have to hear all of it to know what it was about” Pippa said

“Just Donald poking his nose in where it’s not wanted” Frank said

“sweetheart, I know that things have changed since you were last home…I guess in some ways you wasn’t expecting it…but you wasn’t here…and life had to go on” Pippa said and Frank sighed

“Yeah, I know” Frank said

“Give it some time..everything will be alright…ok” Pippa said and Frank looked at her and smiled

“Ok” Frank said and Frank put his arm around Pippa and sighed…


Morgan Residence- New York


Roo mustve dozed off because when she opened her eyes Donavan was getting dressed. He turned around to look at her

“I didn’t mean to wake you up” Donavan said

“Its ok…I need to be up anyway..I have to start pack” Roo said and she sat up in the bed and wrapped the sheets around her

“Oh yes, you’re moving into your new bachelorette pad” Donavan said as he zipped his trousers and Roo smiled

“I can’t wait to see it” Donavan said and Roo sighed

“Is there something wrong?” Donavan said

“Donavan, I really like you but…Nancy..she’s my friend..and us doing this….you’re getting married…I don’t think we should do this again” Roo said. As much as she liked Donavan, she didn’t want to go through this again not in her new life in New York

“Is that right?” Donavan said and Roo nodded

“I’m disappointed, but its your decision” Donavan said as he put his jacket on and looked at Roo

“I better go, I need to check out of the hotel” Donavan said and he walked to the door, and out of the apartment. Roo sighed as she leaned back on the bed. In some way she was disappointed with his reaction, and wondered if she had made the right decision but her only focus now was work…and she was going to make sure that she got to the top…and she couldn’t wait…


Background music ends



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly walked out of the room when she heard footsteps

“You’ve got visitors. Ben said as he looked at Carly

“G’day Carls, we were in the area and wanted to say hello” Martin said

“Yeah, in the area” Lance said and Ben smirked and shook his head

“Oh..ok..have a seat” Carly said as she looked at Ben

“Do you want a drink or something?” Carly said

“Nah, we just came from the diner” Martin said as he looked at Carly. He could tell that she was different, but he didn’t know what it was that was different.

“So  when are you going back?” Carly said

“Tuesday” Martin said as Ben looked at him

“Do you like it..I mean the army?” Carly said

“Its definitely changed my life…that’s for sure. When I get back, I’m going to be stationed out in Perth” Martin said

“So when can you come home again?” Carly said

“Probably not for a little while” Martin said as Lance sighed and Ben looked at Carly

“Nice timing that Frankie comes home as well” Martin said

“Yeah, its good to have him home” Carly said and smiled

“Its been nice seeing old mates again” Martin said

“Since you’re both here, are you up for a friendly game of cards? Ben said

“Not me mate, not my thing” Martin said

“Hey you remember when Frank beat those blokes at the RSL?” Martin said and Carly laughed

“Yeah I remember, he got $50 that night” Carly said and laughed

“Maybe he might like to play as well” Ben said

“Frank is really really good though” Carly said which annoyed Ben

“Anyway, we better get going” Martin said and he got up from the couch

“Its been really good to see you Martin” Carly said

“Yeah, good to see you too..see you later Lieutenant Lucini” Martin said and Ben nodded his head

“Ill walk you downstairs” Carly said and she smiled and followed Lance and Martin down the stairs

“Where are you off too now?” Carly said as she folded her arms

“I need to head home, going to see my nan in the Yabbie Creek” Martin said as Lance looked at him

“ if I don’t see you before you go, it was nice seeing you” Carly said and she leaned forward and hugged Martin. When he pulled away he looked at her

“Carly, I don’t mean to overstep the mark, but are you alright?” Martin said

“Yeah fine…why?” Carly said

“You just seem different, that’s all” Martin said

“No, I’m fine” Carly said

“Alright then…take care of yourself” Martin said

“You too” Carly said and smiled. As Martin turned around to catch up to Lance, he looked up at the window to see Ben watching him then he turned around and walked away…


Carly closed the door behind her when she entered the house

“Martin has really calmed down, he used to be really wild before..The army has really changed him” Carly said

“Some of that needs to rub off on that bozo Lance” Ben said and Carly sighed

“What was that wise crack about Frank being a good card player?” Ben said

“I was just saying that he was a good card player, that’s all” Carly said

“So you think he’s better than me?” Ben said

“ didn’t say that, I just said that he was very good that’s all” Carly said and she walked into the bedroom

“Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you” Ben said and Carly sighed, she knew what was coming next. She stopped talking and turned around to face Ben and before she knew it, he had his arms wrapped around her neck and was squeezing. She didn’t even have the strength to say anything when Ben punched her in the ribs and she fell on the ground. He looked at her on the floor then he walked out of the room and slammed the door…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Nice to see you too making a go of things” Ailsa said as she sat at the table next to Nick and Julie

“Thanks” Julie said and smiled

“I’m surprised that you opened today” Nick said

“We were not sure if we would get any customers but we’ve been really busy today.” Ailsa said and she drank some of her tea

“Hello Ailsa…is Bobby here” Frank said as he walked into the diner

“Yes, shes back there” Ailsa said and watched as Frank walked away

“Who is that?” Julie said

“Bobby’s ex husband” Ailsa said and sighed


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme

“Hi” Frank said as he walked into the office. He looked around. It was much different than the last time he and Bobby were in the office breaking up


“Hi” Bobby said and smiled. She felt a flutter in her stomach as she looked at him

“Do you want something to eat or drink?” Bobby said and she got up from her seat behind the desk

“No, I’ll just get straight to the point” Frank said and looked at her

“For most of the day I’ve been thinking things through” Frank said

“What's to think through? I thought we sorted everything out last night” Bobby said

“Yeah, so did I” Frank said

“So, whats the problem?” Bobby said

“You know you said you wanted to be friends?” Frank said

“Yes, I meant it..I've missed that ” Bobby said

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Frank said and Bobby sighed

“You’ve been speaking to Ailsa and Dad” Bobby said and sighed and folded her arms

“Its got nothing to do with them” Frank said

“So what is this about?” Bobby said

“I don’t think I can be just friends with you…not after telling you how I feel” Frank said

“Frank we’re adults, we are supposed to handle things like this” Bobby said

“I guess I’m not much of an adult yet” Frank said and Bobby sighed

“Fine, if that’s what makes you happy” Bobby said unfolded her arms. She couldn’t understand why Frank was being like this

“It does make me happy, but it’s the best thing for both of us” Frank said

“How do you know whats best for both of us, all you ever do is think about yourself” Bobby said

“Believe me Bobby, it’s the only way to go” Frank said and walked out of the office leaving Bobby confused and disappointed. A few moments later Ailsa walked into the office

“Everything alright?” Ailsa said

“Yeah, sure…lets close up” Bobby said and forced a smile. As Ailsa walked away her smile disappeared and she leaned on the wall and sighed…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 456

Gibson residence- Yabbie Creek

Nick turned the engine off and sighed as Julie looked at the house

“You could’ve stayed with me an extra night you know” Nick said

“Yes, I’m sure you wouldve liked that” Julie said and laughed

“So what happens now?” Nick said

“You phone me later when you get a break” Julie said then Nick bent down and kissed her

“I’ve had the best Christmas” Nick said

“Me too” Julie said and smiled

“Do you want me to come in with you?” Nick said

“No, I’ll be fine” Julie said

“Alright then..i’ll call you later” Nick said and he kissed Julie one more time and she smiled then he got into his car and drove away. Julie smiled

“Is that the copper from Summer Bay?” Julie turned around to see her brother standing behind you

“So what if it is” Julie said as she wheeled herself into the house as Revhead watch Nick drive away.…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Frank opened the caravan and stepped inside. It was empty but tidy he closed the door and sat down on the chair and sighed




Frank- I wasn’t sure if you would come tonight

Bobby- Why

Frank- Because I hurt you so much

Bobby- You did…no matter how much I tried to hate you, I couldn’t

Frank- Because you love me that’s why

Bobby- If I could stop, I would..but I can’t…I don’t think I can ever stop loving you…


Flashback ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“I know” Greg said and laughed as he spoke to Grant at the dinner table as Bobby looked at him and smiled




Frank- I don’t think I can be just friends with you…not after telling you how I feel

Bobby- Frank we’re adults, we are supposed to handle things like this

Frank- I guess I’m not much of an adult yet

Bobby- Fine, if that’s what makes you happy

Frank -It doesnt make me happy, but it’s the best thing for both of us

Bobby- How do you know whats best for both of us, all you ever do is think about yourself

Frank- Believe me Bobby, it’s the only way to go

Flashback ends

Bobby sighed as she thought about what Frank said. She really missed her friendship with him, he was her best friend…and now that was gone again…

“You’re quiet, are you alright?” Greg said

“Yeah, fine..just a bit tired that’s all” Bobby said and smiled

Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank sighed as he thought about the times he and Bobby spent in the van, talking..making love. Then he remembered what Pippa said about life having to go on because he left Summer Bay


Knock on the door


Frank looked at the door

“Its open” Frank said and the door opened

“Hello Frank, sorry to disturb you, I saw you come in here..I was wondering if this was a good time to talk?” Reverend Jones said

“Ok, come in” Frank said and Reverend Jones entered the van and sat opposite Frank

“What do you want to talk about?” Frank said as he looked at Reverend Jones

“I wanted to speak with you about Phillippa” Reverend Jones said

“What about her?” Frank said immediately with concern

“Oh please do not be alarmed its nothing bad” Reverend Jones said

“So what is it?” Frank said

“Well, I know that you are the man of the house, and I wanted to do the right thing and ask you…for your permission…well the permission of your siblings too, to court Phillippa” Reverend Jones said as Frank looked at him

“As you’re aware, I’ve known Philippa for many year, and it was definitely a sign when I met Roberta, and doing so led me to Philippa. I knew at that time she was still mourning her husband…so I wanted to be patient…and be respectful…but now, we love each other and want to see if we can have a future” Reverend Jones said

“And you want to know if its alright with us?” Frank said

“Yes…my intention is not to take the place of your foster father” Reverend Jones was interrupted

“You cant do that” Frank said and Reverend Jones felt a bit disappointed even though he knew it was facts

“I understand…I am leaving tomorrow morning to take care of a few things, then I will be back at the weekend” Reverend Jones said

“You live far, how can you and Pippa make things work if you only see each other at the weekends?” Frank said as this sounded familiar to him

“Well, I’ve asked to be transferred to Summer Bay…to be closer” Reverend Jones said as he looked at Frank

“Alright, I’ll talk to the others” Frank said

“I feel like there is a but coming” Reverend Jones said and Frank sighed

“Steve, Carly, Bobby they are grown..they know you better than I do…and to be honest they will go with whatever I decide about this, regardless of how they feel” Frank said and Reverend Jones looked at him

 “Sally and Christopher are my concerns. Chris is too young to remember Tom, but Sal…you saw the way she reacted when I came home. She made me promise I wouldn’t go again” Frank said

“Are you going?” Reverend Jones said and Frank looked at him

“I just don’t want someone coming into her life who has no intention of sticking around” Frank said

“I understand your concern..Frank, I cant predict the future, but what I know now is that I am here for Sally, Steven, Roberta, Carly, Christopher and Phillippa right now. I understand that you don’t know me as well as the others…I would like us to get the chance to change that. I will also understand if you decide that you wont give me your blessing” Reverend Jones said

“Then that hurts Pippa” Frank said

“I did tell her that the only way we would move forward is with the blessing of you all” Reverend Jones said

“I’ll talk to the others” Frank said

“Thank you” Reverend Jones said then he got up and walked out of the van and Frank sighed and stared at the ceiling


Background music ends




Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma opened the bedroom door, stepped in and closed the door behind her

“Hey” Emma said and Sandra turned around

“How was the beach?” Sandra said

“Alright…you should’ve come” Emma said and sat on her bed

“No, I just wasn’t in the mode” Sandra said

“So what did you do all day?” Emma said

“Homework” Sandra said

“But we have one week left until school” Emma said

“I know, but I just felt like doing it” Sandra said

“When I was going through my stuff…with my stepdad..I told you about it” Emma said and Sandra sighed

“Yesterday when we went over to the caravan park, Steve and I were supposed to…you know…then he went cold on me…When we joined everyone back in the house…he was really close with Finlay..I guess since they live in the same place..maybe they like each other now” Sandra said

“Nah, Finlay has the hots for Steve’s brother Frank…she couldn’t stop talking about him” Emma said

“So they why is he being like this? He hasn’t even phoned today” Sandra said


“Why don’t you ask him” Emma said

“You think so?” Sandra said

“Well at least you’ll know either way then if he is breaking up with you , you can move on” Emma said

“Yeah I suppose so” Sandra said dejected and sighed


Lucini Residene- Summer Bay

“Ok…Bye” Carly said and she put the phone down while wrapping herself with her arm

“Who was that?” Ben said

“Steve..I’m going over to the caravan park” Carly said

What for? Ben said

“Just a family meeting” Carly said

“About what?” Ben said

“I don’t know, Steve just said Frank wanted to have a family meeting” Carly said

“So you jump anytime Frank says so?” Ben said

“It sounds important, so I have to go” Carly said

“Since it’s a family meeting and we’re married, I need to be there too” Ben said

“I don’t know” Carly said and sighed

“Why? Frank wont like it? I’m not afraid of your loser brother” Ben said and laughed as Carly sighed


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Alright, bye” Bobby said and she put the phone down as Greg Grant watched TV and Sam played

“Greg, can you watch Sam for a little while, I need to go out” Bobby said

“Yeah, sure, where are you going?” Greg said

“Just to the caravan park…a family meeting” Bobby said

“Oh, right…what is that about?” Greg said

“I don’t know until I get there…Steve just called” Bobby said

“Is Frank going to be there?” Greg said

“Of cause he is silly, he is part of my family too” Bobby said

“Yeah…but so are me and Sam” Greg said and he hugged Bobby

“I know, but this is different…I wont be long” Bobby said and kissed Greg

“Sam, be a good boy ok, I wont be long” Bobby said

“Ok” Bobby said and she picked up her keys and walked out of the house as Greg sighed

“Everything alright?” Grant said

“What do you make of Frank? Greg said

“I don really know him…I met him this morning briefly on the beach” Grant said

“He’s supposed to be this hot **** executive..what is he doing back here in Summer Bay” Greg said

“Maybe he missed home or something” Grant said

“He said he didn’t like it in New York and that he split up with his wife, but he just happens to turn up in Summer Bay…on Christmas…on Bobbys birthday” Greg said and Grant laughed

“Its probably all just a coincidence..What are you so worried about anyway?..Bobby is with you..she loves you” Grant said

“I know that…but I’m wondering if Frank knows that” Greg said and sighed…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Frank looked at Bobby as he walked into the living room where Finlay was playing with Christopher and Sally, Bobby and Steven where seated at the table. Frank walked into the kitchen to make himself some coffee.  Shortly after Finlay walked into the kitchen with Christopher where Frank was putting some coffee in his cup

“I can make you the coffee if you want” Finlay said and smiled

“No, its alright…thanks” Frank said as he put some hot water into the cup then he walked out of the kitchen

“I think he remembers me, but hes not sure” Frank said as he gently touched Christopher’s hand”

“He’s got a favourite toy, he will not let it go and Mrs Fletcher said you sent it to him” Finlay said and Frank smiled as Bobby watched Frank and Finlay. A few moments later Carly came into the house with Ben behind her

“Should I take Christopher into the play room?” Finlay said

“No, ill take him” Bobby said and she got up and took Christopher from Finlay as Frank looked at her

“Ill be in my van…goodnight” Finlay said and smiled then she left the house

“This is a family meeting” Bobby said as she sat down at the dining table with Christopher as she looked at Ben

“I am family, isn’t that right Carly” Ben said and Carly looked at Bobby

“This is just to do with us” Frank said Ben looked at him

“I guess I’ll wait outside” Ben said

“Its alright, ill give Carly a lift home” Bobby said and Ben looked at Carly

“Alright then…see you later..i love you” Ben said and he bent down and kissed Carly and she forced a smile then he looked at Bobby then he walked out of the house as Carly silently sighed as Frank sat down to start the meeting…

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Chapter 457


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Fletcher family theme


Pippa stood by the open bedroom door with the intention of listening to the meeting,  then she sighed and closed the door..


“I have a conversation with Reverend Jones today about Pippa” Frank said

“Is there something wrong?” Carly said

“No, quite the opposite…he told me that he wanted to ask me…well us for our permission to go out with Pippa” Frank said

“I knew that was coming” Steve said

“Yeah, nobody travels that far to see someone who is just a friend” Carly said and Frank and Bobby looked at each other

“Sal..what do you think?...do you like Reverend Jones?” Frank said

“Is he going to be my dad?” Sally said

“Would that be bad?” Frank said

“What about Tom?” Sally said

“Tom is still your dad..he’s still all our dads..but he’s not here anymore…and Pippa is by herself” Frank said

“But she’s not sad, and you came home now” Sally said

“I know sweetheart, but its not the same..if you don’t want Reverend Jones around, its ok…you can say it” Frank said

“Sal, you like Reverend Jones and so does Pippa. She wants to be happy too..She doesn’t have anyone..she'll be very sad if Reverend Jones goes” Bobby said

“Like you were sad when Frank went” Sally said and Bobby looked at Frank then at Carly annoyed

“I like Reverend Jones…he’s not Tom, but he’s been a good friend..I’m alright with this” Steve said

“Yeah me too, Pippa needs some love in her life..and Reverend Jones is really nice. Chris loves him and when he’s here he’s really calming” Carly said

“Sal, what do you think?” Frank said

“Will it make Pippa not be sad?” Sally said

“I think it will make Pippa very happy” Steve said and Bobby rolled her eyes

“Ok” Sally said and smiled

“What about you Frank,…what do you think?” Carly said

“I’m not really happy about it..but I don’t really know the guy…you all know him better than me..but I guess its not about me, this is about Pippa…and what's going to make her happy. Reverend Jones said he’s transferring over to the churchhere if we are ok with it” Frank said

“Is he coming to live in the caravan?” Sally said

“No, he’s probably going to live at the church house or something” Frank said

“That’s sweet, coming all the way here for love” Carly said and Frank and Bobby looked at each other

“So the decision is unanimous..Ill let Pippa know then I’ll let him know” Frank said and he got up from his chair

“I think its really sweet..you know him asking us first” Carly said

“Yeah, hes a really nice guy…I’m glad I met him..it must have been fate that I got into the car crash that day…now Pippa gets a second chance at happiness” Bobby said

“Yeah..I’m happy for her” Carly said and sighed wishing that she was happy right now

“Frank…can we do something tomorrow..maybe go to the beach or something” Carly said. Christopher tried to crawl onto her but she winced in pain

“Whats wrong?” Bobby said

“My ribs are still a bit sore..so what do you say?” Carly said

“I dunno, I was going to go to the City and see Narelle and Matt…get away from this place for a while” Frank said

“Oh” Carly said

“If you go, please tell Narelle I’ve been trying to call her” Bobby said and Frank ignored her and turned to Carly

“Well, I’ll need to find out if Narelle is around” Frank said

“Frank…I said please tell Narelle I’ve been trying to call her ” Bobby said and Frank ignored her

“So this not being friends thing means you’re not gong to talk to me?” Bobby said and Frank ignored her

“…like literally not talk at all?” Bobby said in disbelief

“Fine..thanks a lot Frank..Carly Ill wait for you outside” Bobby said and sighed then she handed Christopher to Steve and walked out of the house as Steve as Frank walked away….


Background music ends



Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek


“Come in” Julie said as her bedroom door opened and she took the towel off her drying hair

“Hello love” Alec Gibson said as he walked into the room and closed the door

“Did you have a good time in Summer Bay?” Alec said

“Yes, I did” Julie said

“And Nick..he was happy you came?” Alec said

“Yes he was” Julie said

“Look Dad…I know what you’re going to say..and I don’t want to hear it..I love Nick and he loves me and that’s the end of that” Julie said

“You got it wrong this time love, I wasn’t going to say that” Alec said and Julie looked at him

“I was going to say that I know you love Nick, and I really do hope that it works out for you” Alec said

“Thanks Dad…I know that was hard for you to say but thank you…Everything I ever wanted in my life..I got it…a great job…good friends, and a guy who really loves me. Sitting in this I never thought I would have any of those things much less all of them” Julie said

“But now you have..and I’m really proud of you” Alec said

“It’s a shame that mum isn’t” Julie said

“She is…in her own way” Alec said and smiled as Julie smiled not convinced of what her dad was saying…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby opened the door and put her keys on the table

“Sorry, I took so long, has Sam gone to bed?” Bobby said

“Yeah…he wanted to wait up, but I wasn’t sure how long you would be” Greg said

“I’ll go and kiss him goodnight in a minute..I gave Carly a lift home” Bobby said

“So how was the meeting?” Greg said as he got up from the couch and followed Bobby into the kitchen as she made some tea

“Ok” Bobby said


Background music – Greg and Bobbys theme


“Anything you want to talk about?” Greg said

“No, just family stuff…do you want some tea?” Bobby said and Greg kissed her neck

“I missed you” Greg said and Bobby closed her eyes. If she was honest with herself, this is not wanted she wanted because she was still upset that Frank refused to talk to her

Greg turned Bobby around and started kissed her lips and Bobby moved back

“Is there something wrong?” Greg said

“I’m just really tired. Its going to be a long week with the awards on Friday night and all the prep work I have to do this week and interviews” Bobby said

“Alright then..I have an early start in the morning as well” Greg said as Greg began to walk to the door. Bobby sighed and followed behind him

“Thanks for looking after Sam tonight” Bobby said as Greg turned around

“Well he is my son…our son” Greg said and smiled then he bent down and gave Bobby a kiss

“Goodnight” Greg said

“Night” Bobby said and Greg smiled then he let himself out of the house and closed the door. Bobby closed the door and leaned on it and sighed…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Pippa rested her head on Reverend Jones chest “Do you have to go tonight?” Pippa said

“Unfortunately, yes…but I’ll be back on Friday” Reverend Jones said and he gently kissed the top of Pippa’s head

“What did Frank say?” Pippa said

“He gave his blessing, but I got the impression that its something he struggled with” Reverend Jones

“Out of all the kids, he knew Tom the longest, so it’s probably not going to be easy seeing me with another man..” Pippa said

“Yes I can imagine…walk me to the car” Reverend Jones said and he walked out of the van, and a few moments later, Pippa joined him and they walked hand in hand

“This feels really nice….not having to hide how I feel” Reverend Jones

“Yes, it does feel really nice” Pippa said and smiled then they stopped walking when they got to the car. Reverend Jones put his case in the car and closed the back passenger door. The he put his arms around Pippa

“I guess this is it then” Pippa said and Reverend Jones nodded then they both leaned forward and kissed. Pippa felt her knees go weak. She held onto Reverend Jones tight because she thought she was going to fall then he pulled away

“I better go” Reverend Jones said and kissed Pippa’s forehead

“When do you find out if you get got the transfer?” Pippa said

“Hopefully before the end of January” Reverend Jones said as he got into the car

“Ok…well drive safely” Pippa said then she leaned into the car and kissed him one more time

“Thank you” Reverend Jones said and he smiled then he drove away. Pippa folded her arms and sighed then she began walking back to the house. The sky was clear, and the weather was cool

“ Has Reverend Jones gone?” Pippa looked to see Frank sitting outside on the veranda

“Yes he just left” Pippa said and she walked over and sat next to him

“I know that it was probably hard for you to give your blessing because you knew Tom the longest…but Alex isn’t trying to take Toms place” Pippa said

“Yeah I know…is just going to be strange having another bloke around you know…but I know this makes you happy…so its ok with me” Frank said

“Thank you” Pippa said and she rested her head on Franks shoulder

“Are you still going to the city tomorrow?” Pippa said

“I couldn’t get hold of Narelle..Ill go next week or something” Frank said

“It will get easy Frank…I promise” Pippa said and Frank put his arm around her and sighed as they both stared at the sky….



General Hospital- City


The ambulance rolled the hospital gurney into emergency room

“Ok folks what do we have here?” The Doctor said

“Suspected drug overdose” the paramedic said

“Do we know what drug?” The Doctor said

“No, it was an anonymous call that alerted us” The paramedic said

“Did you find any ID?” The Doctor said

“No, but the anonymous caller said her name is Narelle” The paramedic said

“Ok lets start by pump her stomach to get the any left over drugs out of her system” The doctor said then closed the curtain that surrounded the hospital bed…



Background music ends


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Chapter 458




Beach – Summer Bay


Jeff Samuels ran on the beach as fast as he could. He could feel his feet sinking deeper and deeper into the sand the faster he ran,  but he didn’t stop. Eventually the force of the sand became too much and eventually he began to slow down as he his heart continued to beat fast. He stopped walking and put his hands on his hips breathing through his mouth as he looked into the water. There were a few surfers surfing, but it was still early. He began to slowly walk as his guilt started to rise




Jeff- Ambulance…please quick…someone is overdosing…just come quickly…it doesn’t matter what my name is…her name is Narelle…Narelle Smart….


Flashback ends


Jeff sighed. Even though he made the phone call, he knew that it wasn’t a good idea to leave Narelle alone, otherwise he would get into trouble…a lot of trouble. He was too scared to call the hospital to see how she was. Jeff inhaled and exhaled and started to run again hoping that his guilt would go away…


General Hospital- The City


Narelle opened her eyes and looked around. She coughed and could feel that her throat was very sore. She closed her eyes and attempted to swallow but her throat felt like it was on fire. A few moments later the nurse walked into the room

“Hi, you’re awake…” The nurse said Narelle tried to speak but she couldn’t hear herself

“Don’t try to speak…I’ll get you some water” The nurse said and she poured some water from the jug next to Narelle’s bed into a cup. She put the cup up to Narelle’s lips and she swallowed a sip of it

“I’ll just tell the dr that you are awake” The nurse said and smiled then she walked out of the hospital room. Narelle sighed then she closed her eyes



Narelle – Its been a nice Christmas

Jeff- Yeah it has…probably an even better one for your folks

Narelle- I know, winning a cruise for Christmas

Jeff- I get to have you all to myself…but do you know whats going to make it an even better Christmas..this

Narelle- Jeff, we said we weren’t going to do that anymore

Jeff- Come on, it’s a special occasion…our first Christmas together

Narelle- I don’t know…I told you I don’t want to do it..

Jeff- Come on, just a little for Christmas…that’s all

Narelle- Just for Christmas and that’s it?

Jeff- I promise..

Flashback ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Ailsa walked into the kitchen to see Grant standing there

“G’day” Grant said and smiled

“Hello” Ailsa said and smiled as an awkwardness filled the kitchen

“I’m rota’d on to work today” Ailsa said

“That’s fine” Ailsa said and she walked into the pantry and put her apron on. This was the first time she had seen Grant since they slept together on Christmas day. She didn’t know whether she should say something. Ailsa and exhaled and walked out of the pantry and got a shock when she saw Alf and Grant talking to each other

“I’m not much of a gambler” Grant said

“We don’t play for big money..Ailsa help me convince him” Alf said

“To do what?” Ailsa said

“We’re all getting together tonight at Nicks for a card game…and Grant doesn’t want to go” Alf said

“Not that I don’t want to go…I’m not much of a gambler” Grant said

“Come on, what else are you going to do other than hanging around the house while your girlfriend is out of town” Alf said and Grant looked at him


“Alright…what time?” Grant said

“7pm at Nicks..I better run, got to go to the wholesalers…I’ll see you later love” Alf said and he kissed Ailsa and she smiled then he walked out of the diner leaving Ailsa and Grant alone….



General Hospital- The City

“The police also want to speak to you..that is if you’re up to it” The doctor said to Narelle as he told her that she was lucky to be alive after overdosing. Narelle sighed. Speaking to the police meant she had to tell them what happened. Narelle turned her head away from the doctor and looked at the window


“Can I call anyone for you..a relative..a friend” the doctor said and Narelle turned and looked at him then nodded as a tear fell down her cheek...



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Fiona put the papers aside on the counter and began to clean as the door bell above the door indicated a customer was coming in. Fiona turned around and noticed it was the guy who came in the other day

“Hi” Fiona said as she cleaned the counter

“G’day” Greg said as he walked over to the shelf and picked up a can of WD40 and walked back over to the counter

“We go through this stuff like water” Greg said and smiled

“Fiona right?” Greg said as he took money out of his pocket

“Yes, it’s Greg?” Fiona said as Greg also took a piece of paper out of his pocket

“Correct…hey do you think Alf would mind if I put a notice up in the window?” Greg said

“I can ask him when he gets back…what is it for?” Fiona said

“My flat mate and I we’re looking for a cleaner..nothing full time, just a couple of days in the week” Greg said

“Well, I’m interested” Fiona said

“Really?” Greg said

“Yeah, well from January I’ll be cleaning the surf club when it three times a week part time, and here in the afternoon, so I will have maybe two hours or so twice a week” Fiona said

“That would be fantastic…but the pay wont be that much” Greg said

“That’s alright..every penny helps” Fiona said

“Well sounds like I wont be needing this then” Greg said and ripped up the paper in his hand

“I’ll let Nick know I found someone, and let you know when you can start” Greg said as Alf walked into the shop

“Start what? I hope you’re not poaching my staff” Alf said as he walked to the counter

“Well sorta, Fiona has agreed to do a few hours of cleaning for us at the house” Greg said and Fiona smiled

“Oh..right...By the way, we got a game on tonight, at Nicks…you up for it?” Alf said

“I was suppose to have dinner with Bobby and Sam” Greg said

“I’m sure she wont mind you having a night out with the blokes” Alf said

“Whats this about a night out?” Ben said as he walked down the stairs

“Tonight…a game at Nicks…you in?” Alf said and Ben smiled

“Of course..I’m just off to the surf club to put up the shelves…see you tonight” Ben said and smiled as he walked out of the shop, because he knew that he was going to win tonight, because he knew that nobody in Summer Bay was better than he way….


Sands resort- Summer Bay


Bobby reviewed the menus and looked at the parties being held this week. She checked the roster to make sure she had enough staff available then the phone rang


“Sands resort, Roberta speaking” Bobby said when she picked up the phone then suddenly her face turned into one of shock

“Ok…I’ll be there as quickly as I can…thanks for calling me” Bobby said and she put the phone down and sighed then she picked up the menus and her keys and rushed out of the office…

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Chapter 459


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Frank yawned as he walked down the stairs and into the living room. He was tired but had not slept much

“Hi” Finlay said and smiled when she saw Frank

“G’day” Frank said and walked into kitchen

“Where is everyone?” Frank said

“Pippa and Sally have gone to the market, Steve has gone to the library…and Christopher is having nap” Finlay said

“Oh, Pippa asked if you can look at the lighting in van number 6” Finlay said

“Ok” Frank said as he poured water into the cup

“Can I get you some breakfast?” Finlay

“No thanks” Frank said as he drank his coffee

“Ill just go and take a look at number 6” Frank said and he went into the pantry and took out the took box and walked out of the house. As Frank walked towards the van he could hear a car driving up behind him. He stopped and turned around to see a police car


“G’day” Nick said

“G’day” Frank said

“You new in town?” Nick said

“Something like that” Frank said

“Staying long?” Nick said

“what's it to you? Frank said

“Well we had an incident here not too long ago, just making sure everything is alright” Nick said

“My family own this place” Frank said and he looked at Nick who stared at him for a short while

“Oh, you’re Frank right?” Nick said

“Yeah” Frank said

“Sorry about that…After what happened to Carly, we are patrolling the place…didn’t mean to accuse you of anything..I’m Nick Parrish…” Nick said

“Its alright, so you haven’t caught the guy?” Frank said

“I’m afraid not, and we don’t have any leads either” Nick said as Frank looked at him

“Hey, by the way…some of the guys are having a card game tonight…if you’re interested” Nick said and Frank sighed

“I don’t know” Frank said remembering what happened to him in New York

“I live at 25 ocean drive if you change your mind…8 o’clock” Nick said


“That’s Bob Barnett's place” Frank said

“Yeah, he's my uncle but he's moved so I’m staying there” Nick said and Frank nodded

“See you  later” Nick said

“Yeah see you later” Frank said and he watched Nick drive off


Beach- Summer Bay


Adam was bored as he walked along the beach. He hadn’t heard from Marilyn since she left and he had a few more days off work before he went back to get the building ready for the kids. The only exciting thing that was happening is that he was going to the card game tonight. He never won because he wasn’t good, but it was still better than nothing. Adam stopped walking and sat on the sand and watched the surfers. He wasn’t much of a surfer, not that he had tried, it just wasn’t something he was interested in. As he watched, he noticed a surfer walking toward him running her hands through her hair

“Hey you’re good” Adam said as he noticed Shannon

“Thanks” Shannon said feeling awkward. This was the first time seeing Nick after she kissed him when he fixed her car

“The waves are amazing right now, you can borrow my board if you want to go in” Shannon said

“No, I’m fine” Adam said

“About the other day…I didn’t mean to” Shannon was interrupted

“Its alright…you were just happy I fixed the car…is it still working alright?” Adam said

“Yeah..thanks…can I buy you a coffee to say thank you?” Shannon said and she zipped the front of her wetsuit down as Adam watched her

“Why not” Adam said and smiled then they walked towards the diner…



General Hospital- The City

“Hi, I’m here to see Narelle Smart” Bobby said as she stood at the nurses station

“Room 204 straight down and first on your right” The nurse said

“Thanks” Bobby said and she followed the directions the nurse gave her. She didn’t know what was wrong with Narelle, on that she had been rushed to hospital. After she got the phonecall, she made arrangements for Carly to pick up Sam and take him to Pippa’s house because Greg was at work and rushed to the city. Bobby exhaled then pushed the bedroom door open

“Narelle?” Bobby said and Narelle turned around

“Narelle, what happened?” Bobby said as she rushed over to the bed

“Story of my life…finding out the bloke I love is no good for me” Narelle said

“I don’t understand” Bobby said confused as Narelle sighed…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Frank walked into the house and into the kitchen

“Hi” Pippa said as she turned around to see Frank behind her

“Finlay said you went to the market” Frank said as he put the tool box in the pantry then he kissed Pippa on her cheek

“Yes, I just wanted to get a few things..” Pippa said and Frank smiled

“I fixed the wire in van number 6” Frank said

“Thanks” Pippa said as she put the bread in the fridge

“Where’s Sal?” Frank said

“She’s at Kim Patterson’s house” Pippa said

“So what are your plans for the rest of the day?” Pippa said

“I dunno..I met some bloke called Nick earlier, a copper..he invited me to a card game tonight” Frank said

“That was nice of him, hes a nice young man…are you going to go?” Pippa said

“Not sure…” Frank said


Knock on the door


Pippa and Frank both walked out of the house to see Martin at the door


“G’ day” Martin said as he walked into the house

“Hello Martin how are you?” Pippa said

Great Mrs F” Martin said and smiled

“When are you going back to the army?” Pippa said

“I leave tomorrow” Martin said

“That was quick..anyway, hope to see you soon” Pippa said

“Thanks..and happy new year” Martin said

“Thanks, same to you” Pippa sand and she walked back into the kitchen

“I just wanted to see what you were up to today” Martin said

“Nothing” Frank said

“Do you want to go down the beach? Kick a ball around or something?” Martin said

“Sure why not” Frank said as Steve came into the house

“Steve, we’re going down the beach to play ball, you want to come?” Frank said

“No, I got some more homework to do” Steve said

“Suit yourself…see you  later..Lance should be up by now, lets go and get him” Martin said and Steve looked at him

“Pippa, I wont be long” Frank said

“Alright, see you later” Pippa said as she walked out of the kitchen to see Frank and Martin walk away. She then turned and looked at Steve


Background music- Fletcher family theme


“Sandra called for you earlier” Pippa said and Steve ignored her

“I know Frank being home is hard for you sweetheart” Pippa said and she gently put her hand on Steve’s arm

“Pippa I cant help it, every time I see him, I feel so guilty about what happened to baby Tom” Steve said

“I know sweetheart, but you have to know that it wasn’t your fault” Pippa said

“Yes it was, Frank told me to look after Bobby but I didn’t…I had a feeling that I shouldn’t have left her alone in the diner with Morag but I did…and he died because of me” Steve said

“Oh sweetheart, you have to stop blaming yourself” Pippa said and sighed and Steve inhaled and exhaled

“I might as well tell you now…When I went to England my Aunt Donna asked me if I want to go and live with her and go to school in England..I told her I’ll think about it…but I’ve decided I want to do it” Steve said as Pippa looked at him in shock…


“Hi” Finlay said as Frank and Martin walked towards her van

“Hi” Frank said

“G’day” Martin said

“What are you two up to?” Finlay

“Just going down the beach..play some footy” Martin said

“Oh right, I’m meeting Emma down there so I might see you later” Finlay said and smiled

“Yeah see you later” Martin said and he and Frank walked away

“Yep..she definitely has the hots for you” Martin said and Frank smiled


Background music ends



General Hospital- The City


“I asked you if that stuff at your place was yours, you said no, why did you lie?” Bobby said annoyed

“I couldn’t tell you the truth, you already didn’t like Jeff…If I told you what was going on, you wouldve been upset” Narelle said

“Too right I would” Bobby said and sighed

“The main thing is you’re here, and you’re ok” Bobby said and she sat on the end of the bed

“Samuels is such a creep, he actually left you…just left you knowing what was happening…When I see him” Bobby was interrupted

“Don’t say anything to him” Narelle said

“Narelle!” Bobby said

“I know what he’s done but..” Narelle said

“Don’t tell me you’re still in love with the guy” Bobby said and sighed as Narelle looked at the ceiling and sighed…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Fletcher family theme


Pippa sat next to Steve on the coach and sighed.

“So this decision to go to England has nothing to do with Frank being home?” Pippa said

“No, Its something I’ve been thinking about for a while” Steve said as he looked at Christopher playing with the toy Frank sent him for Christmas last year.

“Well, ill be sorry to see you go” Pippa said trying to hide her disappointment

“With my Uncle Phil gone, Donna is my only living relative, and I feel like I need to get to know her better” Steve said

“Oh…right So when are you going?” Pippa said

“I don’t know yet, I just posted her a letter teller her of my decision, so I guess it depends on when she says…please don’t tell the others…I want to tell them myself when the time is right” Steve said

“Ok…well you will always have a home here…if you change your mind” Pippa said

“Thanks” Steve said and they hugged as Pippa closed her eyes feeling sad. Things were going so well with Frank home and now she was about to lose another son..


General Hospital- The City


“So when did they say you can break out of here?” Bobby said

“Hopefully in a few hours” Narelle said

“Ok, I’ll hang around and take you home” Bobby said

“Thank you for coming…I didn’t mean to interrupt your day” Narelle said

“You’re a mate…I had to drop everything and come…besides..It was good to get out of Summer Bay for a while” Bobby said

“Why are you and Greg having problems?” Narelle said

“No, everything is fine…he actually got me this watch for Christmas” Bobby said as she showed Narelle her wrist “Its sort of like a commitment present…sort of a pre engagement present” Bobby said and smiled

“Oh Bobby, see and you thought you wouldn’t find anybody again” Narelle said

“Yeah, I know” Bobby said

“Sam must be really happy…his dad and his foster mum getting it together” Narelle said and Bobby smiled and rolled her eyes

“Yeah, it’s nice having my own family” Bobby said

“So if everything is going great, other than to see me, why are you happy to be away from Summer Bay?” Narelle said and Bobby sighed

“Frank is back” Bobby said and Narelle looked at her in shock


Background music ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


The awkwardness filled the diner as Ailsa stood by the counter and Grant finished wiping the sink . A few moments later Grant  walked out of the kitchen and leaned on the counter


“After the rush we had yesterday, I cant believe its so quiet” Ailsa said

“Yeah…people were probably tired of left overs yesterday” Grant said and Ailsa laughed then she looked at her watch

“We might as well close up, I don’t anticipate it getting much busier this after” Ailsa said then she went to reach for a towel on the counter and Grant reached for the towel at the same time. Their hands touched and they looked at each other

“Sorry” Grant said and Ailsa smiled

“It’s alright” you can leave, ill lock up” Ailsa said

“You sure?” Grant said

“Of course…it’s a nice day, go to the beach or something” Ailsa said

“I might just do that..see you later” Grant said and he looked at Ailsa and walked out of the diner then she exhaled and leaned on the diner counter.. 


Beach- Summer Bay


“Mind if I join in” Martin turned around to see Adam walk toward him

“No, the more the merrier” Martin said and Lance, Martin, Frank and Adam begam to play football on the sand. Shannon sat down on the sand and watched Adam play. She noticed that he was very good at controlling the ball.

“Room for one more?” Grant said as he walked towards them

“Join in” Martin said as Grant joined in the game. A few minutes later Shannon could see the ball coming towards her and she oved so she wouldn’t be hit. She got up and picke up the ball as Adam walked towards her

“Sorry about that” Adam said

“Its alright” Shannon said and she handed back the ball to Adam. As their fingers touched Shannon and Adam looked at each other. Shannon blushed and Adam smiled

“Thanks” Adam said and smiled then he ran back towards the others and continued the game..



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Greg came into the house and closed the door

“I wasn’t expecting you home tonight” Nick said

“Bobby had to go to the city, and Sam is over at the caravan park…so I thought I would take this opportunity to hang out with the guys and play cards…oh by the way, I found a cleaner….Fiona..the one who works at Alfs shop, she can work a couple of hours a week” Greg said as he opened the fridge

“I told her I would speak to you and we would let her know when to start” Greg said

“That’s fine…about the game tonight…I thought you were going to be out…so I invited Frank” Nick said and Greg looked at him

“If its going to be a problem” Nick was interrupted

“Its alright, I don’t have a problem with the guy” Greg said forcing a smile

“So you’re alright with him coming tonight?” Nick said

“Yeah of course…Bobby is with me now…everything is fine…infact…I’ve already started saving for an engagement ring” Greg said and smiled

“Congrats in advance..I’m just going out to get some beer…hold on to your appetite, and I’ll bring a pizza back” Nick said and he walked towards the door

“Righto” Greg said and smiled until he heard Nick close the door then his smiled disappeared and he sighed….


Summer Bay


“Sees you later” Lance said and he walked towards his mobile home leaving Frank and Martin walking towards the caravan park

“So what does it feel like to be back?” Martin said

“Different…lots of things have changed…but the Summer Bay residents are still as nosey as ever” Frank said and Martin laughed

“What about you?” Frank said

“I haven’t been away as long as you..but it does feel weird to be back” Martin said

“You’ve changed” Frank said

“Yeah, the army does that to you….it was hard at first, but I like the person I’ve turned into” Martin said

“The old Marty would just be waking up after a long night out” Frank said and Martin laughed

“I know, now I wake up everyday at 4am…sorta stuck with me after the training” Martin said

“So what are you going to do now you’re back?” Martin said

“I dunno...haven’t decided yet” Frank said

“Hey, that bloke Carly is married to…what do you think of him?” Martin said

“I dunno, havent really spoken to him much…why?” Frank said

“Nothing..anyway, I better go, see you at Nicks place later” Martin said

“Alright, see you later” Frank said as Martin watched him go inside the house then he looked at the caravan park and all the memories he had there then he turned around and began to walk home


“Frank” Carly said and she hugged him as she walked through the door

“Hello Uncle Frank” Sam said with half a sandwich in his mouth

“What’s he doing here?” Frank said

“Bobby had to go to the city, so she asked me to pick him up from the crèche and bring him here” Carly said as she sat down at the dining table and shortly Sally came over to Frank and sat next to him and hugged him. Frank ran his cheek along hers and she laughed because his facial hair tickled her face


“Do you want to watch a movie tonight?” Carly said

“I would love to but Nick invited me to his house for a card game. I don’t even want to go, but its Martins last night here, so we’re all going to go” Frank said

“Will you be back to read me a story?” Sally said

“Ill try” Frank said as he tickled Sally's face and she laughed

“Ben is going to that game tonight” Carly said

“Well I’ll make sure I wont take all his money” Frank said and he winked as Carly smiled and she put her head on his shoulder and sighed….



Smart Residence- The City


“I wish I could stay, but I have to get back to Sam” Bobby said as she put a pillow behind Narelle and sat at the end of the bed

“So how is Greg coping with Frank being back?” Narelle said

“Fine..why shouldn’t he be…he understand that Frank and I were over ages ago..we’ve made a commitment to each other” Bobby said convincing herself

“He knows that Frank and I are just friends…or I thought we were…he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, us being friends..so he’s not even talking to me..” Bobby said and sighed as Narelle looked at her

“Give him some time, he didn’t know about you and Greg…he’ll come around” Narelle said

“Anyway I better get back on the road” Bobby said and she stood up

“Don’t tell anyone about this..please” Narelle said

“Not even Frank? He said he was coming to see you” Bobby said

“Yeah, you can tell him..and when you see Jeff” Narelle was interrupted

“ok ok ok, my lips are sealed” Bobby said

“Do you think you can come to the awards on Friday?  you can stay at the beach house” Bobby said

“I promised my cousin Rita I would go and see her in Wyong” Narelle said

“Well my graduation is next week, and you’re not getting out of that” Bobby said and Narelle smiled then Bobby leaned forward and hugged her

“That you for being a good mate” Narelle said

“You’re welcome…call me anytime if you need anything…ok” Bobby said and Narelle nodded

“Ok” Narelle said and Bobby smiled and she let herself out of Narelle’s flat. When Narelle heard Bobby close the door she pulled one pillow from her back, and laid flat on the bed and turned to her side and closed her eyes thinking of how once again she was alone….



Barnett residence- Summer Bay


“I fold” Alf said and he put his cards down and got up from the table and walked over to the kitchen where Nick was standing

“Who invited him?” Alf said in a lowered voice

“Who?” Nick said

“Frank” Alf said  in a lowered voice

“I did..i met him earlier at the caravan park” Nick said

“Why is there a problem?” Nick said said

“Lets just say he’s not my favourite person these days” Alf said and Frank looked up from his cards and looked at Alf

“I’m out” Martin said and put his card on the table. It was just Greg and Frank playing.

“I’ll see you one and raise you three” Greg said and smirked at Frank. Frank looked at him, he could tell from the way he was playing that Greg wasn’t very good but he obviously had something to prove

“Ok, Ill see you three and raise you one” Frank said and Greg smirked as Ben walked into the house

“Sorry I’m late...what did I miss?” Ben said

“G’day…just down to Greg and Frank” Nick said

“The ex husband vs the new boyfriend ” Ben said and laughed to himself as Alf rolled his eyes annoyed

“Frank is actually really good” Nick said

“Well let’s see how he does compared to me” Ben said and smiled

“Two fours and two sixes” Greg said as he put his cards down and smiled.

“Its ok if you fold” Greg said and Frank looked at him as he was about to take the money on the table

“two queens and two kings” Frank said as he put the cards on the table and Greg stopped smiling

“Looks like he got you there” Adam said and Frank smiled at Greg then collected the money from the table

“Frank, since you’re that good, how about we up the stakes a bit..$10 a hand” Ben said

“This is a friendly game gentlemen” Nick said

“Of course…so what do you say Frank?” Ben said as he picked up the cards and began to shuffle as Martin looked at him

“I’m in” Frank said

“I hope you know what you’re in for” Martin said  

“Don’t worry…I’ll go easy on him” Ben said as he looked at Frank and smirked


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Here you go” Pippa said as she put a cup of tea on the dining table in front of Carly

“Thanks” Carly said

“You don’t have to fix that, I can do it” Pippa said as Carly used the needle and thread to fix a hole in Sally’s dress

“No it’s ok” Carly said and smiled as Christopher, Sally and Sam laughed at a cartoon on the TV

“Feels like old times..with Frank being home” Carly said

“Yes, its nice that he came home” Pippa said

“Sometimes I feel like its my fault that he went in the first place” Carly said

“What do you mean? Pippa said

“All the stuff I used to say about Bobby not being good enough to be an executives wife and putting her down” Carly said

“I think it was more than a few comments that caused them to separate” Pippa said

“Yeah but I still feel bad for it…I guess that’s why I am getting my just desserts” Carly said

“Pardon?” Pippa said confused

“Nothing” Carly said and forced a smile…


Barnett residence- Summer Bay


Ben closed his eyes and sighed as Frank put his cards on the table this was the fifth round he won. With each round Ben lost he was getting angrier

“One more round” Ben said

“Are you sure you want that, Frankie boy is an absolute demon” Martin said

“I think that’s enough for me” Frank said and he got up from the card table and stretched his legs

“There’s some beer in the fridge” Nick said as he walked out of the kitchen

“Thanks” Frank said and he opened the fridge and took out a bottle of beer. He opened the top with his teeth and took out the cap from his mouth

Background music- Greg and Bobby's theme

“Frank” Frank turned around to see Greg standing behind him

“You play really well” Greg said

“Thanks” Frank said as he put the bottle cap in the bin then he turned around to see Greg staring at him

“You and Bobby…I know you two have a history” Greg said as Frank sipped some of the beer and looked at Greg

“I just want you to know that I’m hanging in there…Bobby and I have created a little family for ourselves…with our son” Greg said 

"Good for you" Frank said 

“I know you beat me in cards tonight, but I want you to know that the prize…she belongs with me” Greg said

“I didn’t realize that this was a competition” Frank said

“Its not because i already won. I just want to let you know where things stand” Greg said then he turned around and walked out of the kitchen as Frank sighed..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 460


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Only me love” Alf said as he walked into the house. Ailsa was sitting on the couch watching TV

“How was the game?” Ailsa said

“I lost as usual” Alf said and he sat down next to Ailsa

“I hope this isn’t going to be a regular thing” Ailsa said

“Nah…not with Frank around” Alf said

“Pardon?” Ailsa said

“Frank…Nick invited him tonight..you should’ve seen him, acting like he hasn’t broken my Ruthys heart and left her to fend for herself” Alf said

“Come on love, you know it wasn’t like that” Ailsa said

“Just the sight of him makes me sick..that is why I left Nicks early” Alf said

“But he lives here now, you have to find a way to at least be civil” Ailsa said

“No I don’t..I wish he would just packs his bags and clears off” Alf said and Ailsa sighed


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Martin and Frank got into the car and shut the door

“America never changed you, still a demon at cards” Martin said and Frank laughed

“Whats wrong with Lance, why didn’t he come?” Frank said

“Said he wasn’t feeling well..Ill go and see him in the morning before I leave” Martin said as Frank started the engine and drove away


Ben sat in his car as he watched Frank drive away. He was angry…he knew that he was better than Frank..Frank must’ve cheated Ben thought to himself as he gripped the steering wheel as he started the engine



Carly- Frank is really good thought



Ben inhaled and exhaled then he began to drive away…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Lance looked at the old photos of him and Martin. He told Martin he wasn’t feeling well but that was a lie. Since Martin got back he was different Lance thought, and also felt as though Martin was treating him different. He wanted the old Marty back…he one he drank with…chased Sheila’s with…the one who was his bestfriend…


What time is Frank coming home?” Sally said as she sighed

“You should be in bed young lady” Pippa said

“But Frank said he’s going to read to me” Sally said

“I’ll read you a story Sal” Carly said

“No, you cant read it properly” Sally said and Carly looked at her surprised

“Thank’s a lot Sal” Carly said as she gently stroked Sams hair as he leaned on her asleep on the couch. She gently got up and laid him on the couch and covered him with a blanket

“Let's upstairs and i'll read you a story” Pippa said

“Ok” Sally said then Pippa followed her upstairs

Carly smiled and she went into the kitchen to make sure it was tidy for the night


“Sorry I’m late” Bobby said as she opened the door a few minutes later

“It’s alright, Sam is asleep” Carly said

“Thanks” Bobby said as she walked over to the couch and gently stroked Sam’s hair

“Where is Pippa?” Bobby said as she gently nudged Sam to wake him up

“She just went upstairs to read a book to Sally” Carly said as Frank walked into the house.


“Come on sweetheart…wake up” Bobby said Sam started to wake up then he sat up

“Did you have a good time?” Bobby said and smiled and Sam nodded his head


“Frank can you give me a lift home please?” Carly said as she watched him look at Bobby

“I can take you home” Bobby said and Carly looked at Frank

“Wait in the car…I’ll just tell Pippa I’m back then I’ll take you” Frank said and Carly smiled

“Thanks..see you later” Carly said and she left the house. Frank began walk towards the stairs

“Frank” Bobby said and Frank stopped walking

“Narelle she’s in hospital..she doesn’t want anyone to know..but I told her you’re home” Bobby said and Frank turned around

“What happened to her?” Frank said and Carly sighed

“She’s been seeing Jeff Samuels..and I think he got her into drugs…she overdosed..and he just left her and ran away” Bobby said and Frank sighed

“Thanks for letting me know” Frank said and he turned around and began to walk

“Frank,,,this is stupid…us not talking” Bobby said and Frank turned around and looked at Bobby

“You wanted it this way” Frank said then he turned around and walked away as Bobby sighed



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

“Can you ask Fiona to start this week? I don’t think I’ve given this place a good enough clean since my Uncle Bob left..if she can spar extra hours for a deep clean that would be great” Nick said as he put the empty beer cans in the bin

“Righto” Greg said as he moved the couch back into its regular position

“I thought Ben was a good card player, but Frank blew him right out of the water huh?” Nick said

“Yeah” Greg said and sighed as he rolled his eyes

“Anyway, I’m just going out for a bit, I just want to check that Bobby got back ok from the city” Greg said

“You know, I think its good the way you’re handling Frank being around…I thought it was going to be a problem him being here…” Nick said and he smiled

“Not at all…we’re all adults” Greg said and smiled

“Good on you” Nick said

“Alright, ill see you later” Greg said and he walked out of the house and as he got into the car and started the engine…his smile disappeared and he sighed….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Do you want me to speak with him?” Reverend Jones said

“No thank you…he’s made up his mind…I just wish he would talk to Frank” Pippa said

“The guilt he feels is really deep down…he would need to uncover all the layers which means betraying Roberta” Reverend Jones said and Pippa sighed

“I know…and I know he wouldn’t want to do that” Pippa said

“What an awful situation to be in, but hopefully it resolves itself somehow” Reverend Jones said

“I don’t know how, but I do hope you’re right” Pippa said

“I miss you” Reverend Jones said

“I miss you too..just a few days now, and ill be there” Reverend Jones said

“I can’t wait” Pippa said

“Its late, I don’t want to keep you up all night” Reverend Jones said

“Ok” Pippa said and smiled to herself

“Do you mind if I call in the morning to say good morning?” Reverend Jones said

“Ill like that” Pippa said and smiled

“Sleep well with God watching over all of you” Reverend Jones said

“Thank you..you too” Pippa said said

“Till tomorrow” Reverend Jones said

“Bye” Pippa said and she put the phone down and sighed. She was feeling happy about her and Alex, but sad about Steve wanting to leave and how she was going to explain the truth to Frank…



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


“So when are you coming over for dinner” Carly said as Frank pulled up outside her home

“When ever you want to invite me” Frank said

“How about tomorrow?” Carly said excited

“No, I have to go into the city, I want to see Narelle” Frank said

“Oh…how about when you get back?” Carly said

“Not sure what time I’ll be back…but ill let you know” Frank said and he saw Carly's expression change

“Alright then…thanks for the lift” Carly said

“Is everything alright?” Frank said?”

Yeah, its just that I’ve really missed you that’s all” Carly said

“Come here” Frank said as he leaned forward and gave Carly a hug and she hugged him tight

“I love you Frank” Carly said

“I love you too sweetheart” Frank said and he kissed the side of Carly’s head

“Goodnight” Carly said and she opened the car door

“Hey” Frank said and Carly turned around

“Here” Frank said and he took some money out of his pocket and gave it to Carly

“Whats this? Carly said look at the money in her hand

“The money I won from Ben earlier…don’t tell him I gave it to you” Frank said and he winked and Carly smiled then she got out of the car and turned around and waved as Frank drove off.


Ben exhaled and closed the curtain and walked towards the bedroom…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“So everything is fine then?” Greg said as he put this arms around Bobby

“Yeah” Bobby said and smiled

“So the reason you had to go to the city, was it serious?” Greg said

“Just had to sort a few things out for the awards on Friday” Bobby said

“But I thought you wasn’t going to the city until the day before for ceremony” Greg said

“They wanted me to come and do some prep work…do you want some tea” Bobby said as she walked into the kitchen

“No..Ive already drank too many liquids tonight” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Did you and Nick have a blokes night?” Bobby said as she poured some hot water into a cup

“Sorta..card game…Adam, Ben, Alf…and Frank” Greg said and Bobby froze

“Frank? Who invited him?” Bobby said immediately as she opened the fridge

“Nick did” Bobby said

“I must admit the bloke is a very good card player…he beat Ben five times, and Ben is usually really good” Greg said

“Yeah, he is a really good card player” Bobby said as she put the milk back into the fridge

“he even beat me too..but I set him straight about that” Greg said

“What do you mean?” Bobby said as she looked at Greg

“Well I told Frank that he might have beat me at card tonight but it didn’t matter because I already won the prize” Greg said and he kissed Bobby

“Isn’t that right?” Greg said

“Yeah” Bobby said and smiled

“I love you” Greg said and he kissed Bobby again

“I love you too” Bobby said and smiled then she rested her head on Greg’s chest as her smile disappeared…


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly buttoned her pyjama top as Ben walked into the room holding a bottle of beer

 “Frank was the star tonight” Ben said as he sipped his beer

“Yeah, I told he was really good” Carly said then before she knew it Ben threw the bottle at the wall and the crash startled Carly

“Did you tell him to cheat to show me up?” Ben said as he walked towards Carly

“Why would I do that?” Carly said confused

“Because you seem to have this obsession with him…if I didn’t know better I would think you had the hots for him…maybe you always wanted him” Ben said

“He’s my brother” Carly said

“But he married your loser sister” Ben said and Carly sighed

“Did you ask him to cheat?” Ben said

“No, I didn’t” Carly said and before she knew it Ben slapped her across the face

“You’re lying” Ben said as Carly had her hand up against her face

“Did you ask him to cheat?” Ben said through clenched teeth

“No, I didn’t” Carly said and before she could say anything else Ben punched her in the stomach and she haunched over

“You lying bitch…I’m going to teach you a lesson for trying to show me up in front of that loser brother of yours” Ben said and used the back of his hand to slap Carly as blood began to flow from her nose then suddenly a strength she never knew she had grew from within her stomach and with all her might she pushed Ben and he landed on the floor

“IF YOU LAY ANOTHER FINGER ON ME I’M GOING TO TELL FRANK AND THE ARMY WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING TO ME” Carly said to a shocked Ben then she ran out of the room and locked herself in the bathroom and cried…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 461




 Smart Residence- Summer Bay


“G’day “ Martin said as Lance opened the door and walked into the house without saying anything

“Are you feeling better?” Martin said

“Yeah” Lance said and sat down on the couch

“You should’ve come last night Frank was in rare form…you should’ve seen that Bens face when he lost five in a row” Martin was interrupted

“I don’t care” Lance said and Martin looked at him shocked

“Whats the problem?” Martin said confused as he put his rucksack down

“Its you…you supposed to be my best mate” Lance said

“I am you” Martin said

“So why have you changed? You don’t want to do anything like we used to , you only hang around with Frank” Lance said

“You said you couldn’t come last night because you were sick” Martin said

“Yeah well I lied” Lance said and Martin sighed

“You’re going to miss the bus” Lance said then he walked out of the living room and went into his bedroom

Martin sighed then he looked around the living room as he remembered the fun times they had then he picked up his rucksack exhaled and walked out of the house. When Lance heard the door close walked out of the living room  and over to the door. He opened the curtain and watched as Martin walked away and sighed


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Sally sat on Frank’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck as he ate his toast

“What time are you coming back?” Sally said

“Probably after you’re asleep” Frank said

“That’s not fair, you said you was going to read to me yesterday” Sally said

“I know but you were asleep when I got back” Frank said and Sally hugged his neck. He could tell she was not happy with his reply

“Ok, when I get back tomorrow, how about I take you out and we go and get some ice cream” Frank said and Sally looked at him and shook her head no

“Chocolate cake” Sally said and Frank sighed

“Alright” Frank said and Sally giggled as he tickled her face with his facial hair as Pippa came into the living room

“Are you sure you’re alright with me taking the car?” Frank said

“Of course..I don’t have anywhere to go today” Pippa said and smiled

Frank drank his coffee “Hmm I better get going” Frank said as Sally sat on the chair next to him. He got up and walked to the kitchen and washed his plate and cup and dried his hands

“Alright, I’ll see you later” Frank said he kissed Pippas head

“By Chris” Frank said

“Bye” Christopher said and Frank smiled then he walked out of the house holding Sallys hand


Sophie noticed that her dad was asleep. She took the sheet off her head and slowly walked over to the window. She opened the corner of the curtain a little and she saw Sally walking with a man. Maybe it was her dad Sophie thought to herself. She watched as they walked over to a car. Sallys dad bent down and kissed her cheek and got into the car and Sally waved at him. Sophie heard her dad start moving so she quickly got under the table and pulled the sheet over her. One day she was going to have a dad like Sally’s who loved her Sophie thought to herself as a tear ran down her cheek…


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

Carly opened her eyes. She didn’t realize that she had fallen asleep on the bathroom floor. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror as she remembered what happened last night when she pushed Ben and told him never to touch her again. She didn’t know where the strength came from to do that but she did. Carly examined her face and noticed that she had a little cut on her lip and bruising on her cheek. She walked over to the door and listened the house was quiet which meant that Ben had gone to work at the surf club. Carly inhaled and exhaled and unlocked the door. She opened the door and slowly walked out

“Good morning” Carly jumped then she turned around to see Ben standing behind her and her heart started beating fast

“I thought you wasn’t going to ever come out of the bathroom” Ben said and smiled as Carly looked at him

“If you ever…threaten me again…I’ll kill you” Ben said and smiled then he walked into the bathroom and closed the door and Carly closed her eyes and exhaled…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Hi” Shannon said as Adam walked into the diner

“G’day” Adam said and smiled

“What can I get you?” Shannon said

“Just some toast and coffee thanks” Adam said as he sat at the counter and watched Shannon and she began to blush as Grant came out of the kitchen

“You missed the game last night” Adam said

“I know, my head hit the pillow and I was out…so what did I miss” Grant said

“I thought Ben was a great card player, but that Frank, he's something else…he beat Ben in 5 straight games..it was amazing to watch…the guy must be a pro or something” Adam said and Grant smiled

“I don’t think Greg was too happy about Frank being there though” Adam said

“Why?” Grant said curiously

“Mate, Frank wiped the floor with him..I don’t think he was too happy about losing…but hey…he got the girl right” Adam said and Grant smiled and thought about what Adam said…


Smart Residence- The City


Narelle sighed as she heard the door knock. She contemplated whether she was going to open the door.


Knock on the door


Half of her was hoping it was Jeff but the other half was wishing it wasn’t. Narelle sighed then she got up from the couch and walked to the front door

“Who is it?” Narelle said standing behind the door

“Narelle it’s me” Frank said

“Frank?” Narelle said as she quickly opened the door and rushed into his arms and burst into tears

“Frank, I’m so glad you’re here” Narelle said as she cried and Frank hugged her as they walked inside the flat and closed the door…


Beach-Summer Bay

Sandra sighed as she allowed her fingers to run through the sand. She didn’t want to stay in the house, and she didn’t want to go with Emma to the animal shelter, so she sat on the beach as she thought about what was going on in her life. Steve still had not called her back and she was unsure of what was going on between them. Sandra sighed then she pushed her knees up and rested her chin on them and sighed


“A penny for them” Sandra looked up to see someone standing next to her

“Excuse me?” Sandra said

“A penny for your thoughts…I could see from a mile away that you had something on your mind…let me guess…boyfriend trouble” Revhead said and sat down next to Sandra and she smiled

“How did you know?” Sandra said

“The only reason a pretty girl like you is on her own is when her boyfriend is acting like a dropkick” Revhead said and Sandra smiled

“I’m Maurice” Revhead said

“Sandra” Sandra said

“Do you live around here?” Revhead said

“Yeah…do you?” Sandra said

“Yabbie Creek…but I’m trying to get a job around here….at the boatshed” Revhead said

“Oh, I hope you get it” Sandra said

“Yeah me too” Revhead said and smiled



Steve sighed as he walked along the beach. In his mind he was trying to come up with what to say to the others if they asked why he wanted to go to England. Every scenario he ran in his mind sounded stupid. Steve stopped walking and sat on a rock and looked at the beach. As he looked he could see Sandra…and she was talking to someone…then he saw the guy extend his hand and help her up…then hey started walking…then Steve noticed who it was. He watched as Revhead and Sandra spoke a while then he turned around and walked away. Steve got up from the rock and began walking towards Sandra


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“Why was you talking to the guy?” Steve said and Sandra looked to her right to See Steve walking towards her

“Why do you care who I talk to, you’re not talking to me” Sandra said

“So why havent you said anything to me since Christmas… do you know how much of a fool I felt  thinking we were going to do it, and you didn’t want to” Sandra said

“Its not that..I got some family stuff going on” Steve said

“So why cant you talk to me about it? I thought I was your best friend and we talked about everything” Sandra said

“I cant talk about this” Steve said

“Well if you cant talk about that then there is no point talking at all” Sandra said and she walked off as Steve sighed..


Smart Residence- The City


“Here you go” Frank said as he put a cup in front of Narelle and his one he put on the table in front of him

“I feel like such a fool Frank” Narelle said as she cried

“Come on you’re not a fool” Frank said and Narelle sighed and wiped her face with a tissue

“So what are you going to do now?” Frank said

“I cant dob him in” Narelle said

“What did you tell the police? Frank said

“Nothing, I just said I bought it off some bloke I met” Narelle said

”What about Jeff? Have you heard from him?” Frank said and Narelle shook his head no

“Sorry” Frank said

“Don’t be, he is a jerk for leaving me here while I was having an overdose, and he hasn’t bothered to see if I’m alright…you know this time..I thought it was the real deal you know….everything was so good at the beginning” Narelle said

“Yeah I know what you mean” Frank said

“Look at me going on about myself…what happened..with you and Roo?...you were so sure things would work out this time” Narelle said

“I know…but in the end we both realized we wanted different things in life and I hated New York” Frank said

“And now you’re back, and lots of things have changed” Narelle said and Frank sighed

“You can say that again” Frank said

“Must’ve been a shock to see that Bobby has Greg and Sam” Narelle said

“Yeah…it was..maybe if I had known, I wouldve just stayed in New York..or tried again with Roo” Frank said

“Its crazy you know…we think we want something so badly then when we get it…it ends up not being right or what we want..it just seems to be the story of my life” Narelle said

“Come here” Frank said and he pulled Narelle close to him and she leaned on his chest

“Whats wrong with me Frank? Why can’t I just find a good bloke” Narelle said

“You will…when the time is right” Frank said

“I’ll probably be old and grey when that happens” Narelle said and she looked at Frank and they both started laughing then he wiped the tear from her cheek

“Everything wil be ok” Frank said and Narelle tried to smile

“Look at us..a right pair we are..we cant seem to get it right with our love lives” Narelle said and her and Frank started laughing then she leaned on his chest as he put his arm around her and kissed her head

“Everything will be alright” Frank said

“Thanks for coming to see me…I’m really glad you’re home” Narelle said and Frank kissed her forehead. Narelle leaned foreward to kiss Franks cheek then he accidently turned and she ended up kissing his lips then they looked at each other and began to kiss as Narelle put her arms around his neck…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Bobby looked at the charts for the seating arrangements and the layout of the banquet. If she had a choice she wouldn’t be going to the awards because she felt like last years win was definitely a fluke win and there was no way she was winning again. Bobby glanced over to the photo of Greg and Sam on her desk then she smiled



Frank i’m not asking you to do anything about it..

Bobby- But what?

Frank- I still love you”

Bobby - So things didn’t work out with Roo again and you come running back to me again to pick up the pieces

Frank- Its not like that

Bobby- How is it like Frank?

Frank- I love you, that’s why I came back

Bobby- And you think I still love you?

Frank- You said you would never stop loving me, and I shouldn’t forget it..and I didn’t

Bobby- That was a long time ago Frank…so much has happened since then

Frank- Like what?

Bobby- Like I've moved on now..I have Greg and Sam in my life

Frank- Do you love Greg?

Bobby- Well compare to what I had with you, my relationship with Greg is warm, happy and safe…I don’t feel like he is going to leave me

Frank- But do you love him?

Bobby- Yes I do

Flashback ends


Bobby picked up the photo and sighed as she looked at Sam..then at Greg. She smiled as she put the photo down and touched the watch on her wrist,,the one Greg gave her as a prsent…they made a commitment to each other that night. Bobby touched it as she remembered when she told Frank she loved Greg…but everyday that has past..she wasn’t sure if that was the truth…

Background ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 462



Smart Residence- The City

Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Frank…no” Narelle said as she tried to move away

“Why not?” Frank said as he kissed her neck

“Because I know that I’m not the one you want” Narelle said and Frank sighed then he leaned back on the couch

“I’m sorry…I guess I was looking for some comfort in the wrong place” Frank said

“It's ok..I guess I was too” Narelle said and she watched Frank lean forward and rest his elbows on his knees

“I love her so much Narelle” Frank said and Narelle put her arm around his shoulder

“I know….but she’s with Greg…its time to let her go…she did the same for you” Narelle said

“I don’t think I can do that Narelle…not with the way that I feel” Frank said ‘

“Frank, what do you want Bobby to do? she cant just drop Greg because you say so” Narelle said

“Yes she can...I know her better than anybody else..she still loves me…I know it” Frank said

“Ok what if she does drop Greg then what? What is there to say it will work out between ya then she’s going to mess up little Sam’s life” Narelle said and Frank sighed

“He can go with his dad” Frank said and Narelle looked at him surprised at the callous thing he just said

“We wont know until we try..it might work” Frank said

“Frank, might isn’t a good enough reason to turn three peoples lives upside down…you know that” Narelle said

“What I know is  she doesn’t want to admit she loves me. You know, when I got back to New York…most of the time, all I did was think of her and how I wished I stayed. I probably would've been much happier” Frank said

“But you chose to go Frank” Narelle said and Frank sighed and he put his face in his hands a rested it there for a few seconds as Narelle gently rubbed his back

“ This year has been the worst year of my life, I don’t ever want to go through that again, and that’s why I came home. If I’m honest with myself the only times I've ever truly been happy is in Summer Bay…with Bobby..whats wrong with trying to get that back?” Frank said

“There would be nothing wrong if Bobby was single…but she isn’t she has Greg and she has Sam…she's happy” Narelle said

“What about me? Why can’t I be happy” Frank said

“You will be Frank…when the time is right” Narelle said

“She loves me Narelle..I know she does” Frank said

“Even if she does..she has a whole new life now Frank…and she’s moved on” Narelle said and Frank sighed. In his heart he knew Bobby still loved him, but Narelle was right…she had moved on and it was too late

“I suppose” Frank said and sighed

“Hey” Narelle said

“What?” Frank said and looked at her

“You’re still a six out of ten kisser” Narelle said then her and Frank both started laughing then she rested her head on his shoulder and sighed…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Bobby balanced the tray on her knee and opened the door  “Let me help you” Finlay said and she rushed to the door “Thanks” Bobby said as Finlay putt he tray on the table

“Bobo” Christopher said and ran over to Bobby “Hey Chris…where’s Pippa?” Bobby said

“Shes upstairs picking out an outfit for the awards ceremony on Friday” Finlay said

“Oh right…can you put the tray in the kitchen, its chicken pie” Bobby said

“Ok” Finlay said and Bobby looked at her then she walked up the stairs

“Pippa” Bobby said as she knocked on the open bedroom

“Hi Sweetheart, I didn’t know you were coming over today” Pippa said

“So I need an invitation to come over?” Bobby said

“Don’t be silly” Pippa said and she playfully hit Bobby on the hand

“Where is everyone?” Bobby said

“Steve has gone to the library; Sally is at Kim Patterson’s house and Frank has gone to the city” Pippa said as she pulled out a dress from her wardrobe as Bobby sat on the bed as Bobby looked at the floor. Pippa put the dress back in the wardrobe and sat on the bed next to Bobby

“How are you?” Pippa said

“Fine” Bobby said and smiled

“With Frank being home..I just thought you might be having a hard time with that” Pippa said

“No, everything is fine” Bobby said and smiled

“I brought a chicken pie over. I’m going to take one over to Carly” Bobby said as Pippa looked at her

“I’m fine Pippa, honest..I have Sam and Greg in my life now…the past is the past” Bobby said as Pippa looked at her

“Can you believe that Sam is starting kindy  next week. He's really excited” Bobby said and Pippa smiled

“Anyway, I better go so I can drop the pie over to Carly’s place then Ill go and pick up Sam from the creche” Bobby said as she got up from the bed

“Alright sweetheart, thank you for the pie” Pippa said

“See you later” Bobby said and Pippa sat on the bed and sighed…


Background music ends


Bobby sighed as she walked to her car. She was somewhat disappointed because she really came hoping she would see Frank


“Hello daughter dearest” Bobby turned around to see Al behind her

“What do you want?” Bobby said as she walked faster to her car

“So a dad cant say hello to his daughter?” Al said

“I’m not your daughter” Bobby said as she got to her car. She was just about to open the door when Al blocked the way

“Get out of my way” Bobby said

“Not until you give me what is mine” Al said and Bobby laughed

“What?” Bobby said

“My share of your inheritance” Al said

“The day I give you anything is the day hell freezes over..now get out of my way” Bobby said and she pushed Al until he moved then she got into her car and drove away

“Hell will be freezing over sooner than you think daughter dearest” Al said to himself and smirked then he walked towards his van…



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Here, let me help you” Shannon felt an extra pair of hands grab the boxes as she tried to put them in the bin

“Thanks” Shannon said and smiled

“Two visits in one day” Shannon said

“I thought I would come and get some dinner” Adam said

“Don’t you cook?” Shannon said

“I do, but sometimes it gets boring cooking for one” Adam said as he looked at Shannon and she smiled

“I got to get back, we’re getting ready to close up” Shannon said as she walked back to the diner

“Hey, if you’re not doing anything…maybe I can show you my cooking skills…that’s if you don’t have plans” Adam said. He hadn’t heard from Marilyn since she left, he didn’t know where they stood, and at this point he wasn't sure if he cared

“Only if I can buy the groceries” Shannon said

“You’re on” Adam said

“I’ll give you a list and you can bring them to my place when you’re done” Adam said

“Deal” Shannon said and they both walked towards the diner….



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

“This place is not bad” Bobby said as she looked around the flat

“Thanks for the pie…saves me having to cook dinner” Carly said as she put the pie in the kitchen

“No worries..I just took one over to the caravan park as well” Bobby said

“Is Frank back from the city?” Carly said

“No..I don’t know..I didn’t see him” Bobby said as Carly looked at her then a few moments later Ben opened the door

“I didn’t know we were having guests” Ben said and smiled

“I’m actually leaving” Bobby said as Ben closed the door

“Bobby brought over a chicken pie for dinner” Carly said and Ben walked over to her and put his arm around her

“Thanks…with Carly being on the mend this is a great help…thanks” Ben said

“Yeah no worries…ill see you later” Bobby said as she walked out of the flat and closed the door. Carly hadn’t seen Ben since he left the house this morning.

“What are you going to make with the pie?” Ben said

“Some vegetable and mashed potatoes” Carly said

“Great, I’m starving..i’ll just go and take a shower” Ben said and he walked away as Carly inhaled and exhaled


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


“Oh Alfred…is it wise for Ruth to stay there by herself…I mean she doesn’t know anybody” Celia said as Bobby walked into the shop. She hated that she had to come here but she had run out of shampoo and conditioner

“That’s what I think, but Ruthy assured me that she is a big girl and can take care of herself” Alf said as Bobby walked over to the shampoo section

“So is Frank staying in Summer Bay?” Celia said

“Who cares…I hope he packs his things and leaves…the mongrel” Alf said as Bobby put the shampoo and conditioner on the counter


“Just these thanks” Bobby said and she took some money out of her purse

“So Bobby..how are you? Excited for the awards on Friday” Celia said

“I wish I wasn’t going” Bobby said and gave the money to Alf

“Why ever not, you might surprise everyone and win again” Celia said and Alf rolled his eyes annoyed

“And how are Greg and Sam…did you all enjoy Christmas” Celia said

“Yeah” Bobby said

“You always remember your first family Christmas” Celia said and Alf gave Bobby the change

“Thanks” Bobby said and she walked out of the shop

“Yoo-hoo Bobby” Bobby turned around to see Celia hobbling behind her

“What do you want Celia” Bobby said as she got into her car

“I just wanted to see how you are” Celia said

“You asked me that already” Bobby said

“Yes I did didn’t I” Celia said

“So what is it you want to know? Yes Frank is back, no I am not getting back with him and yes me and Greg are happy” Bobby said and looked at Celia

“Well umm” Celia said

“Is that it?” Bobby said then she started her engine and drove off

“Oh bother” Celia said and she hobbled back to the shop…



Cameron Residence- Summer Bay


“Hmm this was excellent…where did you learn to cook?” Shannon said as she put the last bit of spaghetti in her mouth

“I used to watch my mum when I was younger that’s all” Adam said and smiled

“She must be a great cook…this taste like the stuff Bobby makes and she is a really good cook” Shannon said

“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment to be compared to a great chef” Adam said

“Oh..I didn’t mean” Shannon was interrupted

“I was only joking” Adam said and he laughed

“Let me get your plate” Adam said and as Shannon gave him her plate, they touched fingers

Then they both looked at each other

“Ill wash the dishes, and you dry” Shannon said they she followed Adam to the little kitchen area on the boat

“Its so cool that you live on a boat” Shannon said as she washed the dishes

“It has its moments but I’m thinking of getting rid of it, get an apartment” Adam said

“That’s a shame…it must be amazing just sitting out on the deck and watching the moon and stars at night” Shannon said as she handed Adam a plate to dry

“Yeah” Adam said and Shannon sneezed and the bubbles from the soapy water went on Adam

“I am so sorry” Shannon said


Emotional background music


“You did that on purpose” Adam said as Shannon walked backwards

“I promise I didn’t” Shannon said said and Adam dipped his hands in the water and ran after Shannon and threw the bubbles at her. Adam laughed then Shannon rushed back to the sink and dipped her hands in the water and rushed after Adam. He run outside onto the deck then he tripped and grabbed Shannon and they both fell on the floor laughing. Shannon tried to get up but Adam pulled her down then they looked into each others eyes and began to kiss…


Phone ringing


“The phone is ringing” Shannon said as Adam kissed her


“The machine will get it” Adam said as they continued to kiss as Shannon put her arms around Adams neck


“Hi this is Adam…leave a message”




“Hi Adam…its me…sorry I haven’t called…I hope you had a nice Christmas…I’m sorry about how I have been, I just want you to know that its not you..or anything to do with us. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I’m coming back on Friday so we can see in the new year together…I love you”




Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 463


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay


Adam sighed as Shannon took her arms from around his neck

“Your girlfriend?” Shannon said

“Yeah..I should’ve told you about her, but I didn’t think we would end up kissing” Adam said as he sat up

“Well it’s my fault…I should’ve asked”  Shannon said

“Sorry” Adam said

“I better go, its getting late” Shannon said and she stood up

“I’ll walk you to your car” Adam said

“No, its alright” Shannon said

“Look I’m really sorry about” Adam was interrupted

“No its fine…thanks for dinner..I’ll see you around” Shannon said then she walked of the boat as Adam sighed



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Which dress do you want to wear on Friday?” Pippa said as she opened Sally’s wardrobe

“Frank is taking me to get a new one” Sally said

“Are you sure he said that” Pippa said

“Yes, yesterday” Sally said and Pippa looked at Sally

“Sweetheart come and sit down, I want to talk to you” Pippa said and she sat down on Sally’s bed and Sally sat down next to her


Background music- Fletcher family theme

“I know you’re really happy that Frank is home….but maybe he will decide that he might want to go and live in the city again” Pippa said

“No, he said he is going to stay here with us” Sally said and Pippa sighed

“Sal are you ready?” Frank said

“Frank you don’t have to take her to buy a new dress, she has several here” Pippa said as she got up from the bed

“Its alright…then we’re going to stop off at the diner and get some chocolate cake” Frank said and Sally nodded and smiled as they walked down the stairs


“You spoil her” Pippa said and Frank smiled

“Are you going to pivk up a tuxedo as well” Pippa said

“No..I don’t think it’s a good idea if I go” Frank said

“Why not?” Pippa said

“Bobby might not want me there” Frank said

“I think she would be happy that you went..I also think it would be a good opportunity to meet some new people and make some new friends” Pippa said

“we’ll see” Frank said and Pippa sighed then Frank felt Christopher tugging at his leg and he bent down to pick him up

“Hello mate” Frank said and Christopher laid his head on Franks shoulder

“Lets all go out” Frank said

“I have a lot of things to do…you can take the kids” Pippa said

“Finlay, do you want to come as well?” Frank said

“To where?” Finlay said surprised and confused

“Just to the Yabbie Creek then to the diner” Frank said and Finlay looked at Pippa

“It’s fine if you want to go” Pippa said

“Thanks, Ill just get my bag…I’ll meet you outside” Finlay said and she rushed out of the house as Frank gently patted Christopher in the back


“Stevo, do you want to come to the Yabbie Creek?” Frank said as Steve came into the house

“No thanks…maybe another time” Steve said as Pippa looked at him then he walked up the stairs


“Is he alright?” Frank said

“Yes, probably dreading going back to school next week” Pippa said and smiled

“Ok…I thought I did some thing to upset him” Frank said and Pippa smiled….


Background music ends



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

“That’s fine, Ill just let Bobby know at lunch time that I’ll be working late” Greg said and Michael rolled his eyes as he walked away

“With this extra work coming in, I should be able to save up the money for the engagement ring in no time” Greg said

“G’day” Greg looked up to see Maurice

“G’day” Greg said

“Is Mr Ross around?” Revhead said

MICHAEL” Greg said and a few miments later Michael came out of the shed

“G’day Mr Ross, I just wanted to find out if you had made up your mind about the job” Revhead said

“Look, I haven’t had time to think about it” Michael said and Revhead sighed

“Alright then” Revhead said then he turned to walk away

“Hey” Michael said and Revhead turned around

“Help Greg with that engine…If you do a good job…I’ll think about it” Michael said as he saw a big smile spread across Revhead’s face

“Thanks…I wont let you down” Revhead said and sighed


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


“You did the right thing if you ask me..telling him to clear off” Alf said as he and Donald stood at the counter

“Walking around here with that smug look on his face..I wish I could wipe it off for him” Alf said

“You and me both” Donald said

“I wish he would just pack his bags and clear off for what he did to my Ruthy” Alf said

“So how is Ruth?” Donald said

“Shes trying to put on a brave front, but I know my daughter, she really broken up about it…probably at home crying…I should be on the first flight over there” Alf said and sighed..


Edison Agency- New York


Ok, thanks. Have a good day” Roo said and put the phone down and made a note to send her client some flowers. She had been busy all morning

“Ruth you didn’t R.S.V.P to the invitation” Helen said as she walked to the desk

“I’m sorry what invitation?” Roo said looking confused

“The one to the new years eve party at my place” Helen said

“Oh yes, sorry I was miles away. Yes please I would love to come” Roo said and smiled

“Good, I’ll make a note of it” Helen said and she walked away

“Ruth do you have the Macys file?” Nancy said as she walked over to her

“I put it on your desk” Roo said and she pointed to the file

“Yes, sorry…I’m such a scatter brains” Nancy said and smiled

“How are you doing?” Nancy said

“Fine..why?” Roo said confused

“With you and your husband separating…it must be hard” Nancy said

“We knew it was coming…and we will always be friends, so its not that bad” Roo said

“Well if there I can do, please know that I am here for you” Nancy said

“Thanks” Roo said

“Donavan has lots of single friends, just say the word, and I’m sure he will find you someone” Nancy said and smiled and Roo smiled

“Hey, I have an idea, Its probably short notice, but we are brining in the new year with some friends in Colorado if you want to join us” Nancy said

“No” Roo said immediately

“I mean..I already said I would go to Helens place” Roo said

“Oh, ok, never mind..maybe next year” Nancy said and smiled and turned around and walked away as Roo inhaled and exhaled…she made the promise to stay away from Donavan….and that is exactly what she was going to do….


Animal Shelter- Summer Bay

Emma closed the cage and smiled then she stood up and picked up the dirty newspapers she had just removed from the cage and walked towards the bin. She enjoyed the time she spent at the shelter. She tried to encourage Sandra to come but she was still brooding over Steve

“G’day” Emma looked up and got a shock to see David standing in front of her

“Hi” Emma said in shock. She wasn’t expecting to see him

“How are you?” David said

“Good” Emma said as she stated getting butterflies in  her stomach then she put the papers in the bin and rubbed her hands together to get off any dust

“I didn’t think you would back from holiday so early” Emma said

“I have a few things to do at school before next week” David said and there was an uncomfortable pause

“Anyway, I better get on…I have to clean out the other cage” Emma said

“Do you want a lift home?” David said

“No, its alright…I’ll walk” Emma said and walked away before she said anything to embarrass herself more than she had done already….



Bayside Diner-Summer Bay

Background music- Jukebox

I  was dreaming of the past
And my heart was beating fast
I began to lose control
I began to lose control


“Are you alright Shannon?” Grant said as she walked into the kitchen

“Yeah fine..do we have a high chair?” Shannon said. She was a bit down after what happened with Adam but she blamed herself for not asking  gif he had a girlfirend

“Yeah, its in the pantry” Grant said and he watched as Shannon took the high chair out and he noticed that he was taking it out to a booth where Frank was sitting


I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm sorry that I made you cry
Oh my I didn't want to hurt you
I'm just a jealous guy


“Frank right?” Shannon said as she walked back to the table

“Yeah” Frank said

“I don’t think you remember me but I’m Shannon, Matts cousin” Shannon said as Frank looked at her and Finlay looked at Shannon

“We used to live around here then we moved to Waldorf creek” Shannon said

“Councillor Wilsons daughter?” Frank said

“Yeah” Shannon said and smiled

“Can we get three and a half slices of chocolate cake please” Frank said

“Coming right up” Shannon said and she walked to the counter she noticed Adam walking in


I was feeling insecure
You might not love me anymore
I was shivering inside
I was shivering inside


“G’day” Adam said

“Hi” Shannon said

“Coffee please” Adam said

“Sure, ill get that for you after I finish this order” Shannon said and forced a smile as Adam sighed


Oh I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm sorry that I made you cry
Oh my I didn't want to hurt you
I'm just a jealous guy


“You finished all your interviews and stuff?” Grant said as Bobby walked out of the office

“No, I have a few more to go…but I’m taking a break” Bobby said as she opened the fridge and took out some orange juice then when she turned around to get a glass she noticed Frank sitting at the booth.


 I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm sorry that I made you cry
Oh my I didn't want to hurt you
I'm just a jealous guy


“Well after Friday you can relax” Grant said and when he noticed that Bobby hadn’t responded he looked up to notice that she was standing in the kitchen staring at something. Grant leaned back and sighed when noticed what she was staring at


I was trying to catch your eyes
Thought that you was trying to hide
I was swallowing my pain
I was swallowing my pain


Bobby stared at Frank Sally, Christopher and Finlay. She watched as Finlay fed Christopher a bit of cake and Frank wiped Christopher’s mouth while Sally sat next to him. Bobby looked at the way Finlay was staring at Frank…They looked like a family…and she could feel the jealousy in her heart..Bobby sighed then she looked down

  I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm sorry that I made you cry
Oh my I didn't want to hurt you
I'm just a jealous guy


“G’day” Bobby looked up to see Greg walking towards the counter

“Hi” Bobby said and walked to the counter

“I was wondering if we could have lunch together” Greg said

“Yeah sure” Bobby said

“This is for you” Greg said and he gave Bobby a rose

“Thanks” Bobby said and she leaned forward and Greg kissed her then they walked over to a table and sat down as Frank looked over at them and sighed as he felt the jealousy in his heart


I'm just a jealous guy
Watch out baby I'm just a jealous guy
Look out baby I'm just a jealous guy


Background music ends

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