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Chapter 434




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Bobby I didn’t expect you to be up so early” Marilyn said as she came down the stairs

“Now, I have no studying to do, I have a little bit of free time..beside, this place needs a good tidy up” Bobby said

“Oh..Bobby…I have been cleaning” Marilyn said and Bobby laughed

“No , its not that..I just want to you know tidy my school books away and I have some old papers and stuff to put in the garage” Bobby said

“Oh..Ok..Can you believe its only three weeks until Christmas…where did the time go?” Marilyn said

“Yeah, I know…this has been a really strange year” Bobby said

“Well not for you, you got your own little family with Greg and Sam” Marilyn said and Bobby smiled

“Yeah that has been one good thing” Bobby said

“Its going to be yours and Gregs first Christmas together..what did you buy him for Christmas? I know what I’m getting Adam, I’m getting him a new tool belt…don’t tell him” Marilyn said

“I wont” Bobby said

“Ive got an idea…why don’t we have a Christmas party..and to celebrate you getting your degree…and your birthday” Marilyn said excited

“Well, I still have to get my exam results” Bobby said

“Oh, Bobby after all that studying I know you are going to pass with flying colours….so anyway, what do you think about my idea for a Christmas party?” Marilyn said

“Ok..sounds like a good idea…if Grant is up for it” Bobby said and Marilyn clasped her hands in excitement.

“I’m sure he will be…I cant wait..its going to be so much fun! I have to go to work, we’ll talk about it later….bye”” Marilyn said and she rushed out of the house as Bobby shook her head and smiled



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


“Do you think she’ll like it?” Greg said as he showed Bobby’s present to Nick

“Of course she will” Nick said briefly looking at it

“I don’t know..maybe I should change it…mayb ei should get her something different considering its her birthday on Christmas day as well” Greg said

“It’s fine she will love it” Nick said

“You know…ive never felt this way about another woman” Greg said

“I can honestly say I love her” Greg said as Nick looked at him

“I’ve spent some lonely Christmases on the road, and I think this one is going to be one of the best. I get to spend it with my son…and the woman I love” Greg said and smiled

“I better get gong to work” Nick said

“Righto, see you later mate” Greg said as Nick walked out of the house and sat in his car and realized that this year,,,he was going to be alone….




Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“How are you feeling today?” Sandra said as Emma opened her eyes

“Good” Emma said

“Are you coming to work today?” Sandra said

“Ailsa said I could just take today off” Emma said

“What are you going to do?” Sandra said

“Probably go and take a walk down the beach” Emma sid and Sandra looked at her

“Don’t worry, im not going to get any ideas” Emma said and Sandra smiled

“Ok, well come by the diner later” Sandra said and Emma nodded

“Sandra” Emma said and Sandra turned around

“I’ve never had any real friends before..and I know I was a jerk to you when I met you…I just want to say thanks for..you know caring about me with all this stuff” Emma said

“You’re welcome…hey I’m going up to visit Viv just for the day when we have school holkdays…do you want to come?” Sandra said and Emma smiled

“Ok” Emma said

“Great, I’m going to work..i’ll see you later” Sandra said and she closed the door as Sandra smiled to herself…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Good news?” Bobby said as Grant walked out of his room reading a letter

“Yeah…it’s a letter from Viv’ Grant said

“Oh yeah? How are they getting on?” Bobby said as she put the plates back into the clean cupboard

“Yeah, sounds like they are adjusting really well. She invited me up there for Christmas” Grant said

“Are you going?” Bobby said

“Yeah, Viv and Tammy have become an important part of my life..I never knew I would love them the way I do” Grant said

“Yeah, I feel the same way about Sam” Bobby said

“And his father” Grant said and Bobby smiled

“I’m really happy that things are working out with Greg” Grant said

“Yeah me to” Bobby said

“I have to admit that I wasn’t sure…and I did have a concern, but he has turned out to be a good bloke” Grant said

“Thanks…It’s a shame my dad doesn’t see it that way” Bobby said

“Why what did he say?” Grant said



Background music Greg and Bobby’s theme



“He came over here during lunch and basically said that he thought I was only with Greg so that I could keep Sam” Bobby said

“Well, the way things fell together, it’s understandable that he would feel that way” Grant said and Bobby looked at him

“Look, I’m always on your side but as a father, he has a right to be concerned” Grant said

“I know, its just he way he says things,…I just wish for once he will let me make my own mistakes, and just be there to be a shoulder to cry on..its as if nothing I ever do will be good enough for him and it makes me sad you know” Bobby said as tears filled her eyes

“Come here” Grant said and hugged Bobby and kissed her head

“I am proud of you..we are all proud of you ok…and everything you do will always be alright with me, because I will always be on your side” Grant said and Bobby smiled

“Thanks for always being a good mate” Bobby said and smiled as she wiped a tear from her eye..

“Oh by the way..a little birdie told me that you have been nominated for the NSW council business person of the year and caterer of the year” Grant said

“Ailsa” Bobby said and sighed and Grant nodded

“I don’t know what she mentioned it, ther eis no way I will win two years in a row

“When is the ceremony?” Grant said

“New Years eve…you can come..if you want” Bobby said

“I wont miss it for the world” Greg said and winked as Bobby smiled




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Pippa was I wrong?” Donald said as Pippa drank some of her tea

“Even if you are Donald, it doesn’t matter…its Bobby’s life..her decision” Pippa said

“Pippa, you and I can both see where this is heading…just another mess like all the others..Frank…Danny..Geoff” Donald said

“And if that happens, our jobs as her parents is to be there to help pick up the pieces” Pippa said and Donald sighed

“I suppose…it is..but she’s finally on the right track going back to school, getting her degree. She can do anything she wants in life, and shes burdened herself with another man and a child” Donald said

“That is her decision Don…and as her father…you have to try and accept it…even if its not hat you want. Bobby has worked very hard to get where she is…shes a responsible young woman and is working hard to find her place…please support her” Pippa said and Don sighed

“I suppose she has” Donald said

“Did you know that she has been nominated again for the North South Wales Business person and caterer of the year again?” Pippa said

“No..I didn t know that” Donald said feeling ashamed

“There is a lot you don’t know about that wonderful daughter of yours..its important for you to make an effort to find out..before its too late” Pippa said

“Yes, you’re right” Donald said and Pippa smiled

“What are you plans for Christmas, you are more than welcome to come to our place” Pippa said

“Thanks but I will be spending the day with Barbra and Rebecca” Donald said and Pippa smiled

“Well, I better get going…thank you for the tea” Donald  said and he got up

“Forgive me for being selfish, but I didn’t ask how you’re studies are getting on” Donald said as they walked to the door

“Good…its been lots of hard work” Pippa was interrupted

“But its worth it in the end” Donald said and Pippa smiled

“Bye Donald” Pippa said and Donald nodded and closed the door. As much as he valued Pippa’s advice. He knew he was right about Bobby and Greg, Donald though as he walked away, and knew it was a matter of time before he was proven right…



Background music ends



Fisher Residence – Summer Bay


Emma knocked on the door and waited hoping that Mr Fisher wasn’t at home. Emma knocked the door again and realized that maybe no one was home and she began to walk away

“Emma” Emma turned around to see David at the door

“Hi…Sir..David..sorry..to come over” Emma said

“No, its fine” David said

“I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday…saving my life. I told my aunt and the police and Pc Parrish has filed a complaint and restraining order on my stepdad, so he cant come anywhere near me” Emma said

“That’s fantastic news” David said with a smile

“Yeah, and Mr Fisher said I can come back to school..well he told my aunt I can come back to school” Emma said as she looked at David

“Anyway, I don’t want to keep, you I just wanted to come by and say thanks..for everything” Emma said and she began to walk away

“Hey, I’m just going to the animal shelter, I usually volunteer for a couple of hours…we need some voulnteers if you’re interested?” David said

“Yeah” Emma said

“Cool, lets go” David said and he locked the front door then they got into the car and drove away….



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Sam I thought you were going to help…not watch cartoons” Bobby said

“Sorry” Sam said as Bobby looked at him annoyed then he started laughing

“Where do you want me to put these?” Greg said as he picked up a pile of papers

“Oh, just in that box over there” Bobby said pointing to a box. Greg was about to put the papers in a box when he noticed that a photo fell. He put the papers in the box and bent down and picked up the photo and turned it over

“Can you take that box to the shed please” Bobby said as she dusted the shelf

“Whose this?” Greg said and Bobby walked over to where he was and looked at the photo

“That’s Frank” Bobby said

“Frank…the guy you were married to?” Greg said

“Yeah” Bobby said then she walked away as Greg looked at the photo then put it in to the box, picked up the box and walked out of the house




Morgan Residence- New York


“I wont be long” Roo said and she walked over to Frank and kissed him then walked out of the house to get some groceries. Over the last few days, they had both being making the effort with each other..well they were trying anyway. Frank finished wiping down the table and as he was about to move on to changing the sheets, he accidently kicked his bag and the brown envelope fell on the floor. Frank picked it up upside down and the letter fell out. As Frank picked it up his eyes darted straight to the ending of the letter


Frank I hope you do follow your dreams, whatever they are, and it leads you to the desires of your heart 


Frank  stared at the letter for a few moments and sighed then he put the letter back in the envelope, and into his bag and put his bag away…


Background music ends….

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Chapter 435



Two days later



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


Greg sanded down the side of the boat and smiled to himself. It was a boat be purchased with some of the money he got after selling his truck. He wanted to make it really nice so that he could take Bobby and Sam out. Greg spent most of his lunch times working on the boat and he also come in early before work . Greg smiled at how the exterior of the boat looked then he started the engine and smiled as he listen to how good the engine sounded. He looked at his watch then covered the boat with tarp just as Michael walked over to the boat

“G’day” Greg said

“G’day…how was the lunch?” Michael said

“Yeah, good. Bobby really enjoyed it” Greg said

“Look…about what you saw on Friday” Michael was interrupted

“Nothing to do with me boss” Greg said

“Good, and I want you to keep it that way” Michael said

“Michael” Both Greg and Michael looked round to see Celia walking over

“Good morning Greg” Celia said and Greg nodded

“You forgot your lunch..I put an extra sandwich in there for you too Greg..considering we are almost family” Celia said and Greg smiled

“Thanks” Greg said

“What are you talking about?” Michael said

“Greg and Bobby…they make such a lovely couple…and who knows..maybe in the future we might hear wedding bells” Celia said

“Stop trying to rush the bloke into marriage” Michael said

“Well if you are as happy as us, why not?...anyway I must go..I will see you at home” Celia said and she kissed Michael on the cheek

“Bye Greg” Celia said then she turned and walked away

“Yeah…bye” Greg said and Michael looked at him and walking into the shed as Greg sighed feeling both awkward and guilty about what he saw….



High School- Summer Bay


“Yes come in” Donald said and Emma walked into the office and closed the door

“Sit down Jackson” Donald said and Emma walked over to the desk and sat down

“I was made aware of the situations that were occurring in your life..as well as the attempt you made to take your life. I’m sorry that you had to endure all of that” Donald said as Emma looked at him

“I knew a  girl…she was a lot like you, she rebelled a lot in school..for many reasons, and I suspended her. Well to cut a long story short, the right people were placed in her life, and she turned her life around and  graduated high school as student of the year, and graduated from university. I say all this to say that I hope that one day there will be another student sitting opposite me and I will be the saying the same thing about you” Donald said

“Thanks Mr Fisher” Emma said

“Alright..now get back to class” Donald said as he watched Emma go out of the room and closed the door as he thought about Bobby and the mistake he thought she was making…


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Alf and Ailsa stood by the counter and kissed

“Why can’t I move back home” Alf said

“I told you why” Ailsa said

“Yeah but we are back together” Alf said

“I know but, one step at a time” Ailsa said and Alf kissed

“I sent off the presents to Roo and Frank, they will get them in a couple of weeks” Ailsa said

“Shame we are not spending Christmas with them this year..but I am glad that I get to spend it with you, and our family here” Alf said and hugged Ailsa

“When are you going to speak to Emma?” Ailsa said

“Ill see if Celia can cover, and pick her up from school and go and get an ice cream or something” Alf said

“That will be nice..she has really been through a tough time” Ailsa said

“Yeah, I feel guilty for the way I acted towards her when really she was acting out because of all the pain she was feeling” Alf said

“Yes..but thankfully all of that is in the past” Ailsa said then she looked at her watch

“I have to go, I have a meeting with Carly and Bobby, now that Bobby’s finished uni, we are thinking of some business ideas for the diner” Ailsa said and Alf rolled his eyes

“You’re not still annoyed that she got voted again as business person of the year and caterer of the year” Ailsa said and she smirked

“No…but I don’t know why she keeps getting voted, not like she deserves it” Alf said

“Come on Alf, Bobby has worked really hard this year” Ailsa said

“Yeah really hard to trap another bloke into her net..its not like she can keep a bloke anyway..mark my words, shes going to run him off as well” Alf said and Ailsa sighed

“Comments like that are the reason why you are not back in the house” Ailsa said and she walked off

“Oh come on love…you know what I mean” Alf said as Ailsa walked out of the shop and closed the door. Alf sighed as he watched her get into her car and drive away


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Carly..Carly” Bobby said and Ailsa touched Carly’s arm and she jumped

“Oh, I didn’t mean to frighten you” Ailsa said

“Its alright” Carly said

“You need to hire someone extra for the night..based on the profits, we can definitely afford it. Or at the very least someone who can come in on short notice when someone is sick” Bobby said

“Ok..I will” Carly said

“You’ve been saying that for a long time Carly, and you still haven’t done it” Bobby said

“Alright, get off my back..i said I will do it…if there is nothing else to discuss I need to get to the wholesalers” Carly said then she walked out of the office and closed the door as Bobby sighed

“Whats wrong with her?” Ailsa said

“I don’t know…anyway, I was thinking that we need to hire someone for the day as well. Now that I have extra responsibilities at the resort, I have to spend a bit more time over there..you know since they were so good with me going to uni ” Bobby said

“With christmas coming up, its really going to be busy..i’ll put an ad in the paper and hopefully we can get someone soon” Ailsa said as she wrote a not to herself

“Can you believe its going to be Christmas already?” Ailsa said

“I know..this has been a really weird year” Bobby said

“You can say that again..but as the year is coming to an end, this are beginning to fall together” Ailsa said

“Yeah” Bobby said and smiled

“Its so nice to see you smiling..i really should be thanking Greg for that” Ailsa said and Bobby smiled

“and Sam…if it wasn’t for some…then I wouldn’t have met Greg” Bobby said

“And now you have the family that you have always wanted…I am so glad that you are happy” Ailsa said

“A toast” Ailsa said and she picked up her coffee cup

“To love, happiness, and new beginnings” Ailsa said

“Cheers” Bobby said and smiled and for the first time in a long time, she finally realized that she was happy…


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Hello beautiful” Marilyn looked up to see Jeff Samuels leaning on the counter

“Hi Jeff, how are you?” Marilyn

“Better now I’ve seen you” Jeff said and winked

“So when are you going to let me take you out?” Jeff said

“I told you I have a boyfriend” Marilyn said

“I wont tell him if you don’t” Jeff said and winked

“Marilyn are you ready?” Marilyn turned around to see Adam standing by the door

“That’s my que to go…anyway think about what I said” Jeff said and he winked at Marilyn and walked out of the salon as Adam gave him a mean look

“That guy’s a creep” Adam said

“You are in trouble Adam Cameron, standing me up to play poker with the guys…I hope you didn’t spend all your money” Marilyn said

“No way, but Greg got in the hole a bit. I tell you, Ben is a phenomenal card player…I bet he could make some serious money..anyway, lets go, I only have an hour for lunch” Adam said and Marilyn looked at him annoyed and they both walked out of the salon…


Surf Club- Summer Bay

“Yeah, you’re doing a good job Ben” Alf said as he put in the new counter and Ben smiled

“Should be ready for the opening in a few weeks” Alf said and Ben’s smile disappeared. He knew that meant he would be out of work

“Thanks, just got to do the wiring” Ben said

“Good…anyway, I have some people coming in for interviews..i’ll be in the office, just let me know when they arrive” Alf said

“Will do” Ben said and his smile disappeared as he watched Alf disappear


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly sighed as she parked Bobbys mini van which she let her use for the wholesale orders. Carly couldn’t be bothered to take the order to the diner, and decided to come home and do it later. Carly got out of the van and locked it and walked to the caravan. When she opened it the place was a mess. It always seemed to be in a mess since it was so small, or Ben made it a mess when he threw everything all over the place as he searched for something. Carly sighed then she walked into the van and closed the door behind her. She out her bag down, and began to tidying up by picking papers from the floor which took her a while, but she eventually got everything tidy. As she went to wake the bed, some papers fell on the floor out of an envelope, Carly sat on the bed and began to pick up the papers…she noticed that they were letters from the army to Ben. Carly read one but she didn’t understand what they meant…something along the lines of he was being charged with a crime and he had unauthorized leave which didn’t make sense.  She put the papers back into the envelope and put them on the table. She inhaled and exhaled and took out the small bottle of whiskey from her bag. She put the bottle up to her mouth and swallowed. Even thought the liquid was burning the back of her throat, she drank it anyway…until the bottle was empty which she put into her bag then she laid on the bed, put her hand on her stomach and closed her eyes as tears ran down her face…



Surf Club- Summer Bay


“Thanks for coming in..sorry I can only offer you part time at the moment” Alf said

“No that’s fine…Ive been at home looking after my son, but he will be starting school in January, so this helps me get back into working again” Fiona Harris said

“Well..the job is yours…if you want it” Alf said

“Really? Yes I do..thanks very much” Fiona said

“You’re welcome..we officially open next month, but we will be having a party….a sort of grand opening on Sunday afternoon..i hope to see you there” Alf said

“Yes, Ill be sure to be there…can I bring something? Fiona said

“That would be wonderful” Alf said

“Thank you very much Mr Stewart” Fiona said

Alf smiled then he got up from his desk

“If you’re interested, I also have a few hours going at my shop” Alf said as he and Fiona walked out of the office

“Yes, I am very interested” Fiona said

“Well I sort of need you to start tomorrow if you can” Alf said

“Yes yes…I can..what time?” Alf said

“How about 8’oclock?” Alf said

“Ill be there bright and early” Fiona said and smiled


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Pippa sat in the cafeteria eating her lunch and reading the text book ahead of the next class. She knew she should’ve done it last night, but Christopher had a bit of a temperature, so she comforted him instead


“I hope you are not trying to put her out of a job” Pippa looked up to see Dr Routledge

“No, I just wanted to read up a little bit to make sure I understand” Pippa said and smiled as Dr Routledge sat down

“I hope you don’t mind me joining you” Dr Routledge as he opened the wrapping around his sandwich

“No, not at all” Pippa said

“Only two more weeks until the Christmas break” Dr Routledge said

“Yes, I cant believe the months have gone by so quickly” Pippa said

“And that Christmas will be here so soon…it feels like Christmas was only yesterday” Dr Routledge said and Pippa smiled

“Yes I know” Pippa said

“I hope you will be enjoying your break and spending time with you family and not studying” Dr Routledge said

“Yes, I will be enjoying with my family…what about you?” Pippa said

“My daughter, Angel will be home from boarding school, so we will spend some time with my parents, and a little bit of time here. Ive told her all about Summer Bay, but she's more interested to know about the beach…and the surfers” Dr Routledge said and rolled his eyes

“How old is your daughter? Pippa said

“Shes fifteen going on thirty” Dr Routledge said and Pippa laughed

“Yes they are very independent at that age” Pippa said

“A bit too independent if you ask me” Dr Routledge said and rolled his eyes as Pippa laughed…


Surf Club- Summer Bay

“Hi, Im looking for Alf Stewart” Ben turned around and was mesmerized by the beautiful woman standing in front of him. She smiled at him to let him know the feeling was mutual

“Yes…he’s right over there” Ben said and as he pointed Alf came out of the office

“I’m Alf Stewart, how can I help you? Alf said as he walked towards her

“I’m here for the lifeguard job interview” the woman said as Alf looked at her

“I think’s there’s been a mistake love..I’m expecting a bloke... Shawn Bradley” Alf said

“I think there has been a mixup, when I spoke to the lady about the job, I don’t think heard properly..I’m Shaun Bradley…well Shauna Bradley” Shauna said and smiled….



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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 436







Surf Club- Summer Bay


“You look disappointed” Shauna said as she looked at Alf

“Wel..its just that I was expecting a bloke” Alf said

“Sorry to disappoint you” Shauna said as she stood up

“No no no, have a seat…so tell me about yourself” Alf said as Shauna sat down

“Well, after high school, I worked as a lifeguard back home and went to uni for a year  until I made it onto the national tennis team and did that for a few years until early this year when l I got injured and retired then requalified as a lifeguard. I also have my first aid qualifications as well as training in CPR ” Shauna said

“Where is home?” Alf said

“Brisbane” Shauna said

“Why did you come all the way here for a job, there are lots of beaches between here and Brisbane” Alf said

“I registered with the national lifeguard association, and they send me messages about jobs, and after doing some research about Summer Bay, I thought I’d be up for the challenge” Shauna said

“What does your family think of you coming all the way here alone?” Alf said

“They know I’m a free spirit” Shauna said and smiled

“I have a few more candidates to interview, but I have your details and if you are successful, I will be in touch” Alf said and Shauna sighed

“Sounds like you already made up your mind” Shauna said

“I didn’t say that” Alf said

“If I haven’t got the job, please let me know” Shauna said and Alf sighed as he looked at Shauna

“You got the job” Alf said

“Oh, thank you Mr Stewart, you wont regret it! Shauna said

“Job starts first week of January, I want you here first thing 8 am” Alf said

“I’ll be here…I wont let you down” Shauna said as she got up and followed Alf out of the offce. Alf turned around and Shauna shook his hand

“Bye” Shauna said and she looked at Ben and smiled and walked out of the surf club and looked around for a phone box. When she saw one she put money into her pocket and took out some money and put it into the phone box and began to dial

“Hey…it’s me…guess what…I got the job…yeah I cant believe it…anyway I’m on my way back home…yeah my flight is in a few hours..yeah…this is definitely the first step of finding out the truth…alright…ill see you when I get home…bye” Shauna said and smiled to herself as she put the phone down and walked away…



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Bobby” Bobby was rushing to her office when Julie called her

“Hi” Bobby said as she walked over to desk

“You have some messages here” Julie said and she gave Bobby the papers with her messages on

“Thanks…hey, we’re having a Christmas party at my house next week and you’re invited” Bobby said

“Thanks, what day?” Julie said

“Its Sunday, and I know the days you works so no trying to get out of it” Bobby said as Julie smiled

“Is it alright if I bring my brother? He was away for al ittle while, but he will be coming home” Julie said

“Yeah, sure..i have to rush, ill give you the address later” Bobby said

“Ok” Julie said and smiled, as she watched Bobby rush away…


Bayside Diner- Summer bay


“Thanks for you know..agreeing to meet with me” Alf said as Colleen put a milkshake in front of Emma

“Look, I know that you and I didn’t get off on the right foot..and you know…Ails told me what..you know” Alf said as Emma drank her milkshake and colleen wiped the next booth trying to listen

“Colleen I think you have a customer” Alf said and pointed to the counter. Colleen smirked and walked away


“With Ailsa and me back together, and me living in the house” Alf was interrupted

“But youre not living in the house yet” Emma said and Alf looked at her annoyed that she reminded him

“Eventually I will..and I don’t want things to be…you know uncomfortable….What I’m really trying to say is..I apologize..for you know the way I behaved” Alf said

“Yeah, me too” Emma said

“Friends?” Alf said

“Friends” Emma said and smiled and Alf gently put his hand on hers

“Good on you” Alf said and Emma smiled…



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“Dad” Greg looked up to see Sam running towards him

“Hello mate” Greg said and he picked up Sam as Bobby walked up to Greg and smiled. Greg bent down and kissed her

“I wasn’t expecting to see you two” Greg said

“I just picked Sam up from the creche and wanted to know if you want to go with us to get a pizza” Bobby said

“Yeah, I should be finished here shortly” Greg said

“You can knock of now” Michael said as he came out of the shed

“Are you sure?” Greg said

“Yeah, its almost closing time anyway” Michael said

“Great, let me just put my things away, ill be right back” Greg said as he bent down and kissed Bobby and walked away

“You make that bloke very happy…good on you” Michael said and smiled at Bobby

“Thanks” Bobby said and she smiled…




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly opened her eyes when she heard a plate drop on the floor. She rubbed her eye to see Ben standing in the caravan then she yawned


Background music- Carly’s theme



“I mustve fallen asleep” Carly said

“Did you go through my things? Ben said holding the envelope Carly put on the table in his hand

“I just tidied up the van that’s all” Carly said as she sat up and stretched

“This envelope was in my bag” Ben said

“Ben everything was all over the floor…I just put the papers in the envelope and put the envelope on the table

“Did you go through my things?” Ben said with clenched teeth

“No, I didn’t, I just tidied up” Before Carly could finish her sentence, Ben had slapped her across the face and before she could respond, he had jumped on her and was punching her body and her face. Each blow seemed to hurt less and less and when Ben put his arms around her throat and began to choke her, she had already lost consciousness. When Ben noticed that Carly was not moving, he panicked

“Carly” Ben said and shook her

“Carly…wake up” Ben said then he looked around and quickly threw things around the van to look like they were robbed.  He opened the door and  looked around and noticed that nobody was around then he quickly rushed out of the caravan and into the woods..



Background music ends




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby rushed into the house and reached for the phone

“Hello..hi Grant..when did that happen?...alright…I’m on my way…thanks Grant” Bobby said and she put the phone down and sighed

“Whats wrong? Greg said as he walked into the house

“Its Carly, shes in the hospital” Bobby said

“What happened?” Greg said

“Sounds like someone broke into the caravan not knowing she was there and I guess they attacked her while trying to rob the place” Bobby said

“Crickey, I hope shes alright” Greg said

“Yeah me too…I have to get to the hospital, do you mind looking after Sam for a little while” Bobby said

“I’ll do one better…I’m coming with you” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said and they walked out of the house and Bobby locked the door…


General Hospital- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


Pippa sat on the chair next to Carly’s bed and gently put her hand on Carly’s then the door opened

“Oh Ben, I am glad you’re here” Pippa said

“I came here as soon as Sally told me…what what happened ?” Ben said as he rushed over to the bed and gently ran his hand down Carly’s bruised and swollen face

“Well from what the police can gather, it sounds like a break in gone wrong, and whoever did it, didn’t expect Carly to be home and whoever it was did this to her” Pippa said

“I really can’t believe all this keeps happening to Carl..did anyone see anything?” Ben said

“The van next to yours said they heard some kind of commotion, but they were not sure” Pippa said

“I think for the time being, it would be a better idea, if you move into the house…I really don’t want Carly in the van by herself with this person still on the loose” Pippa said

“I agree” Ben said

“The spare room downstairs has a bed and drawers…it just needs a bit of a clean” Pippa said

“I will do that tonight..if its ok” Ben said  and Pippa nodded


“Hello Dr” Pippa said as the Dr came into the room

“This is Carly;s husband” Pippa said

“Dr how is my wife?” Ben said

“Well she has a cracked rib and a punctured lung as well as the bruising to her face.” The Dr said

“What does that mean? Will she be alright?” Ben said

“Well the cracked rib can take anywhere between 3- 6weeks to heal, and the punctured lung at least 6-8 weeks to heal” The Dr said

“When come home?” Ben said

“Well I want to keep her under observation for a few days at least…I also want to assign Carly an oxygen mask” The Dr said

“Why does she need that?” Ben said

“Its more so for caution..thats all. Hopefully Carly wont need it. I do want her to get some rest, so would you mind coming back tomorrow” The Dr said

“Yes of course Dr” Pippa said and she gently moved Carly’s hair away from her forehead and walked out of the room. Ben gently kissed Carly on the cheek and walked out of the room. Carly opened her eyes when she heard the door close



Marilyn I just wanted to see if you are alright

Carly - “I just fell, its not a big deal”

Marilyn- Ben did this to you didn’t he

Carly- Its none of your business”

Marilyn- He pushed me down the stairs…and I ended up in hospital…he made sure to tell everyone that I fell down the stairs myself because I was so clumsy It wasn’t until then that I realized that I was not clumsy…all those times when he hit me, I tried to find excuses..I always said it was my fault for making him angry..that I was a bad girlfriend

Carly you have to get away from him…before something worse happens Please think about what I said…none of it is your fault…you did nothing wrong

Flashback ends


Carly gently put her hand on her stomach as she stared at the ceiling and cried…


Backgrounds music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 437



Simpson Residence – Summer Bay


Marilyn sighed as Grant came out of the bathroom

“Whats wrong?” Grant said and Marilyn looked at him

“Carly?” Grant said and Marilyn nodded

“Grant he;s going to really hurt her…and I feel so guilty” Marilyn said

“I know, but even if you say something, she is not going to listen” Grant said

“You’re right..i know..its just that” Marilyn said and sighed


“Anyway, I looked at the guest list and it seems everyone wants to come to the party…I don’t know how Bobby will feel about over 50 people here” Marilyn said dejected

“Yes, that is a lot…maybe you should find somewhere else to have it….you still have 2 weeks” Grant said

“But where? Its too late to book anything at the resort because they are all booked up with Christmas parties

“What about the surf club?” Grant said

“They don’t open until next month” Marilyn said

“Oh this is such a disaster” Marilyn said disappointed

“Why don’t you go and see Ceila Ross, maybe she might have a suggestion” Grant said

“ok, that’s a good idea…I’m going to be late for work..i’ll see you later” Marilyn said dejected as she walked out of the house…as Grant sighed…


St Peter’s Church- Newcastle


“Careful on the slide” Bobby said as Sam ran off to the small kids play area on the church grounds as she walked back to the small seating area

“Oh that is unfortunate news about Carly” Reverend Jones said

“Yeah I know, shes having the worst luck. Pippa said the hospital said because of her lung, she might have to use an oxygen mask and tank” Bobby said

“Oh dear..i will pray for her” Reverend Jones said


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“I hope you don’t mind us coming up..I mean, I hope we are not disturbing you” Bobby said

“Oh of course not Roberta, it’s a wonderful treat to see you” Reverend Jones said

“Thanks…I just wanted to be away from Summer Bay today…you know considering today is the day that I lost Thomas” Bobby said and sighed

“I can imagine that today will be painful, but find comfort in the fact that you angel Thomas is watching over you all the time” Reverend Jones said

“Yeah, sometimes I feel like that” Bobby said

“And you have a wonderful young man…well two in your life now” Reverend Jones said and Bobby smiled

“Pippa told you about Greg” Bobby said and Reverend Jones nodde

“I never thought that I would feel this way about someone else…I guess things happen when you least expect it” Bobby said

“Yes they do…Did you tell Greg about Thomas?” Reverend Jones said and Bobby shook her head no

“maybe one day…it still hurts to talk about it…” Bobby said

“BOBBY LOOK” Bobby looked up to see Sam sliding down the slide laughing. Bobby and Reverend Jones laughed

“He is a sweet boy” Reverend Jones said

“Yeah…it was hard for a while with university and working and everything..but its all been worth it” Bobby said

“My heart is full of joy for you Roberta…I’m extremely proud of you” Reverend Jones said

It's a shame that my dad doesn't feel the same way” Bobby said

“He will in time...Oh…and by the way…I’ll have my best suite pressed and ready to see you win the Business woman of the year award again” Reverend Jones said and Bobby playfully rolled her eyes

“There is no way I’m winning twice in a row..I told Pippa I wouldn’t go, but as a former winner, I have no choice” Bobby said

“Oh Roberta” Reverend Jones said and they both started laughing

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” Reverend Jones said

“You are one of the few people who can ask me anything” Bobby said and they both laughed

“Alright then..are you happy?” Reverend Jones said and Bobby smiled

“Yeah…I can honestly say that I am..at the beginning of the year I didn’t know where I was, but now…I can say yes” Bobby said

“Good, I’m glad” Reverend Jones said and smiled


“Reverend Jones, Sorry to bother you” Les Morgan said as he walked closer to them

“No bother at all Les” Reverend Jones said

“Hello Ms Roberta” Les said

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled

“Just some flowers for you” Les said and he gave Bobby a small bouquet of different coloured lily flowers

“Thank you, these are beautiful” Bobby said as she looked at the flowers

“Its funny you should give me these because Lilly is my middle name..thank you very much” Bobby said


“You’re welcome” Les said


“can I have a drink please” Sam said as he came running over


“Ok” said Bobby said and she poured Sam some lemonade


“Hello young man” Les said as he looked at Sam


“Hello” Sam said and smiled as Bobby handed him the lemonade


“Is that your son?” Les said


“My foster son” Bobby said and Les looked at her as Reverend Jones looked at him


“I better get back” Les said and just as he was about to turned around

“Wait” Bobby said and she gave him a slice of chocolate cake and some sandwiches. Bobby wasn’t a fan of chocolate cake, but she knew that Sam and Reverend Jones liked it


“Chocolate cake…my favorite..thank you very much” Les said then he turned around and walked away


“That guy..he looks very familiar…like Ive seen him before..l know I say it all the time, but I just wish I knew where I had seen him before” Bobby said


“Maybe one day when the time is right…you will remember” Reverend Jones said as he looked at Bobby


“Yeah, hopefully because it keeps bugging me” Bobby said as Reverend Jones smiled…



Macklin Corporation- New York


Frank stared at the photo of Roo on his desk




Sam- Frank, follow your dreams and I hope they lead to the desires of your heart…


Flashback ends





Frank- I didn’t take her side

Bobby- So why didn’t you stick up for me…I’m only your wife”

Frank- I’m tired

Bobby- Why don’t you just make it easy on yourself and just admit you’re still in love with her

Frank- I’m not in the mood to argue..i’m going to bed


Flashback ends






Roo- Frank you and Bobby are going through a rough patch…

Frank- I don’t want her, I want you

Roo- Frank, you’re married just go home and work it out with your wife

Frank- Look me in the eye and tell me you that you don’t love me

Roo- Frank why are you doing this?”

Frank- Because I know you feel the same way


Flashback ends






Bobby - I want you to remember something

Frank- What

Bobby- That I will never stop loving you..I love you forever Frank

Frank- I love you forever Roberta


Flashback ends




Frank jumped then he looked up to see Terry standing at the door

“Is that report finished yet?” Terry said

“I’ll be finishing it up in the next few hours” Frank said and Terry looked at him

“By the way, one of the senior executives from the European office will be here tomorrow for a few weeks, he will be using your office…so please make sure to move your things into one of the cubicles” Terry said and was just about to walk off


“Wait a minute Terry, why do I have to move..what about Andy or one of the other managers?” Frank said in protest and Terry walked back into the office and closed the door


“Listen Frank, I know you had your accident, but the show had to go one…the rest of us had to take on some of your work load..you didn’t hear it from me but Jerry was on the verge of laying you off from your job, but I convinced him to give you a chance” Terry said and Frank sighed

“I have really gone out of my way for you…in all the years I’ve been here, ive never seen anyone take as much time  off as you, granted it was fr personal reasons…and still come back at the same grade level..so if I were you…I would just be getting on with my work, whatever that maybe..you don’t want the Macklin corporation to think you are ungrateful do you?” Terry said and Frank tapped his finger on the desk


“Yeah, you’re right…thanks for you know..putting a good word in with Jerry” Frank said

“No problem, now get that report down” Terry said then he walked out of the officed and smirked as Frank sighed and began typing….


Background music ends


Five days later


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Carly’s theme

“I got these flowers for you” Ben said as he pointed to some flowers in a vase “and Sally made this card for you” Pippa said as Carly walked over to the bed and gently sat down

“Can I get you anything?” Pippa said and Carly shook her head no

“Let me help you lie down” Ben said as he helped Carly lie on the bed

“The dr said you might not need the oxygen tank but its here just in case” Pippa said pointing at it

“Pippa, have you heard any more from the police?” Ben said

“Unfortunately they have no leads, but they are patrolling the caravan park twice a day for safety” Pippa said

“At least that’s something” Ben said and he sat down next to Carly

“I don’t know what I wouldve done if anything happened to my wife” Ben said as he hugged Carly

“I’m tired” Carly said

“Of course..we’ll leave you to get some rest” Ben said and he gently kissed Carly on the forehead

“Ill just be in the living room if you need me..i love you” Ben said and he kissed Carlys head while Pippa smiled thinking that Ben was a wonderful man. They both walked out of the room and closed the door as Carly looked at the ceiling, put her hand on her stomach as tears ran down her face…


Background music ends…

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Chapter 438





Next day


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Greg walked into the shop and took his money out of his pocket. When he got to the counter he noticed that there was a woman he had never seen behind the counter

“G’day” Greg said

“Hello” Fiona said

“Alf not here?” Greg said

“He’s gone to the wholesalers. I’m Fiona, I just started working here” Fiona said and smiled to the handsome man

“Oh right, I’m Greg” Greg said and he walked around the corner and after a short while he came back with a can of WD 40

“Just this thanks” Greg said as he gave the money to Fiona. She counted his change and gave it to him

“Thanks….see you later” Greg said and smiled as Fiona smiled and watched him walk away…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Hello Shannon, long time no see, how are you?” Ailsa said as she petitie girl with long red hair smiled at her

“Good thanks Mrs Stewart” Shannon said and smiled. She used to live in Summer bay a few years ago but after her dad Rex Wilsons heart attack, Shannon and her family moved to Waldorf Creek

“What can I get you?” Ailsa said

“I saw the ad in the paper for a server, and I wanted to apply for the job” Shannon said

“Do you have any experience?’ Ailsa said

“Yes, I worked for a year at a restaurant in Waldorf Creek” Shannon said

“Why did you leave?” Ailsa said

“They owners closed down and moved to Greece” Shannon said

“I thought you were going to university?” Ailsa said

“I wanted to but I need to save some money. There is an art program in France I want to attend, and it costs a lot ” Shannon said

“Well, unfortunately I need someone permanent” Ailsa said

“Oh, I wont be going now, probably another year or so” Shannon said

“Well..alright…the job is yours…when can you start?” Ailsa said

“Tomorrow? Shannon said

“Sounds good to me, I’ll see you bright and early at 8am” Ailsa said and Shannon did a salute and smiled

“Bye” Shannon said and walked out of the diner as Ailsa smiled



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


Carly turned on the oxygen tank and waited for a few moments then she put on the mask on. She breathed in deeply a few times until she felt alright as Ben walked into the room

“Are you alright?” Ben said and Carly took the mask off

“Yeah, I was just having difficulty breathing” Carly said as she got up from the bed and slowly put the tank and mask on the dressing table. She then slowly walked back to the bed and sat down


“I saw Nick Parrish, he said there was still no leads on whoever did this to you” Ben said as Carly stared at the floor

“Mr Stewart gave me the day off, so I could be with you” Ben said as he climbed on the bed and wrapped his arms around Carly who shuddered away

“Oh, Im sorry…you’re still in pain” Ben said

“Let me kiss it better” Ben said and kissed Carlys neck

“No, please don’t..i’m tired, I want to lie down” Carly said and she proceeded to lie down

“You can go back to work, I’ll be fine” Carly said

“No, I’ve got the day off, and I want to spend it with my wife” Ben said as he lay behind Carly and gently put his arms around her

“Maybe if you're feeling up to it, we can go for a drive, and watch the sunset, just like we used to” Ben said as Carly stared at the wall

“I hope Bobby is giving you sick pay that little rat…can you believe shes been nominated for NSW business woman of the year…what a joke..she's such a drop kick..I hear Alf talking about it, I hope the loser doesn’t even win. I still don’t understand how she got to foster that kid…and Greg, what a loser” Ben continued by this point, Carly had stopped listening to Ben continue to insult her family.

“Anyway, I think we should move from here, just you and me, away from the losers in this town..what do you think?” Ben said as Ben gently shook Carly

“I don’t know” Carly said

“You will do what I say” Ben said “It will be great…just the two of us” Ben said as Carly closed her eyes and a tear ran down her cheek


Background music ends



Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay

“Thank you so much Mrs Ross, you have been very helpful…all we have left now is to find a santa clause” Marilyn said as she sat in the living room with Celia planning the Christmas party which was now going to be held at the church hall

“Why don’t you leave that to me” Celia said and she winked

“Ok ...well its getting late and I need to go, thanks again Mrs Ross” Marilyn said and she got up from the chair and walked towards the door

“I  hope your leg gets better soon” Marilyn said

“Oh, its almost perfect” Celia said and smiled as Marilyn waved and walked out of the house and closed the door.

Celia smiled and hummed Christmas carols as she walked towards the kitchen. A short time after, Michael walked into the house

“Oh Michael  you're home just in time” Celia said

“I have a very special job for you” Celia said

“What?” Michael said as he took off his jacket

“Father Christmas at the Christmas party this weekend” Celia said excited

“No” Michael said

“Oh Michael, think of all the child who will be happy to see you” Celia said

“I said no” Michael said

“But” Celia said

Look I said no, and I mean no…why don’t you ask Alf he looks more like Father Christmas than me…but then again, after his carry on this year, he might end up taking home  a female elf ” Michael said and he laughed as he walked away as Celia sighed



Next day


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


“I said no” Alf said as Celia followed him to the front door as he put a sign in the window advertising the flat upstairs for rent. Although he had not moved back home, he knew that it was only a matter of time

“Oh Alfred, its for the children” Celia said as she followed Alf back to the counter then he turned around and looked at Celia

“No” Alf said and he turned around again and walked around the counter

“But you did it last year” Celia said

“That is why I’m not doing it this year” Alf said and Celia sighed

“Alright Alfred” Celia said then she slowly walked out of the shop and closed the door. Alf shook his head then he reached under the counter and took out a box. He opened it and smiled at the necklace…Ailsa’s Christmas present. This was going to be the best Christmas, and Alf couldn’t wait



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Can I get you anything?” Finlay said as Carly slowly walked over to the couch and sat down. Christopher was playing and Carly smiled at him

“No” Carly said


Knock on the door


“Ill get it” Finlay said and she opened the door

“Hi…is Carly home?” Marilyn said and Carly sighed and rolled her eyes when she heard Marilyn’s voice

“Yes, come in Marilyn” Finlay said and she opened the door. As Marilyn walked towards Carly, she put her hand over her mouth. She didn’t expect Carly to still be so bruised

“Carly, I’m just going to the shop to get some milk” Finlay said and she picked up Christopher

“We wont be long” Finlay said. Marilyn waited for Finlay to close the door and she sat down next to Carly


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Oh Carly…look at you…I know this was no burglar who did this to you…Ben did this to you” Marilyn said

“What do you want?” Carly said

“I came to see how you are…Carly, you have to get away from him” Marilyn said

“Its none of your business” Carly said

“Why are you letting him do this do you…tell someone…tell the police” Marilyn said

“ There is no thing to tell, I was attacked by a burglar” Carly said

“That’s a lie…I’m going to tell Bobby..maybe she can talk some sense into you” Marilyn said

“Bobby will never believe your word over mine” Carly said

“She will when I show her this” Marilyn said and she pulled out from her pocket the same necklace that Ben gave to Carly and Carly looked at the necklace and sighed

“If you breathe a word…you will have nowhere to live and you will have no job..i will see to it that you are finished in this town” Carly said and Marilyn sighed.

“Carly you have to get away from him before its too late” Marilyn said

“Too late for what?” Ben said and Carly and Marilyn jumped

“I was just telling Carly about the offer we are doing at the salon, I thought she…she might like to…you know have a makeover…when she gets better…anyway, I am on my lunch break” Marilyn said as stood up

“I hope you think about what I said..bye” Marilyn said then she looked at Ben and walked out of the house

“I’m tired, im going to lie down” Carly said and she slowly got up and walked to the spare room as Ben walked out of the house. He ran as he saw Marilyn walk towards her car

“Hey” Ben said and Marilyn turned around

“Why is it that every time I turn around you are in my house” Ben said

“I came to visit Carly…see how she is” Marilyn said as Ben got closer to her then he looked around and noticed that nobody was around and began smirking as he walked towards Marilyn

“If you take one step closer I’ll scream” Marilyn said as her heart beat fast then Ben looked at her and put his hands up

“Just..stay away from Carly…ok” Ben said

“You..you cant tell me what to do” Marilyn said

“I’m going to say it once….stay away from Carly…or you might get a visit from the burglar” Ben said as he smiled and Marilyn got into her car as quickly a she could and locked herself in as Ben waved at her and smiled then his smile disappeared as he walked towards the house as Marilyn drove away with her heart still beating fast...


“Guess what, I got some good news” Ben said as he laid on the bed behind Carly

“You know the flat above Mr Stewarts shop, well its for rent, and I told Mr Stewart that we will take it. I went to look at it, and its furnished, so all we need to do is move ourselves in” Ben said

“Why didn’t you tell me first…we cant afford it” Carly said

“You don’t think I’m capable of making decisions for my family…besides..we do have the money…the money in your trust fund” Ben said

“I told you Ben, I don’t want to touch that money” Carly said

“And I told Mr Stewart we will take the flat..now you don’t want to make me look like a fool do you” Ben said as he put his arms around Carly

“No” Carly said dejected

“Good…its going to be great, we can finally get away from your boring family..i better go and see what's in the kitchen to eat, hopefully nurse plod has some food in the fridge” Ben said and laughed as he walked out of the room while Carly put her hand on her stomach and closed her eyes…


Background music ends


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Marilyn jumped as Bobby knocked on her car window. She was still shaken up by Ben threatening her.  Marilyn wound  the window down

“Hi, what are you doing sitting in your car” Bobby said

“Nothing” Marilyn said

“I think I’m done with all my Christmas shopping…Greg said its a tradition in his family to get the tree two days befire Christmas, so I better have everything wrapped by then” Bobby said

“That’s great Bobby” Marilyn said and smiled

“Is everything alright?” Bobby said and Marilyn looked at her. She wanted to tell her about Carly, but she had no proof, and like Carly said it was her word against hers, and she didn’t want to lose Bobby's friendship

“No nothing, I'm just feeling a bit under the weather…I’m going to go home and lie down” Marilyn said

“Oh no, I hope you're not catching a cold or something…the Christmas party is in a couple of days” Bobby said

“Its probably one of those 24 hours things, I’ll probably be alright after a good sleep” Marilyn said

“What about your boss, do you want me to tell her?” Bobby said

“No its alright, Ill call when I get home” Marilyn said and she started the engine

“Alright then, ill see you later” Bobby said and Marilyn smiled then she drove off as Bobby walked towards the resort. Bobby smiled to herself as she thought about all the toys she got for Sam, she probably brough too much, but it was their first Christmas, and she could just feel that is was going to be a special one. She was also happy with the shirt she got Greg for Christmas

“Hey Julie” Bobby said and Julie looked up

“Hi Bobby” Julie said

“Don’t forget the party on Sunday” Bobby said

“I cant wait…oh by the way, is it still ok to bring my brother? Julie said

“Of course…the more the merrier” Bobby said and smiled as she walked away….



Four days later


Church Hall- Summer Bay


Background music- jingle bells


“Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas” Celia said as she walked into the church hall which was full of summer bay residents enjoying the party with her walking stick and a small sack of presents. Marilyn smiled as she remembered when Celia suggested she was going to be mother Christmas since no one would volunteer to do it. Greg smiled as he gave Bobby her drink and watched as Sam went and stood in line to go and see Santa. Alf was holding Duncan who was pointing at santa clause while Haydn plotted to hide Celia's walking stick when she put it down. Bobby walked over to where Sam was and stood behind him while Nick and Adam ate snacks and laughed

“Almost your turn sweetheart, are you excited?” Bobby said and she gently stroked Sam's hair and he nodded

“Now are you going to tell santa if you've been naughty or nice?” Greg said as he put his arm around  Bobby and she laughed. Moments later, Sally came running towards Bobby and wrapped her arms around her tight and started crying

“Sal..what's wrong?” Bobby said

“The man.,,the one…who took me…away” Sally said

“Hi Bobby” Bobby turned around with a shocked look on her face

“Bobby, this is my brother Maurice, Maurice this is my friend Bobby” Julie said as her brother Maurice aka Revhead and Bobby stared at each other….


Background music ends



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Pippa put a cup of tea in front of Bobby

“You can’t be mad at Julie…I guess she didn’t know” Pippa said

“Oh she must've known Pippa, it was in the paper, how would she not have known?” Bobby said

“Yes, but because Sally is a minor, they didn’t mention her name” Pippa said

“All the time, she kept telling me she was gong to invite her brother, and I said yeah, bring him along, the more the merrier” Bobby said and Pippa sighed

“She sounded like she was really sorry back there” Pippa said and Bobby sighed


Background music- Frank and Bobby's theme

“So Alex tells me that you think Greg might be the one?” Pippa said and Bobby laughed

“It really is nice to see you smiling…happy…things always get better with time” Pippa said and Bobby nodded

“Yeah” Bobby said and smiled..

"I have a feeling that this is really going to be a good Christmas for us all" Pippa said and smiled..


Macklin Corporation- New York


Frank stared at the photo of Roo on his desk in the shared cubicle. He briefly looked up to see a meeting happening in his old office..one that for some reason he was not invited to attend. He looked back down at the photo of Roo




Frank- I’m glad you came to the city

Roo- Yeah me too..When did you realize that…you still had feelings for me

Frank- If I’m honest, I never stopped

Roo- Me too..when you and Bobby got married…I know its wrong, but I just felt in my heart that we were meant to be together

Frank- I’m glad you had that feeling

Roo- It was nice to just get away from Summer Bay..the dirty looks and the whispers

Frank- Bobby and I breaking up had nothing to do with you

Roo- Everyone else thinks so

Frank- Stuff them..you're not there anymore so you don’t have to deal with them…its just you and me from now on

Roo- I like the sound of that…


Flashback ends




Frank- Student of the year…I’m so proud of you

Bobby- Thank you for supporting me..and believing in me

Frank- Ill always believe in you

Bobby- I know it might sound crazy..but I just knew..well I was always convinced that we would be together

Frank- I’m just sorry I took so long to figure out how I really feel about you

Bobby- It got to a point that I just accepted that you wouldn’t notice me, and we would just end up being good mates

Frank- No..i’m sure I would’ve figured it out eventually considering you are the most important person in my life..and you will always be...so how are celebrating tonight?

Bobby- I can think of something...

Frank- I like the sound of that....

Bobby- I love you Frank..forever

Frank- I love you Roberta..forever


Flashback ends


“Frank” Frank jumped when he heard his name

“Frank here is the lunch order, can you just run down and get it. When you get back, can you please type up the minutes from the meeting, here are the notes Andy made, Jerry is going to want these by tomorrow morning” Terry said as Frank sighed

“Is there something wrong? Terry said as he noticed that Frank was annoyed

“No..nothing” Frank said and Terry walked away smirking….


Background music ends


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Thanks for reading  :)


Chapter 439



Beach - Summer Bay


Emma walked along the beach. The last few days she had woken early and instead of just laying in bed she went out for a walk. She felt more calmer since the first time she was in Summer Bay, now that everything was over with her step dad, she felt that she could breath


“Morning” Emma looked behind her to see Mr Croft

“Mornng sir..I mean David” Emma said and smiled

“I thought high school kids wake up and get dressed five minutes before the bell rings” David said and Emma laughed

“Well that’s what I used to do” David said

“No, I just woke up early and decided to come and take a walk before school” Emma said

“Yeah, this is one of the best beaches in Australia….in my opinion” David said

“I haven’t seen any others, but yeah, this one is pretty nice” Emma said then David looked at his watch, I have one more mile before school…ill see you later” David said and winked then he ran off as Emma watched him and noticed for the first time how handsome he was….


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Bobby, please wait” Julie said as she rushed up behind Bobby. Bobby sighed then she turned around to look at her

“ I’m really sorry..for what my brother did. I had no idea that it was you or your sister Sally. I had a real go at Maurice when we got home” Julie said as Bobby stared at her

“I suppose it wasn’t you fault..you didn’t know” Bobby said

“I didn’t…I promise you. After the case, we asked the police to give us the details of the person who was kidnapped but they wouldn’t. If they did, we would’ve apologized straight away” Julie said

“Bobby I truly am sorry” Julie said

“Alright” Bobby said then she walked away and Julie sighed. She knew that things were going to be different for her now in Summer Bay. She had already had some funny looks from some of the staff members. As Julie wheeled herself back to the reception, she thought that maybe it was time for her to think about leaving her job because nothing was going to be the same….



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly slowly poured herself some orange juice and put the carton back in the fridge then she slowly walked back to her room and sat on the bed. She put the glass on the small bedside table and picked up the oxygen mask just as Ben walked into the bedroom


Background music ends


“G’day” Ben said

“Hi” Carly said

“I thought we could go out and have some lunch ad get that deposit money for the flat from the bank” Ben said

“Ben, I want to talk to you about that…I just don’t think it’s a good idea, so I called Mr Stewart and said we wont be taking the flat” Carly said

“You did what?” Ben said surprised

“I told Mr Stewart that we wont be taking the flat” Carly said

“Why did you do that? Ben said as Carly was about to put the oxygen mask on and Ben grabbed it away from her

“Because we cant afford it yet” Carly said as she tried to take deep breaths

“So all of a sudden you’re making decisions for me” Ben said

“Ben, please…give me the mask” Carly said as she struggled to take deep breaths. Ben walked over to her side of the bed and dangled the mask above her head. Carly tried to reach for it but she couldn’t

“Now you’re going to call Mr Stewart back..and tell him it was a mistake…and we want the flat…then youre going to get up and get dressed and we are going to the bank” Ben said as Carly struggled to breath

“If you ever…do anything like this again…to embarrass me..i’ll make sure you wont be able to find this again” Ben said and he threw the oxygen mask at Carly who grabbed it and put it on her face and began to breathe deeply as Ben walked out of the room. Carly breathed in as much oxygen as she could



Marilyn- Carly  you need to get away from him, before something worse happens

Flashback ends


Carly took the mask off her face and for the first time she felt confused by what Ben just said to her..everything that he had been saying to her..everything that he had done to her..she finally realized  that none of the violence was her fault…but she also realized that she was trapped…and even if she tried to get away from Ben…she knew he would never leave her alone..and that is what finally made her afraid of him..the thought of never being able to get away from him…..



Ben opened the fridge, there was nothing he felt like eating then he heard the door knock. He closed the fridge and walked out of the kitchen


“G’day” Ben said

“Yes, I’d like to rent a van” Ben looked at the man who told him

“Ok, I’ll just get the paperwork and keys” Ben said and he walked away, a few moments later, he came back with the booking folder and a key

“Your first time here?” Ben said as he walked towards the man

“No, I used to live around here” The man said

“Oh right, so what brings you back?” Ben said

“Well, as its Christmas in a few weeks, I thought I’d come back and visit family” The man said

“Oh right..if you can just fill in the deposit book and pay the deposit” Ben said as he watched the man signed his name and put $50 on the table

“Unless the prices have gone up, that should cover the deposit” the man said and smiled at Ben. Ben picked up the folder

“Sorry, I cant make out your name” Ben said

“Al…Al Simpson” Al said and smiled….


Background music ends



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


“You should’ve told me Alf” Ailsa said

“I know, but I just thought that since we are back together…I didn’t need to live here anymore” Alf said

“That wasn’t your decision to make” Ailsa said and Alf looked at her disappointed

“Ben and Carly will be coming over later to pay the deposit..I cant tell them I changed my mind” Alf said and Ailsa sighed

“I’ll stay in Duncans room…If you want..i just want to be home..please” Alf said and Ailsa sighed



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Pippa closed the car door and locked it. She had a few more days until she was off for the Christmas break. As she walked towards the house, she started making a list of things that she had to get down

“Hello Mrs Fletcher” Pippa turned around

“What are you doing here?” Pippa said as she looked at Al Simpson

“I am renting one of your vans…I’ll be staying for a few weeks if that is alright” Al said as Pippa looked at him and walked away

“Have a good evening” Al said and smiled to himself as he smirked then whistled and walked towards his van. When he got to his van and opened the door, Sophie was sitting on the corner of the chair and he pushed her away and she fell on the floor

“Get over there…you stink” Al said as Sophie sat in the far corner

…I’m going out…you better not open the door..and you better not let anyone in..otherwise I’ll give you a good hiding” Al said and he walked out of the van and closed the door. Sophie waited until she heard him walk away, then she slowly walked over to the window and opened the curtain. Initially she didn’t know where they were going but now everything looked familiar…she remembered the funny looking caravan with all the paintings on it…she remembered the big house…then she remembered this was where Bobby was. Sophie inhaled and exhaled and smiled to herself

Next day


Bayside diner- Summer Bay


“Dinner on a boat…Sounds like you’re going to have a good night…what time is Greg picking you up?” Pippa said

“At 7” Bobby said

“I’ll look after Sam if you want” Ailsa said

“Thanks but Grant is going to look him tonight” Bobby said as she walked into the kitchen

“Oh no” Ailsa said and Bobby looked at her

“Whats wrong?” Bobby said and Ailsa indicated for Bobby to to look behind her. When Bobby did Al smiled at her. Bobby exhaled then she walked out to the counter

“Can I get you anything else?” Shannon said

“What do you want?” Bobby said and Sophie turned around and stared at Bobby…she couldn’t believ it…Bobby was here

“Well its nice to see you too” Al said and Bobby looked at Sophie who was staring at her

“This young lady was just taking my breakfast order” Alf said

“That will be $10.90” Shannon said

“I think you’ll find that this is on the house…right Roberta?” Al said as Shannon looked at Bobby and Bobby nodded

“We’ll be over there” Al said and he pushed Sophie in the direction of the booth.



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Alf sighed and he put the phone down

“I just finished, the cans out here, I’m just going to check the stockroom” Fiona said

“Thanks love” Alf said as she walked away and Celia walked into the shop

“Alfred, I assume you and Ailsa and the children will be joining us for the nativity on Christmas day” Celia said and continued talking. Alf could hear her but he wasn’t listening

“Alfred” Celia said

“What sis?” Alf said

“Is there something wrong?” Celia said

“Al Simpson is back in town” Alf said and Ceila sighed


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Bobby walked behind Shannon as she put the plates on the table. The one plate she put in front of Al was loaded, and he also had a cup of tea and a glass of orange juice but the one she put in front of the little girl just had two slices of toast and a glass of milk

“Enjoy” Shannon said and smiled and she walked away

“Thanks for breakfast” Al said as he drank some of his orange juice

“What do you want?” Bobby said

“So I cant come and visit my daughter?” Alf said

“I’m not your daughter” Bobby said and she noticed that the little girl wouldn’t stop staring at her

“Look just eat your food and get out..i don’t want to see you in here again” Bobby said

“I cant do that Roberta” Al was interrupted

“Don’t call me that” Bobby said

“Ok..Bobby.. you see, I know when your nan died..she left you something, and I m here to collect my share” Al said and Bobby laughed

“You honestly think I’m going to give you anything” Bobby said while noticing that the little girl was still staring at her

“Oh..you will” Al said

“Just eat your food and get out” Bobby said and she walked away as Al smiled to himself…



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


Carly walked slowly up the stairs and into the flat. She looked around, it was neat and had furniture

“Come and have a look at the bedroom” Ben said and Carly slowly walked to the room. She tried to show excitement even though she didn’t want to be there

“Come and look at the bathroom” Ben shouted and Carly followed his voice into the bathroom

“See lots of nice running hot water” Ben said as Carly smiled. As Carly was about to turn around Ben positioned her infront of the mirror and put his arms gently around her

“I am so happy you’re my wife…I love you” Ben said

“Yeah, me too” Carly said and forced a smiled as Ben gently ran his finger down her cheek then to her neck

“Your necklace..the one I gave you for Christmas, where is it?” Ben said and Carly put her finger up to her neck

“Its probably at home” Carly said

“Don’t you like it?” Ben said

“Yeah, I do..I just took it off, I didn’t want it to get tangled in the oxygen mask” Carly said hoping that excuse was good enough

“Good idea..well lets go back to the caravn park and pack our things..the sonner we get out of there..the better Ben smiled and so did Carly then her smile disappeared as he walked away…


Background music ends



Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobbys theme


“Cheers” Greg said as he and Bobby clinked glasses as they sat on the boat in the middle of the ocean under the moonlight

“Is everything alright..you didn’t like the food..or the boat?” Greg said

“Ys everything is fine…its just with my father…well my adoptive father in town..he just gets to me..thats all” Bobby sad and Greg leaned forward and kissed her

“I want to say something....at first I guess we didn’t like each other, but after getting to know you…I’m glad I decided to stay in Summer Bay… I have never felt this way about a woman before…and I love you” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“I love you too” Bobby said

“Lets make a toast” Greg said

“To what?” Bobby said

“To finding true love..and having one of the best Christmases” Greg said and Bobby smiled then they leaned forward and kissed each other under the moonlight…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Al looked at the caravan door as it knocked. He got up and opened the door

“The welcoming committee has arrived” Al said as Donald looked at him

“I want to talk to you” Donald said and Al stepped out of the van and closed the door

“Looking good Donald” Al said

“What are you doing back here?” Donald said

“Relax..I just came to visit my daughter for the holidays” Al said

“She’s not your daughter” Donald said

“Well I did look after her for 16 years, so technically she was mine” Al said

“Look Simpson, you have nothing over any of us anymore” Donald said

“Donald…is that what you really think of me..i’m disappointed” Al said

“Just get out of Summer Bay..and stay away from Bobby” Donald said annoyed then he walked away as Al laughed and got back into his van and closed the door


Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobbys theme


“This has been a great night” Bobby said as she sat next to Greg as he drove them back to the beach

“Glad you enjoyed it” Greg said then the boat engine started making funny noises

“Whats that?” Bobby said

“Nothing, probably running out of petrol” Greg said  and he looked at the dashboard of the boat

“Just enough to get us back” Greg said then he started going a bit faster

“Isnt going faster going to use up all the petrol?” Bobby said

“No, its fine, the beach is just over there” Greg said as he drove faster

“Greg, I think you’re driving a bit too fast” Bobby said

“Its fine…look, we are almost at the boat shed” Greg said and Bobby started worrying because the engine was making a funny noise and Greg was going faster

“Greg, I think you need to slow down a bit” Bobby said as she held onto the side of the boat and was getting wet

“Greg, I’m getting wet, slow down” Bobby said then there was a loud noise from the engine

“GREG WATCH OUT!” Bobby said….


Morgan Residence- New York


Frank opened his eyes and immediately sat up in bed and breathed heavily. He must’ve been having a nightmare, but it felt really real

“What’s the matter?” Roo said as she turned around

“No nothing…go back to sleep” Frank said then he laid down. Roo moved closer and put her head on his chest as he stared at the ceiling



Frank- Hmm this is really good Bobby

Bobby- Are you sure?

Frank- Yeah, what is it?”

Bobby- Its just pasta with a cheese and white wine sauce

Frank- Hmm its really good

Bobby- Glad you liked it

Frank- Listen…thanks for being understanding with work and everything…its only going to be for a little while

Bobby- I know, you’re doing all this for our future..I believe you

Frank- Thanks for believing in me

Bobby- I’ll always believe in you

“Frank- I love you forever

Bobby- I love you forever


Flashback ends


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 440


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay

Adam kissed Marilyn’s neck but she didn’t respond. Adam looked at her and sighed

“What’s the matter?” Adam said

“Nothing” Marilyn said

“If you want to break up just say so” Adam said

“No, I don’t” Marilyn said

“So why have you been giving me the cold shoulder lately? What have I done?” Adam said

“Nothing” Marilyn said

“Are you sure because lately you’ve been acting like I don’t even exist” Adam said


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Sorry…I just have a lot on my mind right now” Marilyn said

“Like what?” Adam said and Marilyn sighed. She wanted to tell him about Ben and about Carly

“I don’t want to talk about it” Marilyn said

“I don’t get you sometimes…” Adam said then he got up from the chair in the boat, and walked out onto the deck

“I think I better go home” Marilyn said

“That’s a good idea” Adam said. Marilyn leaned forward to kiss him, but he moved away. Marilyn sighed then she reached for her bag and walked the few steps onto the pavement and walked away as a single tear rolled down her cheek…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly turned around when she heard a knock at the door

“I wanted to see if you needed any help packing” Pippa said when she came into the room

“No, its fine…we haven’t got much stuff to take anyway” Carly said and sat down on the bed

“From what Ben tells me, the flat is furnished, so everything you will need will be there” Pippa said

“Yeah” Carly said as Pippa picked up a shirt from the bed and folded it

“When you’re all settled down, we have to come over for dinner” Pippa said and smiled. She noticed that Carly hadn’t responded

“Is everything alright? “ Pippa said

“The family photo…the one we took when Bobby came to live here…do you have a copy?” Carly said

“I think I do, hold on, let me get it” Pippa said and she walked out of the room while Carly stared at the wall. A few moments later Pippa returned

“Here you go” Pippa said as she gave the photo to Carly. I have to get some more copies. Frank has one, Bobby has one, and now you have one” Pippa said as Carly stared at the photo. She looked at each person and smiled as she remembered a different life time

“Anyway, Ill leave you to have finish up. I’m really proud of you Carly…the success you have made of the diner after dark..and now you’re married and going to be setting up your own home. I know things have not always been easy, but I love you, and I am proud you are my daughter…and if there is anything you need, I am always here for you” Pippa said then she leaned forward and gave Carly a gentle hug.

“Thanks” Carly said as she watched Pippa walk out of the room and close the door then she laid on the bed and hugged the family photo and cried…

Background music ends


Next day


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

 Sophie slowly opened the curtain to look out of the window when she heard people talking. When she woke up her dad had gone, and she was all alone. She hadn’t had a shower in about a week and used one arm to scratch her scalp. She looked outside and noticed Sally’s mum standing outside. She quickly closed the curtain when she thought she had seen her but she didn’t. Shortly after she saw Sally come out and another tall boy and they got into a car then Sally got out of the car and ran inside. A short time later Sally came out of the house and Sophie shut the curtain immediate when she noticed that Sally had seen her.


Sally noticed the curtain in the van quickly close then she noticed Sophie’s dad walking towards the van

“Morning” Al Simpson said and smiled.

“Morning” Pippa said reluctantly  and Sally got into the car as Al waved then they drove off. Al opened the door to the van to see Sophie sitting on the chair

“Sit on the floor, you stink” Al said and Sophie walked to the corner of the van and sat under the table. She watched as her dad take a sandwich from a bag he was holding and begin to eat it while Sophies stomach grumbled. She turned around to face the wall because she knew she would be in trouble if she was caught looking at him


“We’ve run out of money, and you are going to get some for me today…yes you will” Al said and laughed to himself while Sophie thought about yesterday when she saw Bobby, and how one day Bobby will buy her ice cream and lots of nice food as tears ran down her face….


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme

“I told him I didn’t want to see him again” Bobby said

“Oh Bobby, it was just an accident” Ailsa said

“Ailsa, I kept asking him to slow down and he wouldn’t stop. What if Sam was on the boat? How can I trust him to be around Sam if he can be so careless?” Bobby said

“Bu he wasn’t..there was no harm done” Ailsa said and Bobby sighed

“ Look, things are going so well between the two of you, ok, he made a careless mistake, but that doesn’t mean you should throw everything again” Ailsa said

“Bobby these just came for you” Shannon said as she came into the kitchen

“Thanks” Bobby said and she took the flowers as Shannon walked out of the kitchen

“I can guess who those are from” Ailsa said as she Bobby took the card out and Ailsa put the flowers in a vase. Bobby opened the small envelope that was attached to the flowers and pulled out the small card and read the card out loud


Dear Bobby

I know you said you don’t want to see me anymore, what I did was foolish, and I’m sorry.

 I love you…please forgive me


Bobby sighed.


“He is a great guy Bobby, and he has gone to all this trouble…well this and the five phonecalls” Ailsa said and Bobby smiled

“I don’t know Ailsa” Bobby said

“That stubbornness of yours is going to let you miss out on a great guy if you’re not careful” Ailsa said as she walked out of the kitchen while Bobby sighed and watched her walk away…


Macklin Corporation- New York

Frank yawned; he was very tired. He didn’t sleep much so came to work early so he could finish typing up the minutes to the meeting he wasn’t even invited to. He typed out the last line and sent the document to print. It was still really early, and no one else was in the office yet. He was just about to get up from his seat then his eye glanced to the photo of Roo on his desk




Roo- That guy in the city…Brett…he didn’t mean anything to me

Frank- It didn’t look like it

Roo- No, I’m serious…you are the only one..the one I really love

Frank- You don’t know how good it feels to hear you say that

Roo- How do you feel?

Frank- I love you too

Roo- I’m ready…to you know

Frank- Are you sure?

Roo- I love you

Frank- I love you too


Flashback ends





Bobby- Today has been a really special day…thank you for bringing me to Shaolhaven

Frank- Thank you for coming with me…I always wanted to come back here..I guess now was the right time

Bobby- You had a really good time  here with your folks huh?

Frank- Yeah..seems like a lifetime ago…before they got into drugs and gambling and everything else…

Bobby- Well you have that good memory..nobody can take that from you

Frank- Yeah, you’re right…shame we have to head back

Bobby- I know…I wish we can stay here forever

Frank- Tell me not to go and we can

Bobby- Frank

Frank- I know I know

Bobby- I want you to always remember something

Frank- What

Bobby- That I will always love you

Frank- Ok, I promise

Bobby- Noooo don’t promise…promises are broken..just tell me that you will always remember

Frank- Ok, I will remember that I love you Roberta, forever

Bobby- I love you Frank..forever


Flashback ends


“Frank, you’re here early” Frank looked up to see Terry walking towards his office holding a cup of coffee

“I wanted to get in early to finish typing up the minutes of the meeting” Frank said as he walked over to the printer to get the printed papers

“Sorry, what minutes?” Terry turned around and looked at Frank confused

“The meeting yesterday, you asked me to type up the minutes because Jerry needed them

“You must be mistaken, the assistants did that yesterday” Terry said as Frank inhaled and exhaled

“Yesterday, you said I should type up the minutes” Frank said

“No, you obviously didn’t hear me. I said familiarize yourself with the minutes” Terry said and he could see from Franks expression that he was getting annoyed

“Is there something you want to say Frank?” Terry said and Frank sighed

“No…nothing” Frank said

“Good, well you can get on with your work then” Terry said and he turned around and walked into his office with a smirk on his face. Frank walked over to his cubicle desk and sat down. He looked at the papers in his hands then he ripped them up and put them in the bin next to his desk and say back in his chair and sighed



Bobby- Frank..I love you forever

Flashback ends


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

 “Greg” Greg looked up to see Bobby standing in front of him

“Bobby” Greg said with excitement in his voice

“Thanks for the flowers” Bobby said

“Yeah, no worries..look I’m really sorry about what happened last night..I was like a big dumb kid with a new toy” Greg said

“Yeah, you was” Bobby said

“I guess I was just excited because I finally have everything I want, my kid…and a woman I love…and here I go trying to ruin it” Greg said and sighed

“You haven’t ruined it” Bobby said and Greg looked at her

“So you’re saying…me..and you?” Greg said and Bobby nodded and smiled. Greg exhaled then he picked up Bobby and kissed her and gently swung her around

“This is going to be the best Christmas ever…I can feel it…I love you” Greg said

“I love you too” Bobby said and smiled


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 441






Beach- Summer Bay


“HEY WAIT” Sophie could hear the woman running behind her and shouting but she ran as fast a she could. Shortly after she couldn’t hear the woman behind her anymore then she turned the corner and saw her dads’ truck. She opened the door and got in then her dad drove off. A few minutes later Al pulled up along the side of the road and stopped the car. He snatched the purse from Sophies hands and opened it

“$20? Whats that going to do?” Al said annoyed

“You can’t do anything right can you…get in the back, you stink” Al said then Sophie quickly climbed into the back seat. Al said then he threw the wallet out of the window and started to drive then he saw Bobby walking towards her can and he pulled over


“G’Day”  Al said

“What do you want?” Bobby said and Sophie immediately turned and moved over to sit behind the drivers side window

“I already told you” Al said and Bobby noticed the little girl in the back staring at her

“And I told you, you’re not getting anything from me” Bobby said

“You don’t really have much of a choice because you owe me for taking care of you “ Al said and Bobby laughed

“No you didn’t…you didn’t do anything for me so don’t even give me that” Bobby said and Al looked at her annoyed. Bobby looked in the back seat and noticed the little girl still staring at her. Sophie stared at Bobby, she was really nice. She had dark hair like her, but not the same eyes.

“I don’t care how you put it, I still looked after you, you were still my daughter..I raised you..and you owe me” Al said

“Go to hell” Bobby said then she walked away. Sophie sighed as Bobby walked away…she was hoping that her dad would be nice to Bobby so maybe they could go to her house

“Ungrateful drongo…ill teach you” Al said to himself then he smirked and drove away




Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Go on then, I’m in” Alf said as he stood in the shop with Nick and Ben

“Its just a friendly game mind you” Nick said then the door opened and Michael walked into the shop and towards the counter

“G’day…just some lighter fuel” Michael said as Alf bent down and opened the small cupboard under the counter and took out a bottle of lighter fuel

“What about you Michael?” Nick said

“What?” Michael said

“A game of poker” Nick said

“Sorry, mate, I’m not a gambler” Michael said as he took money from his pocket

“Its just a friendly game” Nick said

“Afraid of losing a few dollars” Alf said and laughed

“From where I’m standing you are the last person to be talking about losing” Michael said and smiled as an awkward moment ensued.

“Now hang on a minute” Alf said then the door of the shop opened and Alf sighed as he saw Al Simpson walk into the shop and towards the counter

“Alf..long time no see” Al said and Alf didn’t respond

“Its Al right? I helped you over at the caravan park..Ben” Ben said

“Yes, right” Al said

“Al’s staying at the caravan park..you said you lived around here?” Ben said

“Yes, I did….you probably know my daughter…Bobby…Bobby simpson” Al said

“Bobby is your daughter? I thought Donald Fisher was her dad?” Michael said

“Well biologically he is now.. Bobby’s mum is Alf’s sister…she had an affair with Donald while they were both married..She got pregnant and gave Bobby up for adoption..thats how she ended up with me and my dear wife..isnt that right Alf” Al said

“Looks like the Stewarts have a history” Michael said and laughed

“What are you doing tonight, we’re having a game of poker” Ben said

“The more the merrier” Nick said

“Sure, why not” Al said and smiled

“Good, 15 moots ave…8pm” Nick said

“I’ll be there…oh by the way Alf…give my regards to Roo” Al said and looked at Alf and smiled then he walked out of the shop…




Edison Agency- New York


Roo couldn’t believe that in a few weeks the year was coming to an end. If she was honest with herself, she had gone further in her career than she ever thought possible. Helen, Roo’s manager said she was going to promote someone to assistant manager. Roo knew it wouldn’t be her because she had not been there long enough…it was probably going to be Nancy, or one of the other PR execs who had been there longer. Either way it didn’t matter, Roo was happy with where she was in her career. If someone had told her two years ago that she would be living in New York and having a great career, she never would’ve believe them. Roo looked at her watch, she had a few minutes to grab some lunch before she had a meeting with a client. Just as she was about to get up she glanced at the photo of Frank on her desk and reached forward and picked it up




Frank- Whats the matter?

Roo- Oh nothing, its just that I never wouldve expected to be here in the city with you..its like a new life

Frank- It is

Roo- And us

Frank- What about us? You bored of me already?
Roo- I don’t think I could ever be bored of you

Frank- Good because I’ve been waiting here in the city for you

Roo- Whay was you waiting

Frank- Because I knew you felt the same way about me..it was just a matter of time until you made the decision to come

Roo- Well, I have to thank Bobby and Auntie Morag for that

Frank- Yeah I guess

Roo- I still cant believe Bobby would even suggest that I come and be with you

Frank- Look, I don’t want to talk about any of that anymore

Roo- What do you want to talk about?

Frank- I don’t want to talk…


Flashback ends







Frank- You couldn’t even be bothered to tell me you were staying out

Roo- Oh so now you want to talk

Frank- Stop being childish

Roo- Childish? I’m not the one who storms off like a five year old anytime we’re having an argument

Frank- Why should I stay around and listen to you

Roo- Because I’m your wife

Frank- Really? I have to wonder sometimes..







Flashback ends



Roo sighed. Lately she had been thinking a lot about her and Frank. The last few weeks they hadn’t argued…they appeared to be getting on better. They were both making the effort..maybe just maybe…next year will be better…yes, maybe Roo thought to herself and she put the photo down on the desk got up and walked away…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


The caravan was dark. Sophie sat in the corner then she heard what sounded like a knock on the door. She closed her eyes and put the sheet over her head then she heard the knock again. She quietly took the sheet off her head and tip toed to the window. She slightly raised the curtain and looked out. She couldn’t see anyone

“Sophie…its Sally” Sally said when she saw the curtain move. Sophie wanted to open the door but she wasn’t sure. She knew she would get into trouble if her dad found out. Slowly she opened the door

“Are you ok?” Sally said as she stood outside in her nightdress and dressing gown and slippers. She would get in trouble if Pippa knew she had snuck outside. Sophie nodded

“Why are your clothes dirty?” Sally said and Sophie shrugged her shoulder


“SALLY” Sally looked around when she heard her name

“I have to go” Sally said and Sophie nodded

“Here” Sophie said and she took out a packet of sweets from her pocket and gave them to Sophie then she ran away. Sophie went back into the van and locked it then she went and sat in the corner and opened the packet of sweets that Sally gave her. As she ate each one a tear ran down her cheek because these were not things she had the opportunity to eat often…but one day Bobby was going to take her out…and buy her ice cream and sweets and lots of nice clothes….



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby and Greg kissed on the couch

“I’m glad we made up” Greg said as he kissed Bobby’s neck

“Yeah me too” Bobby said then Greg kissed her lips

“Being here with you is everything I’ve ever wanted…being on the road for so long, I;ve been all over Australia..but I never thought that I would find the woman I love…looking after my son” Greg said

“Yeah, it’s a crazy coincidence” Bobby said

“The stars definitely alined for this” Greg said

“I think they did..hey don’t you have a night out with the guys” Bobby said

“Nah, I’d rather spend my time with you” Greg said and hugged Bobby and she smiled

“This is going to be a very special Christmas..and I cant wait” Greg said

“Me too” Bobby said and smiled…..





Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


“That’s me done” Adam said and he put his cards on the table and sighed

“Me too” Nick said as Al looked at Alf, Ben and Michael and smiled

“I’ll see you $2 and raise you and another $2

“I’m out” Michael said and Al smiled

“What about you Alf?” Al said

“I’m still game” Alf said

“What about you Ben, are you out too?” Al said and smiled then he looked at the money on the table

“No…I’ll see you $2 and raise you $10” Ben said as he tossed his money into the middle

“This is just a friendly game guys” Nick said

“Of course” Alf said then he put his cards on the table and smiled

“Not so fast…now tell me how your hand beats two aces and two kings” Nick said and smiled as Alf and Al both looked at him annoyed

“Mate, you really are good” Adam said

“One of the perks of being in the army” Ben said and smiled and winked





Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


“What do you want?” Carly said as she opened the door to see Marilyn standing there they she slowly walked up the stairs as Marilyn followed her

“I came to see how you are” Marilyn said as she was just about to close the door

“You might as well keep the door open because you’re not staying long” Carly said as she slowly walked over to the couch and sat down

“Did you think about what I said?” Marilyn said

“Look Marilyn, there is nothing to talk about..can you just leave” Carly said

“Carly..please..you’re all I think about..i feel so guilty about whats happening to you” Marilyn said

“I never told you to think about me, mind your own business” Carly said

“Carly…please I want to help you” Marilyn said


“What’s going on here?” Ben said and Marilyn and Carly both jumped

“Nothing, Marilyn was just leaving” Carly said as Marilyn looked at her then at Ben

“Yes..I was just going” Marilyn said and she rushed out of the house. Ben looked at Carly as they heard Marilyn rush down the stairs and close the door

“Now, you’re going to tell me what she really wanted” Ben said

“Nothing she just came to see me” Carly said and she walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed

“You’re lying to me…I really hate liars” Ben said as Carly looked at him

“Tell me what she wanted” Ben said and he walked over to Carly’s side of the bed and sat down next to her as Carlys heart beat faster

“Shes got it into her head that I wasn’t attacked in the van” Carly said

“Really, now why would she think that?” Ben said

“I don’t know” Carly said

“You’re lying…what does she think happened” Ben said

“She said you attacked me…I told her she was wrong…I told her I didn’t see who it was” Carly said

“So if you told her that…why does she still keep coming around” Ben said

“I don’t know” Carly said

“You’re lying” Ben said and Carly exhaled

“She thinks you attacked me…because you did the same to her..but I told her she’s lying..im your wife you would never do that to me” Carly said and before she knew what was happening she was lying on the bed and Ben was sitting on her chest

“Ben…I ..cant breathe” Carly said as she gasped for air

“If I see you talking to that airhead again… I’ll leave the door unlocked and you might get another visit from the burglar…I might tell him to go and visit Marilyn too…just for old times sake” Ben said

“ok..ok” Carly said and she struggled then Ben ripped her shirt open and began to kiss her neck and she closed her eyes as a tear ran down the side of the her face


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Al slammed the van door shut. He was annoyed that he just lost the twenty dollars that Sophie stole earlier. He turned the light on to see Sophie sleeping under the table. He kicked her leg out of the way and noticed a sweet wrapper. He picked it and noticed there were a few sweets left in it

“Hey, wake up” Al said and he kicked Sophies leg and she took the sheet off her head and rubbed her eye

“Did you let someone into the van?” Al said and Sophie shook her head no

“Get up” Al said and he dragged Sophie up

““Did you let someone into the van?” Al said again and Sophie shook her head no

“So where did you get this from?” Al said showing Sophie the half eaten packet of sweets. And Sophe sighed. She was supposed to hide them then she fell asleep. Sophe was still half asleep when she felt the first slap across her face

“I’m going to teach you a lesson for lying…I said nobody is to come in here, but you don’t listen” Al said as he took off his belt then he started hitting Sophie not only for her letting someone into the van, but for losing the money earlier. He didn’t know how long he hit her for, but he eventually stopped when he got tired

“Get under the table and cover yourself, I don’t want to see your ugly stinking body” Al said as Sophie struggled to get under the table. Her body hurt as she covered her self. She wiped her nose with the back of her hand and saw the blood. She laid on the floor and closed her eyes as she cried. One day, Bobby was coming to take her away, and buy her ice creams and nices dresses Sophie thought to herself as she silently cried…


Background music ends




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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 442



Gibson Residence- Summer Bay

Julie lay in her bed and flicked through the magazine then she sighed.


Knock on the door


“Come in” Julie said and her brother Maurice aka Revhead opened the door

“Can I come in?” Maurice said

“What do you want?” Julie said

“Just to clear the air” Maurice said and he walked into the room and closed the door and walked over to the bed and sat down

“Look, I know that you’re upset with me…what I did in Summer Bay was wrong” Maurice said

“Gee, you think? Do you know how you’ve made me look? All the time you got into trouble I stick up for you and now you hurt people who are my friends” Julie said

“Jules I never meant for it to happen…but I’ve changed now” Maurice said

“That’s always your excuse” Julie said

“I’m serious, being in prison changed me…I had a lot of time to think about my life…I want to do things different now…” Maurice said

“I don’t know if I can believe you” Julie said

“Please…you have always been on my side…I know I let you down, but all that other stuff, I’m going to stop it from now on..I’ve got some job interviews lined up..i’ll how you I can be a better person…please believe me Jules” Maurice said and sighed

“Ok…but you have to do one thing first” Julie said

“What?” Maurice said and Julie looked at him

“Apologize to Bobby?” Maurice said and Julie nodded

“If its going to make you happy and prove that I’ve changed…I’ll do it” Maurice said and Julie gently grabbed his hand and smiled



Ross/Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Celia folded her arms and sighed as Michael put his pyjamas on and laughed

“Alf acts so holier than thou yet your entire family has secrets” Michael said then he got into bed

“That’s not fair” Celia said

“Its true though, Alf was having it off with some woman who he cheated on his first wife with and had two kids, His daughter getting pregnant as a teen, blames it on the wrong bloke and gives her kid up for adoption, Morag having an affair with her sister’s husband and abandoning her kid.what kind of family did I marry into?...I hope you’re not hiding any secrets” Michael said and laughed then he reached for the lamp by the bed and turned it off leaving Celia sitting on the bed in the dark….



Next day



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“Looks good, well done” Michael said and Greg smiled

“With the mechanics going out of business, I’ve been thinking about expanding business to pick up some more work..what do you think about also working on cars?” Michael said

“An engine is and engine and I love all of them” Greg said

“Good, I’ve got some repairs coming in tomorrow after…I’m thinking of getting someone else in part time to help us out if it gets too busyt” Michael said

“Sounds good…the extra money will come in handy” Greg said

“Are you hard up for cash?” Michael said

“ No nothing like that…keep it to yourself…but I want to save up for a ring…I’m thinking of asking Bobby to marry me” Greg said

“You sure? You’ve only been going out for a few weeks” Michael said

“I know, but I know she’s the one..she’s going to be Mrs Gregory Marshall” Greg said and smiled…



Bayside Diner After dark- Summer Bay


Bobby opened the over and took the mint chicken pies out and out them on the top of the cooker


“How is Carly?” Ailsa said as she came out of the pantry with her coat on

“On the mend, but I don’t know how long before she can come back to work” Bobby said

“Such a shame what happened, and there are no leads at all?” Ailsa said

“None, but the police have been patrolling the caravan park, and now that her and Ben are living in the flat…its probably a bit safer for her” Bobby said

“Poor Carly..if its not one thing after another…but anyway at least she has Ben to take care of her her” Ailsa said

“Yeah I suppose” Bobby said

“Come on Bobby, its her choice” Ailsa said

“But he’s such a creep. I don’t know what she sees in him…from the very beginning there was something about him that I didn’t like” Bobby said

“But there is something about him that Carly likes…so unfortunately you have to get used to it..Ill see you tomorrow” Ailsa said and smiled as she walked out of the diner.


“Sorry I cant do that” Lance said

“What are you an idiot? Well you’ve always been an idiot” Al Simpson said


Bobby could hear some arguing and she walked out of the pantry and into the diner and sighed


“Whats going on?” Bobby said

“Bobby he doesn’t want to pay for his food” Lance said

“Why should I when my daughter own this establishment?” Al said and smiled

“Just give him what he wants so he can go away” Bobby said and Al smiled then she walked back into the kitchen. A few moments later Lance can into the kitchen

“Bobby that guy is a creep, why is he eating free food?” Lance said then Bobby looked at him and walked into the office and closed the door




Bobby- Why do you hate me so much

Al- Because you’re useless just like your mother

Bobby- Mum is sick

Al- There’s nothing wrong with her

Bobby- Yes there is 

Bobby- Shut up you idiot. What do you know?Why couldn’t you have been more like Roo Stewart. When she gets older shes going to have all the boys after her, nobody is ever going to want you, you useless fool.


Flashback ends


A tear ran down Bobby’s cheek as she remembered all the bad times she had with her father…although it was years ago, it seemed like yesterday then she wiped her cheek and sighed…



Morgan Residence- Summer Bay


Roo sighed as she got to the top of the stairs then she opened the front door


Background music- Song from the TV


You ask me if I love you
And I choke on my reply
I'd rather hurt you honestly
Than mislead you with a lie

For who am I to judge you
In what you say or do
I'm only just beginning
To see the real you



“Hi” Roo said

“Hi..I got a pizza so we didn’t have to cook dinner” Frank said as he sat on the couch  with the pizza box in front of him

“Thanks” Roo said as she put her bag down and took off her coat then she went into the bathroom to change. A few minutes later she turned the bathroom light off and walked into the kitchen. She took out a plate and walked into the living room and sat next to Frank. She opened the pizaa box and took out a slice of pizza and put it on her plate

“Its getting colder now” Roo said

“Yeah” Frank said as they watched the TV and ate in silence….


And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes
And hide
I want to hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly sat in the room as she listened to Ben watch TV loudly in the living room. As quick as she could she drank the last mouthful of whiskey she had in the bottle before she out the empty bottle back into her bag. Ben was watching sports and was shouting about the fact that his team were losing


“CARLY” Ben said and a few moments later Carly walked out of the bedroom

“Get me a beer” Ben said and Carly slowly walked into the kitchen and took a beer out of the fridge.She opened the can and poured some of the beer into the glass and walked out of the kitchen. She put the glass and the beer on the table in front of Ben

“What are you sitting in there for, come and sit next to me” Ben said and he patted the seat next to him.

“I want to go and lie down” Carly said

“No ,you are going to sit next to me like I said” Ben said and Carly silently sighed and she sat next to Ben who put his arm around her and she slowly put one hand on her stomach and closed her eyes…..



Romance's an honest strategy
Leaves me grappling with my pride
But through the years of maturity
Some tenderness survives
I'm just another writer
Still trapped within my truth
A hesitant prize-fighter
Still trapped within my youth



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Sophie could hear talking, so she got up quietly and limped over to the window and opened the corner. She could see Sally standing outside watching the  tall boy and her mum carry bags and boxes out of  the car. She moved away from the window before they saw her. She went back to sitting under the table then she heard the door knock


“Sophie…its Sally” Sophie wanted to go to the door, but she knew what happened last time and she didn’t want to get into trouble. She heard the door knock a few more times then she heard Sally run away. Sophie put the sheet over her heard and sighed as tears ran down her cheek. One day, Bobby was gong to take her somewhere and buy her nice dresses like Sally and an icecream….



And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes
And hide
I want to hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Duncan is fast asleep” Alf said as he walked into the living room and sat next to Ailsa

“You know love…I know I have made so many mistakes this year..but I’m glad you have forgiven me, and you know I’m back living in the house” Alf said

“Well considering you let the flat out without telling me” Ailsa said and yawned then she got up from the couch

“I’m tired, I want to have an early nice” Ailsa said and Alf yawned

“Yeah me too..i got to get that tree out tomorrow…shame we cant see Ruthy this year but I know her and Frank will be just right” Alf said and watched as Ailsa walked into the bedroom

“Night love” Alf said

“Night” Ailsa said and she watched as Alf walked away

“There is a space next to me if you want it” Ailsa said and Alf turned around and smiled then he walked back towards Ails and they walked into the room and closed the door…


At times I'd like to break you
And drive you to your knees
At times I'd like to break through
And hold you endlessly
At times I understand you
And I know how hard you try
I've watched while love commands you
And I've watched love pass you by
At times I think we're drifters
Still searching for a friend
A brother or a sister
But then the passion flares again...



Morgan Residence – New York


As usual Frank couldn’t sleep. He turned to his side and faced the wall and silently sighed then he closed his eyes..




Frank- Thanks for being here..you know for Roo. I know how important it is to her to have you here

Alf- Yeah..I know that Tom and Pippa couldn’t be here, but I’m here for you also

Frank- Thanks

Alf- I know that Ruthy always had a soft spot for you..even after you and Bobby got married. At first I wasn’t sure if this was all a good idea after what happened last time and you and Bobby working out

Frank- Roo and I love each other, things will be different with us

Alf- Are you sure this is what you want?

Frank- Absolutely

Alf-  if you break her heart..Ill break your legs

Frank- ill never break her heart..we are in this for life…

Alf- Good, then you have my blessing....

Flashback ends


Frank opened his eyes and stared at the wall again….wishing that things were different…when he was happy 



Roo opened her eyes. Usually she never had difficulty sleeping but for some reason today she did then she closed her eyes..




Alf- If only your mum was here to see you…love, you look beautiful

Roo- Thanks dad…you’re here and that makes me happy

Alf- I know that things have not been easy these last couple of years, giving up Martha, watching Frank and Bobby getting married…but since you moved to the city and here, you are so happy

Roo- Yes Dad, I am. I always knew in my heart that Frank and I would be back together…I just knew it would happen

Alf- Now you’re here…about to be his wife..love are you sure this is what you want?

Roo- More than anything in this world..I love Frank so much

Alf- Well you have my blessing


Flashback ends


Roo opened her eyes and stared at the wall again….wishing that maybe she could go back to a different time…when she was happy 



And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes
And hide
I want to hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides



Bayside Diner- After dark- Summer Bay


“Hi” Bobby turned around to see Greg standing in the kitchen

“What are you doing here, where is Sam?” Bobby said

“I just tucked him into bed at your place. Marilyn Is still awake, she said she’s going to keep an eye on him. I just wanted to say goodnight” Greg said as Bobby smiled

“Thanks…its been a long evening..so its nice to see a friendly face” Bobby said

“Oh, So I’m only a friendly face” Greg said as he tickled Bobby and she laughed

“Alright alright..you’re more than that” Bobby said

“Good..because you mean the world to me…and I love you” Greg said

“I love you too” Bobby said and they kissed


I want to hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 443


Next day


High School- Summer Bay


 “What about Uncle Donald?” David said

“He’s going to be spending Christmas in the city with his ex wife” Lucinda said

“Really? You think those two will get back together?” David said and Lucinda shrugged her shoulders

“I always liked Auntie Barbara” David said

“Yeah she was really nice…so when do you want to leave?” Lucinda said

“What about Sunday morning…or Saturday afternoon? I have to volunteer at the shelter on Saturday morning…we can probably get going after that” David said

“Yes, it will be nice to be back home for a while” Lucinda said

“Lu, is there something wrong?” David said

“No, its just that after Uni, I came here for a break before I found a job in the city…now I’m still here working for my uncle” Lucinda

“Its not so bad here” David said and smiled

“Its alright for you…you have the attention of every woman under fifty” Lucinda said and laughed

“It will happen for you…when the time is right” David said then he looked at his watch

“Better go, got an appointment” David said and he walked out of the staff room and to his office. As he walked around the corner he noticed Emma at her locker

“Emma” Emma turned around when she heard her name

“Hi Sir” Emma said and smiled

“I’m going up to the shelter tomorrow morning…if you want to come, I can give you a lift” David said

“Yeah, that will be great, thanks” Emma said

“How about I pick you up from your place at 8am?” David said

“Ok, thanks” Emma said

“See you later” David said and walked away as Emma watched him go…..




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“PIPPA” Bobby said as she walked into the house

“Hi Bobby, Pippa is just changing out of her uniform, she’ll be down in a minute” Finlay said

“Oh right, thanks” Bobby said and smiled

“Bobo” Christopher said as he came running towards Bobby

“Hi Chris” Bobby said and she knelt down and gave him a hug and kiss

“Can you believe its almost Christmas” Finlay said

“I know” Bobby said and Pippa came into the living room

“Hello sweetheart” Pippa said and she walked over to Bobby and gave her a hug

“Mrs Fletcher, Christopher and I are  just going to go down to the store for some  milk” Finlay said

“Alright, thanks” Pippa said and she she waved them as they left the house

“Finlay has been an absolute god send, Chris really like her” Pippa said

“Yeah, I can tell..when is she going home for the holiday?” Bobby said

“Shes not, her family are going to Perth and she asked if she could just stay here with no pay and I said sure..it will be good to have her around to keep Mr Christopher occupied while I’m cooking” Pippa said then she opened the page on her notepad and she began writing a list of all the people she expected for Christmas dinner

“are coming here for dinner?” Pippa said

“Yeah, of course” Bobby said

“I thought maybe you would have different plans this year” Pippa said and Bobby smiled

“No..I want to be here” Bobby said

“Good…I’m making you a cake since I didn’t get to make you a cake last year” Pippa said

“Ok….Sam is so excited, Greg has a tradition in his family where they don’t put up the tree until two days before Christmas which I think is really late, but Greg says its supposed to be good luck or something said and shrugged her shoulders and Pippa smiled

“ “Just tell me what you want to me make, and I make it” Bobby said

“That will be so much help…” Pippa said

“What about Carly and Ben?” Bobby said

“What do you mean?” Pippa said

“Well…will they be here, or will they be going to Bens family?” Bobby said

“I don’t know..Carly hasn’t said…she hasn’t said much recently” Pippa said

“Probably still in shock about everything that happened” Bobby said

“I think so, but anyway, things have turned around for her, and she has Ben” Pippa said and Bobby rolled her eyes and Pippa playfully hit her on the arm…



Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


Carly changed the channel on the TV, there was nothing she felt like watching then turned the TV off. She got up from the chair and walked over to the window and looked outside. The flat had a great view of the beach. Carly smiled to herself as she remembered the first time her and Lynn went to the beach when they arrived in Summer Bay. Then her smile disappeared as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and she walked into the bedroom. A few moments later Ben walked into the house and into the room. Carly tried to avoid looking at him as she made the bed.

“I spoke to my mum, we’re going up there for Christmas” Ben said and Carly’s heart sank

“I want to be here with my family” Carly said

“That isn’t your family…you’re a Lucini now” Ben said and Carly sighed

“We’re driving up on Wednesday night..and we’ll be back January second” Ben said

“It’s the NSW awards on new years eve…I don’t want to miss it” Carly said and Ben laughed

Why? Bobby isn’t going to win anyway…she’s such a loser” Ben said and Carly sighed…

“Make me some food before I go back to work” Ben said and he walked out of the room. Carly sighed as she walked out of the bed room behind ben/ She didn’t know how much more she could take…she was wishing for a miracle to take her away from what she was feeling…but she knew that it was not going to happen….



Bayside Diner at night- Summer Bay


Background music- Diner jukebox


It's late in the evening, she's wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair
And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?"
And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight"



Bobby put the pasta on the two plates and the sauce on top of it and gave the plates to Lance who took them out to a customer. Bobby walked into the pantry and took out the broom and began to sweep the floor

“Hi” Bobby looked up to see Greg and Sam

“Hi, what are you two doing here” Bobby said and she kissed them both

“We were about to go and get a pizza and wanted to come and say hi” Greg said then he kissed Bobby again and smiled

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady that's walking around with me
And then she asks me, "Do you feel all right?"
And I say, "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight"



Morgan Residence- New York


Frank fixed his bow tie and put his tuxedo jacket on..shortly. If he had a choice, he ouldnt go but it was the Macklin Christmas party, so he had no choice, A few moments after, Roo came out of the bathroom wearing a red evening dress with her hair up and away from her face. Frank looked at her… she took his breath away, she was beautiful

“You look beautiful tonight” Frank said and Roo smiled

“Thank you..You look great too…let me just fix your bow tie” Roo said and they looked at each other and Roo leaned forward and kissed Frank and they both smiled

“We better get going” Frank said and Roo grabbed her coat and bag and they left the apartment...


I feel wonderful because I see
The love light in your eye

And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize how much I love you


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Nick walked into the house and shut the door. He turned the light on and realized he was alone. Greg was probably with Bobby. Nick walked over to the kitchen and put his Chinese food on the counter, opened the fridge and took out some beer then he took a fork from the drawer and went into the living room. He turned on the tv and sat down and began to eat then he stopped when his eye caught sight of something on the couch. He pushed his hand down the side and pulled out a pink hairband..one that he knew belonged to Julie and he sighed…


It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head
So I give her the car keys and she helps me to bed
And then I tell her, as I turn out the light


Marriot Hotel- New York


Frank paid the taxi then he joined Roo as they walked into the hotel

“Frank…Roo..nice to see you both” Frank tried hard not to roll his eyes as Brett Macklin walked towards them


“Roo…you look amazing” Brett said as Roo leaned forward and he kissed her cheek

“Thanks, you look great as well” Roo said

“Thanks, can I get your coat?” Brett said

“Its alright, ill just check it in, I won’t be long” Roo said to Frank and she walked away. Jus as Frank was about to walk away Brett stood in front of him


“Bobby sends her regards” Brett said and frank looked at him as Brett smiled and Frank walked away as Brett’s smile disappeared as he watched him go…


I say, "My darling, you were wonderful tonight
Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight"


Background music ends



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby poured the hot water into two cups as she heard Greg walking down the stairs.She picked up the two cups and walked into the dimply lit living room and put them on the table as She sat down and Greg sat next to her

“I cant believe Sam just went to sleep” Bobby said

“Its probably all the excitement for Christmas” Greg said

“Are you excited?” Greg said as he picked up his tea

“Yeah, I think its going to be a good one…do you mind us going to the caravan park?” Bobby said

“Of course not…I’ll go wherever you will be” Greg said and he leaned forward and kissed Bobby then they heard footsteps coming down the stairs

“Sorry,,to disturb” Marilyn said as she came downstairs

“Its alright” Bobby said as she watched Marilyn go into the kitchen. Bobby could see that Marilynw as upset so she got up and went into the kitchen

“Is everything alright?” Bobby said and Marilyn looked at her. She wanted to tell her everything that was going on

“Yes..of course..I just couldn’t sleep, I thought some hot milk might do the trick” Marilyn said as she poured some milk into a pot and let it warm up

“When are you leaving for your cousins place?” Bobby said

“On Thursday” Marilyn said

“What about Adam? What is he doing for Christmas?” Bobby said

“I don’t know…we haven’t discussed it” Marilyn said as she poured the milk into the cup and rinsed out the pot

“Anyway, I better get back to bed..night” Marilyn said then she walked up the stairs

“Is she alright?” Greg said

“Yeah, I think so” Bobby said as she sat down

“Hey”  Greg said and Bobby looked at him as he pulled mistletoe from out of his pocket and Bobby laughed as he dangled it above her head then leaned forward to kiss her…



Marriott Hotel- New York

Background music- Hotel DJ

Time can never mend
The careless whisper of a good friend
To the heart and mind
If your answer's kind
There's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find
I should have known better, yeah

Frank stood at the bar and sipped his beer as he looked around the room at the executives from his office enjoying themselves. They had been there for about two hours, but Frank already wanted to leave. He looked around the room and saw Terry and Brett laughing together and remembered this time last year being here helping Kate after Terry attacked her then he remembered that was the night that he met Sam…





Sam- Frank, follow your dreams, and I hope they lead to your hearts desires..


Flashback ends


I feel so unsure
As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
As the music dies
Something in your eyes
Calls to mind a silver screen
And all its sad goodbyes


Frank looked around the room and noticed that Roo was talking to the team from her office who had planned the party. Frank smiled to himself, she was the most beautiful woman in the room. He looked at how much she had grown into a successful young woman, a vast difference from the girl he met and fell in love with in Summer Bay

I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool
I should have known better than to cheat a friend
And waste a chance that I'd been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you


Frank’s mind drifted as he remembered the first time he saw Roo, the first song he wrote for her, and the first time he told her he loved her. Frank sipped his beer as he remembered all those great times  and smiled to himself then he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Roo standing next to him


“Frank let’s dance” Roo said and smiled. Frank smiled and sipped his beer then he put it on the bar and followed Roo to the dance floor


Time can never mend
The careless whisper of a good friend
To the heart and mind
If your answer's kind
There's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find


Roo put her arms around Franks neck and rested her head on his shoulder as they danced. She remembered the first time she met him when he knocked on her door looking for her dad. His family had just moved to Summer Bay, and Frank was looking for work. Roo also remembered the first song he wrote for her and the times she would sneak out of her house to be with him at night as she smiled to herself..those were wonderful times


I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool
I should have known better than to cheat a friend
And waste a chance that I'd been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you
Never without your love What am I without your love?



As they danced, Frank could feel the distance building between them. The closeness that he thought they had was disappearing with each second of time that was passing, and Frank felt like he was dancing with a stranger…not the woman he left an old life to be with. As they danced Franks heart became heavy as all the memories both good and bad were constantly flashing in his mind…they couldn’t go on like this…he couldn’t go on like this


Tonight the music seems so loud
I wish that we could lose this crowd
Maybe it's better this way
We'd hurt each other with the things we want to say


Roo” Frank finally said. The three letter word he used to love to say was now so heavy to come out of his mouth, but then he was interrupted

“I know Frank…” Roo said and she looked at Frank. She could see the same thing in his eyes that she had in her heart “let’s just dance” Roo said and exhaled and put her head on Franks shoulder…she knew..they both knew it was the end….it had been for a long time but neither wanted to be the first to say that their dance was also ending…


We could have been so good together,
We could have lived this dance forever
But now, who's gonna dance with me?
Please stay


Frank exhaled as the music played and Roo had her head on his shoulder. In a split second things had changed, something they both knew..

“I want to go” Frank said

“Ill go and get my coat” Roo said and she stopped dancing

“No, you don’t have to go…you stay...besides, I need some time alone anyway” Frank said as Roo looked at him

“Alright then..I’ll see you at home” Roo said and Frank leaned forward and kissed her cheek as Roo closed her eyes unsure if she should feel guilty for feeling relieved. Frank smiled then he began walking to the exit of the hotel


I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool
I should have known better than to cheat a friend
And waste a chance that I'd been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you



“Leaving already” Frank was just about to open the door to the exit when he turned around to see Brett walking towards him

“What’s it to you?” Frank said

“I thought you were having a good time…shame Bobby couldn’t come…I did ask her, but she had plans…I did tell you how we spent last new years on a private island” Brett said as Frank looked at him

“Just me and her…on a beautiful beach..with her beautiful body…we had a really good time” Brett said and looked at Frank and before Brett could say anything Frank punched him in the face as one of the hotel reception staff who saw the altercation gasped

Bret smiled as he touched his lip and looked at the blood on his fingers

“Go to hell” Frank said and he walked out of the hotel and sighed. He looked around and raised his hand to signal for a taxi…he had something to do before he went home…something he should’ve done a long time ago. Frank got into the taxi and gave the driver directions and sat in the back seat as he prepared for what was ahead of him…

Now that you're gone
Now that you're gone
Now that you're gone
What I did that was so wrong?
So wrong that you had to leave me alone?


Background music ends

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