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Homecoming Part 5

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Chapter 446



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Emma couldn’t sleep. She raised her head up and noticed that Sandra was fast asleep. She sighed and stared at the ceiling thinking about what happened with David. She couldn’t believe she had the guts to kiss him and make a big fool out of herself. She sighed as she dreaded going back to school and seeing David…


Croft Residence- Kempsey Australia


David turned to his side and opened his eyes. It was nice being home, he got to see old friends, and see his mum cooking for Christmas but he couldn’t get out of his mind what happened with Emma. He felt guilty because maybe the interest he took in her gave her the wrong impression….anyway, he couldn’t worry about it now….hopefully when he got back, it would be forgotten..and things would be back to normal…



Lucini Residence Summer Bay


“Ok mama….I love you too…..Bye” Ben said and sighed then he put the phone down and walked into the room and sat on the bed

“Is everything alright with your mum? Carly said

“Yeah, my sister just had a baby so my parents are going to her house in Adelaide” Ben said

“So we cant go to Perth then? Carly said with a bit of excitement in her voice as she sat up

“No, besides it was too late to book any tickets anyway..looks like we will be spending Christmas with your dropkick family” Ben said and got into bed and covered himself. Carly lay back in the bed and exhaled. For once something good happened…..



Cipriani Restaurant- New York


“Have you seen Donavan?” Nancy said to a colleague over the loud music playing in the private banquet room. Her colleague shook her head no and continued dancing in the small space. Nancy looked around the room. It was strange that Donavan said he was going to make a call and 30 minutes later he had not returned. Nancy looked at her watch again and walked out of the banquet room. She walked outside and looked around and couldn’t see him. She walked back into the restaurant and when no one was looking she peaked into the men’s toilet. “That’s strange” Nancy said then she began to walk back to the banquet room. As she walked she thought she heard a noise coming from a room. She tried to open the door but it was locked

“Can I help you?” Nancy turned around to see one of the restaurant employees

“Oh I was just looking for my fiancé” Nancy said

“I’m sorry Ma’am, that is our managers office, and he is not here today” the employee said

“Oh right..sorry…he said he was going to make a phone call, I assume he was looking for somewhere private to make that call…excuse me” Nancy said and smiled as her and the employee walked away


Donavan and Roo both stared at the door handle moving then soon they heard the voices talking outside go away. Roo turned and looked at Donavan and he smiled and kissed her passionately as she moved on his lap as and he explored a place he knew so well…


Background music ends                               



Next day



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Pippa smiled as she watched Christopher sitting on Reverend Jones lap and have his breakfast. Reverend Jones looked up at Pippa and smiled. Pippa felt like a teenager hiding a secret boyfriend, but unfortunately that is how it was going to be until Reverend Jones asked permission from the children to be with Pippa. Him wanting to do that made her love him even more.


“I got to go, I’m running late” Steve said as he rushed into the living room

“Where are you going?” Pippa said

“I’m helping Bobby with her catering job this morning” Steve said

“Are you not going to have any breakfast?” Pippa said

“I’ll eat some left overs” Steve said and Reverend Jones laughed

“Alright then, see you later” Pippa said

“Bye, bye Reverend Jones” Steve said and he rushed out of the house

“Bye Steven” Reverend Jones said after Steve had rushed out of the house.

Pippa smiled then she put her hand on her head

“What’s the matter?” Reverend Jones said

“I forgot to get the cream. Bobby showed me a technique where adding cream to custard makes it extra yummy” Pippa said and smiled

“If you don’t mind…Christopher and I can get that for you from the shops if you don’t mind..besides after that breakfast, I think I need to do some exercise” Reverend Jones said and smiled



Stewart shop- Summer Bay

“This time of year is so exciting isn’t it” Celia said as Alf put the cans in the box

“Yeah..it does feel special” Alf said an smiled as Celia looked o her list of things she needed to buy

“It’s a shame that you and Ailsa wont be coming over” Celia said

“Yeah, we sort of want this Christmas to be just for us…considering all we have been through…but we will be going over to the caravan park later” Alf said then he heard the bell on the top of the door. When he looked up his smile disappeared as Al Simpson walked into the shop and walked towards the counter

“Celia, you look lovely this morning” Al said and smiled

“Good morning Al” Celia said

“Alfred would you mind bringing these over later” Celia said

“I can be your groceries over” Al said

“No thank you, Alfred would do it…Goodbye” Celia said nervously and rushed out of the shop as quickly as she could

“What do you want?” Alf said

“Now now Alfred, is that they way to speak to an old friend?” Al said

“Old friend my eye, just say what you want and get out” Alf said and the bell above the shop made a noise and Alf looked up to see Jeff Samuels walking into the shop. Al and Jeff stared at each other

“Well, I better be going..have a good day gentlemen” Al said with a smile then he walked out of the shop as Alf tried to figure out why Al left all of a sudden…



Summer Bay

 Reverend Jones smiled as Sally sang a Christmas carol and Christopher tried to join in. He felt so overjoyed and imagined how life would be with Pippa…how Sally and Christopher and all the others would become like his own children and how proud he would be. Reverend Jones was lost in thought when suddenly Sally grabbed hold of him

“Sally, what is the matter?” Reverend Jones said confused

“That’s the man who took me away” Sally said as she began to cry when she saw Revhead standing near the shop

“Its alright Sally, he isn’t going to hurt you” Reverend Jones said like a protective father


Revhead drank the water he just brought from the shop and when he turned around he saw Mattheson’s sister, the one he kidnapped and a man and child walking towards him. He could tell by the way she was holding onto the man that she was scared.


“G’day” Revhead said and Reverend Jones looked at him

“I did something very wrong..and I just want to say I’m sorry” Revhead said and Sally hid behind Reverend Jones

“What you did to Sally was awful” Reverend Jones said

“I know, and I’m trying to apologize” Revhead

“Well that is a first step” Reverend Jones said then they walked past him as Revhead sighed…



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Hi Adam, what can I get you” Shannon said and smiled as Adam walked towards the counter

“Just some toast and coffee thanks” Adam said

“Toast and coffee coming up” Shannon said and smiled. Adam sighed then he went and sat at a booth. He didn’t know how he was feeling with Marilyn gone, and he didn’t know where they stood. A few minutes later, Shannon came over with his order

“Here you go” Shannon said and smiled as she put the plate of toast and the coffee in front of him then as she moved her hand, she accidently poured milk on the table

“Oh, I’m really sorry” Shannon said and Adam moved out of the way even though some of the milk got on his trousers.

“It’s alright, it’s only a little milk” Adam said and smiled

“Ill just get you some more milk” Shannon said and wiped the table a bit more before walking away. Adam looked at her as she walked away and raised his eyebrows and smiled to himself…



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“She really loved it” Greg said as Michael rolled his eyes

“I feel a deep connection with her…I sort of told her that I can see us getting married..I didn’t propose or anything yet, I’m saving for the ring, but we made a commitment to each other” Greg said and Michael rolled his eyes again


“G’day” Michael looked up

“What can I do for you?” Michael said

“I saw the ad in the paper for a mechanics assistant” Maurice said and Greg looked up

“You’re the bloke who kidnapped Bobby’s sister Sally” Greg said as he remembered him from the party at the church hall

“Yeah, I made a mistake a year ago, and did my time..I’m going straight now..I just want a chance to prove myself” Maurice said as Michael looked at him

“I remember joining the search party to look for Sally that day” Michael said

“I’m sorry for what I did” Maurice said

“Maybe being here isn’t the best place for you, folk around here were very upset” Michael said

“All the more reason why I should be here…to show people that I’ve changed. I have my mechanics’ license. I really have changed my life around” Maurice said as he showed Mchael his license. He was telling the truth. He was in a prison program that allowed him to get his license.

“I don’t know mate…I’ll have to think about it” Michael said as Maurice sighed.


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Summer Bay


Bobby smiled as she took the cupcakes out of the oven for tomorrow as she listened to Greg and Sam in the living room.

“Those smell great” Bobby said as Grant walked into the house

“Thanks..I have one with you name on it” Bobby said and smiled

“Don’t forget to take my presents for Viv and Tammy” Bobby said

“Yep, I have them in my bag…I can’t wait to see them” Grant said and smiled

“Do you think you will be able to make it back to meet us at the caravan park in the evening?” Bobby said

“Hopefully” Grant said

“You can bring Megan if you want” Bobby said

“No, that wont be happening” Grant said

“ has she gone home for the holidays” Bobby said

“Well, yes…but shes a great girl, but I just don’t see a future for us” Grant said

“Oh, sorry” Bobby said

“No its alright…plenty more fish in the see..but for the meantime, I will settle with having a cupcake” Grant said and smiled then he picked up a cupcake, bit into it and smiled…


Donald stared at the house and the presents on the front seat and sighed. Since his disagreement with Bobby, he had not spoken to her, or taken over their Christmas presents, but he just didn’t agree with her relationship with Greg, he could tell it was going to end the way all her other relationships ended. Donald sighed then he reversed the car, indicated right and made his way to the city to spend Christmas with Barbara and Rebecca…


Flight JG382-  Singapore


Frank put his guitar in the overhead storage and closed it. He sat down in his seat and put his seat belt on. He put his hands in his pocket and felt the small box and smiled to himself. He was tired, anxious and excited at the same time. Only nine more hours on the flight then he would be in Australia…then he would get to look into the eyes of the woman he loves…and he couldn’t wait


Morgan Residence- New York


Roo drank some of the wine in her glass as she put some tape on the present she got for Helen. Helen was kind enough to invite her to her house on Christmas when she found out that Roo was going to be spending it alone. Roo smiled to herself as she remembered the work Christmas party and seeing Donavan and how this was only the beginning of an amazing life…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Alf thrusted hard a few more times then he collapsed on his back next to Ailsa then she laid on his chest and listened to his heart beat.

“Thank you for taking me back love…this is going to be a wonderful Christmas, I can feel it” Alf said then he kissed the top of Ailsa head and she smiled


Smart Residence- Summer Bay


Knock on the door


Lance opened his eyes. He thought he heard a knock on the door but he was probably dreaming. He closed his eyes again then he heard the knock again so he got out of bed and walked out of the room and towards the front door as he rubbed his eye. When he got to the door he opened the curtain and got a big surprise then he unlocked the sliding door

“Marty” Lance said

“G’day lance” Martin said and smiled

“What are you doing here?” Lance said looking at Martin, he hardly recognized him because he had changed so much

“I’ve come home for Christmas” Martin said and Lance felt so overjoyed…it was going to be a great Christmas because his best friend was back...


Background music ends


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 447



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Radio


The child is a king, the carolers sing
The old has passed, there's a new beginning
Dreams of Santa, dreams of snow
Fingers numb, faces aglow, it's


Pippa smiled as she put the turkey in the oven. It was still really early, but she expected Sally to be up soon. Pippa looked at the clock on the wall as she walked over to the desk. She wanted to call Frank, but she thought it would be very late over there. Pippa picked up the last family photo and smiled..today was going to be a very special day..she could feel it…



Christmas time, mistletoe and wine
Children singing Christian rhyme
With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree
A time to rejoice in the good that we see


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay 

Carly slowly tried to get out of bed

“Where are you going?” Ben said

“I said I’d help Pippa with the cooking, so I’m going to the caravan park” Carly said

“I changed my mind, we’re gong to Adelaide..to my sisters house” Ben said

“But its too late to get any flights” Carly said

“We’ll drive” Ben said

“We wont get there until really late” Carly said she didn’t want to go, she didn’t know what Ben was going to be like around his family

“So what?” Ben said

“Maybe we can go next week or something” Carly said and before she knew it, Ben turned around and slapped her across the face. “We’re going today, so go and get ready” Ben said and turned around as Carly sat on the bed

“I want to be with my family…here” Carly said then Ben turned around and looked at her with an angry look on his face..and Carly knew what was coming next..


A time for living, a time for believing
A time for trusting, not deceiving
Love and laughter and joy ever after
Ours for the taking, just follow the master


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Greg kissed Bobby after he opened his gift. He really liked the shirt she gave him. Bobby laughed as he took off the shirt he was wearing and put the new one on. Grant stood in the kitchen and smiled as he watched Bobby, and Greg helping Sam to open his presents. Times like this  Grant he wished he was back home, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen…but he was happy where he was and today, he was going to spend the day with  two girls who mean the world to him…


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine
Children singing Christian rhyme
With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree
A time to rejoice in the good that we see


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Emma and Sandra thanks Alf and Ailsa for their Christmas presents which consisted of clothes, money, and a TV for their bedroom. Ailsa opened her necklace from Alf and kissed him then he put it on. Alf opened the gift from Ailsa as Duncan found joy in playing with the wrapping paper. Alf smiled as he finally opened the present to see some new golf clubs that he told Ailsa about a long time ago. Alf kissed Ailsa and smiled..it was really going to be a great Christmas


Silent night
Holy night

It's a time for giving, a time for getting
A time for forgiving and for forgetting
Christmas is love, Christmas is peace
A time for hating and fighting to cease


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay

Celia was so excited. She always loved Christmas and couldn’t wait until later on to go and watch the nativity, and have a family dinner. Celia heard Haydn rush from his room and to the living room and began to look for his presents. Celia walked into the living room at the same time that Michael walked in. Celia stood and watched as Haydn opened many presents. Michael opened his present from Celia and kissed her on the cheek. It was a new set of tools which he mentioned he wanted. They were very expensive, but Celia thought he was worth it. Michael gave Celia a box and kissed her cheek.

Celia smiled and began to open the box as Michael smiled as he watched Haydn open more presents. He knew he went overboard with the presents for Haydn, but he also felt guilty that the divorce had been tough for him . Celia sat down and opened her present. The box was big, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Eventually she got the wrapping open and smiled as she opened the box. Her smile disappeared when she noticed that inside the box was a 5 pack of oven mitts and a pair of earrings…


Christmas time (silent night), mistletoe and wine (Holy night)
Children singing Christian rhyme
With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree
A time to rejoice in the good that we see


Lucini Residence- Summer Bay

Carly slowly walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She wiped the blood from her nose, and her ribs hurt from where Ben punched her. Shortly after Ben walked into the bathroom

“Merry Christmas” Ben said and kissed Carly on the cheek and gave her a gift which surprised her considering what he just did.

“Open it now” Ben said and smiled.

“Ill open it later” Carly said

“No, open it now” Ben said and Carly looked at him then she tore open the wrapping paper to find what looked like a jewelry box.

“Thanks” Carly said

“You’re welcome…you know, you’re right, I think we should spend Christmas here…anyway my family will only be fussing over the new baby..we can go and see them another time” Ben said then he pulled Carly close and hugged her

“Don’t forget to pay Mr Stewart the rent” Ben said and he kissed Carly’s forehead and walked out of the bathroom as she stared at herself in the mirror…



St Peters Church- Summer Bay

Pippa looked up at Reverend Jones who was holding Christopher as they watched the story of the nativity at the church.  She smiled at him and he smiled at her then she looked at Sally, Bobby, Steve, Greg and Sam who were also watching. She missed Frank, but she knew that he was in New York enjoying Christmas with Roo.

Bobby and Greg looked at each other and smiled as Sam sat between them. Bobby thought about how this time last year she was so distraught, and a year later she was enjoying a great day, and she couldn’t wait for the future with Sam and Greg...


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine
Children singing Christian rhyme
With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree
A time to rejoice in the good that we see


Airport- The City

Frank smiled to himself when he stepped out of the airport. He knew he would be greeted with warm weather, so he prepared by putting his coat into his suitcase. Frank inhaled and exhaled as he looked around for a taxi, then he walked over to an empty taxi and put his things in the back then he got into the back passenger seat

“Where to?” the taxi driver said and Frank smiled

“Summer Bay” Frank said and sat back in the seat…he was finally home..


Christmas time (silent night)
Mistletoe and wine (Holy night)
Children singing Christian rhyme
With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree
A time to rejoice in the good that we see


Background music ends


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 448



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Grant smiled as he looked at the bag on the bed with the presents he had for Tammy and Viv. He picked the bag up and walked out of his room, and into the living room. He put the bag on the dining table and looked at his watch, he had to leave soon, to get there in time for dinner. Tammy had already called him this morning to make sure he wasn’t going to be late


Knock on the door


Grant wasn’t expecting anyone, and Bobby, Greg and Sam had gone to see the nativity before they went to the caravan park. Grant walked over to the back door and opened it


Background music- Stewart Family theme


“Grant, Merry Christmas” Ailsa said as Grant opened the door

“Merry Christmas” Grant said and smiled

“Bobby made an apple pie for us and forgot to bring it over, she said she left it in the fridge” Ailsa said

“Oh sure, come in” Grant said then he walked towards the fridge, and took out a box

“I believe this must be it” Grant said

“Thanks…you off to see Tammy and Viv?” Ailsa said

“Yeah…I should’ve been on the road already, Tammy already called to make sure I wasn’t going to be late” Grant said and Ailsa laughed

“Well give them my best. Will you be back to sing carols at the caravan park?” Ailsa said

“I hope so” Grant said

“Alright then, I won’t keep you” Ailsa said as she walked towards the door with the pie

“How is everything?” Grant said

“Good…just taking it one step at a time” Ailsa said

“I’m glad things are working out with Alf” Grant said and smiled

“Thanks again…for lending me your shoulder…and being a good friend” Ailsa said as she opened the back door


“Anytime” Grant said and smiled then Ailsa turned around and she went to kiss Grant on the cheek but he didn’t know and turned and she ended up kissing his lips then she pulled back then before they realized it, they began kissing passionately...



Summer Bay


Alf smiled as he drove. It had been a really rough year, but he was happy that he was spending Christmas with his family. He wished that Roo could be here, but he knew she was also making memories with her husband in New York. Alf smiled as he recalled Ailsa letting him back into the bedroom, and how happy she was with his Christmas gift…



Simpson Residence-  Summer Bay


Ailsa grabbed hold of the sheets on the bed as Grant thrusted behind her then she felt him kissing the back of her neck and ear as she vocally exhaled at the pleasure she was feeling…



Summer Bay

Alf smiled as he drove to the caravan to drop off the eggnog Ailsa had made for later on, when they would all be gathered in the caravan park to sing Carols. He knew that he hurt her, but now they were back together, he promised himself that next year would be the best that they would ever have..


Simpson Residence-  Summer Bay


Ailsa and Grant kissed passionately as he continued to thrust, and once again she exhaled vocally as she drifted away to a high level of ecstasy…nothing mattered..not Alf…not Christmas…nothing, only the pleasure that she was feeling…


Ross/Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Celia stood in the kitchen as she listened to Michael and Haydn play video games. She looked at the socks and earrings that were on the table and sighed. She was disappointed with her present, and also by the fact that they were not interested in coming to the nativity, where everyone was their with their families. Celia sighed as she remembered seeing Reverend Jones with the Fletchers and how much she used to love him. Celia inhaled and exhaled then she took the turkey out of the oven and stared at it…it wasn’t the Christmas she wanted…but it was the Christmas she had, so she needed to make the best of it. Celia wiped the tear from her eye and forced a smile…



Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek

Julie moved around the table and put a place on each placemat as she overheard her mum and dad and some relatives talking in the kitchen. She heard her brother Maurice and cousin come into the house after working on their dads car. Julie put the last plate down and she rolled herself over to the window and looked outside and sighed..all her family was here, but it didn't matter because there was someone she was really missing…


Background music ends


Simpson Residence-  Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“It’s the one on the corner” Frank said to the taxi driver. He remembered that Pippa told him that Bobby was living in the beach house, and describing to him which one. As the taxi got closer and closer to the house Frank became nervous then he smiled as he remembered how he and Bobby would walk on the beach and talked about living in a beach house one day. A few moments later, the taxi stopped outside the house. All the lights were off and Frank couldn’t see any movement in the house.

Doesn’t look like anyone is home, can you please hold on, let me check “ Frank said to the taxi driver as he got out and walked to the front door of the house. Frank knocked and waited. He looked into the window; nobody was home. Disappointed, Frank knocked again. Based on Pippa’s description, he was sure this was the right house


“G’day” Frank looked to the left of him to see a man walking towards him

“G’day” Frank said

“Nobody is home” Grant said

“I can see that…I am looking for Bobby” Frank said

“She’s at the caravan park” Grant said

“Oh right…thanks” Frank said

“If I see her, who should I say came by” Grant said

“Don’t worry…it’s a surprise” Frank said and smiled then he walked back to the taxi and got in


138 McClymonts Road please..i’ll direct you” Frank said and Grant watched the taxi drive off with the stranger. Grant got into his car and as he drove away, his mind drifted to what just happened with Ailsa…something he never intended to happen again…even though he had to admit, it was something he enjoyed...


As the taxi drove, Frank put his hand in his pocket and squeezed the small box. His heart was beating and he had butterflies in his stomach, not long now Frank thought to himself and smiled…



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Ailsa walked into the kitchen to see Sandra setting the table and Emma stirring the gravy

“Oh you got the pie, great” Emma said

“Yes, here it is…” Ailsa said and put the pie on the table

“Alf not back yet?” Ailsa said

“No, not yet” Sandra said

“ill just go and wash my hands and give you a hand” Ailsa said and smiled then she walked out of the kitchen and into the bathroom and closed the door. She looked at herself in the mirror…feeling guilty for what she just did…even though she had to admit to herself that she enjoyed it…


Stewart Residence- The City

Donald smiled as he drank some wine and watched Rebecca set the table. It had been a long time that they had spent Christmas together as a family. Donald sighed as he remembered that he and Bobby were still not on the best of terms and wasn’t sure how things were going to be resolved….


Beach- Summer Bay

Adam ran as fast as he could then he stopped and waited for his heart to stop breathing fast. He really didn’t know what all the fuss was about with Christmas..it stopped feeling special a long time ago, and now it just felt like any other normal day as he began to walk back to his boathouse.


“G’day” Adam said as he saw Shannon from the diner standing near her car

“Merry Christmas” Shannon said and smiled

“Yeah, Merry Christmas” Adam said and they both began to walk

“Why are you not at home with your family?” Adam said

“I’m just on my way to the city. My cousin Matt and his family live there so we’re all having Christmas at his house. I just stopped over to get a Christmas Cake from the resort and this old rust bucket car just started making funny noises..then it just stopped” Shannon said

“Let me see if I can hep you” Adam said and he opened the bonnet and looked inside. Shannon sighed, wishing that she didnt volunteer to pick up the cake

“Try starting the car now” Adam said after a few minutes

Shannon got into the drivers seat and started the engine and it worked

“It works! Thank you” Shannon said and got out of the car excited and jumped into Adams arms and kissed him then she moved away embarrassed

“Sorry” Shannon said and she looked at Adam and blushed. Even though the kiss shocked Adam, he wasn’t disappointed.

“I better go…Merry Christmas” Shannon said embarrassed then she got into the car and drove away


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Finlay please put the glasses on the table” Pippa said as she looked at all the food in the kitchen. Between her and Bobby, they had enough food to feed an army


“Ok, Mrs Fletcher” Finlay said and she walked out of the kitchen. She was so happy that Mrs Fletcher allowed her to stay for Christmas, she really loved working here and she loved Christopher too


“Can I help with anything?” Pippa turned around to see Reverend Jones standing behind her and she smiled

“You can put the roast potatoes on the table” Pippa said and she picked up the bowl of potatoes. As she handed it to Reverend Jones, their fingers touched and they both smiled at each other…they knew the secret they shared…


Greg watched Sam unwrap the presents he got from Pippa while Carly stood in front of the Christmas tree and stared at it




Carly- What are you doing staring at the tree?

Lynn- Making a Christmas wish

Carly- Why?

Lynn- Every year I make a wish, and ask God for something I really want

Carly- What you really mean is you hope Pippa and Tom will get it for you

Lynn- No, it’s not like that

Carly- So what is it like?

Lynn- My wish is that next year when we move to Summer Bay, we will all be really happy there

Carly- I hope it works because I hate the sound of that place already

Lynn- It will work…you wait and see


Flashback ends


Carly looked at the star at the top of the tree and closed her eyes. She didn’t know much about praying and God and stuff, but the only wish she wanted was a miracle to make her happy again. Carly opened her eyes when she felt an arm around her

“Go and get me a drink” Ben whispered and Carly sighed


“I just need to pop out for a minute I’ll be back” Pippa said as she took off her apron, picked up a gift from the pantry and walked out of the house


Knock on the door


The knocking on the door woke Al up and immediately Sophie sat under the table and put the cover over her head. Al got up from the bed and walked over to the door


“Mrs Fletcher, Merry Christmas” Al said smiling

“Merry Christmas” Pippa said reluctantly

“We had a Christmas party, and some left over gifts so, I brought one for Sophie” Pippa said and she gave the gift to Al

“That is very thoughtful of you…I’ll make sure she gets it” Al said

“Is she not here?” Pippa said

“No, shes gone to spend Christmas with her Aunt…her mothers sister…but I’ll sure to give this to her…thanks” Al said and Pippa looked at him suspiciously then she walked away. Al closed the door and his smile disappeared. Sophie took the sheet of her head and looked at the shiny wrapping paper in Al’s hand. She thought it was very pretty then watched as Al ripped the paper open and Sophie got excited when she saw that it was a doll. Al smirked then he tore the arms and legs off the doll, and stomped on its head until it was disfigured. Sophie watched in silence when he put the pieces in the shiny paper and threw it away in the bin. He looked at Sophie and smirked and went back to lie down. Sophie put the sheet over her head and started to cry. Bobby was going to get her a pretty doll one day…soon Sophie hoped as she cried silently under the sheet….


Background music ends



Stewart Residence- The City

“Mmm I must say, this is very nice Barbra” Donald said as he ate some of turkey and stuffing

“Thanks, that’s my mum’s stuffing recipe” Barbra said and smiled. It had been a rough couple of years, but she was glad that she was spending Christmas with Rebecca and Donald, two people she loves so much

“Mmm” Donald said and wiped his mouth

“I’d like to propose a toast” Donald said

“To what Dad?” Rebecca said

“To family…and that this will be the first of many Christmases together” Donald said

“To Family” Rebecca and Barbara both said and smiled

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking…and..well I suppose this is a good time to say it, but I was wondering if we could make this permanent..as in, if you would both consider moving to Summer Bay…so we can be a real family” Donald said as Rebecca and Barbra both looked at him…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Oh its really nice to see you Martin” Pippa said she gave him a hug

“Nice to see you too. I couldn’t come back and not come and say hello to you Mrs F” Martin said then he saw Carly. He noticed that she looked different

“Carly, Hi” Martin said and he walked over to her and gave her a hug, she wince in pain

“Sorry” Martin said

“Not your fault, I had an accident…and I’m still healing” Carly said

“Oh right” Martin said

“I’m Ben, Carly’s husband” Ben said and he walked over to where Carly stood with Lance and Martin

“Martin, Dibble…I know you from somewhere” Martin said as Ben shook his hand

“Lieutenant Lucini” Ben said

“Yes, I remember you, you did some of my training” Martin said then he saluted Ben, who did the same

“How long are you here for?” Steve said

“Just for a few days, I’m going back to Brisbane next week” Martin said as he looked at Ben

“What about you?” Martin said

“On sabbatical leave” Ben said and smiled

“Oh..right, some people are lucky..anyway, I need to get home” Martin said as he and Lance walked to the door

“Don’t forget to come by later on for carols..you too Lance, and tell your mum” Pippa said

“Alight Mrs F, see you later” Martin said and smiled then he walked out of the house


“Is Carly really married to that guy?” Martin said

“Yeah…So what should we do now eh? How about the Yabbie Creek RSL?” Lance said excited

“No, I’m a bit tired” Martin said

“Ok, what about the resort? See if we can pull some Sheila’s” Lance said and Martin laughed

“Maybe later” Martin said

“You’ve changed Marty” Lance said disappointed

“How?” Martin said

“You don’t want to do anything” Lance said

“I just got home Lance, and I'm starving” Martin said


“Well look what the cat dragged back into town” Lance and Martin turned around to see Alf drive up behind them

“G’day Alf” Martin said

“They kicked you out of the army already?” Alf said and Martin laughed

“No, I’m just on leave for Christmas” Martin said

“Good on you for making something of your life” Alf said then he looked at Lance then he went to park his car



Carly stood in the kitchen making the salad. She hadn’t eaten much in the last few days, so she nibbled on some bread

“Another old boyfriend?” Ben said and looked at Carly

“No, just a family friend” Carly said

“Are you lying again?” Ben said through clenched teeth.

“No” Carly said  


“Right Pip, where do you want this eggnog?” Alf said

“I’ll just make some space for it in the fridge” Pippa said as she walked into the kitchen and Alf followed behind her


“Look at young love…soon you’ll be an old married couple…hope you’re enjoying the flat” Alf said as he walked into the kitchen 

“Its great Alf, thanks…we love it” Ben said and he hugged Carly who forced a smile



Can you believe this is going to be our first Christmas together” Greg said as Bobby sat on his lap as they watched Sam play with his toy car on the floor. Bobby smiled. She had really enjoyed being with Greg, their little family.

“I have one more present for you” Greg said as he kissed Bobby on her cheek

“Greg, this watch is enough, you didn’t need to waste more money ” Greg said

“Look my car can spin around” Sam said then he rushed towards Bobby and Greg accidently spilled his beer on Bobby’s top

“Sam, be careful mate” Greg said

“Its ok, Ill just go and put some water on it before it stains” Bobby said

“Sorry” Sam said

“Its alright sweetheart, it was an accident” Bobby said and she rustled Sam’s hair and went upstairs


“Righto, see you later” Alf said as he rushed out of the house, he wanted to get home so that he could have dinner with his family. As he walked towards his car, he saw a taxi pulling up


“Just here thanks” Frank said and exhaled then he got out of the taxi. He rubbed his hands on his jeans, they were sweating because he was so nervous. The Taxi driver gave Frank the guitar which he wore cross body then he paid the taxi driver


“Merry Christmas” The Taxi driver said

“Merry Christmas” Frank said then he inhaled and checked that the little box was still in his pocket then he picked up his bags


“Frank?” Frank turned around and sighed

“G’day Alf” Frank said and he put one bag down as Alf shook his hand

“What are you doing here?  Alf said looking behind Frank

“I’ve come home” Frank said

“Oh this is going to be such a great Christmas..where’s Roo? Ails is going to be so excited, you should’ve told us you were coming” Frank said

“She’s not here” Frank said

“Oh, she’s at the house, I better rush home then…we’ll be back here later, so we’ll see you later on” Alf said excited and turned around

“Alf…Roo didn’t come with me” Frank said and Alf turned around

“What?” Alf said

“We split up” Frank said and Alf looked at him angrily



Wilson Residence- The City

“So how’s the job at the diner” Matt said as he walked into the kitchen

“Going really good. Mrs Stewart and Bobby are really cool” Shannon said then she looked at Matt

“What you really want t know is how is Carly?” Shannon said and rolled her eyes

“Well, how is she?” Matt said

“I guess shes getting better, she was attacked in the van, I think it was a robbery, so she’s moved from there…she lives in the flat above Mr Stewarts shop” Shannon said and Matt sighed…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve smiled as he began setting the table, he couldn’t wait to see Sandra later and exchange presents. Then he looked up to see that Ben was sitting at the head of the table. He tossed the placemat down and Ben looked up at him. Steve looked at him with an angry look on his face and Ben raised his two hands up and he got up from the seat and walked away. Steve watched him as he walked over to Carly. Then he put the placemats down and turned the radio on and turned the volume up slightly


“That drop kick brother of yours is due for a good hiding…and I’m going to make sure I give it to him” Ben said as Carly sighed


Background music- Radio

This is my moment
This is my perfect moment with you


Frank sighed, the last person he wanted to bump into was Alf. He expected Alf to be angry and blame him for the break up, which he did, but he didn’t care about that anymore. As Frank got closer to the door, he felt his heart beating fast and he could hear Pippa telling Sally to check in the pantry for more napkins which made him smile


“Steve push the chair over so we have enough space to fit everyone around the table” Pippa said as she put the gravy on the table


“Do you have room for one more” Pippa turned around inhaled and put her hand on her chest then immediately she became overwhelmed as she watched Frank walk through the door then she rushed towards him and hugged him tight.  Carly turned around and she put her hand on her heart and began walking towards Frank. The minute Pippa let Frank go Carly grabbed onto him. Even though her ribs hurt she didn’t care. She wanted to burst into tears but she stopped herself


Steve froze as he saw Frank. For a long time, he had suppressed all the feelings of guilt about  baby Tom dying and immediately seeing Frank, they all rose to the surface again


Finlay looked at the door to see the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life..


“You ok?” Frank said as he noticed tears running down Carly’s cheeks and she nodded

“Just happy you’re home” Carly said and she rested her head on Franks shoulder and exhaled. Lynn was right , she asked for a miracle and she got one....Frank was home.


“I’m Ben, Carly’s husband” Ben said as Frank took off the guitar

“I’m Frank, Carly’s brother” Frank said  as they shook hands  and stared at each other and Greg turned around and looked at Frank


“Pippa I couldn’t find any in the pantry” Sally said and she walked out of the kitchen to a surprise


This is what God meant
This is my perfect moment with you


“Hi Sal” Frank said as he walked towards her with a smile. Sally started breathing heavily then she started crying and ran upstairs which surprised Frank


“What’s wrong with Sal?” Frank said disappointed and Pippa sighed

“There’s something I should’ve told you a long time ago” Pippa said and she looked at Steve


“Careful squirt” Bobby said as Sally bumped into her on the stairs. Bobby noticed that Sally was crying as she ran up the stairs


“Sal, what’s wrong?” Bobby said as she stopped and watched Sally run upstairs. Bobby continued to walk down the stairs “Pippa what’s wrong with Sal” Bobby said as she walked into the living room and got the shock of her life


 wish I could freeze this space in time
The way I feel for you inside


Bobby couldn’t believe it.. Frank was home. She watched as he said hello to Steve, Reverend Jones, Finlay and Christopher. As he did that Bobby couldn’t keep her eyes off him, and he was looking at her too. He looked different, much older and he had cut his hair and had facial hair. As Bobby stared at him,  she noticed that he was walking over to her. She felt her legs turning into jelly, and she held onto the door to stop herself from falling


“Hi” Frank said as he walked over to Bobby.

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled. She felt anxious, nervous, shocked..so many feelings at once

“Happy birthday” Frank said and he kissed Bobby's cheek as her stomach began doing summersaults


This is my moment
This is my perfect moment with you


“Thanks” Bobby said as Frank stared at her, He couldn’t believe it, he was here..with her. She looked so wonderful. He wanted to pick her up, kiss her, hold her..


“Bobby, can I have a drink please” Sam said

“Who’s this?” Frank said

“Oh this is Sam” Bobby said

“The foster kid right? Pippa wrote and told me you had gone into the family business. Nice to meet you mate” Frank said

“This is your uncle Frank” Bobby said and smiled


Tell me you love me when you leave
You're more than a shadow, that's what I believe
You take me to places I never dreamed I'd see
Minute by minute you are the world to me


“Hello Uncle Frank” Sam said and Frank smiled then he looked at Bobby. He stared into her eyes, they were so beautiful as he put his hand in his pocket to take out her present



I wish I could frame the look in your eyes
The way that i feel for you inside



“Frank right? Hows it going?” Greg said

“Yeah, good thanks” Frank said as he looked at Greg who just walked over to where he and Bobby were standing

“This is Greg, Sams dad” Bobby said and Greg put his arm around Bobby and Frank felt his whole world come crashing down…


This is my moment
This is my perfect moment with you


Background music ends



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

“Well that’s just great isn’t it, my daughters marriage breaks up and the first I hear about it is from my son in law who calmly tells me that he left her all alone in New York with all those rapists and killers” Alf said as he dialed the numbers


“Alf before you get angry why don’t you wait to find out what happened” Ailsa said


“If he shot through and left her, I will wring his neck…no answer” Alf said and he put the phone down


“Shes probably out with friends or something…I’m sure she is fine” Ailsa said as she looked at Alf trying to disguise her own guilt


“The food is ready, let’s sit down and eat and enjoy the rest of the Christmas as a family” Ailsa said


“I can’t, not until I know Ruthy is alright” Alf said and he picked up the receiver and began to dial the number again


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Fletcher family theme


Frank could see the bedroom door open as he walked up the stairs.. Sally was sitting on the bed crying. His heart was already broken from seeing that Bobby had someone else in her life then Pippa told him the reason why Sally was upset just made him feel worse.  He slowly walked up to the door and knocked on it. Sally looked at the door

“Can I come in?” Frank said with a smiled. Sally didn’t respond. Frank walked into the room and sat on the bed next to her as Sally wiped her cheek with the back of her hand. Frank looked around the room. He noticed the bear he gave her was on the shelf


“Pippa told me why you are upset with me” Frank said. Sally didn’t respond

“Sal, I’m really sorry” Frank said

“No your not. Dodge was being really mean to me and I phoned you and I told Roo and you never phoned me back..and I waited on the couch for you to phone” Sally said as she cried.


Frank sighed. Roo never mentioned to him that Sally called…now he understood why she didn’t write to him, or want to speak to him when he called.


“Hey” Frank said and he bent down in front of Sally

“I’m really sorry…you mean so much to me, I would never do anything to hurt you. I’m sorry that those blokes took you, and Dodge was being mean to you…but I’m home now…and nobody is ever going to be mean to you again” Frank said and he wiped a tear from Sally’s cheek

“Do you promise…you wont go again” Sally said

“I promise” Frank said and smiled and Sally smiled and leaned forward

“I love you Frank” Sally said

“I love you too sweetheart” Frank said hugged Sally tight as she smiled…



Police Station- Summer Bay


Nick sighed. It had been a quiet day, and since he had no where to go, he would be working until tomorrow morning. He imagined that everyone was home with their families and he could’ve gone up to Brisbane to be with his, but he didn’t see the point.  Either way, this was going to be a terrible Christmas. Nick sighed the he heard the station door open. Maybe someone was coming to report a cat up a tree...again. Nick got up and walked to the counter to see a surprise…Julie was in the waiting area with trays on her lap


“Since you couldn’t come to dinner…I thought I would bring dinner to you” Julie said and smiled as Nick smiled at her. He walked around to the waiting area and bent down and looked at her

“Thank you” Nick said and smiled

“Merry Christmas” Julie said

“Merry Christmas” Nick said and he leaned forward and kissed her and they both smiled


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“So what went wrong?” Bobby said as they all sat at the table eating. Frank was sitting at the head of the table, Carly was to his right, and Sally to his left

“I didn’t like New York” Frank said

“You could’ve moved” Bobby said

“Well Roo did like it, she got a job at a high-profile PR company. Super trendy and all that” Frank said

“Sounds like she’s having a good time” Carly said

“Yeah, she likes the life, high profile clients,  parties, restaurants” Frank said

“Must’ve been a great place” Greg said and he gently put his hand on Bobby’s hand

“For some but I couldn’t stand it. The majority of people were up themselves and boasting about the latest bars and clubs they went to, just wasn’t for me” Frank said

“Why because you couldn’t get in? Ben said and laughed as Carly sighed

“No, we did get in that wasn’t the problem we hung around with the people from Roo’s office and we’d go to the gallery openings, and trendy places, and in the end I just got fed up of it and after talking about it, I decided to come home, Roo decided she was going to stay” Frank said

“Was it hard?” Bobby said

“When she said she wasn’t coming back with me?” Frank said

“Yeah” Bobby said

“Nah, we both knew it was coming” Frank said as he watched Greg put his arm around Bobby

“What about your job at Macklin’s?” Pippa said

“Ill miss the money, but not the job too many backstabbers” Frank said

“So what are you going to do now?” Greg said

“I don’t know know really, I havn’t decided yet” Frank said as Bobby thought about what Frank was saying

“Do you think you will still see Roo?” Bobby said as Carly looked at her

“If she comes to Australia yeah, we’re still friends, but we just want different things out of life” Frank said and Greg became uneasy in his seat

“Like what?” Greg said

“I don’t know…I supposed I want things to go back to how they used to be” Frank said and he kissed Sally on the head and she smiled then Carly rested her head on his arm and closed her eyes. Frank put his arm around her and kissed her head. She was so happy that he was home….the happiest she had been in a long time.  Frank looked at Pippa and winked and she smiled. Her heart was so full of joy...she had her whole family here..and a man she loved....

Steve looked at Frank then at Bobby as all his guilt came flooding back, Greg rubbed Bobby’s back as he looked at Frank, and Bobby stared at the food on her plate confused and surprised by what Frank said and silently sighed..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 449



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Alf tried the number again, there was still no response

“Still no answer?” Ailsa said as she walked into the living room

“No, maybe I should get a flight out there” Alf said

“I think you should wait until you hear from her” Ailsa said

“You wouldn’t be saying that if she was your daughter” Alf said which shocked Ailsa

“I’m sorry love” Alf said and he got up and rushed over to Ailsa and gave her a hug

“I didn’t mean it…I’m just worried about Ruthy you know...” Alf said

“Yes, I know” Ailsa said

“Come and have some dessert” Ailsa said and Alf nodded and smiled as they walked towards the living room


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay

Celia ate her food as she watched Michael and Haydn make plans for the rest of his school holidays

“Don’t forget we’re going to the Caravan Park” Celia said trying to sound excited

“What for?” Michael said

‘To sing carols and drink eggnog. It has become some sort of a tradition” Celia said 

“Dad, you promised to play the video game with me” Haydn said

“I did, didn’t I” Michael said looking at Haydn then at Celia

“Sorry..you can go if you want” Michael said and he looked at Celia then she looked at Haydn who gave her a smirk then she sighed as she looked at her plate of food..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music- Fletcher family theme


Frank walked outside and sighed as he stared at the caravan park.

“I hope you’re not trying to leave already” Frank turned around to see Carly standing behind him

“No, just came out to get some air…feels like so much has changed since I was last here” Frank said

“Yeah” Carly said

“You getting married…congratulations. I was shocked when Pippa wrote and told me” Frank said

“Sorry..I was going to write and tell you” Carly said

“Its alright” Frank said

“Roo must be really living the life in New York” Carly said

“Yeah she is, she loves it over there” Frank said

“I remember when you were leaving, you were really excited for the opportunity” Carly said

“Yeah, but sometimes all that glitters is not gold” Frank said as he thought about all the plans he before he left for New York, but the place he was excited to go to ended up being a nightmare for him


“Anyway, I’m glad you’re home” Carly said and she put her head on Franks shoulder.


“Thanks” Frank said and smiled and put his arm around her


“Lets go inside” Frank said and Carly smiled


“I’m sorry I’m late this year Pippa” Mrs Malloy said

“That’s quite alright…are you sure you won’t eat something?” Pippa said and smiled

“No no, I have a few more house calls to make” Mrs Malloy said as she walked towards the door

“This is for you Mrs Malloy” Bobby said as she came out of the kitchen holding a covered dessert

“Oh Bobby, this is very kind of you” Mrs Malloy said and smiled

“No worries” Bobby said and smiled as the door opened and Frank walked back into the house with Carly

“Nice to see you Frank” Mrs Malloy and Frank smiled

“So, are you back with us permanently? Mrs Malloy said

“Depends” Frank said and smiled as Greg looked at him and Carly looked at Bobby

“Well it was nice of you to make it for Christmas, I am sure the family is happy to see you” Mrs Malloy said and Carly put her head on Franks shoulder and smiled as he looked at Bobby

“Well, I better be going, thank you for the treat Bobby…and Merry Christmas to you all” Mrs Malloy said and she walked out of the house


“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Bobby, happy birthday to you” Bobby turned around to see Pippa walking to the table with a birthday cake as Steve, Sally, Sam, Pippa, Reverend Jones, Finlay, and Carly sang happy birthday. Bobby smiled as Pippa put the cake on the table with one candle at the top

“You have to make a wish” Sally said as Bobby walked over to the cake

“Yeah, make a wish” Greg said and he put his hand around Bobby. Bobby closed her eyes. She really didn’t know what she wanted. This year had been rough, but now she had Greg and Sam in her life.

“Sometime today please” Carly said

“Okay okay hold on” Bobby said and laughed then she wished to be happy this year with Sam and the man she loves then she opened her eyes to see Frank staring at her then she blew the candle.

“I hope I was part of your wish” Greg said and kissed Bobby’s cheek and hugged her as she smiled and from the corner of her eye, she could see that Frank was still staring at her….


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“Auntie Ailsa, we wont be too late” Emma said

“Alright love, give everyone our best” Ailsa said

“Ok, see you later” Sandra said as her and Emma left the house

“You could’ve gone with them to the caravan park” Alf said as he sat on the couch

“Its alright, I didn’t feel like much of a sing song anyway” Ailsa said and sat on the couch. What she really meant was she didn’t want to bump into Grant

“Sorry, I’ve ruined Christmas for you…it was supposed to be special” Alf said

“You’re concerned about Roo..I understand” Ailsa said

“I cant’ believe he just left her…on her own in New York..she doesn’t know how to take care of herself” Alf said

“Alf, I don’t think you give Roo enough credit…she's been through more than most young woman at her age..she's a fighter…she’ll be alright” Ailsa said

“She loved him so much Ails…she was so sure that they would be together forever..if he just up and left her” Alf was interrupted

“I understand you are concerned, but we don’t know that yet…just wait until you speak to her before you jump to any conclusions”

“Thanks for understanding…to make up for me ruining Christmas..maybe we can go away...just the two of us..you know like a second honeymoon or something” Alf said

“Yeah, that sounds nice” Ailsa said and smiled and Alf but his arm around her

“I love you Ails” Alf said and he kissed the top of her head

“Me too love” Ailsa said and silently sighed as she continued to think about Grant and what happened earlier…

Manhattan- New York

Roo looked around the large dining room in Helens house. Everyone was seated and talking to each other. She was sitting next to one of the receptionists from work who lived out of state, and decided not to go home for the holidays. Roo smiled to herself as she sipped her white wine. This was the life she had always wanted, and now it was happening. She was moving into her new apartment on January 2nd and even though she had to pack, that didn’t stop her from accepting invitations to many parties over the next week. Roo was lost in thought then she heard a knife tap on a glass as Helen commanded everyone’s attention to make a toast. Roo listened to Helen talking about a great year they had and a good year they will have next year. Roo raised her glass and said cheers as she looked around the room. Nancy wasn’t there because her and Donavan were having  Christmas dinner with her family which was a shame Roo thought to herself then she smiled to herself as she remembered that she had to get home soon, because Donavan was coming over tonight…

Caravan Park- New York

Steve and Sandra kissed in the van. “I really like my necklace…thank you” Sandra said and smiled

“I hope you like your CD” Sandra said

“Yeah, thanks” Steve said as Sandra took off her cardigan and started unbuttoning her blouse. Steve sighed. He really wanted to, but with Frank coming home, things were really different now. His mind was everywhere, and he didn’t know how to feel. Sandra took off her blouse and lay on the bed in the van and waited. After a few moments she gently touched Steve’s arm. Steve turned around and looked at Sandra

“I’m sorry…I cant” Steve said and Sandra sat up

“Is there something wrong?” Sandra said confused

“No..its just..its probably not a good time..I don’t want to rush you” Steve said

“But I’m ready” Sandra said trying to figure out why Steve was being cold

“We better get back to the house” Steve said and Sandra sighed..


Police Station- Summer Bay

“This has got to be the best Christmas ever” Nick said as he ate the last of the apple pie and ice cream on his plastic plate.

“You’re just saying that because you get to eat apple pie at work” Julie said and laughed

“Well that too” Nick said and smiled then he put the plastic spoon down and looked at Julie

“Thank you” Nick said

“You’re welcome” Julie said and Nick moved his chair next to Julie and kissed her

“I’ve really missed you” Nick said

“Me too” Julie said

“I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like I didn’t want to be with you…I do..its just that” Nick was interrupted

“You were overwhelmed” Julie said

“Yeah, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want you living in the house” Nick said

“I know, but that is what I didn’t want…you feeling like you had to take care of me…I want to be your girlfriend, not someone you have to look after” Julie said and then they heard the police door open. Nick was about to get up then he saw one of his colleagues walk into the station

“What are you doing here?” Nick said

“Working” Nick’s colleague said

“Oh? I sighed up to work tonight” Nick said confused as his colleague looked at Julie

“So did I, you might as well head off for the night” Nick’s colleague said and Nick shrugged

“Alright” Nick said and his colleague walked away

“I guess I can take you home” Nick said and Julie looked at him

“I’m not ready to go home yet” Julie said and smiled…


Background music ends


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